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Wednesday y. ay 7, ism.
Baby carriages at Munger'a. 52 tf
Any book pnblished furnished by
A. & M. Turner.
Sec Early & "Niblock before in
suring elsewhere. l-3t
Summer silks all the new styles
at Friedhof & Co'e.
Early & Xiblock settle and pay
all their losses promptly. l-3t
Ernst, Schwarz & Co. are selling
Riding Cultivators at cost. 52-3t '
The most and best goods for the
money at A. & M. Turner's.
Fire, lightning and wind storm
insurance at Early & Niblock'a
Rons-. Sunday, May 4tb, 84 to
Mr?. Howard Nickel, a daughter.
An entirely new line of carpets,
all the late styles at Fridhof & Co.
200 pieces of embroidery from 2
cte. per yard up, at Friedhof &.Co.
He sure to go to Gus. G. Becher
& Co. for abstract of title to lands.
J. C. Martin attends to all forms
of busine" for Early & Niblock. l-3t
"Wind storm insurance at Early
& Xiblock'e, cheap and reliable. l-3t
Go to llonahau's if you want
your boots and shoes made or Re
paired. Mr. .1. It. Meagher returned
Thursday evening from her visit to
Liu coin.
Tho latest styles in ready-made
dresses for ladies, tor 40.00, at Mrs.
Stump's. 2-tf
Insure your horses and cattle
against diseases and theft, with Early
& Niblock. l-3t
The best boots and shoes for the
money at IIonahanrs. Call and be
convinced. 2
Drawing paper and drawing
books at A. fc M. Turner's book and
music store.
Earlv & Niblock iepre9ent the
best lino of fire iusurance companies
in Columbus.
"Good goods at lowest prices," is
the motto at A. & M. Turner'a book
and music store.
Insure your farm property in the
Glens Fails Insurance Co., Early &
Niblock, agents. 3-49-3
Clothiug, clothing, new nobby
suits for men and boys, a great variety
at Friedhof & Co.
"Wanted, a good girl to do general
"house work, good wages paid. Ap
ply to Gus. G. Becher.
Money to loan on real estate on
short or long time at a low rate of
interest, by Becher & Co.
Anvbody wishing 6orae good
winter apple, call at Wm Becker's,
as there arc very few left. 1
Mrs. Stump is receiving every
week, the latest styles in hats and
bonnets, iu large quantities. 2-tf
The Mason & Hamlin organ is
the best offered for sale here. Call at
A. & M. Turner's book store.
A. Anderson, of the First Na
tional Bank, came back from tho east
by Thursday evening's express.
Geo. D. Meikeljohu, ofFullerton,
returning trom the convention at
Lincoln, was in the city Friday.
Hoiinchold goods, such as table
linen, napkins, towls and toweling, in
groat variety at Friedhof & Co'e.
Becher As Co. arc in the insurance
business to stay and they represent all
the leading companies of the world.
The Mason & llamlin organs, as
even body knows, cannot be excelled.
For sale bv Anna & Martha Turner.
Sadie Perkinson'e millinery store
at Platte Center is tho place to save
money in buying milliner' and no
iious. - 1-pA
The air of May Day was not
altogether balmy, iu fact would have
comported better with tho 1st of
Fouuii, a hunch of keys, which
the owner ran have by calling aud
paying for this notice and proving
Mrs. Stump returned from her
branch store iu Ulysses last -week,
and speaks of business as good, in
that place. 2-1
Wanted, two girls at the Field
.House, Platte Center, one for the
dining-rooBi, the other for the kitcb
sen. Fair wages. ,"l-2
Under the new law all taxes not
paid before January 1, S5, five per
cent, penalty and ten per cent, inter
est will be added. ?
Everybody likes to go to -Mre.
Stump's to get their hats and bonnets,
for she keeps the latest styles, and a
large stock to select from. 2-ff
The May Day sociable at the
Congregational church Wednesday
evening was well attended, and a
very enjoyable time is reported.
Accordeons, wallets, pocket com
panions with diary, instruction books
for .trgan, violin and guitar, at A. &
21. Tuner's book and music store.
Mis3 Jennie E. Reynolds, former
ly of Columbus, now of Fremont ar
rived in tho city Friday evening on
a visit to the'family of SC.Smith.
Gqjtq ErnaT, S&wii Cfor
first-clas3'iiiachinery, suck 'wjpikwe,
cultivators, corn planters aotclieck
rowers.- They are selling ''cheaper
than the cheapest. "52-3F
Judge H. Holcomb, of Schuyler,
and old and highly respectable citi
zen, died last week. His funeral took
place Sunday last. Several citizens
of this city attended. . " '
A. H. Neidig, editor of the Nor
folk Journal, came back from the
'Convention at Lincoln by way of the
JJ. P., and took the Norfolk train Fri
day evening for home. "
Persons having leaM or'contracts7
for school lands bad better look after
their payments before July 1, 1884,
as after that time they may hare
trouble by haying their land cam-celled.
The Wilcox & White organs, also
Mason & Hamlin and Chicago Cot
tage, for sale at A. & M. Turner's
book and music store, or by G. W.i
Kibbler, traveling salesman.
A heavy rainjMondy night, and
the north-easternfportiOn of theA city
is flooded from em-plus water. Lost
Creek"i-6ut of -ite -banks andMhe
branch roads are delayed at this
Rev. J. Q. A. Fleharty of this
city received a dispatch Saturday an
nouncing the death of his brother
Prof. Fleharty, in Florida, where be
mA VkAA. A A..... 4S.MA W.A..4 VlMMtMJV
to improve' hie health
If you wish to purchase the most
satisfactory sewing machine ever
offered,', call on orfaddmi A.;?M.
Turner, Columbu Kikr., or r.HT.
Kibbler, Creston, Nebr., who Mil the
light-running Domestic'
Dr..Runner, whose card will be
found elsewhere in this number of
the Joubkal, comes to Columbus
well recommended as- a gentleman
and a good physician. The Doctor
will locate here permanently.
We notify each subscriber, every
week, of just how his account stands
for subscription. If yon wish the
paper sent you no later than the date
printed opposite yonr name, please
drop us a postalcard so stating. tf
It is thought that the city of Be
atrice, nicely situated on the beautiful
Blue river in Gage county, will be the
point for holding the annual camp
meeting of the Seventh Day Adven
tists this year. The meeting will be
held in Juno.
if. L. Simon, editor of that ex
cellent art publication, The Aldine of
New York City, stopped off here, one
day last week on hie return from a
western tonr in the interest of his
journal, arid -gave these headquarters
a pleasant call. (
Early & Niblodk have settled and
paid the recent loss of Jacob Labenz,
who held policy 8177f the Western
Horse and Cattle Insurance Co.; of
Omaha, the toss ocenring April 10th.
The above firm adjust and pay all of
their losses promptly. 2-lt
, Jf. C. Bloedofn of Humphrey and
Wit? Bloedbrk of Platte Center are
the only persM:iaPlatte co., who
are authorized. to sell the Adams
Wind ilill,-and aay others who offer
to sell the same are infringing upon
the rights of these men. 1-3
J.r W.fLove,of Fremont, places
the Graff lands just east of Columbus
on the market at prices that are low.
These are-fine lands and many of our
citizens have waited a long time for a
chance to buy them. See hi& adver
tisements with numbers and prices
elsewhere. x
I would say to my customers and
others that I am prepared to furnish
you the White Lilly flour, manufac
tured at Becker SJ Welch's mill, which
is the best ilomr jnade from spring
wheat aadjisold'ia'i'this market 1
would like the good bread bakers to
try it. Wm.' Becker." ' - 43-3m
What of our, militia company?
We learn -from a reliable source that
with a-little effort, tho annual state
encampment could be located at Col
umbus. Wrold-it jxot be well for
some of the moving spirits among our
boys in blue to call them Jogether
and have a sort of revival meeting?
From OliyetJlisher, who WM( in
the city Saturday, we learn that the
dwelling aomte 61 Walter Jewell, of
Lost Creek, was burned -Saturday
morning. Mr. R. thinks' that tho fur
niture, hedding, otc. was 6aved. He
didaot 'kwVpo8itiva,:origin:of
the.srsbut thinfcritie.'ln defect
five flneA & ' --.
CoIrWhitmbyer, one of the dele
gates to .the convention at Lincoln,
Thursday," last, failed: ' to remember
that all trains ont of "the cltv run oril
standard time and was left by the B.
& M. Fortunately it remained for
him to 0 by way of the U. P. Unless
a uniform time is adopted in the city
much iucouvenlence must result.
Gus. G. Becher & Co., the old
reliable insurance company, are
agaisTljacated. in Uieirdjiuarters in
the banlf buUdingTheir room has
beon'im'e decorator
and paper baaff aad lays iiT the
shade any oas im tne city, a .crisp,
business... ajppeatfauce pervadiag the'
premises that iswall iakaeplng' wills':
tho stan dringttafinn.-, 'S-ly
Mr.. 6. D..atf;:apioner. 'far
mer of' fewat;couit7,'-wasin-the
city the ot&KTren. route . for Holt
county. SewardjcouBtv. haT become
too crowded forthe old-timer, arid he
has disposed oPhltfarm tHereaad
will locate where ho, carihave more
room. There6'stili.:oom""in';th"e
North Plattecantfy, the great cattle
raising district of Nebraska.
The post-office was entered Mon
day night, by a man with supposed
burglarious intent, but who was dis
covered by deputy Chas. Coan, who
sleeps in the ofiico, and decamped
without any spoils by way of a' back
window, where he had entered. A
suspicious individual who was
noticed banging around the rear'of
the building duripg the day 7 was ar
reated,Tuesday morning. -
In 'not calling the wind storm
which, occurred last week near t the
city, aridldemolishedone little build
ing a cyclone there -was no-desire or
intention to mislead as to the facts.
We believe in calling things by their
right names, but did not thinkrthe
blow of sufficient dimensions to en
title it to rank with the genuine
eastern cyclone, though quite -near
enough for all practical purposes.
Our'ffIehd,:Guy. C. Barrium, SK
met with an accident Friday last,
which has confined him to his bed
under the care.of, the physician.. A
horse (usually docile) which ho-had
mounted, suddenly developed vbuck-
f'VPfvf wfefsitiee. ud showed con
'ridiraDtekHI Mn the broncho ac
complishment, throwing his rider
repeatedly from the pommel to the
cantle of the Baddle, badly bruising
and battering, but not dangerously
injuring him, 1
Im lleHor of ike EAdlcs ef Co-
The May Day Ball at the Opera
House Thursday evening may be
classed among the brilliant social
events of the season and was a grand'
success. The ball was gotten up by
the gentlemen of Columbus in honor
of the ladies as a fitting tribute to the
happy manner in which the leap year
customs have been handled by them
uunug iuc uiuBiug aiuuseiueui aettuu.
By common consent Messrs. Carl
Kramer and W. Damron were elected
a' committee to take in hand the ar
rangement on behalf of the gentle
men. Nothing was omitted that
would tend to the pleasure of the
occasion. The products of the green
house were brought into requisition,
the brilliantly lighted hall being dec
orated witlraatural flowers, and beau
tiful button-hole boquets of the same
for all graced an attractively arranged
refreshment stand in a box seat ina
corner of the hall.
After the carriages had gathered
up and deposited their loads of happy
humanity from all over the city,
about sixty-five couples were present.
The ball was opened with a grand
polonaise at 9 o'clock, and to delight
ful music, gallant gentlemen and
beautiful ladies joined in the mazes
of the dance, and tripped the light
fantastic toe till 12 o'cloci. After a
sumptuous supper by mine host of
the Grand Pacific, the ball again went
merrily on till the wee small hours of
Music by Gcreke's Strlug Band of
Police Judge Hensley was called
upon last Thursday to decide a point
in dispute between Cole's circus bill
posters and G. Heitkemper, the
jeweler. The right to the lumber
shed on 11th street, as bill boards is
owned by Geo. Derry. Upon this
shed several business signs appear.
The persons whose business these
signs represent, did hot see a return
in the amount demanded for a year's
privilege of the space occupied by
their signs, with the exception of Mr.
Heitkemper, who paid his money.
Upon seeing that his sign was being
coverod up, he remonstrated with
the boss of the job, but to no avail,
and soon the circus bill shone forth
in brilliant if not aesthetic splendor
where the modest business sign had
attracted passing attention. After
the case had been elucidated to his
honor, and Mr. H's. contract shown
up in court, there appears to have
been .a general enlightening as to tho
true status of affairs, and a truce was
called and a compromise effected,
which resulted in the bills being torn
from the sign and Mr. Derry footing
the expense bill.
A PleaNaat Sarpriite.
Ed. Journal: We have heard
rather strange things about the citi
zens of Humphrey, but have been
disposed to disbelieve them all, until
on the evening of the 12th inst.,
while sitting quietly by our fireside,
contemplating retiring for the night,
our 'attention was attracted by a
noise in thostreet near our dwelling,
and before we could look out to see
what was the matter, thedoor opened
and in rushed the "mob" headed by
the "Squire," as in the days of the
Wesley's and Whitefield's. Uoth
hands were full, and being taken by
surprise, we surrendered without a
struggle. They said they came to
give us a "pounding," and they did
it. They seemed to enjoy it, arid I
think it did us lots of good, for they
left many marks of their kindness,
which aro plain to be seen yet. Many
thanks, kind friends ; next time come
earlier, so as to stay longer.
Mb. and Mrs. S. H. Tucker.
f ;
-A- Card f Appreciation.
The ladies of our little city feel so
highly honored and gratified at tho
royal manner iu which our gentlemen
have complimented us by tendering
U6 n May party on last Thursday
evening, that we desire to express our
sincere thanks aud appreciation of
the, same. through the columus of the
JouRttj..; Certainly our gentlemen
de8erMakch credit for tho time aud
laber-sjHnded. to make this enter
tainjsenttao enjoyable. The hall was
beeattfaUy. and tastefully decorated ;
the" supperMras splendid and the so
cial "part was without a doubt the
greatest 'success Columbus has ever
achieved" In short, gentlemen; it was
an enjoyment that will-remain loug
in the" memories of all your lady
friends who participated.
- - " - w vg, b.
. How to Mask Candy. This book
gives frill 'directions for making all
kinds of plain and fancy candy. The
recipes for making caramels, choco
late dropaFrench mixed and all oth
er kinds 0 candies contained in this
book are tbe same as UBed by the
leading city confectioners. Any one
can have these candies at home at less
than qne third the usual cost. Sent
postpaid to anyone sending at once
tbe names of fifteen married ladies
and 30 cents iu postal note, or 18 two
cent stamps. Address
32, 33 & 33-1-2, Osburn Block,
Rochester, N. Y.
Treasurer Newman went to Lin
coln last Saturday to make thcauoual
settlement with tbe stale and turned
into the state treasury for money col
lected from January 3, '84, to May 1,
'84, $9128.71. Among counties of
proportionate importance that had
made settlement Mr. Newman noted
that Platte county was in the lead by
a majority that speaks well Tor her
thrift. Colfax county paid $2028.10 ;
Hamilton G6S5.Q0 ; Cuming, 15227.00 ;
Burt, $8205.00; tauoaater, including
the city of Lincoln, $8630.96.
,JN-J0Cfcse3eiuJ "
Five 'hundred buBhels Nebraska
seed corn, hand-picked, every bushel
guaranteed. Price $1.50 a bushel.
John A. Kehoe,
1-2 Platte Center.
A Wail Elephaat Holiday.
Big elephants and small elephants,
short elephants and long elephants have
all had a great part to play in the Circus
World but V. W. Cole una come to the
front with a Sacred Vlite Elephant or
more properly speaking a white-faced
elephant, for such is the description of
the Sacred Burmese beast that Cole im
parted to this country at an expense of
$100,000, all told. But a single elephant
be it white, blue or black, cuts a very
smair figure in Cole's colossal shows
which contains almost everything that
hai an existence or that curious humani
ty cares to see. The circus is so large
that it takes three rings and an elevated
stage to give all the performers a chance
to display their various acts and personal
accomplishments. The only fault to be
found with this truly enormous show is
that it is too big. Forty-five acts are
given at each performance. It combines
a Circus, Menagerie," Theatre, .Boiler
Skating Rink, Gallery of Wax Statuary
and a dozen other complete exhibitions
all in one. Performances are given in the
m enagerie tents of which there are two
as well as in the circus rings. A troupe
of Beduin Arabs is a principal feature
of the great combination; a Human Fly,
a lady ceiling walker, icrial bicyclists,
roller 'skaters, Roman gladiators, rival
riders, wrestlers, gymnasti, leapers and
a hundred other specialists will vie for
supremacy. A white hippopotamus, a
two horned rhinoceros and Samson, the
largest elephant ever in captivity, are
among the rare animal curiosities. Seven
sisters, with hair fully seven feet long,
are attractions to excite feminine jeal
ousy and fire the hearts of our male pop
ulation. All kinds of trained animals
are introduced and performed. One of
the most laughable features of the great
show is a learned racing pig, ridden by a
monkey jockey, who "makes nice of no
vile hold" to catch the pig by the tail
when there is a possibility of the Dar
winian Dude's losing his balance or being
"unhorsed." With such an array of nov
elties it is impossible to class Cole's
Mammoth Shows under any heading ex
cept a "White Elephant Holiday," and
the day of exhibition i n Columbus is set
for Tuesday, May 20th, at which time the
features above named will all be present
ed together with enough other material
to outrank any three shows that have
heretofore existed.
The following obituary, which we
copy from the North Platte Telegraph,
relates to tbe death of one well known
and who had many friends in this
STUART. On Wednesday, April 9th,
1831, of paralysis and rheumatism, Mary
Brown, wife of Wm. J. Stuart, aged 27
years, 6 months and 2!) days.
3Irs. Stuart, with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Brown, came to this city
in its early days. As a ;irl, as a young
lady, as a wife, she ever held tbe esteem
of those about her. Her disposition was
sweet, kind, loving and generous. She
was a consistent working Christian, a
member of tbe Episcopal couiin;mk.u.
Her death is peculiarly tad. From or
dinary good health, she became, some ten
dajs ago, instantly helpless, every
moment ready to tapplc over eternity's
brink, and unable to talk, denied the poor
privilege of bidding her loved ones a last
fond, loving farewell. She leaves three
sons, all less than four years old, a lov
ing husband, parents brothers and sister.
"The 1 onai'M Puysiciaa."
A common sense medical work for
ladies only. Fully answers all ques
tions which modesty prevents asking
a male physician. Gives causes aud
symptoms of all diseases of the sex,
with iwsitive cure for each in plain
language, writteu by ladies who have
made these diseases a life study. A
plain talk in delicate' language which
every woman, young and old, should
read. It is recommended by many
eminent lady physicians as a safe
guide for the sex. Handsomely bound
and illustrated. Sent pospaid for
$1.00. Address tbe
Rochester Publishing Co.,
32, 33 & 33 1-2 Osburn Block,
Eochester, N. Y.
Oae Chance la a JLIfetlme.
Owing to ray increased grocery trade,
and urgent need for more room I shall
offer for the next thirty days my entire
stock of Crockery, Lamps, Table Cut
lery, Silverware and Glassware at net
cOBt. This stock will invoice $1,500 is
all new and complete, and in finer
lines, embraces all the latest designs
of Decorated Ware. Shall positively
close out the entire stock, so call early
and make your selections.
1-C-eow. Julius Kasmussrx.
The Housewife.
A popular domestic journal for
American home?, will be sentor owe
year free to every lady who will send
o7cc the. names and address of 10
married ladies, and 30 cts. in 1 ct.
stamps for postage. Best paper for
either young or old housekeepers iu
existence. This offer is made only to
secure names to whom to send sam
ple copies, as we know every lady
who once sects The Housewife xcill
subscribe for it. Regular price $1.00
per year. Address
. The HOU&ewife, Rochester N.Y.
LrfMt Creek.
Town meeting postponed until Sat
day, lOtb, at 7 p. m.
Mr. Douns has 34 head fat cattle
that will grade well.
Corn planting has begun. J. R.
Smith has ICO acres planted.
Mr. Alurdock has bought two acres
from W. Chapin, adjoining town,
compensation $60 per acre.
Lots at this place are worth from
$20 to $25, aud lots of them.
Tho work on the. church is pro
gressing; concrete process js rather
slow but it makes a jjood substantial
wall. It will -be ' completed about
Under-the .new law all;, taxes not
paid before, January 1, 1885,'five per
cent, penalty aud ten per ceut. inter
est will bef added.. All tax payers
will please take notice and act accord
ingly. C. A. Newman,
2-tf County Treasurer.
Fr Male.
Mr. J; Uonska offers his meat mar
ket for sale, on account of going into
the etock business. He has a thriving
business and good trade, call on or
addresB, J. Houska, Schuyler, Colfax
county, Neb. , t 2-t
Iadie, Atteatlea!
The finest line of summer dolmans,
jackets, raglans, ready-made dresses
for ladies and children, can be found
at Friedhof & Co '.
3forth IVehraska Press Anocia
tlea. Norfolk News.)
The North Nebraska Press Associa
tion met at Masonic hall in Norfolk,
on Tuesday, April 29, 1884, pursuant
to call.
The association was called to order
by M. S. Bartlett, of the West Point
On motion P. P. Sprecher, of the
Norfolk Neics was made temporary
After some discussion, a motion
was madefand carried, that a com
mittee of three be appointed by the
chair on re-organization. The chair
appointed as such committee, Messrs.
Turner, Neidig and'Hammond.
The committee on re-organization
reported as follows :
Tour committee; recommend that
those now 'present mutually agree
with each other to enter into an or
ganization to be known as the North
Nebraska Press Association, the ob
ject being mutual businessbeneGt,
and that all newspaper editors and
publishers north of tbe Platte river
in Nebraska be eligible to member
ship on the payment of $1 into the
treasury, and wc would also recom
mend the following organization to
continue until the next meeting,
President, Vice President,-. Secretary,
and a committee of three on the con
stitution andj(by-laws, the'.latter.ito
act as an executive committee.
On motion the report of the com
mittee was adopted, and the com
mittee discharged.
It was moved and seconded that
M. K. Turner act as chairman; until
the next regular meetiug.
Tbe motion was amended by the
substitution of the name of M. S.
Bartlett, whereupon the original
motion was withdrawn and amend
ment was adopted.
Moved and seconded that M. K.
Turner act as treasurer.
Judson Graves was elected Vice
President, and W. D. Matthews was
elected Secretary.
On motion A. H. Neidig, W. H.
Ketchum and Frank Hammond were
appointed a committee of threo on
After an address by M. K. Turner,
a committee of three, consisting ot
Messrs. Turner, Mathews and Santee,
was appointed to invite Hon. E. K.
Valentine to address the association.
Mr. Valeutiue responded to tbe in
vitation, and delivered a neat and
able address, which was received
with hearty' applause.
The following named gentlemen
enrolled their names as members of
tbe association :
M S Bartlett, West Point Jlepubli
can; C Selah, Ewing Item; A H
Neidig, Norfolk Journal; J B Sharot,
Pierce Call; J S Delinger, Scribner
2Tews; W L Whittemore, Long Pine
Journal; W N Haee, Ponca Journal;
W P Suttle, Stanton Democrat; .Tud
pon Graves, Neligh Advocate; Frank
Hammond, Fremont Tribune; H W
Mathews, Atkinson Graphic; George
Herb, Dakota City JEanle; WD
Mathews, O'Neill Frontier; E M
Love. Aiusworth News; M Water
man, Norfolk Journal; Geo H Brews
ter, Oakland Independanl; C E
Verily, Nance County Journal; B E
Hill, Valeutiue Reporter; W H
Ketchum, Stuart Ledger; M K Tur
uer, iJolumbus Journal; J C Santee,
Niobmra News: E M Norton, P F
Sprecher, Norfolk Neics.
On motion the association ad
journed until the time of holding tho
Republican District Congressional
Conventiou, unless sooner called, by
order of the committee on constitu
tion. M. S. Baktlett,
P. F. Sprecher, Chairman.
Temporary Sec'y.
Real Exlate Transfers.
Reported for the Journal for the
week ending last Saturday, by Gus.
G. Becher & Co :
JIary S. Williams and husband to Geo.
AV. Clark, w. (I. $i"00; nw 26, 20, 2w,
1C0 acres.
Martha J. Huston and husband to Mar
garet Hemphill, w. d. $750; und. J4 w )4
sw H Si, 17, lw, 80 acre.
1. II. O'Rourk to C. D. Murphy, q. c. d.
$40; lot 4 bl 4 First add. to Humphrey.
U. S. to Prosle' Saunders, patent; nw
i 10, 17, le, 1G0 acres.
Presley Saunders and wife to Nederick
Steiiger, w. d. $2.0: nw 10, 17, le, 100
Luther V. Chapin and wife to Chas. E.
Chapin, w. d. 1300; ne ne and w yx
se xe K K'i IT, 2w, CO acres.
Robert McCray and wife to Leopold
Lazorkt, w.d. ftAO; part out lot ( to Co
lunibui. .John V. liecker and wife to Welcome .
Curtis, w. d. $1.V23; nw 32, 18, :iv.
Board of Education ot Columbus to
Carl Kramer, . c. d. 10; let 1 bl 240.
Tho.. Masilonka and wile to John
Placek, w. d. ?i"; n y. s sc )i IS, 10,
2w, 40 acres.
Thos. Matilonka and wife to Martin
Placek, w. d. i"0; s y. s y. se yv 18, 19,
2w, 40 acres.
James W. Hawthorn to A. Henry, w. d.
$30: w y, lot 0 bl 11 Platte Center.
Marv Brady to Wencel Hoiulek, w. d.
$5; s y2 nw K 10, 19, 3w.
Hugh Hughes to Sam'l C.Smith, w. d.
?3.-0; 8 4 n y w 4 lot 5 bl 81.
Mary M. Hullhorst and husband to A.
T. Simmons, w. d. ?27"; part 20, 17, Je, 4
TJ. 8. to Johanna M. Honahan, patent:
w yt se y, 30, IS. lw. HO acres.
U. S. to Edward Schaad, patent; w y
se a 0, 18, le, 80 icres.
U. S. to Louis Petterson, patent; nw y.
28, 20. 4w, 1G0 acres.
U. P. Ry Co. to Russell H. Co-'irs, w. d.
$800; w yL ne y 33, 17, lw, 80 acres.
U. P. Ry Co. to Lewis Heartland, w. d.
$600; e y. sw y and nw y se y 7, 18, 3w,
120 acres.
L". P. Ry Co. to John Hanson, w. d.
$400; s y uvry 29, 19, le, 80 acres.
U. P. Ry Co. to Nelson A. Rich, w. d.
$100; nw y nw y 11, 18, 4w, 40 acres.
U. P. Ry Co. to Herman Loseke, w. d.
$400; s y sw y 1, 18, le, 80 acres.
U. P. ity Co. to Patrick Murray, w.d.
?w, sw yi sw 4 y.i,, iw, w acres.
U.S. to Jacob Laucnz, patent; s J.
m, nv-w, ou acres.
Platte Ceater.
Every man in town that can drive
a nail is in demand.
J. L. Niemoller, oar postmaster,
has lately Invested iu town property
and ipteuds to build fu the near fu
ture. Our meat shop will be complete
and running tbe first of the week.
James Hawthorn is happy in conse
quence. The ladies who engineer our new
millinery store deserve credit, for the
energy, enterprise and taste displayed
by them in their business.
C. F. Goodman's business man was
here from Omaha Tuesday and rented
the building, formerly used for a fur
niture store, to W. Niles Powell,M.D.
La3t week a young cyclone came
through town, apparently "out on a
tear." It passed over the bridge,
going west to grow np with the
Parties wero in town and swore
out a "complaint to keep the peace"
against one of their neighbors before
Justice G. W. Shaffer. Wiser coun
sel prevailed, however, and the charge
was withdrawn,
Arthur Powell, who has been study
ing telegraphy here for some time
paBt has crona to PanUHnn. nn tho
1 main line, in the employ of the U. P.
-Hj 2aCaW7 HaaaaaaaaW
.aaaaaaaaaaaTR V -KF
H aaaVaflBUaaaaS aaaaaaaaaaaaV
aVMl aaW'aVVHa( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai
You will also find a jrood line of Brushes, Paints, Oils, Virnishes, Curtain Loops
Pulls, Cord. Tassels and Curtain Fixtures at bottom prices. All orders for house,
sign and earringe painting, kalsomining, glazing and paper hanging promptly filled,
rECORA.Tiisra a. spectatty.
Call and see good and prices before buying elsewhere. Shop always open Irom
7 a. m. to 6 p. ra. g37Don't lorget the place,
13th Street, opposite Firemen's Hall, Columbus, Neb.
Ry Co. Wo are sorry to lose him.
but glad of bis success.
Mr. George Sheidle, one of our old
settlers, shot a white crane of a very
rare kind on his place southwest of
town. He presented it to I. Niemol
ler. It measured, from tip to tip ot
wing?, 7 feet, G inches ; from beak to
tip' of claw, 5 feet.,9 inches ; weight 1C
pounds. T.
Rush for seed corn.
Farmers in this vicinity find it pays
to fence.
Mr. D. J. Drebert has moved in
part of F. M. Cookingham's house.
Drebert Sc Briggle will move in the
new building Wednesday, where they
will carry on the banking business.
The new brick-yard is now in ope
ration and will soon be ready to fur
nish brick enough for all who need.
Dr. W. A. Hampton started on a
trip to Illinois on business. We hope
be will find pleasant times on his
After all tbe cry of hard times and
no money thero has been a very lively
trade in town this spring, and most
business men say there is more cash
trade than they bad during the cor
responding mouths last year.
Mr. Newell South, having conferred
with the Masons and Odd Fellows
aud talked with some of the promi
nent men of the G. A. R. Post, calls a
meetiug for the purpose, wo under
stand, of 1 seeking a location and
building funds to erect a large and
spacious hall in our village. Mr.
South is wide awake and it is to be
hoped that the people will turn out
and put shoulder to the wheel and
that the enterprise will be carried on
to success. If people in this town
become interested in a project of this
kind they usually carry it success
fully through ; let this not be an ex
ception. C.
Meetiae of Citizeas.
The Masons, Odd Fellows and the
G. A. R. post, together with the busi
ue?s men of Humphrey and vicinity,
are requested to meet at tbe office of
F. M. Cookinghara, on Saturday,
May 10th, to see what can be done
towards building a Town Hall, for
general purposes.
2-lt Neweli. South.
Carpetw! Carpets!
Ingraine, hemp, Brussels, body
Brussels, crumb cloths, &c, at Fried
hof & Co's.
Trees I Tree! Tree!!
A large supply of fruit, small fruit,
forest and ornamontal trees for sale
by W. E. Walton, Genoa, Nebr. 1
Letter JLiMt.
The following is a list of unclaimed
letters remaining in the post-otilce, in
Columbus, Neb., for tbe week ending
May Cth, 1884:
A Mrs. Anns Austin.
B M. Lois Bogge, Henry Iiellanrdts.
C L Cockburn. (2)
G John Uaiser.
FrietrieJi Ilobbin, .Tame A. ilen
dricho, Mrs. Alice Henry, Thimou .1.
K Cornelus Koch.
M Johan Marchwarott, Harry C.
Mattbews, Harvey Mattbews.
31iss Mary Stoddai, Edward
W Deloss Williams, .lames West.
If not called for in "0 days wijl be sent
to the dead letter oflioe, Washington, D.
C. When called for please say "advor-
tised," a these letters are kept separate.
11. .1. Hudson, P. M.,
Columbus, Nebr.
MILLEIt On Wednesday, April SMtb,
'SI, of intlamatcrr rheumatism, Mr. Ida
Miller, wife of Chas. Miller of this city.
The funeral sermon was delivered by
Itev. ltice, at the Congregational church,
on Sunday, at 11 o'clock a. in., and the
remains followed to the cemetery by a
large number of relatives and friemh.
Advertisements under this head live
cents a line eajch insertion.
The finest line of fancy shirts are
just being opened ut Galley Bro's.
Call and examine the new stock of
men's aud bov's clothing, jut receiv
ed at Gallev Bio's. 4-47-x
You can always find a good stock
to select from at Mrs. Drake's millin
ery store 39-tf
Choice quality of Nebraska winter
apples at Win. Becker's. 41-tf
Piaao to rent. Iuqnire of Well &
Pens, inks, papers, slate pencils, at
Clover, Timothy, Millet, aid
llBBgariua Seed,
At Herman Oehlrich & Bro's. 2-12t
Wm. Schiltz makes boots and shoes
in the best etylee, and uses only the
very beet stock that can be procured
in tbe market. 52 1
For good young breeding stock of
all kinde, call at Bloomiugdalo stock
farm. A. Henricb. 30-tf
We also carry a good line of white
shirts, both lanndried aud unlaun
dried, at low prices. Galley Bro's.
For McCormick, everybody's ma
chine, aud the boss Osborne Binder
No. 11, call on Newell South, Hum
phrey. 3-tf
While at Humphrey stop at C. M.
Sweezey's restaurant and bakery.
Good square meajs for 25 cents. Hot
meals at all hours. 50-tf
Don't forget to look over our line
of cambric, percale and cheviot shirts
before buying, if you wish to save
money, at Qajley Bro's.
Qnr enterprising druggists, Dowty
& Kelley, are giving sample bottles
of Beggs' Cherry Congh Syrup,rce.
We advise all sufferers to call and get
a bottle which costs nothing. ' 31-6m
Tlie Largest and Finest
Assortment, of
nil mm, cburi; mmm
ix the crrv at
Orders (or Store Front t'arlaiis Filled.
1884 SPRING 1884
Having spent the last three weeks
in the best markets of the east, we are
now prepared to show you
Dry Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Carpets, Etc.,
In connection with the old store, we
r have secured the store formerly oc
occtipied by Dowty & Chinn, where
Increased Facilities
We can accommodate all who may
favor us with a call.
For books, stationery, blates and
pencil?, also the renowned American
sewing machine?, call on F. M. Cook
ingbam, the authorized agent for the
Columbus Journal and job work,
Humphrey, Neb. 4G-tf
For Nale or Kent.
The J. C. Morri$ey residence prop
erty, by Becher & Co. tf
For Hale.
First-class mill site and mill in
Platte count-, by Becher & Co.
Meed Cora.
Farmers in that neighborhood, can
get some of U. M. Winslow's seed
corn for $1 a bushel, of John H. Mey
er, 15 miles north of Columbus. 44-tf
PaNtare Tor Colt.
I will take a limited number of
colts into my (partly blue gras) pas
ture where they will haye good grass,
suaue anu pieuty or good spring wa
A. IIe.vrich.
Thos. Flyun has on hand a large
number of brick for sale. Those who
know now that they will need brick
in tbe early spring, had better secure
tbem early.
From my premises, Tuesdav, April
29tb, one gray mare, three years old,
black mane and tail, weight about
1,000 lbs. Any information as to her
whereabouts, will be liberally re
warded. Js-o. Lucid,
2-tf , Platte Center.
. Waated Cattle to Herd.
A limited, number of oattle will be
takenjo pasturo for the season at cus
tomary rates. Rango three miles
from Columbus, ruuning water on
range. Also a few cows will be taken
on shares. For further information
inquire of M. H. White. 52-3-p
Caa or Time.
One thoronghbred Jeney cow, 1
Jersey bull, 1 span of nice 3 rear old
horse colts, 1 span of young work
horses, span of driving mares, with
foal, 30 stock hogs, 10 brood sows, 1
spring wagon, 1 light lumber wagon,
30 yearling heifers.
l-f D. Andebson-.
Description. S. T. J?, pcrlcre.
S.AV.Ko: S.E. y..W IT least ?12 r.O
S. K ot S. "VT. y .. 13 17 I " 12 (
S.JSof S.E. y ... 14 17 1 " 12 50
s. t:.y i." 17 i " i.rioo
S.YT.y 15 17 I ' 15 00
E.KofX. K.y ...21 17 I " -15 00
X. E. y 2 17 I " 15 00
S.E. y 22 17 1 " 15 (X)
S. VT.y 22 17 1 " 15 00
X.W.& S! IT 1 " 12 50
x. xorx. e. y. 2:: u l " 1250
S. E. .. .. 21 17 1 " 12 50
E. y of x. w.ji....:u it 1 " 1000
TeratM: Oue-thinl eah, balauce on
time to Miit purchaser at 8 to 10 percent,
interest. Apply to
Fremont, Neb.
Cor. Olive and 13th Sts.,
Have always on hand a new anil full
line of
TVell Soleotert.
Dried and Canned Fruits of all kinds
guaranteed to be best quality.
A well selected new stock whichWiII le
sold a cheap as the cheapest.
Flour at Prices to suit all Pocksta !
aud all kind3 of country produce taken
in trade or bought for cash at the hihect
market prices. 1-y
Our quotations ofthe market", are ob-
tainedTuesdaynfternoon,and are correct
nd reliable at the time.
Wheat c:
Corn, new 2
Oats new, 22
Rve s
Flour 2 5033 fill
Butter, 10015
Eggs, 1O012J4
Potatoes, -. 20030
Hams, 10015
Shoulders, b'010
Sides, 1O0U
1.1 VK hTOCK.
FatHogs 4 0-J(gj.j fit)
Fat Cattle 3 50 (44 50
Sheep 3 00
Iowa $ fi 00
Hani 14 00
Rock Spriiiit nut : 50
Kock Springs lump 7 00
Carbon : 0
Colorado 00
From my farm, five mile-, vet of
Madison, Neb., on Thursday, May
1st, 188-1, a four-year-old white pony,
lett eye known as glass eye ; marked
"O" on left rump : 11 long rope coiled
round his neck. Information load
ing to his recovery will be Miituhly
rewarded. Address,
.1. I. IirXKAKSON,
2-1 Miuli-ion Neb.
For :ilo.
The property known a the Stiisser
hotel and saloon :l Dnncno, Neb.,
comprising nin lot with building
suitablo lor hotel :md -aloon or mer
cantile busiiu'-s c.l-o good htsblo, shed
and ice house, &:., in connection. The
above property will he ohl at a bar
gain. Apply to Gus. (J. Itcchcr&Co.
Columbua, Ni-b.
While nt llaiuplirey, Sto(:it tlie
Graavllle Hou.
Mr. Jacob Steffls has completed his
large and commodious hotel and will
be pleased to sen all of hi-i former
patrons aa well as new ones. Firnt
class rooms and beds a well as llrnt
clas9 table. Farmers and traveling
men call on him. He has every facil
ity for making you at home. A good
livery attached to hotel. 2l-t(
Laud tor Nui.
In Colfax Co., near Platte Co. line,
SO acres, 70 of wbi''ii are under tho
plow; frame dwelling, hore and cow
stables, cow shedg and corrals, corn
cribs, windmill and li pump3 (water
40 ft. from, some fruit and
forest trees.
Also 1G0 acres, 1:10 under cultiva
tion, 7 acres ot lorest :rft-j. Both
tracts have lirst rate stock rung', aud
road facilities. $2,300 lor each tract,
on easy terma.
15-x It. Mackenzie.
And all kinds of count rit jtroduce la -
ken in trade, and all goods cn-
eredfree of charge to any
part of the city.