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Consolidated with the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January 1, 1906.
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Hockenberger &
in reel estate, either
ortown Iota, it will be
Mi interest to consult oar beta. We
alan kitn ! vrwwl rlwAllinsv
for rent ia Columbus, and it will
pay yon to come and aee aa before
completing yomr arrangements.
Mosey to loaa ia aay amount oa
abort notice.
Fire, Tbiaado and Accident
Hockenberger &
Hoge. .....5 35 to $5 40
Filas of the Journal. Nov. 5, 187a
Time is money, and labor is money;
therefore don't stand around all the
time idle.
We learn from a thresher that the
average wheat crop of this neighbor
hood was about 20 bushels to the acre.
Mr. Jaoob Ernst's farm, three miles
north cf Oolumbu?,' is as 'near a model
farm w any we know of in this neigh
borhood. , u
There is great abundance of 'wild
geeee in this region, but we don't know
of aay of oar aiairode who have bad vary
great success selling feathers.
Mr. John Boutson returned on Friday
from a suyreying trip into Cedar county.
Neb. He'iMyB the recent snow storm
extended to Cedar county, falling there
to a depth of one foot. At ter.the snow
atorm, be suddenly left for Columbu
One of our old nimrods was seen clean--iag
bis gun the other day. When inter
rogated as to what he was going to do,
be rep'ied, MI am going to nave it in
order so I can shoot myself whenever I
want to." It was not known, before,
thnt he entertained thoughts of suicide.
J. E. Vorth & Co. have erected a coal
shed nenr the railroad track north of
Speice & North's land office, and are now
supplying exoellent coal and wood in
j'.3ntitie9 to suit consumers. Their
business, if properly appreciated and
patronized, will -be a lasting benefit to
Heal Estate Iranafers,
, Berber, Hockenberger & Chambers
rati Estate agents, report the following
real estate transfers filed for record in
the office of the oounty clerk during the
weak onding'NovTSad 1907.
J X Hcnaoa to Ann Muaon, w2 awj,
nr bw, 31-19-3 w, qed $ 100
J N Manaon et al to Peter Hanson, n2
nw 6-18-3 and bw bw, aiwte 31-19-3 w.
qed ..
P E McKilllp tf Geo W Cobel, lota 2 &3
blk 6, Cornlea. .. ..t. ...... ............
2200 00
WllhelminaMeneisetoHNZlosc, loto
' 5 6 blk 4, Platte Center, Nebr.wd.. 1500 00
Peter Maneon to J N Manaon, e aw.Sl
lSJw. qed............................. 1 00
-Mary Braum to V Wieaer. Be ae 17-1P-1
w.qcd W0 80
P E McKillip to Hy Vanderheitlen et al,
ptwws 19-20-1 w, (Hpby Mill pro
petty) wd 9800 00
Tm Lewejohann jr to Ljtzie Iwejo
hann. lot 4 blk 10. Lindsay, wd ...... . 2000 00
Phillip II Gleaaon to Walrath & bher
woodLamberCo. lot 33 to 38, blk
"H". east add to Monroe, wd 725 00
JBAbleUingeretaltoHA Osterboff. .
E!ilt. ealllt 7 blk 10, Lockners let
ddtoUphy, wd 750.00
Ten transfers, total, $19378 00
For Sale Harness shop doinggood
business, also shoes repair shop in con
nection. Call on or address Peter Hun
ter, Monroe, Neb.
WiU Buy a
Grade $5.00 Fancy
tail week, 12 per
oebt ttecunt Q mU
Plush Bobef from
SSjOOup. S ,
I. W. Wean
& Son.
l K
farm lead
At tbe North opera boase the talented
yoaag actor Elwin Strong aad his com
paay of players will opes a three Bighta
eagageeaeot, Thursday, Nor. 14th. Mr.
8troog, who is a fiaished actor, has for
the paat two seasons starred in Dr
Jakyll aad Mr. Hyde, and will this sea
son present a repertoire of standard
plays, still retaiaiag Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde as his feature bilL Tbe Columbus
public will bo doubt be pleased to learn
that Mr. Strong baa secured as bis lead
ing support this season the clever actress
Miss Kathrin Dale, who is a Columbus
girl. Miss Dale has made rapid strides
in her profession, and Mr. Strong is for
tunate in securing her services. This
company carries its own aipeoial scenery
aad electrical "effects, so that each play
presented will be a complete production.
Refined vaadiville will be introduced
between the acta, doing away with
tedioas waits. The plays selected for
this engagement are as follows: Tliars
day night the beautirul 4 act comedy
drama "The Night Before Christmas.''
Friday night the rural drama, "The,
Winning Hand," and Saturday night tbe
great play, and Mr. Strong's master
piece, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
The meeting of tbe oounty commission
ers of Polk county with the board of
supervisors of this county Thursday re
salted in clearing the eitua'ion regarding
mainlainenceof tbe Platte bridge, as con
templated by the law .panood by the
last legislature. Asa result' of the con
ference, Polk county expressed a will
ingness to contribute one-fourth of the
expense of taking care of the bridge, if
Platte county would pay one-half of the
expense. This proposition by Polk
county was made without any condition
I as to whether .Butler county would be a
party to. the contract, but no written
agreement was made until Butler oounty
has been heard from. While the law
requires that each county shall sU ,.d an
equal share,under present conditions the
supervisors considered the proposition
presented by Polk county as a fair one,
and it will jn all probability be accepted.
Last Saturday morning about five
o'clock Policeman Wm. Baker discovered
Chris Smith lying in front of Q. H. Lan
doa'a furniture store in an unconscious
condition. He at once notified officer
Nelson, and they had. him taken to the
city jail, as they supposed he was under
the influence of liquor. A short time
after a phvsician was called and he pro
nounced Chris dead. For the last week
or two the deceased had been rooming
over the First National Bank in one of
Buschman's rooms, and has been sick.
The supposition is that he started for
his home and when he got to where he
was lying could get no further and re
mained there until found. The funeral
was held Tuesday morning at the Cath
olic church and burial was in the
Catholic cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNamara, for
mer residents of Columbus, but now of
Seattle, Washington, are guests at the
borne of Mrs. J. D. Brewer this week;
Mr. McNamara will be remembered as
living here about twenty-eight years
ago. his wire was formerly miss Anna
Warner of this city. Mr. and Mrs.
McNamara are returning to their west
ern borne, from a trip to the Jamestown.
exposition and other points in the east.
Mr McNamara ia now a mining engineer
and a portion of his time is spent in
Goldfield, Nevada, tbe famous mining
camp. Tbe? resumed their homeward
journey this morning over the B. & M.
E. O. Kennedy returned home last
week atom Missouri with his string of
race horses. He proved at many race
meetings, that his stable contained
several winners, but tbe most notable
horse, this year at least, is Surena, that
but year held the world's guidelese trot
ting record with a mark of 2:13lf . This
year Surena proved more of a wonder
than ever, lowering his mark to3:08.
This is going some for St. Edward, a
town that can't boast even the semblance
of a race track. St. Edward Advance.
John Steiner, who was an inmate of
the poor farm, died Sunday, aged 70
years. He was born in Austria October
30, 1830, and came to this country in
1873. His wife died at Spencer, Nebr.t
four years sgo, and be has one son, Joe
Steiner, who lives there. Besides this
son he leaves two other boss, Ferdinand
Steiner of Crestoo and Ignatz Steiner
of Oarlock, S. D. Tbe body was taken
to Spencer Monday evening and the
funeral will be held Wednesday,
Ralph W. E. Bojd of Interior, S.D.,
and Miss Ines Satterlee of Norfolk, Neb.,
were married at tbe Methodist parsonage
Monday by Bev. L. R. DeWolf. The
couple were former residents of Colum
bus the groom being tbe third son of Mr.
and Mrs. B. C. Boyd and tbe bride a
daughter of S. G. Satterlee, who was for
merly employed at the Union Pacific
depot. The couple left Tuesday even
ing for Interior, 8. D , where Ralph has
a homestead.
The waterworks whistle called tbe fire.
boys out Monday morning just aa
of them were eating breakfast'. A
line stove at the reatdeaee of C O. Gray
had gone wro&g in some aaanber aad
started a blaze that looked dangerous
when discovered. Bat Mr. Gray, who a',
the time waa at his plaoa ef business,
was summoned by telephone, aad harry -lag
hosae with a hand ire extinguisher,
pat the are oat ia abort order.
Wanted Girl for general hoasework;
F. K. Strother.
ThanksgiviBg linens at Grasj'aV ' :
Dm. Paul aad Mataea, Dentists.
Dr. Yalliar. Osteopath, Barbae Week.
Dr. W. H., Slater, veterinarian, pboao
People who get results advertise in the
Journal. -
M. Rothleitner made a business trip to
Omaha Monday.
Ernest Daassll is reported very sfck
with rheumatism.
.Dr. C.A. Aueabarger, oasee in new
State Bask building. s
Mrs. Henry Olausea of Madison re
turned home Monday 'after a visit at the
home of Mia. J. D. Brewer.
Mr. ad Mrs. C. E. Pollock returned
last Saturday evening from their trip to
Illinois and also points in Oklahoma.
The Condon A Walker book atore has
been moved into tha Fitzpatrick build
ing, one door east of their former loca
tion. - . .
There was a very pleasant choir party
at tbe Episcopal rectory Monday eve
ning; tbe occasion being Dr. Westoott's
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fisher
living in east Columbus was quarantined
Thursday for diptheria. Their little son
Joe being afflicted.
I will cure bog cholera in its wtrst
stage, and heaves in horses. No cure
no pay. Will be at J. J. Burk's office on
Saturdays. W. F. Dodds.
FOR SALE Household goods, con
sisting of sideboard, folding bed, small
beating stove,. mattresses and other use
ful articles. Mrs. Carson, 1720 North
Not saying much, but still doing
business. Ladies treated with due re
spect. Courteous treatment to all.
Twelfthetreet Shining Parlor.- Den C
William, prop. ,if ,
RS. Palmer the tailor,' elean,-djes
and repairs Ladies' and Gents clothing.
Hats cleaned 'aad rabktcked. . Buttons'
made to -order.. Agent Germaaia Dye
Works. NebrasJEajPbone. -.
Ftve hbajes, were quarantined for
small poJCihe first of the weetrKarvin
Elston and Geo. Grubbin thecity and
Ed Butler; James Jenkinson and.G. L.
Farnsworth in the couutry. , -..-
MrsTj. E.- Nichols of Omaha arrived
here Tuesday evening to visit'1. her
mother, Mrs. G. W. Westcott, who has
been ill for the past week at tbe home
of her daughter. Mrs. A. W. Clark.
During the last week but two marriage
licenses were issued by County Judge
Ratterman: Ralph W. E. Boyd, Interior,
8. D., Inez Satterlee, Norfolk, Neb.;
Oscar Bjurstrum, McPherson Co.,
Hilma Alfreds, Genoa.
Special aaaiaastratlii of the La
Has maw Jaaraal rawra at
Craa'a, FrMafj, Mav. eth: it will be
of great value to any lady wanting to
know more about patterns aad -how to
use them to attend this demonstration.
Mrs. L.Tlath is expected home-Fri
day from Long Pine, Neb where she
has been with her daughter, Mrs. J. R.
Carter, who bsi been- very sick with
typhoid fever. Mrs. Carter is improving,
however, and the danger point has .been
The first ear of stone for the new T.
M. C. A. building arrived Tuesday
morning, which will enable tbe brick
layers to continue without delay.' This
material was not expected for several
w a . - ' J
aavs, ana tne quica aeiivery is appre
ciated by the contractor.
The Evening Card club were delight
fully entertained Thursday evening by
Mr. and Mrs. Al Anderson and Mr. and
Mrs. J. J, Sullivan at the home of the
former. Mrs. Kelley, of Chicago won
the ladies prize -while Mr. Carl Kramer
won the gentlemen's prize;
Superintendent E. B. Sherman of the
State Industrial school at Kearney came
down Tueedaytto cast his vote, as be
stall considers Columbus his legal resid
ence. Mr. Sherman is very well pleased
with bis new work and ia getting along
with it as well as he .anticipated.
Three nights, cornmencing
Thursday, Nov. 14.
Walter Savage
Presents the talented young actor
ELWIN STRONG company of plavers, inclad
iagthe brilliaat actress v
ia new aad snocoosf al ptoya. Thurs
day aight the baaatifal 4 act
comedy drama
Friday Bight the raral araaia
Saturday aight the great play aad
ar, Exroaara
Dfa Jikii aft lift, Hfwt
vaaawtflla Jmfc
' .
I Why Is It?
Wbea people wish to re
member some friend with
some token of esteem,
they naturally expect tbe
stoat suitable articles in a
jewelry store? '
fhis Is Why f
Because nowhere else can
they obtaiu such dainty
remembrances whieh ap
peal to the artistic sense.
It offers opportunities for
,the indulgence of person
al preferences.
Our stock is always ready
.' to the point of complete
ness. We request "an ex
amination of it, when in
interested in presents
no matter for what occa
sion. i
Jeweler & Optician
Farm Lands Are .
still at a bargain
Where ?
Thomas County
Join onr next Ex
i cursion
w. m, w
Ton will not be
Elliott, Speice
RO. Block, Columbus, Neb.
Dr. Naumann, Dentist 13 St.
G. R.
Prieb, painting and paper
Dr. D. T.Martyn. jr office new Colum
bus State Bank building.
Dr. L. P.- Carstenson, Veterinarian,
both phones 218, Columbus, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. H. It. Smith of east of
Monroe were in the city Tuesday.
' Mr. and ;Mrs. Wm. Tyrrell went to
Loup City this morning for a short visit.
Mrs. N. Stoecker of Muscatine, low a,
who has been visiting her mother, Mrs.
Wm. Lobr, for several weeks, returned
to her home Wednesday.
At the Congregational church Sunday
November 10, the subjects will be ss
follows: Morning,uBufted Riches," even
ing, "Jesus in the Home."
' John Early was at Red Oak, la., this
week looking over the pumping plant at
that place, as they have been using
electric power for pumping purposes
there for some time.
Second number of High School lee-'
ture course at North opera house Nor.
11. 1907. J. .Adam aBede, congressman
from Minnesota. Subject, "Our Nation;
its Problems and Progress." Tickets at
The usual services will be held in
Grace church on Sunday, November 11,
as follows: 8 a, m. Holy Communion;
11 a. m. morning prayer and sermon;
7:30 evensong and sermon. Sunday
school at 10 a. m.
Twelve ladies of the Aid society of tbe
Baptist church gave Rev. Hoeflin a fare
well reception Tuesday afternoon, prior
to his leaving for Williamsport, Pa bia
future home. Rev. Hotflin'e family
leave this week, and he expects to leave
in two weeks, when his work bar ia
Withia the last week the Swift baiter
j and egg plant of this city has practically
dosed aowa, only three people being
employed where there were formerly
fjom fifteen to eighteen. Instruotioas
from headquarters-are responsible for
the company is cleaning ap all
Rpmpmhpr '
llulllUIIIUul i
Platte couaty deawcrataagaia demoa
strated the strength of 'their couaty or
ganizatioa Tuesday by electing thsirea
tire county ticket by majorities ranging
from ISO MO. . The republicans put up
a very strong fght aad their candidates
aadworksraaasd, every h norable
to win. Bat the democratic
handled batter sad while ia
their majoritias were great
ly reduced,, they elected all their ticket.
John R.Luscben, the republican
candidate for assessor made a vigorous
fght aad received a vote that be can
well be proud of, as he was only defeat
ed by about 160. John Moffett for
oounty judge was quite a Eurprise, mak
ing inroads on the democratic vote
where least expected, and carrying his
home township, Lost Creek, by over 100.
J. L. Sharrar, made inroads on the dem
ocratic vote in tbe north portion of the
county, but O. J. parrig's vote in tbe
city of Columbus and the township off
set any gains. 0. M. Graeother for clerk
of distnot court was one of tbe high
men on the ticket. In- the supervisor
contest J. F. Scbure republican bad no
opposition and W. J. Newman and-A. E.
Priest, both republican candidates for
re-election were defeated, making' the
board solidly democratic. '
In Columbus township John Randall
was elected road supervisor by eighteen
and H. O. Rnodehorat elected clerk.
Platte oounty gives Hollenbeok a
majority of 800 and Thomas a majority
of about 750, and with their, majorities
in Dodge and Colfax will make their ma
jorities in tbe district about 1,000. -
Iathe state Reese and the republican
ticket win by between 10,000 and 60,000,
and in Douglas county the republicans
make a clean sweep.
CanTseatisa af tka Bitcaea af Me-
TmV opening service of tbe convoca
tion of tbe diocese of Nebraska took
place Tuesday evening in Grace church.
A large number of tbe clergy were pres
ent, being over twenty priests in the
procession and more arrived Wednes
day, making tbe largest attended convo
cation in the history of the diocese.
Bishop Williams preached an eloquent
sermon on "The Sunday Softool and the
Responsibility of Parent aadjfcd Par
ente." The officiating clergy were Dean
Becher, Rev. S. Mills Hays of Lincoln,
Rev. Dr. Harriff of. Shenandoah and tbe
Rey. Dr. Westcott of Grace church.
The Rev. - E. G. B. Browne of Omaha
and Rev. James Wise of Omaha acted as
bishop's chaplains. Wednesday morn
ing a oboral celebration, of the Holy
Communion took place at 8 a. m., with
tbe bishop as celebrant. The music of
tbe service was beautifully rendered by
Grace church choir, and received many
compliments for their reverent and dig
nified rendering of therservioe. A ban
quet will be given Wednesday evening
in honor of tbe bishop and .clergy, and
on Thursday evening a great missionary
service will be held with addresses by
Dean Bode of Laramie cathedral, Rev.
F. 0. Taylor of Alaska and Bishop Wil
liams. The music will be rendered by
tbe choirs of Grace church and Holy
Trinity of Schuyler.
Of Platte Oounty Teaohers' Association
to be given at the Platte Center High
school, Saturday, November 9, 1907.
Session begins at 1:15 p. m.
Song "Merry Gypsies.. Primary Pupils
"Compulsory Education". .J. J. Malone
"Methods in Rural Schools"
.....Katie Luohsinger
Vocal Solo M.M.Oarraher
"Hints to the Rural Teacher"
- Julia Hilztnger
Paper.... ................ ..H. Raubacb
Song Intermediate Pupils
"Value of Habit" Re Hoetetter
Duet-r-'In the Wild Wood". ......
. .Florence Hughes, Agnes Bruckner
"Duties and Difficulties of Teacher"
Chorus "Fairies of Dreamland".. . .
Class ofOS
Teachers The superintendent elect
will be with us. Turn bat and give him
a fraternal greeting. All are cordially
invited. f
Hot Chocolate and
Whipped Cream for
Hot Coffee and
Come up in our factory
and see us make the candy
you eat Everybody invited.
Free samples to everybody.
Piissls Ciiiy fictirf
Eorroa Joubvai.: Will yoa permit
ate to call yoar attention to a auwaaee
which prevaile ia oar town. Pareats
allow tbeir boya yes, aad evea girla. of
tbe tender age of 8 to 18 aad there
about, to roamoa the street uatil 11 aad
12 o'clock at night. Peeping ia the win
down of residences; stealiag fruit; using
obaoenelaaguage; writing filthy sent
ences on the sidewalks; damaging pro
perty and cauaiag all kinds, of other
troubles too aameroua to meatioa.
Nowtbadiaeoamfort the folks suffer
by it is not the worst feature of it. there
is a moral aide to it which is of a mora
serious nature. What will becoaseof
such children that are so neglected by
their parents. The inmates of our re
form schools and neniteutaries with
very few exceptions started their down
fall in the very same manaer loaftae; in
daytime, and what ia worse at night.
, Curfew lawa have been ensoted in
many towns to cure tbe evil. This
measure ia opposed by some, claiming to
be an old fashioned, arbitrary, good
enough for the.dark middle ages law.
While I see nothing wrong in a law that
would further morality if even it waa a
little ''old-fashioned," I still hope that
it will not have to be found necessary to
ring tbe curfew in our town. It would
be a stain on the fair name of Columbus.
"No extreme measure is enacted with
out sufficient cause' that would be tbe
judgement of our sister cities.
I would appeal to the parents, .of our
town to keep their children home at
night. Make them learn 'their leasona
for the next day, then play with them
like a child amongst children aad send
tbem betimes to bed. I assure you,
your children will no more long for
street loafing if you treat them as their
friend, playmate and companion. I speak
from personal .experience, and that ia
why I an so .confident that you will
succeed as -well as I did. Remember
that loafingmakesa mean boy. A mean
boy io due time tarns out a bad citizen.
Good home influence does more to bring
the children up right than all else pat
together. A Fathkr.
Gerrard and Wills are going to put up
a large, corn cnb.
'Henry Brunken of Route 3 was visit
ing at the home of Henry Kleuver Sun
day. Tbe Misses Maud and Edith Barnes
were guests at the Kleuver home Sun
day. G. A. Pride was in Columbus Tuesday
looking at a corn husking machine
he may conclude to purchase.
Miss Pearl Freeman, who is teaching
in the Ives district, is having a months
vacation during-the corn husking time.
Miss Birdie Doods is at home for four
weeks on account of her school having
vacation until corn husking is finished.
M. Campbell waa in Columbus Tues
day dosing a deal for the Kmil Shoen
farm ia Lost Creek township which be
recently purchased.
E. A. Gerrard is going to build an ex
tensive addition to tbe house on his
farm, occupied by Aug. Johnson. Chas.
Payne will do the carpenter work.
Boyd Dawson moved to' Columbus
Monday aad Ed Mayberger, who lived
near Oconee, and recently purchased the
Dawson farm, moved on it the same day.
L. 8. Eby, who is living on tbe R. &.'
Dickinson farm, expects to move in tbe
near future, probably to Silver Creek.
Frank Dawson will move on the farm
vacated by Mr. Eby.
Kauta Me. L
Everybody onjthe route is busy pick
ing corn. "
Ed Loseke was at Lincoln last week
on business.
Gerhard Loseke has his new cattle
shed completed.
Miss Emma Miller is visitiag at the
home of Gerhard Loseke. 1
More votes were cast at the election
in Bismark township this year than ever
Edith, daughter of Rudolph Miller,
who has been very sick, is slowly im
proving. Mrs. W T. Ernst and children return
ed last Saturday, from Lincoln, where
they had been visiting.
Miss Lizzie Loseke was in town last
Friday for medical treatment. She had
the misfortune to accidentally cat her
hand and blood poisoning set in.
lamta M: 3.
Miss Maud Barnes of route No. 4 is at
tbe borne of Wm. Mason this week.
Wm. Wurdeman was a guest at tbe
home of his sister on route No. 1, Sun
day. Miss Birdie Dodds closed her school
last Friday for a four weeks vacation oa
account of corn husking.
A cow belonging to Wm. Godekin gave -birth
to three heifer calves that were aU
tbe sasoe color, and good strong aaimals.
R. H.KopIe, a teacher hi the German
Lutheran parochial achool, returned
Saturday from Seward, where ha 'had
been visitiag for a few days.
Miss Mary Newasan of Columbaa com
meaced teaching the Adamy school Mon
day morning. ' Miss Newasan ia a gradu
ate of the Cofumbos High achool aad
We Are Agents For the
Riull fapOTlitit
This Guarantee Offer on
This preparation is
guaranteed torive amt
isf action: if itdoM not
come back and get your
money, it belongs to
you and we want yoa to
have it
The Druggist oath
Mm. Sturgeon, who haa been visitiag
t the home of bar daughter. Mrs. WiU
Kaafmau.fortbe past fw weeks, re
turned to her home near Faraaat,Nebr ,
Friday morning. She waa aeooauaaied
home by her daughter Miss Lydia, of
Omaha who will spend several months
visiting, relatives. '
Reynolds, the young fellow who took
theilQfromMert Fish while huakiac
corn for him, was captured at Kearney
aad the authorities here afjisil Duv
paty, Sheriff- Taos. Jaweraki went to
Kearney Monday aad brought aim here.
and be was placed ia the couaty jaU.
As be is a minor ha will hi all pieaabil
ity be seat to the Iadantrial achanl at
TbeoldUsioa Pacific freight depot
is being moved iato the Y, went of the
round bouse, where it will be ased for a
store hoass. Sehroadar Sons have
thejontract for moving it, aad in order
to facilitate the atoviag tha aaOdiaa;
was out into two parte and eaaa moved
separata. Wbea the change is made the
railroad company will open ap Platta
street and close Qaiaey street.
No action was taken on electric light
ing proposition at tha mnrtiag of tha
city council last Friday evening, as tha
committee still has the matter aader
consideration. There are two eitieeia
Iowa, Red Oak aad Valisoa, who have
similar propositions to the one submitted
here, aad it is quite probable that the
committee, consisting of OoaaeilaMa
Gass, Clark and Rothleitner. accom
panied by Councilman Johannes, will
visit those two cities aad look over tha
plants in operation.
At tka High SchaaL
Some of the city teachers will attrad
the teachera' assomatioa at Platte Cra
ter next Saturday.
Three aew pianos haye been purchased
for use ia the schoob, one each for tha
kindergartena aad gymaasiaau
The basket ball gaase last Saturday
between Oolsmbua aad Humphrey re
sulted ia aa easy victory for tha Colum
bus high school boys. Soma aew plays
worked out by Prof. Huatemer were
puzzlers for the opposing teas.
Tbe action taken by the board of
education in regard to truancy has had
a wholesome effect, resultiag ia aa ia
creased attendance. There are aoaae
chi'dren who are still evadiat;the order.
These will no doubt soon be aarolled.
Husking corn is the order of tha day
Chas Skorupa ressembered tha
this week with a nice big sack of
School in the Knenxli dktrict
Monday with Miss Ella Person aa teach
Haat Spatial at Gray's.
720 pain of ladies black cottoa hose
warranted fast aad etaialeas, high
spliced heels, doable toes, regular price
35c, special price 4 pairs for $1.00, for
Saturday Nov. 9th oaly.
We have tbe ageacy for the
famous Manning Underwear, the
best popular priced Union Saits
on the market Prices, in men'a
from 91.00 to $4.50. Prices ia
boys' from 50c, 75c, tl aad $1 95.
la two piece garments wa hav
a spleaoid line ready for yoar . ia
specuoB sad raagiag ia ;
from Mc to $2 60 a garment.
early while the i
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