The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, September 13, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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AnguM Doner
It ten Mirprisiiip fnct unyH Prof
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of tlio world for tho lnM ton yearn 1
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niu1itoinneh nntl cotiMipntion 1 Hurt
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hnbits exist tlmt Greens Annual
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injure tho system by frequent uro nnd
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11m llruory ir Woman
Wns grnndly shown by Mrs John Dow-
ling of l3utlor Pn in n threo yonrs
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IV The seoren For tne Girl
tCVipjTtght 1P00 by Ttobert rurri
Tho girl Bnt whero sho wns for n fow
moments nnd pondered over tho situa
tion Tho detectivo resting his olbtiw
on tho tahlo and his chin in his hand
regarded hor with enger nnticipntion
Tho uioro Jcnuio thought over tho mat
ter tho more sho wns nmiued nt tho man
beforo her who Hcninutl nnnblo to plnco
two and two together Ho had already
siKilten of tho account of tho ball which
had nppeared in Tho Daily Utiglo of
its accuracy and excellence Ho know
tlmt she wnfl n member of Tho Buglo
stuff yet it had never occurred to him
to Inquire who wroto tlmt description
IIo knew also that sho had been n guest
nt tho Schloss Stoinhuimer wlien the in-
That Kdtd the detective is hcrvlovc
vitntion to tho ball must hnvo reached
tho princess Thesu facta were so plain
ly in evidence that tho girl was nfruid
to Hponk lost Homo chnnco word would
form tho connecting link between tho
dotectivoauiind nnd tho seomingly pnl
pablo facta At last sho looked tip tho
color coining and going in her cheeka
as Lord Donal had so accurately do
scribed it
I dont think I can bo of nny assist
ance to you in this crisis Mr Tavlor
You have already done everything that
human ingenuity can suggest
Yea I have everything that my
human ingenuity can suggest But does
nothing occnr to you Have you no
theory to pnt fonvnrd
None that would hoof any practical
advantage Is Lord Donal certain that
it wns not tho princess herself whom hu
met Aro you thoroughly convinced
that thcro was really nn impersona
Whnt do you mean Miss Baxter
Well yon mot Princo von Stein
hcimer Whnt did you think of him
I thought him an overhearing bully
if you ask me I cant imagine what
English or American girls seo in thoso
foreigners to cause them to marry them
Tho prince was very violent practi
cally ordered mo out of tho castle spoke
to his in tho most per
emptory manner nnd I could easily seo
tho princess was frightened out of her
A very acenrato characterization of
his highness Mr Taylor Now of
course tho princess being a woman
and a young woman would naturally
bo very anxious to attend tho Duchess
of Chiselhursts bnll wouldnt she
Ono would think so
And ns yon hnvo just said sho hns
n bear of n husband it good deal older
tbnn herself who does not in tho least
enre for such things as tho fnnction to
which tho princess was invited Is it
not just possible thut the princess ac
tually attended tho ball bnt for rea
sons of her own desired to keep tho
fnct of her presenco thero n Becret And
yon mnst remember that Lord Donal
Stirling had not seen tho princess for
fivo years
For five years I said tho detectivo
sharply How did yon learn that
Miss Baxter
Well you know murmured tho
girl with a gasp tlmt ho met her last
in Washington nnd tho princess has
not been in America for fivo years so
you seo
Oh I wns not uwaro that ho had
met her in America at all In fact
Lord Donal said nothing much nbout
the princess All his talk had referenco
to this lady who impersonated her
Jennie leaned back in her chair
closed her eyes for a moment and
breathed quickly
I am afraid she pnid ut last that
I do not remember with sufficient mi
nuteness the details you have given mo
to bo uble to advise I would merely
suggest thut Lord Donal met tho prin
cess herself at tho Duchess cf Chisel
bursts ball Tho priuceha natnrully
would wish to mislead him regardiug
her identity and so if ho had not met
her for some time say two years or
threo years or fivo years or whatever
tho period may bo it is quite possible
that the princess has changed greatly in
the interval and perhaps sho was not
relnctatit to carry on a flirtatiou with
tho young man your client Of course
sho could not allow it to go further than
the onteido of the door of the Duke of
ChiBolhurats town house for yon must
remember thero was her husband in
the background n violent man as yon
have said and Lord Douul must have
thoroughly angered the princess by
what you term his rudeness in tearing
off her glove and now the princess will
never admit thut she was at tho ball 6o
it seems to me that you uro wasting
yonr time in a wild gooso chase Why
it is ubsurd to think if there had been
a reul disappearing woman that you
with all your experienco and nil yonr
facilities should not have unearthed
lit long ago You said at the beginning
that nothing wns more difficult than to
disappear Very well then why hava
you been Ladled Simply because tho
princess herself attended tho ball and
thero has been no disappearing lady nt
Tho detectivo with great vehemence
brought down his fist on the table
By Jovol ho cried I believe yon
nro right 1 hnvo been completely blind
ed tho more ho that I have tho clow to
tho mystery right hero tinder my own
Ho f nmbled for n moment nnd brought
forth a letter from his pllo of docu
Hero Is n note from St Potcrsbnrg
written by Lord Donal himself saying
tho princess had sent him tho compan
ion glove to tho ono you havo now in
yonr hand Ho sayH ho Is miro tho prin
cess knows who her impersonator wns
but that she wont tell and although I
had read this note it never struck mu
that tho princess herself was tho wom
an MIhh Baxter you have solved tho
puzzle I
1 should bo glad to think ho ro
pllod tho girl rising and I nm very
happy if I hnvo enabled yon to give np
ii f utile chase
4Tt Is ns jdabi as daylight replied
tho detectivo Lord DonalH descrip
tion fits tho princess exactly and yet I
never thought of It before
Jennie hurried nwny from tho detect
ives office hnppy In tho belief tlmt she
hnd not betrayed herself although sho
wnanot blind to tho fact that her escape
was dno more to good luck than to any
presenco of mind of her own which had
nearly deserted her at ono or two points
in tho conversation When Mr Hard
wick snw her ho askod how much spaco
ho would havo to reserve for tho ro
mnnco in high lifo Bnt sho told him
thero wns nothing in tho case so fur aa
alio could seo to interest nny sane
nero matters rested for n fortnight
Then tho girl received an urgent note
from Cndbury Taylor asking her to
call at his office next day promptly at 4
oclock It was very Important ho said
nnd ho hoped sho would on no ncconnt
disappoint him Jennies first impulso
wns not to go but sho wns so nnxions
to learn what progress tho detectivo had
made in tho case fearing that at last
ho might havo got on tho right track
thnt sho felt it would bo nnwlso to tnko
tho risk of not booing him If his sus
picions were really aroused her absence
might servo as an excuse to confirm
them Exactly at 4 oclock next after
noon sho entered his ofilco and found
him to her roliof alono IIo sprang np
from his tnblo on seeing her nnd said in
a whisper I am bo glad yon have
come I am iii rather a quandary Lord
Donal Stirling is in London on a flying
visit He called hero yesterday
The girl cuught her brenth but said
I explained to him the reasons I
havo for believing that it wns actually
tho Princess von Steinhoimer whom ho
met at tho Duchess of Chiselhursts
ball IIo laughed nt me there wns no
convincing him Ho said that theory
was more almnrtl than sending him
the picturo of a housemaid as that of
tho lady ho had met at tho ball I used
nil tho arguments which yon had used
but ho brushed them asido as of no
consequence und somehow tho enso did
not nppear to bo as clear as when yon
propounded your theory
Well what then asked tho girl
Why then I asked him to como up
hero nt 4 oclock nnd hear what an as
sistant of mino would say about tho
At 4 oclock cried tho girl in ter
ror Then ho may bo hero at any mo
Ho is hero now ho is in tho next
room Como in and I will introduco
you and then I want you to tell him
nil tho circumstances which lead yon
to beliovo that it was tho princess her-
Tht hiirnUe of the inner room turned
self whom ho met I am Bure you can
place all tho points beforo him bo terse
ly that you will succeed in bringing
him round to your own way of think
ing Yon will try wont yon Miss
Baxter It will bo a very great oblige
ment to me
Oh no no no cried the girL I
am not going to admit to any one that
I havo been acting as n detectives as
sistant Yon had no right to bring mo
hero I must go at once If I had known
this I would not havo coma
It wont take you five minutes
pleaded Cndbury Taylor Ho is nt this
moment waiting for you I told him
you would Iks here at 4
I cant help that Yon had no right
to make nn nppointment for mo with
out my knowledge und consent
Taylcr was about to speak when the
handle of the inner room turned
I say detective remurked Lord
Donal in a voice of seme irritation
you should have assistants who are
moro punctual I ama very busy man
and must havo for St Petersburg to
night fo I cant spend all my thno in
your office you know
I nm snro I beg your pardon my
lord said the detective with great ob
setmiousnoas This yonng lady has
some objections to giving her views
but I am sure you will bo able to per
suade her
Ho turned but tho placo nt his fiido
was vacant Tho door in tho hall was
open and tho girl had cscnicd as sho
saw tho handle of tho Inner door tnrn
Tnylor looked blnnklynt his client with
dropped juw Lord Donnl langhed
Your assistant seems to hnvo disap
peared iib completely ns tho lndy nt tho
ball Why not sot yonr detectives on
her track Perhaps film will provo to bo
tho person I nm In search of
I am very sorry my lord Htnm
mered tho detective
Oh dont mention it I 1 nm Btiro yon
hnvo done all that could be done with
the very Ineffective clows which unfor
tunately aro our only possessions but
you aro quite wrong in thinking it was
tho princess herself who attended tho
ball and I dont blamo your assistant
for refusing to lwlster np an imjioesiblo
caso Wo will consider tho search end
ed and if you will kindly let me have
your bill at tho Diplomatic clnb beforo
0 oclock tonight I will send yon a
check Good nftcruoon Mr Taylor
To ho continued noxt Tluirtilnr
Hclioiintr Dundee rounders
Cleveland Sept lJ The schooner
Dundee owned by the Michigan
Transit company In tow of the steam
er John M tilldden foundered about
II miles west of this poit yesterday
The boats were bound for Ashtabula
with coal and the storm struck them
about f a in The schooner lost her
rudder and a big sen carried nwny her
forward hatches Tho crew took to
the rigging with the exception of Kate
Hoffman the cook who was drowned
The men were finally taken off by the
steamer C Lower Jr nnd brought to
YoMrrtln Iliiscliall ItrMilti
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wire sen lee madu all the markets dull
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11 20 Jan
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TH1S2V4 Jan
ItllH Sept 7r7j Oct 740 Jan
1 02j
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No It icil wheat 72ii74c No 2 spring
wheat 7Uc No It spring wheat CSft74c
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wheat ilviOle No 2 rai li corn 4OViit40c
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nave round It In Cascarete fclccc taking lb cm mr
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Made only by Madison Medl
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