The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 14, 1895, Image 3

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Columbus gourmiL
Lvaf CMajribns.i
' ; - 1IUnm1 ,
David City...::., .
"Aitiveeat Llqcula
845 a.m.
636 "
OB "
1022 "
11-.SL. to.
3 "
10d .'
Tlie pa-Sivnrer !earM Lincoln at35i.
f!i4-LTRt CommiiBB 93S n. as: th facwit leaTea
aw";15a.m.. mndarriTW at Colamboaat
rtJHNO KT- .
Pacific Ex... .10.45 p. m
KearaerLoe'l 1:15 p. m
Limitd 5:10 p. m
Local Fr't.... 8J0a.m
:-C At IsLtir Ex. . . 7 C5 a. in
. SV.S, rwt -Mail, carri pwweacew for
" thrruiRh point f. fioin wt ut 808 n. bj., ar
. rUw at T)pnv-r 7:10 a. m. No. 4. Fart Mail car-
riw naiin, KoinK east at 1:15 p. m. No. 81,
i- freight, carries nwfer, o wert 650 a. m.
Tl frpiitht-train leavinc here at 435 pi m. cnr-
rle paftfteBgere from here to Taller.
PtMiag!t arrives from Sioux Citv 1225 p. m
" leaves for Sioux City 550p.m
Miied leajtw for Sjonx City 730a. m
, 'Mixed Xrrie ....?.... lliiiit. m
Mixed-leaven .
Mixed arrive.
250 p. m
12:15 p. m
garietg jftt'itn.
jiwAll notirea under thl
'phased at the rate of $2 a yet,
heading will be
LFlleKuUr meeting 2d -Wednesday in each
XJvukuUIi. All brethreu invited to-attend
-W -. J. II. HTUZS. W.JH.
W. B. Notkstkik, Seo'or.
WILDE LODGE No. 44, L O. O. F.,
r moot a Tuesday evening, or eacn
"ihfjr- -f., Virtin brethren cordially
-Invifpd.- W, A. WaT, N. Q.
.W. ft- Sotbsteis, Sec'y. 27jan91-tf
w thft World, meeta every second and fourth
.Thilnwlajaof the month, 7:90 p. m., at Oehlnch'e
uuii Tiiiranth fit root. 'Kttnilar tjndanco in
Tfrr 'desirable and all visiting brethren are r-
.aiBil). lnviUHi iu Binrv im ". -"-
fiaihts -hold regular services every Sunday
EVANO. PROT, CBDRCH. (fierm. llerorm.)
'Service vvep' Sanday at 10:30 a. in. Bap--.
tiMfis, marriages' and funeral sermons are con.
ductea by tlie t'astor in lite iruiau sou ejiriibu
Residence, Washington Ave. and
Eleventh streets.
. UboV-'9I
E. De Oelleh, Paifor.
at p. nt., prayer meeting en weonesoay evening
t their ohapel, corner of North street and Pacific
Avenue. All are cordially invited. -lZiulW
Elder H. Hcdsos. President. .
"J; Xew.dirung ehairs at Herrick's. IT
'I J. Hay den. Bros., Dry Goods, Omaha.
. -" For line photos go to Strauss &
Crissr tf
. Dr. Jfaumann, dentist, Thirteenth
T". street, tf ''
... Dr. T. R Clark, Olive street In
Toffice at .nights.
j, . . Born, August 12th, tor Mrs. D. M.
Doty,- a daughter.
" . Mrs; "Jftiin Huber is under the
weather these day a.
' Beturn 'envelopes at this office for
"50 cents per hundred.
-'W Dr. L.- C. Voes, Homeopathic physi
ciAhj "Columbus, Nebr.
Your picture, -any size, sbade or
style, at Straufis & Cries', tf
Born, Friday Jast, unto Mr. and
Mtf. A.. Loeb, a daughter.
August 19th, democratic -county
. convention at Humphrey.
-lit wub a pretty hot day for" cure
. Thursday, a reminder of last year.
..:Vt:--". A : Choice table butter lOcts.
pouud t Oelilrich Bro's.
. The .Episcopal Sunday School have
'. a picuicin Stevens grovp Thursday.
- E. T. Bowers, -veterinary surgeon,
J"Cwill te foupd at Abts' barn hereafter, tf
'. .AL Drs. Mart-yn, Evans & Geer, office
' .-.- "three doors north' of Friedhofs store, tf
' Go to Honaiian-'s for boots and
"" 'shoes, also repairing atlbottom prices. 2
Ladies' tan slippers $1.00 worth
'r-'-'91.25,at Hotiahan's cheapest place in
--. .- . town
the city.
itlaer on nm at ldLa
rHlnnden'Baloonl themlv ulaceVin dwe
-trn v ' .
7 l
"Ir-The property of the base ball club
is to be"' eold, debts paid, and the .club
." Mrs. Doyle of Atchison, Kas., came
'. .'.up Saturday, to attend the funeral of
.---Bert Galley goes today with .the
party of tourists for a month's outing in
i ; r Yellowstone Park.-
.A few of those bargains in baby
.S buggies left. They -are going fast.
- Fred, W. Herriek. 2t
-Frank Coffee M. Kimbrough and
" Arthur Pohl drove to Platte Center
; . 1 Sanday afternoon.
-Farm loans at lowest rates and best
.terms. .Money on band, no delay.
.- Becher,. Jaeggi Jfc Co.
H:-J. Arnold, M. D., physician and
lurgeon. lwo doors norm oi oroa-
: fuehrer's jewelry store, tf
- ' Envelopes with your return card
' printed on-them, for SO cents aJxundred
' et The JorBKAt office.
:. -. A farmer near York 'has lost four
' -head of .cattle from the effects of eating
' second -growth sorghum.
. . Rev.. Lincoln Lohr of Aurora will
preach in the' United Brethren church
'thk (Wednesday) evening.
-"-Elder. Hudson and Henry Zinnecker
will apeak in the park Sunday afternoon
"" at'the Y. Ml C. A. services.
' The Elevator Boiler Milk pay the
highest 'market price for all kinds of
grain. A. Jaeggi, Manager. 3t
: When yon "want your picture, call
a thC-down floor gallery. Satisfaction
gBaraateed. Strauss & Criss. tf
. Grace Episcopal church, Sunday
Atgast 18,-11 a. m., Character of Ba
laam; 8 p. m.,Faith and Works.
--Bring in your pictures to be framed ;
'we have a fine line, of new mouldings
' and some nice pictures. . Herriek. ' 2
"- --Bring' your orders -for job-work to
thkofke. Satisfaction guaranteed, and
wosk promptly done, aa agreed upon..
Mrs. Milt Spaiee left Friday for
Omaha, where she goes to have her
.'young daughter treated for an injury.
George- Whaley returned home San-
.day from Colorado Springs, where he
. .had been attending the Summer Noraaal.
MiC.M. a Baid and faauly left
Taesdaroraiag for Nebraska Gety,
- futaxe hcase. David City
We give all the.atw of tk
for only $L50 a year. Gome in
Elevator Boiler Milk hare
remodeled and make the beat
flow. 'A.JaejrjrLMananr. St
The Ceeilian society will meet with
Mies Clara Lehmaa at the Thwatea
hotel next Monday evening.
Chrk. 8mith, who aaa been clerk
ing at Galley's atore the pact two yeare,
haa accepted a position with H. Bagatz
Wiggins & 'Lewie boaght of Okott
Bros, and shipped to Omaha thirty of
the finest steers that ever came tothk
Mrs. Cramer and Mks Clara Weaver
returned Saturday from Lincoln, where
they have, been studying at the Uni'
1-LoeWa lady's blkk eaaeMween
CTH. BeioWs reaidenced the aWho
lieachooL nhder, pleaseNaave itVn
Jourkai. office.
.There is talk of challenging the
ladies' ball club of David City to play
'games here on the first and second day
of the county fair.
Lou Hendryz of the firm of Hen
dryx, Adams k Hendryx of Monroe was
married August 3d to Mks Harriett
Thurston of Genoa.
Aug. Wekshand gave The Joubkatj
office a pleasant call Saturday. He
.thinks the rain of Friday will help along
the corn in fine shape.
In addition to the reduced, prices
'ered by us, we will give an admission
ticket to the county fair with every pur
chase of $2.50. F. H. Lamb Co. tf
The Cyolone base ball club of Co
lumbus played the Platte' Center clnb
af Platte 'Center Sunday afternoon aad
were defeated by a score of 19 to 10.
Mrs. J. E, Ernst has been in Omaha
all summer under- a physician's care.
Miss Lillie went down Monday to visit
with her mother and to return with her.
Drop a card or call at the wind-mill
factory if you wish umbrellas or para
som repaired on short notice at the fur
niture and upholstery shop. A. P.
Biel. tf. .
T"YWhy use expensive flour and. meal,
I vnen, you at the same prices can get the
I superior -grades manufactured by the
Elevator Boiler Mills? A. Jaeggi, Man
acrer. 3t
fl Becher, Jaeggi St Co. insure baild
I Ings and persopal property against fire,
I lightning and cyclones, in good and
reliable -companies at lowest current
rates, tf
Bev. Worley of Albion- will preach
next Sunday, morning and evening, at
the Methodist church. All invited to
attend. Bev. Bross goes to Albion for
the day.
The papers in the southern part of
the state say that recent rains they have
had are bound to help the late corn,
though much of it was already past re
demption. Clark Gray returned Wednesday
from Omaha, where he had been under
treatment of a physician the past three
weeks, and we are glad to know is much
The water commissioner says that
there are so many people using water
after.honrs at night that it, k becoming
'dangerous. A stop must be put toit in
some shape.
Warwick Saunders, G. W. Phillips,
Gua Falbaum, Gus. Speico and O. C.
Shannon were Humphrey visitors Fri
day and Saturday, presumably intent
on nublic interests.
liirhrough an error we have a double
pwrtion of lounges .and couches. In
order to. move them quick, we have
some special prices on them. Call and
see them. 'Herriek. 2
The Humphrey Democrat predicta
a very interesting time at the demo
cratic county convention .there next
Monday. It will be a question between
the outs and the ins.
Fob Sale A 5-room house, with
bargain at $600. Also, a 5-room
lling, with lot for $550.- Will take
as part pay a good team of horses. ' In
quire at Jqcbnal office. - tf
John Graf of Columbus was in town
Saturday figuring with some of the
people who will take n the democratic
entertainment at Humphrey on the 19th
insL Platte Center Signal.
"The Leigh World says that there
was talk of lynching George Grotelu
schen for making an assault upon Mrs.
Henry Hillen, Friday of last week.
Groteluschen has skipped out.
Judge Marshall was in the city Sat
urday evening .looking after hk political
forces. He is an able judge and deserves
a renomination, which will be 'equiva
lent to an election. Fullerton Journal
Mr. Byrnes on east Eleventh street
"has raised some very large Bartlett pears
thk season on a tree three years old.
He also has bearing apple trees, same
age, apples as big. as oranges, 187 on one
little tree. . .
Robert E Wiley says that in' hk old
neighborhood near Monroe he thinks
the farmers will have, on .an average,
two-thirds the usual crop of corn. The
last two rains have put an entire new
face on things.
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas were in
the city Staturday. He talk us that on
the Looking Glass there was a good rain
Friday. Bev. Thomas Miller of Bed
Oak, Iowa, preached on the 4th and waa
to again preach the 11th.
A camp-meeting k now in progress,
beginning Monday, the 12th, at Silver
Creek, and to continue two weeks; k
conducted by Methodkt aad Confrega
ttional minktera. Bev. Bross expects to
attend a portion of the time.
Mr. Henry Hauaser living acroaa the
Pktte river, lost a -child about
months old by the dreadful
enmmer complaint. The burial took
place last Friday at theColumbaa
tery, Bev. Beicbard oSckting.
George-N. Hopkins of Pktte Center!
was in the city Monday. He says that
it rained pretty hard, for a little while
Saturday evening at that place. North
east of there in Morrow's rieighborhewi
there waa quite a storm of rain aad haft.
Any one wishing to aee what
tion does for corn, can call at the first
National bank, and take a vkw of a Stalk
11 feet high with an ear a foot leag,
and thk a specimen aampla of aew-aere
field under Peter Smith's dftehanShett
Crv vaHey north of thk aity. '
laugh, on
paaka of Bisiuft have the
them. A' traamf walked oaT
with the hall
had been placed as ham, and at
parted with the aonvaair far the
IL00 iaaddkioar to
Wging. i
We eee by tW Create Herein that
TBoa.Mataon.waa vary aerionely hart
one day last weak wage hauling grain.
'X'Lnaft tMna fTanVaa) ff fJBilflM laWfe wlfeffffa fUaW
Broaching a Ull,braakiag the double
tree .and throwing Mr: Mataoa violently
upon the ground.
and hail Saturday, owning from the
northwest. Itk reported that all the
window in that enreetion ware knocked
oat, the hiiktonai being big aa bean
eggs, and even rirssriag through roofs
and aiding, in pkeea.
-vDr. aad Mm. Evans and Mr. aad
Mrs. Ed. Chambers leave tonight for
Salt Lake city. Altar vkitiag frkade
for two weeks they will be joined by
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Grace and Mr. aad
Mrs. P. L. McFaydea. The party will
then go to the Bocky Mountains.
Beadera of Tkfc Jbtnuux, mast- be
advked of the latent proposed weed-killer
for farmera. It k n two-wheeled
vehicle like a home hayrake, carrying n
battery, a msohaaioal enrrent alternator
and an induction coil; driven noroaa a
field, it k said to kill every plant its
teeth would touch.
J, A namber of eecoud-hand school
dpean aaddelka and aaata are for aato
aheap. Someoeuld be ntflked aalawn
aeats. They are the property of the
Columbus school district, and those who
wish to buy can call on either of the
committee on buildings and grounds,
Lehman, Gluck and Turner, tf .
The repablican state oonventkin haa
been called to meet at Lincoln, Wed
nesday, October 2, at 2 o'clock, to nomi
nate one candidate' for judge of the
supreme court, two membera of the
board of regenta, etc. Platte county k
entitled to 11 delegates. The' entire
convention consists of 1057 delegates.
-Dayton Hedges, nephew of Mrs.
Clark, visited hk rektivea here, leaving
for hk home Friday week on hk bioycle
and making the trip of 190 miles from
6:15a.m. to 730 p. m. Considering that
he k only 16 years old and that he had
some very hilly aa well as sandy roads,
he made good time. Hk wheel k a
Now k the time to sow winter rad
ishes, says the David City News. Let
them grow until-there k danger of n
freeze, then pull and top them and pack
in sand, and you will have a luxury in
the winter time. If they have plenty of
rain and 'grow -rapidly they are much
better than the summer radish, as they
are not so strong.
Henry Lubker haa the contract to
erect thk week, for Messrs. Hudson,
Speioe, Lehman, Dale, Ernst and Cham
bers a system of waterworks including
windmill, 60-barrel tank and 300 feet of
pipe, for the purpose of watering their
lots in the cemetery. Thk will be a
nice improvement, and no doubt will be
followed by others.
John Born, of the firm of Born Bros.,
was in the city Thursday and called at
JouBXAL headquarters on " business.
They have threshed for eeveral farmera
in the neighborhood of Duncan, and so
far, fifty hnjbsls to the earn of-oata k
the lowest limit while for one fanner,
Ernst Willey, they threshed over 200
bushek from a 2 acre tract.
That portion of the tax-payers of
Platte county who wish to aee a more
economical adminktration of affairs all
through, and a leasening of the public
burdens should get together and stay
together until they can accomplish that
end. No use wasting breath talking
anything else. Get together or eke
conclude before convention that you
can do nothing.
Our Grand Prairie correspondent
says: The hum of the threshing ma
chine k heard in every direction; D. L.
Bruen boasts of several pairs of fancy
pigeons, which he takes great delight in
exhibiting to hk friends. As poultry
man and dairyman, be k one of the best;
n Mr. Davk of Columbua has been en
gaged to teach the school in district 21
during the fall and winter, eight months.
Away across to the Atlantic, down
at Eastport, Mew, they have a genuine
new woman, but of n type not likely to
become fashionable. She regularly does
a man'a work on n woodpile, handling
the bucksaw and ax with all the skill of
the hardiest male expert. H all the
wood worked up by Nebraska girls, with
the ax alone and that dull, were put into
one pile, that pile would' be a large one.
A Horet aad wife, who ware among
the early settlera of Polk county, stop
ped off over Sunday visiting with Mr.
Hauser and others of. thk city. They
were on the way to their old home near
Oaceola from Madkon, where they etayed
the past year with their relatives. They
expect to attend the German Methodkt
camp-meeting, which will begin Thurs
day, August 15, in the grove of Mr.
Wkseman and last several days.
Henry Johannes aad Paul Hoppan
started -for a race the other day. Paul
k rheumatic aa to one of hk feet, and
goes very slow, but the condition that
he exacted before be went into the race
waasnfaekntforall practical purposes,
vix., that Henry should give him two
steps ahead, so that when Henry named
him, Paul yelled out: "Hold on, you
must give ate two steps ahead," and
Henry gave up the contest pretty quick.
Mokkr of the Pktte Center Signal,
Gerrardof the Monroe TnKwg Glass
and Kilian of the Bkne are having a
tilt, one atanother. Oerrard, we are
forced to aay, aaaaaa to ass the strongest
language, whan ha paU into cold, black
ink the following in regard to the other
two: "No doubt they both despise the
they are oompeUed to keep
That k surely smfleekut
for another libel suit, if not
Herman Oahlrieh returned Wedaes-
trip east, aecoaapankd by
Hago Hardeson, a young
lad whom he met by sfpoiatmsnt at the
deck in New York, he having traveled
front the. old country that far as hk own
man.. Hermes says that Indiana, Ohio
aad Wett Virginia are very dry. Mary.
land and New York-are very much batter
in that respect. In New York Oty, On-
mnufneturing in-
up. Everythiag k
New York and taetoriea have
for work to be done and
ate rate at:
i of Mr.
who re-
H. Y
hare about a
Whik swimming with
kiaalogh,he was
resulting fatally. Man .wotting at n
by got thebedyoutof the
eadeavejted to issueeitato it,
but without aueeeaa..
Frank waa a bright led of 11
well remembered hare by the
taaeesof the family, all of
pathkewith the afeieted
A letter dated August 5th,icceiiedby
Mis. J. N. Heater, frost
OomptoUfSaya that
men worked with Frank
trying to reaneeitats him. Ths
ware buried Sunday following the death.
Aawego to press, Brick, Msasfkld
and others are on trial before Folios
Judge Hudeon on n charge of disturb
ing the
A large crowd of young folks are
ping out seven mike northwest of
town on Shell Creek. The crowd have
beea there stace Thursday and have had
regular camp hfe-with etraw beds, fika,
nun, eta. Monday evening n country
band waa engaged and n regular bowery,
dance waa enjoyed. They have had ths
misfortune to be out in eeveral rains;
of course that warexpected, but it knt
just comfortable to sleep in n puddk of
mud, aa aome declare they did.
Garde received here last week an
nounoed the marriage Tuesday, August.
8th, at Spokane, of Chester P. Stafford,
of Fairfield, Waahand Mks Mae A
Cooncy, of Fullerton, Nebraska. Mks
Ooonoy k the next oldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. dark Ooonoy, of Nance
county, former reaidenta of thk county,
and the many friends of the family and
of Mks Mary will wish, her and her
husband a long and prosperous life
journey together.
The fellow who imagines that there
k no grain in Colfax county, both old
and new, says the Sohuyler Quill, k
away off hk calculations. On Wednes
day the Stewart Grain Company took in
seventeen loads of old corn, or 985 bush-
els, and twenty-two loads of oats, or
1,276 bushek. Sixteen cents per bushel
waa paid for the oats, whioh k a high
price, some or the farmera who brought
in oats said that they were offered only
ten cents per bushel at other points.- -
-George W. Turner writes that at
Montpelkr, Vermont, he met Wm. Kirk
land, (formerly of Humphrey), who k
farming five miles from there. At Bat
land he met James Scott, who said he
waa sorry he had left Nebraska, and ex
pected to return. At Ogdensburg, New
York, two men fell over during the per
formance of the Wild West, both dying
within an hour. It must be that, as a
a lady reporter of the Syracuse Post
says, people almost forget to breathe
during the exciting aceoes of the show.
Merrick county boasts of one of the
ktest improved, threshers, with carrier,
patent Bmasuringattachraoat, .blew
stacker and self feed. Tbeblow stacker ka
hollow tube with a huge, rapid run fan
at its base that blowa the straw out.
The stacker swings while the machine k
in motion. The self feed k a' new con
trivance that dispenaes with feeders and
band cutters. Four men pitching failed
to keep the feed elevator half full As
a threshing outfit, says the Central City
Nonpareil, it k the finest ever run in the
country. . "
Politics k warming up. - Kavanaugh
k doubtless conducting the democratic
campaign, from behind the scenes. He
might well be in n quandary between
which to choose Phillips or Speioe, but
he haa probably suggested to them to
aacure what delegates they can each
for himself first, and the combine sec
ond, leaving it for convention day to
work out a friendly issue. The whole
business may go smash, if the muttering
thunders of the nominating campaign
are to have a common-sense interpreta
tion. When n candidate for party .hon
ors starts out to secure township dele
gations in hk support, to be told and
told earnestly and emphatically by those
who have heretofore been hk fast friende
"You are a clever fellow, but you have
had it long enough," must be somewhat
discouraging after it haa been virtually
repeated eeveral times.
Athletics at colleges k a aubject
which haa been receiving considerabk
attention of late years, and it k littk
wonder that the general opinion of col.
lege professors k greatly in favor of
athletic contests. The habit of obe
dience in the training organizations, the
habik of strict temperance and morality
whfeh the students must -ifrjn in
order to hold n high place in their re
spective crews and teems, react on the
youths life through and through, and
make him n better man phyekally, men
tally and morally, saya Prof. Eugene L.
Bkhards, in Outing, and what k true of
the colleges k also true of oar common
eehook and the pkya aad sports of the
children. These add zest to study, and
it k a great mistake to cut of! the op
portunities for healthful sport, out-door,
wholesome games.. All mental faculties
are quickened, exereked and strength.
enedingood games on the pkyground.
We are glad to notice that
Clara E. Weaver, who haa been
i u4
i iT- I
tendance at the Lincoln Normal, hai
been elected aa one of the kindergarten
teachers in the Lincoln schools. Thk
k quite aa honor there being aome six
hundred applications for positions in
ths schools. Monday evening of last
week took place the commencement ex-
of the Oratory and Kindergarten
of the Normal, and we dip from
the Evening News, the paragraph re
lating to Coumbue' representative in the
institution: "Miss Clara E. Weaver, in
aa oration on The Kindergarten aa a
Factor in the School Problem,' handled
her aubject in aa unueually able and ia
tarsal int BManer, giviag ampk evidence
of a cultured, keen and analytical nuad
and thorough coetprahensioa of purpose
of the kindergarten and ita mkeinn in
the educational, system." hike Ckra'e
y friende aere.ooagratakU her on
tokens of apprssistion of a
taken with cramps,
Mies Flan
physician and nuc
three houra
; ; . . . : ; r ; . - .
J! aVKerth was in town yesterday.
Irve rSpeice left Friday for Chicago.
WB. Dale apant last wsakmLineoln.
Powers k visiting, ia
t to Omaha
H. BritaU visited in St. Edward
L (stack was ia Schaykra portion of
Lath vkited friends in
Keating vkited friends in
A. W. Clark and wife vkited relatives
Mies KatkVogel kin Indiana, visit
er grandmother.
Mks Elk Powers k attending Teach
ers' Normal in David City.
James O'Lary of Omaha k visiting
km aunt, Mia. Wm. Burke.
Mks Bobleyof Iowa k visiting her
cooaiaa, ths Mktse Oerrard.
MtnS'Wake name up from Seward
Wednesday to visit hk mother.
Mrs. Mary Brady of Council Bluffs, k
visiting her niece, Mrs. B. L. Boaaiter.
Mias Dork Becher spent last week in
Omaha, ths guest of Miss Nellk North.
Mrs. J. a Bsrdwell of Arkansas City,
Kna; k visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary
Mrs. L. Hohl and daughter Mks Clara
are vkitiag Mrs. Hohl's parents near
Mks Lena Schneider leaves soon for
Milwaukee, where she will spend the
Mrs. Dr. Martyn and daughter, Miss
Lucy, returned Monday from their so
journ in the west.
Fred Roberta -.went to Central City
Saturday to take a abort vacation from
work at hk home.
Mrs. D. F. Davk aad mother returned
Sunday from Sehuykr, accompanied by
Mks Maud Brown.
Mrs. George L. MoKelvey returned.
Thursday from Canada, whee Ae spent
the summer with rektivea.
Mias Louisa Harris of Omaha vkited
Mrs. E. G. Brown between trains Satur
day on her way from Cedar Bapids.
John Sullivan of Harvard, El., and
Bfchard Lawless of Omaha vkited their
rektivea, the Keating 'family, last week.
Miss Wilson returned home to Ne
braska City Tuesday, after an extended
visit with her friend, Mks Mary Henry.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boaaiter and
child of Omaha visited with Bichard L's
family two days last week, returning
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer of Grand Island,
who have been visiting Mrs." Palmer's
relatives, the Tiffany family, returned
home Sunday."
.Mr. and Mrs. B. H Henry and son
Bobert returned Friday from Wisconsin.
B. H. reports 'an unusual amount of dry
weather in that state.
Mrs. M.-Brugger,ot Columbus, arrived
in the' oity Tuesday evening on a visit
to the' family of Bev. J: W. Little.
r-Madkon Chronicle.
""M FIoreSSiGleieon wiil leave the
first of the month for Denver, where she
will make her home with an aunt and
continue her study of music
Mr. and Mrs. E. G.- Brown go down to
Lincoln today. After a short visit there,
Mrs. Brown will visit in Iowa, while
Ellk takes a hunting trip west.
Mrs. David Bichardeon, who has been
visiting rektivea several weeks, left
Monday on her return trip to her home
at Laramie. She stops at Clarke for a
Wars WmvcH Wednesday, August
7, at noon, at the reeidenoe of the bride's
parsnta in thk city, Mr. W. H. Watts
and Miss Martha A. Welch, Bev. Elliott,
Besides the relatives, there were a few
invited friends present. The presents
were numerous and valuable. Mr. Watts
k one of the successful young business
men. of the city, and hk bride the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Welch,
well known to moat of our local readers.
She has been for several years a teacher
in' the Columbus city sohook. Both are
universally esteemed as worthy young
people, and are to be congratulated in
their union for life. They went east the
day on n wedding tour.
The Sheridan, Wyo., Post gives an
account of the marriage of Mks Maud
Tiffany, a Columbus girl. She has for
the past year lived in Sheridan. We
quote the following from the Post:
"At St. Peter's Episcopal church on
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, by the
Bev. Arnold Lutton, Mr. D. Clifford
Wrighter, of Sheridan, to Mks Made
line M. Tiffany of Columbua, Nebr., Mks
Daisy Stratton acting aa bridesmaid and
Dr. F. Dennebrink aa groomsman.
, The ceremony wmvprivate, being wit
nessed only by the members of the
Mr. Wrighter k a member of the firm
of Heald k Wrighter and k num.
bend among the enterprising young
business men of our city.
The bride, who, since her advent into
our city, has been in ths employ of the
Sheridan County Commercial company,
k a moat estimable personage, possess
ing maay charming traita of character
as well aa charms of person, which have
eadeared her to a Urge circle of friends,
who will wish for her the richest bless
ings that life and ita surroundings may
The poet has said that 'man'a abode
waB but hermitage until lovely woman
came to uie rescue. Tne fost and the
host which k pleased to number itself
among the friende of the happy couple,
hope that thk heritage haa been trans
formed into n dreamland of happiness,
that their voyage upon the matrimonkl
esa may be unmarred by storms or tem
pests, aad that, fortune and prosperity
may come to them in abundance.
The young folks will enjoy their
honeymoon in Sheridan."
The Madkon Chrookk prints Si.
sartkularaot the accident which befel
Fred. Sehram here last week a. pub-
in Tarn Journal, aad mid. that it
Madkon boys will not heed
the warning until aome of them meet n
like fate. Every evening boys jamp on
and oh trains and it k only n question
of time until aome of them are killed.
The train men have tried to keep them
of, but seem unable to do ao.
old ns sap spats for ask at thk
'nKs?- W
ABsMBBHavmwl walamfalr
awawnamn, aasaww WlfJuU
nta . I - L. . -. mm a ."
HowAHAK Thursday. Ausuet 8th. at
9-JOn.aa, after a Ikserinar illness, of
nasality caused by old age, Mis.
ftonahan, aged 80 yeare.
8be kaves a eon and a daughter, John
nnd Lksie, alao two'gnnddaughtora,
Mks Jennie Bhasaehsn who haa made
her home hats, and Mm. Doyk of Atch
ison, Kan-, all ths near rektivea eur
viving. The remains were interred Saturday
in the Oatbohc cemetery, after
held at the church.
- Hfaar Ponrr, Aug. 9. -
ErxJorjaxAi.: Two weeks dry weather
etopped ths cropa'from growing no fast.
but refreshing showers are here agaia, I
and no on we go in the Sunny South.
We. never make a failure in north Geor
gia. We alwaya have a good crop, in
eummer, fall or epriag.
The National Park k located near thk
place, aad it k grand. I was there yes
terday aad it did refresh my miad ao
much the old war storks. All the
northern veterans will be pleased when
they see the greed work done there in
memory of their gallantry.
Health k good in Georgia, and people
are getting on higher plains in life.
G. W. Malicoat.
Steak Year Gram.
threshed out of shocks k
at market centers out of eon-
aad entirely unfit for
Last Friday and Saturday each oate
sold at St Louk as low as 14 cents,
while No. 2 brought 24 cents.
- Under these cirouaiataBoes we deem it
our duty .to the farming and business
interests of our eection to positively re
fuse to handle email grain until it has
gone through' the sweat and k fit for
W. A Wat, Agent,
Farmers' and Merchants' Union Ele-'
vator Association.
Euvatob Boixsn Minus,
A Jmggi, Manager.
Coltjicbcs MrxuNQ Co.,
G. A Schroeder, Manager.
KepakUcaa Ceaaty Ceatral Ceaualttee.
You are hereby called to meet at 1
o'olook; Thursday, Aug. 15, at the Coun
cil Chamber, Columbus, for the purpose
of calling a convention and for consul,
tation. The committee are as follows:
H. T. Spoerry,' J. E. Hoffman, Ed.
Chambers, H. 3'. Alexander, Niels Olson,
Aug. Wekshand, Ed. Leuschen, Wm.
Connor, G. W. Clark, E..H. Stockslager,
C- K. Davies, John Boss, Ed. Hoare,
George Lamb, George Alexander,-David
Thomas Samuel Paynter, J. W. Apgar,
John Blomqukt. .
Carl Kbameb, Chairman..
Real Estate Transfer. '
Becher, Jmggi k Co., real estate agents,
report the following real estate' transfers
filed in the office of the county .clerk for
the week ending August 10, 1895:
Elizabeth Beawick to Edward John
aon, a4 a&Uw.wd $3,500 00
Hogh Hngbm to Catherine Edwards,
wKnwUXMftJw.qcd S55 00
Angost Flake to Minnie Roemhild, eH
Bftii 15-39Jw.wd 2.500 00
United 8tates to Inaz Zach. aw! S3-
Jamea $ Cook et all executors, to Wal
ter H flieuiara, eft eH ee;i ee! 17-17-
Bridget Farrell to Sarah E Baldwin, pt
. lot ft, bl 7. Highland Park. wd. 800 00
Six transfers, total...
--' - Card r Thaaka.. -;, .'--WaJelTder
heartfelt thanks to friends,
netnoore and all. who so' kindly and
willingly assisted during the sad acci
dent and sorrowful bereavement of our'
boy, Fred. The flowers contributed
were lovely tokens of respect.
Mas.' F. Schbam & Family.
mother and grand
John Honahak,
Jekktb Shank ahan.
sell ticl
round trip.
Schuyler Quill: Wednesday 'evening
at Peter Dutter's farm in Maple creek
precinct, the corn crib caught fire from
some unknown source, and in a short
time all hk buildings except the dwell
ing were -burned, together with .350
bushek of wheat, wagons, buggy, cart,
engine, corn shelter loss $5,000, insur
ance f 1,200.
Cedar Bapida Commercial: While
the thirty car loads of cattle bought to
be fed in Cedar precinct were being un
loaded at a etation fifteen miles north
west of here, a few of them stampeded
and were not recovered for several
days J. CWysong, Will Sunderland.
and Frank Mulkin left thk week for the
northwest, expecting to bring back 500
more cattle for the Allerton Bench.
Thk will make nearly 1600 head of cattle
that will be fattened on the ranch thk
falL To a person who never saw such a
large herd, it will be quite a sight.
Fullerton News: Geo. Todd, who lives
a few miles eeat of Fullerton, met a se
rious accident yesterday while working
on a bridge on Prune Creek about
Nell dale
J . Card ef Taaaks. w
iWe wish to thurnvneighboraNend
friends forlheir kindnesses during the
ndwfter the- deoNLpf our
nlbther. -
" v ' L
"i jl A. o. u.w-Redaced Rafw.- r
V)nhugu8t 21sNhe Burlingtoswill-
Kats to tne A. ql ii. W. Diomdat "a.
atone fare andNhird for' the .fllfQF
Xsgeneral good time k WWIIIIsUPI
twelve miles southeast of town.
Todd waa on the top of a pile drivei
which waa being placed in position and
before it waa securely fastened to the
ground the wind blew it down, precipi
tating him to the ground and throwing
him n dktance of forty feet or more.
One leg waa broken just above the knee
joint and hk body waa badly braked.
Bra. Johnson were .called and dressed
hk wounds, none of which they pro
nounce serious enough to excite the
apprehension of any of hk friends.
While he k badly braked there are no
internal injuries.'
TiaTTl-irstrir to Met Sariaa. So. Da..
- - . " .. " .
? Z , Bmriinffa!n
T-7 "2 . J r Xl . J ." f'
an(uv a uiu tm. juts uub lur uw
round trip. Tickets good Sot 30 days.
Is addition, low round, trip rates to Hot
Springe are in effect the year round.
For information about rates and trains,
vk the Burlington Bouts, to Hot
Springs, apply to the local .agent, For
illustrated folder, deseriptive of thk
famous resort, writs' to J. Francis, O.- P.
nm m t -Th. ana mn n gwsTu. . ziu
mm mm .hjl
Staple and
Fancy Gfoceries,
Eleventh Street, -
We invite you to come and see us. We regard the interests of our
patrons as mutual with our own, sofiur as our dealings are coacaned mr
part of the obligation being to provide and ofar
Good - Goods - at - Fair - Prices.
asrEYERYTHING. KEPT that k expected to he found in s list
class, up-to-date grocery store.
MONEY TO LOAN ON FABMSatloweatrateaof iatewet.oaahortor loan UaM.laaaieaata
BONIWDABOTBACTER8 0 TITLE to all real eatateia Platte coaatjr. .
Represent THE LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES of the World. Oar farm aelielM at
themoet liberal iaaae. Loeaea adjoeted, tad promptly paid at thiaoBce.'
Notary Poblie always in oAce.
Make collection of foreiB inheritance aad
of Earope.
hmm Mm
en? wafewemwOTwW WwJamrVwVI
Offers Superior Advsataf es to .all who
desire an Education. -
State Certificate Course. . '
First Grade Certificate Course.
Second Grade Certificate Course.
Third Grade Certificate Course.
Preparatory Course for Young Te'jachers.
fcrEveainir classes dariBK fall and winter.
and at any time arrangements can be madeifor
special stadias. Students may enter at any
time. Fall 'term opens September 2d. For full
information, address.
W. B. BACKUS, Pree't,
24JolySm ' ConmBua, Neb.
Barllagtoa Raate-Half Rates to Bofttoa.
UfitHBt 19 to "24. Burlington Route
in Nebraska ancTmansaa will sell
rouadXriD tickets to.tsosrsjn at tne one
wavlrate. Ko
Tne train to take: The Knitnis Tern
official train. Bmung on boardwkand
ander Finch
Omanuvvk the Burlillaton Route
4:45 pNft,, Thursday,
arrival oVaall.' trains- fromthe west.
Through toWBoston withouahange.
Seven hours stopover at Niagara
Tickets and slheping car reservations
on application toSeny agent of this or
any connectinsr linn. Send for' free
folder giving full information.
J. Francis, CMP. k T..A.,
31jul3 Otoaha, Neb.
At Columbus.
the. State of Nebraska,
at the
of business
st L 1895.
SUM25 90
and i
12,517 43
Doe from1
tional Banks..
and taxes paid.
2,827 63
Other real
her cash items
IK 98
ISO 79
2,130 00
Bills of othi
currency, nickels.
m e
aad cento.
Soecie ,
Lesal-tender notes
...$174,108 41
its! Stock paid in.
90,000 00
41,984 61
10,000 03
ivided pronta
aal deDoaita enl
I certificates of
iicatea of deposi
I. Clark G
cashier of the
bank, do so
swear that above i
true to tne
y knowledge i URAT.
Sehscriked aad
to before
day of Aacast.1895.
M. Coijraxitrs,
Notary Pabitc
My commission
is, 18W.
HsutAir P. H. (
W. A. McAixtstkb.
or THK
In the State of
,at the close of
business, A
st J, 189J.
1 discounts
.11381.059 23
1,104 01
. 9,032 37
scored and ne
bonds, and mor
Rational Banks
, furniture and I
land taxes paid...
Lcaan items
nickels. 61
$88,000 00
. 5,998 21
. 26,473 61
. 17,910.68
. 413111
3,330 00
. L BL
bank, do sole:
meat is tree to t!
Babacrihed and
dayof AaBst.uav
aeenredand iiiiimSjiii il
aad Si
bJeeato check.
..:.VS "MO
beet oaks
Sx ur
npires eoraary
birms State bm
Other stdVks.
oaaajBK atouse,
and reaa estate
Current esasaaei
BW wm a n
. 5 00
... 119 98
... TS.966 00
cneeas aaasaaj
Bills of other Banks
Wraetiflnal nanefSJ ci
and cents m.
S CfWlSUf anjSkSL"
SCapital stock paid. ia..M
lamtlhaal deposits i iilijiifTanal i Tun h
DemaaSttftificates of dnoSvev--.
Time esswfeates of deposit .... .k-:
Notes anS bills re-discoaated....-..
VvaLgamLf, vsa e a J e aWsT Da
orNhanasKA. - V
tyofPlmae " X.
Braswetmrashier of toe slunm nssini
Binhuwear that the ahoTSmsaiA.
sh best of my kaowledeeuad
svpSmk to hafora u Aim ak
r r uiiiijBiiBBaiisa, .
sell steamship tickets to aad-from all setts
TaesdaT afteraooa.aad are correct aad rsltaala
at the time.
8bAlJ6(l Coni
Flour in 500 lb. lots
OatI0i "
.. . e.
"ri Oysiii se
gOCsaXOOss W i
rat cows....
Fine job work dons at Tux JounifAX
aOatei.'bllsjto.SKl V
First national Bat,
Capital Stick IWmUN,OM.OO
omens avo snierau:
J. H. GALLEY. Vice Prest,
. OT.ROra.Cssaier.
Stalionery Stofe f
Musical ImstraaneMts
Aml Sheet Masie
At Eastern prices. Special dkooaata
to teachers aad the profession.-
ryFull line of etepk and fancy Sta
tionery," (Cigars, Smokere' Artkka and
Fruits. Spackl attention to ths-ordering
of Sheet Music..
A.. liOEB.
Elztdti St.,
Blswsath Btrast, CMi
Omca over First National Baak.-
IFSIIflll 3
Is eoadactiae " "5
....iswCiiiiiv.; 5
And asks, the pa
tronage of ths-Ges- "
era Public. Hk
Goodaare . ' : -
. M8IS
: a
S.SM4 0a
t2 2iise
i i
j -
- Tfc
T.A Omaha, Neb.
-wusfefejIViaBt i.-p&
'S&tMJkjhtM,. -.'-j
'J-1 .
.. M. J..