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tlie Oolumbus
April 1, 1904; with the Pl-ttf Oouftr Qp
1, 1906.
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od "judieions mnVrnicnt
ooapled witk eiturteons and
gwtrow serrioe kas brought
the Colanbaa SUte Bank to
ita present trusted and pros
peroaa poaitioB.
We have depositors on our
wko nave been with us
siaoe oar charter was granted.
Ask tkeee about our banking
aaetbods, if yon are not fam
iliar with tketu peraonally.
We ahall be pleased to give
yoa any desired information
ourselves. Open an account
and get acquainted.
The Oldest State Bank in
GsIumImis State Bank
FoUtosa, new-ba 45
Batter V t. 14 to 16
Wigs y linann 14
Springe 1
Roostera 3
Hogs 5.40
Hn. Olark f Kesraey was a gae at
last aight of Irs. Edgar Howa rd.
8. T. Pleaaiag and Ed. SteMis of
Oraataa were is this city Satarday on
la ouaaty coart Theodore Wolf baa
fled aait agaiaat Eraest Gigax oa a
proalasorr aite for ffiiM 70.
AaajaoUt aiaatiag of Hjdera Wood-
will ba hld aert Taaaday night
for a log-roUiag picaio. A
V fm
fall attaadaaoe la desired.
Jaha Jeldea f roaa tea miles aorta of
Oalaaihas was here oa basiaeas Taas
I day. Mr. Jeldea is the aaue good
rV aatarad, straight laoed repablioan aa
of jars.
Mrs. Rath Keayoa, seoretary of the
PsattaaaaatT rami carriers aasocia
jT". tiaa wai elected at the state meeting
-at "rV-ir hat week as delegate to
theaajioasi sseetiag of rami carriers
-to he held la ladiaaapolis la October.
Mrs. D. T.
Martya aad daaghter
acooaipaaied hoaae
by Mm. M. A. PhiUipps, of
Mrs. Martya's sister,
who will reaaaia for aa ezteaded
Dr. Harry E. I-uab of Haatphrey
waalatae city yesterday. He sold
hla acactioa whioh he boaght three
agofmsaDr McKialey to Dr.
Ha will start aext week for
tela Ia-ka from whioh place he will
laak lor a lecattoa la the west.
ArtharGray, Jr. entertatned about
twenty i ve of bis boy friends last Wed
nesday afternoon the occasion being his
adth birthdav. The large lawn at the
Gray home was ased for a play ground
by the little folks whose merry laughter
reminded the neighborhood for blocks
aroaad that some small boy was having
a birthday.
aaf old its amay attraeti
'toyaaladiffereat ways, bat ao
. spot holds saore attraetioaa
thaa the cozy home a person
cam call their owa. There are
y nomeiiae couagaaaaa
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I ' m - . - :-- ? -' AnL-TlWl?. - - - .
I Oalambas that yoa, can bay- SmfraaT Bnrhe .tallawesnnaV h Sn7w
m thtaagh aa at low anees ami lMLtM.aftkm .aV, trim, t-i . "i5:
nu . - ' " - r
I lata and slots to build them on. ami mu other nmn isoaasi The man -aA?V
. 777u .Tfrr-r-!r-rrg. ?- an .SImanK
'"lBn:'naasaaBmm''- ' afcvapfi hainaane no WmmSSBf -1 &&&? ' ' VITwtrfmiL k 1
r-WjnW:nBBBBBBBBBBncLr:i,i. i T-WSITTrTrJ1 -Vv.'. HaEfSfy!? ?- S. fA".!-t M.BjiHdA1aaBis1aaBMaBBaBBBBnnl
saaBs" '"'C -J"j8r'''''ff!''Wr ??t?. j.-S.yK? r- 'TnT'P)i(eJnpBBBfcte"-"0
IvaMB 31
1 MeMl
f Silver
kT with bar
sister, Mrs.
E. Petersoa. s.
Miss Floreace Kramer eatertaiaed a
few yoaag ladies ac tea Moaday aight
la honor of Miss Helea Batler.
L Glack, Jadge Saaadera aad E.
H. TifTaay of this city atteaded the
Rosewater faaeral ia Omaha Saaday.
Birth aad deaths report for the
10 births, aad 14
er, local regis
trar. ""tfot K
Mrs. J E. nterson aaaF daaghter.
Virgie retaraed home Thursday after
a visit of two weeks with relatives in
Silver Greek.
M. Bragger left Satarday aight for
Goldea Colorado where he weat ;to
help his soa Albert enroll in the Co
lorado school of mines.
Dr. G. A. Ireland of St. Edward
was ia Golambas Tharsday to meet
aa old friend Dr. McViokera of Heat
ingtoa. Weat Virginia
Eraest Boaaer, from soath of the
Platte broke his arm ia some way last
week. The Joaraal has beea aaable
to leara the cause of the accideat.
Mrs. Hayaer of Rochester, N. Y.,
aad Mrs. H. M. Kintz of Washing
toa D. U., who have beea gaests for
three weeks at the home of Jadge aad
Mrs. Saunders departed for their
homes last Friday.
Dr. G. E. Leach, who has been as
sociated for more than a year with Dr.
J. E. Paul of this city has liought a
dental business in Fairhiiry and will
dissolve bis business relations with Dr.
Paul altout September 15. Dr. Leach
has made many friends in Columbus
both on account of his professional
merits and his business integrity. He is
sure to make good in bis new location.
George and Bun Turner, Ijee JenkinB,
George Fairchild and Pete McCaffrey,
constituted a hunting party that left
Thursday morning for Loup City. The
McKinnie ranch which will be made
headquarters, is in good prairie chicken
country and ia situated near the Loup
where fishing ia good. What meat the
other boys fail to supply from the
prairie grass and wheat stubble George
Turner and George Fairchild will sup
ply from the river.
W. L. Gheaoweth retaraed last
Tharsday from a two weeks' trip to
Ohicago where he weat to select the
aeweit styles for fall and wiater for
bis dry goods departmeat and the
cloak aad carpet departmen ts
teoaauy aoaea w tne unj uepmrs -
eat 8tore. While there he also
employed a aew head milliaery for
the milliaery departaaeat, Miss Lael
la Kremeer. aa artist ia her line.
war has beea here about
The atteadaaoe at the State Fair
this week from this part of the state
is a record breaker. Ageat Rector of
the Barliagtoa has sold dariag the
first three days of this week 3C8
tickets to Liaoola aad will probably
sell a haadred more tomorrow morn
ing. While the Union Pacifiohasaot
sold many tickets from Golambas to
Liaoola,. the crowd from the breaches
whioh tmasfetred over the Uaioa
Facile here has beea sack that the
email waitiag room here was iaade-
qaate to acoommodate half of the
omea aad childrea, aot to meatioa
And now comes a Preach stadeat
who digs iato the soarces aad finds
at Napoleon, whom every aoaool
boy for a haadred yean has beea led
to beliewe was a great
on the contrary, a careless.
rider who sometimes i
and children and fell oft every tii
his horse stopped saddealy. In the
light of this anhappy discovery, who
knows bat that aome fool American
stadeat a haadred yean heaee, will
not rise ap with "soaroes" to prove
that Williams Jennings Bryan
aeither a farmer nor n phrophet?
The timely interfi
at the
in the
Burke prevented a
when two weald-be anigJam
to effect aa entranee by way
af the baok door. The soreea door
waa ant aa aa to permit a hand to
to nnfaaten the
ef the wiaaaw near the
4h key mm the 1 aside or a yam
coald be aadooked fra
Jaet a4 this smge of the
glass waa oat from
mo out
fttHalf PrlwO
Our entire stock of Jap-a-lac,
Roger, 8 Stain floor
finish, Locqueret,' Davies
Varno floor stain and
Campbell Varnish Stain,,
to make room for
Ghas. II. Hack
Mtaaiagr taraetJUe)aKMf n.
Of all the varied Mwfcial eater
prises eagaged ia by groaps of people.
the oae aadettakea bv far the greatest
aamber is that of home maklag. It
is therefore very straage that leas
geaaiae systematic etady ia gives to
the difflcalt problems of the home
thaa to those of aay other iaatitatioa
or business that may be named.
It is, however, aa eaooamgiag siga
of the times than maay people are
awakeaiag to a realiaiag sease of the
importaace of the home. The eeati
meat ia favor of the introdaotioa of
domestio scieaoe aad art iato school
aad colleges all over the coaatry ia
growing mpidly. Ia addiitioa to this,
there are hoaae departments ia maay
of the womea's dabs. The womea ia
all kiads of organisations are becom
ing more aad more iaterested ia the
study of subject relatiag to the home.
There has arisen a demand for stady
aad readiag courses aloag these liaes.
These requests come from the Womea's
Departments of the Farmers' Iaetitu
tes, from the Women's Olabs, from
the Young Womea's Christian Asse
catioas, from the Nebraska Girls' Do
mestio Soieace Assooiatioa. aad from
the Women's Ohristlaa Temperaaoe
To meet this demand ia oar own
state there will be issued from the
Home Economics Department of the
University of Nebraska the Home
Itady Series. The first series will be
Readiag Ooarses for Homekeepers aad
will consist of five bulletias to he is
sued ia September, November. Janu
ary, March aad May.
The first aamber will be "Ooa
lat ITibiluu
These balletins will be seat free
application. The University is
piling a mailing list new. If yon
wish these bulletins, address The Re
gistrar Station 'A", Lincoln, Ne
braka. - Tke Wnato Inrji Family
It cost the Borys family of Duncan
something over fifty dollars last week
to find out that it does not pay to resist
an officer. Deputy Lachnit in company
with Captain Wagner drove to the Borya
farm two miles weat of Duncan, armed
with an execution. When Lachnit de
manded the team designated in the
Victoria, the mother, and Katarya.
the wife of Charlie Borya proceeded
with dubs aad pitchforks to drive
him off the premises. The stalwart
depaty proceeded gently to disarm the
and depatised Aagast Wagner
who held Charlie and, Frank Borys at
bay with a gun S It
however, far them to ant the
aad they proceeded to. Oolambas and
swore oat warrants sfaaat, the fbnr
fore Jadge .Reitenaaa who aedjaem
th,e North, opera
house next Tueeday night. Sept. 11 th.
If you cant remember.thedate, 'phone
to Mary and askiiar if. ahjeknQwji ban
you are to'come aiter.ber to ssa Kaihrya
Dale in the Octoroon. " '
I BL. - M
low mm m w mm
AU $3.50 low 3l3LO8 now $3.00
AU $2.&b low jtoes now $2.00
All 42.00 low noes now $1.75
AU $1.75 low
""- tr,
These are clLHw
are also miBaRin a stH
msummman, "raT P
sLabor day . bs Iqaaw U Oolanv
has aa Firmaaa'a tmyv wae. calahcatad
Maaday with uaasaal
ins gnus oredit to the
rUmimt Rwt I4a1Iav mA nthmw
m , M T " , !
There was. not a bltah in wM.pregram
from the time of the street parsde, aft tiU the dose of thVeu?Boe haU
at two o'clock the aext mtrulng. At
oaeo'deokthe firemea foltewed by
huadreds of Hti teas, from the dtyand
coaatry and headed by the dry
and a carriage oonveyinc the
and city coaaoil and spaakars of
day inarcbed -to Fraakfort Park
where from the. band nland, Leak
iiigktaer made a brief addrem of W
oome and O. N: Meirreeh sjaoke elo
qaeatly for ten miaaai to'wthe fire
mea.' ' Masio faraiahed hy the. airy
band waa one of the aiuat pleanlat
f eatares of the program, fttaeolom
o tM literary program the
of laWta waa pulled oJT oil
jfrfwnisaeV and in the evening one .of
dances ever held In
ea Joyed a Orpheas Hall,. the hovs jaet
aboat breaUnf even on. expenses.
Prises were awarded for the varioaa.
coatests la the afteraooa aa tollowe:
Boys' Foot Race. 12 aader, 1st L.
Boys' Foot Race. 12 aader, 2ad, A.
Boys' Foot Race. 15 aader, l O.
, Poya' Foot Raoe. 15, under 2, L.
Boys' Foot Raoe 15, ander. 3 P.
Girls' Foot Raoe 1 Mary Heatyses.
Girls Foot Raoe nnder 2. Aaaa
Boyd. f
Girls' root Raoe aader 1. Francis
Potato Race. 1 Heatzea.
Potato Raoe 2 E. Lowerv..
Potato Race. S. L. Camioa.
Shoe Race 1, P. Bbton.
Shoe Raoe. 2. E. Grabb.
Threelegged Raoe. 1st, StanaUBnnv
Threelegged Raoe tat, Aheggler and
West brook.
Ladies Foot Race. 1 Anna Heataes.
Ladies Foot Raoe Sad, M. Gereea.
Foot Raoe, let A. Karth.
Foot Race, 2nd Joe
Firemen's Foot Race 3rd. 'Uliam J
Firemen'a Foot Race, 4th. T. VogeL
Relay Raoe 1st, Hose Go. Mp. 2,
Karth, Moersen. Glnr, Moersea.
Relay Raoe. 2nd, P. H. aad L.
Haaey VogeL Boettoher and Lang.
Labor Raoe. 1st, A. Karth.
Uaioa Labor Raoe, 2nd, William
Union Labor aoe 3rd, Joe. Haaey.
Hub aad Hah Raoe ay Hose Go.
No. 2.
Baseball by Hose On. No. 2.
Mr. and Mrs. M. & Nsadham. of
Omaha are gaests this week at the
of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Rabin-
We wish to
thanks to our Manas
and neighbors.
who so kindly
hoar of sorrow
as in oar
for the maay
pretty flowers
Mr. and Mrs Gas A.
A strong Southern drama appeals
the most fastidious of play goers
when you see the Octoroon yon will ad
mit that it is the strongest Drama yoa
ever witnessed. Kaihrya Dale as Zoe
in this bill, will be something to talk
of for a long time afterwards aad yoa
can't afford to miss it. Oae aigat oaly.
Opera house.
with their wives the twin
sisters of Rev. William
to visit the mtter on
occasion of his tOth birthday.
r 9. Messrs. Benrer aad Hitse-
are prosperoas mrmsrs ia
sas bat' they admit t
crops took finer thaa they do ia
they are thinking af
keying land in this state.
sboea now $1.50
Snappy Late Styles.
iction on all
fa and aiar49
After yo(U
have 5uffqrie4
ey aci6
For a while yon,wUl epprecjate the
iinuujsr relief that oomea'Xrom the
weariag of properly fitted glasses.
All. thje burning sensations cease.
Aad all the aches and pains.
Aad, where discomfort formerly waa
ia bow absolate eye pomforU
t ,
Thja ehange can bev brought about
ia a vary short t$me, indeed aad' we
pre "ready to undertake it at .any time
you say v " J
No charge for aaythiag bat the
E4. J. Nlpwoftner
jler aM OaUtlan
Xante 3
Mat Gottherg has parohassd a
Peter Soamltt the
first of
J. F.
Liaoola visitor thie
those in atmadeaos at Ue
fair are Henry Dejke
Norbet 8hrpeder,'
Braakee, William
Alsers. sr.. Martia Alaers, Pete
Latiaaa., William Swartaley and Fred
and 'Henry Baigmsaa
Wears infatawn that J. F. Diaeea
parsaassil three qaarter. seetions ot
land near Soatts Blaff, Neb. recently.
The members of the German Bap-
tist ohnroh of Shell Greek, very agree
ably sarprhmd their pastor Rev. Pa
Dssdwaaea last Saaday, it being 'CO
years since he first saw the light of
that world ia a. little berg over la
'Garaaany ay the aame of Seehaasen.
The mpsahnrs msrohed ia a body from
one of ,the neighbors near the ohnroh
headed by the Shell Creek band, aad
the pastsrs house they
oriole aroaad the band,
indered sosne very axoeUeat
They then adjourned to the
eharoh where a abort aad aloe little
The paster was
tJO ia cash, one dollar be
lag for eaoh year of his age; 8ixty
red aad white earaatioas were pre
sentedjto him by' Mrs. Pspeahaaeea
and aaaghtsr Martha. He also- re:
eievedjaboxof fUUMB.from his
daagators in the east Toa caa bet
the man that oarriera there mail had
s.tsawef some of the good things.
Jndge Batterman's court was crowded
yesterday afternoon and this morning
by people aaxioas to hear the testimony
ia the case of the state against George
Plata, Archie Cue and Frank .Seaton.
charged with assault and battery oa the
parson pf Myron Wileon. The testimony
showed that the three boys' followed
Myron Wileon and Tom Barrows with
lady eompaaioas from the park to
soath Oolambas, saakiag improper re
auwks. This led to a fight in which
George Plata struck Wilsba. Archie Cue
came to the rescue of Ptath when WUson
had the, latter down. Seaton. was die
charged and Cue audtfUth. fined 2.
aad costs. The boys were all under
Peter Bender of Oornlea spent
Tnssday in this oity. He had . start
afhjs family to tne state fair and
oame hare oa basiBiss. Among other
taiagsMr. Beadermid "In twenty
one yofref riding np aad dawn this
rami I never havf ssan(MgoodL ereaa,
as we have thhT year.' Oael third: of
tne oorji erosts already past danger
from frost." 8peaklag of farm mmW
Mr. Bender said that; he had paid for harvest hands, this
sammer. Mr. B.
freely en aoUtical sabjects
its aeon last Satarday te its., friaads.
PreaideatG. W. W?Ulifps,
Henry Wllokins deiag the
nnalartistte in its farnishiags. many.
f-t'- r
nay umr
of the new
aad to laupstt. the
af the nei
One ef the feaiares aC thn opes
L T. f-
of a note
School began Monday in Dist 62 with
Maude Simpson of Genoa, as teacher.
Rev. -Benjamin of Norfolk visited
thieviointy Monday and Tuesday.
- Peter Sawaaaon and daughter who
have been visiting, here the past, thee
monthe returned to their Denver home
last Friday.
Mrs. A. Nelson of Genoa and France
Nekton from San' Francisco visited at
J.' M. Anderson's Tuesday. (
Mm Alios Watkias is again ia this
vioinity. She has been engaged to
teach the Postville school the coming
. There will be n ball game oa the
Palestine diamond beween Postville
and Palestine next Satarday.
The infant child of Robert Fisher
u-deageroasly ilL
Mrs. Alfred Peterson of Davey who
has bean vimting her parents. Mr.
and Mrs.- Lewie Swanaoa the past
moath retaraed home last Saturday.
litUawl awl Tieuity.
Mrs. Minnie Hansen retaraed Satur
day to her home at Omaha after a
three'weeks visit here.
Grandma Steveasua has purchased
city property in Columbus aad will
move there soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trofholtz com
bined basiaess with pleasare ia a trip
to Oolambas Friday.
Henry Sohroeder and family drove
ap to Humphrey Saturday for a three
nays' oatiag with relatives.
Miss Bertha Smith of Schuyler,
opened the hall of learning Moaday
moraiag ia district 23.
Ed. Yonkie visited his brother
Heary at Atkinson, Neb ', this week.
Mrs. John Keller paid her aged
mother a visit last week; near
Dworak's still. .
FiasA Stevenson and family, trans-
aeted'bnsiaem ia Oolambas Satarday.
Qaito a aamber from here attended
Lxbe Old Settlers picnic at Schuyler,
Satarday. Among them were' Mr.
end Mrs. Haaey aad daughters Lizzie
and agaes, Mr. and ' Mrs. O. J.
Wertz. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
aad Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Brocklesby.
Substitute Clarence Brocklesby now
deliverers oar mail while 'Carrier O.
J. Wertz is spending his fifteen days
layoff patting a new- foundation
aader his hoase. -,
The infant daughter of Fred and
Nellie Trofholz is lying very low
with a spinal disease.
Carl Ewert aad Adolph Hoge
graced the thoroughfares of Colum
bus Satarday. Mr. Hoge has parr
chased proprety inf Columbus aad
after .disposiag of hisVxm imphv
meats aad stock will reside tnere.
- Haarv Sohroeder had amale aad a
horse badly gored recently by a m
ball whioh had broken through -the
f eaoe iato the home pastare. The ani
mal belonged to Adolph Hoge.
Mrs. John Mac is confined, to her
bed with illness.
Barney Bodwig, held on a bastardy
charge, was released yesterday upon
furnishing sufficient bond.
- Ray Young, who has' been working for
several months in the packing depart
ment of the M. E. Smith wholesale
house ofOmaha, is spending the week
at home. -
George Mostek-is Jn the county jail
on the charge of wife beating. '
-. ..? , -
police were called to the Moetek homer
in SoQth:Csiumbus Sunday, by. neigh
bore who aeard the disturbance and
Mrs, Mbstek- filed complaint Tuesday-
The eerviosa at the Methodist Episco
pal Church aext Sunday will consist
principally of the reception of members
aad the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
lathe evening Dr. Millard will preach
the closing sermon of the conference
year. -All are invited to these services.
" Lotok R. DkWolf, Pastor. .
The Rev.vMonroe has begun a series
of Sunday morning sermons in the Gon
gregatioaal church on the general eub
eot 'Standing Ground for Confidence"
The first preached'Auguet 19th, was on
"Functiomfof the Human Soul.'' . The
seooad to" be preached next Sunday,
September 9th, is on the subject "Fiad
ing Oar God." t Others toj follow are
.The Qod,'lConacMaSBtsn of Christ"
aad "The Immortality of th'e S-mLM f
The city schools of Oolambas open
ed this week with the largest enroll-
in the history ef the school and
has stalled off la every depart
with every-promise of a. saboes-'
shael year.' Taeoerps of, teach-
eslrasfoUews: 8aaa. E. B. Sher-wmn;prineliad-high
senoel. I. H.
Brited; other high; sshbol tesahera.
MimimUy AatosLntfn and Gee
amcUsh. MiM
(, r.
. J.
'Bmbvajiwl Asala.
lwmmjm .-., jmm m
r .-.A' -m -, -. .
rJasnasaa:: seooad
-ward:-Miami'Oirsma;- nnabach aad
MW- Thmaewon XMte JhW-v
Mja, Briadkry. ami Mkm Tmsmr.
SIMlnmf gbraha ia formmon and Mrs. Cast in I
iyVjja- m
Those, who would get rich in a day
always fail. It's conservative people
who are our largest depositors.
SERVATIVE. We treat patrons courteously, bat
advise them to take no risks.
In banking with us you get the bene
fit of wise council. It may save yon
from disaster.
The First Natlwtial Bank
He 4
School ia this
Moaday with Nellie Snllivan teacher.
Chris Iosai attended the Gerawn
picaio Saaday at a Melligers.
i Dariag' the -rata shower' Saaday
morning the lightning struck a milk
tank and dasaagedit for Dan Done-
hae'a farm.
A. large aamber of yoaag friends
mrprise&Mm; Herman Klaver Satur
day night, the occamion being- her
birthday.,. 7
, Bill Conner is getting- ready to
build a new house on his farm.
The Best Mi
In Tom
Opposite of U. P. Depot-
Only,, the Tjest grades
1 and Leading brands sold.
Have you tried the
famous Nicaragua,, New
YorfcH3pecials and" the
Pathfindeiv ."
Call ajud let us con-'
, Platte Center.'
A very pleasant lawn narty
given at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. N. Ziag. lant .Tharsday evening.
.RayMapken met with a painful
aooideat wjbile visiting la CMambnt
last week. He.was ridiai a biovaba '
nad ia turning5 a ooraer felL onftlac.
gash fa bit foot. Ssveral Pitches
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