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Columbus' Journal
ft. 8. ST ROTH ER, Publisher
President-elect Taft. by the selec
tion of Franklin MacVeagh of Chica
go, completed his cabinet.
The house, after a hard battle and
many amendments, passed the sundry
civil bill, carrying $137,000,000.
A committee of five members' has
been appointed by the house to decide
whether Representative Cook's attack
on the president shall be expunged
from the record.
The provision in the diplomatic and
consular appropriation bill that there
shall be no ambassadorship created
unless it has been provided for by act
of congress has been agreed to by the
The house of representatives cut the
salary of the president to $75,000, the
vice-president to $12,000 and defied the
senate which had fixed the amounts
by amendments to the legislative ap
propriation bill.
The senate passed a bill which
closes the Brownsville incident and
gives a partial victory to Senator For
aker who fought the president's dis
charge of negro soldiers.
On motion of Senator Daniel of Vir
ginia, the omnibus pension bill passed
by the senate, was amended to pro
vide a peusion of $50 a month to Ellen
B. Lee, widow of the ate Brig. Gen.
Fitzhugh Lee, U. S. army.
Before the close of the sixtieth con
gress, a ship subsidy or ocean mail
subsidy law will be enacted by con
gress, if new plans of house leaders
are successful. The ocean mail bill,
which passed the senate March 20,
IPOS, will be reported out of the house
committee on post offices and post
roads. A canvass of the committee
indicated that the vote on this meas
ure will be 10 to 8. Of the 12 Repub
licans, Representatives Stafford of
Wisconsin and Murdock of Kansas
wnl vote with the six Democrats
against the bill.
Congressman Burton of Ohio re
buked Representative Rainey of Illi
nois for his attack on the Panama
canal purchase, following Rainey's re
ply to Mr. Lovering.
Lady Cook, prominent in the advo
cacy of the cause of woman suffrage
here and in England, arrived in New
York from England. Lady Cook, who
was formerly Miss Tennessee Claflin,
declared that woman's battle for the
suffrage was already won.
Senator Beveridge was proclaimed
leader of the Indiana Republicans at
a banquet given by Republican edi
tors in Indianapolis. The senator in
a speech talked of party fealty and
favored a real primary law.
E. H. Harriman celebrated his sixty
first birthday at San Antonio, Tex., in
a quiet manner. He spent the morn
ing in pistol and rifle practice. He
said he never felt better in his life.
Bernard H. Rawl of Lexington, S. C,
was appointed chief of the dairy di
vision of the department of agricul
ture at Washington at $2,500 a year.
Lieut Gov. Sherman in the Repub
lican primary at Springfield, 111., de
feated Mayor Reece for the nomina
tion. Former President Castro, .who is at
Dresden, says he is going back to Vene
zuela to live as a private citizen.
Sylvia Green, daughter of Mrs. Hetty
Green, America's wealthiest woman,
was married to Mathew Astor Wilks,
a multi-millionaire.
After a period of physical training
Senator-elect Elihu Root left Hot
Springs for Albany, where he will
make an address before the state legis
lature before going to Washington for
the inaugural.
In a speech at the Peace dinner in
New York, Senator-elect Root de
nounced Nevada legislators and cer
tain congressmen as rowdies and mak
ers of war. At the same dinner Taft
sounded praise of Root.
The defense in the Cooper-Sharp
trial at Nashville for the murder of
former Senator Carmack scored a
point in showing that Carmack was in
an ugly moo.1 and borrowed a re
volver. Herbert Knox Smith, commissioner
of corporations, in a report shows how
a few men control the tobacco indus
try. Miss Jennie Crocker was robbed of
a $50,000 pearl necklace at a ball at
tended by San Francisco's most ex
clusive society.
Senator Hemenway of Indiana will
reply to President Roosevelt, who
characterized the report on the secret
service as inaccurate and misleading.
It now seems certain that Franklin
MacVeagh of Chicago will be secre
tary of the treasury in the Taft cab
inet. It is announced that the dates for
the national meeting of the Fraternal
Order of Eagles to be held in Omaha
have been fixed for September 13 to
20. Inclusive.
A cyclone passed over Center town
ship near Evansville, Ind.. unroofing
houses and other farm buildings.
Admiral Sperry sent a report on the
fleet's world cruise to the navy depart
ment, giving valuable information
about the voyage.
The heaviest rains in years have
swollen Kentucky streams and the
government Issued warnings against
Ohio river floods.
g Most Important Happen- 8
X ings of the World X
8 ToldinBrie 8
Post Office Inspector Swenaon of
Iowa haft-uncovered a-gigantic swindle
by fake foot, racers, horse racers, pugi
lists and 'wrestlers at Council Bluffs,
la. jr
"Billy" Sunday, the baseball evange
list, was horsewhipped by Sherman
Potts of Lovington, 111., in the taber
nacle at Springfield, with 8,000 per
sons as witnesses.
Cardinal Gibbons, in a magazine ar
ticle, defends Catholics as loyal citi
zens of the United States, in answer-,
ing charges by Lutheran and Baptist
Secretary Newberry of the navy
department said there is no intention
of relieving Admiral Sperry from com
mand of the "battle fleet"
A suit to recover blood money ob
tained by Mrs. Belle Gunness from
her victims was filed at Laporte, Ind.,
by a brother of Andrew Helgelein.
Excitement in Iowa is running high
over the assaults on white women by
negroes and a lynching is not unlikely.
Prohibitionists in a convention at
Jackson, Mich., nominated a full ticket
for state officers.
Two thousand jackies and marines
of the fleet, which has just completed
its world cruise, marched and were
entertained in Norfolk, Va.
Arkansas has been assigned as the
name of one of the new battleships
authorized by congress. Tire monitor
by that name will be given a suitable
A new office, that of general in
spector of navy yards, has been
created by Secretary Newberry and
Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich,
commandant of the New York navy
yard, has been assigned to perform its
President Roosevelt was scathingly
denounced by Representative Cook of
Colorado, in a speech on the secret
service question in the house. Mr.
Cook is a Republican.
Officers of the "battle fleet" deny
reports that they attempted to smug
gle valuable articles gathered in for
eign lands into the country.
Evidence to show that an organiza
tion of "white slavers' in Chicago
sends young girls to French Lick
Springs, Ind., resorts has been ob
tained. The secret service department was
severely criticized by Representative
Smith, a Republican of Iowa.
The weather bureau at Washington
sent out a warning against floods of
the Ohio and southern rivers, which
are rising rapidly because of heavy
The United States probably will be
involved in a diplomatic tangle over
the assaults on Greeks in South
Fearing an attack on the jail to lib
erate three alleged burglars, the sher
iff at Lima. O., asked authority to call
out the militia if necessary.
The state department has made in
quiry of the governor of Nebraska con
cerning the mobbing of Greeks at
South Omaha.
The Democrats in convention at
Lansing, Mich., rejected a plank de
claring for state-wide, prohibition.
James J. Hill, in a speech at Minne
apolis, ridiculed the work of the farm
commission appointed by President
Austria has concentrated its war
vessels and sent bridge material to
the army in preparation for war with
Judge Anderson, in the Federal
court at Chicago, held that the gov
ernment cannot prosecute the Stand
ard Oil Company on more than 3G
counts. This would cut Judge Landis'
famous $29,240,000 fine down to $720,
000 if the maximum penalty was
Members of the house cheered Rep
resentative Hays of California, who
threatened the ejection of orientals
from his state.
Senator-elect Root, in a speech at
Albany, N. Y., declared organizations
are necessary to political parties.
Discovery of the body of an uni
dentified man, who had been shot,
gave the police of Canton, 111., a mys
tery to solve.
President Gomez has sent to the
senate the nomination of Carlos Gar
cia Velez as minister to the United
States. The present minister, Senor
Queseda, has been summoned to Ha
vana to consult with the president
relative to his future assignment
Orville Wright at Pau, France, made
his first ascension since, the accident
at Fort Myer, in which he was severe
ly injured. Accompanied by his sis
ter, be was a passenger in the balloon
Icarus, which was piloted by Marquis
de Kergarlou.
A train struck a street car in Cleve
land, O., fatally injuring three persons
and hurting many others.
After having been missing from the
city for 40 years, the famous death
mask of Napoleon, which recently
came to light in the possession of
Capt W. G. Raoul of Atlanta, has been
returned to New Orleans. Capt
Raoul presented it to the city.
Mrs. William Crist, '85 years old,
and John Teean, her hired man, nearly
as old, were cremated when the cabin
on the Crist ranch, six miles from
Jefferson. Mont, was burned. It is be
lieved they were the victims of a dou
ble murder, the motive of which was
Russia fears Austria and Servia will
be at war within a fortnight. France
also is alarmed but Germany and Eng
land take a more optimistic view.
The supreme court of the United
States has decided that damages can
not be collected from a railroad for
injuries sustained by a baby on a
train where the mother is negligent
Dr. C. C. Clark, associate statistician
of the department of agriculture, has
accepted an appointment as chief of
the bureau of general statistics and
agricultural information In the Inter
national institute at Rome. Italy, to
take effect immediately.
After an official investigation con
ducted by cable. Baron Mayor des
Planches, the Italian ambassador, has
issued an official denial of a recently
published story to the effect that in
the stress and confusion following the
recent earthquake in southern Italy a
large number of orphaned children
had been sold into "white slavery"
Seven men were 'killed and several
persons hurt In the collision of trains
on the Pennsylvania at Delniar, Del. .
Rev. Rockwell S. Brank of St. Louis
has been extended a call to the Ghent
resDytenan church of Norfolk, Va.
Number of Men Long Prominent in
Both Houses Will Retire With
Close .of the Session.
Washington. The Sixtieth congress
will come to an end Thursday noon
with the inauguration of Taft and
Sherman. Until that time business
in both the senate and the house will
be in a hurly-burly condition, with
conference reports on appropriation
bills the principal order of business.
AH of the big supplybills have been
passed by the house and all but the
sundry civil ..military academy and
general deficiency bills have passed
the senate. The supply measures in
conference are the legislative, exe
cutive and judicial; the pension,
army, agriculture fortification and
rivers and harbors appropriation bills.
An effort will be made in the senate
by Senator Heyburn to have the con
ference report on the penal code bill
adopted, but some opposition is antici
pated. In the house it is expected the
question of changing the rules to es
tablish a calendar day for the con
sideration of bills will be taken up on
Monday and on Tuesday an effort will
be made to pass the senate bill pro
viding for the granting of subventions
to mail-carrying vessels between
United States ports and South Amer
ica, Japan, China and Australasia.
The passage of the bill will be stub
bornly resisted. The Appalachian
and White mountain forest reserva
tion bill will receive first attention
from the house Monday. The senate
will meet in special session on Thurs
day to consider nominations.
Twelve senators and seventy-seven
representatives, who are members of
the present congress, will be absent
when the Sixty-first congress assem
bles in special session in March 15.
In the re-election of Mr. Hopkins in
Illinois and Mr. Stephenson in Wis
consin takes place, it is possible that
the number of senatorial absentees
will be augmented to fourteen.
Of the seventy-seven representatives
who retire on March 3, one, Mr. Hep
burn of Iowa, who has served twenty
two years in congress, and another,
Mr. Sherman of New York, who be
comes vice president, has served
twenty years in the house. Mr.
Cousins of Iowa and Delegate Smith
of Arizona have served sixteen years.
It Will Be Thr.t of Inducting Taft
Into Office.
Washington. AH other events of
the week will be overshadowed by the
inauguration at Washington of Wil
liam Howard Taft, twenty-seventh
president of the United States. On
Thursday while President Taft graces
the ball that will bring the inaugural
program to a brilliant close. Mr.
Roosevelt, relieved of the burdens of
state, will be surrounded by his neigh
bors of Oyster bay and Mr. Bryan will
be the guest of honor at a dollar din
ner in Pittsburg.
If he is permitted to follow "the
plans chosen, Mr. Roosevelt will go to
New York late Thursday, and thence
to Oyster Bay, where a home-coming
demonstration has been arranged.
Oath of Office Will Be Taken Upon
It by Tr.ft
Washington. William H. Taft will
tage the oath of office as president of
the United States on the century-old
Bible which belongs to the supreme
court of the United States and by it
kept in custody. There is a touch of
sentiment in this decision which Mr.
Taft announced with the statement
that had h become a member of the
supreme court his oath would have
been taken on identically the same
A Million Dollar Session.
Washington Npw that billion-dollar
sessions of congress are the rule,
little other than appropriation legis
lation can be enacted during the short
sessions, and the one to end this
week is no exception to the rule. The
appropriations for the session prob
ably will be the largest on record,
even exceding the $1,008,000,000 pro
vided for at the first session. As only
one of the fifteen general appropria
tion bills of this session has been sent
to the president for signature, an ac
curate statement of the amount is im
possible. '
First Chinaman Elected.
Ithaca, N. Y. Toafu Hu of Wu
Chengh Sien, China, was elected to
the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity at Cor
nell this week. It is the first time
that a Chinaman was ever elected to
the highest honorary society at Cor
nell. Crisis Near In Manchuria.
Pekin Advices received from Har
bin state the situation there arising
out of Russia's insistence that it ad
minister the local municipal govern
ment on account of its railroad inter
ests, Is rapidly nearing a crisis.
Ethel Not Engaged.
Washington An emphatic denial of
the report that the president's
younger daughter, Miss Ethel, is en
gaged to marry Third Assistant Sec
retary of State William Phillips was
given out here.
Detectives to Guard Taft.
Chicago Five Chicago detectives,
who will act as the personal body
guard of; President-elect William H.
Taft during the inauguration, left
here Sunday for Washington. The
men are. Sergeant Joseph Berry, Will
iam Rohan, Arthur McCarthy and
Frank Murphy. The squad was in
charge of James Markham, private
secretary to Chief Shippy. Markham,
Berry and Rohan acted as Taft's
ad I
bodyguard during his campaign, and
also as guard at the inaugurations
Presidents Roosevelt and McKinley
Items of Interest Taken From Here
- and. There Over the State.
Sheriff Bauman of Dodge county, re
ceived a telegram from the sheriff
at Rochester, N. Y., to hold Rainbodt,
alias Davis, for forgery.
'Mrs. Anna Jenkins of Clearwater,
was before the board of insanity in
Antelope county, and committed to the
Norfolk asylum.
An - electric light franchise was
granted by the town council of Scotts
Bluff to Clarence J. Morley of Denver
and James C. Caine of Salida, Colo.
The new Christian' church at Fair
field was dedicated last Sunday. It
takes the place of the building de
stroyed by cyclone in June last. The
structure cost $25,000.
The State Railway commission is
sued an order permitting the Auburn
Telephone company to charge $1.25
for individual service, the former rate
being $1 for individual service at first
A. Benjamin of Arapahoe, had a pub
lic sale of a car of mules in Humboldt
which averaged better than $405 per
span, the highest price paid for one
span was $500.
The grain growers' association of
Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma have
chosen Hastings as the headquarters
for the organization and have opened
their rooms there.
It is reported that a proposition is
being considered by the Union Pacific
whereby another motor is to be added
for the run between Beatrice and Lin
coln. An express car on the west bound
Burlington train caught fire while the
train was between the towns of Chalco
and Gretna and burned, with practical
ly all its contents.
The Hygienic dairy at Fairbury was
broken into by burglars, but the bur
glars found themselves locked in the
refrigerator after gaining ingress to
the building and were unable to go
A telegram was received in Nebras
ka City telling of the death cf Miss
Anna McMeachen at Kansas City,
where she has been ill for some time.
The deceased was one of the pioneer
settlers of Otoe county.
At the front door of the court house
in Plattsmouth Attorney C. A. Rawls
sol dat referee's sale 104 acres of
land adjoining the town of Union be
longing to the Joshua Lynn estate for
$12,300, or a little over $104 per acre.
Two boys, aged 1C and 15, who ran
away from the orphans' home at At
chison, Kas., have been in charge of
City Marshal Vaughn of Fort Calhoun
for some time. Mr. Rokes of Atchi
son arrived and took them home.
Churches, ledges, schools, clubs,
places of amusement and all other
public gatherings of adults or children
in Gothenburg have been placed under
a ban by a proclamation issued by the
Board of Health in an effort to step
the ravages of scarlet fever.
The Young Men's Christian associa
tion in Ftate convention at Hastings
unanimously re-elected the following
officers: W. J. Hill, Lincoln, chairman;
W. O. Henry, Omaha, vice chairman;
E. C. Babcock, Omaha, secretary; M.
C. Steele, Omaha, treasurer.
Senator 'Alex Laverty of Saunders
county -received information from
Colonel Gardner of Fort Crook that
the government would lease a tract
of land three miles north of Ashland
for the purposes cf a rifle range. This
is the range used by the state troops.
Word was just received in Blooming
ton that "Happy" Nelson, a young
farmer living with his older brother
four miles east of Center, was killed in
a runaway. Young Nelson had taken
his brother to Creighton to catch a
train or Wahoo. On his way home
his team became unmanageable and
ran away.
Mrs. Mary R. Stokes, widow of Ed
ward D. Stokes, who was found dead
on the Scisson farm, north of Ains
worth, January 16, with a wagon box
across his neck, has begun suit against
Ben H. Able and Jesse D. Birdsall,
two saloonkepcrs and the Lion Bond
ing and Surety company and the
Bankers Surety company for $20,000.
The body of Elmer Charf, aged 28
who had been missing since February
8, was found Tuesday under a drift
near Ponca creek within fifty feet of
the main street: of the town of Lynch.
.He had lost his way and perished in
the severe blizzard of two weeks
a 30.
A dispatch was received in Hastings
stating that the Mrs. Thomas Cooper
who was murdered in her home in
Chicago recently four days after her
wedding, was a Miss Ida Cress, form
erly of Hastings. Inquiry develops
the fact that the murdered woman did
live in that city and that she married
a man named Carl Miller in 1905. He
was a carpenter by trade and latei
moved to Pauline.
Acting under the direction of the
board of trustees of the Child Saving
institute of Omaha, the building com
mittee, of which Rome Miller is chair
man, has opened headquarters at the
Hotel Rome, room 30, parlor floor.
where the active campaign work will
be conducted for the raising of the
$75,000 building fund for the proposed
new Child Saving institute. A. W.
Clark, the founder and superintendent
of the institute, reports the receipt of
teveral liberal subscriptions.
O. A. Cooper & Son, Humboldt mill
ers, have received news of the deci
sion of the Interstate Commerce com
mission on their case against the Bur
lington railway, in which was involved
the freight rate on grain shipments to
the western part of this state and
Kansas. ,
Blcomfield people are rejoicing over
the recent appointment of the Bloom
field Musical association band as the
first regimental band of the state.
Governor Shallenbcrger has made the
appointment and it is understod the
appointment has been ratified by the
adjutant general.
Hardware men of Nebraska elected
the following officers: President, E. S.
Hayhurst, Loup City; firht vice presi
dent, W. C. Klein, Miliord; Second vice
president, A. A. Lawson, Hasting;
third vice president, C. B. Delhi, Strat
ton; secretary, J. Frank Barr, Lin
coln; treasurer, H. J. Hall. Lincoln.
Chief of Police Widmier of Hast
ings was severely cut by a blow from
a poker in the hands of a crazy man.
Donald Cook of Lyons, while whirl
ing himself rapidly on his mother's
piano stool, fell from it striking his
head on a sharp corner of the instru
ment receiving a painful cut.
Legislative Facts and Gossip News
of the State Capital.
Finance Bill.
The house finance committee has
completed its budget bills for all but
the special appropriations for build
ings and kindred subjects, and for
those things which are specially ap
propriated for in the bills which cre
ated the need.
By this bill the governor's office is
to have incidental expenses together
with the executive mansion of $7,900
for the biennium, the commissioner of
public lands and buildings $4,600. the
attorney general $10,000 to enforce
the rules of the railway commission
and the Junkin act, the expenses of
the state banking board are to be
$11,000, the state historical society
gets the -customary $15,000, the pure
food commission $15,800 exclusive of
the commissioner's salary, the nation
al guard $51,800, Peru normal exclud
ing salaries and new buildings $39,-
ftflfi tha ctotn nnlrarclK- tljnflft 1!
vided into permanent improvements
$100,000, expenses of farmers insti
tutes $2(f,000 and the North Platte
sub-station $25,000, the Kearney nor
mal gets $24,700, the institute for the
blind at Omaha $49,060.09, the boys'
industrial school at Kearney $S5,500,
the girls' industrial school at Geneva
$32,750, the home for the feeble mind
ed at Beatrice $90,500, the Lincoln
hospital for the insane $171,300, the
penitentiary draws $130,200, and the
soldiers' home at Grand Island $123,
230. All these are exclusive of sal
aries and buildings that may be ord
ered by special bills.
Senator' Jas. A. Donohoe, cf O'Neill.
Quick Action on Insattity Bill.
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."iMf 1B7 .bVEbsSbbIbbbbjI
Upon motion of Ransom the senate The measure is considered one or
rules were suspended and H. R. No. . considerable importance. It has been
US was advanced to a third reading discussed for several years by legis
and passed. This measure was Intro- j lators and has been urged as a meas
duced In the house by AVilson, but , ure that will raise considerable reve
Ransom explained that it had been nue to defray the expenses of the
prepared by Attorney General Thomp- j state. In other states where it has
son and his deputy. Grant Martin, who , been tried and where there are many
were anxious that it pass at once, corporation the fee goes a long way
It carries the emergency clause and toward paying the annual expenses of
will become a law as soon as it re- the state. Agents of corporations al
ceives executive approval. lege that the constitution does not
This measure nrovides that when a nermit the collection of such a tax
person has been condemned to death !
and the question of sanity is raised,
the matter shall be referred to the dis
trict judge from the district in which
the condemned person was convicted.
Should the judge, upon making inves
tigation, find that the prisoner might
be mentally deranged, he shall sum
mon the superintendents of the three
state insane hospitals, who shall pass ;
upon the case. Should they report j
that the convicl is insane, sentence .
will be suspended, otherwise it will
be carried out.
Changes Banking Bill. I
The Joint committee on banking in correction. He considered that this
the legislature has been at work for expenditure for the fish and game
the past two or three days, and has I department was out of proportion to
made several changes in the bill as the other departments and that the
originally drawn. j game is the only one department of
One of the most important is that the state that is made up entirely of
relating to assessments to build up a ' men who enforce the law and do noth
guaranty fund. Instead of making the ! ins else. He thought the local officers
first two assessments i-2 of 1 per cent. T OHe"at to see to the enforcement of
it is proposed to make one assess-1 1UW&, auu i"-'"""- - ,.....
oi .1 t. ' cut down expenses,
ment of 1-2 of 1 per cent in July of
this year. 1-4 of 1 per cent in January j $5(JC0 for the Fish Hatchery,
of next year and 1-4 of 1 per cent in An appro,)riation of $.r..000 for the
July. 1910. After that there shall be ! ma!ntenancc and improvement of the
an annual assessment of l-10th of 1 I fish hatching sub-station in Cherry
per cent county, was recommended for passage
Instead of a maximum of 2 per cent ' jn the house Fridav morning. The
that may be levied in any one year ' bm H R 36I) was a committee bill
the maximum is placed at 1 per cent j and had boen threshed out by the
a year. The provision prohibiting memi)ers. The action of the commit
loans to stockholders in excess of 50 ( tee was in line with the recommen
per cent, once taken out, was restored. dation of Game Warden Carter.
To Elect the Local Assessors. . Insurance Bills Were Considered.
After a discussion ranging from Fri- The senate committee of insurance
day morning until Friday afternoon f Thursday night held its last "hearing"
the two Skeen bills providing for the j for the insurance men cf the state
election of precinct assessors were ' Who cared to discuss the merits of the
passed. The two bills, H. R. 214 and j various bills that are now before the
215, contain one of the chief "home i upper house. Room 19 at the
rule" pledges of the democrats. . hotel that night was crowded with
The chief point of discussion was j local insurance agents and with Iobby
the retention of county assessors. The ists from nearly all of the large corn
counties of small population want to panics, but the meeting was a peace
do away with the county assessor as a I ful one. The members cf the corn
useless luxury. The richer counties I mittpo heard the arguments of the-
want him retained, believing he is .
worthy or his hire. The bills finally
passed without amendment.
Bartos Would Protect Editors. !
Senator Bartos Friday introduced I
a senate measure that aims to protect
newspapers against libel, suits. The
bill provides that truth shall be a vin-'
dication in case of a suit brought fcr
libel, and that any newspaper shall be
given ten days in which to retract any
untrue story that it publishes.
Final Scurry in the House.
At the night session of the house
Thursday night almost a hundred new I
bills were launched. After the meas
ures were fed into the legislative hop
per the house adjourned.
Six Departments tor University.
'the Kotouc "Souse bUl providing
mat tne state university snail oe ei
.vlded into six departments passed the
senate Friday. The bill will have to
be returned to the house for the ap
proval of the amendment which the
senate added, denying the right of the
university -regents to offer new
courses at will and to divide the uni
versity into new departments as the
board might see fit. As the bill is
approved it makes no changes except
to separate the agricultural and en
gineering schools and to place them
under Dean Richards and Dean Bur
nett. There is another measure in the
senate that aims to legalize the pres
ent college of education. The school
was not approved by the legislature
and it has been running since the first
of last September. It is expected that
the bill will be passed, as it, like the
other measure makes no changes in
the present work except in name.
At the close of the afternoon ses
sion Friday the senate took a vacation
until 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. The
slow progress that the upper house
has made in disposing of and passing
bills caused a number of the senators
to oppose the adjournment. Those
who voted against it are: Brown,
Diers, Donohoe, Fuller, Klein, Majors,
Ollis, Raymond and Warren.
Killed Nettleton's Insurance Bill.
After a long debate the house Fri
day morning, indefinitely postponed
the Nettleton bill making notes given
for insurance non-negotiable until the
delivery and acceptance of insurance
1 e5
Shoemaker urged that new insur
ance companies would be tfut out of
business inasmuch as many of thera
depend on notes for Insurance for the
money with which agents are enabled
to continue cseking business.
Boyd of Hamilton said that he
thought there were few Nebraska
companies that had to depend on pat
rons before the goods were delivered.
Begole said that the notes now al
lowed to be given were an incentive
to men to take out insurance, a pro
ceeding which he viewed as higniy
meritorious. ,
Clark' thought the bill would dis
criminate against the man seeking
insurance in the country as against
the man in the city as the expense of
securing farm business is greater than
the expense of city soliciting.
Kelley thought no man's note
should be made non-negotiable. Tay
lor and Nettleton. the introducer of
the bill, concluded the argument.
The bill was introduced to catch
fraudulent insurance agents. The
house generally thought the bill would
go farther than the introducer in
tended, however and on division
killed the measure.
Annual Fee From Corporations.
The state committee on miscellane
ous corporations Thursday decided to
report senate file No. 9S, by King of
Polk, to be placed on the general
file. The bill provides for an annual
license fee to be collected by the
state from corporations, the fee to
range from $5 to 500 according to
the capital stock of the companies.
Senator King has agreed to have the
bill amended so that it will not apply
to banks which are taxed annually
1 upon their capital stock or to other
1 cornorations that pay a license fee.
and it may be opposed on that ground.
Friends of the bill deny that the con
stitution prohibits such a tax or li
cense fee.
Attacks Game Department.
King of Polk made an extended
speech in favor of his biil to reduce
the list of fish and game wardens to
nnn whn shall have charce of the
state hatcherJes and the enforcement
f the ,. He sai(1 lhc state
spen(ls $28,000 every two years for
the fish and game department and
only a few thousand dollars annually
each for health, state library corn-
mission and the board of charities and
attorneys and the agents of the corn-
panies and noted what tney aeeraea
worthy of consideration.
New Rosd Lawc.
,A , . . , ... .
The committee of the whole did not
object seriously to any portion of S.
?. No. 91, Introduced by the commit-
:ee on highways and bridges, an act
requiring one-half of the cost of road
making to be paid by the state. 35 per
cent by county and 15 per cent by
the owners cf land. It was ordered
to a third reading and so was S. F.
No. 99. by Laverty of Saunders, giving
the state board of irrigation general
supervision over highways.
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