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A solictor in a Georgia court related
that he once overheard a conversation
lietwcn his cook and a nurse, who were
discussing a recent funeral of a mem
ber of their raco. at which there had
lcen a great profusion of flowers. The
imrso said: "When I die. don't plant
flowers on my grave, but plant a good
oiu watermelon vine, ana wneu n. ku
ripe you come dar, and don't you eat it,
but Jes bus' it on de grave and let dat
good old juice drible down through de
The direction of the mind is .more
important than its progress.
Do Not Bam the Candle
At Both Ends.
'Don't think you can go on dratoing 'vi
tality from the blood for nerves, stomach,
brain ani muscles, ivithout doing some
thing to replace it. Hood's SarsaparUla
gives nerve, mental and digestive strength
by enriching and 'vitalizing the blood. Thus
it helps overworked and tired people.
Tobias Barley, of Snow Hill, Md.,
was buried in a grave he had dug for
himself thirty years ago.
Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's
Vms, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy
specialists in the world. Read their adver
tisement in another column of this paper.
Ambition jumps high but does not
always land right.
Mm. mnalow'a Soothing Syrap.
Forchlldren tecthlnjr, Mfteas the KUtni, reduce In
Basimatlon. allays pain, cure wind colic 25c a bottle.
You cannot calculate the warmth of
a fire by the crackling it makes.
Use Magnetic Starch It hac no equal.
Firht M. D. What a lot of thing"
have bc'ii found in the vermiform ap
pendix. Second M. D. And look at
the money that's been taken out of it.
I My Hah
I Was
I Coming Out
r" About a year ago my hair
mc mmma rnt -rrv fssr I
bought a bottle of Aycr's Hair
Vigor to stop this. It not only
Stopped the failing, but also
made my nsir grow very rapidly,
until now it is 45 inches in
length, and very thick." Mrs.
A. Boydston, Atchison, Kins.,
July 35. 1899.
It Feeds
the Hair
Have you ever thought nrhy
your hair is falling out ? It is
because you are starving your
hair. If this starvation continues
your hair will continue to fall.
There is one good hair food.
It is Aycr's Hair Vigor. It goes
right to the roots of the hair
and gives thca just the food
that they need. The hair stops
falling, becomes healthy, a?.d
grows thick and long.
Aycr's Hair Vigor will do
another thing, also: it always
restores color to faded or gray
hair. Sl.COakXtle. AHfciobts.
Write the Doctor
If yonilo natobtuinnll the benefit you
desire from the ue of the Vicor, write
the I Vctoralxmt it. He Mill telijou just
the right thing to ilo.autl trill send you
his lunik on the Hair aud Scalp if Vou
request it. V dres
Ir. .. ('. A ek, low-ell, Mass.
will nutruct
Students at
their homes in the fundamental principles of the
law.amlucli !ranilio- a constitute n flnUhed
lesal education. Tor circulars address
EDW. BACON, 323 MiilSt.,PeirU, III. ,
TUII I II I IlkW 9i.v
?rU Btt UL&lsaDh
2 Laixrt twJ POTATO Crawrra la jatrira. Prlr Wk
1.I- tmtntlwticrGrtM, (irr as taraiMk
V.m Sral 111. alirsBd lOe fw tmul.x z 11 Ilk
V JI)H A. MLZKR SEEtl t O.. IJk I ROOE. HIS. (ft
of acrcNorchoiCC asri
ruUural LNDS now
onened for settlement
in Western Canadi.
Here is ennvn the cel
ebrated NO. 1 HAUD
VHi;AT. which bnns the hisliet price in the
marKctsof the world, thousand, of cattle are
fattenel for market w:tliout beinc fed cruin,
Rtid w ithout a day's vhcltcr. l?'ud for informa
iion and secure afree home in Western Canada.
Write the Superintendent, of Immiirrotio-i. Ol
tata. oratldrevs the underi?t:eil. who ull! mail
-.oil atla. pamphlets, viz.. free of com. W. V.
Bennett F01 X. V. Life Huildins. Oznaaa. Xcb.
No Boilinflr
No Cookine i
--. - -1
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It Polishes the Goods
It makes all garments fresh aad
crisp as when first bcught new.
rnr a sample package.
You'll like 4t if you lr' 't.
You'll buy it If " ".i1
You'll use it If you try It.
TlT !t gold br all Grocer.
l,.wf TlMjKirs On Wattr.
I I "splii'u IP!
SH35 ReooiRESitoCaoKHC:
mi bKbb!
tmssojims-eartitKLtXiatfTfiStasa H
nvr os when uCKrAStsPX' H
nsTwar new BaanrxTC7ta. H
rcmiKsrmuuMSRY utrasEsiMY. HH
Crown' Ward, Mark.
E. Charlton Black, the new head of
Boston university's English depart
ment, was a ward of Dr. John Brown,
the famous author of "Rob and His
Friends"; a classmate of Barrie at
Edinburgh; a friend of Stevenson and
Crockett, and afterward a regular lec
turer at Harvard.
Down at Squaahville.
Uncle Josh I see Mrs. Asterbilt gave
a dinner with 100 covers. i
Aunt Mirandy Dew tell! What on
airth did she .want with so many ta
blecloths? Brooklyn Life.
Ac-rouiiBodatins Street Car Driver.
The Chillicothe (Mo.) street car
driveis are very accommodating. Wfien
a housewife anywhere along the line
wants some groceries she hails a car,
gives her orderto the driver, and on
his return he delivers the goods. One
rainy night recently a driver had a
fall to take a woman to the theater.
She lived three blocks from the line.
Thf gallant fellow got an umbrella,
walked to the woman's house, escorted
hr to the car and then started down
In South Africa the warmest month
is February and the coldest is July.
The temperatuie is not as trying as
that of Central Europe. The rainfall
for the year is light, varying from five
to twenty inches.
Half Kates South via Omaha and St
Louis aud Wabash Routes.
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
month the above lines will sell home
seckers tickets to southern points for
one fare (plus $2.00) round trip.
on sale to Hot Springs, Ark., and all
the winter resorts at greatly RE
Remember the O. & SL u. and Wa
bash, the shortest and quickest route
to St. Louis.
Remember the O. & St. L. and O..
K. C. & E. is the shortest route to
Quincj-. Unexcelled service to Kansa3
City and the south.
For rates, sleeping car accommoda
tion and all information ca 1 at the
nam St. (Paxton Hotel block) or write
Harry E. Moores, City Passenger and
Ticket Agent. Omaha. Neb.
Whisky as medicine means whisky
as master.
Magnetic Starch Is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
If Delagoa bay is closed tne Boers
will raid Portuguese territory.
New Iiiirntitins.
A very curious invention has just
been patented to a Massachusetts in
ventor who provides
a shoe, the upper,
and sole of which
slidably connected,
the upper being pro
vided with plaits up
on the side which
A can be lengthened
out or taken up to
the shoe, so that one
3 shoe will take the
place of several
An Omaha inven
tor has just received
a patent for a trolley
head, the trolley wheel of which is
provided with two eccentrically
mounted wheels adjacent to the trolley
wheel, so arranged that in case the
1 trollev wheel left the wire the eccen-
tiic wheels would be engaged to in
stantly throw the trolley wheel upon
the wire.
Parties desiring free information as
to the best metnod of securing their
inventions and telling their patents
should address Sues & Co.. Patent Ex-
, perts, Bee Building, Omaha, Neb.
Britibh Columbia has sent a sold
display to the Paris exposition.
Try Magnetic Starch It will last
longer than any other.
Oregon woolgrowers exptct to get
20 ments for their 1900 crop.
Pico's Cure for Consumption has been
a God-send to me. Wm. B. McClellau,
Ckwtar, Florida. Se;t. 17. 1SI5.
Ainslce's Magazine for February is
notable for an extraordinary varied
table of contents. Perhaps the most
valuable contribution is the character
sketch of Cecil Rhodes, by Allen San
gree. Harry Thurston Peck, in an ar
ticle on "This Decade's Immortal
Books." contends that this is the most
' sterile decade of the century, holding
that only two writers of the period will
live. "The L'nited States of the World,"
' by George Leland Hunter, is a paper of
1 srenr significance at this stnirp nf thp
world's politics. The cruise of the Wil
' mington up the Amazon Is vividly de
scribed by E. H. Coleman, while G. H.
, Pavno tells of Howard Gould's transnt-
l?ntic cruise in the Niagara. Both ar-
, ticies nave noteworthy illustrations.
, The weird color of Sablo Island has
I never been better convinced than in
Gustave Kobbe's dramatic picture of
this ocean graveyard. Street & Smith,
publishers. New York.
The humors of examination papers
were illustrated by Dr. Haig Brown,
who. speaking at the City of London
college upon the responsibility which
rested upon examiners in weighing
fragments of knowledge, said that the
question, "What are the Chiltern Hun
dreds?" once received the reply, "Small
animals which abound in such great
numbers in chees" The inquiry,
"What is a cherub?" elicited, in its
turn, the answer. "An immoral being
of uncertain shape."
Thomas A. Edison's first large earn
I ings were $40,000. This he got from a
tfiegraph company for the model of
the now famous "ticker for which he
has intended to ask $3,000.
hZLft KtiW) thP fpet rt Tj -.
and is still the ltcut Coagli
Kemrdy Sold. Cures when
other remedies faiL Tites
eood: children like It. Sold
by all druggists 35 cents.
Locomotor Atari t n.
quered at last. Doctors
amazed at recoverr of patient thought tacurahi lv
It rile me almnt your rase. Advice and proof o retires
not. MLtBi8C.224N.i0th St., rNiLANLntu,ri
Grand Island
Double Daily Service
'PzHman Sleepers and Free Updating
Chair Cars on Night Trains.
Tor lafarmtiaa or Rata, call aaaa m
NiffK SfWfly or
S. M. ADSIT, G. P. A
V Wif M
W2C n x,v
. txiOyy
K- A ?- 6 Ar.j
LmwtoB'a Drmrery Was Great Kcckli
sera of the Dead OSeer VaderFliw f
the rillplaea Twelve Mca Ctwrse Six
Baadred Three Ceraered War.
There Is a land, of every land the pride.
Beloved by heaven o'er the world beside;
Where brighter suns dispense sereher
And milder moons emparadlse the night;
A land of beauty, virtue, valor, truth.
Time-tutored age. and love-exalted youth;
The wandering mariner, whose eye ex
plores The wealthiest Isles, the most enchant
ing shores,
Views not a realm so bountiful and fair.
Nor breathes the spirit j)f a purer air;
In every clime the magnet of his soul.
Touch'd by remembrance, trembles to
that pole:
For in this land of heaven's peculiar
The heritage of nature's noblest race.
There is a spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
Where man, creation's tyrant, casts aside
His sword and sceptre, pageantry and
While in his softened looks benignly blend
The sire, the son, the husband, brother,
Here woman reigns; the mother, daugh
ter, wife,
Strew with fresh flowers the narrow way
of life!
In the clear heaven of her delightful eye.
An angel-guard of loves and graces lie;
Around her knees domestic duties meet.
And fireside pleasures gambol at her feet.
Where shall that land, that spot of earth
be found?
Art thou a man? a patriot look round:
O. thou shalt And. howe'er thy footsteps
That land thy country, and that spot
thy home!
James Montgomery.
Lawtoa's Bravery Was Great.
I could not help but be amused when
I examined the church at Paranaque,
says a Pasay, P. I., correspondent of
Indianapolis News. The reports sent
out had spoken of the total demolition
of it by the bombardment of the fleet.
But, nevertheless, it is standing there
peacefully, used as barracks by the
soldiers. It is true a few stones here
and there are misplaced, a stairway to
the choir damaged and a sacrilegious
shell has utterly destroyed the "heav
en" above the altar. The insurgents
used a small cannon from the belfry,
and it can serve the same purpose for
us yet if needed. Gen. Lawton's or
ders are very explicit He insists that
there be no firing of any kind until we
have been fired upon. Amigos are all
around us, and they are in great dan
ger from careless firing. The general
is now riding a beautiful white horse,
and in this connection a good story Is
told by him, how recently, when a de
tachment of marines were ashore to
assist in an assault they themselves
were assaulted by the insurgents, and
while the marines were hugging the
ground and wishing every blade of
grass were a stump, up rides Gen.
Lawton. The men s?y that it seemed
he was on the largest white horse that
ever was, and with a large white hat.
too, and making a tremendous amount
of noise. He was laughing as gayly
as the Mausers that were singing about
him, and nodded and chatted with his
staff. It was revelation, so the ma
rines say, of what all absence of fear
was, even when under the most dan
gerous conditions. Shortly afterward
one of his staff was shot through both
knees, but Lawton did not ride away
until he completed his work. He has
the headquarters of his division here
in town in a modest house on a quiet
side street. I found it so crowded that
the clerks were compelled to do their
work on the porches. He often takes
bis son out with him on his rides
along the front, and it is an all-wise
Providence that has spared them, for
his bravery is splendid in its daring.
Gen. Wheeler expects to get fat now,
as he is getting his fill of fighting. The
fore part of this week he was sitting
on top of one of the intrenchments
enjoying the cool of the evening.
While sitting there dangling his feet
like a schoolboy and with his back to
the front, 'the insurgent rifles began
their evening tune. The men around
him were horrified to have him thus
expose himself, but unwilling to stoop
down themselves as long as he was
sitting on top. On one side of him a
bullet took out a seam from a man's
trousers, on the other tide a canteen
strap was cut in two. The old general
got excited, and yelled to the men to
lie down at once, never thinking of his
own safety until one of the officers
pulled him down.
Twelve Men Charge Six Baadred.
A medaj of honor the-highest com
pliment which can be given to an
American soldier has been recom
mended for presentation to each of
the ten surviving members of a band
of twelve scouts who performed a
brave feat near San Miguel de May
ume Ori, in the Philippines, on May
13, 1S99. These scouts were under the
lead of William H. Young, a civilian
who had been a famous scout on 'the
western plains of America, and whom
Gen. Lawton made his chief of scouts
in the San Ysidro campaign this year.
On the day mentioned, Gen. Lawton
was advancing on San Miguel. A
small body of Oregon volunteers came
suddenly upon the enemy, drawn up
in an advantageous position in front
of San Miguel, the right flank resting
on a stream, the left on an elevation
made secure by a dense thicket. It
was afterward ascertained that the
Filipino force in this position num
bered about six hundred men. With
out waiting for the re-enforcing bat
talion to support them, or to be in a
position to do so, this squad of ten
scouts, led by Mr. Young and by Pri
vate James Harrington of the Oregons,
an old frontiersman twelve men in
all charged the enemy's line, about
one .hundred and fifty yards distant
The line fired, then wavered, aud then
completely gave way, to be followed up
by the re-enforcing battalion, and driv
en from the city and environs of San
Miguel, a place of great importance.
Young and Harrington, while shouting
and cheering and leading the men up,
were shot and killed.
Waulae- of the Grand Army.
From the New York World: One or
the bravest "standing armies" in the
world is dying out The Grand Army
of the Republic, that band of gray
haired -warriors whose pride and dear
est recollection it is that they once
served their country, is shrinking with
appalling swiftness to the point where
It will be only a memory of good deeds
and brave men who have done them.
Statistics as to the membership and
death rate of the organization tell a
story as touching as the tenderest fu
neral sermon. They show that in a
few years more the roll call will be an
empty ceremony the summons to the
national encampment a vain appeal to
the heroe of 1861. Within twelve
months the year of 1898 according
to a report just issued, mors than
17,000 members of the Grand Army
died. This death rate was more than
double that of the previous year. If
the past year (1899) has shown a cor
responding decline in membership the
friends of the organization have ample
ground for the concern they express
as to Its future. The high water mark
of the Grand Army's prosperity was
not reached until some time after the
death of its founder. Dr. Benjamin F.
Stephenson. The army's excellent or
ganization, however, Is due to Dr.
Stephenson's genius as a founder. It
is set down to the eternal credit of
the army that it originated one of our'
most inspiring national holidays
Memorial day. This is the most In
teresting act in the history ot the
army and by all means the most pop
ular act of General Logan's adminis
tration. This holiday, which has been
celebrated with such fervor for thirty
years, was originally the suggestion of
a citizen of German birth, whose very
name has been forgotten. It was es
tablished by General Logan and the
leaders of the army and a few years
later made by congress a legal holiday.
Too Maeh or a Salute.
From the New York Tribune:
"When we were at Camp Merritt, in
San Francisco, last summer," said I.
R. Welles, last of the Fifty-first Iowa,
at the Hoffman House recently, "there
were a number of amusing occurrences.
You know, among the first things
taught the recruits is to salute all of
ficers. If the soldier is unarmed at
the time of meeting the officer, he
brings bis hand to his hat at six paces.
If armed, and doing sentry duty, say,
be brings his rifle to a 'present' until
the officer has passed. To understand
thoroughly my story, you must also
bear in mind that when the grade of
general is reached the form of the field
uniform differs from that of the of
ficers of inferior rank. The cut of coat
and collar is different, and there are
more buttons. In this particular case
an exceptionally raw recruit was do
ing sentry duty, when a brigadier gen
eral came along. From his uniform
the newly enlisted one felt he must
be of high rank, and for that reason
something exceptional In the way of
a salute was bis due. So, first, he
stood stiffly, with his rifle at 'present,'
but as the general drew nearer be evi
dently felt that it was no ordinary oc
casion, and that he must make a more
ceremonious salute. Rapidly shifting
his rifle to his right shoulder, as the
general came opposite him. with his
left band he almost swept the earth
itself with his cap, so low was his bow.
The general, who was a thoroughly
good fellow, said nothing to him per
sonally, hut next day I noticed that a
general order was Issued in that bri
gade that none but experienced and
trained soldiers should hereafter be
placed on sentry duty."
The OMcer Useless Sword.
The officer is, as we all know, armed
with a sword. The public naturally
always looks upon the sword as insep
arable from the officer. It has always,
from time immemorial, been alike the
weapon of offense as well as of defense,
says Blackwood. It is besides the
badge of rank of the officer. In days
gone by the sword was doubtless a
very useful weapon of offense as also
of defense, but now it is universally
recognized that an officer would rely
more on his revolver than on his
sword. If we are to carry out the as
similation cf the officer and the pri
vate, I see nothing for it but to dis
card the sword when proceeding on
field service. This is a suggestion
which will probably stagger not only
public opinion, but possibly also a
large percentage of officers themselves.
But I know for a fact that there arc
many officers in India who are of this
way of thinking men who have done
much campaigning. Yes; the sword
belonging to the infantry officer should
be left behind when he proceeds on
active service. The time has come to
be thoroughly practical in our equip
ment for field service, and all so-called
smartness should give way to what is
really sensible and practical. The
question naturally arises: What will
you arm the officer with? To carry
out the general scheme of assimila
tion I would reply: Arm him with a
carbine the Martini-Metford for pref
erence, with a magazine attached.
And the Captala Still Wonder.
During the retreat of the first bat
talion of the Fourth Infantry from
Perez Dasmarinas on June 19 last one
of the newly enlisted men came back
to the road from the jungle, where his
company had been skirmishing. He
reported to his company commander
that he had taken two prisoners. He
was driving the prisoners before him
at the point of his rifle. The prison
ers were both old men, neatly dressed,
and did not look as though they had
been recently fighting. The captain
was annoyed. There was no safe place
in which to put the prisoners. He
could not spare the necessary men to
guard them. He did not like to set
them at liberty when to walk in any
direction from the main column meant
almost certain death, as the insur
gents were pouring in a heavy fire.
"What did you bring these men In
for?" he asked, turning on the soldier
sharply. "You ought to have more
sense." "Well," answered the soldier
slowly, "I wasn't intendin' of a-bring-in'
uv 'em in, but they jess fell on their
knee? and begged so hard that I didn't
have the heart, Capting, to knock 'em
on the hed." The captain Is wonder
ing yet whether the soldier was in
earnest or was only iaughing at him.
Chicago Tribune.
Three-Coruered Wrr.
When Col. Cartwell was military
governor of Norfolk under the confed
eracy, in 18G2, he ordered the British
consul to report for duty on the home
guard. To this the Englishman ob
jected on the ground of being corsul
at Norfolk. "To what government?"
asked. Col. Cartwell. "To the United
States government," was the reply.
"But you are in the Confederate states,
and you must show papers accrediting
you to the Confederate states of Amer
ica," said the colonel. "But my gov
ernment doesn't recognize you as a
government," said the consul. "Very
well, then, my government doesn't rec
ognize you as consul," briskly retorted
Col. Cartwell. "Shoulder your musket
and join your company." At this the
peacefully disposed consul threatened
to have a gunboat come and bombard
the place before he would serve.
"That's just what I'd like to see," re
turned the colonel, cheerily; "for then
the United States will fight you, as
she .claims that Norfolk is still part
of the union, and between England
and the United States fighting, w
shall go free." At last the consul ap
pealed to Mr. Benjamin, the Confeder
ate secretary of war, who ordered his
exemption from military duty, and the
"three-cornered war" so desired by
Col. Cartwell never came to pass.
A Great Map on Tlew.
The topographical map of the city
of New York, which is to be placed
on exhibition at the Paris exposition,
was opened to public a day or two
ago. It represents 1,000 square miles,
and shows every house in the city, in
cluding farmhouses in the outlying
A Gen froaa Lanaon.
There is a young man in London so
careful that in calling on his girl he al
ways knocks, for fear if he came with
a ring she might consider it a pro
posal. Tid-Bits.
Important Inventions.
Patents have been allowed upon ap
plications prepared and prosecuted by
us for interesting' subjects as follows:
To C. W. Cross, of Grinneli, for an
auxiliary air heater adapted to be con
nected with a stove in 3uch a manner
that it will receive and direct the pro
ducts of combustion and aid in warm
ing and circulating air in a room, as
required to maintain a iniform tem
perature, by admitting cool air at its
botom, heating it and discharging It at
its top. An undivided hat is assigned
to W. S. More of same place.
To J. Morgan, of Atlantic for a plant
planting machine adapted to be ad
vanced across a field by horses to set
out cabbage and tobacco, plants in
rows at regular distances apart. A
boy on the machine hands plants in
succession to automatic plant holders
on a wheel and as the wheel revolves
it places the plants in a furrow in ad
vance of the wheel by a furrow opener
and furrow closers immediately cover
the roots and rollers pack the ground
around the roots. An undivided half
has been assigned to E. Whitney, of
Printed consultation an'l advice free.
Registered Patent Attorneys.
Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 27, 1899.
The United States may buy the
Danish West Indies for $4,000,000.
Your clothes will not crack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
Boutelle will probably never return
to congress.
Winter Tours.
you desire information
Should you desire information re
garding California, Arizona, Texas or
Mexico, and thn long limit, low rate,
round-trip tickets, sold to principal
points, the various routes via which
the tickets can lis purchased, or re
garding one way first and second-class
rates, through sleeping car lines,
first-class and tourist, call upon or ad
dress W. G. Neimyer, Gen'l Western
Agent, Southern Pacific Co., 238
Clark 'St., Chicago; W. H. Connor,
Com'l Agent, Chamber Commerce
Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio, or W. J. Berg.
Trav. Pass. Agt, 220 Ellicott Sq., Buf
falo, N. Y.
France and England may have trou
ble over New roundlaud fisheries.
Deep Water Forts.
The growing interest in deep water
seaports and cheap transportation by
water, gives added importance to the
building tip of the city of La Porte,
Texas. The high, dry 'ground of La
Porte is in direct contrast with the
greater portion of the Mexican Gulf
Coast. Marshes, malaria a nil fevers are
unknown. La Porte is to be formally
'opened' and introduced to the public
February 14 to 17. when it is expected
a great crowd of Northern and Texas
people will be on hand to inspect the
much talked of new seaport of the (Julf.
So great is the interest Shown that the
American Land Co.. 1SS Madison St.,
Chicago, acting as Northern Manager,
is deluged with letters of inquir'.
The Boer
bomb proof.
trenches at Colenso are
The land of Hreatl and Hotter.
is the title of a new illustrated pamph
let just issued by the Chicago. Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railway, relating
more especially to the land along the
new line it is now building through
Bon Homme and Charles Mix counties
in South Dakota. It will be found very
interesting reading. A copy will be
mailed fre& n receipt of 2-cent stamp
for postage. Address Geo. H. Heafford,
General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
The Denver Postscript's man sug
gests the name, "The Hen House," for
the proposed $400,000 hotel for women
in New York.
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets removes
the cause that produces La Grippe. E. W.
Grove's signature is on each box. 25c.
An English military expert asserts
tnat tne time has come for a change in
the cabinet
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
Wu-Ting-Fan, the Chinese minister,
in an after dinner speech in Washing
ton the other night, said there were
some things about Oriental civilization
far better than ours, and laughingly
alluding to Mr. Willis Moore, chief of
the weather bureau, who sat by him,
he added: "For instance, we would
have cut off this young gentieman's
head long ago."
Sir Augustus Lackash ito tailor)
My son tells me that you have allowed
him to run a bill for three years. I
have, therefore, come ." Tailor
Oh, pray. Sir Augustus, there is really ,
no hurry. Sir Augustus Lackcash I
know that, and, therefore. I have come
to tell you that in future I want to
get my clothes from you, too. Tit
Bits. There can
lean soul.
never be a fat life on a
ICIIBAI 11 1 A Gentlemen: I have been sending to you for your "5
RCUlf ULtll A DROPS" for several parties who have'ti.sed it and who
sav it is the best they ever used. One old lady lias had
NEURALGIA FOR 40 YEARS, has tried nearly everything she cottld hear of
without relief until she commenced ttsing "5" DROPS" and now she i.s not
troubled with the Each one that has used it savs it is the best reme
dy, and all join in praise of "5 DROPS." For the enclosed money please
send me three large bottles of "5 DROPS," one package of Pills'and one
Plaster, and hurry them forward without delay.
Jan. 11, 1900. SAMUKI. SPEKGI.K, Falkville, Ala
Gentlemen: My mother, Mrs. Eliza Austin, of anw at !
Fremont, Wis., has been almost an invalid for years KHcIf Mai I lalM
with RHEUMATISM and for the past five years has fcaHfl
not been able to walk 40 rods until she began to use "5 DROPS," about two
months ago. She now walks a mile at a time and is doinir all her own work in
the house, a thing she has not done for years, i on are at
liberty to publish this testimonial, with my name and also
my mother's. Dec 27, 18W. MRS. C. K. PCRDY, Waupaca. Wis.
ItIiemotpowerful specific known. Free from opiates am. irt-rrectlr liam:Ie It
iriTcialmnHtin-tantitnenuirellcr.a'Hl laioitie cure for ICbeuanatlvm. Mel
tlea, .nrnlsla. Dysateaxlu. Backache. Aathna. Hay Kerrr, Ca
tarrh. l.aOrlfte. Ooaas Nlreplesaleu. SerrompfM. fterronaaaa
eralale Headaches. Earache. Toolbuihe. Heart UcakaeM,
Dropsy, Malaria, CreealaaT Aabnea,le.. etc.
MniVQto enable niftVrera to irive "Z DROPS" at leat a trial, we
laf r I 9 will rend aS5c simple bottle. iirrpaiU h mail for le. A
sampie bottle will convince you. .Uo.laRrebttIt-XOun-i l(.61ttl- forB.-.
TRADEMARK J .Sold by u and a?ent. aGCTTSVASTtBla.Xr'TrnHurr. nrite nt to-day.
Mafc MaftnL
taJW mmmV
Sim. M
Michel la larU Again.
Louise Michel, who has just entered
her seventy-second year, has returneed
to Paris. She is hale and hearty and
full of energy. On one day she de
livered two lectures at Bodiniere on
"Concord Between Nations" and "The
Traffic in White Slaves." Her voice
was as resonant as ever.
A man is said to have been elected
to a responsible state office in Penn
sylvania and to have served acceptably
who could not write his name. He was
intelligent and of sound business judg
ment The astronomers learned just about
enough from the recent non-appearance
of the Leonids to prouict that the
real exhibition will take place next
November. The many experiments
made, however, demonstrated the feas
ibility of using curved l.hotographic
plates in astronomical work, an im
portant Item in the study of the heav
ens. These plates gave excellent re
sults at the Allegneny observatory.
Try Grala-o! Try Grata-!
Ask your grocer today to show yon a
package of GRAIN-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of e?ffne.
The children may drink it without in
jury as well as the adult. All who try
it. like it. GRAIN-0 has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress.
One-fourth the price of coffee. 15c.
and 25c. per package. Sold by an
No man is strong enough to do
wrong with impunity.
State or Ohio, Citt or Toleoo,
Lucas Cocmtv,
FranK J. Cheney makes oath that lie is the
senior partner of the firm or F. J.Cheney &Co.,
doinp business in the City of Toledo. County
and State aforevtid. and that said lirm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscriled in my
presence, this 6th day of December. A. D. 181
ie..,, A. W. LEASON.
SsEAUJ Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
Sold by Druggists. 75c
Hall's. Family Fills arc tho best.
No man
to oppress
is so
weak you can afford
Baker's Chocolate and Cocoa.
Loot for tbe picture of "l.a Belle Cuocolatlere."
It la on erery genuine package.
If you have not tried Magnetic Starch
try it now. You will then use no other.
The man who starts
will usually get there.
to go nowhere
He who boasts of a
that he is not used
good deed shows
to them.
is Mrs. Plnkhamm Her
grmmt tiorrespondeitce is
under her own super
vision. Every woman on this
continent should under
stand that she can write
freely to Mrs Pinkham
about her physical con
dition because Mrs. Pink
ham Is
A wont an
and because Mrs Pink
ham never violates con
imence and because she
knows more about the Ills
of women than any other
person m this country w
Lydla ". Pinkham' s
Vegetable Compound has
cured a million sick wo
men Every neighbor
hood, almost every
family, contains women
relieved of pain by this
great meoJclnem
j ""
i f81
i ton Hay. is des
titled tobcthc HOST PROSPEROUS CITY on the
Gulf of Mexico. It possesses uncqualcd natural
sdTuntugcs.ccogrnpuicnlly and from every point
of view. Its future as a tjreat city is assured
The U. S. Government is now spcndinjr a 1 arse
amount of money in Harbor impiovcments.
La Porte is the natural sciport for the pro
ducts of the entire Middle. Northern and West
ern States aud for Houston, the great railroad
center of Texas.
Kscursionsnt reduced rales will be run twicea
month. First i"n'ral al" ot indwitv H'b.
14 to IT. iron. Write for FREE HAPS. DE
SCRIPTIVE LITERATURE and full particulars
168 Madison St,
Haeyou tested it
No other ink '-just as coed."
A Good Housekeeper
Always watches expenses.
in your kitchen will save you money,
save your temper, and make cookinjr a
pleasure. Itrequircslessfuclandgives
better results than any other Kange.
The homeliest man in congress is
Eddy of Minnesota. He rather glories
in the distinction of ugliness, especially
as all his other characteristics are en
viable. During his" last campaign the
enemies of Mr. Eddy charged him with
being double-faced. He met the charge
in a manner that disarmed all criti
cism. ''Great heavens," said Mr. Eddy
to his audience, "do you think that if I
had two faces, I would wear the one
I am showing you now?"
An Ottawa dispatch says that trea
son is talked openly among the French
t it Itlt 1 1 II-! ! ",Wirm. t p. MIMtt,fM tt.1 wMtiarl "l
x Agetab!e Prcparationfor As
similating ihcFocdandBeguIa-
ling tteStoiiachs and Dowels or
Promotes Digcsiion.Ctecrfur
nessandltest.Contains neither
Ophmi.Morppjne norIiuexal.
fisrtph SertC-
A perfect Remedy forConstipa
Tlon, Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature or
. el
aaaVaBBaVVEaBHBi aaVaataB.afa&i
Will IB fill
ild With
jPPPPj BaaaaaaaBaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafl Baaaaaaaaaaat aBaaaaaaaaafl aaBaaaK
QJaaal aCS aaaaaaa jSajg iiP a-ril WmWbl aaaH aaamV bbbI
Hands and Limbs Covered with Blisters and
Great Red Blotches. Scratched Until Almost
Wild. Burned Like Fire. Sleep Impossible.
CUTICURA Remedies Bring Speedy Relief
and a Permanent Cure at a Cost of Only $2.
I was a sufferer for eight years from that most distressing of
all diseases, Eczema. I tried some of the best physicians in the
. f 3bB
tammm:" i
Ummiaawu.. s&X!tm3E!msi
V.,vv lissr-se.
' 7 t
gave them a thorough trial, and after a few applications I noticed
the redness and inflammation disappear. Before I had used
one box there was not a sign of Eczema left. I can truthfully
assert that $2.00 worth of CUTICURA REMEDIES cured me.
There has been no sign of its return anywhere upon my body
since I wrote you I was cured, nearly four years ago. Hardly a
month passes but what I receive a letter or some one calls and
wishes to know how I got cured, if I had Eczema bad, and if
the cure has been permanent, etc., etc. I always take pleasure in
enlightening them the best I can.
JOHN D. PORTE, Pittsburg, March 1, 1899.
Of JOHN D. PORTE & CO., Real Estate and Insurance,
428 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
The agonizing itching and burning of the skin, as in eczema, the frightful scaling,
as in psoriasis; the Ios of hair and crusting of th; scalp, as in scalled head; the
facial disfigurement, as in pimples and ringworm, the awful suffering of infants and
the anxiety of worn-out parents, as in milk crust, tetter, and salt rheum all demand
a remedy of almost superhuman virtues to successfully cope with them. That
Remedies arc such stands proven beyond all T:ouDt. No statement is made regard- . .
inj tlicm that is 1 ot jitiricl by tho "-troiip-st vidcr.CP. The jutrity and va eeUi,
the power to afforl i::im"diate relief, tlii'trt.iliity of speedy ami permanent cure, tho
abolnto safety a.ul great economy, have made them the standard skin cures and
humor rem-dics of the civilized world. The treatment is pimple, direct, agrrcable,
and economical, and is adapted to tho youiiKe-.t inf.uit u.s well as adults ofevery age.
Bathe the affected parts with hot water and Cut'cura Soap to cleanse the surfar.j .
of crusts and scales, ami soften tho thickened c.iticle. Iry, without hard rubbing, " . . .'
and apply CrrtcrnA Ointment freely, to allay itcJiing, irritation, and inllamm.itioii, " "
and soothe and heal, ar.d lastly take Clticuka Kr.sor.VEVT to cool and cleanse th - " ".
blood. This sweet and wholesome treatment affords instant relief, permits rest and - '.'''
Bleep in th? severest forms of eczemi and other itching, burning, and scaly humor " -":-. -.
of the skin, scalp, and Wool, and points to a sppedy, permanent, and economical . ;
cure when all other remedies and even the best physicians fail. Cimcum Tub . " !.
Skt, price SI.-3; or, CtrricccA Soir, 25c., CcTir:cn.v Oi.vtjie.vt, 50c., Cuticcka .: -: ;
Resolvent, OTc., sold throughout the world. " How to Cure Eczema," free cf. th ' V.. .".
Sole Props., Potter Dkuc aa'd Cueji Cokp., lioston, . "" " """17
rscCtrriCL'UiSoAPetcJU'slvelyforbaby'iSfklii.ecalp.andhalr. It Is notonlr thopurent ..
sweetest, ami nio-t refre-hlnsr of nursery no-ip", !ut It contains delicate emollient proper?
tie-, obtained from Cirricci:, the g-eat rlu rife, which preserve, purlfr, anrl beautifr '" "
the .-Mn. culp, :nl lulr, nnt prevent fii-npli: .--Lin blcmi-jltp from hecomlnir erlous. For - "" V A
flltretrlnsr lieat rashe-.Oiarlnir'., inflammations, and eruptions, for cru:eil, itchlnjclrrlfc. jf
tlons of the rc-alp. wiUi dry, thin, ami falling hair, for red, rough hands, and ehapelesa z"f
naiL. and simple infantile liu'norB. it U absolutely indiDcnsable. " ."X
- 5 ItlOO
Menieiaftad j"1' w..tioiiri,
JaBalVdiWil WasIilnsloB, D.c!
Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Ir fMnclD! Bra-.iar U 8. Pension bureau.
BJTriiuriTil war. l"di!iilir-.itiii2t!jiriis.attTMjice.
rOarQOV!XEW D:SC0VE3Y; rfr
ar ImF IWi a
n'ttck relief and cure wort
R00 01 :;;infa!a's an'l 10 dais treatment
DK. !!. M. IPELVS 0S. Bji K, AlUala, fca.
BUURS W.itKi sjJ. Hit rAilS- Kl
EcstCougtiwjTu.,. XaiteaGooO. SsoWSi
laVme. EoXIbrdnjcatiu. W
Buckle attributes the great suc
ces of Scottish men of science to
their preference for a priori or dc
ducive " argument. The following
story of similar trend was attributed
to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. A
Scotsman was asserting that all the.
great poets were of his nation. "Well,
but." said one, "how about Shake
speare? You can't say he was a Scots
man." To which the other replied, His
talents would justify the supposition."
He who has none of the weaknesses -of
friendship has none of its powers.
for Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
country, but they did me little
good. The palms of my hands
were covered and would become
inflamed ; little white blisters at
first would appear, then they
would peel off, leaving a red,
smooth surface which would burn
like fire and itch ; well, there is
no name for it. -On the inside
of the upper part of both my
limbs great red blotches, not
unlike hives, would appear, and
as soon as I became warm the
burning and itching would begin.
Night after night I would lie
awake all night and scratch and
aimntt rrr wih 1 I lirnrr1 of f'lITT-
ciira Remedies, rot them and
FOR 14 cents:
we wish to gain thin rear aayat
Qatr mnit K .m. .SL.
J li'-.P" Urden Beef, ice
1 " LaCroaoeSfarketLattiiea-T.
": ""lrr iioi
" l!DyRdib,
" Kir! j Ripe Cabba
m . .rr !!"
wtr invioo, AM
I Z KM'rBinn'rOnioli? too
3 " Brilliant Flower Scada, Ua
Warta 1.QQ, Tor It eaata, a
Aborelo Pica, wcrth LOS.wawi'l
Bill tos trtC. tOBIthmrH.tZZhl
treat Catalog, telliaa ail abafc
rTeatva;aior,teIIiBa?allaea Z
itarnDs. We InTiw.wnn....Jl??t W
snow ween joa ooe try SaV7
mecdm Ton mil n. HfT!?."
'aae phmo. .i..rV-ivao-
est earllesVroBMto Giaat on artaTwET
mu a. tuzn acta n i AS2:. Jl
..& . . -" ""' ?
Bears the J t
Signature XAxt
tv Jr ln
MaT "S6
v For Over
I laW
' '7
1 1
1 ibI
-. -"V