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Th-y Say Ns Attsmrrt Was Mace to
Assassinate. Assert tnat Shots
Were t Celcrsticn sf a Marriage
ias notifi"! Minister Leishman that
lve arrest? hav oen man1 at Bev
root in rcnn-Hrtion with The snootinc
which ec To th- reor hax William
C Marelssen. the vich consul there.
had been a.-5assinated.
The Turkish ofSciais continue to in
sist that no attemst was made on the
vice consul's life and thev r assert
that the who! story orijnnated in a
xeu-d-jol fired on th- occasion of a
marriase in accordance with customs.
Mr. Leishman. however, refuses to
accept an emiananon without con
clusive proof that 'ne judicia investi
gation con'ms.
The attemnf to burn the American
collese at Harpoo; occurred fiv weeks
azo and apparently was tn work of
an individual wco ocsidered he had
a zrievane aramsr Thi college au
thonues. When Mr Leiahman was
informed of the attempt he demanded
that the pone protect th American
institution and in ccusfraence in
structions were sent To thv authorities
ar Harpoot to try in the reguiar courts
the cnarges azams- afy Armenians.
accused of traficKinz m arms and en
sazinz in othr sfKiitiou- acts
WASHINGTON Chekib 3ey. the
Turkish minister has received from
the minister of foreign affairs a: Con
stantinople a dispatch zivrng the
Turkish version of tne reported at
tempt on tb I:f of United States
Vice Consul Magelssen at Byrcor. it
vis dated August Z-t and originally
wa- sent to the minister s summer
home at Sayviile. L T
After aeciannz that the repor of
the assassination of Mr Mageissen
was absolutely false h dispatch
gives a version of th a2air practical
ly th ?am as nas ben Toiu in rh1
dispatchlc from Turkey ii says that
the pistol was Hz! by a man ,eturn
mz tram a mama: ft- tha the shot
was fired in the air and tna it hap
pended jusi as Mr. Mazelssen wa?
passinz is his camane. This, the dir
patch ays led 'he rice consul to b
heve that an attempt had bn mad1
against his lifo The man who did
the shooung already has been deliv
ered to th judicial authorities. Che
bik Beys dispatcn also asserts tat
order and tranquility prevail a Bey
foct. The information contained in the
cablegram has been furnished to
United States Minister Leishman a:
Constantinople by th Turkish mrni
ter of foreign affairs and u Secretary ,
Hay hy the Turkish minister here
A man is known dv the co-nzany he
rcrks for.
Raiircad Builcer Csnisle Dead.
CINCINNATI. O John Car .s'e. cue
of the most prominent and foremost
titizen? cf Cincinnati died Monday,
aged 57 He constructed part of the
Ohio i: Mississippi railway was for
merly vice president of the Cincmnaa.
Hamilton Sz Dayton railroau and trus
tee cf the Southern railway He built
the Chatteroix railroad from Ashland
to Richardson. Hy to develop his coal
lands and was largely interested in
buildings and business in Cincinnati
Agitation m Senna.
BELGRADE. Servia A crowd cf
icusands of peoole gathered in the
theater square en Sunday aftemccn
end cem-astrated m sympathy- with
She Macedonians. Several well knnwn
J'clr'icians speke. They cendesmed
Tnrkxsh ntismle. appealed to the Ser
bians zo assist tie Macedonia?'? in
thcir srrugzle- for freedom and declar
ed that Srvi2, S znria -" icn.ta-
Decrease is Shown cf Over $.000,000
for August.
WASHINGTON" ! C The month
ly statement of tne public debt at ta
ciose of ousmess August Zl shows
th- totai debt. less ash in treasury,
amounted ro 8323.924.35? which is a
d-rease for the month of $6.09.SS1.
This decrease is accounted for nnn-
ctpally by the corresponding increase
m th c3h on hand Th debt is re
capitulated as follows
Iateres bearing debt $314.541.4',0a
debt oc wsirh interest has cea.ed
since maturity $:.24 07" debt bear
mg no interest. J39".2S 527: totals.
Jit 3i'7.375.')io This amount, how- i
ever does not 'ontam 55.733.jy In
certificates and treasury notes out
standing wmch are offset Dy an!
amount of cash on hand held for their
"hat Nation tc Hav a Lar; ExMibil
at World's Fair
WASHINGTON. D C The state g-
partment has transmitted to the Wasn- j
mgton representative of the World's j
fair a dispatch from the United States j
minister to 3raz: D E Thompson of
Linccin statins mat an anpropna::cn
of Jiirw.O''''' sold on accoun of Brazil's
parucipa'acn in th- esrosition has
passed both houses of the Brazilian
congress ana has received the pres
ident s approval
The appropriation, which is the full
amount rcommencec by tne govern- j Bandits Fire on tne Engineer at Great
ment. is the greatest appropriation Falls. Mcnt.
Brazil has arer mad for represents- 3UTTE. Mont. A special to the In
uon at an international exposi'ion. ! ter-Mountnin rrom Great Falls says
and will insure that country the most What is believed to have been an
extensive exhibit of any South Amert attempt to hold ud Express No. 151
can country. I 0ii rh Great Northern railroad al-
i most within the city limits of Great
Urges His Ccuntryr-er tc Send Their
Children tc Scncol.
MANILA Agumaldo the ex-revolu-tionary
leacer buL now a pronounced
supporter of the policy maintained by
the United States in the island, has
just addressed a letter of advice to
his countrymen
In tms he ues tha- tney forsake
rambling to improve their methods
of azrirulture and to attend the puV
Iic school? o zenerousiy provided to
furnish them educational facilities.
Discuss Prcscects cf War.
VICTORIA. B C Jananese pa-Prs
brouzk by tii Emprs.- of China,
which arrivpd Tujda" from h-- Ori
ent have coiumns n s'-asir the pros
ncs of war Tt Mamichi reporrs
that 'h Japanese zovernment ha3
conduced arrangements with a certain
now-r for tne ican of 31flO.00O.00O for
military purpose? Th1 paper states
editorially that the report is believec
to be true.
Condition cf trie i reasury.
statement of the treasury balances m
xk general fund, exclusive of the
S130.uO.GOO goid reserve in the divi
sion of redemption, shows: Available
cash balance. J233.430.711: gold. $103.
202.571. Bulgarian Less is Heavy.
SALONICA According to the lat
est Turkish estimate about 1.500
3uiganans were killed in the recent
fighting at Smilero. Ve Nevska and
Klissnra. The Turkish loss is not
stated. This loss does not include
loss in the Smilero district, where
fighnng was resumed August 3u anc
continued until the following day.
It is reported that Sarafoff. the rev
olutionary leaders, left Salcuica on
The Thomas ? Treasure Shic
transport Thomas sailed for Manila
ay way cf Guam She carried 307
manses for the Philippines and
Guam, twenty-nve members of the
Fourteenth cavalry and a few casu
als. In addition to a inrge cuaztriry
ef freight. ti Thomas takes tc the
islands $7 000 000 m treasure cf whiczi
$2 200,(300 is m the -w silver treses
btlAMKUUK Mlddtb A I NAIbH
uces rto: trass rne tine anc ucmes
to It from the Other Side Ameri-'
can Yacnt Takes tne
Maintains the Same.
Lead and
Time cf Race.
Start Mart.
Sfcainroclc HI 3.51 5
giiamroek III iui sot nnish.
NEW YORK Reliance, the
r ;j.h-
can cup defender, on Thursday won
the third and anal race and the series
for that famous sea trophy. America's
cup. In a dens foz. which prevented
visien beyond 200 yards, the defender
finished the race at 3.30:02 amid the
J acclamations of the assembled fioat.
Shamrock III. after running for nizd when not in direct conflict with
more than an hour in the foe. missed , American laws.
the finish line passed by it and then - General Leonard Wood, now resi
rtumed to it rrom the opposite di- ' dent of Zambonga. who has just com
rectiou. As Rrhance was then being pleted the organisation of the gov
towed through the flt the yacnt's en- enm? council reports a feeling of
sign fiuttered from its truck and unrest among the Moro tnhaoiiants.
spreaders in celebration of its victory. aaj upon his request an additional
j Shamrock III did not cross the finish ( batry nas been dispatched from Ma
1 line. As often said of the historic race ' nna to strenzthen the forces now un-
when America wan the cup. "There
was no second."
This successful race was achieved
only after four futile attempts to sail
off the final race and after the out
come had ben admitted by even Sir
Thomas Liptou to be a foregone con
clusion. Today's via the eighth at
tempt to sail a race. After on fiuk
Reliance won the followinz races, one
by 7 minutes and 3 seconds and the
other by 1 minute and IS seconds.
A week ago the first attempt to sail
tha third race failed and other? hav
failed very day this week. On the
flrst occasion Reliance led Shamrock
to the finish line by two mils. but
failed to reach it before the expiration
of the time limit cf five and a half
hours. TcdaySs victory means that
the cup is destined to remain in Amer
ica until England is able to produce a
srenius enual to Herrshoff m yacht
Rarely, if ever, has there been a
more spectacular finish than R
fcance's. After racing over an hour
at terrific speed through a blinding
! foe. Reliance burst through the wall
or mist upon tne vision oi tne spec
tators on the fleet assembled at the
finish line. and. heeling under a great
! hellving balloon jib topsail until its
1ie - a-xash. new across the '
finlsh line almost before the spectators ,
Id da,erIls rar a certainty that
it was th defender One1 mor the
Yankee boat had added to the long
string cf victories in contests for the (
honored old silver trophy that carried '
with it the blue ribbon of tne sea.
Falls was foiled by the engineer, who
ran his train by the suot where n
was to have been halted so fasT that
the robbers could not get at him.
Just east of the city the engineer
saw figures on the side of the track
m the darkness. Some one shonted
.something, out the engineer paid no
attention. There was a shot and the
hall passed within a foot ot his hac
and smashed a zias sm the cab. De
tectives were uumed to the scene, but
no one as found there
Secretary Shaw Says tnat Money WiU
Be Held ir. Treasury
CHICAGO The published report
that government daosit? in national
banks are to be materially increased
is declared by Secretary of th Treas
ury Leslie M. Shaw to D- unfounded.
Secretary Shaw Thursday made the
following statement.
"I notice seme newspaper accounts
to the effect that I am about to in
crease deposits cf money to the ex
tent of $40,000.010 available fcr depos
its if conditions should hereafter ren
der it expedient to make so large an
"For the present I am acceptine
only applications for small amounts
that have been on file for several
months and am confining these to ag
ricultnral districts."
Wine Flews in Fresnets.
LOS ANGELES. Cai. Fizures com
piled from records by the local inter
national revenue olScers show that
the sweet wme output for Southern
California for the season of 1303 will
exceed 1.300.000 gallons. The output
of brandy is estimated at 40jOOO gal
lons, tax-paid, and 250.000 gallons free
of tax for fortifying purposes. The
gross crop is estimated to be fully
60 per cent heavier this season than
in 1932.
Jealous Woman a Murderer.
DENVER Mrs. Theodore Kruse.
-lie ui. a.wuua - - a
killed en Thursday at her heme hy
Mrs. Sate Bernardine. Tne murder-
ess was arrested. She decided tc
make any statement. The cause cf
tie sheeting rs supposed tc have "sees
jealousy Mrs. Kruse was attending
her eight-mcnrns-old baby when call-
ec. tc the doer fc Mrs. Semardins
; i...,?-i.... - -;... , -i '
Jolo Constabulary Kills Twenty tneur-
Bents in a Battle.
MANILA The Jolo constabulary '
have been in conflict with a body of
I insurgents in the province of Cavite.
near Lacuna de Bay, and kilted "
ty or them during a sharp engage-
Reinforcements barv- been sent to j
) subdue the insurgents. who have tak
en up a strong position :n the moun
. tains which Sank the Lacuna.
The executive council for the Moro ,
, . , province has been organized in ac-
cordance with the bill recently en-
actd by th Philippine commission.
providing ror the sovernment of the
T. ,, i ; . ,,,-
The council is composed of a gov
. .. ,..,.. -,... ..,,,..
emor. secretary, treasurer, engineer
and superintendent cf schools. The
province will now be within the ju
risdiction of the Philippine courts and
constabulary. Moro laws being recog-
i ar hiS command.
i Just before 11 o'clock the man re
Sr Thomas Says He Knew He Was turned a third time and demanded of
Doomed Anyhow tjje officer that he should be permit-
KIGHLANDS - OF - THE - -NAVE- ted to see the president at once. The
SINK. N J When the Erin had dis- officer's response was to take the man
charged her passengers Thursday froa, hiS buggy and put him in the
night and the cho of therr cheers stables, where he was placed under
had died away Si
i nomas Upton
"Two weeks ago I was hopeful,
last week I knew I was doomed to d
feat and was disappointed, but today
I am almost glad in my own defeat.
this America has been such a gener
ous victer I want to azain thank
th1 American people for their gen
erosity to me in my defeat.
Asked what his plans are. Sir
Thomas said
"My crew is to return to England
on Tuesday next and I really ought
to go back by that time myself. I
will post on my engagements in a
cav or two and then determine what
I shall do. I will artend a dinner in
New York Tomorrow night, and I halt
promised to be Mr. Woodruff's guest
m Brooklyn and go to the New York
state fair, but that is not absolutely
certain. It is possible I may have to
start for home next week."
Lsnccn Pacers Commenr an the Cua
Yacht Races.
LONDON Friday morning'? papers
puohsh editorials congratulating the
United States on again retaining the '
America s cup. and complimenting Sir '
Thomas on his gallant fight. AH the
journals agree that the contests were j
won by the better boat and the clev
erer skipper and crew and admit that
ther2 seems to be no reason why the
United States should nor retain the
cup for many y-ara to cme. snce
it s-ms tha Great Britain has some
thing to learn from America in the
matter of yach building.
The Daily Telegraph expresses the
general reelinjc. when, paring a trib
ute to the fairness with which the
contents were conducted, it says. "An
entirety honorable cnapter added to
the history of the America's cup."
Pe? Coal Remains tne Same.
FOTTSVILLE. Pa. The Philadel
Dhia &: Reading Coal & Iron company
announces a continuation of the spe
cial reduction of 23 cents a ton at the
mines on pea and buckwheat coal, on
conrtacts r'o- September making the
price of pea coal $1.73 at the mine,
the same as in August. Owing to over
production of anthracite several large
coilenes have been closed radeSnitelv.
Since the commencement of the or
Snips Going to Beirut. eratiens in Somoliiand an aggrczat"
GENOA The United States cruis- of 30.000.o00 rounds of L.-'e-Metford
ers Brooklyn and San Francisco, ammunition and 'orrespondinr num
whicn sailed from Genoa yesterday bers of Lee-Metforu and Gras nfies
evening, are hound for Beirut and not , have been shipped by this London
for Per- Said, as previously cabled. . firm to Jubutil and Harrar. by way cf
The Machias previously sailed
Port Said, where she will coal.
Colonel Eskndge Dies in Manila.
Wade has cabled the War department
from Manila announcing the death of
Colonel Richard Eckridge. U. S. A-. t
retired, who died in the hospital ,
August 29. He was retired in 130L
Destroy Bulgarian Sine.
SALONICA. Hihaa Pasha. insp-(
tor general of Macedonia, has tele-1
grapneu irom jionasur that a BM- j
garian baad was defeated September ,
i Between uis3ura and Kastona. with ,
heavy loss. The remainder of the
band is being pursued by the Turks,
Another band was defeated the same J
day near Venezianogratsko and thirty
insurgents killed. Another band of ,
sixteen rebels was destroyed near
By Threat of Death.
BUCHAREST M. Swotkoff.
. -
nere ot tne Macccnzsn. committee,
has been arrested for extartiag. by
menaces of death, sniscrrctfem to tie
funds cf the revoluticnists- Tee po- f
lice discovered receipts signed by
3aris Saracff, the revtslnrzonary lead-1
-r. for snzas a?srearias; 15,000- The k
Rcnmaruar. arvernznext. has ordered
the frontier omciais tc register 2H tie
Man Resides in the Neighborhood af
Oyster Bay and Belongs to a Good
Family Secret Service Men Have
to Take Him in Charge.
OYSTER BAY A man giving his
name as Henry Weilbrenner was ar
rested at Sagamore Hill late Tuesday
night while making a persistent de
mand to see President Roosevelt. The
I Qan "s armed with a revolver fully
loaded. He was taken to the village
' - - "-" h
Shortly after 10 o'clock Tuesday
sight Weilbrenner drove to Sagamore
r Hill in a phaetcn buggy. He was
stopped by the secret service opera
tive on duty. Weilbrenner said he
had a personal engagement with the
president and desired to see him. As
ir was long after the hours when
visitors are received the officer de
clined to permit him to go to the
. house. The man insisted, but the offi
1 cer turned him away
' Scon after Weilbrenner returned
and again insisted that he be allowed
j to ee the president if only for a min
I ute This time he was ordered away
and warned not to return.
jt guard of two 3table men.
A re
volver was found in the buggy.
Later Weilbrenner was brought to
th jail and locked up. He is five
feet six Inches high, has a medium
sized dark moustache, black eyes and
evidently is of German descent. He
resides at Syosset. about five miles
inland from Oyster Bay. He was well
dressed in a suit of dark material and
wore an old-fashioned drby hat It
is thought bv the officers that Weil
brenner was accompanied by two oth
er men. as their footprints were found
in the mud alongside the buggy
tracks. In vi-w of this fact the offi
cer on duty telephoned to the village
for assistance and was sGon joined
by two other s-rret service men.
Weilbrenner appears to be dement
ed. He said that he had received a
telephonic communication from the
president directing him to call at Sag
amore Hill. His buggy was taken to
a local livery bam. When asked
what had become of the rig. Weii
brenner replied- "Oh th3 nrusidnT
has takn cart- cf it that s all nzht."
Can Pn'lippine Government Enforce
Court Martial Sentence?
WASHINGTON D C Tne war de-
partment has decided to refer to the
supreme court of the Philippines is
lands the case of the native. Philipino
Dunony. who was convicted of mur
der by the military government and
s-ntencetl to deatn. He escaped anc
was apprehended after the Philippines
passed to civil control His attorneys
make the claim that the civil govern
ment cannot carry our the sentence of
the military government.
It is expected that the cas ulti
mately will be taken to the United
States supreme court.
Weapons and Munitions Furnisned
by a Lcndan Firm.
ADEN. Arabia The pr.ncipa!
sources of supplies of rines and am
munition to the Mad Mulian's forces
m Somoliiand have be-n traced
through a complete identification of
trade marks through agent at Har
rar and Jubutil. Tbyssinia. to a Lon
don firm.
Manchester and Marseilles.
"Lonesome Joe" is Captured.
CODY. Wyo. "Lonesome Joe."
whose correct name is H. I Hughes,
was captured near the Montana line
I a.ja u uj i3ueii- rotier ot
Carbon county. Montana. "Lonesome
Joe" is wanted on several charges of
hcrse stealing and bank robbery.
Massacre by tne Infantry.
SOFIA A strong force of Turkish
infantry, cavalry and artillery recent-
ly attacked the rillaare of Stoilovc,
northward, which had been occupied
by insurgents. The lattar retired.
after which the Turks entered the
place, massacred the entire population
and destroyed the village,
Priace Ferdinand of Bulgaria has
arrived at Eaxinograde, Bulgaria,
where ke has been joined by the pre
Confessed ts Murder.
DETROIT. Mich. A man xrviaz the
nazn of Charles Risen, walked into
pelice headquarters 2 o'clock this
lWTg and said is wished to eve
himself tib. as he wj the murdered
at Little Alfcnse Wilries. the 4-7ar-
eld bey who was icuztd nzurdered and
his body terribly slashed several dav
ae. The twiice have searched far
zsi t fcr sczns cine tc the zznr-
Turkish Minister Confers with Secre
tary Hay.
WASHINGTON Chekib Bey. the
Turkish, minister, had a long interview
Monday with Secretary Hay. He re
fused, to discuss the inwrview, stat
ing that he had nothing to communi
cate further than what appeared in
the Associated Press dispatches Sun
day morning.
After the interview Secretary Hay
isited the navy department. If the
Turkish minister requested that the
European squadron be kept away
from Turkish waters his request prob
ably cannot be granted, even shauid
this government desire to accede to it,
as the navy department states that
it would be impossible to communi
cate witht either Brooklyn or San
Francisco until they arrive at Bey
rcot. Chekib Bey assured Secretary Hay
that the Turkish government had done
nothing wrong and will use every en
deavor to protect American citizen
residing m Turkey. He also discuss
ed the conditions of the insurrection
in Turkey and said that the Turkish
government was not responsible for
any of the disasters tnat had occur
red. Secretary Hays call upon Acting
Secretary Daraling was for the pur
pose of ascertaining the whereabouts
of the European squadron and also
what its orders are. There is no in
tention of changing any orders at
present, especially as the ships can
not be reached until they arrive a:
No messages of importance have
been received from Minister Leisch
man. Late dispatcaes from Minister
Leischman aive in detail the condi
tions in Turkey and do not differ ma
terially In tone from those previously
sent. Minister Leischman does not.
as reported in some quarters, rqust
the withdrawal of the American ships
from Turkish waters.
Indians Arise on Isthmus cf Panama.
Joining New Insurgent Leader.
NEW YORK Travelers m Panama
report the isthmus ahgnt with fires
of a new revolution, according to a
Times disputes from San Jose. Costa
The Indians have arisen and the late
followers of General Benjamin Her
rera are mustering in the mountain
villages preparatory to joining an or
ganized revolt caused by the rejection
of the Panama canal treaty
Hundreds of stacks of arms con
fiscated by the Colombian zovemment
at the close of the late revolution have
reappeared from some mysterious
source. With the arms goes ammuni
tion fresh from factories, snowing the
movement is not spasmodic, but care
fully planned.
Fcurth Rate Between Reliance and
Shamrock III a Fluke.
Starr. M.irK F.nL-h.
Reliance . :i r. .IS : '.tTT Rai:.-
Shamrock III. U.iaJSi .1.Z: v) -.lltt
NEW YORK Azain oc Monday the
beautiful cup defender P.eliance faiied
to resister its third victory over Lip
ton s challenger because the wind died
to nothing and the time limit of five
and a half hours expired before it
could reach tne finish line. Its margin
was approximately rhe same as on last
Thursday It was less than half a
mile from the finish when the gun
sounded Shamrock III was a fainr
blur on the horizon, fully two and a
half miles astern Reliance's failure
to score the race was th mor exas
perating because it ulnmare triumph
is now conceded even by Sir Thomas
himself to be simply a formality
State Beard cf Education Puts in a
Large Part cf Day Balloting.
LINCOLN Nb Kearupy zts The
new statp normal school tor thf er"
tinn of which the late legislature ap
propriated $30.)00. Ord and Broken
Bow also ran. The location was de
cided upon the 1 1th ballot, after the
board had discussed for same time
the advisability of adjourning. The
proposition made by the 3uffaIo coun
ty town was a 20-acre site for the
school, a large three-storv brick
building that can be used as a dormi
tory and a water power privilege, in
all valued at $30.00. On the winmuz
ballot Kearney zor i votes. Ord I and
Broken 3ow 3.
Deficiency in World's Gram.
BUDAPEST The annual estimat
or the worlds grain crop by the min
ister of aartculture ets the wheat
crop in Hungary at 4L2iJ.70O meter
centners la metercentner equals
440.S2 pounds, compared with 45.
3fl7.0i0 last year. The deficiency
in the other cereals is about the
same percentage. The report mdi
tates a deficiency amounting to 13.
270.000 metercentners in rhe world's
'grain crop.
Insurgent Fsrces Total 15.0CG.
SOLIA Th Macedonian Iadrs
her? claim Tha an aznremiTe cf 2.P1rt
Bulgarians have Tossed 'he fmnuer
tn small parties and joined the msur
seats durtns the last ren days Gen
eral Zcntchcff. th presidenr cf the
Macedonian, rciitital csntmttree. azd
Colonel Jinko5. s.e of the r?volTit!cn
.ory Ieadr3 -"hc are now- in Mace-
xiOmn g.. v ' ... the
1 1 Mtff THEGtAMS.
fl'V.'t". l"l' . n I 1 . 1 l1 . . 1
The State bank of Silver Lake.
Minn was robbed of $230 In cash and
all notes and securities.
Emperor William banqueted 10 000
civil oacials and prominent inhabi
tants of the province of Hesse-Nassau
it Cassel.
Frau Costma Wagner telegraphs to
Berlin that she will not produce "Par
sifal" in America, as reported from
I V.
New York.
A zeneral bureau of information l
to be established at Salt Lake by
the Women's Missionary union and
the Utah Ministerial union.
Henry Caldwell established a new
world's competitive record on a motor
at the Charles River track. Boston,
riding fifty miles in one hour.
Twelve hundred stationary engi
neers met m national convention at
Evansville. Ind.. representing the or
ganization of every state in the un
ion. Fernando Valenzuela. for whoi-e
capture dead or alive a large reward
was offered, has been shot and Kill
ed by Mexican rurales at Santa Cruz
Two German students, named Lud
wig Schmit: and Emil Mark, of Hei
delberg, have been sentenced to three
months detention in a fortress for
The Indianapolis Southern railway
let the contract for the preparatory
work on the road between Indianap
olis and Sullivan, a distance of !!
miles, to Kenenck Co. of Pittsburg
.Mathematicians from all over the
country, as well as from various
parts of the continent of Europe, were
in Boston to attend the tenth sum
mer meeting of the American Math
ematical sociery
The monthlv statement of the coin
ae executed at the mints of the Uni
ted States show the total coinage for
Auzusr to have been $1,114,130. as fol
lows Gold. $43O.00: silver. $432.')0'.
minor coins. $212.1,?3
Consular dispatches from Prishtina.
near the Servian frontier, confirm the
r-ports that nearly all the Christian
villages in the districts of Dihro. fifty
four miles from Monasnr and Ciceve
have been pillazed and burned
A repar- tram Rear Admiral Cozh
lan on the accident to Olympia during
the joint maneuvers received at the
navy department says that the ju
ries are slight, but that the ship is
leaking quite bad.'.
The eruption of Vesuvius continue
in all iz grandeur but without appar
ent danzer to tn- neizubormg popula
tion. The lava emitted i of an un
usually liquid form and consequently
has covered a larzer area than at pre
vious eruptions.
General George 3. Wright, one of
the best known men in Ohio, died fn
ColunJJs of nneumonia. azed 7
years. He was prominent in statt
and national affairs and had held of
fice under both rhe state and United
State- zovernments.
The department of commerce and
labor announces the appointmenr o"
Edwm W Sims as sp-cial attornev
m the bureau of comorations. H
has been practicing law in Chicazo
fcr the pasr ten years and ha- o-n
county attcm-v of Cook coonTy sine
The Liquor Dealers a.-sociatian of
New York passed resolutions denounc
ing Mayor Lo for annonncinr that
the association has determined to en
ter the municipal campaign this yea-a.-
a non-political body ro oppose he
election of its enemies and espouse
the cause of iTs friends
In a pani ar the rirr annua! p.
nic of the butchers of Racine. Wi
held at Sunside park foar person
-r3 ,vereiy injured by a mail -which
broke loose and ran thronzn
the crowd of I.ioo people. A bundr;
or more persons were knocked down
sad rhre women famred
Mis? Sarah F Gardner the mir. or.
who resumed a monrh azo
India, where she represented the Wo
man s Cnion Missionary socienr i-twenty-four
years is dead in the Car
skills. wher she hac zone to r-o .
perate. Miss Gardner toorc a leaimz
part in the missionary work and neau
ed the ereat Hoyt Memorial hospital
for the women cf India.
Federal cfiicials at IndianapoL.
receivec word that two Scotland Yaru
detectives lert Liverpool. Enzland
for Indianapolis, armed with warrauTs
and complete extradition papers for
Jams L. Lynchehaun. the Irish fuz:
tive under arrest hre.
Tne Chicazo Yacht iub will retam
possession of the Sir Thomas Lipron
cup for another year. La Rita wmninz
the deciding race. La. Rita woe the.
cup last year, and another victory
will zive her permanent possession of
tie trepey
The monthly statement of govern
ment receipts and expeditures shows
that for the month of August. 1S03
tne totai receipts were J45."'!JI77
and the expenditures J4C.024.544. leav
inz a surplus for the month of Xo -
Tn Honolulu Bar association haa
drafted a memorial to ronzress askins
that th number of sunreme jn.-tices
nf the TznTCTy of Hawaii b rnrr3
ed frctn thre v fiv cwrcs to th
Iara aacbcr cf case? a-innx i"
Oskar Messtsr sf Heri. who his
invited sn 3?naritii5 comhr2a the
:, !
phencaraph and mov:
chotcsTich- ?iv? s pTtviis "iVv r
iiiiiiii iiiiii iiimiiiH
Sac Old Reliable
:: Colximbxis
! Sta.te B&nk. I
Oltet Baak ia the tc
Pn.ys Interest on Time
Deposits and Mswkes
Loa.ns on Resvl Estswte
Issues Sight Drafts on
; ; Om6.ho.. Chicsgo.
; Sew York snd a. 1 1
;; Foreign Countries.
t Sells Steetroship Tickets
Buys Good Notes and
Helps its Custonrtsrs
when they need help.
X M- Brugjjer. Pres.
T Wm. Bucher. Vice-Pres. T
H. A. CleLrk. Csvshier
L- Gerrard
A- M. Clsvrk
tun 1 1 ii ii i ii 1 1 iiiiii nn
A Vttkiy ReeublksA
Ne wspsper Derrotei to th
Interests ci X X
County of Platte,
The State of
United States,
and the
RUt Of MilkM
Tbm Unit of Measure with
U is
Mr Yssr, if ?aid in AdTsocav
Stinpte Copies Sent Prte t
any Address.
Cc&m scd Metallic
Rsqjoirsd f a
:nu;r, m m
i .srsbv mamm
' eaeaeaeReaeaeRcaTlawaRSBRaeHVf
nnt tc cccxy zz
, j M s , S -T 5 y
h-c mvnticn "lth. sa