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.- 1:
The Backbone
? Kinnan Fruit Farm for
To tin right party we will rent ciur
farm 10 miles south of Columbus. It
indiitlnfi about 8n acres of orcbnnl and
the rest farm land, well improved.
Mrs. M. J. Kinnan, Shelby, Neb.
Surprise Indepent Telephone No. 20 A.
Inquire ot Herrick.
Seal Etsate Loans.
We are prepared to make loans on
all kinds of rea' estate at the lowest
rates on easy terms Becher. Houken
berger & Chambers.
Ice and Coal -Business for Sale.
A large and profitable ice and coal
business in one of the lest small cities
in Nebraska. Inquire of Journal for
Robber boots mended with 'a vnl-
oanizing rabstitute at Carl Schubert's.
A hundred rears aso. the lieat
physician would give yon a medicine
for your heart without stopping to
consider what effect it might have
on the liver. Even to this good day
congh and cold medicines invariably
bind the bowels. This is wrong.
Beezs Laxative Syrup with Honey
. and Tar acts on the bowels drives
out the cold clears the head, relieves
jail coughs, cleanses and strengthen
the munouK membranes of the throat
chert, lungs and bronchial tabes.
20th Century Drugstore. Platte Center
Guaranteed watch repairing by 11th
St. Jeweler tf 1
Dr. W II. Slater, veterinarian, phone
640 Acre Homesteads.
Mr. 1 Clem Denver, agent in charge
of the Burlington's IIomescekerH Infor
mation Ibireau, will be at the Thurston
llotfl, Columbus, Neb , the afternoon of
Wcdnneday, August 1, UKW, ami will
havo with bun full and complete infor
. ination about the 010 acre homesteads
that am now open to settlement in
western Nebraska.
All persons interested are invited to
call and vimine the maps and charts
showing lb" location of these lands.
The information is free to those inter
ested For bloating, belching, sour stom
ach, bail breath malassimilation of
food, and all symptons of indigestion.
Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets are a prompt
and efficient corrective. Sold by
20th Century Drugstore, Platte Center
Feel Impending Doom.
The feeling of impending doom in the
minds of many victims of Blight's
disease and dialietes has been changed
to. thank fulness by the benefit derived
from taking Foley's Kidney Cure. It
will cure incipient Bright' disease and
diabetes and even in the worst cases
gives comfort and relief. Slight disor
ders are cured in a few days. "I had
diabetes in its worst form," writes
Marion lee of Dunreath, Ind. I "tried
eiglit physicians without relief. Only
three lottles of Foley's Kidney Cure
made me a well man." Chas. H. Dack,
FOR SALE: One 18 horse power
uauble cylinder engine and Niagara
Separator O. J. Lueechen, Creston,
Do you know there Is a wonderful
power in the little word "now." If we
make It our motto through life? It is
really the secret of success in any
thing we undertake.
Little defects In the eyes increase
daily, and delay is frequently serious.
You have only one pair of eyes; If
they are defective, glasses will usual
ly restore the sight to its normal con
dition, but if you wait too long, even
the greatest skill may be powerless
to help you. If you are in doubt as
to the kind of glasses to secure, let
us lit you with a pair of "Toriscus
Kryntoks." Toriscus glasses are so
constructed that they give the eye a
larger rcope of vision than is possible
in ordinary lenses, and. fitting more
closely to the face, protect the eyes
from dust particles and reflections from
light. Krypioks are made in Toriscus
'shape, combining the qualities of the
two, making it the most perfect lens
in existence. To know more about the
Kryptoks write to the Columbian Bi
focal Co., Temple Court, Denver, Colo.,
the sole makers and distributors of
these lenses in the West. A booklet
giving full information will be sent
free of charge.
Or call on Dr. J. W. Terry, in Colum
bus, our exclnsive t representative for
Platte . county, Nebraska. Dr. Terry
will be in his Columbus offices Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of
k good food food for brain, tood for fxawn, food Hurt fc
trentheaing, that gives energy and courage. Without a proper
apprcciatiom of tins great fundamental truth no nation can rise
to greatnesa.
As an article of food, soda crackers are being used more and
more every day, as is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000
packages of Unda Biscuit which have come to be recog
aiacd as the moat perfect soda cracker the world has ever known.
And so Umjsjdsl BlSCUlt wQl soon be on every table at
mrjmt-mpwipy,fmt hH am4 strength to the American people,
thus in very tram brooming the backbone of the nation.
Platte Center.
(From The Signal.)
Miobael Oronin arrived home Tues
day noon from a three weeks visit
with his daughters on their home
steads in south Dakota.
Mr. ami Mrs. Joe Cody and Miss
j Mame Oady, of Postville, were trans
acting bmsness at the county seat last
Misses Ansie Cronin and Agnes
Bruckner took in the sights at Colum
bus. Thursday, making the trio over
Mrs. B. Melliger and Mrs K. Wal
ter of Columbus, were guests of Mr.
P. F. Lnchsinger the latter part of
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Regan, Mrs.
Jerry Flaherty and Mrs. Fox visited
with the Dennis Regan family last
Mr. Jasper Lamb rame np from
Lincoln Wednesday evening to look
after his property interests here. Mr.
Lamb was accompanied by his son
Fred, of Ouray, Colorado, where he
has a Incerativo position as elcetri
cian. Mr. Fred Lamb tells ns that
while he will enjoy a visit with his
many relatives and friends here, he
is already becoming homesick and is
anxious to get back to the mountains.
Dr. D. T. Martyn, jr., office
Columbus State Bank building.
Tho Opinion.
A smalt blaze ocenrred in the
kitchen of O. E. Oharnqnist's rosi
dence Wednesday morning but was
soon extingnihed by the timely aid of
Died: At the home of her son,
Alfred Olson in Lindsay sunday
morning July Sth, Mr. John Olson,
after an illness of several months
dnratiou. Funeral services were held
from the M. E. chnrch at Looking
Glass Monday and intermeut at the
cemetery at that place. The de
ceased waB an old settler of the
Looking Glass commnnit y and moved
to Lindsay to live with her son
shortly after the death of her hand
several years ago. The sorrowing
ones have the heartfelt sympathy of
all in this their sad bereavement.
The body of Mads Anderson, who
died in Oregon in Jnne 20, did not
arrive nntil yesterday morning. His
daughters, Mesdames. S. S. Sorenson
and Chris Hendrickson are here and
will give their father a burial service
at the Danish chnrch and then the
body will be laid aside his wife who
died ten years ago. Mr. Anderson
was about sixty years of age and lived
here for fifteen years nntil three years
ago when he went to Oregon to live.
A letter was received from him oa
the 24th saying he was well and
hearty, and the daughters were very
much surprised to learn of his death,
bv telegram two days later.
f From tn uwuter. i
James Pearsall of Columbus was in
the city the first of the week renewing
his old acquaintances.
Mrs. J. M. Kennedy, while sitting in
her yard listening to the address on the
4th. was taken suddenly ill, from which
she has not recovered at this writing.
The attack was caused from a combina
tion of physical troubles.
Ralph Pngsley moved with his family
last week to his new home at Monroe
where he will keep books for a mercan
tile firm of which he has become a mem
ler. Mr. and Mrs. Pngsley have a host
of friends in our city who will miss them
The death of Mrs. N. J. Skoog on Sat
urday last, though expected, cast a
shadow of gloom over the entire com
munity. Mrs Skoog ha leen gradually
wasting away, from a cancer, for the
pant year. Everything that medical
skill could do wa done to arrest the
dread disease but without results, and
she passed away the last of the week
after weeks of suffering. The deceased
was one of Genoa's most highly i8erted
ladies hiving been a resident for many
years. Besides tin aged father a d
mother and several brothers and sisters
she leaves two small children, a husband
and two stepchildren to mourn her pre
mature death. The funend services
were held at the residence on Monday
afternoon and the remains laid to rest in
the Genoa cemetery.
For wedding stationery, vis
itiHS cards and fine stationerv
-" .- i ...... -J
can oa vmv vwiumuus inuiiHg i
I & Specialty House tf
I From the Advance. 1
William Vincent arrived Monday
from Nisbet. N. D.. where he has
been since hut October on his Dakota
farm. He reports that crops are look
ing fine in Dakota and that his fath
er will not return to Nekraska nntil
later in the fall.
At a meeting of the Commercial
clnb Monday night by-laws and a
constitution were adopted and the
organization was made permanent.
One feature of the constitution was
to allow anyone living within the ter
ritory of St. Edward to become a
member of the olnb. Mr. Bert Tay
lorhad contributed a quarter's dues
to the secretary of the clnb and has
the honor of being the first farmer to
join the clnb. The dues are f4.U0 a
year, payable quarterly in advance.
After once joining the clnb, one is
considered a member so long as he is
not in arrears for dues. A committee
consisting of Dr. O. A. Britell, W. F.
Flo'ry anil S. J. Kennedy were ap
pointed to investigate the probable
cost of building an opera house and
are to report at the next meeting
whioh will be held in about two
weeks. The proposition is to build
the opera honse by stoclc subscription.
After the cost of the hnilding and lo
cation has been determined, it is pro
posed that a number of the substantial
business men and a nnmber of the
substantial farmers fila articles of in
oorpartion and open tho stock books
for subscrptions. Very little difficul
ty is anticipated in making such a
proposition carry as a nnmber of far
mers have already expressed a desire
to assist in such an enternrize. Dr
O. H. Flory, J B. Carter and A. P
Peterson were appointed a committee
to investigate the probable cost of a
waterworks system. After their re-
part if in the opinion of the Clnb a
system of waterworks seems to be
within the possibilities for St. Ed
ward, an effort wiil be made to hold
a special election to determine the
sentiment of the people upon the mat
ter. A. P. Peterson. P. F. Cahill
and S. J. Kennedy were appointed a
commititee to request the village
board to make a small appropriation
to test the efficiency of the King road
drag on certain streets in St. Edward.
This move was prompted by the good
reports which are coming from Hugh
Smith who using a drag on the road
runuing along the west side of his
farm. President E. W. MoFarland
was tendered a vote of thanks for the
prompt train service and numerous
improvements recently made by the
Union Pacific railroad company, both
of which are directly resitant from
his visit to the railroad officials at
This community was shocked to
learn this morning by cablegram that
Steve Rich had died at his mother's
home in Oopbenhagen, Denmark, on
July 2nd, 1D0G. of inflamation of the
liver, aged 38 years, ( months and 12
days. In April of this year accom
panied by his wife, he left for Den
mark to spend the summer with his
mother, but shortly after arriving over
there he caught cold which settled en
his lungs and afterward his old
tronble developed, which resulted in
his death. He leaves, beside a wife
and mother, three brothers and a sis
ter. Louritz manager of a large dry
goods store in Oophenhagen, George
and Oarl of this place, and Mrs.
Dorthra Harpotb. wife of a banker
in Oophenhagen She was oflicial
court interpreter for a number of
years for the King of Denmark. St.
Edward Sun.
Gay, J the six year old boy of Nels
Berlin, had one of his arms broken
Thursday morning in a runaway. In
company with older brothers they
started in from the field, and iu going
down a hill the tongue came down
and the team started, the boys jump
ing, but the little fellow did not get
out successfully St. Edward Sun.
The old time method of purging the
system with Cathartics that tear,
gripe grind and break down the walls
of the stomach intestines is supersed
ed by Dades Little Liver Pills. They
oleanse the liver, and instead of weak
ening build up aad strengthen the
whole system. Believe headache,
bilousneas. constipation etc Sold by
20th Gentary Drugstore, Platte Center
Acre Proaerty.
We have lf0 acres of choice land
one-bair mile from city limits for
-! 10 ,. tlBct-
Elliott. Speioa & Oo.
Dr. J. VY. Terry
Best Eqaipped Optical OflicM
In The West
in the front rooms over Pollock
&Co.'s Drug Store. Will be in
Columbus offices Sunday , on?
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
each week. Spectacles and eye
glasses scientifically fitted and
repaired. Eye Glasees adjusted
to any nose.
'(From The Republican.)
The Wells-Abbott-Neiman -Jo. of
Sobnyler have sold four of their ele
vatorst to the T. B. Hord Grain Co.,
of Central City, the elevator at Mon
roe being inoluded in the sale. The
deal was completed the fiist of the
week and representatives of both com
panies were here making the trans
fer. John Gibbon is returned by the
new firm as manager of the elevator,
and as tho Wells-Abbott-Nieman peo
ple will continue their flour depot
here, he will also have charge of
that. From now on exchaage and
retailing grain will be discontinued
From tho
Last Saturday morning the Onicago
& North Western passenger train ran
Into a wagon and a span of males
near John Guidinger's faros three
and one-half miles east of town. The
wagon was occupied bj a Mrs. More
feld and fifteen year ran. The team
had sot across the track, but the
wagon was still on the tra dc The
occupants were hurled out, the box
thrown three hundred feet and the
wheels two hundied. It was truly
marvelous that Mrs. Morefeld and
son were not instantly killed. When
they were picked up Mrs. Morefeld
was found to be suffering from inter
nal injuries ami bruises to such an
extent that she was unable to stand.
The son was Buffering from a dislo
cated arm and several sprains and
brniKes. On I he train from Leigh aa
pawwngors were Dr. J. 11. Lowery,
John Tally and Mrs. Oarson and
daughter. Dr. Lowerv rendered pro
fessional services and assisted in get
ting the injured parties to Howelbj
wiere they were turned over to the
company phvsician. Dr. Preston.
The train was held at Howelbj for
more than a half an hour to see that
the patients were cared for and that
it would not be necessary to take
them to a city hospital. The More
feliln livo near Orlean and were on
their way from that place to Cornlea
where Mrs. Morefeld has a married
wbom they were going to visit. The
last reports Rtate that the parties are
getting along nicely and will be well
in dne time.
Walter Gnidinger, who has been at
tending Medical College in Chicago
for the past two years arrived home
the latter part of last week. He was
summoned here aocount of the severe
illness of his mother. Mrs. John
Gnidinger, who was taken with an
attack of paralysis oa the night of
July 3rd.
Dre. Martyn, Evans & Evans. Con
nultation in German and English.
Cheap Ranch.
320 acres of deeded land with plenty
of grazing land. Cnts 200 tons of
hay. All well fenced and good hoase.
Price $3500. Hayinc machinery goes
with ranch Adresa J. S. Adams,
Lakeside, Neb.
FOR SALEr-Chartere Hotel, one of
the lending hotels in Alliance, Neb. A
bargain. Write S Care of Columbus
Journal, ColmnbuH, Neb.
Tender cuts and prompt delivery
Gassin's market.
Every form of distressing ailment
known as Piles originates internally.
The real cause of the tronble is in
side. ManZan is put up in collapsible
tubes with nozzle, so the medioine
can be applied where it - will do the
most good, and do it quickly. If you
are suffering with piles yon owe your
self the duty of trying ManZan. Sold
20th Century Drug store. Platte Center
Opening of the Shoshonl
Kcifltration for the drawing of tbe
land of the Sliohoui ltiervntion will
Infill at ijhoshoM mid Lunder V)o,
July Kith., mid continue to July 3lstt
inr.lnsive. Drawing for the land will
take place at Lander Wyn., beginning
Angut 4th , ami continue until the
land is disjiosed of. The land will be
opened for Rottli'inent Aligns) 13tb, 1906
There will he ntxmt 1,140,(100 acres
thrown njM'ii to settlement. The Engi
neering Department of the State of
Wyoming has completed final arrange
ments for the irrigation of a large part
of these lands hy use of the abundant
water supply of the Big Wind liver,
making it one of the finest and cheapest
irrigation projects in the west.
TicRets will be on nale hy tbe Chicago
and Northw-western Railway. Jnly 12th.,
to 2!Hli inclusive good returning until
Antrust 15th on which stopovers may he
had in both directions at points in regu
lar hnmeoeekers territory within the
limit of the ticket The RtJWMI Trff)
Rate between Omaha and llmlnwi
Wue. will be 20.00.
For circulars, maps or other informa
tion telling how to reach tha reservation
and register, address 8. F. MniiKK Asst.
Genl. Frt and Pass. Agent Chicago k
Northwestern Ry., 1201 Farnam St,
Omaha, Nebr., or any North-wastern
Line Ticket Agent.
1, Overbad Limited I2:lii p. u.
i, Colorado Kxprraa MAS p. m
No. . California aad (hvwooKx
... 71 p.
... 1:47 p.
Ha. 7, UMABMiMijimitml.,
No. B, Put aiku ,
No. U.tTolo. Special
No. IS. .irtli Matte Local...
No.a. Local rraicnt
4.ia p, m.
HUM a.
. II Sin
. liUOm.
t.Ororlaad Limited...
4. Atlnatio Kzpmaa... ..
. 523 p. m
. . a. m.
. tte p. s.
. 838 p. m.
.124. p. ai
. 52a a. n.
. 1:13 p. m.
. 5 JO p. m.
. 730 p. m.
. 71)1 a. m
. i.U0p.r.
8. Kaatorn Kxpreaa..
. LmsAnxelei
10. Past Mail
fco 12. Chiasm Hmeial .
Ho. 14. North Plattn Lonl
No. K. Loral fraicfat
Ho. 29.
No. 77,
No. ss.
No. 78.
laanr 2:25 p. a.
Mixed 7:00a.m.
No. SI.
No. 82, PMeaajier 125 p. m.
No. 80 Mixed 8:15p. m.
Norfolk paemmec traiaa ran daily.
No traiae oa Albion aad BpaMiac braaeb
All mala liae panenger traiae dally.
From the Democrat
Miss Mary Diaeen and Mary Scnaef -
er went to Oolambas Wednesday nooa
for a couple of weeks visit with rela
tive. Fred Myers, who for several years
was a barber in Humphrey, died at
his home in Cornlea. Wednesday
afternoon of this week. Deceased
had' been in poor health for some
time bat he was not considered in a
serious ooaditioa aatil a short time
before his death, Funeral services
will be held from St. Francis chnrch
torrow morning aad the remains will
be placed in St. Franols cemetery.
Mrs. Mary Morfield and son form
erly of Oorsdea were run down by
the east bound northwestern passen
ger last Saturday morning on across
ing four miles southwest of Olarkson.
Mrs Morfield aooompanied by her son
were on their way from their home
at Olean to Cornlea to visit her
daughter, Mrs. Anton Sohad, when
the aooident happened. It is not
known whether the mules balked at
the critical moments of crossing or
whether the engineer failed to signal
in time The crossing is said to be a
dangerous one as there is sharp
carves on both the railroad and wag
on road. Mrs. Morfield sustained in
ternal injuries and the boy had one
arm dislocated but it is thought both
will recover.
Loatsa, wife of Gotlieb Fisoher,
died at the family home south of town y
on Tnursday, July 5, after an illnei
of only a few- weeks with sciatf
rheumatism and neuralgia. The deV
ceased, whose maiden name was
Louisa Ealinger. was born in Witten-
berg. Germany, April 2, 1849. In
1869 she came to America and settled
in Illinois where in January, 1870,
he was united in marriage to Got
lieb Fkher. In 188G they came to
Platte uouuty and located near Hum
phrey where they have since resided.
The deceased was a Christian woman,
a devoted wife and mother. Her ab
sence will be sadly missed. She
leaves to mourn her loss, her husband.
and three sons and two .daughters, all
of whom were present at the funeral.
They are: William, Charles, and
John, and Mrs. Charles Schroeder and
Miss Mary. The funeral was held
from the residence last Sunday after
noon and the remains were laid to
rest in the Humphrey oemetery.
Makes the LiTtr Lively.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup gives per
manent relief in cases of habitnal con
stipation as it stimulates the liver and
restores the natural action of the bowels
without irritating these organs like pills
or ordinary cathartics. Does not nau
seate or gripe and is mild and pleasant
to take. Remember the name Orino
and refuse substitutes. Chas. II. Dack.
Laka Tahoe
One of the most beautiful lakes in the
world lies in the heart of the Sierras on
"The Overland Route," 6,220 feet aliove
the sea level, and is completely hemmed
in by mountain walls, whose rugged
peaks rise in many places to an addi
tional height of from 2.000 to 4,000 feet.
It is twenty-three miles wide and from
100 to 2,000 feet deep. The entire region
surrounding tbe lake is picturesque al
most beyond description, and a never
ending delight to the eye. This region
is reached only over the Union Pacific
and its connections, the fast trains via
this route reach California many hours
ahead of all competitors. Inquire of
W. H. Benham.
Asthma Sufferers Should Know This.
Foley's Honey and Tar has enred
many cases of asthma that were con
sidered hopeless. Mrs. Adolph Buesing,
701 West Third St., Davenport, Iowa,
writes: "A severe cold contracted
twelve years ago was neglected until it
finally grew into asthma. The lest
medical skill available could not give
me more than temporary relief. Foley '
Honey and Tar was recommended and
one fifty cent bottle entirely cured me
of asthma which had bt-cn growing on
me for twelve years. If I had tnken it
at the start I would have saved years of
suffering. Chas. H. Dack.
Kodaks and sapplies at NewohnerV.
Carl Schabert has complete camping
outfits for rent. tf
Waaa yoa want baled hay that is
bright aad coal that is clan order
frost Nawsaaa Welch. tf
Try The Bew Grocery.
Every aoaaewife knows the advan
tages of trash gooeries. Everything
ia say store is fresh, and say prices
are clear at the bottom. B. Heater.
B. 8. Palater. the tailor, clean,
dyes aad repairs ladies aad gea ts
olotaiag. Hats cleaaed aad rebloeked.
Agaat for Gerasaaia eteasa dye works,
Olive St. Batwaaa lath and lSth 8ft.
neelflea Bavaelf aav em
aad eftaetumllT enres Ltueorrkta.
ladles. ItwillMVfyowaaziefyaBdczpmMaBd
her troables to others.
Plumimesa and health
WeWeWeWeWeVeWeWf "bbWcVbbbbbbbi
BbbbbbbbbbbbtbbV eKmmmmmmaa
amamamamammmmm. " Baaaaaaawj
bbbbbbbbbbbbbtBbm. Bbbbbbbbbk&I
vssssssssssssssSBy BBsssssssssF
SWBbW ""'ama
Taiimili betides" araelf have eared
Wherever yew Ure I eaa refer yoa to wen-known ladies of yoar own state or county who know
aaSmilili Hi ai ii i ii iiii HiiTiniiiiiriaBr iraritallilliiiiririBilltlnif ef
oar delicate female organism, tnoronrhiy attwatheaa rceaaed awjacteaawdHaBBawts which eaase
dlitrlimmrnt. W tit i r M Writs rrnliT m tTiti irlrrr-"' t - r' '" "
MRS. n. SUMMERS, Bern Notre Dame, Ind., U. S. A.
Spend your vacation in Colorado which is brimful of attractions ;
whetpthe exhilaration of the pure dry air enables you to live the genuine
outdoor life where same is plentiful where the streams are teemini;
with trout, aad where yoa will see the most famous mountain peaks.
passes and canons in America.
During the tourist season the
Denver & Rio Grande
Railroad ''&. una fthtwtrur
will make special low rates from Denver. Colorado Springs. Manitou ami
Pueblo to all the scenic points of interest in Colorado and Utah. Our
booklet "Vacation Estimates" tells you about the many wonderful places
in Colorado Colorado Springs. Manitou. Pikes Peak, Royal Gorge.
Marshall Pass, Ouray and Glenwood Springs and the cost to see them.
ft TheuaasMl MUea ArwUSMl ftk QhrCM or a trip to Salt Lake City
and return are unsurpassed in scenic attractions and inexpensive.
Open -Top Observation Gars, SEATS FRBt
Through the Canons during the Summer Months
Wrib for free descriptive literature to
. K. HOOPER. Ganl FaaMRfjer rlejant
Danvar. Gala.
Opening of the
.cation In Northwest Wyoming, adjoining the Big Horn Basin,
ntbeast of Yellowstone Turk Forest Reserve, and r cache I by the Bur
ngttm's new line to WaiiaSMl, Mf.
J Dates far Resjistratlafi -July 16th to :tist.
Places far RefJlStratian -Worland aud Thermopolis, Wyo. Wor
land is directly reached by the Burlington; Thermopolis by a stage jour
ney of 32 miles south of Worland.
GharaCMr f LandS-Of the 1,150,000 acres of lands to be opened
for settlement, nbout 400,000 acres are agricultural lands to be drawn for.
Such lands can be finely irrigated, according to surveys already mnde.
Excursion Rates From points on the Burlington west of the Mis
souri River the excursion rate to Worland is but one fare for the round
trip, with a maximum of $20 from Omaha, Lincoln and Nebraska territory.
This unusually low rate gives every body a chance to draw- for the lands.
Dates Of Sale July 12th to 2i)Lh. Final limit Angust 15th.
Train Service Two daily throngh trains during the registration from
the Southeast to Worland. Wyo Go into that country over the Bnrling
ton through the Big Horn Basin, along tbe Big Horn River, passing thou
sands of acres of irrigated lands under cultivation; you will get an object
lesson in irrigation and its possibilities.
Will Pay You
One of Nebraska's Standard Institutions.
Seventeen eminent teachers. Two splendid buildings.
Thorough Collegiate and Academy courses.
Normal Courses leading to StatG Certificates.
Superior Commercial, Shorthand, typewriting and Telegraphy Depart
ment. Best advantages iu Music, Expression and Art. Tuition Iov. Board
81.75 per week. Room .r0c per week. TtXt BOtkft FrCC Delighted
patrons. Growing attendance.' Students hold good jMwitions. Catalogue
free. Correspondence invited. Fall term opens September 17.
"" WM. E. SCHBLL, D. D. President,
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will only cost you about twelve etata weak. It
will aot Interfere with roar work or occupation.
I have time; arM. Tell ether sufferers eCtt
that la all I ash. It cures all. youne or old.
twfyoafcelabearinrowp sensation aeBeeef
Impending evil, pain in the hack or bowels, eraew
lnir feeling up the spine, a desire to cry freoweatly.
hot flashes, weariness, frequent desire to armate.
or If yoa have Leu corrhcat Whites), Displacement
or Falling or tne Womb. Profuse, Scanty or Famral
Periods. Tumors or Growths, address MRS. M.
the rasa Tbiatmzht ar.d Feu. Iwtobmatkw.
with it. 1 send it in plain wrappers.
BRS I will explain a simple Bon -" Treatment which speedily
OrtmHudtmrttMBFaimul or JrrtgtUar Mentfniatto in young
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alwaylrresalt from Its use. ""
Burlinstna Akphps will he supplied with mta rircnlitrH anil npecial
folders; diwcriptive of the Agency, method of drawine. etc
L. W. WIIELY, Gm. Pass. Agt.
1004 Fanum St. Onaha, Nthr.
Whether it is on your business
stationery or in the columns of
the Journal. If you don't think
so, call and let us convince you.
It will be dollars in your pocket.
B9HOUSAKDS of grateful customers in Jfc
every state attest the WONDERFUL W
luusaoua oi grateiui customers in
every state attest the WONDERFUL
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It corps cnts. sprains, brutes, sorea. swellings. T
lameaeas. old wounds. lumbaKo. chapped hands. fro-t kj
. bltea,etc and Is the standard ronu-dy for bmrbrd fa
Wr tmts cm animals, ham and saddle trail. v
cratches, grease heel, caked udder. Itch, mange, etc. B
It heals & wound from the bottom np and Is Wr
thoroughly antiseptic. KING CACTUS OIL Is .
sold by druggists in lc...vw-.. and ft bottles. S3 and BBV
wtiui aim runs, or wni prepaiu oy no nm--taren.
OLNEY 6 Mc1AI9. CUmtem, Ma. If
aot obtainable at yoar drugalata.