The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 24, 1904, Image 4

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ahaauaan aa bam. "Watch aw fee
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pmal baa beea NMiiri e to Jen. t
Kt to Feb. 1, IBB aad soon. Whan nayi
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sersse uss nun ut aaa nwn, yen BWIM
previonsly notify ae jo iliacnBtiaaii k.
CHAMQE IN ADDIWU when erderiac a
iaw mi aha address, sail i Hum ehualil he aare
toveteetfoU as well aa their I
ewBBnBfBjeswmaj hJ(Bh
groaidential Electors
F. A. BARTON, Pawnee.
' .A. C. SMITH. Douglas.
A. C. ABBOTT, Dodge.
u T. L. NORVAL, Seward.
" " W. P. HALL, Fklfk
' M. A. BROWN.
J. C. B0BIN8ON. lfeagiae.
.National Oemuutteemaa
' : CHAS. H. MORRILL. Lanceter.
United 8tateo Senator
Lieutenant QoTBCBor
.-" : E. O. MoQILTON.
Secretary of State
- J. L. McBRIEN.
Attorney General
Load Commienoner
Third DuArict-
j. j. McCarthy.
ia whack thetus
ewaaty lost in all
tad la which a demo
administration bad eoa-
5000 towaM that "shameful
Hare ia the "ao deieit" crow,
juntas it leaked whea ear brother
owailewed it. Tata photograph is
takea froaa the reoarda:
i Platte ooaaty taxpayers are paying
7 per eeat iatereat oa warraats a
atoaatiag to $13,235.
The Telegram says there is ao de
ficit. The aaaaawd valaation of Platte
ouaaty ia 1903 was f2.754.fi30.
The levy for 1903 was 13 mills for
eoaaty purposes. The law permits a
levy of 15 mills.
Aa iacreaae of 2 mills in the 1903
lery woald hare yielded $5309. This
weald have redaoed the praaeat deficit
to ahoat 8000.
Ia other words. Platte coanty'a in-
coald aot hare been made large
ia 1903 to meet the coanty'a
conditions as they
oTehwaTJHBVQaV BQaP' Mawat aWtW TIMSal
Vfahaaaaaa aw -- -
x an
aUaaaaMaa Uanawawsfjam
ia aha memory
O where, ie Coal Oil John'
Wo are etillwaitiag for partloalara
tathoaaattarof atailroadJean.
promiaaa to he aa
Mr. Owvataad aaa
Jadge Parker
Meed-thirsty aa
tariff ripper.
Eteby eaya "the
Taaaaore Rooaerelt the
feat like Totiag far Parker. '
wa knew
The ama who thiafta Roosevelt
i-t carry finite ooaaty oaaat ta
talk to aome of the
i ao hope at carryiag aay
of the Alleghaatas.
Jadge Parker aa
the democracy ia
The eaJy troaMe
arrives foar
ta that
the Tatars that
coming party.
it alwaTa
The aew camaat getter oa the west
aide of Olive etreet from twelfth to
thlrteeath is a great improvement to
the etreet. Pavement mast come aext.
a "Oars ia a world power" amid Jadge
Parker ia hie speech of acceptance.
and he might hare added, "thanks to
iaaam af''
The Panama nanal ta UBotheraobive-
whtoh democrata oomplaia
it repremnta repahfieaa
ability tariRpple with aarpleiiayand
diMoalt problems.
The etacthm of a democratic coa-
thia year will he followed by
reigaef cheap prodacta
l ltM ta 1M97.
of these prodacta will he
That the dameeratie party belongs.
reaches, to the traate ta ao
; eff the demonratlc voter. It ta a
eaadittea which ta dae etmplTtothe
David Belmont Hill ta ia
Lot the parry and that William
JnenaBryaa betrayed ata
The Joaraal repeats that this con
dition ta dae either to extravagance
or to aa inadeqaate reveaae law, or
to both.
It ta ao aaswer to aay that Platte
coanty'a ezpensea were nnatoal and
accidental, A aonnd reveaae system
will gnard agaiaet the "anasnal and
The Telegram charges the Lord with
the"aanaaal"expensea of Platte coan
ty. bat does not J itemize the
aeooant. The Joaraal believM that
Platte ooanty tax-payers woald like
to see aa itemized acconnt, even if
the Lord is williag to waive the
The Telegram seems to think there
ta a oopartnerahip in state affaire be
tween the Lord and the "republican
machine." for the Lord's acconnt in
the state debt ia omitted.
Here ta aa itemized acconnt of the
aaasaal expanses of the state from
1901 to 1903 that go iato the debt
charged to the "railroad machine':
KebaUdiag the peaiteattary. bant
ed Feb. 28, 1901. f 118.200; wolf
boaattee, partly accamnlated nnder
a faaioa administration $10,000; de
acieacy from faaioa administration,
18S.735.97; retara of First Nebraska
regimeat from Saa Fraasiaeo. $47,370.
75; addition to Hastiags asylam. $55,-
000; aiae eaprema oonrt commisisoa-
md their aaabtaats. $89,800: for
the Buffalo expocttioa. $10,000; per
amaeat locatioa of the State Fair,
$35,000; iacreaae ia the appropriation
to the atate aaiveraity. $527,000; msk
iag a total of $1,105,107.72.
.From 1897, the year of complete
faaioa coatrol till 1903. the x year of
complete repabUcaa coatrol, the state
debt had iacreaeed $68,787.35
Dedact those "aaasaal" expenses
from the state debt as the Telegram
woald from the ooaaty debt and the
repablieaa atate administration wonld
ahow a gala of a half million.
Aaaia, the"apalliag record" of the
Dietrich legtalatare shows that legis
lature to have coat Nebraska taxpayers
$113,000, while each' of the two pre
vious faaioa legiahUurea cost them
$130,009, Apaliag. indeed.
' Agate), the lowest a as raiments the
railroads ia .Nebraska have had for
twenty years, were made by
adraiatatratiOBa. Compare this
record with the last assessment
has raised railroad taxes 70 per
while ratafag the taxes on the
net of the psoparty in the state only
H per cent.
Look at this record aa taxpayers aad
aot as partisans aad ask yourselves
which party baa the best railroad
record. Look at Platte coaaty'a debt
through the same glasses that job
view the atate debt and the least or
saost that yoa can my in explanation
of that debt is that Platte coanty. like
the atate. is in debt bocanse we hare
had a defective revenue system.
Face this condition as taxpayers and
not aa partisans, aad yon will never
vote to send a democrat to the legis
lature, pledged by n democraito con
veetioa to repeal a revenue law that
will lift off your burden of interest.
both ia ooaaty and in state.
Go to the county treasurer's office.
Mr. Beoher is aa honest man. Ask
him if the Journal's- statemeBhi agree
with his reoarda. then draw your own
ooBclaeioaa aa to who ta" trifling"
with the taxpayera of Platte county.
that he
hre-. It has
mte to make
of New York
requiring that
ca Sunday.
about it ; the
New York City
r aha Irst time
of man: aad Rooaevelt
exoaediagly unpopular with
lawless aakwa keepers aad patrons.
Jast so has it bea with the trusts
nad Wall street sharks. As president,
Roosevelt found certain statutes sap
posed to be ia force. He proceeded to
pat them ia force good and plenty. He
baa amrie himself obnoxious to the law
breaking capitalists of 'the enrt. If
Theodore Roosevelt had been a poli
tical trimmer, if he hail been any
thing else than the most fearless, in
dependent and nntaumeled president
since the days of Lincoln, he might
now have the enormous financial-backing
which is given to Mr. Parker by
Wall street.
It ia not a matter ot great wonder
that the charges made against Roose
velt by the opposition ore of (he most
far-fetched and ridicnlons nature.
What else can be fonnd to say
agaiaat him9 What rational and hon
est accusation can be made against
him9 Here they are: First, he enter
tained at his table Booker. T. Wash
ington, the man who three years ago
was the commencement orator at the
Nebraska State University, by invita
tion of the grndaatiag class. Second,
he favors the maintenance of a stand
ing army which is absolutely necess
ary, which is almost microscopic in
comparison with thoco of other na
tions, aad ia which enlistment is en
tirely voluntary. Tnird, ho has
proved himself to be unsafe by assum
ing that when congresu enacts laws it
ia hia business to enforce them, no
matter whose toes may be stepped on,
and no matter whether the trust mag
aatos like it or not.
A month ago we had tho nerve to
predict that Roosevelt would carry
Nebraska by fifty thousand and
Platto coanty by five hundred. The
democratic papers now admit on all
sides that Roosevelt's plurality in the
state will be fifty thousand or more.
They have aot yet conceded Platte
county, but it takes time to convince
democratic editors. It took time to
coaviace some of thorn that tho gold
standard was a good thing and that
Oar Beloved Bryan was either off his
net or dishonest in his free silver
If there is no other argument that
will coaviace our Jacksonian brethren
of Roosevelt's ability to carry Platte
ooaaty. we must wait for tho election
returns. The fact that tho republican
have never made a determined and
harmonious campaign in this coanty
baa led to the opinion that there is an
invincible majority of seven or eight
hundred againt them. This year the
republicans of Platte county are unit
ed aad determined. .Evorythinc is in
our favor. Tho real democratic ma
jority is not half of what it has been
supposed to be. and with tho donhlo
assistance of the national ticket and
strong local candidates it can be over
come. It will mean work, vigorous
and united work, but it can be done.
We hope to be able to mako cood on
our Platte county forecast, as well as
on the state resalt. It depends on the
republicans of Platte county. 'Enough
democrats are already in line for
Roosevelt and for an honest and
capable county administration.
absolutely iamjoasiase ta aat-
kj-j g
The Telegram blio.")8 tho now Ne
braska revenue law was created by the
railroads, fur their own benefit, and
that the law has beeu interpreted lv
Governor Mickey and his associates
ia harmony with the wishes of the
railroad attoraeys." Telegram.
Mark this! The Telecram believps
that railroads or Nebraska aro so gen
erous that they had Gov. Mir key and
his associates raise the valuation of
their property 70 per cent whereas
they insisted that other property
should be raised only 51 ier cent.
That compliment to the railroad
should bring a pass.
"As a whole we believe the law to
bo a good one. and to have been framed
with tne object of reaching all proper
ty in the state and to impose upon all
taxablo property its duo share of the
nublio harden. That it inav fail in
some instancos does not repairs ns to
condemn it as a wholo." From Chief
Justice Sullivan's Opinion on tho
Revenue Law.
"It to
oacile free trade with
said Joseph Ckazaberktfa, the
Colonial Secretary of flreat
The uaioa labor leaden ta
try rucogaized the force ef this truth
eight years ago when they sue their
mfloeace to the repablieaa
ia favor of protection. The
mea baa had a hitter experience with
the deatocratic advance toward free
trade in the Wilson-Uormaa tariff
bill. which was aot free trade bat was
meant as a step ia that direction, aad
it paralyznl iadastry for nearly foar
Ia his report to the aaaaal conven
tion of the Americas Federatioa at
Labor in 1S3J Samuel Gomperr. tho
president, said :': Since Augoat of thia
year we have been ia the greatest
industrial depression the countrv has
ever known. It is no exaggeration to
say that more than three millon of
oar fellow toilers throughout the
country are without employment aad
have been so since the time aamed.
In lSitT, after tho inauguration of
SIcEinley, Mr. Gomners said: "The
terriblo perioJ for the wage-earners
of this country, which began in 1898
and which left behind it such a record
or horror, hunger and miserv, practi
cally ended with the dawn of theyeat
181)7. It is agreed by all that the
waso-earners are the principal con
sumers of American produtcs, aad it
necessarily follows that a reduction
in the wages involves a dimiautioa ia
the power of consumption and conse
quently a proportional decrease ia pro
duction, and naturally also ia the
force of labor required for- produc
tion." In 18!K) Mr. Gompers raid in hia re
port: "It is beyond question that the
wages of the organized workera have
been increased, and in many instances
the hours of labor reduced or at least
The democratic orators will again
appeal to oreanized labor to elect a
democratic president and congress
because prices are high and because
the nnions have ordered strikes in var
ious prfrts of the country to secure ia
created wages. The leaders of orgaa
izod labor, the Joha Mitchells aad.
Samuel Gompers. are intelligent aad
experienced mon in tho affairs of the
labor world. Xhoy know tho exper
ience of tho country in an effort to
bring about cheap prodacta. aad
recognize the lorce of Joseph Cham
berlain's remark, that free trade and
trade unionism nro absolutely irrecon
cilable. They know that high wages
tend to make high prices for the pro
ducts of well paid labor, and that
cheap manufactured prodacts
ily reduce tho wages of labor.
Labor unions have grown ia
hership and influenco more since the
election of McKinley t baa ever before.
because thero has been work for every
man who desired to work, aad the
wage-earners have been able to organ
ize to compel employers to grant their
demands regarding pay. hours of work
aud regulations for the safety of the
workincman. With free trade, or
even the democratic advance toward
freo trade, the union wotkiagmen
have the cheap labor of Europe for
competitors, and strikes here will be
of no avail against the importation of
chenp products from abroad.
Oaimam Wibij far "resaatac ta
siawtaabiMwbJssj provided tar the
eaaatieaofaamtao of Aavaaam Lia-
which tho great aaa grewltaa; oa-
naiatiof iilum" saw fittoeriti
staa. Aad she joe of it ta. that at
the time whoa that bill was nreeeated
oaastreettoa today la' that the officers
of the Senate aad House neglected to
affix their signatures, aa emtmloa
whtoh delayed bat cannot defeat tho
The fact that the baly sla of Gov
ernor Mickey to which the ooaven
tioa could attract attention waaaot
hta eia at all proves rather conclus
ively that he ta a very satisfactory
official. -Ex.; ' x
Fred Good, the faaioa candidate for
taftalataro la Webster eoaaty, fully
deserves hta surname. Mr. Good
oecapies a unique position ia the pol
itical hiatoiv of Nebraska: he eajoya
the distinction of- being the first
her 'of the opnositioa party to
before an assemblage of his
partisans and Ml the trath ahoat a
republican measure.
8ays Mr. Good, la hta speech of
acceptaace: "This new reveaae law
baa re-acted agaiaat those who foamed
it. Too railroads dag this pitfall aad
aow they have fallea iato it them
aelvee aad are being compelled to pay
tar -mora tbaa their juat proportioa
of taxes." Tho ti leans which greeted
this ptaia etatemeat of a veryapper
oat fact ahowed Mr. Good that he
had violated all ethics by being truth
fal. aad he closed his' brief but inter
esting speech with the remark that it
waa growing late aad all the delegates
were doubtless tired. ' 'Ex.
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The Omaha Newe ataa a rocky road
between Governor Mickey aad a re
eleetioa. The News says the railroads
are agaiaat him. haviag foaad that he
taaot auheervieat to their iatereeta.
The aaktoa league of the atate ta aad
ever aaa beea agaiaat bias. The gam
blers of Omaha have also decreed that
he ta aot the mea for their beet Iater
eeta aad wi'l have to go. All these
elements against him meaaa the loss
of away vatea. aaa yet ia a sense it Is
to hia credit. It proves that he ta
good aad honest. Whea corporations,
gamblers aad thaga are agaiaet a oaa-
dldate it ta a pretty good alga aad
boaaat people oaa amfely aapporthiau
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"I have nothing to take back. I have
nothing to withdraw of the things that
I have aaU agaiaat the awtbodspar
sued to advaace hta caadidaoy. It waa
a ptaia aad deliberate attempt to
divide the party. The New York plat
form waa vague and parposely ao,
bocaaee the advocetea of Judge Parker
were tryiag'to scare votes from
among the people who woald have
opposed hia views had they kaowa
them. The aomiaatioa waa aecured.
therefore, by crooked aad iadefeaai
hie methods.' '-William J. Bryaa.
"The Commoner." July IS. 1904.
Tho democratic papers are gradually
of theesalted
i displayed by Mr. Parker ia
to decline a aomiaatina
-it woald be impossible
to allow him code-
by the
a that the hereto tint of
trick nf Mr. Hill has
The arena-
s there-
beeV withdrawn from tateinci-
-'oBnttaantta aow devoted to the
of Judge Parker. This
the only
boeaaumewhat dimmed
Platto ooaaty republicans will meet
in convention tomorrow. The Journal
believes this will he a notable meet
ing. The repablicaas will nominate
their strongest mea for the offices of
eoaaty attorney aad representatives.
They will do thia realizing that there
ta aa excellent prospect of electing
Every repablieaa ia Platte
ty who oaa possibly do so ahould
this coaveatioa. Republicans
this year are especially glad that they
are repahlicaaa. They know that
there ia ao democratic party ia the
field ao far aa Nebraska is concerned
nad that for that rery reaaoa hundreds
of mea who have voted with the dem
ocrats or popalista, mea who like to
have their votes stand for something.
will vote the ' republican ticket
straight Let repaUicaae gather ia-
from the advantage they
get together tomorrow to
laaatiatioa to oae
Judge Parker's speech of acceptance
advocated mild revision of tho tariff.
It was the voice of Jacob but the hand
of Emu. The democratic party is
the party of free trade, not revision.
dnarln aave anu
tasaart that
The eeneorats woald revise the
atria with aa an nr aa tha Hnn
!' T,-Tf fy .".7 - A Obamp Clark nuggeated. with dyna
f rTTT. . !HT.-!,f . woald "destroy the pro
nsanaahni samsT naadeMtaaBtritaT- Utiain f ft"" to foaada-
evaniaatatalBhataahegreweld Aadoilwe knew yet about Judge
erbwmewmtt. aWyaaanBaatttalSM. nwkar.a iasaetal views ta that he
aaaasjtodaee he baa aot breemu It. Tetad twice far. free silver aad aow
Wa aa ef the opinion that Mr. Parker naaattethe snaad currency standard
TeV and the Turk.
President Roosevelt scored a strone
point when he forced ncqiescence of
the sultan in the demands of the Unit
ed States for the privileges to be enjoy
ed by American educational institut
ions and citizens in Turkey. The
sultan promised, delayed, promised
agaia'aad kept up exasperating tactics.
at last Presideat Roosevelt ordered
the Earopaaa squadron, to Smyrna.
Thereupon the unspeakable one began
to" hump himself, "as they say on the
street, with the desired result.
The method and the result are rath
er disappointing to the enemies of
Mr. Roosevelt. Ho exhaustod every
means known to diplomacy before
giving evidence of impatience, and
when the time came to act he acted
promptly. He not only tolu the sul-J
tan there would be a "rough house,"
but started the program. It was the
only way. Aa n result, long-delayed
indemnity has been paid, the unbank
able oae has "recogaized the dignity
aad force of the charter granted by
the State of New York to the Protec
tant Medical College at Beirut, and
baa placed it on aa equal footing
with the Preach college in tho sanie
city aad has givea satisfactory guar
antee that Americans will get n fair
deal ia the future.
If President Roosevelt had been the
hothead hia political adversaries bold
him to be. -ho woald have employed
tho arte of war long before he did. aad
the reaalt aright have beea rather aa-
Parker's Acceptance.
Judge Parker, in hia speech of ao
reutance, did not add to the aam total
of human knowledge concerning hia
position as a democrat who ia better
and more courageous tbaa bis party,
ilo thanked tho committee oa notifi
cation for the confidence shown by
tbe convention in not reconsidering
bin nomination after be had telegraph
ed that ho considered the gold stand
ard as irrevocably fixed by law. This
was substantially an nnpology for that
telogrum. The Ju-Jge did not further
offend the Brran wing of the party by
reiteratinir his conviction regarding
tho stability of the gold standard law.
or by xpanilinc nls views on the
financial question. lie rested on his
telegram and in all other things fol
lowed tbe motto of bis political men
tor. David B. Hill.' 'I am a democrat."
He is a democrat on the labor ques
tion and will go with bis party whea
he know whether it is for or against
tho labor nnions or tho employers of
Ialnr who oppose the nnions he is n
democrat oa imperialism and will not
with the party, on any policy regard
ing tho Philippines when he knowa
what thai, policy R whetherfor im
mt'cliato scuttle or an indefinite time
and condition for the inauguration
of scuttle policy ; be is a democrat oa
tho tariff aud in favor of tariff re
form but explains to tho oppoBeate of
that policy that they need not fear
for the republican senate will protect
the country from such a democratic
policy during hta incumbency of of floe
if he' should be elected and he gives
farther assurance bv declaring that he
will not ba a candidate for reelection
so ns to endanger the future by con
tinning a democratic administration
after a republican senate may have
bcn removed as a "brake on free trade.
Ia fact Judge Parker takes ao defi
nite stand on any question beyond that
of assuring his party that he ia a
democrat now as he was ia 1896 aad
1'JOO, notwithstanding his offense ia
sending n telegram to the coaveatioa
stating that be believed the gold stan
dard law irrevocable, after that con
vention had deliberately refused to
adopt that position.
Judge Parker straddled every ques
tion at tbe iEsue which he discussed
and did not even mention that most
recent democratic if sue regarding the
Panama Canal which Gorraaa raised
in the United States Senate last win
ter by holding up the treaty with
Panama and accasin g tbe administra
tion of irregularity and complicity ia
tbe revolution on tbe Isthmus. Bid
tho candidate consult Senator Gor
man and follow his advice ia thia
silence or did he find it impossible to
straddle the Panama Canal like an
other Colossus of Rhodes?
The effect of Judge Parker's sneech
of acceptance has been to emphasize
tho contest at to the coatrol of Coa
gross. If the democratic party should
be nble to coatrol the legislative
branch of the government, Judge Par
ker as presideat woald be a demo
crat aad siga whatever bilb Congress
Now Mr. Tibbies has takea a leaf oat
of Mr. Bryaa'e book aad like the tat
ter will give foar reueona why he
will support hta party's eaadidatee
aad forty roatoaa why no' oae viae
ahould do aa. It begiaa to look aa
though tbe Parker alaggera aad tbe
office-hunting brigade might better
have allowed Mr. Tibbies aad hta fol
lower to remala ia the atlddto of the
road, for aow they will ereaa the road
entirely aad do thiags to the
eratic candidates which will
them to look pained ia the eold grey
dawa of the atoralag after. Ex.
Tho official record of Governor Mic
key afforda little or ao room for just
criticism. Hta admlaiatratloa baa
beea basinemlike from start to finish
aad the iatereeta of the tax payers of
the atate have beea cart ally aafe-gaard
ed at all tintes. Fladiag aothlag ia
his record upon which tosaakeafight.
tke faaioa orgaae have begaa a system
of pasillaatasoaa aad petty peraoaal
attaoka anna the governor. Theae will
do more harm to the people ia whose
iatereat they are made tbaa to the
oae at whom they are Biased.
Kearney Hub.
Tbe habit of putting rich old fossils
oa the national ticket for second place
ia eoaalderatloa ef a generous sub
scription to tbe campaign fand ta
growing oa the demoorata. Ia fact it
baa become a settled policy of that
party. It atay be aefely aaid that thia
tathe only aetUed policy the demo
crataaow have except that of being
alwaya opposed to want the repabltonaa
are ia favor of Ord Quiz.
The respective pnronnlagos of ia
creaae of amaafaotares aad trade dar
ing twenty yeara have beea aa fol
lower England. 8 per eeat; Germany.
(St per coat; Uaited States, M0 per
oent The difference betweea 8 per
cent aad 300 per eeat ta the difference
betweea free trade aad protectioa.
Pallertoa News JoaraaL
Ii Jadge Parker's nomination waa
secured by ' creaked and indefensible
aethods"aa Mr.. Bryan has
woald bo Interesting to know how, ia
addition to tan aominattaa. heeooured
Mr. Bryan's supportNorfolk News
Yoacaa paste it ia your old hat
that Bryaa dwaecrsta will aot belle
their work by voting for Parker. It
will be either a oerateh or ao veto.
Now ba-Staaaara (par. )
Mr. Parker.
Tho followlag ta aa editorial ex
preaaioa from Oollier'a Weekly, a
periodical wkich ta iadepaadeat of
"There ta comiag to nam ia regard
to the Parker telegram ahoat what
waa to be expected. It aaattera aot
whether they are for the jadge'e
eleetioa or agaiaat is. ordiaary. clear
headed Americanism mast safer a
reactioa after being worked Into ex-
citoawat over allegatloaa that are
absurd. They mast oome to aeo facto
ia the more or lam dear light of oom
eaoasaBee, They observe tho part
played by Mr. August Belmont ia the
pressat campaign.- They read that
Senator MoCarrea receives a salary ot
a0.000ayear from tbe Standard Oil
company, waetaer tans no true or
not, it ta eertala that the mentor ta a
vary "omooth" ama. .They kaow
something of tho atatory of the adroit
Blae-eyei"Bllly She-hen aad a good
deal awe of the history of David
Beaaett Hill. The principles of Boarke
Oockraaarenotahrondedin mystery.
Theae ama form the groap Bearcat to
Jadge Parker: most likelv to kaow
aad iaflaeace hta eouBcile : moat likely
wore bo prseiaeat. to comnoae or aag
hta cabiaet Now. mea of this
p aecured tlm aomiaatioa of Judge
Parker at St Louis, ectiag aa hta
Gertaia nrominm and
promiaVe were aeoeemry too btaia
the prize. Whoa the aomiaatioa waa
eecure,end ooald aot be takea away,
without pattiag tbe daasocratle Barry
in the pmitioa of eeemiag to reject a
ama beeauao he favoed gokl.the jadge
sat hta tetagraaa. He waa
lately hailed by that part of tho
which ta primarily tatareated ia
eta aa a hero who had bean willing to
aeoriaoe the preaidsacy tohiadaty.
8eoh idiocy moat have its reboaad.
Bryaa'e cross of gold metaphor which
drove another clam of people iato
freazy, had itau reactioa. although
evoa it, fallacioae aa it waa. had a
ranch eolider foaadatioa tbaa the
childish story that to offer iback a
anminatioa whea it eoald aot possibly
be withdrawa withoat absurd disaster
waa the bravest deed ever perpetrated
of that kind ia American politics. In
anities of teat kind never pay. The
people amy become excited fnr a
rnoBMat, bat thea they settle down to
coatemplate with disgust ttMsaeetacIe
they have made. Jadge Parker played
good politics, or he did ao
who tried to tara him iato a hero did
oil they ooald to tara him into an i
The aewspaper which ta trying to
prove that it forced bimaead tho tele
gram it aot dolag him aay more harm
tbaa tho others which aro stiU hailing
himaaaCambiaaca. If tho deaaocrata
wish to carry New York ' not to talk
of aay western atate. they laid better
get buy and ahow that Jadge Parker
is tarn of a rlutocrat aad more of a
demm rat thea Themlnre Ifnn !
tioa was ftnt fowlti by a miaUUr whoa
srimio r ware in the habit of hriatmx tke
Banna to charch.
lie tallow coaleVJoet arrange it ao that he
ptioM. Ultra woald UaoBMxa diBkahyaheat Bt sad Early to KMapropoMttoa.
A BMaweiaBoyd eoaaty has fcrcn aoeueated
ticket tettoksialetare. tor cea?
for the oajee of atate land coauabsiom-
er. We weald aaaat that the faaioa party
aught elart a gmaniag cohtaat or imawtlilng to
try aad atUact a few aew aabaeribera.
Why ahoald the deatocratic preea ba makiag
each fraatiedeaialeof Mr.Brrse'a pmhibitioa
atatiBMBta? Even body kaowa that both Mfckry
ad Bern are prahihitioaiata. bat that has nub
ia to do with politics. A bmu ia dfacrriae of
admiratioe, rather than apologetic dehiala. wont.
Bvia ia peiitiea. he peraiatoia a belief which
wuttead to luainUtical disadvantage.
A qatatioa ariaM: Whea a paratVaph head
has ao iwpiratiaatohejaatiaediatheaiaatof
the Lord in illia ap a colaam with what ia
technically kaowa as bog-wash, or flapdoodle?
Newspaper am kaow that ehwtrotyped plate
ur he parehaerd for ahoat thirty eraU. which
will eive the aafortaaate reader awrh valuable
iafonaatioaoatheaabjett of the hoc iadaatry
ia Japan, aa wen as last weeka aewa from the
wtof war. The great Bisby aerd to baveeei-
atie rheaaiatii. aad oa each occaaioaa he coald
roeetChriatiaaSciMee. Thea be aecd to get hia
atore uotaoahiad aide to, ao that whea he tried
totakeaaother bite be apUled oat the fonaer
bite. taeachBKiaaeaUoraoaMeetroyiacaeoBy
he woald reel off a toaehiac ditty oa tbe iafer
iorityofteathbaildidbyBViHalhBada. Bat the
ordiaary panwrapher baa aot tbe varied talent
of the great Biz. Whea hia spirit ia cast down
aad the beefsteak ia loach, he feels more like
haadiacoBtaaiswtallateator the rood old pio.
sear Paritaa doctrine of eteraal torment rather
thsaaoawthiacthat may serve to entertain II
weak-minded. Ia f aeh esses we are firralr tS
ine opinion mat ne shnaM save his vocmha
lary aatil saeh time aa his inspiration may axnin
be ia workiac order.
Wheat, aew 80
iore ---.................. 40
Oata-bnehel 25
afro ybaehel fig
Barley, 27
Hoga-y cwt , Sff 4 50
Fatateera Vewt mgiJSt
Stock ateeray ewt 2le 3 55
Fatcows-Vcwt 2 9J0 S 06
Potatoee-y pk at
-- atts.;: .-.. ii4ji6
Kgge Vdosen. 13
HUffTLDe, Him MlTftS
Tickets to St Loais aad retara
Good fifteen days, '.$17.0
Good sixty uays. i9iW
Good all summer, 22.00
ror tall information about train ser
vice and other details see tho ticket
Tbe St Louie Exposition tbe great
est show the world has ever eeen-io
now complete aad in herssfta,,
operation, aad it will be a Ismtiarn'o
I! regret if yon fail to see it '
L. W. Waxfxbt,
General Paaawaner Aaent-
""M aaBKmnmnj,
elect ii
A vote for fliagr MeCarthy
will bo a vote for PreaJileal Roosevelt
aad his policy. Fat a peg there.
Central City NoapareiL
Tho aominattaa at Jaaco Parker
virtually aalliftea tho antitmat ptaak.
Willinma Jeaaiaga Bryaa.
Acarefal study of Jadge Parker's
ipeech pavea tho way far
from him oa theaightof
November 8 that while he may be die
apaoiatod ho ta aot aarprtaed.
every time
tbe newspapera priat,
Crop Proaeecta" headliae,
Jadge Parker intimates that tho
extatiag aati-traat lawn aro onMeieat.
mriralla sartj ati la caeca, a. aa. car iae parpoeo
newer tan Saarnma law? wraa ---- iaariaa: eaadiitatoa
ao a unree aad aa ateaaapt anvta to aa- aey, renramntatlve aad each other
care tta snjlaianwaonjl uTiaaath ahe baetaaaa aa aaay preaerly coaso batata
xruam Bnanjanoa eawst M awTBr MbubwI saa aanvuaanaa.
The adjouraed meeting of tho Platte
ooaaty Repablieaa coaveatioa will be
held at the court house ia Cotambar.
Nebraska, August 25, 1904, at
A :0. seaefo, Ohair-
The foUowiag recent report of
our Coaaaal-geaeral located at Gal
oatta, Iadto. will bo of iataaae iater
eat to wheat growers ia ihta country:
"According to the Government's
WcfT?0!??- ! wkeroTi
of 190g-t tho aenaoa has beea excea
ttoaaUy foveraale for wheat ami the
good crop of last year has beea ex
ceeded by 30 per cent in area and 31 5 ;
percent ia yield. la the principal
rm. B"wei iracn ox aortBem
India, waere the ctod ia anas, timiin,.
nnairom wnien tae annaliea for e.
port are ao largely drawa. the area is
tho largest oa record, the tmm AVM
the hinbeet other yeara bein.r975.nrm
acres ia tho United Pieviacea ami
ai?i?80.?e,"B to !. .
caltivatloa exteaded oa tho Cheaab
!f,LJhS " ta --tarof
yield this crop stnada preemiaeat. and
the total. 9.SJ0.M0 toaa, tal.fi00.000
toae more tbaa the targe errp of 190.
S. The crop haa beea lease successful
ia Bombay, bat fartanatelv tkss..
favorable coaditioaa wore moet pre
valent where the area ia wheat i not
imenrtan. aad Stad baa had aa ex
trseaely good crop.
Tho exports of wheat the la .
yeara have beea aa followa: la 18UU-
1900. 485.304 t0Be;!J00-1901.2.o0l team-
1901-2. 9!S,091 toae: 1903-3. r.14.007
toaa; 1905-4. 1.395.5M toaa. Jadaina
by the quaatirv exported froaa last
year's ereft (1.295.5M toaa. or nearly
iM,9sa,mw annnnMBi inn exunrt from
the crop of tale vear-ia which there
crops of all food
bo Bsore than doanla.
aas nananty. wnica will go to Karono
aademao into compstlthm with the
onortad from the Uaitad
"-B. F. Fatteraoa. Ooaanl.
Tho Union Paoifu w;n -u
13CiSrto. LS?1 ?- d at
Inqnire of W. IL Ifenham. Agent
rawTOSCw 4MTITrr toMfU.
rlatsnnajT. "nfc
The followinr prniwe.! anwadmeat. tn
. thy ijati..f fritfi2Zfgg
in fall, ia submitted to the eWCX r2.r2f!h?
Neltrneks. to be voted apoa at "- "'"
rtioa t.. b held Tihv.XvembTr STS!
tBE-vvrr nut No. 114.)
t.AtiIKUir,'.r J"jai " ,u,lf recomawadiae?
to tl elnrtor, f Km, .tub. to vtrfTit tZrSS?
electma ..f mtmler. f h. IZ2L!rlr
rfifitiit..n .A . : ! "
sxaioet a
n-yise. amead aad
rhnnKP.thef..n.titnli.i f th ate ofJlSLiH
111 arr.mUni wit!. Secth.n r. Ariele U&
CoiMtitutHm of tin. Kinte . f NwVraskL "
A'UfZfr"' '"" ""? tke S,ar,
slitntion of the KMIe IfNeUrask- t0
-- .a iTTvrsrvriaarn an
h!.ur: &mrs79tSZ
ffaehna?- 'J-ssvwrr;
.1 T,'?t.t ?" -lrtioa of mill 1 .j
tlie.lKislstureoa tbe bmll.j T.J, JSTy."
entiaw t wch elertim. shall he && Z!i?
ten in ncl. manner that theeeetorWh7
lu-j pn-ferecre niuler the wthea-!JSs?
?lling a r.ventk tn ZZiL"-. i
aave toaa mrae
graias. retaMlag wheat
$U.M1a It Leaia nad letara.
The Burlington offer a the above low
rate for tickets good ia coaches and
ebatrears(asatafrM). OasntaTaeodaye
SaidTharedeya daring August and Sep-
reate .w
ft5&5SS.vS vxsguzz
I. tlf.t W. Msn.h. rWictar
fcSa.1-e5l2Tk3 Z
t .f the Htmi. H.t.S7Srrz. j ' ?ante-
roDvnf tho r!Mi TT..?AI"" nan correct
tioa. the
nt Male of the
See am for full particulars.
posed amendment and revisMaTVn!! IZSJT
qasJiSe.1 voters of thTSSLy SSlt r
their adopt.oa or rejetST21!lflr
tioa to be held laeeS ttirirSSe k
vembsr. A. D. Wit. " " N-
la teatimne .lf a .
aad aBlzMt "- - - " set my haaa
"wd the Great Heal of. the ttate if Ne-
(OBZAT SZAL.1 "- W- Mi9B.
Secretary of Stale.
Tbe Jcmrnalooa
St. Joseph News aa
to him.
: iJ.Z&t. fa.
-. - -
,-rV "&
Is. T