The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, November 23, 1892, Image 4

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mmiJt hesa.
J I v2C'v3Ikb3vh?h
-. - Both the method and result whea
' -: Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is ple&S&ni
mncl refreshing to the taste, and acti
:V eentlyyet promptly on the Kidneya,
-,- 'Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sy
. : tern effectually, dispels colds, head-
-.'. "'aches and fever3 and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tht
. only remedy of its kind ever pro-.'-duced,
pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the Btomnch, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial ia its
- "eflecia, prepared only from the most
. lealthy and agreeable substances,
; . its many excellent qualities com-
' .mend it to all and have made it
the most popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figa is for sale in 50c
end $1 bottles by all leading drug
gist. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
trishea to try it Do not accept
- any substitute.
uunviuE. r. uzw rcac k.t.
I am a fanner at Edotn. Texas. I
have used German Syrup for six
3'car.s successfully for Sore Throat,
Coughs. Colds, Hoarseness, Pains in
Chest and Lung, and Spitting-up of
Tlood. I have tried many kinds nf
Cough Syrups in my time, but let
me say to anyone wanting such a
medicine German Syrup is th'e best
We arc .subject, to so many sudden
changes from cold to hot, damp
weather here, but in families where
German Syrup is used there is little
trouble from uolds John F Jones
k&!V is&iJ
"ily doctor says It acts gently on the rtoinach,llTor
am! kidneys nnl Is a pleasant iaxntfte. Th
trials H indJe lruin Sierlis, nad 13 ircpured for use
r.i easily cs tea. It Is called
All drucclste sell It at We. and f 1 r. paciica. If
Jim cmnot k It. Fond yonr addrps for h free
aiutlc. I.anr'n ritmily ."Mciliclno n;orn
the uotvcU cscli dnv. AiMipfs
Did you ever see a sickly
baby with dimples ? or a heal
thy one without them ?
A -thin baby is always deli
cate. Nobody worries about
a plump one.
If you can get your baby
plump, he is almost sure to
be well. If you can get him
well, he is almost sure to be
The way to do both there
is but one way is by care
ful living. Sometimes this
depends on Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil.
We will send you a book
on it ; free.
Scott & Bowks, Chemists, 133 South jth Avenue,
'New York.
ely's catarrh
- $500 grT
to Axr aw. ''ittYFEWER&
r s;
y 1.
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t7r...AM nu:ijj.j . vi v
t.- JC tX"
. tiL-maii ur iri!i"jar , - x-
siuTcring; from f53T?
. A particle i applied Into cscli notril and Is agree
able. Trice M rents at DrujrzMs or bv mall.
ELT IJUOTIlEits. &: Warren Street, New Tort
Gouaieed to cure Billons Attaeii. 8!ck
-Headache and CoxiatlpatloB. 40 in each
bottle. Prise SSc For sale bj druggists.
rictnrs -7, 17, 70" and sample dose free.
4. F. SMITH A C0M Proprietors, HEW Y0SUL
TtlJ TreOa yszri Is on tie best
in the World 1
Cares Consumption, Coxxgbs, Crtmp, Sara
Threat. SoUi br all Dmstsis on a Guarantee.
Fora Lame Siae, Back erCaet Sbiloh's Pcrcsa
Jlrter ?!lsiEr5at?.-d.fici!5. 25 centt
The African KelalMaBf,
ducorvred ia C01150, m rs
. Atnra. ii. Haturei S;ure
' Jllii? wnM?
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25"H3'aM2 NSSSKa
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Cm-jor istUan Cut-J 'jnaraalced crfla
Mr. j:xpotl O&icc. 1104 iiKiUivcv Jew sort.
lorXarse Vrial Ciwp. CHV.H &y fSo.ll. Jdresa
KOLAinpos.rii'a to.. iicv.ccit.x:ictiiy otio.
W.N.U.0mah' - 647-47
Adversity, thou art a friend,
Yot friendly look to few,
And they are those who see" tho end
Thy trials bring to view;
The braver souls who will ndt takd
Defeat at thy first blow,
Xhoueh oft thy stinging lashes mako
Each sturdy frame bend low.
Yet like the brave old oak, -whoso head
Bows low to every blast
That sweeps with chilling shriek amid
Its mighty branches vast;
Though lov it sways with pliant graco,
Yet, whea the storm is o'er.
Resumes i s wonted, upright place,
Strengthened by what it bore.
If it didn't look as it I were try
Ing to gxiiu bomc benefit from your
umbrella." ho remarked. as ho
chanced to meet ber on tho church
steps nf tor service, "I would ask lo
walk homo with you. I didn't ex
pect rain when I left homo, so 1 am
unprepared. '
However." came her clear reply,
just arch enough to bo fascinating
and just tender enough to be frank.
If you'll carry my umbrella and let
mc turn my eucrgies to keeping thy
dross caught up outof the mud I'll be
very thankful to you."
They had walked strangely enough,
half way homo in almost complete
silence, wlien a man and a woman
passed them, like them under one
umbre la, but. unlike them. the
woman was held Miugly close to tho
man's side as she clung to his arm.
It was a picture of that open freedom
which so undeniably marks a con
genial man and wife, whoso com
pan'onslup has ripened into frank
As lliey passed Robert Courtright
said, hair thoughtfully, perhaps:
'Ihey arc sensible. If two aro
trying to ute one umbrell.1, they aro
surely to be commended if they strive
to la-e up as little room as possible.
Kvon if it be noon, won't you take
my arm? '
Hut they aro plainly not such
such strangers as we." 6ho returned,
conscious that both were treauing on
daugcrous ground.
Are we strangers?" he asked.
ijUickiy. turning his e3-es search ingly j
on her.
The pretty face grew a trifle palo
against its light Drown hair. A
lump seemed to climb to her throat
but she returned, bravely: Yes
that is we'll always bo strangers
compared with them."
Hie tried lo laugh it away, but it '
would hu'.c been difficult to tell I
which pair of lips quivered tho more 1
or which pair of eyes swam in the ,
deepest mist as tho two started on. I
both silent, both sad. both realizing
that a little tragedy had occurrod in
that brief instant under that dripping
umbrella on tho noon boulevard.
Fight years went by and found
Gabriel Yaughno alore in tho world,
with necessity for keeping up a life
in which all interest and all energy
were dead. She had at iasl arisen
from a tedious illness, and tho nurso
herself scarcely recognized tho tall,
pale, sad-faced woman with the
short, dark curls as tho bright-eyed,
light-haired girl of six months be
fore. Gabriel had one dear to
her. and only one and that was a
memory. And some of our dcare&t
memories are the crudest part of our
lives. hen finally she stood be
fore a mirror and realized that that
changed creature was herself, a
mighty resolve filled her she would
go to the source of that memory.
bho knew whero ho was. she knew
that he had married three years after
that bitter morning in tho rain and
had married a wealthy wifo. That
wa- tho rea-on that sho had thrust
him back from her long ago. just be
cause of Irs poverty. Mot that t
would pain her. a thousand times uo!
llacn t she cried out night after night
since that starvation with him would
bo only bliss? Hut she had known
his ambitions and his capabi ities;
knew his dreams of success and sho
reali ed his abil.ty to '.urn the dreams
lo realities. She was poor. Would
she permit herself lo Lang a millstone
about his neck? Would sho hold
him always in the depths of poverty
by being his wife and the mother of
his needy children? Xo sho would
hurt his heart before she would ruin
his life.
Time had proved that she had been
right. His wife was a beautiful wo
man, and her wealth had opened
boundless opportunities to him. He
had risen she had known that he
would. But now that sho scarcely
was able to know herself, she would
venture into his world and see for
herself how happy and proud and
prosperous he was.
So. having spent all but her last
bill for her t'eket she stepped into
Philadelphia otic spring evening,
steeling hr heart to what might fol
low. The next evening she had
walked past his great rich house and
was starting back when a sudden
shower burst unexpectedly upon her.
bho gathered up her skirts in that
peculiar way so characteristic of a
damty woman, and was hurrying
along when all at once she was con
scious of a sharp, childish cry at her
side. Turning she beheld a tall sad
faced man trying to quiet a fretful
baby of about throo years, which held
out its dimpled hands lo her and
Mamma! Mamma!'
Tho gentleman strove to tdop it
and Gabriel started on. But sharp
and piercing came the "Mam-ma!"
snd hor heart bade her linger.
1 or the first time the man spoko to
her. Jf5
I must beg your pardon, madam.
His mother has just died, and some
thing about you seems to have recalled
her to him.
Gabriel's heart softened at once.
Going straight up she took the tiny,
outstretched hands iu her own and
murmured: Poor, motherless little
The father held out his umbrella
over her and for tho first time she
looked at him the face was Robert's!
Sho was glad for the excuse of turn
ing to baby again and murmuring
something unintelligible.
However, ho had not recognized
her; so she drew all her strength to
her assistance and succeeded in hiding
her emotion.
If you will walk under my um
brella. as I am going your way for
this square, you can keep dry. And.
too. I fear baby won't liko to part
There was no easy way to retreat:
it would have been absurd to scud off
in a changed direction through the
pelting rain, so she continued talking
hurriedly to the child. As they
reached the foot of tho broad stone
steps sho stopped. '-I can not thank
you enough for having calmed Leslie."
His nurse left this morning ad
he will not be consoled by any of the
other servants. So I finally told Mrs.
Clarke, the housekeeper, that 1 would
try him for a walk? But will you not
lake tho umbrella? It will" be a
shame to expose yourself to such, a
deluge. " '
She gracefully declined all thanks
and such kind offers and quickly
glided off, a tall black-robed figure
daring the watery drops. But a per
fect shriek from baby aiose when ho
found himself deserted in this fashion,
and each succeeding cry became
louder and more distressing. Again
Gabriel could not go. Again she
came baek to him. "
Will you please come into tho
house with him? Mrs. Clark may
there be better able to get him away
than I."
So Gabriel carrying the child, en
tered his house, unknown, but wel
come even then.
Leslie was not to bo easily decoivod.
and all the ruses were seen through
immediately by h's caierul, big blue
We must get a nurse maid this
very night " declared Mrs. Clarke as
she ondeavored in her practical cold
hearted way to inveigle the young
lord from his new mamma."
But," groaned Mr. Courtright
"where can ono get one which he can
trust on such short notice?''
A bold idea entered GubrioVs head.
She tried three or four times to speak,
and her voice failed. Finally 6he
choked hack tho lump in h3r throat
and said:
Would it be presumptuous for me
to offer njyself? I can show you ex
cellent references and I am now
looking for some such position."
You a nursemaid?" exclaimed Mr.
Courtright in amazement- Then, a
moment later, he would have given
much to have it back unsaid; her
plain black gown was darned at the
elbows It was merely her way of
wearing it that gave her tho appear
ance of a woman of long founded
culture and delicacy.
Two years went by. in which Miss
j Yarney. as she was now known, un
discovered, was loved by and loved in
return Mr. Courti'ight's two children,
it wa's one evening in March", just bo-
I fore dusk, when she had left Leslie
upstairs asleep and had just como
1 down lo the drawing room witu
Mabel to stay with the child till her
father came to dinner.
He was Into and Mabel had waO
dcred off to a back parlor, thus leav-
' log Gabriel alone in the dimly lighted
room whoa Mr. 'Courtright finally en
tered. I shall call Mabel" she began,
starting from hor station by the win
dow. Xo, Miss Yarney; stay. I have
something to say td you. You re
member how moved I was the first
time 1 cslic called yon -mamma?
You thought then, no doubt that it
was becauso of tho memory of my
wife. Partly so. but mostly becauso
as I looked up at you I thought for
an instant that you were tho woman
who who might have been "His
mother if the fates' had been kinder.
Do yoii know. Miss Yarney. that you
often remind mo cruelly of a woman
I loved bolter than tho world?"
Your wife?" sho was glad that it
was dark enough lo hido the trembl
ing of her lips.
"So, not my wife. I loved Marie
ono way; sho was tender and true to
ma But tho woman that I roally ." Then after a short pause,
he went on: "But what I mean to
say to you is this: I have learned to
love you a thousand times belter than
Maria and sometimes. I almost think.,
as much as 1 loved tho dearest ona
Can you, will you hate me if I ask
you thus to bo Leslie's mamma in
truth as well as m word?"
Slowly came tho roplj: "But you
lovo the first woman best of all even
Yea 1 do. But as I saul I often
almost think that you aro sho when I
stop to realize how 1 feel toward you.
Moment after moment went by.
Tho shadows camo closer and the rim
of lighter clouds near the west hori
zon grow narrower. At last sho said:
I too. loved in tho long ago. But'I
never can in any way love another
man. But "
-Miss Yarney." ho broke in.
No. let mo finish." sho continued.
"Take an umbrella ana go down to
the east gata Do not ask a question,
but take the umbrella ana wait
Then sho sped upstairs. Ho was
dazed; maybe that was the reason
that he, as iu a dream, did as she had
bid and took his station down by tho
rustic gala whero tho softly falling
rain dripped through the leaves onto
the gravel of the walk.
Suddenly he was conscious of a rus
tle at his sida and. turning, there
stood a tall girl with a loving smile
above the samo dark collar, with a
sweet face shining abovo the same
dark bonnet remembered so well from
long ago. and an old-timo voice mur
mured: "Robert"
Gabriel?" he gasped.
"Yea "' sho laughed. "Gabriel and
your nursemaid in ona"
When they walked up to the house
that night sho clung lovingly to his
arm under the narrow umbrella, for
they wero strangers no longer. Chi'
cago Xows.
Itcady Por The Attack.
A young Malay officer on the
coast of India, was ono night return
ing from inspecting an outpost when
he began to suspect that a tiger was
following him. It was dangerous to
proceed, as any miniito might, bring
an attack in the rear, and so he
paused, and made what preparation
he could for tho encounter. He had
a swerd at his sido and a croese in
his belt, a weapon resembling a
Having scraped away tlic earth to
give himself a firm footing, ho knelt
on one knee and kept a sharp look
out knowing tho beast was near.
Soon ho perceived the animal's
glittering oyea and know it must bo
creeping toward him like a cat
The moment of suspense was a
terrible ona but at last it ended and
the brute made its spring. Its
charge was. however, received on tho
creesa which went through tho
animal's breast stabbing it to the
heart so that it fell mortally
In its dying struggles it lore the
flesh from tho young fellow's arm.
but did him no mortal injury. As
for" tho victor, ho calmly rose and
went into camp to report his second
tiger slain that year. Youth's Com
panion. A monk's Invention.
At a late fair in Brittany. Franca a
monk from tho Friestine monastery
exhibited a plain-looking table with
an inlaid chess board on its surfaca
The inventor, or any ono so disposed,
sets the pieces for a game and then
sits alono at one sido of tho tabla
However cautiously ho plays ho is
frequently checkmated by the pieces
from the opposite sida which move
automatically across the board. .Xo
matter how scientifically the player
plays tho ghost-moved pieces fre
quently come out ahead. No mechan
ism is apparent; to all intent the
table is a solid board.
Bog" AflVction.
Tommy You ought to see how
much butter my stepmother puts on
my bread."
(Johnny I guoss it' 3 some of
1 this bogus butter and she's trying it
on you before she eats any of it her
self." Texas Sittings.
Ab Excltlnt Incident ia Mid-Ocean In
T-rntrtil Tfenvm.
.... ., (
Early one morning the mate was
started by the cry from aloft: "Black
smoke ahead, sir! A big schooner
standing to the southward."
Tho captain was called and in a
trice bounded on deck, where, apply
ing the glass to his eya he took a
long look at the stranger who hod
pushed so suddenly out of the early
mist hanging low upon the horizon.
Whatover her character, we had
but little chance of escape, if she had
rifled guns. Many a glance of appre
hension was directed toward tho som
ber hull and pair of sloping smoke
stacks with the twisting smoke trneJ
ing far astern.
Show him our colors, sir! Bond on
the ensign; we may as well be hung
for a sheep as a lamb. If that fellow
is a rebel the sooner wo know it the
better!" exclaimed the captain some
what excitedly to the male,
It was close upon six bells (7 o'clock)
when the steamer rovealcd her na
tionality. Wo fairly yelled as the blood-red
cross of St George danced up aloft
from tho steamer's signal halyards.
She was evidently a troop ship bound
for the capa a trifle out of her course,
but wo did not stop to consider that
She was too far distant to speak,
but in obedience to a gesture from tho
captaia the mate emptied a bag of
gayly colored signals on deck; and
the boys were called aft to man tho
halyards and led a hand to bend on tho
magic flags. Upward fluttered the
parti-colored bits of bunting, glasses
wero leveled and breathless expect
ancy marked the sunburnt features of
the clipper's crew: for the inquiry
Hying from our mizzen-royalmast was:
What news of the American war?
The flash of foam cast up by the
huge propeller greeted our straining
vision. The great steamer glided on
warl but no responsive signals glad
dened tho anxious hearts of those
yearning to hear news from homo.
With a passionato exclamation of
disappointment tho captain closed the
Joints of his long glass with a savage
snap, sayfng. as he turned away, "He
hasn't our 'code. It's no use."
Look at that!" suddenly exclaimed
J be mate, pointing. "What is he go
in.g to do?" .
He is coming about" shouted the
captain, his bronzed features fairly
pn'.ing. "Can it be possible he has
played us a trick and is the Alabama?
Staud by nil hands, for"
A deep blaat of the steam whistle
"tumbled over the Hashing waters, fol
lowed by a number of quick toots as
the steamer ranged to leeward; then
an expanse of while canvas was
lowered over the side.
Glasses wero directed upon that
bright patch araidshipa upon which
dark linos could bo discerned with the
nakod eyo. Tho glass showed these
were letters.
I havo it!" shouted the captain,
leaping excitedly into tho rigging.
Spread tho news fore and nft! 15
says. The American conflict is over!
Davis a fugitive' and what's that?
Heavens, no yes -Lincoln is killed!'
Strike tho colors half-mast sir."
continued tho captain to the mato in
a subdued tone. Then ho added.
Hoist tho signal. -Thank you," to
the steamer."
At that moment tho rich full tones
of a regimental band were wafted
across the heaving swclla and many
an eye glistened with emotion a? tho
well-known strains of "Hail Colum
bia" wero faintly heard. Tho steamer
slowly fell off. and resumed her
coursa whila as if actuated by ono
"impulsa officers and men sprang into
tho rt-eather- rigging, giving three
times three and waving their hats in
return for tho kindness of tho courlo
ous Englishman. The stars and stripes
were dipped three timea ihe hoarse
whistle rang out in return; tho -Meteor
flag" slowly and majestically re
turned the salute, and tho greeting in
mid-ocean was over.
The commander of that craft is a
gentleman every inch of him!" was
the admiring remark of tho mato as
he glanced astern at the fast-fading
troop-ship. St Nicholas.
Authors Who Computetl the Exact Num
ber of Krll Spirit.
Guilelmus Parisionsis gives figures,
on a basis of exact computation," as
he informs us. to prova that the
regions of the air" and the 'tiaverns
and dark places of the earth" aro in
habited by 4 i. 435, iiiiG dovils! Had
you calculated on there being that
many? According to these remark
able figures, if tho people of the
United States had all been wipod out
of earthly existence on the 1st of Jan
uary. 1S75, each could have boon con
sistently mot at the portals of tho be
yond by a big, grinning devil, and tho
few thousand imps in oxcess of our
population could have tended tho
caldrons of tho in'crno while tho
older ones wero receiving the new
come i-s.
But John Wior. widely known as
the devil's physician." a practition
er of Cleves Rhenish Prussia, "begged
leave" to differ from Parisionsis to
the tune of some o(i. 000. 000 devils,
imps and satanic attendants. John
exerted himself to the utmost to out
do Parisiensis on -n basis of exact
"computation." but to save his life and
his soul from the torture of tho mil
lions of deviis he had discovered, ho
could only locate one chief devil 1
prinees of deviis and 7, -10."). 926 devils
held as subjects by the satanic
princes. The chief devil "that old
serpent" the chief of the powers of
the air and of darkness." Lucifer, the
devil par oxcellenca is described as a
great red dragon with seven heads,
tin horns and a scaly, spiked tail.
Where learned men. physicians and
authors capable of writing books of
hundreds of pages managed to get
figures for such t3.act computations,"
says the fct Louis Kepublia is a mys
tcry to the modern investigator.
Anions the EtirHal Snowi.
Xo land, however far north, has
ever been found destitute of lichens.
They alone of living things aro en
countered in the great antarctic
glacial ridge which bars the southern
pole. They aro also met within trop
ical climes. There are no plants so
Blow of growth, so tenacious of life or
so economic in their requirements of
warmth and soil as tho lichens. A
plant of this class which was watched
by an observer over a period of more
than twenty -five years underwent no
perceptible change during that tima
Individual lichens now living are 60
ancient that no geologist would ven
ture -o limit their age to thousands of
years. Grasses and some seaweeds
cro to be found in almost every part
of the world.
A Lon; Time Between Drinks.
A woman recently made hor 248 th
appearance in a London police court, 1
accused of being drunk and incapa
ble. She pleaded that she had found
it a lonpr time between drinks, having
come out of prison 'on the previous
day after a month's confinement. The
magistrate took the same view and '
discharged her, j
Preparing Opium.
A Boston merchant makes some rev
elations that will not make things very
pleasant for opium users.
Tho process of preparloj opium
from the popoy as practiced in India
and Persia today." said he. "isTery
nearly the same as was employed 1, 800
years ago.
As the capsules mostly aoound in
the narcotic juice, it is from these the
ODiura is procured.
A few days after the falL of the flow
ers, men and women proceed to the
fields and make horizontal incisions ia
the capsule, being careful not to cut
deep, so the juice does not escape into
the capsule.
A white juice exudes and appears
in the form of a tear upon the edges
of the incision, which Is allowed to re
main twenty-four hours, wlien it is
scraped off and collected in smaller
vessels and beaten, being moistoned
with saliva, only one tear beinjr ob
tained from a single plant." Phila
delphia Record.
Tie declares it to be tl e best reinedr for
"coueh aud croup." Mr. 1. T. (iood. Co-
JmnbJa. Tean., writes: "I keep lr. mill's
Cough Syruo in the bouse all the time. It
is the best remedy ior cough and croup I
eer used."
Not Friday, lint .lloiidar.
A statistician of the German gov
ernment has como to tho rescue of
thoso pot-sons who do not share the
widespread superstition that Friday is
the most unlucky day of tho week. A
short tine ago he determined to make a
scientific investigation of this question.
The moat fatal or unfortunate week
day, according to the investigator, is
not Friday, but Monday.
Mr. Chas. Carman, from Petersburg, 111.,
writes: "I know Salvation Oil to Ic a vrry
cood remedy for neuralgia, rheumatism,
burns, toothache and cuts. We are never
with oat it"
Waltzing for Allien.
An average waltz takes a dancer
over about three-quarters of a mile.
A square dance makes him cover half
a mile. A girl with a weli filled pro
gramme travels "thus in an evening:
Twelve waltzes, nine miles; four other
dances at a half-miio apiece, which is
hardly a fairly big estimate, two miles
more; the intermission and the trips
to the dressing-room to renovate her
gown atfid complexion, half a mile;
grand total eleven and a half miles.
We will give $100 reward for anv case of
catarrh that caunot bo cured with Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Taken Internally.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Propra., Toledo, O.
Georjjc Never Uiiit;rtwi!
Don't you think this suit is more
becoming than my last?" he asked.
I don't know." she answered,
drearily. "It would please mo bet
ter, George, if you would always wear
And why?" he asked, tenderly,
bending over to catch tho love-light
in her eyes.
"Becausa" she replied, with a far
away look in her great hazel orbs. "I
don't get so tired looking at black."
Chicago Evening Journal.
Vgpi- S!Silllf
The last year has been the most prosperous of the Sixty-five years of The Companion's history. It has now over 550,000
subscribers. This support enables it to provide more lavishly than ever for 1893. Only a partial list
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Prize Serial Stories.
The Prizes offered for the Serial Competition of 1S92 were the Largest ever given by any periodical.
. First Prize, $2,000. Larry; "Aunt Mat's" Investment ami its Reward: by . ifliss Amanda Al. Douglas.
Second Prize, $1,000. Armajo; How a very hard Lesson was bravely Learned; by Charles W. Clarke.
Third Prize, $i,ooo. Cherrycroft; The Old House and it Tenant; by Aliss Edith E. Stowe (Pauline Wesley).
Fourth Prize, $1,000. Sam; A charming Story of Brotherly Love ami Self-Sacrifice; hy AIiSS AT. G. AlcCIelland.
SEVEN OTHER SERIAL STORIES, during the year, by C. A. Stephens, Homer Greene and others.
The Bravest Deed I Ever Saw,
will be described in graphic language by Officers of the United States Army
and by famous War Correspondents.
General John Gibbon. General Wesley Alerritt.
Captain Charles King. Archibald Forbes.
Things to Know.
What Is a Patent? by The Hon. Carroll D. Wright.
A Chat With Schoolgirls ; by Amelia E. Barr.
Naval Courts-Alartiai ; by Admiral S. B. Luce.
Patents Granted Young Inventors ; by U. S. Com. of Patents.
The Weather Bureau; by Jean Gordon Alattil!.
NewIy-AIarrled in New York. 'What will $1,000 a year do?
Ansnerod by Airs. Henry Ward Beecher and Marion Harland.
Short Stories and Adventures.
More than One Hundred Short Stories and Adventure Sketches will be given in the volume for 1893.
Knittin' Susan. An Able Alariner. - Quality's Temptation.
In the Death Circle. Uncle DanTs Will. A Bad Night in a Yacht.
A Alountainville Feud. On the Hadramaut Sands. Leon Kestrcll: Reporter.
Airs. Parshley's First Voyage. An April First Experience. Uncle Sim's Clairvoyance.
Bain AIcTickel's "Vast Doog." Riddling Jimmy, and other stories. How I Wen my Chevrons.
The Cats of Cedar Swamp. A Boy's Proof that he was not a Coward; by . . W. J. Baker.
Strong "Aledicine." The amusing effect of a brass instrument on a hostile Indian; by Capt. D. C. Kingman, U. S. A.
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During and just after the Crimean
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monthly parts, illustrated with steel
engavings. I happened to be in a
printing office where one of the serials
was manufactured, and after I had
been watching the working off of a
steel plate the foreman gave me one
of the impressions. Returning home
by omnibus I found myself seated op
posite to a soldier and put the engrav
ing into his bands.
He surveyed it with a critical eye,
frowned and exclaimed: What in
the world aro the men in the trenches
doing with their knapsacks on? I
never heard of such a thing in all my
life. Xow, here was a man speaking
on a subject with full knowledge and
with crushing criticism. Tho oniy
idea the artist had of a soldier was a
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'"SS.'S ! Thompson's Eya Watin
Your Work in Life. .
What are you going to do? These and other similar articles may offer you some suggestions.
Journalism as a Profession. 15y the Kditor-in-Cliief of the New York Times, Charles R. Miller.
Why not be a Veterinary Surgeon? An opportunity for Boys : by Dr. Austin Peters.
In What Trades and Professions is there most Room ? by Hon. R. P. Porter.
Shipbuilders Wanted. Chats with great shipbuilders on this Subject ; by Alexander Wainwriglit.
Admission to West Point; bytheSupt. of U. S. Academy, Co!. John M. Wilson.
Admission to the Naval Academy; by Lieut. W. F. Low, U. S. N.
Young Government Clerks at Washington. By the Chief Clerks of Six Departments.
"How I wrote Bels Hur," by Gen. Lew Wallace, opens .1 series "Behind the Scenes of Famous Storks." Sir Edwin Arnold
writes three fascinating articles on India. Rudyard Kipling tells the "Story of My Uojhood."' A scries of practical articles, "At the
World's Fair," by Director-General Davis and Mrs. Potter Palmer, will be full of valuable hints to those who go. "Odd House
keeping in Queer Places" is the subject of half a dozen bright and amusing descriptions by Mrs. Lew Wallace, Lady 3!ake, and. ethers.
All the well-know-n features of The Companion will be maintained ard improved. The Editorials will be impartial explanations
of current events at home and abroad. The Illustrated Supplements, adding nearly one-half to size of the paper, will be continued.
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Great Men at Home.
How Air. Gladstone Works; by his daughter, Airs. Drew.
Gen. Sherman in his Kerne; by Airs. Minnie Sherman Fitch.
Gen. AlcCIellan; by his son, George B. AlcCiellan.
President Garfield ; by his daughter, Airs. Aloily Garfield Brown.
Over the Water.
How to See St. Paul's Cathedral ; by The Dean of St. Paul.
Windsor Castle. A picturesque description by The Alarquis of Lome.
A Glimpse of Belgium. The American Alinister at Brussels.
A Glimpse of Russia; by The Hon. Charles Emory Smith.
Adventures in London Fogs; by Charles Dickens.
London Cabs. "Cabbies;" their -"hansoms." Charles Dickens, Jr.
A Boy's Club in East London. Frances Wynne-
if rv
j tlje equ? or
forttye Pfbmpt ejjd
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