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f It Was Uetaey Fntlelfaoti.
: " Ex-Minister Daltat used lo tell the
"following. aneoicle of Jerotna lkna
"".parfe: U had been playing cards un
- uPrtq. od.iostair bi8.ready money,
then "pledged hi rings, and finally laid
fii. watch on the table. It was a small
-gold one, the back of which opened
. .with a spring. A lady overlooking
-the game, admired the rrateh arrd-took
'it up to examine. Op her atiemmtag
to open the back, Jerome immediately
cinsped it and said lb at must not be
. done. Hia wife, who stood by. insisted
-upon knowing what was in it, grev
angry, reproached him with feavibg
-come keepsake of a favorite there, and
-- finally bursting into tears, quit the
.room. Jerome then opened the watch
' -ana showed to all present that it con
" tained a. beautiful miniature of his first
;"- -wife (Iictsey Patterson), with the re-
'tonrk: '-Ycu see, I hope, that I cou'U
' . eot with propriety, let her see it" It
'" was notorious that he r-slnained deeply
-. -attached lo his Gr-st wife long after
..- their separation. Argonaut.
Vrom Homer to Viral!. .
" Some time ago the London Times
-contained an advertisement for an as-
MEfsianr, vapablo of leaching the class
. ics as far as Homer ana Virgil. "'
' .Among tho answers received was tho
following: "Sir: With, reference to
- tho advertisement which wps inserted
tn - the Times newspaper a few days
since, respecting a, school assistant, I
' -"beg to stale that 1 should bo happy to
. tifl that situation, but as most of my
friends resido in London, and not
knowing how far Homer and Virgil
- are from town, l beg to stato that I
' should not liko to engage to teach the
classics farther than Hammersmith or
Turnhata Green, or, nt tbo very ut-
?-most umanco. farther than l.rentford.
" -Awaiting your reply, I am, sir, etc.
J 9
- "One of my neighbors, Mr. John
Gilbert, lias been sick for a long
iinte. All thought lrimpastrccovery.
" He was horribly emaciated fiOm the
inaction cf his liver and kidnej-s.
- It is difficult lo describe his appear
and and the miserable state of his
health at that time. Help from any
source seemed impossible. lie tried
your August Flower and the effect
upon him was magical. It restored
him lo perfect health to the great
astonishment of is family and
friends.' Johuyaibell, Holt.'Ont.
Tr doctor sav; It a-fajrntlr on the rtocin-h,llr?r
Bti-rLIJuyjcncl t t jJensaut laxotUr. 1hi
inr.U U made ltu- lietlx, and la prepare! for in
r catr a left. It Is called
All drupcists sell It at Wc. and $1 a pr.cktQ. L?
yi.u cannot not It. ncl Tonr cd.lro for n freo
rnmiuc. I.uttr Fninllr Mo'scine movca
lbs bon clu CMih tlni. Aditi'era
.-. BREA5T .-.
c.flcreil cliil:l-l)earinjj womaa. I lave been a
imd-tvffo for nsanv year, tnil ia each caso
vruero ".Mother's iVJcnd" kadoeenuscditbas
accoaipiisheil winders and relieved much
MJlTqrinp. It is the best reineelv for rlslnjr cf
the-fcresst Lsuwa, and worth the price for that
Uoce. MS, M. JI. IlKUSTER,
Montgomery Alrt.
Sent by express, charges prepaid, on rcrcipt
if price, SIX!) per bottle.
ioltr -.-.ill ruepkt;. Atlanta, (iA.
l'rlrw .'0 Cents.
Apply Itnlni Into cadi notrll.
Et. V.nilOS-J ' fcL.X.Y-
s Cream Balm
X: 'ra:iis. Crjs. Set Cirrii. Crnr.'kgttrn.
irii. iCRucai
. mm V. ..m.
tStA aiitr tav- tv, . ... f i v- pmW hm.
rtea. lirr.ltt:t.53tcstJCi$LC5. 1"
-332j wists. sotsi is:
fr Csnstiab fat stirts. ::
Jf .-'14
Call, In snrill and sturdy warning:
'It is mo-r-jMDfi . J.a nio-r-a-ijs
if Audi!
I ?ortl
Chrihttaas cota- Vat once a ytar!
So tbc iJCoi)le. all the people
In the amstiaii -world, all hear,
KiKcrald trees of precious splendor
Will th" ir vcudrous Irult
And tho jjift-kliii? w 111 appear. S; I
Wherefore should I tell the 1jM
story -r
Of thr: heavenly child or glory
T&lK of sorrow and rood chter! x-
ou n.ic nearu n oiiu-u siwin"
And by manv a treasure-token
And the gladm-s th it commingled
tv lien the iioiy -'ne wns .:iih-"
the wanuer, crobs, and oier.
rhris'tm js comes comes but onro
a e-ir.'
Willi itf.lce'eid of Hie st'cking.
And thu tkatucktiOCK
ln DilinDcic bold chanticleer
i C
j.. i umi --& t --. rr wi
In nis matin, toua ana ciear; . 11
And the shadow-gate uniocKing, . 11
is cr Vio miifnl so mncklne. II
' Arched by hope and barred by fear . I J
loveiy spirits in roues, ui ui .uwo y
Leave tneir ureanis wnu ii
. ha ti'adrtit.(tiitpn jrrfl1 T1!IT'-
, u uicuaj-uaiuun'i --
And thetr cnecKS are iiko
roses ,
wiion tiinlr fntrpT snarch discloses
i Christmas presenU sweet and queer.
Christmas comes but once a year!
r But to some It does not come ,'
' Ever with remembrance dear.
r Some are pocr and lono and weary,
t. Sorely stricken and beart-dteary.
jOnlv He pierced by Jho spear
Till ku siao Decamo a iuuuwiu,
On the brow of Calvary's moun-
Fathoms discipline severe.
ile can reau tne cnccucicu u""-
nt thi irrnnfr and richt unendlnir
5?.Sceming so to eyesight blear
'-"Tia im snhinr of man's career.
Hut ring-bells from every steeple;
Toll iho linnnv. fAVoreil PC0D1C.
Christmas gilds the dying year.
A Hatarai Breitr.
0 of 9W Ho? J remarkable ceologl
cl tubstaflcw ouoa n apy part of the
world it a atone believed to fee pecui ar
6 titl&ti. were i occurl in many lo.
calitiet. its peculiar prdpfrtf- bei
that of a natural baroflieten curloui'v
forteillS by c'nanpe of eoloT. the
probable cbaracitfr of the weather id
the near future. It is ktiown by the
name of the eeamakuir, and ia said to
turti black shortly before an approach
in ntin. wrhtie in fine weather it is
mottled with white, tbr a lonir time
this intereavinff phenomenon" a8
mvstery, but an analysis of the atone
shows it to be a fossil mised with etay
and containing a portion of rock salt
and nitre. This fact being known,
tho explanation of the change waa
easy; that is, tne sair, uauruiuB .
moisture, turned black when the con
ditions were favdrable for rain, while
the dryness of the atmosphere woula
as naturally brinj out the salt from
tho interior of the Btone in white spots
on the surface.
A year or two after otr late war
Jefferson Davirjield a reception at the
house of one of hfr Maryland -friende.
Here he met many frienda' who not
only BjfraDathized with fcim in his grief
over the" fortunes of thj aoutb, but
nd also a warm personal leelinff for
Througll the kindness of Horace
ftA-i mnd others he had just oef n
. . - !.... Mnnrna whei' I .1 .i i .- - '. .......,, 1..
released JrOHl XUIMW vm.v, .-. cuicu uuuuu m mo jwr wo u9uiucu m 4&a
i. .a ...erA en nntr end intensely, 'preparation. It can be obtained, without cost,
be had suffered SO long" Ru. r." of all druggists and country- dealers, and is
'Amone those who flockea 0 see mm -inted In Knglish, German. French. Welsh,
was one old man who had evidently a an. S' Holland. , Bohemian and
jfcod deal more aeptn o: ieen- .-" newspaper waa
uruoiiiusja w ,uuu6m. -r tbejA-11 vouraur, duuiisucu in x-uuuun
When, after qaite a long atay. ne -- ,
was about to deDarfr for Home, inis om
gentleman grasped Mr. Davis warmly
by the hand and exclaimed, fervently.
Good-bye. Mr, Davis! May yon live
forever; and when you die, may yon
die happy!'1
A BTwaia r th latitat Yean
Clip the last thirty years or mors from the
eantury. ana th,e aegent will represent the
term oX the unbounded popularily ot Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters. The opetng ot the year
18BS wul be signaUzeil by fb apcrarancQ ot a
fresh Almanao ot the Bitter. In which the uses,
derivation and actios ot this worUMamoiis
medicine will be lucidly set Xortk. Everybody
should read IL The calendar and astronomical
calculations to be found in thla brochure aro
always astonishingly accurate, and the statis
tics, illustrations, humor and other reading
matter rich in interest and full ot profit. Tho
Hostetter company ot Pittaborg, Pa., publish
It themselves. They employ more than sixty
hands in the mechanical work, and more than
.aAhlar Liada ta ramaaiallaB.
Kemp Balsam will atop 'the cough at
once. CO to your .druggist to-day and get
a sample bvttie tne. Lars Lotties 50 cents
and $1.00.
In many a. man the stomach displaces the
heart. x ,
i t
v ' s n'H.i o
.S N
' (i c
fJ' " r
J 1'Iocrncuf was the
terror of tne isreton
rcrplf. 'lha coiuiliy
foll: rt'ctic the Jj:n of
ll o ic ;s as ll cy jr-ftrd
l.y tir.d im:i mined,
'jlc:t is 1i:c Acti.iscd
cr.fc's cnstlc!"'
About the walls that
smicmidcd the grounds
w as a brier hedge, which
ro ere caicd to cross.
t Tho servants passed
each other bvlilcc shadows, afraid to
speak above a whisper. No one dared
to address the master. Only, tho young
Count Robert found favor in the ej-es
of the lord of the manor, the old Duke
de Kerberzoff, his uncle.
At the time when this story begins
Robert was seated at the old man's
feet. He was seated in the great ducal
chair; his face was livid, his eyes
gleaming and his countenance dis
torted with fear. He was listening in
tently; one would have said that he
was the ghest of terror.
Bebide him on a porphyry column
burned a small golden lamp set with
Ceres Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Sore
Throat. Sold bv all Etaopsts oa a Guarantee.
For a Lane Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'a Poroua
Plaster will give great satis fectioa. aj cents.
A Thrilling Book lo Any Reader of
This Paper.
i mmm&m us
LsilCfct 1'ubliratlon In Its Line Kntiiicd
" Lire mid cenes Anion; lite Kicka
poo Indiana' Contain Xcarly Two
Hundred 1'asei eni Free to lCierj
bodjv In order to mske the public Tamil ar w'th tiie
habiu. manners, cu'toms anil bistcry of one of
He o!dt of AneKcnn In Urns fstntt we
Tiave publicd at jrwat espeute a lare eJi;i ju of
r a work entitled "Life and Sc'De5 Anion? the
Kickapoo Indians." All tholr pcullariiits, tra
ditions, habits, in fac their whole lircnajcii'
toras are tolJ in a tnaacerwUUh will inti'reslthc
rra!cr and hold attont on to tiie end TJii
boo'x also esplaim onr connection tii'i the
triie. how It came about and w bit haii come of it.
While this ditioa lntt we will fend a ccpT
free to all who arpb enclosing lluee -cect
atampa to pay cost of pof Ja e.
Jf .you want it. seed now sad ruve dlf api-oiiit-
'IVewill guarantee to nil al! reqoests rec.ivcd
i.v.!.. ..- mt nm imts followtna tbo aprear
' .r .iji- ,ivrtt,fincnl. but wa not te.rtMeH
to do 0 lattr. It is lor j our intent iLerefore
to tend ut once. Adiires
63 1 Grmnd Avenue, Xete'jtttten, Ccitn.
precious stones, ltchind. it stood a tall
negro, who, as each minute passed, let
fall a single drop of oil upon the flame.
Close to o.d man's withered hand lay
an axe, and the negro would have
atoned with his life for a single forget
fulness of his duty.
The Duke was even paler than usual:
hiu long, vi kite hair was matted upon
his temples, and from his terror
stricken eyes great tears rolled down
into his silver beard.
"My dear Lord, is your suffering
worse?" asked Robert, gently.
The Duke shuddered; he was still
listening intently.
It was Christmas night. "Xoel!
Xoel!" sang the peatnts voices.
OToel ! Xoel !' rang out the chimes.
Then the old Duke rose up like a
"Listen, Robert!" he said. "Listen!"
The old man had not spoken for
twentv vears. His semtlcliral voice
echoed tltrongh the great hall and the
ancient armor hanging on the walls
gave forth a metallic sound. The young
Count was petrified with friglit.
"Twenty years ago I had a son; he
was handsome, brave and generous.
He loved a young peasant girl and
wished to marry her, but I refused my
consent 1 eoulunot countenance sucli
an outrage. My son pleaded with me,
but I was inflexible; m3' escutcheon
would have been eternally-disgraced. I
was wrong, my boy. I was wrong!
Never give way to pride! It is a mortal
sin!" -fc"obs choked the old linkers ut
terance, but he continued:
'The maiden was bcautifnl and vir-luotu-.
offered her money; she re
fused it. Then I had iici carried off
and imprisoned in the toer ot the
caUe Several months passed; my
son was faithful to his word, i to my
pride. I decided to kill the maiden, so
1 sent word to her secretly to escape at
the first opportunity. A silken ladder
was given to her, and she was care
fully instructed as to its use and how
to fasten it to the window. She pre
pared for flight. Then I arranged an
infamous trap for her. Listen, Robert!
listen! I had the stones of the window
sill loosenod. so that it would give way
beneath her weight, carrying the un
fortunate girl with it as it fell, and she
would be dashed to pieces upon the
marble floor of the courtyard below.
"It was Christmas! That night
T tell aslccn in the fear of God. Then
I was transported to an immensity of
clouds. Innumerable arches followed
each other hi never ending succession.
Beneath titese arches small golden
lamps were swinging gently lo and
ft o, so numerous that it would have
taken years to count them. Some burst
Miridenlv- into flame, others were as
suddenly extinguished. Some burned
with a fierce light, others flickered for
a long time before they died out com
pletely. "Each one of these lamps was guard
ed by an angel. All the new lamps
were tended by fair white angels
with faces of unspeakable beauty; by
others stood black angels, ugly and
evil looking, and those seemed to
await with impatience the moment
when the flame should be finally extin
guished. " 'What is all this?' I asked my
" 'These lamps are the souls of men,'
he replied. 'The ones which start sud
denly into flame arc the souls of new
born infants, and spotless angels
-uard them. Here are the souls of
those who have reached the time of
life when they can thtnkfor them
selves, and the Spirit of Evil and the
Spirit c Good dispute their possession.
Those lamps ivhieh are flickering and
fading out are the souls of tho dying.
See!' he cried, pointing out several
flames which were on the point of ex
tinction, 'see! at the supreme moment
the soul almost, al.vays turns to the
Spirit of Good!'
"Then 1 asked him to show me my
owulamp. . , . ,
" 'Come ' said the strange being who
conducted me.
"Leading me on through innumer
able arches, we went on and on for a
longtime. Then stoppiog suddenly.
See!' he said. 'Behold thy wml!' I
was petrified with terror. One single
drop-of oil remained in my lamp, and
over it -hovered an angel with coal
black wings, who blew upon the flame
to make it burn out more quickly. I
was in mortal fear, and I was a cow
ard; yes, I was a coward,"' said the
Duke, trembling violently.
"Listen, Robert, listen! Beside my
lamn burned another with a steady
and brilliant flame; a whitc-u inged
angel watched over the golden vessel.
The Spirit of Eil came and whispered
in my ear."
Th old Diik ceased. It seemed as
if he heard the spirit's voice at that
moment. His eyes were bloodshot,
his hair stood on end with fright and
his teeth chattered. He continued, in
a hoarse voice:
"The wlii te-winged angel looked at
me sadly, but the black kept whisper
ing in my ear. I saw nothing: I would
see nothing. From the black angel's
wing I plucked a feather, and dipping
it into the brilliant lamp ltoo.c tne on
out drop by drop and let it fall into
my own. My flame became brilliant
and red as blood; the other grew paler,
bnt retained its starry brightness.
Only one drop of oil remained; and the
white.angel slretched'forth his wing
to stop me, but another with wings
gleaming like mother of pearl and
bearing a golden sword came to us.
Tot !. man do his will! God will
judge him!' he said. Then I took the
last drop of oi!.
"Then I was afraid. 'Whose lamp
is this?' I asked, pointing lo the flame
which was. just on the point of going
out And the voice replied, 'It is the
soul of thy beloved son.' At that mo
ment the flame went out. The white
angel took the soul in its wings and
flew away with a cry of grief, but the
Spirit of Evil responded with aloud
cry of triumph
"I awoke frozen stiff with horror.
Two corpses were stretched out upon
the floor of my room 'crushed almost
out of human shape My son, notified
lv his betrothed, had wished . to pro
tect her in her flight, and the dreadful
trm which I had set for her had killed
litem both. It was Christmas twenty
vears ago!"
The old man fell back in lLs chair,
the tears streaming down his face.
"Stop!" he said to the negro who
was tending the precious lamp. "Feed
the flame no more! I have made my
confession, now I can die but can
God find pardon for me?"
At that moment the castle bell rang
loudly and the chants of the church
were heard. The doors of the great
hall swung open. Through them was
seen the chapel of the old manor blaz
ing with lights, and the Child Jesus on
His bed of straw seemed resplendent
with glory and pardon. The old Duke
fell on his knees before the Infant God.
"Man!"' said the voice of the priest,
KBVaaa?4i I ?093Kc'
mBBBw trill
Wm 1 Mir
lm m WML
I -" - - -
"Christ was born, suffered, died to re
deem the sins of men. Thou hast
binned, thou hast suffered, thou hast
repented God pardons thee! May thy
soul depart in peace!"
Then the old man looked at the
golden lamp and saw above it an angel
with snow white wings, and he recog
nized him as the guardian of the
brilliant lamp. The angel smiled on
him sweetly, and taking up the flicker
ing light flew off toward heaven.
The Duke Kerberzoff was dead.
Christinas Girt for Men.
If a man has a nook of his owninlns
home, what men are apt to call their
"den," the Christmas gift cannot be
better than something which will enter
into the practical spirit of that room.
If he has used a writing table, or if his
present desk has outgrown his papers,
the most acceptable gift would
be one of those roller-tor.
desks of generous capacity which
men so enjoy. Expensive, you say?
Xotatallfor the lasting enjoyment
derived from such an article. A most
capacious oak desk, filled with pigeon
holes, drawers and side-slides, can now
be purchased for S30, and far better is
ir tn snnnd a little more on a usefnl
present than to waste a small amount
upon something utterly useless to a
man. Or, if the desk be there, or the
purse will not permit, there is perhaps
lacking a comfortable rug under the
desk, or an easier chair. A revolv
ing book-case, a dictionary holder, or
a simple "double-storied" table stand,
for books and papers, to be placed be
side the desk, are luxuries which any
man enjoys in his library. For the in
side of the desk there are many little
things which can be thought of tc
brighten writing hours, and when they
are to be had in silver they are far more
acceptable, since silver brightens by
its ornamentation, and is lasting
as well in its usefulness. A silver pen
tray or pen rack, a paper weight, a let
ter onener, a paper cutter, a mucilage
stand and brush, a letter or bill clip,
an inkstand, a memorandum tablet, a
penholder, a hand blotter, a match
box or stamp box, a library ash re
ceiver, an ink eraser, a pincushion or
holder, an engagement tablet all
these are little adjuncts ony one of
which is appreciated by a man much at
the desk in his home.
In Dccoratlnr Church.
In decorating a church for Christ
mas, bear in mind that fine effects do
not depend so much on the quantity of
flowers as used on the manner in which
the3 are arranged. A few flowers and
plants in the hands of a person of ar-:,-;
nctn ami ivith n. pood 'eve for
j color-effects, will give excellent results, 1
while a great quantity of llowcrs ar
ranged by persons deficient in these re
spects will never give satisfaction.
Good taste and judgment arc quite as
J important as flowers.
, lias and Bacs-ice.
Bags for holding soiled lingerie are
made of colored iinen and worked in
flax threads or cotton, writes Eliza
Craven. They may also be very sim
oiy arranged by sewing together two
towels which have effective borders
and deep fringe. The tops of the tow
els are turned over and a stitching
farms a casing in. which a ribbon is
tun to draw up the bag. A stitching
must run across the lower part of the
oa" just above tho ornamented border;
thus th ban- is formed. Tho wora )
Lingerie" may be worked across in
Russian stitch. A traveling case for
a sea voyage is made of dark blue
iinen bound with a red and white
oraid. There aro six pockets, in which
brush, comb, slippers, etc.. may be
placed. One pocket lined with oiled
silk is necessary for a sponge, and has
a llao with a button. A border is left
across tho top. on which the words
Bon Voyage" are embroidered. A
useful case for ordinary travel is made
of blue iinen, bordered with white
The Fat-riiiatlns Hotiio Gown.
Your gown may be the aimpleat of
cashmere or the most magnificent of
brocade and velvet, and all minglings
of stuffs are permitted because the
house gown is counted as unique in
the wardrobe, and upon it is possible
what would be called eccentricities in
other toilets, writes Mrs. Mallon. The
soft clinging Henrietta cloths, espe
cially in black for black is very pop
ular this vear. the suiting that has in
it a mixture of silk and wooL siiir,
satins or velveteen, not to mention
real velvet (if one has the wealth ol
Croesus) may be used. Frequently the
hifm r tPfi-rrowns nave a aasn oi bume
color on them, again they are ail black,
or they are trimmed witn a coarse
iace that may be either white or black.
One can have the white lace put on at
first, and when one tires of it the black
can be assumed, producing the always
refined and most fashionable all-black
When rou have ovcr-cxcrtcd yourself br
rucnitii:, juuiDire;. or working, there is
notnins that w .11 relieve the toreness ol
vour joints and muscles so quickly and
eflcitiznlly asSah-Hton OH, the greatest
cure cu earth fir pain. 23 cts.
A I! ii m m I it :r Hirst.
A correspondent of the Field tells of
a humraiag bird that made its nest on
the leaf of a palm, growing iu his
drawing-room in Trinidad, this being
oossibio from thefacttbat the windows
ure open all day. The drawing-room
is frequently used, and a tall floor
lamo. which is lighted at night, stands
out a few feet from the nest where the
little visitor sits undisturbed even
while singing and pianoforte playing
are going on. Three tiny eggs have
oeen laid in the nest.
The t olice-fcrce in all par:s of the crun-
rv bear uni rm te timouy to tic great
value of Dr. Hull's Couirh Syrup as a rem-
edv for c u-.'h. col 1 and incipient consump-
io'n. They all emphasize tae fact that no
one should' be w Ihoat it.
Ilo naintv Petticoat.
A very pretty auk skirt is made of
soft black silk. American silk, by tho
way. with a pinked flounce of yellow,
overlaid with a drapery of black lace,
caught here and there with a rosette
of black ribbon, writes Mrs. Mallon in
the November Ladies' Home Journal.
Women who like white petttcoate. and
who realize the damazo done lace
when it visits the launary. are auopt
sn tho English fashion of trimming
them with a frill of dotted muslin that
is not hemmed, but has tiny points
outtonholed about the lower edgo-
to repment us in c cry town in Nebra-ka and
Western I.,wn. either or traveling aecnts.
To ouch we offer meat liberal contract-.. Address
Bri Jfc Waon. General Aitents The Jlnnfcattaii
Life lus. Co. of New York, Use lllde.Omiiha.Ncb.
The smallest known qnailrupcd is the
pigmy mouf e of Si eria.
I,ane Jledlclne ?Iovea Hi Knw e l)ar. In order to be lienlthy this Is
neceosarv. Cures constipation, headache, ktdnev
and liver trouilcs and reeuiates the MoraaUi
and bowels. I'tice Me and SI 00. at nd dialers.
'Ihe g.ftsto Yale uuri-ig the last ear
have amounted to $. 000,000.
Important to Fleshy People.
We have noticed a page article in tho DaUjC lobe
on red ncins weight nt a Tory smal r expens 16
will pay our render, to send 0-c-ent starap fora
copy to Atlas Circulating Library. 11. state street,
Chicago, III.
l'ht cau i e more oiions than the union
of young thoughts and ol I fee inaf
DEsnitviNG Cosfiiiknc '.There U tio
artiel whL-h so rLhir il -serves the entire
(influence of the community aslJr.oNs
liKovciiiAi. 'InociiE. Those sttlltring front
Asthmatic and Bronchial Lii eise, Ciuchs
and Colus. shou d try them, i'rke 3ciuts.
Aaccr f trengthens th heart, hut Aveak
ens the mind.
Brammrll'ii Conch IJrops.
Use Bnimnieirs Cclebrattd Couch Uro s. The genu
ino have A. Id. It. on cacti drop bold tTerjithtre.
A cornet mi-he d to carta w.H to: rise
FITS-AM nt stopped free l.y US. HUXETI CTUAT
58BTK ItESTOaia. No Ot alter nrst day's use. M
-relou cures. Treatt and 2 WtriUhouIe tree to Kit
caaes. Secdto,Dr. Kline, 331 Arch St., Philadelphia, fa.
A Germantown man advertise, for '
eh rp boy to cut wood."
Disease is i nnatural and is rut the proof
tt at wc are abusing Nature, it i claimed
that Garfield tea, a simple herb remedy,
helps Nature to overcome this abutc.
J!anv a man make a failure of life by
trying to ct al- g with his
Baker'a Cod Idrrr Oil.
The best In the world. Cures consumption.
JIates new blood and Ileh. SId by druggists.
An electric pUnt grow? best n tl e dark.
S Swift's Specific S
SA Tested Remedy fat
Fer All g
Blood and Skii
s Diseases s
A reliable cure for Contagious &
Blood Poiaoa. Inherited Scro-
fula aad Skin Cancer. S
Aa a toaic for delicate Women
aad Children it has no equal.
Being purely vegetable, ia harm
leas ia its effects. w
A treatise oa Blood and STclnDav ja
eases Bulled rest oa application.
UruagUt Sell It. O
owiri srxuiriu ihi.
Drntr 3, Atlcnta, Ca.
Best Baking Powder
The Official Government Reports:
The United States Government, after elaborate
tests, reports the Royal Baking Powder to be of.
greater leavening strength than tiny other. v (Bul
letin 13, Ag. Dep.yp. 599 J
The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show
the Royal Baking Powder highest of all in leaven
ing strength. (Bulletin o,p.i 6, Inland Rev. Dep.)
In practical use, therefore, the Royal Baking
Powder goes further, makes purer and more perfect
food, than any other. .
Government Chemists Certify:
"The Royal Baking Powder is composed of pure and
wholesome ingredients. It does not contain either alum or phos
phates, or other injurious substances.
"Edward G. Love, Ph.D."
"The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest
and most reliable baking powder offered to the public.
" Henry A. Mott, M. D., Ph. D."
"The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and high
est in strength of any baking powder of which I have knowledge.
" Wm. McMurtrie, Ph. D."
The Government Report shows all other baking
Powders tested to contain alum, lime
or sulphuric acid.
You Needn't Look
immediately for the damage that
dangerous washing compounds do.
It's there, and it's going on all the
time, but you won't see its effects,
probably, for several months. It
wouldn't do, you know, to have
them too dangerous.
The best way is to take no risk.
You needn't worry about damage
to vour clothes, if vou.keep to the
original washing compound Pearline ;
first made and fullv proved. What can
you gain by using the imitations of it?
Prize packages, cheaper prices, or whatever
... U. ...r1 Cr 4-1-inm irni1rJn,r nav VOll
for one ruined garment.
T Peddlers an J some unscrupulous grocers will tell vou.
f-5tXT3 Te "this is as good as" or "the ame as Pearline.' IT S
.jn ww sv puce PAn.iinr knnpr n!dled if vour zrrocer sends
vou an imitation, be honest semi it bad: 34G JAM ES PYLE. New York.
The Social Side of the Home
Will be given special attention in a series of complete page articles in
The Ladies' Home Journal
for 1E93. These "papers are calculated to meet the needs of those who
are in search of fresh suggestions for entertainments ia the home. Page
features will be made of
Musical Evenings in the Home
Pretty Luncheons and Dainty Teas
Out-Door Fetes for Summer
New Ideas for Children's Parties
Church Fairs and Church Sociables
To Entertain an Evening Company
for which twenty pens of the best authorities on home entertainment
have been employed.
Subscription Agents wanted Profitable Work Send for terms
One Dollar a year 10c. a copy at the News-stands
The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pa.
They are warranted and mad
by Skilled Workmen, of the beat
Selected Stock. ' .
goods . manufactured by us and
take no others. It will pay you
to investigate by a trial.
Jay Gould
After all Jay Gould died of consump
tion. Tito doctors said he had neural--gia
and Jay offered a million dollars .
to any one who would cure him of his .
trouble: It turned out that he did not
have neuralgia at all, but simply con
sumption. Don't you make his mis
take. If you feel that your lungs are
weak, or that you aro subject to
coughs or colds, or that your throat be
sore and tendor, get a bottle of Rcid's
i German Cough and Kidney Cure and .
take it freely. It contains no poison
auvl it is tho only cough remedy on the
mafket, that ministers to all of the
excre tory organs. The small bottles,
are tw vnty-five cents, large size fifty,
I cents, every aruggisi uas u.
St cvax Eejiedt Cotpay-,
Peoria. Ills.
liirJike ttie Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other CiMinicals
aaaV sTJtt"iA.
aaV fcW iA aaraa
ii HAH
a m&
IK 4 3 r-t -j
fan t "i.
lis i r U-i
Ka fc-u
(Ui jrjf
aro used In t&
preparat.'oa of
W. BiJiEB tfC0.S
ichirh U abatluteljj
-nirn au2 SolPltle-
j ithasmorethnnfiireTftbnes
! f te itrewjth ot Cocoa tnlxeft
with Starch, .Arrowroot or
lc... .-ml l frfmoro eco
- 0"n" .-- - " -
nomlcal. cost lnj less man "' "".J " "
It Is delicious, nourishing", and tiSU-T
Sold If Grorera CTcrrnatr.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Maw
tun? with rate under alt
rircunutoacc. ""reJ
Adjustment. Comfort
.ml Cure t.Patent.l
iniproreroent. 1",,"i
Sra;l cataloirus a!1
rtilen for eK-meaTHl-mnt
srnt MKMireTr
eaflSi. 0. V 1IOCS&
MFO CO., T4 "
tay, : Yr!c City.
" ?aaSnrarS9'aw
4. Xu
n MreracllM. No inwnTPaiK
a. 1 I I i. 1 ...r.u... t .lrtv rilrlllrlMlltiaJw
Beo-l e- for riribp" nnrt jstlraonial. rti
OW ?.S5TaxJflcvlclasrT2seotreIliax. Cat
r vta
Tfce kidinj SpecisIIit cf IE F. .
1C9 Sooth tlark St., Cklcaga.-
MA Month "" Exitntir. tr nPAi-ETHS..
J0-rl5RISaVfC0'- Samp!t$ Fi-mC
aie laffcaal-JOH" lV.rtlORRIS, .
1 raall.JIV tV!llii.'lmi. D.C..
'Successful lv Prosecutes Claims..
1 3 yHlulaat war, 15atyudicatiugclalBu, attTalace.
ataiSiaatforpliIno ITabit Cnrtd In 1Q
li'lllaaitrtUlKln.y. Kopay till enrol.
Ui IMIH DR. J.STEPHENS, Lebanon.Ohio..
aoliclted. J.D. BEST 4 CO., DaTr, Colo.
asthma m&vsrsssz
COLuSs BltOS. MEDICINE CO , 8tluta, Mo-
Imported Fereheron and sklrv '
Itona, ISOO. 1. 2 nd yean tlma IwrorwS
marea cheap. UtramC Wheeler. Odebolt.Sa4.rav
ore evva. tua
Seint for la.t.U'.TKA.
7 t i lynocvwHOiiaoiB
I, i.Lmuoui
Rublier Goods'
t.n n.n :tr.t DlTCtT. OILKf) and LEATHEK
Diseaseof Men snd Wo
men. Coneulotlon fre.
ij a-a tf- aal I a Writ.- for KHCK
CHRCiNIl UOOK nnd Kt:tc.
llSSlS'hSt. Omaha.
munlt od.
Tackle. Bao B!l. Crwtuet. Lawn Tennia and Fanflr
SDortlnif Good.'. Diitrlbutlmr Ajr nts for A. G. Spiald
Ivg Jt Bro. 1S12 Douglaa St . Oaudia. w rite tor cata.'.
II Mrs and
Leather. Shce
S.ore iupplw
Wboteaale ad IteUtl Wlnra, Liquors ami Cltara,
1313 Fainara Sne, Omaha. Saad for Prleo Da.
Cmaha'a Lars
eat Variety.
FVRRELLACO., fap!e Sairar and Sjrmpe. Jelltea.
I'rti-rtti, Jama. Apple Bncer, Kte. Prop. Oraka
Caa Vannfac'las. Co.,Cana aad Decorated Tinware.
LUMBER. Wholeeale and RetalL nard wood Ianj;
rtae oak fence lath, wblte clar poeta , tpJU oak
Sedarpoile, pllla. llme.etc. C. B, Le-. taDof la.
M UrtalL CJ.MOyEK. Tvew Vork Life Eut.dlrp.
OULD'S FAIR Start a Sarlnm account Gr
man JUTtiigs Bank. Omaha. in iuosi remw- "
tltntlcn la Male. l,C09CC0 liability to deposllota..
and jetxtny iwuiium i y
-trills, etc. bent xji. o
been testca ana uiuui rw.o..
Sloax Cltx. Xowa.
64S.Caaal St. Chicaao.
m OTHi
u I ii a ur no
I ikl i r isawatAJ
ft -I liHH1 I
I Alliiu Jcpr.ner tasa cl.e-
whre. lfure ;n ba,
ml .tacp fereaagae t
The Pownt a uuumt w.
1 M SaU St llactaaal),0.
5? WtSTlJttle ft Karly JUaara.
the Famous Utile PtUa f or CcnjtlpaUon.Slck Head
tcae. DypeplaJ Naoaaa Jio Fata. Var j Small
' I HBajra a afii.03 Imptmt Oilvi blant
fUiinif aVkM; pct nOK
Hfc . MM.'.l.MI.1ll.l.TTtwrnTi.T-"
mi fca aiMliriiw fat tn. 1
4ir. tl M IVttr.. ul 4J. u4 W"J
oirosu aru.i'u. Drt. AS. caicito ul.
For Sal"e or Leased
I1 Ailillij. tear Denver. IwproTed. Watrr
i Izht. Farm lintinintaa'ltiielc. I i"-year
time. Till: 'AMERICAN TKCST CO..
A. C. FISK. Prc't. Uoetoo BIoct.DeBter. Colo.
naitim mrtcij uuu.j. ifvA
complete, i'luicforeaiaudor-
nimpnlkl lrj. Hfti! t.ltfct.
icrovro especially for prdlxle
planters. Outat free. C. L.
Vatrous, lien 3Iolne. Ja.
r..- wkJ.nt. T(Y3 ami FANCY GOODS
ten 1 to the GATE CITY B. T. CO.. llt
ai-nani. Send for Catalogue.
" 3Nr-5TIE33a,
Fine, High Grade Carriages, Buggies,
Phaetons and Road Wagons.
14lh and Harney SU., Omaha, Xebraska.
aa"Rercrence: Any bn:net man In Oiaha.
Jl N. " ALTLU i V OI. Ksra. So. Omaha. Neb . hl
ttgv. IB- Har.el n porta fcrilshed upon appilatloa.
iYERS BROS & CO.. LZto Stock Ccinmi.lon
lnlinw.tiiwu3i aiw. .- - --,-
iiiiosu- tfm.-iionden.eauJ yourtr-de soiuiieo.
Coaamtot CoaraiT. South Omaha. Nebruka.
.nie ATTtf: I lUN: Wanti- tiui:t.ilis.T(
UIV'M ;,,
. .1 A at t
Eve a a orer
.. . ..(. !..,. iiurilnlffiKlietli TirH
SrWwS tsra i'"ia i sssssra d. ar
iVuimmnllTca ar.i Deoola
Z-,1 i-ili.ib.v.- uras lunrsor Aith-
.. ...
j ej. nouiii ujo t'uoscureior
Cor.uaiptioa. it bas crcl
thonamJ. it tss r.ot inlar-
I . ...... ?...... k. . . r.
Sll.ri.V. I..3 IIV. Uii'l Idl.tC.
It lithe tes-corznj.yrt-:.
Sol'i cvrrv-ntrt". .e.
W. V. U.. Omaha." - '652-52
' . i
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