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an aims w iienmed
Home and Foreign Intelligence Con
densed Into Two and rour
Line Paragraphs.
Indian Angan, the Korean who as
sassinated Prince Ito, former Japan
ese resident geneial of Korea, in Har
bin, on October 20" last, was executed
at Port Arthur.
The Italian cabinet has resigned.
The retirement of the ministry,
which was formed en December 10,
3909. witn Baron Sidney Sonuino as
premier, was due to the realization
that the government's mercantile
marine subsidies measure wad doomed
to defeat.
More than one-third of mankind are
Christians, according to a religions
census just published by Dr. H. Zel
ler, director of the statistical bureau
in Stuttgart. He estimates that of
the 1,544,510,000 people in the world
C34.940.000 are Christians. There are
300.000,000 Confucians. 214.000.00U0
Ilrahmins, 375.290,000 Mohammedans,
321.000.000 Buddhists aud 1O.SGO.O0U
Preparations Tor the visit of For
mer President Roosevelt, who will be
Jn Paris throughout the week of April
21-28, continue. In addition to the set
functions alroady announced visits to
the Pantheon and other great French
monuments have been planned and
there will be. it is expected, automo
bile trips to Versailles and Fontaine
Irieau and other interesting points.
A wireless dispatch from Operator
Baragher. who has been handling
press disratclies at Bluelields, Nica
ragua and who is now with the steam
er Antilles, aays that General Juan
Kstrada recently received a large sup
ply of ammunition and has declared
that he can hold the Atlantic coast
Against 10,000 Madriz troops, should ;
they attempt to take Bluelields aud
the coast towns.
Representative Mann Is to cban
plon the administration railroad bill
when it reaches the house.
The academy of science of the Uni
versity of Nebraska will be divided
into sections this year for the fir-t
The number of dipsomaniacs In the
Nebraska asylum for the past year
has been only half that of the year
The firemen and managers commit
tee reached an agreement and will
arbitrate the question of an increase
in wages.
Governor Wilson of Kentucky
signed the bill providing for eectro
cution as the means of inflicting the
death penalty.
Not a single Insurgent Is Included
on the tentative group selected for
the house rules committee.
Gifl'ord Pinchot has sailed for Eu
rope to meet Colonel Roosevelt, it is
rumored at the latter's request.
A prairie fire, scventy-nve miles
northwest of Sturgis, S. D., has
burned over a strip twenty by ninety
miles and done much damage to prop
erty. A two days' aviation meet will be
held in Atlanta, Ga., May 2 and 3 in
connection with the automobile races.
Glenn Curtiss has been engaged for
the trials.
Twenty-two automobiles were dc
sroyed and eighteen were damaged
when fire swept the garage of Brok
aw brothers, one of the largest in
New Jersey. Loss. $100,000.
William Schneldknecht has been
comciitteed to the Ohio insane asylum
from Cleveland. He said he was from
Patterson, N. J., where he was sworn
to assassinate Secretary Ballinger.
Robert E. Peary has announced
that he will turn over the proceeds
of his lecture before the Philadelphia
Geographical society April 7 as a con
tribution to the south pole expedition
Having heard retailers and packers
of meat in an effort to fix the re
sponsibility for the prevailing high
prices the senate committee has ar
ranged to take tae testimony of cattle
The condition of United States Sen
aCor Daniel of Virginia, who has been
lingring between life and death for
some days as the result of a stroke
of paralyis. is somewhat improved.
Judge Riner or the United States
court of appeals has held that the
twenty-eight hour food and water law
does not apply to terminal railroads
unless the latter delays shipment tno
full time on its tracks.
One hundred dollars per head was
paid at Fort Worth. Texas, for a
herd of 450 Oklahoma fed beef cattle.
This is said to he the highest price
for this class of cattle ever paid in
Only Immediate Concessions Will Now
Prevent a Walkout in the Near
by Teachers' Reading
It Is Made
j Tin ough the efforts of their grand- of mining and outside labor as a pre
ing , so". Cody Heals a reconciliation has . requisite to other negotiations on
Dr. Cook Is said to be broken In ! the United States.
Ileal th and pocketbook.
Work on Um Panama canal is goin
forward at a great rate. been effected between Colonel W. F.
Former Vi-e President Fairbanks ' Cody (Buffalo Bill) and Mrs. Cody,
was welcomed to his Indianapolis Colonr-1 Cody and Mrs. Cody became
Jiome. estranged three or lour years ago and
Mount Etna is in violent eruption since that time they have lived apart
nnd a stream of lava is flowing down
the mountain. Wasntnaton.
The appointment of Sir Chen-Tung j np dollar a day for all old soldiers
I.iao Sheug as minister at Berlin was j incapacitated in the service is provid
tactted at IVking. , ' a bill reported favorably from
Importation of all kinds of annuals i 'bo house committee on military
from Africa a suggested as a method i affairs by Representative Sherwood
jf solving th& food problem. idem., O.l. The bill has been before
The hoii'i committee on interstate I t!' committee six or sewn years, and
commerce favorably reported the ad- I onincs before the house now. as an '
; a'nondmeut to a measure introduced
Cincinnati. Only immediate In
creases in wages will prevent numer
ous and widespread strikes in the
bituminous coal mines of the conutry,
according to the action of the special
convention of the United Mine Work
ers of North America here late Tues
day, following the final disagreement
and dissolution of the joint conference
of the central competitive field.
The adjournment was taken follow
ing an all morning discussion and just
after President Lewis of the United
Mine Workers of ..orth America had
"When the miners go into tills con
flict it will be a fight that will not
end until we are the victors or are
completely routed."
"Of course," he added, "if we are
losers In the fight we shall expect
the operators to make the terms."
The terms proposed by the miners
for the continuation of work after the
expiration of the present agreements
at midnight Thursday will admit of no
compromise so far as wages are con
cerned. On most other qestions, how
ever, there is room for argument,
and the general trend of opinion
among men and employers was that
no lengthy suspension will result ex
cept in a few fields.
The most threatening aspect over
shadows the Pennsylvania and Illi
nois sections. In Pennsylvania there
can be no new contract short of a set
tlement of the controversv over the
new explosive law of that state and
in Illinois the old problem of pay
ment for the services of shot firers
looms up as a possible barrier to
peaceful settlement.
Both questions were brought upon
the floor of the convention, but where
as a positive declaration was adopted
on tne lormer. the Illinois miners
were not allowed to put the conven
tion on record ds supporting or reject
ing the justice of their grievances.
Briefly, the miners' demands are
that all operators agree to pay the
increased wages of 5 cents a ton on
pick-mined screened coal, with pro
portionate advances for other methods
The reading circle of the State
Teachers' association, which recom
mends books to the various school
districts of the state, and selects
books teachers must read or be un
able to secure a renewal of their cer
tificates, has entered into contract
with book concerns from which pur
chases are made to pay the expenses
of the members of the circle when
meeting, as well as the advertising of
the books selected.
The companies with which this
contract has been made are Heath &
Co., Rand McNally and the GInn com
pany. Each company contracted to
pay Its share of the cost of the ex
penses of the members of the reading
circle to the meetings. Every book
company whose publications are chos
en by the reading circle has to chip
in so much to the members of the
circle, the parties who select the
The reading nrcle is composed of
State Superintendent Bishop, cx
ofllcio member; Superintendent Mc
Michael of Holdrege, Superintendent
Fred Hunter of Norfolk, president of
the Principals and Superintendents'
association; County Superintendent
Miller or Cedar county and Edith
Lathrop, county superintendent of
Clay county.
The board met and adopted twenty
five books for public school libraries,
and plans for the pupils' reading cir
cle. Teachers' books were also adopt
ed and a contract entered into with
the publishers to furnish these at so
much per book. From twenty-one
publishers books were selected for
the use of the schools, but the read
ing circle has authority only to re
commend these books and cannot
force the school districts to buy them.
--' T"
What Is Going on Here and There
That is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
ministration railroad bill.
Congressman Martin accused Attor
ney General YVickorshain of being too
close to the sugar trust.
President Gomez has issued a de
cree, fixing the period between April
3910. and July. i:ll. for ihe celebra
tion of the centennial of the independ
ence of Venezuela.
Mayor Ilahlman of Omaha has an
nounced the platform upon which he
will run for governor.
Colonel Roosevelt has won the ad
miration of the native Egyptians.
Joseph Fels. a niill:on:iiro sack
maker. Is spending Ji'SO.ouo yearly to
rpread the single tax theory. Mr.
Fels does not believe in charity.
A petition praying for the independ
ence or the Philippine islanders wab
presented to the seitate by Senator
The president has approved the
sentence ot dismial in the case of
First Untenant Adolph Languors,
coast artillery corps.
Kansas City's million dollar fund,
raised by public subscription to main
tain a line of freight boats on the Mis
souri river between Kansas City and
BL Louis, became a reality. In fact,
the solicitors reported the sum prom
ised to be $o0.u00 in excess W that
Reports of rain in Chicago grain
pits Saturday were followed by a
tumble in prices.
The house passed a bill providing
for raising the wreck of the battle
ship Maine.
Nebraska is the second state in the
union to call a state conservation
E. P. Ripley, president of the Atciii
sonfi Topeka - Santa Fe railroad, de
nied the statement that the Pennsyl
vania railroad had bought a large sec
tion cf the Santa Fe stock, formerly
owned by K. II. Harriman.
Ambassador Bryce called at the
white house and arranged with the
president to receive Sir Ernest
Shackleton, the south polar explorer.
Nicholas Longworth. son-in-law of
Mr. Roosevek. has broken with the
Cannon machine, according to a per
sistent rumor in republican circles.
Forty-seven are thus far dead from I
the railroad wreck in Iowa. Some of
the wounded cannot survive.
The Rev. R. A. Hafer. of St. Trini
tatis Evangelical church. Jersey City,
has written his congregation that
baldness forces him to retire from the
The miestion of mistinr r' i
saloons will not be allowed tn romo i tion niH carrying $1.S5C.GI3 has been
o ,. passed by the senate.
John C.
other questions.
That the Pennsylvania miners arc
expecting a hard struggle was indi
cated by amendments to the original
proposition offered by Francis Feehan,
head of the union's organization in
that state. The first of these declare
that mine owners must sign for all
collieries controlled by them, irre
spective of the districts in which their
properties lie. unless the national
board rules otherwise.
The second provides that the oper
ators must bear the increased cost of
new explosives over black powder and
substitute tun of mine for screen
basis in all works in which the new
explosives sre used.
Memorial to Judge Gaslin.
The chamber of the supreme court
was occupied for an hour with men
who were taere in memory of the late
Judge William Gaslin. Resolutions on
his death were presented by C. C.
Flansburg and eulogistic speeches
were made by Judge F. G. Hamer of
Kearney. W. J. Furse of Alma and
Judge W. D. Oldham of Kearney. All
of these men were personally ac
quainted with Judge Gaslin. The reso
lutions follow:
Resolved: That the lorn? and ar
duous labors of William Gaslin upon
the district bench of this state de
serve the gratitude of this people; in
his fairness, his firmness of purpose,
his scrupulous care to maintain the
truth, his patience in exploring the
sources of the law, his steadfast pur
pose to execute justice in all these
he disclosed a judicial mind worthy
of emulation.
Resolved: That a copy of these re
solutions be spread upon the records
of the court and a copy be sent to
the relatives of tne deceased as an
expression of our sympathy for them
in the loss they have sustained.
Norfolk. Neb. J. A. Custer, cousin
of the noted Indian fighter. General
George A. Custer, who shot his wife
and then himself, was still alive Wed
nesday, but death may come at any
time. He has been conscious part of
the day, but not rational. Custer
chose 2 o'clock in the morning as the
hour of his dual crime. While his
wife was sleeping he fired a bullet
Into the side of her head just above
the ear. The ball glanced ofT, inflict
ing only a flesh wound. Mrs. Custer
then heard another shot and the bul
let whistling by her head, burying
itself in the wall. A little later a
third shot was fired. The woman was
afraid to venture ont of her room, and
not until four hours later, at G o'clock,
was Custer found, a bullet hole in his
head, lying in a pool of blood ac the
rear stoop of his residence. Neigh
bors made the discovery.
Mrs. Custer will recover. The cause
of her husband's action is attributed
to despondency.
M Pastor Flfar.Scad Avcmm Ca
m amatiMMlCliwch.AMiia.BL
Anderson Gets Five Years.
Hastings. Neb. Judge Dungan
Thursday imposed a sentence of five
years at hard labor in the state peni
tentiary upon Arthur Anderson, negro
slayer of Arthur Newell, following a
plea of guilty to the charge of man
slaughter. The case was disposed of
without trial by jury and was in line
with an agreement between counsel
for defense and the county attorney to
save the county expense, much hav
ing already accrued through the case.
On the plea cf guilty to the charge
of grand larceny. Judge Dunday sen
tenced O. R. Johnson to one year in
the state penitentiary. Johnson stole
some clothing from a traveling sales
man last December and traded them
for an organ, which he shipped to his
wife in the western part of the state
for a Christmas present.
For what shall It profit a man if h
hull gain the whole world and lose his
wn o:il?
Or what shall a man Rive In exchange
or his soul? Mark f: 3t37.
Few words are more familiar in the
msiness world than profit and loss.
Men go into business for profit; it Is
.he object of their thought, of their
.oil. They deal in the gcod which they
aelleve will produce profit, and if any
:hing Is handled at a loss it is for tbo
sake or maintaining a market or for
some future advantage. Will it pay?
is the question ever on the lips, or.
What Is there In it for me?
Now. one of the striking character
istics of Jrsus Christ was that he
.ooked back of the things that are
seen, back of the material to the un
seen nnd spiritual. He knew absolute
ly the right value of things. Money
had a value, pleasure had its place,
food must be considered to Us de
gree of necessity, but these ail were
secondary to the soul. The person
using these things was of infinite
value. We deal too much with the
superficial, we are taken up with the
things that perish, we become In
volved with the lesser, even worthless
Ihirgs of life: Jesus Christ never.
He was the light of the world and
sorely did the work of his day and of
3ur day need the illumination which
he brings to the relations of life. We
need to see as he saw if we are to ba
saved from fatal mistakes. So In
this matter of profit and loss Christ
realized perfectly the comparative
value of the soul and the things to
which men gave their thought and
Iheir lives, and it was out of his In
finite wisdom that he uttered th9
warning conveyed in the question:
What shall it profit a man if he gain
the whole world and lose his own
Men were making the fatal exchange
every day when the question was
asked, and he who came to be their
Saviour saw and felt as no one else
of earth ever did the tragedies of such
lives. His question implied that the
soul of man has a greater value than
the whole world of things.
The soul Is the immortal part of
c:an. We understand by it here the ,
.'spirit, which has a body. We are j
children of God, with capacities for .
knowing him. fcllowshipping with him,
growing in grace and knowledge.
There's more strengtn
in a bowl of
Quaker Oats
than in the same
quantity or the same
value of any other
food you can eat.
Most nourishing,
least expensive. w
WbH bb, IrwatlsA'
Tablo d'Hote Ho holds the Itahaa
A la Carte What Italian record?
Table d'Hote He ate a mile of
spaghetti in three minutes and a
An inward Conviction.
Tommy, having disposed of three
helpings of sausages and doughnuts
sat mournfully regarding his empty
Observing his pensive expression.
Aunt Sarah kindly asked: "Tommy,
won't you have some more dough
nuts?" "No'm!" the poor lad replied, with
feeling emphasis, "I don't want them
I got now!" Harper's Magazine.
Don't Risk Your Life
By neglectlni? Constipation. It leads to
autotoxemla. There is just one right rem
edy for Constipation, that la NATURE'S
REMEDY (Nit tablets). It's different
from all others because it is thorough, it
corrects the entire digestive system ami
the kidneys. cure3 Dyspepsia and Rheu
matism. Its easy ami sure to act. Take
one tonight you'll feel better in th
morning. Get a 23c Hot. All Druggists.
Object to Suggestion.
The announcement of the Burling
ton that it intended to give better
train service on its Oxford-Hastings
line by putting on a new train, to
leave Oxford in the morning, go to '
Hastings, and return in the evening,
has created a storm of protest from
interested parties.
Bad Fire at North Bend.
Vnrfh Ttnn.l Vnli CSi-n UVt.n.J..
,r..-r, .io.... i" i, i, , i ' T serving his cause, rejoicing in heaven-
arternoon destroyed a half dozen bttsi-' i i " T. . , . ...
ness ImlMln... in .hie ,,-,.. ., , ' PlaCCS- ThCre C3n be friendship
.. ,, , .. ' u " I with Christ here and forever, compan- i The A. 1L Lewis Medicine Co.. St. Louis.
" , "-"V l" "'"-- "- '" " lonships everlasting with all who Icve A j T ,
bnslncss section. The loss will be fcIm. So the frJt of man has An Ungenlemanly Reply
about SCO 000 ami the insurance is pacity for degradation. su(rermg. use- n" ;Z. ' " '
probably $40,000. though the figures ,cssness ln separation from tlie Fal your existence.
cannot be given exact at present. The ,i. "Yes. I know it That was before 1
I .. . , ... had any
i.iuu niiiQ nus iree win ana can
choose the evil, throw himself away in
quests of worthless and destroying
things. The loss of the soul is
I'.v Representative Townsend (rep..
.Mich.) providing lor the retirement of
army otlicers at the ase of seventy on
one-half or one-third pay, dependent
Jilion lfiisth of service.
SimattiTs" on nn..irvove,1 1,U . Mavor Gaynor Promises to Take Ac-
within the national forests, who have t,on ,n the Matter-
ofcupitd thoir tiacts continuously! New Yurk Mayor William J. Gay-j All Classes Are Rich.
since before the creation of the forest ! nor Kave ut 5n a lt,Ucr William II. It is evident that every class of poo
reserves, and who have complied with ' U:iker- commissioner of police, his J pla in Nebraska are getting pros
the luum-stead law, have had their ! nroni!sc' l,Ian of action for making : perous. or are at least enjoying pros
rights increased by .in order which Nevv Yor!t a "dry" city on Sunday and i pcrity. In the bunch of applications
has just been issued bv the ec-ctirv at tne sai li"ie to eradlca-.e the ' for automobile licenses filed the other
eaung canner oi extortion- by the uay was one irom a man wno was un-
loiiowmg buildings are ;n ruins:
Dowling & I'urceJl's elevator.
Thomas Ixingdon s restaurant.
Thomas Langdon's residence.
North Bend bowling alleys.
North Bend ice house.
Cherncy &. Watson's coal sheds.
Two small storace buildings.
The bank and Cherney & Watson's
implement building were saved by a
heroic light.
any idea you were going to be
come the dead weight of iL"
oxt.v oxe "nitosro obinixf.-
theme on which we naturally dread to ! criocureaCi.uiini muy So.
dwell. The
Head Crushed in a Press.
Norfolk. Neb. Frank Kahl. aged
No Relief for Dirksen. twenty-eight, unmarried, was crushed '
Harm Dirksen. sentenced to the ' in a printing press at the Daily News
penitentiary for six years lrom Boyd plant Monday nighl. The press wa?
county, will get no relief from the su- a flat-bed perfecting- machine, and .
prenie court j Kahl was leaning inside to make a '
correction in a page form. He had
neglected to shut off the motcr at .
' tached to the press, and the belt ac
cidentally slipped ovir so that it
j started the press. His head was !
, caught and badly mangled. It fa
feared his injuries will result fatally
of agriculture. Inch settlers can now '
acquire title, prior to survey, to 10
acres a full homestead entry, where
ever possible.
The senate amendment to Ihe cor-1
poration law providing that reports re
quired under the terms of that act
shall only be made public when called
for by resolution of the senate or
house, or upon the order of the presi
dent, will not be accepted by the
house until after full discussion.
Passing their Jument on the re
ceipts for the first eight months of the
current year ?177.77I.i::S. internal
revenue officials fay the total for 1910
will show an advance of $1:5.000.000.
over the amount estimated by Com
missioner Cabell $jS,000,000 in his
annual report.
The qualification of Indians to as
sume the rights of citizenship will be
ii -. t ,
i ueiermmeu in me luiure iy ooards
appointed by the commissioner of In
j dian affairs, to be known as "compe
j tency boards." This is the result of
i an experiment initiated last summer
by Commissioner Valentine, when he
appointed such a competency board
for the Omaha Indians in Nebraska.
Startling disclosures were made in
the Pittsburg cases.
The Booseevlt party went sightsee
ing in and around Cairo.
Memorial services to the late Judge
j Gaslin were held at Lincoln. Nebr.
Representative Morris of Nebraska
is securing many letters of congratu
lation. Though the government denies the
story, it is persistently rumored that
Abdul Ilamid has gone mad.
King Aibert of Brussels is one of
the hardest workers in his realm. He
rises at 5 and is quickly at work.
Norris of Nebraska called the re
cent speech of Cannon the vaporings
of an angry old man.
The military academy annronria-
police, which he characterized as far
worse than Sunday selliv?-
1,1'K.nney Dismissed.
Washington. Secretai y Mac Vcagh
directed the summary dismissal from
office of C. M. M'Kinney. cashier of
the oflico of collector of customs at
! KI Paso, Texas, on the ground of in
subordination aud f jr bringing'
groundless charges against his su
perior officer. Collector Siiarpc.
Jap Spies Arrnsted.
Manila. Two Japanese engaged in
an effort to secure plans cf the forti
fications at Corregidor. Cavite, have
been arrested by the milit-iry authori
ties and arc being held subject to in
structions from the secretary of war.
Aroused by Roosevelt's Utterances.
Cairo Colonel Roosevelt's speech
before the Egyptian university has
aroused the extreme nationalists to a
state of fury. Seven hundred stu
dents on Tuesday evening marched
to his hotel and demonstrated against
him. shouting in Arabic, "Down with
autocracy!" Give us a constitution!"
The demonstrators were applauded by
many spectators and some of the
guests left the hotel, fearing violence.
Colonel Roosevelt was not in the
hotel at the time, but drove up shortly
afterwards undisturbed.
Lard Brings Good Price.
Callaway. Neb. The highest prlca
ever before paid for so large a trad
of land in this localitv was paid last
week, when the J. II. Decker 1S
acres, one-half mile west of town, waj
l.ii.i.liocn.l I... .. Al- Volinti r.-- (It no.1
city bonds d.ivided as follows: State . ,,,,, , , . . ,-
t i: cli Ir llrwlrn?. Iijul sunt in Vnw
.....J... . '.V.V. ....l. ..-.!. w .r
land for begs with which to stock hi?
able to s5g his name, but had to make
his mark.
Nebraska School Fund. j
The school fund of the state is in- !
vested in state, school, county and i
bonds. $4.2::7."0il; county bonds. $::.
i::S.!i00; school district. $!M::.SSI.2fi;
city bonds. $517,500. In Massachu-
awfulness of such a
tragedy Is beyond our powers to ex
press. But Christ, who is infinite wf.i- !
dotn and love, solemnly warned men
of the danger of such a loss.
The soul is lost when it is awr.r
from its place with Christ, like th?
sheep that wandered away from Lrifl
flock. It Is lost when it is out it
service, useless, doing no good In t?io
world, like the coin that rolled away.
The soul is lost when it is indiffe
cnt to the Father and off In some f!r
country of evil wasting its strength
and goodness in shame, soon with re
morse to be secksng for food with t!).-
swine, like the prodigal son. I
We do not have to look far for f3 i
amples of the folly of men in exchang
ing their souls for that which brintl
j no profi. but only loss. There wr i
the rich young ruler, who went awc i
sorrowful from Jesus when ti-
Teacher showed him the way
eternal life as the way of love of ot- '
ers. He loved his money too murr-.
There was Judas, who, for a paltrr I
handful of silver, betrayed his I-oi-v I
Did it pay? There was Pilate. wiO t
Give truth a square deal and it wIM
not be crushed to earth.
..-r-.i ...A. ... --,.....- .-i
farm, and had no intention of selling j " -" '" . " .-i"nau.. an-. .
.t..V ' J !-.. V fl14 I1TJ7 I
it. but when :sked tn mime h nrirc
setts bonds the school fund has in- ( lie was immediately taken up en his things for a few days and has bet" f
vested $1172.000 more than has been proposition. " I branded as Infamous ever since. 1 1 I
invested in securities of any other I ' the early history of the church An.- j
state. Tennessee comes next as a Newspaper Plant So?d. J nfas and Sapphira made the same sac '
holder of Nebraska school money. Hay Center. Neb. The entire plant exchange ror money. Paul writes or '
Treasurer Brian having bought S71C.- ' and business of the Clay Center Sun fae who had been his companion amt ;
200 bonds of that state.
close third
Idaho is a
Captain Hamilton Comes to Guird.
Captain R. H. Hamilton, retired,
has been selected as adviser for the
adjutant general of the National
Guard and will shortly remove from
Omaha to Lincoln with his family.
Captain Hamilton is a son-in-law of
Peter Her of Omaha, a graduate of
was sold this week to John M. Jones , bad known the truth. "Demas hath
or this place by C. II. Palmer of Sioux , forsaken me. having loved this prcs
City. la., administrator of the estate j ent world."
of the late W. L. Palmer, who had ,Iut Christ came to seck an(1 t0
published the paper Tor twentv-six J Eave the lost- He waa tempted like
veirs. Possession was taken Monday ' as we are- but never yielded. Tint
and the business will continue with- j lcvil offered him the whole world,
out missing an issue. j fame, pleasure. Christ sympathizes,
I yearns over us. We all have sinned,
but in him is forgiveness and strength
ixnin iny. .ncd. .ociu neon uet- for the new life.
West Point and several other military ncsday, at the farm of Fred Johnson.! The fundamental work of Christ'r.
schools. He was engineering offcer -, miinc cmm. r nn-r, li .i,. ! church Is to nreach and to witness to
U- 7 .' W -.. W W.
Mrs. Joe Jefferson Sued.
New York. Mrs. Sarah A. Jefferson,
widow of Joseph -eiferson, is the de
fendant in two suits, begun here by
James W. Morrissey, an actor, in
v-hich damages aggregating $50,000
ere asked. One suit alleged false im
prisonment; the other alleges libel
and slander .
Mabray and members of !
Representative Palmer made a gen-
his gang were convicted at Council ; f ral attack upon the admaistration
Bluffs of swindling.
President Clemmons of Fremont
(Neb.) declares he has proof that a
student started the fire which caused
n loss of $40,000 to a normal building
two years ago.
President Taft defended the Payne
'Aldrich tariff bill In his address at
the annual dinner of the New Ens
land manufacturing jewelers and sil
versmiths' association
in a speech in the house.
Congressman Hinshaw, of Nebraska
has notified friends he will not be
a candidate for re-election.
Senators Elkins and Cummins In
duced in a tilt on the railroad bill.
It is now a misdemeanor for any
woman to wear a long hatpin in
public places in Chicago. Any wo
man caught wearing one is liable to
arrest and a fine of $30.
Mark Slater Not Guilty.
Columbus, O. The jury in the case
of Mark Slater, former public printer,
returned a verdict of not guilty of
rendering false vouchers and collect
ing the money from the state.
Lowest Depths of Depravity.
Indianapolis "I hope I may never
see a lower depth of depraity than
that which you reached when you
tried to escape by making your
brother out a thief," said Judge A. B.
Anderson in the United States district
court as he sentenced William H.
Marker, former cashier of the First
National bank of Tipton. Ind.. to ten
years in the federal prison at Leaven
worth, Kan. The brother, Noah R.
Marker, assistant cashier of the bank,
was sentenced to seven years In the
same Institution.
was engineering offcer
on the staff of Major General Wood
in Cuba. While in Cuba he had yel
low fever, but recovered sufficiently
to be sent on to tne Philippines.
While there he was retired.
May Be Paroled.
Andrew Krupicka. a 15-year-old hoy.
convicted of murder in the second de
gree and sentenced to the peniten
tiary for ten years, may be paroled
within a short time by Governor Shal
lenberger. Krupicka was sent to the
penitentiary for killing his foster
father. The crime was committeed in
Cheyenne county, sentence being
passed October 8, 1909. It is said that
the man who was killed treated Kru-
miles south of
stroyed the barn, granary, corn cribs
with 200 bushels of corn and 300
bushels of oats, heg sheds and ten fat
hogs and all the farm machinery. The
fire also burned the barn belonging
the gospel of his grace: to herald the
truth that by repentance and faith in
him the soul once exchanged for the
lusts and prides and love of money
can come back to the Father and be
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the Cer it rigbt I
tomach and bowels are right.
Bendy bid rm!y co;
pel a lazy liver to
do its duty.
Cures CoSKi
Headache, and Distress after Eatia.
Saull Pill. SaaU Dow. Small Pxica
GENUINE mutt bear signature:
C knt ipt Job, II mfl m. r h e.
Hipmmelf Traablr-a, TVcthln
In orders, and Dintrar
,Viras. TbrBrrmlmnCotir
la 24 hours. Atall Drac-cisf. !ttcta
hung! mail! FRKK. AMnma.
A. 5. OLMSTED. Lsstoi7N.Y
aaHf! ivrr iVcf
.AaTaTafaaaTaTr BIVPP
.aaaavSaavSS BS suite
r C" i
Don't accept
any substitute.
to II. Cash, a fa;mcr across the road. ! restored to beauty and service.
nicka's mother in a brutal nmnnor
and that there was some question for I u wouM tap not only a ,arse sectIon
t;m 9. tn ww ,, w ,.. mo I of Merrick county, but a very fertile
mother did the killing.
Barger Hearing April 2.
Governor Shallenberger ha3 set
April 2 for hearing the application of
Walter Barger for a pardon. Barger
was sentenced last September for two
years for placing an onstruction on a
railroad track. The stcry is that Bar
ger while out hunting, shot off his
thumb. He went to the railroad,
placed a rail across the tracks and
then flagged the train with a torch.
He was taken aboard and carried to
Alliance, where his finger was ampu
tated. He was then arrested and
given a sentence of two years.
Central City. Xeh. The Merrick j A Prayer,
county board of supervisors has ap- j O Thou who Las given us love with
propriated $1,000 toward a new bridge out measure and help without price.
across the Platte river at Havens, and j let us not weigh and mete out out
if I'olk county appropriates a like I obedience unw
amount the onuge win ne mint, it i i,nw. i,v children
is to cost $12,000. and the residents) .,,, ;nnnh!e freedom and ievful con
of the locality which will be benefited I tInuance of failhfi iove. Let each
day of life be a day of thy presence
Kindle in our hearts desire for boh- ,
May we not waver, faint heart
ed and irresolute, but aid us to be
I strong and steadfast, daily giving
section of I'olk county across the thanks for a child: place In the I-a-
ther's house and for the opportunity
or uetpiuiness. u uiuu, uic minim.-
Redeemer and Shepherd of our soula
as thou didst live in obedience and
bv the bridge have agreed to sub-
:t. .u .:: t nnk T. : .. ..
suttiie u;J t i-iiiiiiiiiiii; v t.'u'j. u i ".-
pected that if the bridge is put in a
new town will spring up at Havens. cess.
Turlock Irrigation District
of California
Healthful Climate. A-l lam!
AIHWDANT WATKIt at low rate'
reaches. Apricots. Firs, nilvo.o K,.-..i
.;. uuu ";-- u .. Potato.. Alfalfa and Dairy r pav M
.illmgly. but teach us t.-r than JWV.W pr acre yearly Write
rca should live before l'ir Jl;,:t.ri!.1 hook,Pt-
ucri. o. lunLun tsuKD OF TRADE. Turlock. Cat.
Kearney. Neb. Local bankers have
received word from financiers in Lon-
A Remarkable Inventioa
c B
don. England, that capital to the uprjshtness of faith and love, enable
omniinf nf fivo millions nf dnllnrc Is I ... j
amount of five millions of dollars Is
at their disposal to help build the
Kearney & Beloit railway. E. II.
Nies. who has been placed in charge
of the project, is in this city and has
expressed the opinion that without the
least doubt the road will be built dur
ing the next year. The permanent
survey is nearly complete and that
party has found the route to be very
well laid out by Mother Nature, there
being little or no heavy grading to be
us also to be true and persevering and
and let thy blessing rest on all who
seek and follow three.
Chew snd bomiHea th hats.
Jna''s Iraunant growth
eTTato Btor Oray
Osm iKslp dlwnti hair ItlUve.
Reverence for the highest 13 as easi
ly expressed in the daily task and
:omrr.on rounds, as ln tte words men
?peak or read, and is ftr more use
il. Rev. L. V. Spragu. Ethicist, Ci!
ago. III.
n a vruvA w
fl I EH I lnton.I).U KookMrl lllgr
!..-. iiuoK-iir. lllgrte
xcf ereooca. litst rwulta.
BookandArlvtrlRER. Iim,
UC. Bat. 41 tn. 4i ralercncr
your Mra W-ras 1.00k art.:
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