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ConsoUdftted with the Columbus Time April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argot January 1, 1906.
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II Hint Frm 014 Santa
as to what will be beat appreciated by
rick and poor alike at the glad Christ
bmw season should surely be worth
considering, did Santa says: Buy a
carrel or sack of Way Up flour for
yourself for someone elae as well
and make a lot of people happy, for
Cwlaaubaa Keller Mills flour is
the best made.
Cilnbis Riller Mills.
Xwjr o
Old Corn
New Corn
S3 80 tot3 90
Files of the Journal, Dee. 17, 1873.
Every farmer in Nebraska may have
$50 annually for five years from taxation
for every acre of fruit trees he plant
and properly cares for
We know of eeveraWarmers who have
already bought corn for feed. We imag
ine that not mach of this valaable grain
will be msed for fael this winter.
There are several crops of wheat in
this neighborhood not yet threshed, and
thousands of bushels garnered, for sale
when prices reach 91.00 and upward.
Messrs. Oerrard & Bead, bankers, in
form us that since the wheat market
opened here, they have paid in cash over
their counters for wheat purchased her us
aa average of $3,000 a day. This of
itself is an excellent record, bat does aot
include all purchases made.
Mr. J. P. Becker informs us that three
years ago the shipment of wheat from
this place amounted to not more than
twelve car loads. This fall, so far, as
Mr. Abner Tamer informs as, there have
been upwards of four hundred ear loads
shipped. This was a somewhat better
year than 1870 for the culture of wheat,
bat the immease increase is attributable
to the vastly increased acreage of 73
over any .former year, and we believe
that next year the acreage will be doable
what it was this. Wheat grows well on
sod (and there was mach of it turned
last summer) and the winter, so far,
rives fair promise of an excellent yield
of al! kinds of crops next season. From
all accounts we have, this winter is sim
ilar to that of 1868, when a good snow
fell early without wind to drift it, and
laid nearly all winter There is no bet
ter fertilizer than snow and rain, both of
which contain a great quantity of
Werkmea Beet Omeert
Columbus lodge No. 268, Ancient Or
der of United Workmen, elected the
following omoers for the ensuing year at
their regular meeting last Friday even
ing: Louis Held, master workman.
C. W. Freeman, foreman.
Martin Langlev, overseer.
Richard Ramey, recorder.
- J. W. Herrod, receiver.
Herman Greening, inside watchman.
Lee Laughlin, outside watchman.
Martin Costello, trustee.
Cheat bur soecial inducements
base burner's, heaters and ranges during
oar holiday sale at GRAY'S.
Car Load Michigan Apples
For quick sale by
the barrel at the
Burlington Depot Columbus
Lay in your Christmas apples
now, Northern Spies, Baldwins,
Bellflower, Russetts, Etc.
Qome Right to the Car and See the Stock
The funeral of the late Daniel Mc
GrathOoadoa,wa died December It,
at the home of a daughter, Mrs. David
Hale in Kansas City, from dropsy, was
held at St. Boeaveatura church last
Saturday afternoon. Daniel Condon
was born in Mitcfaelstown, county Cork,
Ireland, March 10, 1838. He cme to
Montreal Canada, with his parents when
eight years of age, and in 1861 was mar
ried to Anna O'Connor at that place
In 1861 be came to Columbus and locat
ed on a homestead east of town in Colfax
county, near Richland. He at first
engaged in farming, and later took up
railroad contracting, building the Ore
gon Short Line tunnel at Fossil. Wyo.,
ia 1891-2-3, and later in partnership
with Con Gallagher, built the stock
yarda at South Onaaa. Early ia the
seventies he circulated a petitioa start
ing here, sating fer the pardon of Ed
ward O'MeegaevCoadon, .when he was
confined ia a Brinish prison, and obtain
edsomaay signatures that President
Hayes took the matter up with the result
that Ooadoasras released. Dariag the
big flood of 1881 four of James Haaey's
children died of diphtheria, and MrCon
don brought the caskets from Colum
has, making part of the trip in a boat
through a portion of the Platte filled
with running ice. He. was a man of
sterling worth and a kind and loving
father and husband. During the last
summer he spent seven weeks at Mon
treal, after an absence of twenty-five
years, lie leaves to mourn his loss, the
following children: Mrs. Jennie Walker
aad Eugene Condon of this city, Mrs.
Jamas H. Hale aad D. F. Jondon of
Kansas City, and Mrs. F. J. Beatoa of
Omaha. Those from out of town who
attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs.
Jamss -H. Hale aad son Arthur and
daughter Margaret, aad Dan F. Condon
of Kansas City. Mr. and Mia, F. J.
Beaton and son Harold of Omaha, Mr.
aad Mrs. Jamss Condon, Jessie. Jamea,.
Margaret, Dan and Roy Condon, Mr. aad
Mrs. J. R Condon and son John, Mrs.
ClarenoeMcFarland, and David Ander
son, South Omaha, Michael Murphy, of
David City.
Deputy Sheriff Jaworski returned Sat
urday from Hastings, Neb., with Ira
kianor, who stole the Ford touring car
from the garage of Fred Laun, near
Platte Center, early Thursday morning.
It seem that Connor has beea hunting:
trouble lately, as at the time of this last
escapade Sheriff Carrig had a warrant
for him on the charge of forgery. He
amedowafrom Central City Wednes
day evening and rode out with someone
as far as Max Gottberg's. going from
there to Luun'son foot. After taking
the automobile he did not start the engine
until out of hearing of the owners house,
and when he did, he ran "along the side
of the road to threw his pursuer's off
the track. He passed through Monroe
early in the -morning between four and
five o'clock, and did not have any light
although the night was quite dark. T.
J. E. Piuson had a ten gallon can of
gasoline he was using for his engine.
aad Connor used this for the machine
betook. Hawsa captured at Prosser.
west of Hastings, aad the authorities
here notified, and he is now in the cou n-
ty jail, and faces a charge that will very
likely send him to the peuitenitary.
Lying dead in a cornfield, with a bul
let hole back of his ear, presumably a
suicide, to body of Velma Fams was
found Saturday afternoon by his employ
er, Frank McLean, who lives on the old
Balcom place, nearClarka. A revolver
olasped in his hand, with one chamber
emptied, told the tale of how he met his
death. The young man had been work
ing for McLean for a short time, and
nothing peculiar had been noted in bis
actions, until Saturday afternoon,
when McLean noticed the team stand
ing still in the field where he was husk
ing corn, and going to see what was the
matter, made the above grewsome dis
covery. No motive is given for thedeed,
if the young man's death was premedi
tated, although some are disposed to ac
cord his rash action to disappointment
in a love affair. He was 22 years of age,
and a young man of more than ordinary
intelligence. His home was at Shelby
and the body was taken there for burial.
Special prices on ladies and children's
cloaks during the holidays at Galley's.
Stag aad toilet sets at Leafy.
Pre. Paul aad Mstasa, Dsa
Dr. Laasohsa Oooalist aad
' Attend ORAT8 holiday
Cob meal for your cows at 8eetta.
Dr. Talliar, Oataoaath. Barber blot
Dr. W. H. Slater, veterinarian.
People who get reealte advertise ia the
Cigars on ice at the bowliag aad bil
liard parlor.
All kinds of flour at die sense old pri-
at Scott's.
Big values ia electric portable lamps
All kind of Christmas sigars at the
Bowliag Parlors.
' Miss Bertha Hkahbru
Sunday at Fremsat.
Dr. a A. Alleabarger,
it last
State Bank buUdiag.
C. D. Evans made a business trip to
Omaha last Thursday.
Headquarters for Xmas preasata, Gal
ley's Dry Goods Store.
Delicious brick ice cream for aalelat
the bowling and billiard parlor.
Ice cream, ices, sherbet aad cakes of
all kinds to order at Jones' Bakery.
The Standard Designer subsonatioas
taken at 0 eta. a year at Oalley'is.
Ralph Turner isoa kia way home from
Syracuse, N. Y., for the holiday ssasoa.
Erast Brock's ia the nlaoa te get
feed. lad. phone SB, Bell pheaa Bad
and Mra.Joha Jauning returned
from their santara wedding
Chop feed of nil kinds delivered free of
charge. The prices will ssafce yoa smilr,
at Scott'a.
Boy's are always ready for
a packet
knife or a pair of akatee for
A complete new liaeof mesa aad boys
clothing and overcoats, ia, all the late
etylee at Galley'a.
Miss LsaraEngel, living near Daacaa
m visiting at (he. home of Mian Matilda
Schneider, aTtew daya.
Miss Martha Kummer, living ia the
Greulli neighbohpod to' vkating at the
borne of Miss Mathilda Sehaeider.
MraJD. fit Peaalee arrived ia this city
last Sunday from Chicago, for a brief
visit with herfolksrMr. and Mra. Gas
Mrs. George Loacke. Jiviag aorta of
Columbus, who has .beea seriously ill
for the past month, is now on her way
of recovery.
Mm. J. Ludwig, aocomeanisd by
Roweof Orestoa, werealeaaaat
at the' home of Jack Magillaad family
last Friday.
For Sale Harness shop doiag good
business, also shorn repair ahopiacoa
nection. Call on or address Peter Mus
ter, Monroe, Neb.
Mies Minnie Radat living south west
of town is a patient at St. Mary's hos
pital were she underwent aa oparatioa
for appendicitis last Monday.
Wait far the Mg PUw Sale
daring NoTeMfcer aa Decem
ber at K.W. Saley's Hmsle Stere
la North eaera aaaae.
Meatchoppers, roasters, bread auxerr.
carving setts! fancy nickel plated bak
ing dishes, tea aad coffee pots, all very
useful presents at CrK A, X8
A large line of ladies aad gents linen
handkerchiefs in both plain and initial,
in beautiful boxes, make a nice Xmse
present. At Galley's Dry Goods Store.
W. O. Hennigan who has been night
operator at the Union Pacific depot for
the past year, left Tuesday for Fremont
where he probably will take ap a posi
tion. Baptist church, 8anday school 10 a. m.
Preaching by the pastor 11 a. m. and
730 p.m. Morning subject, MA Success
ful Promoter." Evening, "Aa Unwel
come Guest.''
" B. a Palmer the tailor, eleaa, dyes
and repairs Ladies' aad Geete clothing.
Hats cleaned aad reblocked. Battoas
made to order. Agent Germaaia Dye
Works; Nebraska Phone.
o Mr. and Mas. W. H. Towns are epead
ing the holidays with relatives at Ham
burg, la. On their retara they expect to
move te Grand Islaad, where Mr. Towaa
has a poeUioB ia a cigar factory.
Measr. N. P Pateraoa of Monroe
township and 8. Paulaoa of aear Wast
Hill were in the city Tuesday evening,
each having a car load of fat cattle they
were shipping to the Omaha market.
Grace charoaBaaaay. Dee. 33d, ser
vices will be aa follows: I'M a. m. holy
communion; Saaday school :; ssorn-
'ing prayer 10:16, iastssd of the usual 11
a. m. service; eveaeosg aad aarmoa
7:30 p.m.
Mra. Thompson Craig of Emmet,
Idaho, baa beea ia taeeity several daya,
visiting at the home of . Mra. M. K. Tar
net. 8ae has beea back at the old home
ia Cadis, Ohio, the first visit ia tweaty-
five years, aad wall riaams ha
to the west Saturday eveaiag.
Do Your
Choosing Any
Time Now
Wsta as ready aa big baying eaa
auaka a jewelry store.
Wa don't believe you'll have to ax
eaae our stock for anything.
Itls aaw eaoagk aad varied
enough aad large enough to jus
tify oar sayfag there in nothing to
to be gained by going further than
oar store.
Oar list of
tablet' is the
of a
Aad could all who read this take a
peep at oar array, there would be
nodoabtof the result. However
wa ate expecting aad loekiag for
a visit from you, ejsi wa feel
abuadaatly able- to make your
call interesting aad profitable.
Ed. J.
Jeweler & Optician'
Hockenberger 4fc
a ubbyu- . . Tr
a w neaevar aesanuaj uvemmeat m
J ia real estate, either farm lands $
or town lota, it will be to yoar J
S mterest to consult our beta. Wa 9
S also have several good dweUiags
ferrsntinOolumhaa, aad it will
S pay yoa to cosasaad aaa aa before
J completiagyoar
Meaey to loan ia aay
Hockenberger &
Dr. Neumann, Dentist 13 St
G. R. Prieb, paintiag and
Special sale of aoaks at ORATS
this week.
aew liaeof ladies Far eearfa aad
collars at Galley'a.
Wanted Girl for geaeral hoasework.
Mrs. F. K. Strother.
Dr. D. T. Martyn. jr omos new Colum
ban8tato Bank building.
Dr. L. P. Carsteaaon, Veterinariaa
both phoaea21s. Colambos, Neb.
The "President" suspenders. Inch
pair ia a beautiful Christmas box, at
Fresh oysters, bulk and can, always
oa hand. Will have a large supply for
Christmas. Jones' Bakery.
A box of cigars will stake a very Bice
Christmas present. The finest line in
the city at the Bowling Parlors.
A splendid line of ladies kid gio
the "Simmons" brand just the thing for
a Ohrietaias gift, at Galley's Dry Goods
Say, farmers, do you want some cob
for your cows? If you do, bring in
your ear oorn, we will make it at right
prices. Scott's.
Platte county this yeardraws from the
State school fund the sum of H9790&
The number of school children in the
county are 6,973, and perhaps it will be
a matter of news to some to know that
there are only eight other counties in
the state with more school children
than Platte.
Special tmle oa far jack
eta at Oray'a
Wa have the agency- for the
famous Mussing Underwear, the
beat popular priced Union Saits
on the market Prices in men's
from Sl.fO to $4.50. Prices in
boys' from 60c, 76c, tl and $1.95.
la two piece garmeats we have
a solenoid liae ready for yoar in
spection aad raagiag ia
from sDc to $2 Me garment.
early while the i
Tale takes'
sesdiacoat sis "ataethwXlag DeviTa
Auction Company, aad this year the in
troduction of a Bumber of European
specialties is particularly pleasing to the
ladies aad ohildrea. Tarn w a
feature of tbia preductioe, aad to
point have sagaged the famous Brothers
Clsmiasn; Maaieal Groten
artieta were among the recent
tione of KlawA Erlanger's Ad
YaadeviUe,aad apoa the ferminatsea of
their eagagemeat with this noted firm,
were secured by Manager Tale for bis
"Devil'a Aacttoa." The eceaery. mech-
aaieaL traaaformaHoa and trick changes
have always beea one of the "Devil's
Auction's" atrsagast features, a fact
fully appreciated by ita msaagsmsat
and not lost sight ef in
editioa. Quito a aueaaerof
aad effaets have base preaared, notably,
"The Devil Volcano" with msrveloue
electric effects, "The Reslsas of Mephav
to' iatrodaeiag at the fiaaleof tbia
awetorigiaal aad aovel iaataat
ehsrge to a fall stage "sat" re
oraeeatiaa? The Beautiful Valley of
Andoche," two aew comedy triak. scsnss,
"The Gates of the Csada Morahsai" and
The Magic Pietare Gallery' which ia
oanjaactioa with the auaineeat
"Gardens of the Maaikias," The Grand
TournasMat 8esee," The Sphinx
arik Ita aBMW Athr alBtwtftttA
...... mwm nt . ...b
too Bameroao to partwalarue,
to nuke the 96th edition of
The Everlasting Devil's Auction" the
uMMrtaotaMe production of ita phsaomsa-
al career.
Attead OltaVYS spacha aale in
UnioaOampNe. lS4,Sons of Veter
ans, elected the follewiag officers for the
ensuing year at their fagalar meetiag.
December 14: H. B. Reed, eommaader,
A. O. Hoone, senior vice eommaader,
Chan Wurdemaa,juaior vice command
er, A. L. Bollin, Henry Weetbrook. E. P.
Duaseli, camp epaaciT, Bert J. Galley,
escretary, L. A. Jenkins, tresaarer. A
a Boone was elected delegate to the
division eacamameat aad Okas. Warde
maa alteraate. The commander ap
pointed Bart J. Galley aa inataUiag
ceVer for the annual iastallatioa. The
foUowiag oeaeers were appointed by the
eommaader: L. R. DeWolf, ehaplaia;
Geo. H. Grnbb, principal masicisn; Dr.
J. E. Peal, patnotie inetruetor; J. B
Tsehudy, color aergeaat; Heary- Wsst-
brook,sergeaatof thegaard; C. R. Dev
lin; cornet al of the guard; O. O. Joaes,
p gaard;.Eageae Clark, picket guard.
Owe of the most attractive holiday
advertisements that has come before the
Trade Exhibit is the doable page ad
vertisement of Gray's Department Store
at Columbus, Neb. Toe page ia sur
rounded by holly leaves .aad berries ia
aatural eokxa. Fine eagravinga are
need for illustration aad handrede of
articles are described and prices given.
These prices are such aa to intent buy
ers, whether residents of the city or the
country, aad demonstrate the fact that
Gray sells goods cheeper thaa the large
city department stores or the exclusive
mail order house. Oa December 18th this
store will inaugurate a noiiaay aaie
which will continue until Christmas
Were the average merchant to adopt Mr
Gray's plan of advertising, it would soon
mean that the basin ess of the mail order
concerns would be decreased by half.
Omaha Trade Exhibit.
Buy yoar rugs at GHAT'S holi
day asle.
Special services will be held at Grace
church on Christmas day as follows:
Choral midnight oelebration, Cbrietmaa
eve at 11:45. Sempers communion ear
vice with solos by Mrs. Chambers, Mrs
Leo Gietxen and Mr. Fred Saffron.
Organist, ProtSike; violinist, Mise Elsie
Fobl? At this service a beautiful Brass
Lectern will be presented to the ohurch
aa a memorial gift and dedicated by Dr.
Westoott Ohrietaias day there will be
s celebration of the holy communion at
10 a. m., with the administration of the
sacrament of holy baptism. The Sun
day school exercises will be held on
Holy Innocents Day, Saturday, Dec 98
Arthur J. Westoott, Rector.
At the regular meeting of the lady
Maceabee last Thursday afternoon, five
new members were iaitiated aad the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: Past Commander, Mrs.
Jennie Hagel; eommaader, Mrs. Carrie
Slater; heat commander, Mrs. Bt-U
Schofielc; record keeper, Mrs. Cora
Boyd; finance auditor. Miss Maude
Woosley; chaplain. Mrs. Ellen From;
eergeant, Mra,Ida Jones; mUtress-at-arm,
Mm, Eva Uolleoback; sentinel, Mrs.
Alice Lohr; picket, Sirs. Florence Rector;
organist Miss Veeta Slater; assistant
organist, Mra, Anna Welch; examining:
physician. Dr. Kartya, jr.
Good values in linens at ORaVTS
holiday sale.
Both the morning aad evening: ser
vices next Sunday at the First Methodist
church will ha devoted to the Cbrietmaa
Special mueio will be rendered
ateaeheerviee. The eubject for cuacus-
at the Bjoraiag hoar ia "Jesus: He
Shall Have HiePeople" aad that, for the
eveaiag, TheChrist, Self Impoverished
for the Worlds Enrichment.' On Tans
eveaiag the Sabbath children will read-
Charles H.
erthe cantata, The Saata dans Olab "
A general iavitatioa ia extended for all
these services. Loroit R. DxWolf.
Big values ia faney lamps at
A Ratta Oaaatj tol ia nVncJuac. j
The following ie an extract from a let- j
tor from Mise Sadie Wlleea, a graduate
of the Columbus High school aad daugh
ter of W. D. Wilson of Ocoaee, who ia
On October 5th I left Colambos, Neb.
The route from there to New York was
vary ordinary, with the exception of the
beautiful scenery ia Pennsylvania, the
horseshoe bed being especially grand,
arrived at Jersey City Oct. 7, and took
the ferry to New York. Through the
kJadaeasof a friend in Columbus, I waa
eatsrtaiaed there aad apaat one dny in
the eUj ahopping. The elevated cam are
the beat modeof eoaveyaace I have seen
ia'aay of the cities. On Oct. eI board
ed the steamer Adriatic of the White
Una, and oa Taesday morning at
6:90 we sailed. This atsamship is not so
swift aa the Lasitaaia, bat eertaialy is
. She weighs 9CM0 toss, aad is
TMfestloag. The ship is fitted out very
luxuriously, aad aa enormous apaee is
devoted to tho eeriianry departaseat. It
is very much like a email villsge, having
etorss ia the forward parte of the
ship. We had some very alee psssangorn
oa board, aad it dose aot take long to
become acquainted. We arrived at
oouiuamptoa uck. iy. My impreamons
of that place were not or the best for it
waa raiaiag, aad I learned that it bad
been the greater part of three months,
both ia Eaglaad and Scotland so much
in fast that farmers still have their grain
out in shocks all over the country.
From Southampton we went to London
where I remained only a few hours, not
long enough to aee much of the gran
deur of the city. The scenery through
England to Stirling, Scotland, ia perfect
one sees nothing but stone houses,
nuny of them quint old designs, with
thatched roofs, possibly built a century
ago. Scotland ia very similar. to Eng
land, perhaps more picturesque end
more historic At Stirling I visited the
famous Bridge of Allen and Stirling
Castle, built ia the time of Bruce and
Wallace. The soldiers have their head
quartera there, even yet eentrys ia full
dress (kilts) are oa duty eonstaatly.
From the castle beautiful views of the
winding river Forth aad aarroaadiug
oountry can be obtained. In Edinburgh
I visited Princess street, one of the pret
tiest streets ia the world. On one aide
there is a long row of splendid etorea'nnd
on the other Edinburgh Castle, a grand
old etructure, ap assay feet from the
level, of the city. This castle is well
kept and soldiers are in evidence every
where. I also saw the home of John
Knox, Sir Walter Scott's monument and
Arthur's seat, a huge mountain of rocks
forming the figure of a lion. Then nt
Queen's ferry the British channel fleet
and others grere harbored when I went
throagh. The fleet consists of about
thirty battleships and forty gunboats.
At Coldstream I have eeen ruins of
Wars, Forizal and Norham castles.
Then we aaw the house where the
famous Coldstream Guards were raised.
We also went to the bridge over the
Tweed where one can pnt one foot in
Scotland aad oae ia England. At Glas
gow, where I am at present, attending
the Atheneum school of music, I have
seen their Botanical Gardens, Art gal
leries and the Zoo. The people here are
very different in their manners and cus
toms -an Amerienn is easily picked out.
I will stay here about four months and
will write again later.
Saturday Axel Nelson, an em
ploye of the planing mill, met with a
painful and what might have been a
serious accident. He was engaged in
sawing a large timber on the band saw
and was backing up towards the mach
ine, not noticing now olose he was until
the saw touched hie arm. A gash was
ontia hie arm that required twenty-six
stitches, aad it will be some time before
he will be able to. resume work min.
Mr. Nelson is congratulating himself on
hie lucky escape from the probable loss
of an
Wait for the ig Piaao Sale
dariag NoTeatber aad Decem
ber at R. W. Saley's Ma sic Store
ia North opera hoase.
As usual, we have the largest assort
meat of Christmas candies in town to se
lect from. Jones' Bakery.
Patronize Home
Using fresh, clean, wholesome home-made candies,
manufactured by Poesch, for sale at the following busi
ness houses:
Poesch's Candy Factory
Keating & Schram, Groceries
Brunken in Haney, Groceries
All goods sold by the above firms are guaranteed to
be made according to the pure food laws. Call and see
us. ''Patronize Home" is our motto.
Free! Free! Free!
With each 25c purchase you receive a chance on a
100-piece Dinner Set free by buying your goods of us.
Poesch's Candy Factory
Clristias PrKMtsi
Lowney's Chocolate
Traveling Cases, Hair
Brushes, Combs, Mir
rors, Fountain Pens,
Perfumeries, Writing
Paper, etc :: :i :: ::
Cigaais Cigar Cases,
Gillette Razors, Foun
tain Pens, BO Books,
Letter and Card Cases,
Traveling Cases, Collar
and Cuff Boxes, Military
Hair Brushes, Clothes
and Hat Brushes ::
Pollock & Co.
The Druggist on the Comer
Columbus, Nebraska
Nice Holiday preseata at Lsavy'a.
Miss Bertha Cover spent Sunday ia
Schuyler visiting at the home of Miss
Bertha Plate.
Mra. Fred Holleabeck
week in Fremont, the
speadiag a
of Mrs.
Saeie Edwards.
A complete line of neckwear in four ia
hands, scarfs, also wool aad silk muflern
at Galley's Dry Goods Store, headquar
ters for Xmas presents.
The innncial depression must have
had some effect on the matrimonial
market, not one marriage license kaviag
been issued since December 3.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Gerrard returned
Sunday from their wedding trip through
the east, and expect to move into their
aew residence in the northeast nart of
Shell .Clark, county assessor elect,
was in the city this week lookiag after
matters at the court house aad prepar
ing to assume his duties the arst of the
Mrs. G. M. Douglas entertaiaed the
evening card club at her home oa East
Twelfth 8tree( Thursday eaaaisg. The
usual good time was reported aad the
favors were won by Mm, Otto Kummer
and Mrs. Will Kaufmans. The dab
will awet next week nt the home of Mrs.
Will Kaufmann.
George Alfred Pride was born in St.
Charles, Kane Co 111., April 6, 1854. and
died Dec. 12. 1907, aged 53 years. 8
months and 6 daya He was married to
Florence Waggner on Nov. 7, 1878. He
came to Nebraska in 1890, mid united
with the Methodist Episcopal church at
Fullerton in 1894, aad. buried from the
Methodist church Inst Sunday nt 2
o'clock p. nx. Rev. DeWolf oSkiatiag.
City Carrier J. E. Balloa waa one of
the contestants for the Omaha Daily
News proverb contest, and after the
guesses were nil in some of his fellow
workers concluded to haven little fun at
bin expense. They prepared a telegram
which informed him that he hud won
first prize and extended congratulations.
Mr. Ballon took the joke good nntured-
ly and says the laugh would be oa the
other fellows should he happen to wia
the prize.
At the regular meeting of Leroy Lodge
No. 251, D. of H. Monday evening the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: Past chief, Mrs. J. Dol
lan; chief, Mrs. J. F. Kirkpatrick; lady
of honor, Mrs. G. M. Douglas; lady of
ceremonies, Mrs. Taylor; financier, Mrs. -Geo.
Willard; receiver, Mrs. J, Lannan;
recorder, Mrs. R MeCray; usher, Mrs.
D. Patch; inside watch, Mrs. Louis
Held; outside watch, J. Lannan;
trustees, Mrs. J. F. Kirkpatrick,
. Lannan and Ed Rossiter.
Cart ef Thank.
We wiah to thank our many friends
for their kind words and the sympathy
shown during the (pes of our kind and
loving father..
Children of Daniel M. Condon.
J. "
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