The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, January 06, 1897, Image 3

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iBWUn anas WBBBHBVc aaanw bb ana
C MewM -"Freight J AceoaaodariflB. 405 p. a
"ai5 except Batorday
140 p. a
iTlanti-"- 740. a
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Fart &..... OSp.m
Or. IsTLocal. HIM
-" 2:1 P. a
,,m Feet Mail. entries paesaBgecu- for
jfrfiVV O&a mt at' MS . nL ar-
.Trim Minn to uehayler. Fraaoaj. Valley
a3 dZKt east at 2:15 p. a.
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gtaetg JfffietM.
aAll aotkw aader thU aeadiac wUl be
LEBAHON'IiODGE No. 58, A. F. A. V.
aSST AU bwtlirw. lavited to attend
J. D. 8nut. W. M.
W.B.Noramxx.See'j. ib
aeeta iimanaj tiiiima' " ""
week at their hall oa TMrteaatb
tMt Viaitiac bretbram eordially
favftad. 1 W'iSWitIi,JiV;
W. B. Notbtpm. Bac'y. gjaaW-tf
w taeWorid. aeeta every aasoad aadfoarth
. .- ti -, .ft n m at B nf P.
Hall, Eleveath atteot. Begnlar attaadaace U
very eVairable. aad all viMtin brethrea are eor
diaUyiavited to aest with oa. Jaa2s-B
Haiato hold recalar aervioea avary Saaday
at p. au, prayer aeetiaa oa Wedaeaday eTaaia
at thair ebapel, ooraerotNorth atreet aad Pacifc
Avaaaa. AUareoordially invited.
aBsaBaaaaBn r-aBBaaBBBBBa
- uwlKr ajaer a. . nwnu. rraHinw.
. . ' 'riCTMAN KKyORMED CKDRCH.-8aadav
" School at 940 a. a. Church every Saaday
. at MOa. a. Christian Endeavor at 7J0 p. a.
Ladiee Aid 8ocety every first Tharadaym the
, , aoBthatthechnrch. ltnov -
Library Lamps
EOklil MM I MS.
Go to Strauss for the best photos.
Fine job work done at The Jouknaii
David Carrig was snow bound here
Apples $1.60 per barrel at A. B.
Centner's. 1
Dr. Naumann, dentist, Thirteenth
atreet. tf
Mayor Si-eice was on the sick list
Dr. T. B. Clark, Olive street. In
oftoe at nights.
All kinds of goods for sale at the
second-hand store, tf
. If yon want a photo that will do you
justice go to Strauss. 2-tf
Four inches of snow fell here Sun
day and Sunday night.
Superintendent WilliamB was sick
bed two days last week.
Henry Schwartz was also snow
bound .in the city Monday.
Drs. Martyn, Evans & Geer, office
three doors north of Friedhofs store, tf
Fancy New York apples per barrel
or bushel at Herman Oehlrich & Bro's.
DhL. C. Voss and C. F. O. Mieaskr,
Homeopathic phy8icians,Columbus,Neb.
Senator Allen passed through the
' city Sunday on his way to Washington
Holiday Good
&fev i-..,'.- Born, Tuesday, DeeJSHb, to Mrs.
Ik M ' ' TiM TOfitli . a dftirhtAr- Wfliffht 12
aaj II grmvmm wj -m "" ' mM
William Irwin of West Hill, Platte
county, has been granted an increase of
The loss of the manures on the
farm is the straight road to the Iocs of
Thinking well is wise, planning
well is wiser, doing well is wisest and
bast of all."
Misnon Lucy Cross and Muzetta
. Wheeler visited the Duncan school last
Try a pound of my 30c coffee. It
will please you.
tf A. B. Cba-Ver.
'. ..Monday was a good day for iavoio
iag, and several of our merchants were
. thus engaged.
Hog ckolera is making great deras-
.tation near Dunbar. Some farmers have
lost over lOO-hesd.
! Hon. Jack MaeColl was in the city
''"Saturday. Ha still retains his landed
interests w this county.
Hamry Clayburn came into town
Saturday, ooamiag down in a wagon, slow
tra vetis aaci a roagn noe.
a host of workers on the
tracks yesterday morning in the
aajjght, after the storm.
KO'am.wre eaioTing the snow
d taaaccoaapaoyiag wiad, away south
ittt C mb ttay had torrents of rain.
jijjaj your orders for job-work to
Ihitsalnr Satatactkm guaranteed, aad
wa piewptly done, as agreed mpon.
J. D. Pulis, pastor.
10, 11 a. at, 7 M p. m.
TtiT&li?S'itf Jrjf"ci-'
&&&iJSi-.-&j!Sr ,
is stall iai
his hosts of
see hist fully
Thetersasof the
the Sixth judicial district hav
tied at Harch 1, April 36, Ssptaahsr Ml
The case of Miss Matilda Distrieh
a. Oeorge flauth of Shsl Jy was amia
eoatiaued, froai Friday last, thirty days.
r Always oa haad, Ball Coarad Jc
Oa's fresh
not able
lad a train Saaday, storting at Daaasji
the estra freight was ordered to atop
Mr. aad Mrs C. J. Garlow gave a
party to a few frisads Friday wtimimg
Jor Mr. aad Mia. M. J. Garlow of Otmad
lalaad. ,
Tat paper at Mrs. J. N. Hsatar of
this city, read at the faYawta' institute,
8t. Edward, was, with e other, ordered
Subscribe lot Tmk Jovbx al aay
day. Fifiy ceuta will get you the psater
fortheaext three mouths, 1LS0 for the
next year.
It wss just about aa old fashioned
"Uiusrd," exeef as to the Uawt.
The aaow was slriftsd ia plaeai aa daap
saisaHslirr'2! 1-s?. -'.
The News aad the Journal of Fal
lertou hare cousohdatrd, with Mr.
HsstiBga aa editor good move for all
hands, bo doubt
Milt Spates, sou of 0. A.Spsio of
this city, on Monday took a position as
deputy county treasurer of Kingishsr
county, Oklahoma.
The Leora Lane dramatio company
showed here last Friday and Saturday
evenings, with a matinee Saturday after
noon, to good houses.
Rev. B. F. DhTenbaehsr of Ulyusss,
Neb will preach in the Congregational
church morning and evening January
10, "97, in exchange with Bev. Rogers.
For sale, two thoroughbred Berk
shire boars. Will sell at reasonable
prices. Call on Joseph Hauser. half
mile east of Clear Creek Boiler Mills. 2
E. J. Ernst was ia David City one
day last week on business. He met
while there an old-time resident of Co
lumbus, Mr. Heintaman, who is living
The blizzard was pretty "local" for
a fact Its extant was 400 miles north
and south and 600 east and west as
reported fromTthe "locality" of St Paul,
Miss Eulalia Biokly gave a reception
Friday evening at her home for the
Cecilian club, after the concert in honor
of the musicians who took part in the
Bev. and Mm. Mickel entertained
the young people of the Methodist
church Thursday evening at a New
Tear's party. A delightful evening was
enjoyed by alL
Now is the time to subscribe for The
Columbus Journal and the Lincoln
Journal, semi-weekly, both for 32.15 a
year. Three papers a week at a cost of
less than 4 cents a week.
A heavy rain on Thursday in Kan
sas lasted until Saturday, when a heavy
snow-storm set in, piling snow in drifts
four to six feet deep; so that the storm
was not "local" even to Nebraska.
C. J. Kennedy, an old resident and
business man of St Edward, died at his
residence there last Tuesday. He had
been engaged for many years in the fur
niture and undertaking business.
The school board Monday transact
ed no business, except to meet and
adjourn to Thursday at 4 o'clock, there
not being a quorum present for the
transaction of any other business.
"Most of us, instead of fixing our
minds upon the good things that Provi
dence has provided, fix them upon the
evil things that man has produced. This
is what makes so many unhappy."
Scarcely anyone will dispute that
women comprise two-thirds the church
members of the United States, but isn't
it a little surprising that they constitute
only one-thirteenth of the criminals?
It was snowing in the west Friday
and there, was a change of temperature
here between Friday and Saturday of SO
degrees. The roads Saturday were what
might be called "rocky," frozen mud.
Misses Rose and Emma Kinsle have
opened a dross milr.g establishment in
rooms over Boettcher's hardware store,
and respectfully ask the .patronage of
the ladies of the city. Frjoes. reasonable.
Ous Schroeder, jr., retained Mon
day evening from Texas, accompanied
by hia father, Charles Schroeder. The
young man has been in Colorado, New
Mexico, California andiTafM .seeking
health. tVlrsSk.
The pulpit at the Episcopal church
will be occupied next Sunday morning
by Bev. Mackay of Omaha and Bev.
Hewittson of Norfolk in the evening.
Bar. Brown will preach at Norfolk and
If anything in the way of a new
enterprise ia desirable, don't wait for
outside capital and outside people to
make the move, bat let those cf like
interests get together, aad secure what
they need.
"The foundation ef 4ciety is the
home. Whatever tends to prevent the
making of homes, and tomake man and
women averse to the responsibilities of
family life, is hostile to the best interests
of society."
The Firemen's mask ball last Thurs
day night at the opera house was well
patronized. There were not so many
maskers aa usual, but the number of
spectators was suftoisnt tomake'the net
proceeds about $90.
Our old neighbor, J. H. Bead, now
of Riverside, California, we notice is
taking the same kind of interest in
matters pertaining to the publio welfare,
and especially of the
ty, that he used to do
Articles in the Household are copy
righted, but we can be allowed to aay
that people who habitually worry will
find something of great interest to them
ia the Houmhold of January, ia am arti-
cla oa "Haw Worry Affects our
QanWBB, as aaBMaaa,
War, a werkft fall eff am, aal ae to assvan,
of JesephP.
- , z
m that we eau furaiah to
the CUeace Weekly later
paid ia advance, at L7i tf
-The sady fault w lad with
if, mm - "-- m- - ji n
is thua I do not know; I oaly euss
ss, Aad if IrighUyaader-
"hoad" iaatsai of
was the eity Saturday. He is
of the Ugalature, aad wfll
of three
the fact that ha ia
to both iaterests at
last, bat
to Friday
rasmntisg aay
It m expected that the
the railroad tracks
wfll be the ataia subject for diseoesioa
-The Sunday traia for Norfolk, alsb
for Albion, didnt go out from hare uatil
ow plows haviag
aaat out Monday to eleei
day didat raaoh David Qty, and re
turned to thm sad of the Uae.
The Nsbrasks Veteran appsara far
brother, sr, editor. It ia a aaat publi-
eatica aad will be found a fighter for the
veterans yst tarrying on this side.
Leonard Johnson of Octavia has
beea delivering chicory at Linwood,aad
besides has siloed about a huadred tons.
He has. aa acre that is still ia the
ground.. Ten tons an acre was about
the yield this year, which netted $7.50 a
toa a pretty good crop to raise, it
The history clnb were entertained
last Wednesday evening at the residence
of L. Gerrard for a New Year's celebra
tion. An impromptu projram was given
one present was called on to do
something. Befreahmenta were served
and games played, all enjoying the even
ing immensely.
To the business men of Platte coun
ty and central Nebraska: The very beat
materiab, the neatest work and the
promptest attention, given to all orders
for job printing. Dont imagine fora
moment that Thk Journal cannot please
you in goods, work or price. See us
before placing your orders.
The Telegram is authority for saying
that Prof. Leavy, principal of the First
ward school, is a mighty nimrod, having
bagged seventeen rabbits last Monday.
We knew that Mr. Leavy was good at
teaching the young idea how to shoot
but we didn!t know there were so many
rabbits in this neighborhood.
A conoert was given Friday evening
at the Congregational church under the
auspices of the Cecilian club, Prof.
Movius, Hadley and Lamprecht of Lin
coln and Miss Myrtle Coon of Omaha
and Mrs. Brown of this city giving the
program. The limited number present
was due, doubtless, to the inclement
The Leora Lane Co. will appear at
the opera house again to-night Tuesday,
being snowbound and unable to get out
of town. They put on their beat comedy
drama entitled "By Wits Outwitted," in
three acts, interspersed with specisltieB
by Little Winnie and other members of
the company. Price 10 cents any seat in
the house. Everybody go.
As a sample of what can be done
under irrigation in Nebraska comes
Carsten Traeken at Loup City. He has
gathered from sixty acres of irrigated
land, and didnt get the water on it
until August 10, 5,000 bushels of corn.
Some of the tract produced 100 bushels
to the acre. He thinks he will get an
average of 100 bushels next year.
The annual meeting of the Nebraska
beet sugar association is to be held at
Hastings, Feb. 2 and 3. Reduced rates
on railroad lines. Among the objects of
the meeting is to devise ways and means
for securing additional sugar factories,
so that farmers disposed to diversify
their products by the means of sugar
beet culture, will have a market for them.
Commander J. H. Culver of the
Grand Army has sent to each post in
the state a blank report for the purpose
of obtaining the number of orphans,
widows, soldiers and families of soldiers
that are now needing or will require aid
during the coming winter. Looking
after those that need help is among the
first duties not only of the Grand Army
but of the community at large.
An accident happened to one of the
side bars on Wm. Allan's engine. Tues
day night while coming down the hill
from Pilot Knob. A side bar sprung out
of line some four or five inches, but a
little thing like that doesnt atop BUI
Allen's "old giri." He took off both side
bars from the tear drive wheels and run
her light on "two lags," so to speak, to
Columbus. Madison Chronicle.
There is no doubt but that great
storms of wind generate an unusual
amount of electricity, and this may be
one of the causes of the peculiar exhila
ration noticeable in a blizzard. There
surely must be some unusual chemical
condition when a man could truthfully
say: "Well, when I went out this morn
ing and felt the old-time buzzard, it
seemed like meeting and greeting a
long-lost friend."
Wa have among our curios a sample
of cotton raised in this city this season
by William TyrreL It is a companion
specimen with some raised here ia 1870
by J. D. Brewer. We dont know of any
one claiming Nebraska aa a cotton-grow
ing state for profit and yet there maybe
varieties of the plant that might do
fairly "well here in a favorable
One thing ia sure, aad that is
manufacture the product ia fiaa shape.
The iacorporstioa of a beet sugar
company has beea perfected at Fremont
the signers being: Nils Johnson, L. P.
Richards, L. M. Keene, B. W. Reynolds,
R. a Schneider, W. H. Hunger and Wil
liam Ruwe. It is not the expectation of
the company to furnish' the money to
a factory and carry on the busi-
but to be in readiness to
the co-operation ef
em wUBPBf aUswaJ$ iBw"a"av aaBBBrap fjaBBaw eMaMaaaaBj
give hia suhaerihan
One fate far the rouud 'trip froaval'f saM:ws m-Li
poiato .ia Nrtwaars, account Iaaagura 'iMOTW "'
of StaUOBBcers, and Stato Sflvar
CoavaatioB. ' - w
Tieketoon sale January 4 to , 1887,
The TJaioa Pacute ia the
bureau at Washington
for Moadav last ia
Nebraska: "Generally fair, preceded by
local snows; colder in wsstern portion;
asrthsrly winds." Of bourse, there ia a
vary wide latitude of neaning to the
wards "aneraifr", aad "local," and the
aurgin, like the robe of charity, amy be
aaaUaat to hide a host of delinquencies.
Wo cam eotactde, however, with one of
the particular features of the weather
on Monday lot, the wiadsujare north
erly. ;
Saaday and Monday you 'could ass
oat in the storm ia all kmda oc
Most of them had strings of
sort around thair pants legs over
the shoe tops; some had on woolen
hoods under the ordinary' caps; those
who had capes to their overcoats put
them, over the head and toward the
front as a protection against the .wind,
1, earned an nmnreua,
ha said was a very' aood witfdVt
..... - . ..- .... ,51
Dreax, aera ciose, ana rair against um
of Norfolk lost by lie
last week tbemost of
fire it is at preseat wrapped ia mystery;
but it is thought that some of the em
ployes must have neglected to put out a
lamp in the basement which either up
set or bunted. At 9:20 when jMr.
Schurtz and his men left the store and
locked up, everything was apparently,
all right
Oa Sunday night the barber estab
lishment of Zinnecker A Watte was
entered from the rear, a storm door
being pried loose with a bar, and then
the inside door evidently wrenched from
its place by the same implement (Noth
ing was taken except 27 razors. 3 clip
pers, and one pair of shears. Three
razors were, by order, kept in the safe,
and so were not touched. A complete
new outfit was immediately put in by
the proprietors, who are doing first-class
work, just as always.
The following have been selected to.
represent Platto county at the Free Sil
ver conference to be held at Lincoln,
today, Wednesday: Delegates at large
John M. Gondring, O. 8. Moran and
W. S. Hyatt; delegates J. S. Freeman,
J. J. Sullivan, John Kelly, Henry Lub-
ker, W. Saunders, C. H. Swallow, & L.
McCoy, J. C. Byrnes, Chris. Grunther;
alternates C A. Beardaley, D. L. Bruen,
G. W. PhilUps, V. H. Weaver, B. P.
Duffy, J. P. Johnson, Leander Gerrard,
W. H. VanAIstine and Saml. Fleming.
The Telegram has this to say of the
proposed convention here, spoken of in
last week's Journal: "Mr. .Fort's idea
is that the people should not wait for
capital to come into the state .by way of.
the trans-Mississippi exposition, or by,
any other route, but should buckle in
and start up factories here and there
through co-operation between the farm
ers and town business men. Mr.JVjrt is
a gentleman of great ability and energy,
and when he tackles an enterprise be
never lets up till something comes of it.
If the convention is held here, the peo
ple of Columbus will see to it that our
visitors are properly cared for."
Cooperative institutions of different
kinds are the order of- the day, and .the
idea seems to be taking a new hold upon
the general public. The Seward -Reporter
contains the following paragraph:
"Prospects for the mutual fire insurance
association are improving rapidly. A
large number of members have been
added during the past week, and more
names are being put on the list daily.
All the towns in the county will have
been visited by the close of this week,
and all will be represented in the organ
ization. Notice of the first annual
meeting will be issued very soon, as the
meeting will be held as early in January
as possible. Official notice' of the date
of the meeting will be sent to each
The Seward Blade gives an account
of a jeweler named Holbrook who it
seems has been guilty of receiving
watches to mend, and then pawning
them with Sam Adler, a pawnbroker of
Lincoln. In speaking of the matter, the
Blade further says: "There has been
much complaint against Adler about the
manner in which he conducts bis busi
ness, much stolen property being found'
in his shop which he never reported to
the authorities as required by law, and J
County Attorneys Thomas and Collins
propose to make it warm for him. He
was warned some time ago not to receive
any more watches from Holbrook, but
he goes right along doing business his
own way. People who find their stolen
property in Lincoln experience a good
deal of trouble in getting it again, on
account of the peculiar methods of the
police, who seem to want to bleed every
body all they will stand before recover
ing their property."
The public school system will not
accomplish all it ought until some way
can be provided for the attendance of
all children of school age that are phys
ically capable of doing so. As it is now,
there are thousands of boys, even in Ne
braska, saying nothing about the great
centers of dense population, who are
growing up without the advantages
which come to those who attend the
public schools and who are faithfully
working to prepare themselves for the
duties of life. Many of these thousands
seem to be deprived of . school, privi
leges through no fault of their own, but
doubtless there are very many of them
for whom, with an extra effort on the
part of parents, guardians or the publio
authorities, a way might be made to
assure their attendance on the free, pub
lio schools. It is a difficult problem.
The state superintendent of New York
proposes a state truant school, "a school
which will inspire rather than coerce:
but coerce just the same." In any sort
of bettering the weak places- must be
strengthened, aad, as wa said, the public
free school will not accomplish its de
sign until provaioa has been made for
Tuesday tight
awsis. BStisaa. Stfc saajaaaamla$atj
MS.tvWKav n
a - .. .. -
left 8aemy list far
mam fWumt aaja-nBauan)
mB, Waffat IVaaBaffaVal aPaTvVKaPl
' "' -Weatfeep Keaart.
'-' Beview of theweatner near Genoa
the month of December, 1896.
MeaBteaparatareof the month SUJ
Man do aaaeaonth last year 27.73
Ujayiyteap8ratiireon2ad 57
SkA7vTa w UO ana lv
eBnuj laajjsj ' H
a saaaT ".bbstb c . V
vMJVMlX Bauajav 11
Waal (aalMBj - 9v
UtoCB VviavtaVllBaTah,. .a., 1
aiftim or ffeBov fell darioK portions of days 2
TaWiM of Taiafallor laslted mow OS7
" SBrflO aaO AaVSw rtKFw U19
OraatflataRHmatia2thonraiBchea 0.22
AaiBBaBB) (at BBBjOpy ULR"
W Abbbj yXtr a l3sj
Aaoant of rain for the year-iaehea 2&8S
Normal aaonnt for 2D ream M.31
Aaoant of enow for the year inches 1AJ0
Prevailing winds a to N.W. by W.
Very fine aurora on the 3d.
Fogs on 7th, 13th, 14th, 29th, 30th.
Lunar coronas 8th, 9th.
The last grand leap year ball of the
year and for several years to come took
place last Tuesday night at- the Maen-
nerchor halt The hall had been beauti
fully decorated with mistletoe and holly,
each' corner of the half being furnished
with divans and rugs. The stage was
decorated with piano lamps and the
whole, effect gave one the idea that all
was purely done by the fair sex, every
thing being so dainty and tasteful.
Every lady escorted her gentleman
friend there in a carriage, was met at the
door by two colored ''boy waiters (we
might insert here that these two boys
were white if they had washed their
faces.) The gentlemen had a neat dress
ing room fitted up with mirrors and all
necessary articles to make a toilet. One
rule of .the evening carried out was that
no gentleman, should cross the floor
unattended by a lady, and when the
dear boys" wanted a drink of water,
even, tnc ladies attended them in the
most gallant manner. The ladies wore
full evening dress and all were of light
colors.. The Italian orchestra of Omaha
furnished beautiful music for the danc
ers, about forty in number. No doubt
the' gentlemen wish leap year came
oftener, for they were certainly enter
tained in royal style.
Coanty Snperviwrs.
Coltobtjs, December 28, 1896.
The board of Supervisor met at 2 o'clock p. m.
porsoant to adjournment, Hon. John Wiggins in
chair, E. Pohl, clerk. Present at roll call,
Becber, Bender, Lisco, Mofiett, Olson, Rolf and
Mr. Chairman. Minntes from Nov. 7th were
.read and on motion approved.
Then Mr. Conrad Fnchs, town clerk of Humph
rey township appeared before the board stating
that he waa appointed a committee of one to ex
plain a certain resolution adopted at the annual
meeting by voters of Humphrey township, April
4th, 1998. On motion by Snp'r. Bender, action
waa laid over until December 29th, 1896, at 2
o'clock p. mi
A communication of Paul Hoppen was now
read in regard to taxes and on motion it was
referred to the committee on claims.
An affidavit of Ed. Perrenoud was read stating
that a certain county warrant of $6.10 received
by him was lost, and asking for a duplicate. On
motion of Sup'r. Olson this matter was referred
to committee on claims.
A communication of John A. Graham was
read asking the board for pay trying to take care
of August Hedrich, an insane person. On
motion it waa referred to committee on claims.
Coaaanication of John Kyle asking the board
to transfer $50.00 from road and bridge fund into
the general fund of Loup township waa read and
oa motion referred to committee on claims.
J. PV Johnson, a trustee of the relief fund,
appeared before the board asking for more infor
mation regarding the statement asked by the
board Nov. 7th,.to be filed Dec.23th.189J. Mov
ed by Sap'r. Olson to give the trustees time until
10 o'clock, Dec. 29, 1698, to report. Carried.
Wmi Rimers communication stating that he
lost a eoanty warrant of $11.00 and asking for a
duplicate waa read and on motion referred to the
committee oa claims.
School 'Superintendent M. M. Rothieitner's
report aras read showing money received $5.50
axpeaded $5.99 on hand SO cents. Ordered the
report bs placed on file.
The board took recess until 9 o'clock a. m.,
- ' - DBOZXBXB29.1898.
Boaril of supervisors met pursuant to adjoura
mont it 9 o'clock a. m. Hon. John Wiggins
caurnaa, K. Pohl clerk. At roll call were pres
ent Becher, Bender, Lisco, Moffett, Olson, Bolf
and Mr. Chairman.
The board then took a rece&j for committee
Board called to order and on motion adjourned
to 130 p. a. '"
Pursuant to adjournment the board convened
atr lap. btu. Hob. John Wiggins, chairman. E.
Pohl,elerk. At roll call present Becher. Bender,
Lisco, MosTet, Olsoa. Bolf aad Mr. Chairman,
Sap'r. Bolf on reqneU took the chair.
Then Coarad Faces appeared before the board.
On request ha read the following resolution
passed by the town board of Humphrey town
ship, to-wit:
Resolved by the board of Humphrey township
that the road overseers are hereby instructed and
empowered to buy lumber to build and repair
bridges and to bay the laabor where it can be
naatne aoat convenient.
Fanner the board of Humphrey township re
serves the right to keep in repair and build all
Bcceaary bridges not to exceed $100.00 for any
one bridge and to let contracts to build and re
pair bridges ia said township. Be it further
Resolved, IX the supervisor's presence is neces
sary to keep ia repair and build bridges in Hura
phrey township he shall be notified by the town
board. The clerk is hereby instructed to notify
Sap'r. Bender in regard to these resolutions.
Adopted in full.
After debatfag, the board gave Mr. Fucha to
aaduuifsarl that a town board baa not the right
to go against the laws laid down in the statutes
of Nebraska aad aovad by Sap'r. Olson the town
board .of Humphrey be requested to reconsider
the above reaolntJoB next Tuesday and send a
oopyof their action to the board of supervisors.
John Wiggina in chair.
the trustees oa relief fana
mt x&t i'z
''BBP&J$Wi..,a't 1: ij - - J
t ..UBK.aWi:n. .naNi nmaa
at Iggiiil.-ss".
cMpiixlBfaaJPJBalay; bar lMNaavia
fafaaTr aia faaiaJitf-
Mjaaa? Mas,
v Ba vrv 'ClaaXi 'ai wBm m
-aBBBrjaar vaaaww em Bran saaa
seiismiaCi't' CL J. Clarlow aad
lilglillMsBd Miss Mas BUtgea, ral
'jSm'f1-J0mcUA for
'aaBBBBfcTaaT v??V- '- ,TTV'
Imskw" te OJisjn
azhaBBBBCiiJi--i--'-Cii. - -" 'rm aaan
BBBB" S&Ul i it-B w
jaUHBataafc;aJIjaa!id..,i.. "CM By.
iaiBBBBBBBaBjsaa.aBas.i.i.irfiV.i SD U
-tajK&vft- w. -'..-. j. ." a-, ftal bbA
--& J- aMit rSIWCi ! lat li laait Oa- r- -
"l-aBBBBBBBBBBBL aatl . "' ".aBaT5 - - - ' aBBB aan
ft Off Maff , f i ifuvr ; ? - -
-- T - 1 m mv 1 1- -
k&L'? i' r .-SrSf-CSli
le sw heat adv
. Pahl
At iat
I Mr.
lat $ a'efeek
hair. JC. Faal
, to wit:
To Ma
eaf aha
at haad we
ia to
to that
that this
ia the
of Platte as
to wit:
TaaawK aad wj( aa U aatioa a. town
waaBlaaB. -
Wa i
as h nnaihln lBaadashoald ha ha
tha acre tar the aw et tta and aad by aa weak
far the earn of uwaaapaa,aad saonld he filed
with the coaaty clerk ok or before Janaary 15th,
Thesaeesafal bidder will bereqaired tofar
nish a good bond ia Uw ana of tthmw f or the
faithful parfonaaaca of the contract.
Theraaterwill ba entitled tosoch sarrica aa
can be masnaihly perforaed by the paapars.
The board roarva the right to reject aay or
all bid.
Joax MomcTT,
If . A. tSBCHXB.
Oa motion of Sap'r Becher. adopted.
Oa aotioa the board took recess antil9o'clock
a. a., Dec. SI, ISM.
Dbobxbxb 31. 18M.
Board of sapervieors of Platta county recon
vened at 9 o'clock, a. a. HonJohn Wiagina ia
chair, R. Pohl, clerk. Preseat at roll call, Bapra.
Becher. Bandar. Lisco, Mofiett. Olsoa. Rolf aad
Mr. Chairaan. i
Now oa raonaaaadatioi. of the respective
supervisors the followiag bonds ware approved
by the board, to-wit:
A. HanaaB. collector Joliet twp
neary a
Jacob G
Theodore Weak.
John W. Bender,
Martaia Mosaa.
J. P. Helbaah, '
J. W. Schare.
Williaa Pinaoa,
Pater Baal,
St. Bernard H
Grand Prairie"
Barrows "
Lost Creek "
J. F. HeUasea, traaaarer Grand Prairie town
ship. Theodore Weak, treasurer Saeraaa town
ship. J. F. Schare, treasurer Barrows township.
Henry Enrle, treasurer Colaabus township.
John W. Bender, treasarer Uaaphrey town
ship. Williaa Pinaoa, treasurer Lest Creek town
ship. A. Hanson, treasurer Joliet township.
Jacob Gerber, treasarer Butler township.
Joseph Lachalt, treasarer Humphrey town
ship. Peter Buhl, treasurer Walker township.
J. F. Stents, treasarer Shell Creek township.
John SwansoB, justice of the peace Walker
John Walker, justice of the peace Granville
Williaa J. Leosehen, assessor Grand Prairie
D. T. Dickenson, assessor Granville township.
H. C. Neimeyer, assessor St. Bernard township.
D. B. Roberts, assessor Shell Creek township. ,
Ed Leuschen; assessor Sherman township.
George Scheldel, assessor Lost Creek township.
F. F. Clark, assessor Humphrey township.
W. C. Jackson, assessor Creston township.
J. G. Kummer, assessor Loup township.
Slebert Helbel, assessor Bisatark towasbip.
Joseph Cblopek, assessor Butler township.
John Gran, assessor city of Columbus.
Andrew Leas, assessor Burrows township.
Peter C. Peterson, clerk Joliet township.
J. B, Keith, clerk Woodville township.
John Staab, clerk Sherman township.
Conrad Fuchs, clerk Humphrey township.
W "H. Dean, clerk Creston township.
Henry W. Schulte, clerk Granville township.
George Hengeler, clerk Blsmark township.
Fred Blessen, clerk Shell Creek township.
Robert Pinson, clerk Lost Creek township.
X. C. Peterson, clerk Walker township.
Math. J. Samackers, clerk SL Bernard township.
Peter Kozlowski, clerk Butler township.
John Powers, clerk Columbus township.
Frank Krzycki, road overseer Dist. No. , Oh
Iumbus township.
W. H. Randall, road overseer Dist. No. 25, Co
lumbus township.
John Held, road overseer Dist No. 47, BIsaark
John Bee, Sr, road overseer Dist. No. , Bls
mark township.
Wendellen Branner, road overseer Dist. No. 36,
Sherman township.
Carl Roche, road overseer Dist. No. , Shermaa
John Vonbergen, road overseer Dist. No. 29,
Grand Prairie township.
Michael Weber, road overseer Dist. No. 45,
Grand Prairie township.
Jacob Laua, road overseer Dist. No. SG, Shell
F. Meyer, road overseer Dist. No. 23, Shell
Max Gottberg, road overseer Dist, No. 57, Shell
Joseph Fromel. road overseer Dist. No. 39,
Humphrey township.
G. M. Maulmann, road overseer Dist. No. 40,
Humphrey township.
W. A. AMerson, road overseer Dist. No. 3,
Humphrey township.
Joseph NikUIseek, road overseer Dist No. 33,
Butler towashrp.
Herman Gerber, read overseer, Dist. No. 10.
Butler towasbip.
Peter Lis, road overseer Dist No. 58, Loup towa
sbip. Mike Rush road overseer Dist. No. .Loup
Charlie Scatter, road overseer DUC No. 12,
Lat Creek township.
Gerhard Groaenthal, road tverseer Dist. No. 8
Lost Creek township.
Charles Gllaes, road overseer District No. 52,
Lost Creek township.
John Fastaow, read ovarsecr Dist. No. IS, Bar
rows township.
Peter Ripp, road overseer Dist. No. 55, Burrows
township. ,
F. 8. German, road overseer Disc No. 32. Bur
rows towasbip.
DavM B. Foiliott, road overseer Dbt. 54, Bur
rows. Bernard Ottorpohl, road overseer Dist. 34, Gran
ville township.
Joseph ScBoennoehl, road overseer Dbt. 38,
James McDeraott. road overseer Disc 37,
B. M. Walker, road overseer Obc. 42, Moaroe
Peter Ceder, road overseer Dbt. 6. Monroe
Fred Anderson, road overseer Dbt. , Moaroe
Martin S. Wagner, read overseer Dist 7, St. Ber
nard township.
J. W. Palm, road overseer DbC , Woodville
John P. Anderson, road overseer Dbt 5, Walk
er towashlp.
Christian Chriatlaasen, road overseer Dbt. 51,
Walker township.
After that the resignation of Coanty Attorney
John M. Goadrieg was read and on station ac
cepted. Motion by Supervisor Rolf: That the chairman
shall appoint a committee to investigate the
books of the csuaty treasurer and the lee nooks of
the county clerk, sacrls, clerk of the district
court aad county jadge. Motion carried.
The chairaan appelated aa committee oa treas
arsr'sosTe.SuavtTborsOboB, Becher aad Wig
glae, Oa lanstdsaHag As soak, RaU.Lisee
,:'-: U
sasavai ftffiiillim Jif
-aaaanjv LaTrsnBVcjnUB- fTH.
aatBaswwaaaaaaak a.
SUcb CoonlK iaitt
nwsjsjwaap. waawarav raaa 'aarat1
- 'a v-'w-i
38 inch wife all waal
Serge, all cslata, 88c avytL.
38 inch wida
Turkey Red TaWe
en 19c a yd.
ZZ& 'Platttsp
jtouraair ri iav -c sjm a j- - -A?sjaK. at?
Bed Prints frm? ali . FtSt&SSLfmWSt
BBMsafr'aaaa'aastaaViy' -
sfl 'C JeSBT&--MrmBflB
fP?taaawaBpaa-aaay-raaaa -apaaaaraw
Give us a caH Respectfully, -
Fancy Groceries,
Eleventh Street, -
We invite you to come and see us. We regard the interests of onr
patrons as mutual with our own, so far as our dealings are concerned oar
part of the obligation being to provide and ofer
Good - Goods - at - Fair - Prices.
EVERYTHING KEPT that is expected to be found in a irst
class, up-to-date grocery store.
Farm Loans,
And Insurance..
Moffat and Render.
On motion the board tooka recess until 130 p.
4, Dkcxmbkb 31, 1896.
Board of supervisors convened at 1:30 p. a..
Hon. John Wiggins in the chair, E. Pohl, clerk.
Roll call, all members present.
The resolution of Supervisor Olsoa was read and
on motion adopted, to-wit:
We, your committee appointed to examine the
statement of the trustees of the county relief
fnad, respectfully ask for further Ume, and we
recommend that J. V. Johnson. Peter Bender and
Charles Speice, trustees of the Platte county re
lief fund, be retained and permitted to collect the
balance of the seed grain notes bow ia their pos
session, and for the collection of said notes they
be allowed for their servica 10 per cent of the
amount of money collected by them on said notes,
said 10 per cen'- to be ia full for all services aad
expenses that aay be lacurred in the collection
of aid notes, and accounting therefor to Platte
county, and the collection thereof to be made la
ninety days from this date, and said trustees toll
their reports of their doings in the premises and
to account for the money collected and the un
collection of said notes at ths Irst aeeUng of the
county board after the expiration of said ninety
days, said trustees to I le their acceptance of these
terms and conditions herein with the county,
clerk. A. G. Bolt,
Nsxs Olsost,
R. Y. Lisco.
Moved by Supervisor Olson that the accentaace
of the trustees be in writiag; carried.
We hereby agree to the terms and conditions
contained ia the within resolution aad aceept the
same. Jchk P. Johxsok,
Cbas. A. Sraic,
Pins Bksdkb,
The board took raeea for committee work.
At call of the chalrmaa oa aotioa the board
adjourned until Saturday at 9 o'clock a. a., Jan
uary 2, 1897.
(CoaUaaed next week.)
We quote the following!
yard prices on hard and
Pennsylvania Hard Coals. .$10 00
Western Hard Coal 8 75
Semi-Anthracite 7 50
Bock Springs Lump 7 00
Bock Springs Nut 6 25
Canon City. 7 00
Maitland 6 25
Hanna.. 6 00
Du Quoin 5 50
Bock Springs Pea 4 50
Telephone 39. iapr7
aa r - a i- jwi-
- 5 'U "JT-. .-
S55iJ,i.-"-i! f "
fcy --V.iy- U:- - -
, I -
"-- J".- Hv3 l
'". Ve'aBaJ" iaaaW bTbbbbbbI "" ir iiwR.5
. ' v-r -. BsaBBBa .BBBBaB:- aaaraaaj x -' ; "r?i
aJB' v BBaaL' S " t 2.-.--'
fi llWn CaaB.t's Hair " "' V - " .
TsMaaaaakl -.-.- vj-3 I
SBWlJmaBjBa.ffnjaaBBl - .--s-vJ
w-i-Jtaaw ...-j..-.- -"??" I
ttJ'. T: '
r : -
I & CO.,
Real Estate
Chicago Inter Ocean and CoLVTsrairs
Joukitatj, one year, in advance $1.75. tf
gwSUUM ejpWlVgW.
..Advartiseaaata aadar ihie haad lv eaata a
liaeeach iaaartioa.
TjrjM.SCHILTZ aakea boots aad ahoeaintha
" heat styles, aad
onlr tha van kaae
baproearedinthaaarkat. U-tf
aVOurqnotationsof the markataaraohtaiaadl
Tneaday aftaraooB.aad are correct aad reliable
ww BCyPllt, ..
Shelled Cora
. t raosvoa.
- Fall and
Shoes! Shoes!
This DssertaMBt received our saost
careful attention.
Do not buss ssssagoar 20th Century
Our School Shoes are good wearers
aad fine fitters.
Our $2,$250aad $3 ladiee Fiaa Shoes
are of especial value.
Me Shoes, all qualities, at lowest
Clothing! Clothing!
We have a asost complete stock of
Clothing, made by the best manufactur
ers of the country, which means latest
style, and splendid it. We are enabled
to sell them at the vexylowest prices.
We warraat them to give the very best
of satisfaction,
Stiff' FafsatMSC " SbvS
ao sjhl styles. nasi
-:-C-BBriss-fcf-' - si
i-. .- -1.
M-tT'JS UB '- S- i 2
r.4ei; v.-w&
''-"., jfrv "us jUL- . " .-. -".,.,;
J-. T - &l
;. --"
- - ' - .&
t v J
-- ,,--, .5'. . --j -JIi-f
S..-. v
,? L
rp-:-ij& - -'
;. .
j- r -a f -
- .. rrt '
V , - -
V "-
- - iiiZiijL '