The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, January 24, 1906, Supplement, Image 5

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: -VI
Mn. Hans Elliott went to Lincoln this
morning, called by the illneaa of her
dangnter Mamie who is attending the
state aniveraity. Miaa Elliot is afflicted
with some throat trouble.
George Scott, Henry Ragatz, J. C.
Echols and L. G. Zinnecker went to
Fallerton last Thursday night to assist
the Masonic lodge at that place in the
initiation of new members.
The family of W. A. McAllister is now
out of quarantine. While there was no
aerious illness at any time, the quaran
tine had to be maintained as strictly as
if the case had been critical.
Mrs. A. C. Rollins had a lively run
away yesterday. She was driving her
spirited team on the Meridian road when
they became frightened and ran with
her, being stopped by M. Knnselman
and brought back to town. No damige
i done.
Gray's special sales always attract
crowds, because their bargains are real
bargains. They pliy fair with their
patrons. Their sale this week will
crowd their store more than usual, be
cause they are offering bigger bargains
than usual.
Dr. H. A. Hansen returned to Colum
bus yesterday to spend a few d?ys with
his friends and to adjust some of his
basinets matters. Dr. liansens abilities
have won for him both money and hon
ors in the western country where he has
c ist his lot. He is president of two
large companies, the Searchlight Bank
and Trust Company of Searchlight,
Nevada, the Los Angeles Mountain
Water company, of Los Angeles and
president of the Searchlight and North
ern Railway Company, of Los Angeles,
which will complete its track into
Searchlight withlrTthe next 90 days.
Sherman Township.
Frank Wnrdeman was a county
visitor Saturday.
Wendolin Banner,ar., shipped a .car
of hogs to Omaha Thursday.
Henry Meyer and T. R. Bernts of
Grand Prairie were callers at II. G.
Luesehen Friday.
Oua Hoessel aud father drove to Co
lumbus on business last Wednesday.
Emil Boe was shelling corn Friday,
Willie Haeffelmann doing the work.
Gerd Rosche was over in Madison
county Saturday buying some stock.
Onr neighbor farmer Camp Moran in
Creston township is busy these days
buying bogs, which is a good thing for
the farmers. They are all receiving a
fair price for which they can thank Mr.
Mionon Anna and Melia Muth are re
ported quite sick, but are reported
Jesse Bisson was visiting at the home
of Ikmus Hollman Sunday.
Willie Littleman thinks some one on
the farmers line has invested in a gra-
maphone and so he has made a tour of
inspection Sunday evening and finding
it to cold to travel he stopped at the
second house till past one o'clock.
Irate 3
Joe McCarville is convalescent.
.Sept. Leavy visited the Adamy
School Tuesday.
Fred Kluever visitedHcnry and Fred
Bruaken Sunday evening.
Herauut Henne began work for H.
Buss last Monday on a contract for $280
a year.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Brunken visited at
the .home of Emil Schoen at Platte Cen
ter last Thursday.
J. P. Hagemann bought 1120 acres of
land in Frontier county last week and
expects to move there in the spring.
Peter Luschen wentfto look at the
large Marshall Field ranch near Leigh
last week, with the view of buying it.
Mrs. C. J. Bisson was brought to the
St. Mary's hospital for treatment lust
Mr. Steele, the rural route inspector,
inspected this route last Friday anil in
ciden tally sampled some good mince pie.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Qnathomer of Buck
Grove. la., are viaiting Mr. .and Mrs.
H. P. Mohrman this week.
W. M. Mason shipped a carload of
wheat to Wells, Abbott, and Nierman'of
Schuyler last week.
Peter Hulsebus is down with grippe.
Ira Bacon of Boone County wa on
this route Thursday.
Mrs. Fred Meyer is still quite sick.
Gus Hageman visited in Stockville,
Nebraska last week.
Cedar Chips.
Mrs. Joe Hanser is slowly improving
Henry Hauser is losing hi hogs with
the prevailing disease and Wm. Honser
has some sick ones.
Little Mate Meyers has been very sick
this week, with La Grippe.
Sam Ball is the first of the procession
this spring, and is already making active
preparations to move from his old home
on the valley to the farm of Georgi
Hills on the table land.
Frank Shntte baby boy died Saturday
and wms burned Tuesday in Bellwood.
The little one had the whooping cough.
The saw mill is at work at Jferdinand
alt, we are sorry to see so much timber
cut down.
Office with Dr. Luesehen
Arnold's Old-Stand
Teeth Painlessly Extracted
Crown and Bridge Work
Gold, Silver and Cement
Examination and Estimates
Free of Charge
Platte Center.
(From Signal.)
Fred Loan was a Columbus visitor
Thursday when he went to meet his
mother, Mrs. Fred Siems, who had beon
taking medical treatment at KansHS
City, from where he returned cured
from her ailments.
Yesterday Anna Blessen 'started a
damage suit in the district court
against the threePlatte Center saloon
keepers and their suiety, the American
Bonding Co. For cause of action Mrs.
Blessen alleges that the recent acci
dental death of her husband. John
Blessen was caused by excessive drink,
fnruisliad hy the defendants. She sues
for the recovery of $10,000. Allen &
Reed, of Madison, are plaintiff's attor
neys. On Saturday noon last Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Kent, of this place, departed for
Walla Walla, Washington, and other
points on the Pacific coast, for an ex
tended vacation trip Mr. Kent has re
latives at? Walla Walla, where he will
spend most of his time.
B. II. Sehroedcr and Misses Hetty
Consodine and Aunie Nelson left on last
evening's train to return to their home
steads near Presho, S. D. They expect
to remain there now untM July, at which
time if they see fit they can prove up
and upon piiyment of $ 1.23 an acre they
get a deed.
Emmett Gentleman had a narrow
escape from serious injury last Satur
day. He was endeavoring to catch a
horse in the yard when the heast
kicked him squarely in the face with
one foot. Fortunately he was not close
enough or else to close to receive more
than a severe blow which did nothing
worse than knock Iilm down.
Miss Hanua Hansen arrived here Sun
day evening from Omaha for a visit with
the family of her uncle, Christ Hansen.
We regret to report the serious illness
sf our friend D. J; Ilitchcack, at his
home in Oconee, and hope for his
speedy recovery.
The stockholders of the Platte county
bank were pleasantlr entertained at
luncheon last Friday by Mr. Mrs. P. F.
Miss Kittie Gentlennn went down to
Columbus Thursday. Miss Gentleman
has been unable lo take charge of her
school the past two weeks owing io ill
ness. She is taking treatment at Co
lumbus. Won Sea Ik!
The French Coach Horses at
Winslow's bam, in charge of J.
J. Shoemaker, Agent for the
Sedgely Stock Farm.
We can afford to sell them
cheaper than any one else for
we breed them ourselves from
the best imported stock. They
are bred from our famous Stal
lian that cost $3500 in France.
At the International Fat Stock
show in Chicago in December,
1905, out of 15 entries we won
13 prizes.
A few fine pure bred mares
for sale.
est tar
CMt.Cr ,
81 y MeClisrttek & Carter.
English Tavern :.
A tavern sign seen in various parts
of England is "The Dog's Head In a
Pot," accompanying the painting of a
dog eating out of a three-legged pot,
which may seem to mean that the host
is hind and his viands good. Another
significant sign is "Five Miles from
Anywhere. No Hurry," seen in Hamp
shire, a pleasant reminder that it Is ar
tereable place to linger.
Tendency of Fish to Decompose.
Fish, because of its tendency rapid
ly to decompose, holds a peculiar posi
tion among foods. In England It is
the subject of a special act of Parlia
ment. So long ago as 1698 men knew
the evil consequences resulting from
eating mackerel of uncertain post
mortem age. So they passed an act
providing that except during the
hours of divine service this fish could
be sold on Sunday. That act has
never been repealed.
Theory and Practice.
"I takes notice," said Uncle Eben
'Mat de man who tells you how easy it
fs to be contented wif gait pole an'
beans ginerly has aa fine a appetite
foh fried chicken as anybody." Yon
kers Statesman.
Teo Much "Hustling."
We work too nervously. Also we
play too hard. Strenuousness has been
over-preached. Is it not time to en
ter a plea for good, old-fashioned leis
ure? New York Public Opinion.
Origin ef "Schooner."
"Schooner" Is a word of American
manufacture. At Gloucester, Mass,
about 1713 Capt. Andrew Robinson
built the first vessel called by that
name. As it slid off the stocks into
the water a bystander shouted "Oh.
how she scoons!" (skims). Robinson
instantly said: "A acooner let her
be." The name has been universal!
adopted, but, singularly enough, is
spelled in the Dutch manner, though
it is provincial English.
Convict Starts Fire.
Joseph Davis, a desperate robber
saturated with kerosene a bale of jute
in the jute mill of the state prison,
San Quentin, Cal., and set fire to it
The fire was put out after a short but
hard fight
May Keep the Nail.
The British Army Council has sol
emnly decided that heieafter the nail
in the barrack room mop head need
not be handed into store when a used
ap mop is exchanged for a new one.
English Free Library.
The borough of Southwark, England,
la about to inaugurate the open hook
shelf in its public libraries. Taxpay
ers and others who register their
names as borrowers will be allowed to
enter the libraries and take down
from the shelves the books they re
quire without reference to the at
tendants. Advice frenr. a Bachelor.
The way to make your wife have
confidence in you Is to tell her that
the other woman is rather pretty ex
cept for her 'hair, eyes, mouth, teeth,
nose, complexion and figure. New
York Press.
A Flower Weeing
a iwl rose leaned across the way,
T. a rose of creamy white:
While the sun sank down behind a hill
In the evening's fading light.
. lie d rose kissed the white rose.
lis petals softly pressing.
And whispered there a shy good-night,
With its perfume for a blessing.
Nourishment in Skim Milk.
In skimming milk the cream re
moved lessens the fat percentage, and
for older people or fat children the
skim milk is equally desirable, in
some cases better. In eating apples
the skin, too, should be eaten. Pared
apples are not so nutritious, as the
ash contents of the apple skin are
valuable to the human system.
S8l J ApwrtBO loi 'qos no
-iqSie SunBporaraooDE 'ddjq) ptrs 'qaeo
x SuivBnouttnoooB 'ojt) Iqosa eutu
SuijKpoiatuoaoB 'dui iqoua saaSuassad
a.i3.ui 3u!BpomraoooB 'saSeixreo sajirj
:()uamjadxa' aq) pun uojuno WAk
d(I atU 'UnH uqof aqj) saApomosoi
aajqX :aut) JBU ? Poj aqi jo qoojs
uHOJ iBjoj aq) se Sqjmohoj aq) bbajS
'8881 'I "ur paiP 'ptojipm uospnH
jj JiMBqoft aq; jo Xao)UdAU pro uy
peojieu io Xjo)U9au pio
Orchids Easy to Grow.
lfacv orchids are not the difficult
flowers to grow that most people sup
pose, says Covntry Life in America.
There are at least fifty cut of ten
thousand varieties of these regal
bloosts that may grow in the domestir
Her Way.
A woman's way of saying to the
micistr that she would like to whale i
her Vy, who has just knocked over
the water pitcher, Is to dcelam:
"Dsa little chap; he Is so full of j
Innocent spirits." New York Pros.-, j
Irrigation In Idaho.
The valleys of I- Payette and
Bois rivers. In southern Idaho, are
soon to be the seen of a stupendous
rrigation work by the government.
The iect Is to reclaim 172,000 acre?
or land
Fire station Witheut Stable.
The-man who built a house and for
got to put in the stairs has been over
shadowed by the Swansea corporation.
They are -building a fire brigade sta
tion and have just discovered that
they have forgotten to provide room
for the horses! London Builders'
Special Homeseekers Rates : Great
ly reduced, round trip rates to the
North Platte Valley and the Big Horn
Basin, January lGtb, February 6th
and 30th. .uess than one fare for the
round trip. Low one way and ronnd
trip rates to points in the south and
sontbwest January lfitta. February nth
and 20th.
Colonist Rates : Specially low one
way colonist rates to points in Colora
do, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho,
Oregon, Washington and California
February loth to April 17th, inclusive.
Homeseekers' Excursions Rates :
To points in Montana, Idaho. Oregon.
Washington and British Columbia,
February Gth and 20th and March 6th
and 20th.
Send for Free Koldere.descriptive of
irrigated land in the North Platte
Valley, the Bit; Horn Basin, the Bil
lings District and Eastern Colorado.
Speoifr which you want.
To the Sonny south : Winter tour
ist rates daily until April :50th. Re
torn limit .Tone I ft, 1906.
Write me juBt what trip yon have
in mind and let me advise yon the
least cost and the best way to make it.
Agent C. B. & Q Rv.
G. P. A. Omaha.
keeps fresh longer
tastes far better
does you more good
when it's made with
the wonderful yeast
that took the Firat Grand Prize
at the 3t. LouU Exposition.
Yeast Foam is bold hy sill gro
cers it oca package enuush
for 40 loaves. Send h postal rard
for onr new illnHtmted hook,
"Good Bread : Ho w to Ma ke I U"
Nieee and Nephew
of Uncle Sam
should be deeply interested in what he has said about soda c
crackers, because they are the one food with which all of -&
them are familiar.
Uncle Sam has given out figures shqwing that soda -
crackers are richer in nutriment and body-building elements,
properly proportioned, than any food made from flour.
This is saying much for common soda crackers, and
much more for UflOOClS BlSCllIt, because they are
.soda crackers of the best quality. They are baked bettci
more scientifically. They are packed better more cleanly.
The damp, dust and odor proof package retains all the good
ness and nutriment of the wheat, all the freshness of the best
baking, all the purity of the cleanest bakeries.
Your Uncle Sam has shown what food he thinks best
for his people. His people have shown that they think
Uneeda BfSCUit the best of that food, nearly
400,000,000 packages having already been consumed.
Uneeda Biscuit
S I IBili I LI,
No. 1, Orerland Limited 12:10 p. m.
No. 3, Colorado Express 655 p.m.
No. 5, California and Oretcon Ex ?:tf p. tn.
So. 7, Los Angeles Umitetl
No. f, Fat Mail 403 p. in.
No. 11, Colo. Special llMG a. m.
No. 13, North Platte Local 11:00 a. m.
No. .".'., Local Freight 7:00 a.m.
No. 2, Overland Limited 5:50 p.m.
Sin. 4. Atlantic KfniMt. M1f m
No. 6, Eastern Exnresf 2:22 o.m.
No. 8. Los Angles Limited 833 p.m.
No. 10, Fast .Mail 1235 p. m.
No. 12, Chicago Hpecial 5:2.1 a. m.
No. 14. North l'l.-ltto ral 1-17 ,. m
No. W. Local Freight ." 530 p". m'.
No. 29. Passenger 80 p. m.
No. 77, Mixed 70la.m.
No. 30. Faeeenser 12::4Sp. m.
No. 78. Mixed 7:00 p. rr.
No. 31, Passenger 2:25 p. m.
No. 79. Mixed 70 a.m.
. . Arri
.No. 32, Passenger 125 p m.
o- 80. Mixed 8:00 p. m
Norfolk paeni?.r trains ran daili.
No traich on Albion and Spalding bnufl'
All main linn passenger trains dally.
W. Ji. JtBNHAX. Agent.
The Standard Square Inch Tailoring System
of Chicago. Sewing Taught Free to
Each Pupil. We teach to Cut
and Fit by Actual Measurement
without Change or Alteration.
Mrs. A. C. BOONE, Mgr. R
First Door North of Drs. Martyn & Evans' Office. Q
r W$k across W
H The Continent
M "The Overland Route"
m Trains Equipped with Composite Observation Card. L
m Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars. Tourist Sleeping L
m Cars, Free Jteclinin Chair Cars. Steam L
m licat, &c, Dining Cars, Meals a la Carte
M blectrlc Llalitasl Trains M
Vk Inquire K
ik W. H. BEKiiAAL A.,Dt. W
'sjJBsjpg asaB
$&f Bftllf
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy is a Specific,
Sure to Clve Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives" away a Ctold in the Head quickly.
Restores the Senses of Taste and SmelL
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, 50 cents at Druggists or by
mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY MOTHERS. Sf Warrea St.WtwYsra.
. "&
mi,f.Ma r-rrfTr-Sa-lr5;lft--t-r,1 Jr-A-tnrSfF-ata?'fcrriii
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t: MWiu.iwAMa. .