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Columbus Journal
News in Brief
The belief prevails in well informed
circles that the Belgium ministry will
resign shortly.
It is announced that Marshal Field's
brother will suceed him in the great
dry goods business. .
Mrs. Chadwick, now in the Ohio
penitentiary, has been put to work
making buttonholes.
Edward Brush, who has become
vice-president of the American Smelt
ing and Refining company has resigned
as secretary of that company.
In New York, Andrew I. Eaton,
president of the Crescent Belt Fasten
er company, committed suicide in the
Vanderbilt hotel by taking poison.
Edward Browne was appointed tem
porary receiver for the Empire Life
Insurance company of New York on
application of directors of the com
pany. Secretary Bonaparte was before the
house committee on naval affairs for
three hours engaged in an extended
discussion of hazing at the naval
The Philadelphia company, with all
its subsidy concerns, will in the near
future be absorbed by the United
Railroads Investment company of San
Firemen along the entire Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western railroad sys
tem are voting on the question of
strike or no strike to enforce their
Charles J. Harrington, clerk in the
money order division of the Oakland,
Cal., postomce, is under arrest, and it
is charged that he is several hundred
dollars short in his accounts.
W. R. Johnson, president of the Na
tional Travelers' Protective associa
tion, anounced that the annual conven
tion of the order will be held in Buf
falo during the week beginning June
A voluntary petition In bankruptcy
has been filed by William S. Ikard, a
cattleman of Henrietta, Tex. The to
tal liabilities are placed at $745,238.81
and assets at $2,205.43, which are ex
empt W. R. Johnson, president of the
National Travelers' Protective associ
ation, announces that the annual con
vention of the order will be held in
Buffalo during the week beginning
June 11.
The Appleyard traction lines at
Cincinnati, which were thrown Into
the hands of a receiver last spring and
were ordered sold by the United
States court last week, will be sold
on February 19 th.
M. H. Lamb, formerly general agent
for the Acme Harvester company, of
Peoria, 111., at Kansas City, filed suit
against Samuel D. Porter, an official
of that company, asking damages in
the sum of $50,000 for alleged slander.
The sixteenth annual meeting of the'
Lumbermen's association met at Min
neapolis with 1,000 delegates in attend
ance from Minnesota, North nd South
Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and 'Nebras
ka, representing all branches of the
R. Brent Mitchell the, San Francisco
stock broker, who failed recently for
$110,000, has disapeared and his
friends and family say they do not
know where he is. It is believed that
Mitchell's creditors will receive little
or nothing.
The Manchester correspondent of the
conservative London Daily Telegraph
says it is admitted that the unionists
are likely to lose two seats at Mn
chester and one at Salford, but that
Mr. Balfour's seat in East Manchester
is not in danger.
Miss Wilhelmena Busch, daughter
of the St. Louis brewer, who, it is al
leged, Lieutenant Scharrer attempted
to coerce into marriage at Belleville,
ML, .some weeks ago, is at Los Angel
es, where she has barricaded her home
and refused to be interviewed.
Five chambers of commerce of Ma
nila have united in a vigorous pro
test to President Roosevelt against
the building of barracks to accomo
date the coming regiments of United
States troops in the almost inacces
sible province of Pampanga.
At Agram, Hungary, Ivan Palenc
sik, who la 103 years old, was re
leased from prison after fifty years'
confinement. He protested tearfully
against his release, but in vain, and
he immediately committed another
crime in order to be reimprisoned.
Representative Rhodes, of Missouri,
has introduced a resolution creating
what is to be known as the roll of en
listed volunteer generals and provid
ing for the retirement of. the former
officers of the civil war on the Union
side, with pay. The petition which
came to Mr. Rhodes was signed by 100
generals of volunteers.
The academy of medicine at Paris
has'decided to forbid the employment
of the Roentgen ray except by doctors
owing to the danger incurred in its
application by unskileld hands, as is
alleged to have been proven by num
erous deaths said to have been caused
by It.
C. Agustns, the promoter against
whom indictments stand for forgeries
alleged to aggregate $53,000 and who
is said to have been concerned in ne
gotiating the forged Norfolk & West
ern railway securities, was committed
to the Tombs at New York last week
without bail.
Captain William Van Schaick, who
was in command of the steamer Gen
eral Slocum when the vessel was
burned In East river in June, 1904,
causing a loss of more than one thou
sand lives, was put on trial in the
United States court. He is charged
with criminal negligence.
Reports of massacres by the blacks
In New Guinea and North Australia
have been received.
Precautions have been taken to
prevent the spread of the socialistic
movement at Dresden and Leipsic
Meetings have been forbidden by the
' Rheumatic Tortiiree Cease Whe Dr.
Williams' Pink Pill Make
New BtooC "
The first sign of rheumatism is fre
snently a pain and swelling in due of
the joints. . If not combated in the
blood, which is die meat of the disease,
the poison' spreads, affecting other joints
and tisanes. Sometimes rheumatism at
tacks the heart and is quickly fatal.
The one remedy that has cured
rheumatism so that it stays cured is Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. These pills expel
the poison from the blood and restore
the system, so that the poisonous matter
is passed off as nature intended.
Mrs. L T. Pitcher, of No. 190 Mon
mouth street, Newark, N. J., suffered
for about three years from rheumatism
before she found this cure. She says:
"It began with a queer feeling in my
angers. In a little time it seemed as
though the finger joints had lumps on
them and I could not get my gloves on.
"Then it grew worse and spread to
way knees. I could not stand up and I
could not sleep nights. My suffering
was moe than I can describe. I took a
great deal of medicine, but nothing even
gave me relief until I tried Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
" I read an account of a cure in a case
that was exactly like mine and my hus
band got me some of the pills. I took
them for three weeks before I really f elc
better but they finally cured me. "
Mr. Pitcher, who is a veteran and a
member of E. D. Morgan Post, No. 807
of New York, substantiates his wife's
statement and, says that she now walks
without difficulty, whereas a year ago
he was compelled to push her about in a
wheeled chair. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Pitcher are enthusiastic in their praise
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
For further information, address the
Dr. Williams Medicine Company; Sche
ectady, N. Y.
Peculiar Cause for Murder.
A young man named Gautier mur
dered his stepfather recently at Nan
tes, France, in order that 'the term of
his service as a conscript might be
one year instead of two years, as the
"only son of a widow."
The man who knows when not to
talk, possesses Judgment of a high
order. People everywhere are dis
playing good judgment by eating
Pill8bury's Vitos for breakfast It's
a mighty good thing to be outside of;
try it
Publishers Hire Prima Donnas.
In the course of a lawsuit in Lon
don a music publisher stated that
even the greatest composers employ
prima donnas to sing their new songs
all over the country. Otherwise, the
songs would never get known at all.
When Your Grocer Says
he does not have Defiance Starch, you
may be sure he is afraid to keep it
until his stock of 12 oz. packages are
sold. Defiance Starch is not only bet
ter than any other Cold Water Starch,
but contains 16 oz. to the package and
sells for same money as 12 oz. brands.
A Good Heart
A good heart makes a good face
perhaps not beautiful or classic, but
-fine, sincere and noble. The face will
shine with od behind it There are
some faces that are quiet even today
that at times seem to have a glow
upon them. There are faces that are
quiet and uninteresting In repose that
light up amazingly with the animation
of talking. There are some who can
never get a good photograph, because
the camera cannot catch the subtle
sparkle of the eye, in which the whole
individuality lies. There are some
whom you would not at first call hand
some, whose faces grow on you with
the constant acquaintance until they
become beautiful to you. For you see
the soul shining; you see the splendor
of a noble character glorifying every
feature. A true beauty in the soul
will come out in the sweetness, the
brightness, the quiet glory of the
Real Elixir of Life.
Contentment is the real elixir of
life. It is the real fountain from
which flows the waters of perennial
youth: Sometimes it costs an effort, a
tremendous effort, to say it is all right
but the man or woman who can say it
Is1 much better off for thus looking at
the sunny side of the world than the
person who harbors grievances against
all mankind and walks through the
world burdened with the somber
thoughts of his disappointments. The
discontented perhaps never stop to
think how much worse off they could
be; that no matter how few their
pleasures, there are those in the world
who have few or none at all; that
given health and strength and the full
possession of the senses, they are ad
advantaged and blessed in the race of
A- Mighty Good Sort of Neighbor t
"A little widow, a neighbor of mine,
persuaded me to try Grape-Nuts when
my stomach was so weak that it
would not retain food of any other
kind.' writes a grateful woman, from
San Bernardino Co., Cal.
"I had been ill and confined to my
bed with fever and nervous prostra
tion for three long months after the
birth of my second boy. We were in
despair until the little widow's advice
brought relief.
"I liked Grape-Nuts food from the
beginning, and In an incredibly short
time it gave me such strength that 1
was able to leave my bed and enjoy
my three good meals a day. In two
months my weight increased from 95
to 113 pounds, my nerves had steadied
down and I felt ready for anything.
My neighbors were amazed to see me
gain so rapidly and still more so
when they heard that Grape-Nuts
alone had brought the change.
"My 4-year-old boy had eczema,
very bad,. last spring and lost his ap
petite entirely, which made him cross
and peevish. I pi't him on a diet of
Grape-Nuts, which he relished at once.
He improved from the beginning, the
eczema disappeared and now he is
fat and rosy, with, a delightfully soft
clear skin. The Grape-Nuts diet did
it I will willingly answer all in
quiries."' Name given by Postum Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
There's a reason. Read the little
book. "The Road to Wellville." in
LINCOLN Members of the state
board of agriculture listened to the
reading of the report of Secretary Bas
set Mr. iassett declared that state
fairs were necessary in order to prop
erly educate the farmers. He Insisted
that scientific agricultural education
did not reach more than 4 per cent of
the citizens of the state.
The report contains a eulogy of the
careers of R. W. Furnas and Edward
Mclntyre, who died during the year.
The expenditures were summarized
as follows:
Cash on hand Jan. 1. 1905 S15.646.4l
Received acct. concessions.... 5,204.80
Rec'ved acct. state fair tickets 29,269.00
Received acct. state app 3,000.00
Received acct. speed entries.. 1,291.90
Received acct. stalls 11 800
Received acct. stalls class A.. 213.00
Received acct. stalls, class B.. 420.00
Received acct. pens, class C... 472.00
Received acct. pens, class D.. 40.00
Received acct. miscellaneous.. 756.15
Total cash $56,431.26
Paid premiums $14,842.11
Paid State Hortlcul. society.. 800.00
Paid Attractions
Cute 225.00
Trotting steer 400.00
Baseball 150.00
Band 450.00
Paid hotel bill, members of
board of manag-. and guests. 439.75
Paid miscellaneous 1,807.21
Paid Corn Improvers' associa
tion, boys' corn growing1
contest and girls corn grow
ing contest 250.00
Paid freight, telegraph and
express 161.06
Paid salaries xf officers 4,640.73
Paid printing and postage.... 1,169.90
Paid medals 59.90
Paid J. H. Hadkinson, salary
and payroll 1,171.85
Paid superintendents, judges,
clerks, etc 2,947.54
Paid police "payroll 849.19
Paid turnstiles 149.91
Paid plans and specifications
for buildings 130.00
Paid office fixtures and sup
plies 230.91
Paid permanent Improve
ments 9,901.78
Paid lumber acct 264.01
Paid ribbon badees 106.35
Paid officers' badges for five
years 7a.uu
Pa!d labor pavroll 1,180.60
Paid advertising fair 647.97
Paid fish exhibit 273.18
Total expenditures $45,544.41
Cash on hand Jan. 1, 1905 $15,646.41
Total receipts from all sources 40,784.55
Total resources $56,431. 2G
Warrants issued $45,544.95
Less unpaid warrants, series
of 1905 183.25
Balance on hand
Following is a statement of entries.
premiums offered anil premiums paid:
Total number of entries..-. 9,826
Total amount offered in pre
miums $19,471.95
Total amount paid in pre
miums 14.842.11
O' total amount offered in premiums
76 r cent was awarded and paid.
The election of officers resulted in
the choice of W. R. Millor of Loup
City, as secretary, the office so long
filled by the late ex-Gov. Furnas.
There was no contest for any of the
offices. The fair this year will be held
from August 30 to Sept. 7, inclusive.
The board added to the duties of the
secretary by making him the superin
tendent of concessions and giving this
entire matter into his care. This ac
tion was taken because the secretary
will have his office in Lincoln, and can
be reached easily.
Judge Tucker Visits Old Home.
HUMBOLDT Eugene A Tucker, the
recently deposed federal judge from
Arizona, arrived in the city, and joined
his wife and son in a visit to his
daughter, Mrs. S. R. Gist of this city.
The recent report to the effect that
he was to give up his practice at Sol
omonville, Ariz., and return to Hum
boldt is denied by his son-in-law, Mr.
Gist so it is presumed that after a
short visit with his relatives here he
will return to the south. It is prob
able that the son will not go back.
A Costly Poker Game.
FREMONT Sheriff Buman returned
from Missouri with J. J. Lynch, the
fireman who ran away with $400 be
longing to the mother of the girl be
had promised to wed-at Scribner. He
says-he will settle the case by marry
ing the girl, and will endeavor to pay
back the money if he is given a
chance. He claims to have left be
cause he lost the $400 in a poker
game at Scribner.
Coal in Boyd County.
NORFOLK Coal has been discover
ed in Boyd county on the farm of
Joseph Kiasnn, four miles west of
Groso. It is said that the vein ap
pears to be a paying-quantity one, and
it is hoped by the citizens of that
section that the prediction will prove
Will Pass on Motion.
LINCOLN The supreme court will
render a decision soon on the motion
of the state for a rehearing in the
case of the state against the State
Journal company, in which that com
pany was charged with having ille
gally deprived the state library fund
of revenues amounting to $84,500.
Work at Burlington Shops,
PLATTSMOUTH Last year more
work was done in the Burlington shops
here than during any previous year, it
is said. The average number of cars
turned out was thirty per month, while
In previous years' from twenty-two to
twenty-four was considered a big
month's work. The average number
of men employed in 'this department
was 120. In the freight car depart
ment an average of 170 men were em
ployed and 150 cars turned out per
month. About 1,500 men are employed
in this place.
Editors to Meet
LINCOLN Editors of Nebraska will
meet in Lincoln February 26-28. Lafe
Young of Des Moines will deliver an
address. R. L. Metcalfe will speak and
J. C. Seacrest and others will be on
the program.
Indian is Convicted.
NORFOLK John Four Generations
was tried and convicted for horse
stealing at Butte, and will be sent to
the penitentiary. He is an Indian and
bad bean stealing horses for a long
The elevators at Cook complain that
they cannot get enough cars to handle
the grain.
Mr. Win. Sanders of Seward county,
was severely injured by a kick from
one of his mules.
The Nebraska Telephone company
has just completed a new farmers' line
running northeast from Beatrice.
The Hastings Fuel and Light com
pany has reduced the price of gas
from $2.25 per 1,000 feet to $1.90.
Arthur Clark, a young married man,
was brought to McCook, from Fron
tier county, and is in jail for attempted
criminal assault
Cecil Frease, the 5-year-old son and
only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. H.
Frease of Leigh, was drowned in his
father's ice pond, near his home.
The executive committee of the East
Central Nebraska Teachers association
met in Fremont to outline a program
for the meeting April 5, 6 and 7 in
Rev. Louis Frank of Fremont, trav
eling missionary in the United States
for the German Lutheran synods, has
resigned and will return with his fam
ily to Wilhelmdorf, Germany, in May.
Sarah J. Markel has filed a petition
in the district court of Adams county
praying for a divorce from her hus-
hand, John Markel, on the grounds of
cruelty and ungovernable temper on
the part of the defendant.
A number of transfers in real es
tate and farm lands have taken place
recently and many strangers from dif
ferent parts of the country are now in
Custer county looking over the situa
tkm with a view to locating.
The members of the Southeastern
Nebraska Poultry association met at
Beatrice and elected the following offi
cers: President, Frank Clippinger;
vice-president, D. S. Whitcomb; sec
retary, Frank Lenhart; treasurer, Dr.
J. S. McCleery.
The board of county supervisors of
Dodge county decided to reconsider
the action it took some time ago in
refusing to buy a dredging machine
and voted to go to Burt county in a
body soon to inspect the dredging out
fit in use there.
The merchants and business men of
Osceola, with very few exceptions,
have signed an agreement to close
their places of business at 7:30 p. m.,
not even having the back doors open,
during all the time of the evangelistic
services at the Methodist church.
The crew of a southbound Missouri
Pacific train picked up a stranger be
side the track a mile south of Platts
mouth who was suffering from a gash
on his head. He claimed that his
companion tried to rob him of $1.50
and had knocked him off the car.
Arthur Lamb, a 16-year-old runaway
boy from the Kearney reform school,
was arrested in Hastings in response
to a telephone message and an officer
of that institution came and got him.
The boy left the school in October
and since then has been as far as
After two week's work on the
Booze farm mystery Sheriff Bauman
of Dodge county, declared he is prac
tically without a clew and the mystery
is as deep as it was the day the body
was found. Mr. Bauman made this
announcement after he had run down
every clew he had.
The Fairmont Creamery company
has increased its capital stock from
$300,000 to $1,000,000, making it the
second largest creamery' in the United
States. The company intends to open
up an office and manufactory at Omaha
and continue the one at Fairmont and
will deal in milk, butter and eggs.
Word has been received at Albion
from the insane asylum that Martin
Haley, formerly of Boone county, had
died at that institution. Haley shot
and killed a man by the name of Sav
ers some sixteen years ago. but was
adjudged insare by the jury and was
sent to the asylum, where he has been
ever since.
The girls' and boys' basketball
teams of the Aurora and Grand Island
High school engaged in two contests
at Grand Island, resulting in a victory
for the girl's team of that city and a
victory for the boys team of Aurora.
A large attendance was present and in
teresting and closely fought games
were witnessed.
Workmen on the two new ice houses
of the Union Pacific railroad at North
Platte, upset a bucket of tar between
the two buildings and this caught fire
from the lamp which was being used
to heat the tar, and immediately an
enormous conflagration began, which
destroyed more than one-half of the
largest ice house in the world.
Building operations in Fairnurv for
1905 amounted to $192 876. The Rock
Island Railroad system extended for
addition to round house, coal chutes
and other yard Imnrovements. $53,546.
and brick buildings erected in the city
cost $22,200. New dwellings erected
fifty-six, and their cost was $97,800.
Barns, additions and shops made up
the total of $192,876.
After haviner lain in jail several
weeks under bonds of $1,000 on a
peace warrant sworn out by his wife,
Hueh Montgomery of Sioux City was
released from custody, his wife having
dismissed the complaint against him,
upon Montgomery paying up the court
By unanimous vote the State Board
of Public Lands and Buildings adopted
rules for the conduct of the Home for
the Friendless, which will take from
the visiting or advisory board every
particle of its power and leave the
management of the home in the hands
of the superintendent, Mrs. Johnson.
The Congregational church in
Beemer, which has been without a
pastor since the middle of November,
when Rev. George Scott resigned, has
extended an urgent invitation to Rev.
C. C. Sawtell of the Omaha Theolog
ical seminary to become its new pas
tor. Sheriff Page of Fillmore county, was
in Fremont between trains, having in
his custody Morris McKibbon, who
eloped with 15-year-old Frieda Frese
of Exeter, after deserting his wife and
three children. McKibbon was arrest
ed near Norfolk after being a fugitive
nearly a year.
Will Wed
-x IMY 'A vr
The engagement of Miss Lurline
Spreckels, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Gus Spreckels, of San Francisco, to
Spencer F. Eddy of Chicago, secre
tary of the American embassy at St
Petersburg, has caused much surprise
among the many acquaintances of the
bride to be. She is at present with
Furnish Ideal Power for High Speed
at Sea.
The good ship that recently crossed
the stormy brine on its maiden voy
age from Liverpool to New York is
the pioner in a new era of transatlan
tic steam navigation. Its engine was
a turbine. The word turbine comes
from the Italian turbo, meaning whirl
wind or revolving, explaining the ac
tion of the steam in the turbine en
gine. The draft, the drum and the
projectng blades or valves are blown
around at great speed with smooth
and even motion and with a total ab
sence of the vibration which is pres
ent "even in the highest types and
most perfectly balanced engines of
the reciprocating variety. The speed
attained was 20 knots, but in the
new great flyers now building twenty
five knots is to be attained. With re
ciprocating engines as power it Is
thought the size and speed of steam
ships has been reached, since there is
a limit to the strength of hulls. But
turbine engines, small, simple and
compact entirely free from vibra
tions, capable of developing far great
er horsepower, have been termed the
ideal power for high speed at sea.
Death of Last Man Who Graduated
With Chancellor.
The last of the nineteen classmates
of Bismarck who graduated with him
from the gymnasium in Berlin In the
spring of 1832 has just died in that
city. A simple clergyman, Von Han
stein by name, he gave shortly be
fore his death an eloquent description
of Bismarck the boy "happy, buoy
ant, able and popular." Sixty-three
years after their graduation the five
other survivors recalled themselves to
their distinguished classmate by a
round robin headed by Von Hanstein
which reached Bismarck on his birth
day, April 1, and received a tele
graphic acknowledgment before all
the other messages which poured in
on him. Curiously enough, Von Han
stein by common consent was made
custodian of the longer reply which
Bismarck sent, as if with knowledge
that he would survive the others and
Bismarck; too.
Woman Whaler.
The wife of a whaling captain has
recently proceeded to sea with her
husband, from New Bedford, on a two
years' cruise, she having signed ar
ticles as assistant navigator, and be
ing entitled to wages and bonus. Ac
tually she will do the navigating,
working out the barque's position
every day, and If anything befell her
husband she would be capable of tak
ing the vessel home. "The only wom
an sailor who goes to the whaling
grounds," is the title conferred on the
captain's wife. The women of New
Bedford gave her a reception shortly
before she sailed.
Bread and Water for Topers.
Mayor Scherff, new reform execu
tive of Marion, Ohio, proposes to pun
ish habituaL topers by putting them
on a diet of bread and water for
fortysight hours or more whenever
they are arrested. He believes that
this would be the most effective pun
ishment that could be devised and
wil put it into practice at once. In
the past all typical "soaks" were kept
in durance vile until sober and were
then released. Mayor Scherff, before
his election, was a workman In one
of the local factories. With the flmt
day of his administration Marion has
changed from a wide-open town to a
strictly law-abiding municipality.
Russian Officers Dissatisfied.
It is said that- Prince Napoleon,
now in the Russian service as gov
ernor general of the Caucus, recently
objected to having soldiers fire on un
armed mobs of workmen. It is hinted
also that more than one Russian
grand duke has resigned his commis
sion through fear of being ordered to
quell disturbances in the old orthodox
I style-
1255 2Z39U7& 5HBK325
her mother at the Spreckels resi
dence in Paris. The wedding, it is
said, will take place in the near fu
ture. Miss Spreckels is a blonde, tall
and handsome, and it is understood
some day will inherit $20,000,000 or
more from her father and her grand
father, the late Claus Spreckels.
Suspicion That Officers Are Incom
petent or Negligent
Popular judgment will be suspended
until a naval court of inquiry shall
have placed the responsibility for the
mishap that overtook Admiral Evans'
battleship squadron while making its
way out of New York harbor. A pilot
was aboard the flagship and the
others were following In close forma
tion. The pilot knew his business, for
his vessel went through unscathed,
and it remains to be seen why the
four others could not follow their
leader. A long and continuous list of
accidents to naval vessels, any one of
which would have ended the career
of a captain in the merchant service,
more than suggests that too many
naval officers are' Incompetent or neg
ligent and that these frequent evi
dences of shortcomings come to pub
lic notice so often because proper ex
amples are not made of those who
have been found at fault Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Geronimo Takes Eighth Wife.
Geronimo, the famous Apache war
rior, 76 years of age, believing life
too strenuous without a helpmate, has
for the eighth time become a bene
dict This proved startling news to
his tribesmen at Lawton, Oklahoma,
for they were not informed ot his woo
ing. Two years ago Geronimo's sev
enth wife died, and since then he has
been converted and become a Christ
ian. His latest bride was Mrs. Mary
Loto, an Apache widow, aged 58. The
wedding occurred during the Christ
mas holidays, but only became
known a day or two ago.
Salaries of Britain's Rulers.
Of all the members of his majesty's
cabinet the lord chancellor receives
the highest salary, namely. $50,000;
the prime minister, the ministers of
the interior, exterior, colonies, war,
finance and the secretary for Indian
affairs receive $25,000 each; the first
lord of the admiralty $22,500; the sec
retary for Ireland $21,500 and the
other members of the cabinet a sal
ary of $10,000 each, the lord chan
cellor for Ireland $40,000 and the
first secretary of public works $10.
000. The three latter officials, how
ever, hold no portfolio.
Takes Office Late in Life.
With the exception of Lord Palmer
ston, who was over 70 when called to
the position of premier of Great Bri
tain, Sir Henry Campbeil-Bannerman
takes office later in life than any other
of his predecessors. Sir Henry Is G9.
Mr. Balfour was 54 when he took up
the reins of power from the hands of
the late Lord Salisbury. Sir Henry,
who is a son of the late Sir James
Campbell and added the name of Ban
nerman under the will of a maternal
uncle, is one of the oldest members
ot parliament. He entered the house
as long ago as 1868.
Rough Riders to Buy Present.
The rough riders are to buy a wed
ding present for Miss Alice Rosevelt.
The secretary of the Tishomingo (In
dian Territory) association has start
ed the movement. In the letters sent
to members of the famous Spanish
American war regiment voluntary do
nations are asked, and it is suggested
that the proceeds be used to buy a
dining table piece of silver, embell
ished with the regimental emblem,
for Miss Alice.
Woman Is Political Agent.
Miss Ellen Pollock has the distinc
tion of being the only woman politi
cal registration agent in the United
Kingdom. Fhe is secretary of the
Strand I ''fral and Radical associa
tion rri is agent for the party in the
borough of the Strand.
Royal Prince Capable Printer.
Prince Louis of Battenberg has an
other distinction besides that of hav
ing paid a dentist $1,000 for the fill
ing of four teeth. He is a printer and
can set up 1,000 ems in very good
BRXSJS?''1 als. Alum,,
a imaor suninouia mfasel mail wlwj
Offset In quality.
Mee'eraf In price.
Names Children After States.
S. T. Dodson. a farmer of the South
Canadian valley, proved himself very
patriotic In naming his ten children
after some of the states of Uncle
Sam's empire. His six daughters are
named Virginia. Carolina. Georgia.
Florida, Idaho and Jersey. The Dod
son boys are named Missouri. Ohio,.
Tennessee and Texas. Kansas City
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for tnr
we f Catarrh that cannot bo currd or Hall's.
Catarra Cure. J
.. .. T. J .CHESET CO.. Toledo. O.
W. the VBdenlKned. bare known F. J. Chener
Ptrtnelaat IS rean. and bellfTe him perfectly hun
erable la alt bualnrsa transaction and flnauctallr
ale to carry out any obligation made ly hl arm.
Waliixo. Kixxax Maavii.
... - WhoIeaaleDrosjriMa. Toledo. O.
Hall Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, actlnr
Irectlx spun the bl.xxl and mucous aurface of to
eyatcru. Testimonial sent free. Price 75 casta Mr
kettle. Sold br all DmgnUta.
Take HaU'a Family Pnia for cooatlpaUoa.
A Substitute.
"Are you going to get that automo
bile which the doctor ordered for
your wife?" "Can't afford it. but we
have almost the real thing. She puts
on a pair of gasoline cleaned gloves,
takes a long, long ride on the front
seat of a trolley car. and walks back."
Mother Cray's Sweet Powders tor Children,
Successful!? used hv MnHi.r-f:,-,r. nMA.
fa the Children's Home in New York, cure
constipation, Fevenshncss, Bad Stomach, t
TecthiniP TJisnnlors. mnrniml nOTii'.t.n .v..1
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 30,000 tee-!
riiuiHou. jx au uruggisis, ic. Sample
FUEE. Address A. S. Olmsted, LeRoy.N.Y.
Balmy Sleep.
"Blessed be he who first Invented
sleep." Dear old Sancho Panza. You
were quite right. A monument im
pressive as Bart hold i's to liberty in
New York bay ought to rise to that in
ventor of "balmy sleep."
Itching. Itllnd. Weeding. Protruding l'Uc). lrug
jrlats are authorized to refund money If lAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure In b to 14 days. 50c.
A man does not make an owl of
himself by making a donkey of others.
Positive tun for nil ills. aseof ntmn.icti. liver,
and bowels. Kecommemkd by If.ulin ii.iti Tin- cure that cures. 110 t.iolets l CO.
Send money with order to Anne Djapepsua
Care Co.. Jroniia New Jersey.
The heart that burns with love is
the only thing that overcomes hatred.
Lewis' Single Binder Cijrar lias a rich
taste. Your dealer or Lewis.' Factory,
Peoria, 111.
It is well enough to die happy, but
it is far better to live that way.
Try me just onee and -I am sure to
come again. Defiance Starch.
Bad Spelling.
Bad spelling. Says Benjamin Frank
lin in one of his letters, is generally
the best, as conforming to the sounds
of the letters and words. To give you
an Instance. A gentleman received a
letter in which were these words:
"Not finding Brown at hom, I delivered
your meseg to his yf." The gentleman,
finding it bad spelling and, therefore,
not very intelligible, called his lady to
help him to read it. Between them
they picked out the meaning of all but
the yf, which they could not under
stand. The lady proposed to call her
chambermaid, because "Betty," says
she "ha the best knack of reading
bad spelling of any one I know." Betty
was surprised that they could not tell
who yf was . "Why," says she, "yf
spells wife, what else can it spell?"
Knew Better Than Before
One day recently, says the Roman
correspondent of the London Tablet,
Cardinal Macchi administered solemn
baptism, in the chapel of the little
Company of Mary, to a sturdy little
American convert of eleven years.
His mother did her best to argue him
out of his desire to become a Catholic,
but ever she capitulated when, after
reminding him how much his dead
father was opposed to Catholics the
little fellow replied: "Oh mother, I
guess papa knows more now."
CURES lsocamnuooTl
Swine Disease
nHog Cholera
Bead for Circular witb Direction.
feEmtftlNUlSAterj lt.SMft,
tyaTtisipiii,t Eft Wtttf
MtCoeehSjraat TaneeGood. MB
..-lAi. -