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Oomolidatod with the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January 1, 1006.
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Whenever desiring mvestmcet
ia real estate, either farm lands
or town Iota, it will be to your
interest to consult oar beta. We
alao have several good dwellings
for reatw Columbus, and it will
pay yon to come nud see as before
completing year arrangements.
Money to loan in aay
abort notion, J
Fire, Tornado and Aeoident
.. ,,
Becher, I
Hockenberger is 2
Chambers. S
Hogs....... ...... .
. . . DO
....$55 to 95 60
Files of the Journal, Ootober 1, 1873.
John McMahon has purchased the
lot on which his business boose stands,
together with the one adjoining, f ormer
ly occupied by W. T. Bickly. In the
coarse of time it ia proposed to make
the entire block brick which will present
n mach better appearance than now.
'Orlando Rose has just completed n
brick building, each, for ChaaReinke
and John Held, who reside eight miles
northeast of Oolumbns, on Shell Creek,
for which he had taken the oontract aad
which he completed ia the very short
space of the month of September. When
the eize of the building ia known, this
fact will be appreciated. Each bnilding
is twenty-eight by thirty-fonr fast, two
stories high, twelve iaobes thick, with
a one story brick kitchen, fonrteea by
twenty feat to each.
- - Thursday aftarnssa lest the fro ease,
paay of Oolnmbns repaired to the Loup
river to give their new fire angina a trial.
Under the direction of John Hnber,
fcremaa, they soon got the engiae in
position aad foreman Brandt soon had
twohaadredand fifty feet of hone ran
out. The wind was blowing n strong
gale from the aomth. the foreman laid
oat the hoae toward the north, and en
gineer Wells directed the watertobe
pat on and the little engine seemed to
do its work well, both on aingle aad
doable streams. Including the length
of hose the engine forced the water
aboat three hundred nod seventy feet,
and from the mouth of the hose about
nti hundred and tweaty feet.
A few auantea after eleven o'clock
last night fire broke oat in theOaanon
barn south of the Leeland hotel,
aad was oompletly destroyed. The
building was formerly used as a livery
atabb) but of late Las been unoccupied
except transiently, and there was noth
ing to bumbnt the frame work and sheet
iron and the toss was not great. The
origin of the fire ia naknown, but the
members of the Naaoe-Merrick eoaaty
A. U. A. were at the lire and will un
doubtedly ferret the matter out.
After a search lasting nearly S weeks,
sheriff Hollister finally secured posasa
aioa of Clara Hunt, the 15 year-old
oaaghter of Eli Hnnt who disappeared
from home September 1. It was sup
posed that she had been brought to Sil
ver Greek by Henry Havens and from
here ehe left with Henry's mother, Mrs.
Tillie Laaigan. It was supposed that
they had gone to Omaha and this turned
out to be a fact. After Havens arrest ia
Fremont aheriC Hollister of this county
aad eherin Baamsn of Fremont have
been trying to trace Mrs. Laaigan thro
her numerous relatives, many of whom
reside in Fremont and Omaha, and last
8eturday the women and the girl were
found at Browuell Hall ia Omaha.
Mrs. Laaigan was working in the laund
ry and Clara was a kitchen maid. They
were taken to Oeatral City Saturday
night aad Monday sheriff Hollister
brought Clara down ham and tamed
her over to her pareata who took her
home. MmLanigaa was detained in
enstodv in Central City until Monday
night when aha wan released on giving
her personal mcogaisaace in the sum
f fiuehnadrsd dollars. Her nmlimin.
anrexaminatien waa set far October 7.
i date that Havens is to
Well Improved, 6 room house. 2
east of Columbus. AsMreea, Mrs. B. P.
Weetcett,10U.thaedN street South
Omaha, Neb.
Watch Painter's wteiww for
trite frvYvrto ami trrtfcftal
and procured
Cor the Baakv heater? It
Will he givea away
Ever since the orgaaiaatioa of the
Commercial dub one of the mattota that
haabesarbrought before it ia the encour
agement of the nee of the Kiag road
drag. The fact that better roads leading
iato Columbus were needed was empha
sized, and the olab had a number of
these drags made. According to the in
ventor of this drag, the proper time to
use it is just after a heavy rain, the idea
being to noddle the surface of the road
jast the same as the bottom of a reser
voir is paddled to hold water, and a
very good opportunity to test this pro
see ted itself after ihe three inch and a
hall rain of the last week. Road over
seer John Kendall desired to give the
drag a good trial and put it ia use on the
four miles of the Meridan road, just
north of this city. The result was a
nice smooth road, aad with continued
dragging thia will aoon be a model piece
of road, instead of full of rata and bumps.
The experiemeat on this stretch will
thoroughly test the oMoieacy of the
drag, aa a portion of the road ia under
water when Lost Creak gets high, aad
if the work with the drag will make it
aolid enough to withstand this, aaditia
claimed it will, it will certainly be n
It makes quite a difference as to what
time the ground is plowed for winter
wheat, or at least that is the experience
of John Groesnicklaus. From one piece
of bis wheat yielded thirty-five bushels
to the acre and another field but twenty
bushels. The secret of the large yield
lies ia the fact that the land was plowed
in August and was not planted until
September, when the twenty bushel field
plowed aad pleated immediately. Of
course, it is not always convenient for n
farmer to plow hie land in August, but
the difference in the two yields should
bean incentive for early plowing if possi
ble. Mr. aad Mm. Byron a Defenbaoh of
Sandpoint, Idaho, were ia the city bat
Thursday on their way to Texas. They
stopped here to aee old friends of former
days, both having lived their childhood
in thij county but eay they were sadly
disappointed in the many changes that
have taken place. Mr. Defenbaoh has
prospered ia the west, and has held
various reeponaibls positions.- Mm.
Defenbaugh waa a daughter of the late
John Wise. They report Mason Beall
aad family, formerly of thia city, as wall
aad prosperous ia their new home at
The High school desires to place the
lecture course ia the North open house
thia year if it can be done. It is a strong
coarse, worthy of a good patronage.
8ince the cost of a ticket remains at
$1.50, or thirty cents a number, the peo
ple of Columbus will surely give the
coarse the encouragement it deserves.
Buy a ticket now and encourage the
committee of High school students who
have the unenviable task of selling the
The usual Ak-aar-ben erowds passing
through this city-from the bra aches are
agaia a forcible argument for a new
passenger depot for Columbus. Every
year the crowds increase, and with bad
weather they are packed into the depot
like asrdiaea. Even a little extra heavy
travel tile up the waitiag roomaand
when in a rush like tuis week cornea
tnere ia simply no room to take care of
Tuesday of this week occurred the big
double wedding at 8L Anthony, the
brides being the Misses Thresia and
AnnaOwiaen. daughter of Henry Greit
en of St. Anthony, and the grooms Ous
tav a Berndt of Shelby and Math T.
Gilsdorfof Humphrey. A number of
Columbus relatives were in attendance.
Four marriage licensea were issued by
Judge Batterman during the last week
as follows: Frank Haatreiter, Madison,
Anna A. Maag, 8k Bernard, Orville
Barnard, Cheyenne, Zella Lyon, Evans
vi!le,Iud, Fred A. Walker, Aaaa C.
Oiesn, Monroe, William J. Drawbridge,
Grace M. Francis, Columbus.
Two new canes of small pox were
quarantined by City Physician Vosa the
fimtof the week at the home of Wm.
Farrell in the western part of the city.
Mr.FarreU's fifteen year old daughter
aad a man by the name of Heaeley, who
hss been working on the railroad are
afflicted with the diseasa.
Grace church aotwicea Sunday. Oot 6.
9:90 a. m., holy communion; 11 a. m.,
choral celebration and sermon; 7:30 p.
m., evening prayer aad sermon. Pro
fessor 8ike will play a violin solo both
morning and vreuiag. Sunday school
10 a. si. All cordially iavited to the
a J. Oarrigbns been sheriff of this
county for two terms. He has a valu
able farm aad other property uterests,
aad is also actively engaged ia the cattle
baying business. He shoald not beau
omce seeker agaia. Tote for J. L.
Sharrar for sheriff.
The republicans of Oolumbns are re
quested to meet at thecoanoUehamber
Tuesday evening, October 8, between
the hemof 7aad8,forthepuraoseof
placing in nomination candidates for
and justice of the peace.
iyof Mormon Elders have
Una of daek coats tar seen
sum hoys you will find at the Gerharx
Dr. Lneaohaa Oconlist and
Dr. Mark T. McMahon, dentist, v
Dr. W. H. Slater,
Jacob Glur made a
trip to
Madison Monday.
Dr. a A. Alleobarger,
State Baak building.
Try a loaf of PoesoVs famous milk
bread. Everybody eats it.
For Sale dean empty barrels, sui
table for kraat, at Leavy's.
Mies Leame Gray, of North Platte ia
thegueat of Mies Mabel Douglas.
Mm. John Seipp went to Omahn Tues
day for a abort visit with friends and
Miss Grace Carriek, of Omaha ia visit
ing at the home of her sister Mm Her
man Frieke.
See tbeuew assortment of Ivory bak
ing aad puding dishes, 10 and 15c each,
Ansa Brodfuehrer and Emma
Hoppen went to Omaha Suaday to take
ia the carnival.
Mies Marguerite Dirks of South
Auburn, ia visiting at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. Tiesing.
Mr. and Mrs. Gas Lake and daughter
Lclu went to Omahn Saturday to take
in the Ak-Sar-Bea.
Mies Bertha Sohupbach spent Satur
day and Sunday at Omaha visiting
frieads and. relatives.
Mrs. Kipple and Mm Will Eastman
of this city were over Sunday guests of
J. E. Morrow of Monroe.
Go to Poesch's fo your school tablets
10c tablets for 5e. Call aad see them
at Poesch'e Candy Factory.
For fancy Wedding Stationary, pro
grama or Calliagoards, don't fail to let
the Journal figure with you.
Miss Maxie Magill returned home Mon
day evening after visiting a week with
friends and relatives at Oreston.
Misses Louise and Anna Marty left for
Omaha Sunday, where they will spend
the week with friends and relatives.
Miss Hattie Brodf uherer left Tuesday
noon for Omaha where she will spend a
few days at the home of Miss Dot Bruit.
Patronise tbe old reliable meat mark
et, where you bet everything ia first
ammyaa near aa nssaible. . 8. .E. Marty
A Co.
' Mr. and Mm Jim Haney. living in the
east part of town, are the proud parents
of a new baby boy, which arrived last
The Misses Eloise and Susie Boen,
and Clara Boeder, left Sunday for
Boston, where they will attend school
the coming year.
Those desiring to order all kinds of
feed can do so over either phone. In
dependent 98. BeU 307. -Ernst ft
Brook, telephone Bed 907.
Mr. and Mm Waa. Schroeder return
ed Saturday from Madison where they
spent the past week visiting friends and
attending the Madison fair.
The ladies of Grace church Guild will
hold a rummage sale ia the Fntspat
rick building on Thirteenth street, on
Ootober 9th, 10th, aad 11th.
Miss Louise Badat, living five miles
aouth of Oolumbaa left last Thursday
for Omaha where ehe .will 'spend two
weeks visiting friends aad relatives.
The subject for next Sunday at the
Congregational church are, morning,
The Personal Influence of Jesus Christ",
evening. MA Grain of Maetard Seed.
Miss Nora Lyons who underwent an
operation at St. Mary's hospital a week
ortwoagoisreooveriag nicely and will
be able to return to her home aoon again.
B. 8. Palmer the tailor, clean, dyes
and repairs Ladies aad Gents1 clothing.
Hats cleaned and mblooked. Buttons
made to order. Agent Germaaia Dye
Works. Nebraska Phone.
Boy From arrived home Thursday
evening from the east. He has pot in
the past summer in the show business,
doing the outside spieling." and goes
iato snug winter quarters for a rest.
Mm W. O. Pagsley of Monroe town
ship waa ia the city Tuesday enroute
for 8ing8tng, N. Yn where ehe goes
for a months' visit with relatives. Her
Ralph of Monroe accompanied her.
The general advance ia prices of every
thing to eat m responsible for the nn
nounoement of the Clother hotel of this
city that after October 1 the rata per
day will be 91.90, a raise of twenty-five
Last Friday's Omaha Bee puta it
neatly, Uaely: -Columbus has made
applioatioa to Governor Sheldon to be
deelsred a city of the first class. Colum-
a first dam city for a loag
Mr.aadMrs.aB. Pollock left Wed
nesday for Fraaklia Grove, DL, where
they wdl visit Mr. Pollock's mother for
two weeks, and then go to Bartalaville,
L T where L. O. Pollock, Mr. Pollock's
Mian Hattie Klag eatertaiaed the
adatyof ttteOar-
churehat her
Albert Latz. Be
4 Where? Most anywhere, f
If youfindthat you don't
1 see very well when you I
try it let us give you more
9 AlafwumfA rflara TIumi BV
may be something wrong.
We can discover it if there t
I is and better yet we can
t core it It is foolish to be
bothered by poor eyesight
when correction therefor
is so easy ana so certain.
Jeweler &;0ptician
Dr. Naumaaa. Dentist 13 8w
72 in. Table Damask at GrmT'S only
G. B. Prieb, painting andpaper
People who gat reeults advertise in the
G. A. Scott is in Chicago on buainesB
Dr. D. T. Martyn. jr., omce new Oolum
bus State Baak building.
Try a loaf of Poeeoh'e famous milk
bread. Everybody eata it.
Fr Bent Furniebed room with board.
IndependentJTelephone 314.
Mm Fred Hollenbeck is visiting with
friends in Omaha this week.
The Boiiad Oak stoves have stood the
test for 90 yearn. CrMaJTuV
Dr. L. P. Carstenson, Veterinarian
both phones 219, Columbus, Neb.
Attorney Wm. Oomeliua was transat-
ing buaiaeas in Osceoln Tuesday.
See Gerharx Flynn Go's, line of men's
wool underwear and flannel shirts..
O. J. Garlow was in Lincoln this week
argning a case before the supreme court.
Tom McTaggart, jr., is spending the
week in Omaha, enjoying the sights of
Mr. and Mm Wm. Sharp of 8U Edward
were guests of Mr. and Mm O. W. Hol
liday'Taeedey. Mr. and Mm Wm. Sharp of St. Ed
ward were the guest Tuesday of Mr.
and Mm O.W. Holliday.
TheGerharz Flynn Co. keep the cele
brated A. C. 8taley wool underwear and
shirts. No better made.
Miss Marguerite MoTaggart returned
Tuesday evening from Denver, Colorado,
where she has been the past month.
Beginning with Ootober the boon for
holding Sunday evening services in all
the ohurchea will be 7:30 instead of a
Miss Cook, who has been the guest of
Miss May Beed for the past week re
turned to her home in Fremont Sunday
We will donate n sine board to any
purchaser of a base burner or heater on
the days of demontration, Oct. 7 and
& Good only for these days. Ontys
We are sole
agents in
Columbus for
this celebrated
brand of
Oaltaihaj a City f tfca lint Ctosi
mocLAiunoK bt thk oovkrhob.
tatoof Nebraska, Executive Msnaioa
Iiacoln, Nebraska, Seat. 3i, 1907.
county, Nebraska, a city of the first d ass
hayiag a population of mom than Five
Thousand aad less than Twenty-five
Thousand inhabitants.
Whereas, Section 2 of Article 3, Chap
ter IS, Compiled Statute of Nebraska for
1906, provides aa follows:
"Whenever say city of the second
dens shall have attained a population of
mora than Five Taoaeand (1,000) inhab
itaate aa hereinafter aaeertained aad
omcially promulgated by the census
return and enamemtion taken under
authority of the lawa of the United
States or under the authority of the
laws of the 8tate of Nebraska or by
authority of the mayor and city council
of any such city, the mayor of such city
may certify auch fact to the governor,
who, upon the filing of each certificate,
shall by proelamatioa ao declare and
thereafter auch city ahall be governed by
provisions of auch act, upon auch pro
clamation being made by the governor
each and every officer of auch cities shall,
withia 90 days thereafter, qaalify and
give bonda aa provided by thia act."
And, whereas, satisfactory evidence
has thia day been filed in the executive
office by the mayor, G. W. Phillips, of
the city of Columbus, Platte county, in
the state of Nebraska, in which it ia
proven that the said city of Oolumbaa
contains a population of more than five
thousand inhabitants, and in accordance
with the facta aad the requirements of
the law, as above set forth.
Therefore, L George Lawaon Sheldon,
Governor of the State of Nebraska, do
hereby issue my proclamation, and de
clare the City of Oolambus a city of the
first clem having more thanTive Thous
and and leas than Twenty-five Thousand
inhabitants, aad subject to the provis
ions of an net to provide for the incorpo
ration, government, regulation, dutica
and powers of all cities having more than
Five Thousand aad lees than Twenty-
five Thousand inhabitants, and which
act waa denominated "Senate File No.
74," duly passed and approved.
In testimony whreeof, I have hereunto
net my hand and caused to be affixed the
great ami of the State of Nebraska.
Dona at Lincoln this twenty-fifth day
of September, ia the year of our Lord,
One Thousand Nina Hundred and Seven.
By the Governor
Gnoses Lawbox Shzldoh.
Geo. O Jcmcxn, 8ecy. of State.
The above proelamatioa means much
of Columbus, and besides marking an
important change in the government of
the city it places it in the same class as
Grand Island, Fremont and Hastings.
It also means that Columbus will take
a more important position among Nebr
aska cities aad indicates that the city is
slowly but surely going ahead.
In the matter of city government there
will be n number of changes, one be
ing the addition of another ward, which
means two .more councilman, and will
divide the work of that body among
more members. Under the new regime
the water commissioaer will be elected
instead of appointed, and a raise can be
made inthe salaries of the city officials,
but this is not likely to be done.
Changing to a city of the first class will
not necessarily increase the burden of
taxes, but at the same time places the
city in n position to make improvements
that must eventually come with the con
tinued growth. It will make quite an
amount of work to get everything in
running order to meet the requirements
when the additional officers and the
main change will take place after the
election next spring.
'Four or seven miles of the gas mains
to be laid by the Columbus Gas company
have been hud and the work m progres
sing nicely after the delay caused by the
raiu. Besides the regular mains three
miles of Uteraki will be hud to connect
service pipes where it will be too expen
sive to lay mains. The gas holders aad
seven carloads of machinery havebeea
shipped, and are expected to be here and
ready for placing by the fifteenth of this
moath. The oompany'a office has been
fixed and will be in charge of Otto Boen,
who will be superintendent of the com
pany. The plant iteself will be in
charge of Mr. Peaaiagtoa.
Wednesday morning contractor Par
ker begun laying the brick for the new
Y. M. C. A. buildisg, H. F. J. Hocken
berger, who' has been one of those who
have worked so faithfully to nuke thia
building a reality had the honor of put
ting the first brick in position. The
work will now be pushed steadily, aad it
w expected to have the building enclosed
by Christmas. The only delay antici
pated by the contractor, will be ia receiv
ing the stone. The heavy rain partially
filled the excavation with water, but thia
has been pumped out.
That it waa getting pretty dry
shown by the way in which the rainfall
of last Friday and Sunday and Monday
of this week soaked ia. According to
C. O. Gray'e government gauge the rain
of Friday measured 1.98 laches, while
that of Sunday aad Monday waa 92 in-
ikiag a total of 3i8 laches,
under ordiaary ra'rnimstSBcee
to enaaa quite a fiocd. ' However the
rainfall was gentle aad steady and put
the fields in fine eoaditioa for the winter
The five attraetioao aecared thia am
son by the High school, promisra to give
one of 'the strongest courses in the his
tory of the lecture platform in Oolumbua,
Oot.Ml TheKfoloaial Octette of Bos
ton, composed of eight 'singers aad
director, will give the first masieal ai
ber. The voices have beet
rehearsed by Mr. Ulmer H.
The program embraces mixed doable
quartets, quartets of mean voices and
qaartets of women's voices. It ia a pro
gram of aaaaaal variety aati exeelleaee.
Nov. II. Lecture. "Ov Namea; Its
Probieau aad Progress, by J. Adam
Bode, "the hamorist of the howse," con
gressman from Minnesota, will bo a
number of live iaterest, aad we feel sure
Oongrsmsssa Bede will have a largo
audieare hi Oolumbua.
Dec. 3. Thia lecture by the Bight
Bav. J. Henry Tihen, rector of the
cathedral of St. Aloysiua in Wiehitn,
Kansas, will be able, scholarly aad pat
riotic. Father Tihania said to be one of
the strongest speakers on the platform
today. His great qualities of mind and
heart ao blend into hie charming lan
guage aa to reader his apeakiag of great
dramatic force. ' s
Jan. 23. The Temple Quartette, the
best musical attraetioa of ita load that
will visit Nebraska thia year, will give
us one of its splendid programs. There
has been no change of personnel suoe
last year. Miss Lucy Lee is their
reader. She is one of the most popular
readers in Lyceum work.
Feb. 20. An evening of song, music
and story with Ralph Bingham, person
ator, humorist and violinist. Biagham
is the leading funny man of the day. Be
will delight and please any andieaee. It
will be an evening of mirth, merriment
and laughter. Doat fail to enjoy
Thia course, which at regular rates.
would coat over 9000, has been contract
ed for, aad the ticketa placed oa sale at
the old price of $1.50 for the five aam-
bers. If wo can not increase the sale of
ticketa on account of the strength of the
course, we cannot uudce expenses. We
behave the people of Oolambus will
appreciate our placing auch n course on
this year, and iacrease the patronage
aecordiagly. Let us have your name at
for ticketa for the course. For
by members of the class.
Hm Bibcock, Free,
- BnsBiBMuHBO,8ee'y.
- y- r
Ed Bakeabas saarkered his hoga Tues
day. N
- F. B. Berends ia making some improve
ments on his residence and remodelling
Niok Adamy left last week for Ger
many, where ho will make aa extended
Mies Augusta Kluever m again on
routs 4, after epending the summer with
Wm. Behlen and family.
Wm. Behlen purchased a two and one
half horsepower gasoline engine to do
the pumping and feed grinding.
Mm Mary Miller left for Missouri
Tuesday for a abort visit with her par
eata, Mr. aad Mm Richer, formerly of
this county.
" Bev. Wm. Papenhausen returned
home Tuesday from his visit in the east
which iacluded Buffalo, Boston, Roch
ester. New York and New Castle, Pa.
JohnBrunken andlHenry Bakenhus,
officers of school district No. 65, were in
Columbus last Saturday aad bought a
large heating stove for the school house.
KMtele.4 .
E. M. Brora and wife were in Colum
bus lsst Saturday.
Otto Bolt shipped a ear load of stock
era and feeders to South Omaha Tuesday
Mm M. Fish went to Council Bluffs
Tuesday for a visit with her sister, Mm
Frank 8helles.
Wm. Plageaaan and John Eleuver
were helping the Bolt Bros, with their
cattle Tuesday.
The Mimes Sylvia and On Moore left
Saturday for a ten days' visit with
friends and relatives at Cashing,. Neb.
The Misses Neville and Boy Bray,
Charles Mayberger, Lawrence Weber
and James Moore are Aksarben visitors
Battel. 5.
John Spitz soelled his com last Tues
John Coffey took out n now manure
spreader Tuesday.
Mm Julia Leonard left Tuesday for
Cody, Wyo., to visit her daughter. Mm
Emma Manning.
i AnnaGerhold. who has been
sick foreometimcaaaaweUdeveloiMd
of typhoid fever.
Fred Thomas, who went west about a
year ago, has sold out them aad iahere
looking for a place to rent.
August Fickel returned Tuesday even
ing from Boelas, where he waa looking
at land. The country suited him all
right, but. the price asked for land
too high.
tm MM MM ..1. ,tt ! A
tram the iaqairea, the asm
been reed, which gees to
arnat have
show that it
NothuMxBetterand Few
as Good as
TN Shtnrii-
Pants Uu
This is the time of jrear
to do your painting.
Call and see m before
having your work done
as we can aave you 15
to 25 per cent
Pollock Go.
The Druggist oa the Coraer
Township Gaaaua.
The republican votem of Ooiambua
township are hereby ceiled to meet at
the town hall on Tneaday. October a, be-
the hoars of 7 aad 9 p. effort be
purpose of placing in nomiaattou a
township ticket, the traaoaotlag of aay
other buiaess that mnvnronerivi
before them.
H. B. Rmmo, Oommitteei
Pre. Paul aad Mstaea,
Dr. TaQiar, (
Wanted Place to work for board aad
attend school by young awn. Bell
phone No. 68.
The rcpuhHeaa county central com
mittee and candidates have bean culled
to meet in Oolumbua next 8atanlayt
October 5, to
Mm Will White and children, who
have beau visiting Mm A. Banaraad
family for the past few. days departed
Tuesday afternoon far their heme in
Maninclg; Missouri.
W. J. Drawbridge and Grace M.
Francis ware married at the home of the
bride's pareata. Mr. aad Mm D. hV
rasmw, Wednesday of
L. B, DeWelfoal wis ting.
Martin Laugtey, who has been employ
ed in the baggage mam at the Union
Pacific for some time, goes to Grand
Island to take the posUioa of night bag
gageman, whfch ho will fill for a short
time aad then be promoted to day hag-
geman. His pJaoe ham hi taken by
Ed.' Williams.
Dr. Wilbur F. Crafts, general secre
tary of tlMuternatioaal reform hureaa,
will lecture in the Methodist ehureh
next Tuesday evening, October a Dr.
Crafts is n lecturer of world wide pro
minence and it ia aa unuoual epportua
ity to hear him. He ia enroute from
China aad Japan to Washington. D. G.
and is stopping at a few points in Nebr
aska. There will bono admission fxaa
M. J. Pedemoa aad Mies Jessie Bul
lock, both of Alliance, Nebr., ware mar
ried at the Methodist parsonage Wednes
day afternoon, Bev. DaWolf oMciatiag
Mr. Pedemon in a brother of Martin
PedenoB, mail clerk on the Oolumbua
aad Albion, and Lewie Pedersea of the
Clother hotel. He ia a Burlington con
ductor with headquariera at AUiaace.
The bride is a resident of AUmnoa aad ia
a 'neice of H. & Kinase aouth of the
Bob McOray aad wife spent Suaday
aad Monday with Rudolph Miller.
Mr.aadMmOarlKbrta aremjotoiag
over the arrival of a boy at their heme
last Friday.
Joseph Heaggelerof StockviUa arrived
bat Saturday to close up a deal for oaa
hundred and eighty acres of his farm.
the purchaser being Albert Lemp aad
the consideration S14.000. Mr. Heag
geler returned tohwhonwatStookvillo
Our Next
Excursion to
Thins Ci., Kaisas
Oct 15th, '07
Conditions were never
brighter for another
prosperous year.
Is going up in price
In while if s cheap
P. O. Block, Columaua, Nek
at a late
aays to advertise in thaJowraaL
rw f tv
LW -V .
gjfeir.aas4Sal r-at,aJ,feggS
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.w &.
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i ia'Tj
. . -.
8 at 8 p.m. GnaJS.