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W i i i.
The Light of Our Bank
tihines on the pathway tlml It-sdsup
to the
Gate ef Success
Our bank and depositors are a har
monious group. They bave our confi
dence and we bave t Loirs. Success for
uh is success to you. Tbat is why we
arc popular, Bunking with us means
sharing our proserity.
The First National Bank
Two Biff Sales.
One of them is on December 13 at
Osceola when J. H. and O. E. Mickey
will aell aboat 50 Scotch shorthorn
cows, balls and heifers.
The other in on December 14 at
Rising when O. E. Wade and others
will sell 40 head of registered short
horns and some Poland China boars.
Parties can attend both of these sales
on the same trip,
See ads in this pa
2r. Land Auction
Tne E. P. Swearingon -'SO acre farm
well improved and with 80 acres of
growing winter wheat in the bargain,
will be sold at referees auction sale,
at the coart house in Osceola Polk
county on December lDtb, lJHKi, 1 p.
ru. This farm lief in section 22, town
ship Hi, range 1. w eight miles south
west from Columbus. Inquiries con
cerning it will be cheerfulv answered
by King & Bittner, Osceola, Neb.
Hew Lodge Officers.
A numlwr of Columbus lodges hnve
elected officers for the ensuing year as
Curl Kramer Chancellor commander
L. F. Rector-r-Vice totumautlor.
P. J. . McCaffrey Keeper of records
and seal.
J. O. Becber Master at arms.
J. F. Carrig- Master of finance.
Geo. Fairchil 1 Master of exchequer.
V. H. Weaver Prelate.
L. F. (lottschalk Master of work.
Hugo Sehad Inner guard.
O. W. Phillipp6 Outer guard.
L. H. I .eavy Trustee.
ODD fellows:
N. O. II. G. Fricke.
V. G.-John E. Ballon.
Secretary S. E. Baker.
Treasurer George Fairchil d.
Trustees J. 8. Freeman, Bert Galley
and Lee Laugblin.
Faraer's Bowl.
Tne most amusing bowling game of
the season was the Farmers match at
Ilavjel'i alleys last Saturday night.
Thse who tniuk farmers can't bowl
should have seen them.
Following is the'score:
Gottberg, Max 130 lOfi 14!) 3S5
SoeDodda 130 ICO 132 437
Emil Mueller 143 135 151 431
Will Plaggeman 129 128 138 393
WillDodde 133 173 121 427
Total 073 731 C91 2095
KOppliger 152 93 108 353
C. Bean 131 111 141 3S3
OttoRudat 104 111 11G 331
FredOppliger 115 144 111 370
Frank Rudat 140 113 101 302
048 576 577 1S00
Ed Kavanaugh has the record on the
new alleys with a score of 255.
Herse Blankets! Lap lobes!
I hare as fine an assortment as you
can find anywhere. Lined and unlined.
Stay-on stable, extra heavy storm and
fine wool street blankets, in prices from
90 cents to $2.00, and fine woolens from
$1.00 to $3.00. Plush robes from $3.00
to 7.00. Montana robee from $6.00 to
$8.00. Fur robes from $4.00 to $12.00
Come and see the bargains offered.
F. II. RUSCHE, 11th Street.
Has one of the best dental offices
in the state.
Fully equipped to do all den
tal work in First-Class manner.
Always reasonable in charges.
All work guaranteed.
Over 14 years practice in Co
lumbus. If. E.I.
Mm. Mfc
T5fe Journal is Read by More People than any Other Paper
M ail mtty rfSi
i I
j - - ! give them to a friend or relative. As every article is personally selected from the best offerings in the world you are assured of the
freshest designs and patterns, while our personal guarantee that your purchase is as represented settles tne question of quality. We
can still execute orders for engraving in time for Christmas but please let us have the order as early as possible, as even the greatest human
endeavor has its limits.
You'll find nothing more acceptable nothing
that will give him more genuine enjoyment than a
watch one that will keep time and stand the wear
of boyhood's pranks. Our watches are of all the best
makes and are priced within the 4 ff
reach of all. From . a tfrl.UUUp
Dr. Paul, dentist.
Toys below cost at Pocsch's. tt
Chrisimas cigars at Hagel'e. flf. :
Toys! Toys! Toys! at Snow's:
Our small pictures are selling at half
price. Horrick. :-0 t
The largest and finest line of pack
age candies in the city at Poeschs. tf
Frank Micek went to Portland Tues
day to sell 120 acres of laud which he
owns in Oregon.
The Misses Tapka and Pauline Aden
of Rising are the gnests of their cousin,
Mrs. W. J. Kaufmann this week. They
arrived last Friday.
Mr. nndMrs. L. W. Snow enjoyed a
few days visit last week from their
nephew. Master Page Clute of Hastings.
On Wednesday night, December 13th.
the local Knights ol Pythias lodge will
tender a reception at their hall to Grand
Chancellor George Magney of Omaha.
Mrs. Sam Gass, jr., eutertained a
number of out of town guasts over
Thanksgiving. Among them were her
mother Mrs. Higgins and sister Miss
Emma and Miss Florence Pruyn of
Schuyler and Miss Winnie Gorman of
Silver Creek.
II. I. Murdock has sold his residence
property on Fourteenth street and his
property on Sixteenth street ocsnpied
by Dr. Platz to Elliot, Speice& Co. Mr.
Murdock has a contract to build some
houses on some of the EHiot-Speice
land in Thomas County, Kan.
Invitations are out for several parties
in Columbus this week. Mesdames
Roen and Martyn will entertain Thurs
day afternoon and Mrs. H. P. H. Oehl
rich will entertain Friday afternoon and
Mrs. Frank Schram will entertain at
euchre Wednesday afternoon.
Office with Dr. Lueschen
Arnold's Old Stand
Teeth Painlessly Extracted
Crown and Bridge Work
Gold, Silver and Cement
Examination and Estimates
Free of Charge
V BBaBal Basaw LbbvwBbV ELsal saLaa aaBkaW rfaVH saLawl!"" JTaaw"sfcTa"TBar atei-laM " i 9 B IH H H jn MLH
F4HIBHk ttiTik-" r"w" ' itt-T" a """ SbhbI LH aaU aa! akfl aH akaa HQlfv JIbWbbLbbLbw
VlflititfjMirX",- aTMlnByarsr"T"" '""Br tTryffl! ''i rv Lm iML sawsaWBtja-j" , 'Jr'rt BBBBBBBvVy.CtfMr TbbLbLB
Christmas Gifts in Glittering Splendor
II R I S T M A S is so near at hand that any words about the purchase of Holiday Gifts must be short and to' the point. There are but
fifteen shopping days left, and not an hour to waste. The best time to visit us is in the morning, for the rush of purchasers is least
then and you can examine articles with greater deliberation and comfort. We mention below a few things appropriate for
Christmas Gifts. In every instance you will find the price the lowest for jeweler'e wares which are of such character that you would
Ladies9 Watches..
We also have a large and excel
lent line of Ladies' watches in all
the popular movements. The case
may be either plain or jeweled,but
the price will be right.
Men's watches in all makes of
movement and case priced right.
Holiday Goods
At Dacks
Skates, sleds, tryeicles and wagons for
Christmas at Schubert's tf
R. W. Hobart was in Omaha and Nor
folk this week on legal business.
Toilet cases, albums and
fancy goods in great variety at
Snow's. 36-13
Orphans society will give a dance Xew
Years night Jan. 1 19C6. Tickets $1.00.
Music by orchestry.
Miss Madge Kaufmann has returned
from Shenandoah, la., where she has
been in a millinery store.
Just take a "look in at Poesch's can
dy factory in full blast and then get the
habit of buying your candy there, tf
Our holiday stock never was of finer
quality nor better values. We let you
be the judge. Ilerrick. 36-3t
Rev.Wm. Cosh has sent in his resigna
tion as pastor of the Episcopal church
here. He has three or four offers from
other parishes which he believes would
be more suitable than Columbus. Rev.
and Mrs. Cash have many warm friends
here who will dislike to see them leave.
The Literary department of The
Woman's Club, will meet at the home
of Ray E. Eton, on Saturday the 9th
inst. at 3 o'clock p. m. Programme
Paper, "Chester A. Arthur's administra
tion," by Miss Minnie McMahon. Paper,
'Grover Cleveland's administration."
by Mrs. Leander Gerrard.
Mr. H. P. Faircbild State Secretary of
Doane College will lecture in the Con
gregational church next Sunday evening
December 10. His subject will be "Con
gregational Education in the State of
Xebniska," and hewill illustrate his lec
ture by means of about sixty fine ster
optican views. Mr. Fairchild is an ex
ceptionally pleasing speaker and all who
hear him are sure of a treat.
George Turner returned Monday from
Loup City where be spent several weeks
with his nephews Carl and Bert Mc
Kinnie. George enjoyed his visit and
liked the country so well that he may
be tempted to go thereto live. He says
that the boys have a fine half section of
land and a good sized bunch of hogs. So
happy are the boys with their surround
ings that Bert only smiles at the offers
of $50 a week which his fine baritone
voice would bring him in grand opera.
4-i &.
Cut Glass..
Makes a most pleasing and
appropriate gift. Our stock of
cut glass is exceptionally fine and
range in price to suit the pocket.
Silver and Plated Ware..
of all descriptions. Sterling
silver novelties, useful and orna
mental articles that will please
in price and in design.
Rnzorsat cost at Schnberts. tf
A fine line of Christmns cigars at the
Bowling alley. 30-3
Mrs. W. M. Cornelius entertained tho
afternoon whist club Monday.
Mrs. Julius Nichols will entertain the
Young Peoples" card club tonight.
Make him a present of a box of cigars.
Get them at Hagel'sand they will pleare
him. 3fi-JI
The Germrn club met last night. The
members began reading one of Schiller's
earlier plays.
Mrs. A. J. Smith was in Omaha this
week on business and pleasure, return
ing Thursday evening.
The Presbyterian ladies will sell at
Niewhoners, December 14. Come and
get your Christmas goods.
LOST. Frameless spectacles, gold
trimmed in leather case. Leave at
Clother hotel and receive reward. It
Misscss Mamie Elliott and Elise
Bruegger and John Early returned to
their studies at the University Monday.
Eight ladies of the Altar society of the
Catholic church will enteriain at euchre
at the home of Mrs. P.J. Hart Thursday
Poech's Ctindies arc known thronhhoiit
Nebraska. He has the finest line of
Cnrislmas candies ever seen in Colnmhns
and prices are right. tf
The three children of Mr. and Mrs. F.
A. Roberts have been sick with whoop
ing cough. The baby has been in a cri
tical condition for some time, owing 'to
other complications.
Local registers report to Nebraska
State Beard of Health for the month of
Novmber,1005 of the city of Columbus
and vicinity. 11 births and 17 deaths.
-John Schmocker, Local Register.
Mrs. C. C. Gray and Mrs. H. I. Mur
dock entertained the Evening Card club
last Friday night. The prizes were won
by Dr. C. D. Evans, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs.4
Hockdhberger and Mrs. Arthur Gray. '
Mrs. Orr Sang and Miss Georgie Post
who spent Thanksgiving with the fami
ly of Judge Post returned to Chicago
Friday, preparatory to spending' the win
ter in California. Judge Post met them
ia Omaha today, as they will not pass
through Columbus on their way weat.
DECEMBER 6, !))'
There is nothing in the jewelry line that will
please the recipient more than a gold ring. We have
an elegant line of rings both set, band and the late
fad, engraved monogram rings. Our to
rings are priced reasonably. From tj3 Up
A clock makes a very desirable
Christmas gift and not only is it appro
priate and useful, but is timely and of
lasting benefit. Our line of clocks is
the largest we ever carried and com
prises all kinds and styles.
We sell them from . . pl P
?.Ieerschauin pipes nnd cigar holders at
Schnhrrts. tf
.Miss Lottie Becher spent Thanksgiv
ing in Liucoln
If yottrcyes, ears, indoor throat give
you trouble see Dr. Lueschen.
Mrs. B. M. Gastyers of Loup City
pent Thanksgiving with her two chil
dren in this city who are students at St.
Francis Academy.
FOR S A LE 10 acres of good farm
land two and one-half miles northeast
of Columbus. SCO per acre if taken soon.
Inquire of E. II. Naumann, Columbus,
Neb. 3C-tf
The Presbytorian ladies will hold a
bazaar at the Reincke building on 13th
St , December 15th and 10th. Fancy
articles, dressed dolls, home made can
dies and cook books for sale. A lunch
will ho served from 12 to 2 p. m.
The subjects to be presented Sunday
are as follows: Morning, "The Light
that Failed." Evening, "Behold the
Lamb of God", the fifth and closing ser
mon of the series on the life of John the
Baptist. All are cordially invited to
these services.
Lotan R. DeWolf, pastor.
Dednck Eck nicer an aged man from
Burrows township was brought before
the insanity board the fiist of this week
and declared insane. The complaint
was signed by Dr. George F. Pugh. It
is said that Eckmeier has been starving
his stock and that he has kept his wife
out in the cold at the point ot a butcher
knife herding their tattle.
County Attorney Latham has received
a let'er from the Attorney General
which makes a call for two witnesses in
each county to testify to the value of
lands, to rebut the evidence introduced
by the railroads in the tax cases. The
railroads claim that real estate has been
assessed at about 70 per cent of its ac
tual value. While their properties bave
been placed above their actual value.
Mr. and Mrs. Alph N. Burgess, resi
dents of this city in the seventies, spent
a few hours last week the guests of the
family of Mrs. Mary Early. Mr. Bur
gees' brother established the "Gazette"
here in 1875 and published it for sever
al yeirs. Mr. Burgess himself conduct
ed a paper at Genoa for a while. He is
now a sufcesful agent of the Denver
Chemical Manufacturing company with
headquarters at Sau Francisco.
"Jjiss Sadie Wilson is the possessor of
a personal letter from the King of Eng
land, which she received last Saturday.
A few weeks ago Miss Wilson wrote a
letter to King Edward, mentioning the
fact that her father was a Britisher, and
other items, which no doubt pleased his
Royal Highness, and prompted him to
acknowledge the receipt of her missive.
Miss Sadie had written the letter in a
moment of sport, and bad not intended
sending it, but her father unaware to
her, mailed it, and the answer came as a
pleasant surprise.
r - -
in Platte County
Try aSouthBend watch. It is guaran
teed to keep perfect time, whether in a
bake oven or frozen in a chunk of ice.
For sale by Carl Froemel, 11th St. Co
Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Patterson were
callers in Columbns Sunday on their
way to Lindsay. Mr. Patterson was for
several years a printer in the offices of
the Journal and Argus in this city, and
hns recently left the Reese printing
office in Omaha to investigate anothor
field of labor.
Dr. M. T. McMahon went to Lincoln
Thursday, where he met his sister, Mips
Lida and accompanied her to the foot
ball game. He went with her then
to Geneva to spend Sunday
and visit the Girls Industrial school
over which she presides. Miss Mi -Mahon
accompanied her brother home
Monday to visit till Thursday.
Mr. DeWilt Miller who will lecture in
Columbus on December 14th. is a walk
ing encyclopedia, a dictionary and li
brary combined, on a lecturing tonr.
He seems to know everything. He has
read everything, and remember.- what
he reads. If all else fails he studies the
dictionary. When lecturing time comes
around he sorts bis knowledge out, and
puts as much of a sort into s lecture as
it will hold without exploding. Then
he fills every corner and chink with
stories good stories, stories that make
you laugh, and after thoroughly pickl
ing the whole mixture in the Miller
brand of humor, the lecture is declared
ready for presentation, and is eagerly
asked for by your lecture committee.
Do you belong to the
rent -paying number
in Columbus
If you do, and desire to purchase
City Property either improved or un
improvedcall and see us. We have
many choice lots and residences for
sale as well as a few desirable business
lEIIiitt, Spiici aid Co.
Hi jflB
Own Your Home
,Wl t-f- . ""
"?! '
...,. C NUMBER 1,781.
Your busino-s. We are bound to
win it if courteous, considerate treat
ment on onr pnrt will do it, coupled
with the fact tbat in onr new quarters
we re enabled to offer you every mod
ern facility and convenience for the
transaction of your banking business
that the best brains can devise.
The Old Reliable
Columbus State Bank
The oldest bink in Nebraska doing busi
ness under State Charter,
School Sews.
Mr. Britell has received a letter from
Mr. Clevenger who was science teacher
here two years ago. He is an instruc
tor in a college about forty miles from
Cleveland, Ohio and writes that he is
well pleased with his work.
A challenge has been received from
the Central City high school for a de
bate to be held here some time this win
ter and a return debate at Central City
later. In order to prepare for this, re
presentatives from the two classes in
Parliamentary practice will debate in the
high school, two weeks from the coming
Friday. Tho ijuestion is, "Resolved:
That the government should control
freight rates."
Leavy s Answer.
The attorneys of L. II, Leavy on Mon
day filed a motion to quash the sum
mons which v.'ns issued in the contest
proceedings brought to oust him from
the office of countv superintendent.
The motion sets out (1), that no copy of
the complaint was attached to the sum
mons asTequired by law and (2), that
the return day fixed in the summons
was wrong.
The whole case will bo a series of le
gal technicnlties, and as it forms a pre
cedent in this state, it will be watched
with interest. . -
We still hava a good supply of Rock
Spring nut and lump, Kemmerer
lump, Carney lump. Hocking Valley
lump, Carney Egg, Carney nut, Weir
nut, Rock Spring Slack, Hard coal, nut
and stove sizes aldo fur nace coal.
Newman & Welch.
Poultry and Stock Show.
The biggest and best collection- of
poultry and the choicest thoroughbred
hogs. That is the treat which Platte
County Poultry nnd Stock association
have in store for the public on the week
beginning December IS. The exhibi
tion will be held in the large store build
ing on Eleventh street formerly occu
pied by Wrin ,fc Son. The room will be
heated and every other arrangment
made for tho comfort of tho hundreds of
people who will come from all parts of
the state to this show.
Mr. Swartsley, tho secretary of the
association, who has entered over 300
birds from Schuyler alono and a propor
tionate number from other parts of the
state declares that this promises to be
the largest show ever held in the state
outside the State Fair.
The people of Platte County, business
men men and farmers, reap more direct
benefit from this annual event than
from any other similar source. Let
them co-operate with the poultryand
stock men. by attending and helping to
entertain the visitors, showing tthem u
sample of that hospitality for which Co
lumbus is famous.
Farmers wanting choice boars or gilt's
shouid not buy til they se those offer
ed at this show Dumc, Poland Chinas,
Berk shires, O. I. C. Whites.
Wheat 7i
Corn ;n
Oats bushel 22
Rye V bushel 53
Barley, 24
Potatoes bn 30
Batter lb. ic to 18
Eggs J dozen 20
Poultry 7
Hogs 4.25to4.30
. in an up-ro-date effice, is the best
thing we have to offer,
Wecan.anddo.fill and extract teeth
We give a written guarantee with all
work. If it fails or proves unsat
isfactory AT ANY TIME
we will either replace it
or refund the money
Dp. J. E. Paul, DentUt.
Over Niewofcaer'a cer. 13th mad CHive Sta.
S. E. eoraar ofcPark.
kSj WbbbbSbwH
'. ...afcd&'SiaU-
. .; .. -