The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, January 04, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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DAY ncltis to tlio
IJWKUY of deaths attributed
to heart failure If the
truth were told the bulk of
these deaths might le written
down as due to stomach failure
lor it is in the failuie of the
stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition that
weak heait weak lungs
weak nerves and other
forms of physical deteriora
tion have their beginning
The man whose stomach is
sound who can digest and as-
oinilnl the mil he eats mid SO
So If rrrmoivutlon
Ib tho Jlrflt law of Nature For this
roasoii ovoryono who Ib ill desires to bo
oomo woll Thoso who havo impuro or
impoverished blood turn to Hoods Sar
snparllln becaimo thoy know it will
ourioh and purify thoir blood mid irlvo
tlioin kood hcnlth To tako thiB medi
cine on tho first nppoarnuoo of impuro
blood is nn important Btop toward solf
HoodH Pills ouro sick hoadaoho iudi
Dont Tobacco Spit and Dinette Your Mfe Attny
To qutt tobacco easily and forovor bo mac
nolle full ot llfo norvo nnd vigor lalio
tho wonder worker that makes wonk men
strong All druggists tOo or It Curo gunrnu
teed riooklot and snmplo roo Address
Bcrlinr Itomody Co Clilcnyo or Now Yoik
Thk News jud aopartmont 1b coin
ploto in ovory partioular
There In n Claim of Poopln
Who aro iujurod by tho uso of colTeo
Kocontly thoro has boon placed in all
tlio groeory stores a now proporntion
called Graiu O made of pnro grains
that takos tho place of cofloo The
most dolioato stomaoh rocoives it with
out distress and but fow can toll it
from coffoo It doos not cost over 4 as
muoh Children may drink it with
great benefit 15 con t sand 21 cents per
package Try it Ask for Grain O
Working Nliflit and Iiy
Tho busiest and mightiest little thing
that ovor was made is Dr Kings Now
Jiife pills Thoso pills chango weakness
into strength listlossnoss into energy
brain fag into mental power Theyre
wonderful in building up the health
Only 25a per box Sold by Kiosau Drug
Co drug store
To Care Constlputlait forever
Tako CitHiiirotR Catulv Cathartic lto orSSo
K C C C full to cure druggists refund money
Mora 1opulnr Tliun Kver
Siuoo 1800 tho Hot Springs of South
Dakota huvo boon recognized as tho re
sort for western pooplo
All things aro favorablo for thoso seek
ing rest health or pleasure This season
finds tho resort well patronized by people
from Nebraska Iowa Illinois Minnesota
Wisoousiu and oastern South Dakota
and ovoryono woll satisfied with tho
Wonderful Waters
Delightful Oliinato
Modern Hotels
Varied attractions for sight seers
The Northwestern Lino is tho pioneor
to this rosort
Tho Northwestern Lino runs Wagner
Palace sleepors to Hot Spriugs South
Tho Northwestern Lino mokes low
round trip rates to this resort
Ask your nearest railroad agent for
the dato of tho next excursion via tho
Fremont Elkhorn Missouri Valley
K It Northwestern Lino
J HGaulk J It Buchanan
Des Moines Omaha
For Infants and Children
Tin Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature o
Jmmr tmetMmia
Stood Death On
E B Munday u lawyer of Henrietta
Tex onoi fooled a grave digger He
says My brother was very low with
malarial fever and jaundice I per
nuaded him to try Electric Bitters and
he was soou much better but continued
their use uutil he was wholly cured I
am sure Electric Bitters saved his life
This remedy expels malaria kills dis
ease gorms and purines the blood aids
digestiou regulates liver kiduoy
troubles female complaints gives per
fect health Only 50o at Kiesau Drug
Co drug store
How Are Your Kidney- I
Dr Hob s Sparasui 1M1U cure aU kidney tilt 8am
pie free Add Sterling Itemed jr Co Chicago or N Y
keep each organ of the body well nourished is the man who is least
liable to collapse under the sudden weakness of some vital organ
The pteservation of health which follows the use of Dr Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery is chiefly due to the fact that it perfectly
and permanently cures diseases of the stomach and oigans of diges
tion and nutrition purifies the blood and increases the blood supply
of the body Weak people will find in this medicine a sure means
of strength There is no alcohol contained in
lPRHMflll ma 1
Golden Medical Discovery and it is
absolutely fiee from opium cocaine and
nil other narcotics
I wn imtli i doctors enre for quite a time
wtlliH Mr J 1 Kltlrt or PnrmUyHvillr Wayne Co
Ky Thry liiul almost kIvimi me tip nml mynuf
ferliiK wni vrry utonl My pulse wns weak breath
thott nml I liml severe pains In back bead and leRS
Had pnltiitntlim of lu ntt and for eleven months I
was not able to do it days work 1 purchased five
bottles of lr U V lleices olden Medicnl IMs
coveiyand by the time the fifth bottle was one I
was a well man
Tho Pooplam Common Sanaa Modloml
Adviser containing lOOB pagaa and ovar
lOO Illustration la aont FREE on rocolpt
of atnmim to nay oxpenao of mailing
ONLY Sand SI ona aont atampa for tho
book bound In papor or 31 atampa for
cloth binding- Addroaa Or R V Plorom
Buffalo iV r
A Nltflit or Terror
Awful anxiety was felt for tho
widow of tho bravo General Huruham
of Mucliins Mo when tho doctors said
she would dio boforo morning writos
Mm S 11 Lincoln who attended hor
that fearful night but sho begged lor
Dr Kings Now Discovery whioh had
more than ouco saved her lifo and
cured hor of consumption Af tor taking
sho slept all night Furthor uso ontlroly
cured hor This marvellous modicino
is guaranteed to curo all throat chest
and lung disoasos Only fiOo and 100
Trial bottels freo at Kiosau Drug Co
drug storo
A KrlKhtlul llliindnr
Will often canso a horrible burn scald
out or bruiso Bucklous Arnica salve
will kill tho pain mid promptly heal it
Cures fever sorcH ulcers boils corns all
skin eruptions Best pile curo on earth
Only 25cts a box Curo guaranteed
Sold by Kiosau Drug Co drug store
Edurnto Your ItotvcU Willi Cuacnrcts
Candy Cntluirtle euro constipation forovor
0c25c If O C C fall ilrtiKRlhts refund money
Deanty Is Illood Deep
Clean blood menus a clean skin No
beauty without it Cascnrcts Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all itn
luuitics from tho bod v Begin to day to
banish pimples boils blotches blackheads
ami that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cnscarets beauty for ten cents All drug
gists satisfaction guaranteed 10c 25c 50c
Mou can be curod privately and posi
tively at homo of all weakness nud dis
ease Writo for now freo book
Dr J N Hathaway
Ctamiiinminl TUnnlr
Sioux City la
Teir th lha Kind You Have Always Bought
nun you irooir
Bears th J m m m aV lnais uougni
This Is Your Opportunity
On receipt of ten cents ensh or stamps
a genoroiiB Biunplo will bo mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hoy Fever Curt
Julys Cream Unltn Bulllclent to iienion
fctruto tho groat merit b of tho remedy
CO Warrcu St Icw York City
Itov Johnlteid Jr of Great Falls Mout
recommcudod Elys Cream Bulm to me I
can cMtplmmzo his statement It iB a poai
tivo curo for catarrh if used na directed
ltev FrnnoisW Poolo Pastor Central Pros
Church Helena Mont
Elys Cream Balm is tho acknowledged
curo for catarrh nnd contains no mercury
nor any injurious dnij Price 50 cento
Ilrxti with you whether you eanllnur thr
BcrTVkllliiiK icuiccuutuil nuivu
rpmurvi tuu uciiro lor uiuacco wiiu
ouv nrou uiaireti eineis
liur iurtuv iud uiuuu rL
lorri lush tukauuvu
BUrllii llilyr UIimi lnl Itw fart
I Iive none 14 day t time Trlthont a
BOTtneul of tho boweli not being able to
more them uxcept by uilug liov witer lujectlom
Chronlo constipation for iOTenyeari placed me to
tuli terrible condition during that time 1 did er
erylnlng 1 beard of but never found auy relief ucb
wu my cats until 1 began Ullng CA8CAKKT8 I
now bare f rompne to tbrce pattagct A day and If 1
wai rich I would glre I1U0U9 fcr each morementi II
U tuoo a reUef ayi ukh L ii vnr
1089 lluuell Bl Detroit Ulob
TflADi uann lanaio
Pleaiant Palatable Potent Tatte Good no
Qood Never Sicken Weaken or Gripe 10c 30c Mc
lUriUg Bjm4 Cru7 CklMgt ImUmI l Xtrk HI
V H B v n
am wamm aiaf ft
m s w w Eniip
old 400000
run cured bur
in ilmcirlat who
will vouch for ui Take It with
wUlDAtlpntlT upralitentlv Una
bozCI utUKllrcureii J boiriit M
smftrkntfteri to pur nr rtfunil mnnf
Senate ind House Seeking
Light on Gages Doings
Nnlirimlin Sirntor WnnU to Kikmt AIiciiiI
ItrpnnlU r Inlille FiitiilR Sillrnrn lllll
In Itnfcrrml tit tlin Coiiiliillta on Viiy
nnd Mrnna
Wasiiimiton Jan A Tho sonata
evinced n disposition yesterday to take
tip tho work of tho session in earnest
nud while tho sitting was only of a lit
tle more than an hours duration a
largo number of important bills wore
introduced and a dotlntto foundation
laid for procedure in tho financial bill
by llxing tho hour for continuing de
bate on tliiH measure from 2 oclock to
day The most notable ovout of tho
day was a protest entered by Mr Hoar
to tho summary disposition of resolu
tions asking for information about tho
conduct of tho Philippine war Ho in
dicated a purpose to demand considera
tion for such measures oven at tho ex
pense of the llnaiicial bill
Tho 10th Inst was named as tho day
for tho delivery of eulogies in memory
of tho Into Vice President Hobart
Allen prcsuntcd a resolution calling
upon tho secretary of tho treasury for
all letters passing between tho treasury
department and the National City bank
and tho Hanover National bank of New
York and also all agreements mado bo
twuon tho treasury department and
thoso banks coucoitiing tho deposit of
Flurry liitfii Itenolutlnti
Wasiiinuton Jan 4 Tho house
was in session only Ifi minutes yester
day and in that time had a little Hurry
over an attempt by Mr Sulzer to se
cure consideration for a resolution ask
ing information concerning tho rela
tions of tho treasury department with
tho National City bank of Now York
and Secrotnry Gages deposits of public
funds Tho resolution was roforrod to
tho committeo on ways and means
nothingTfor imperialism
Aiilrow CarneuUi Kxnroiiini Sympathy fur
tlio lloer
Nkw Youk Jan 4 Androw Car
nogio was interviewed by a World ro
portor concerning tho report that ho had
promised to subscribo 50000 to tlio
Republican national fund
Theres not a word of truth in tho
roport ho said I will not givo a
dollar to help tho Republicans if their
platform is not sound if it is not Amer
ican Not a cont to imperialism not a
cont to ronegado Americanism
Suppose tho Democrutio party de
clares against expansion and tho Repub
licans for it would you contribute to
tho Democratic fund
I would consider it My mind is
opon but my purso is closod Mr
Carnegie paused for a motuontand thon
went on I am with tlio Boors in thoir
light Thoy aro lighting bravoly to
maintain their republic Their stand is
for republican institutions Thoy aro
battling for a principlo with which all
good Americans should be in sympathy
FiihIoii Inmlnrft Confer With IJrynn
Lincoln Jan 4 Colonel W J
Bryan roturnod to Lincoln yesterday
After an absence from homo of six
wooks Ho found a numbor of leading
Domocrats from other states awaiting
him nud couferred with them in an in
formal way Mr Bryan will romain
in Lincoln uutil Saturday Ho is inter
ested in the meeting of tho fusion stato
control committees Friday and is to re
spond to a toast Friday at tho banquet
of tho Nebraska Traveling Mons club
Ho leaves for Chicago oarly Saturday
Ultima Decline the Honor
CiEVKtANi Jan 4 Senator Han no
Aocktrcd yesterday that although ho had
been urged to stand for tho permanent
chairmanship of the next Republican
convention ho would not do so Thero
are othor mou ho said who aro more
ambitiousthan I and who valuo that
honor more than I do I will givo way
to them Ho also declared that ho
will not be ono of tho
from Ohio
Melaiirin Is Noinluateil
Jackson Miss Jan -1 Tho Demo
cratic caucus bore last night unnnU
mously nominated Governor A J Mc
Laurin for tho long torm United Statos
senatorship Tlio contest for tho short
term senatorship is an opon question
Senator Sullivans supporters claim ho
will recoivo a majority of six on joint
ballot It is liolieved Sullivan will have
a hard fight to defeat Lowry
Webiter Ditvli to Itetlro
Wasttixiiton Jan It is reported
that Webster Davis assistant secretary
of tho interior will nover resume tho
duties of his ofllco and his resignation
is expected He is now in South Af
rica It is understood that friction has
existed in tho interior department for
sonio time nnd that Mr Davis leave of
absence was meant to mark tho end of it
No Split on ltarlug
PiTTSiiumi Jan 4 President Kee
nan of tho Leaguo of American Wheel
men says he does not anticipate a seri
ous division in tho assembly on the rno
ing question Tho delegate he says
will have a common objoct in view the
good of the league and a brief compar
ison of views will bring about a general
understanding as to how this good may
best bo conserved
llutcher Advunee Price of Meat
St Paul Jan 4 Northwostern re
tail butchers havo advanced tho price of
veal and pork ono cent par pound It
is stated tho advance is to bo general all
over this soctiou uud that it is duo to a
scarcity of livo btock throughout tho
northwest which has mado it difllcult
for the packing houses to securo enough
for the increasing demand
Nnw York Morclimilii Will Tnltn Furtliot
Hlrpn ARiilntt Itottil
Niw Youk Jan I Hailromls be
longing to tho eastern trunk lino pool
have put in active operation tho now
freight tariffs involving an ndvanco of
20 to 25 per cent in rates Merchants
of this city not discouraged by tho re
fusal of Attorney Genoral Griggs to In
stitute injunction proceedings to pro
vont tho introduction of tho now rates
aro determined to continue their opo
sltlon They will first apply to tho rail
roads themselves and try to get a hear
If no other plan works it is understood
that the shippers will tako stops against
the railroads on the ground that tho
new agreement concerning ratos is
made by an ironclad pool which is in
all respects as much a violation of tho
anti trust law as if it woro operating as
an association
llitttlii Willi Cuttle Thlnvoit
tight occurred at Water Canon in So
coro county N M between tho sher
iffs posse and six allcgod cattle thioves
In which ono of tho latter known as
Mexican Joe was killod Tho others
surrendered and aro in jail
Irrniilvo Cublnii n HanrUli Ilirlor
Wlinnt Irovlnlon Mono Iowtir
OlllOAun Titn II IrrivpintMlvii Pitbli M wrro ii
ilnprissliiK fiictor In tlu wliortt ninrltot toriiiy
Mity closing fxin unilor Corn
closrtl Ijjo nnil ont it hIiiuIii lower 1rovlBlotiM
nlTtitinl by lniivy hoc nriltits nnd purilstrnt
prnllt liiklnu iIosimI uinliir yimtrrilny Mity
lork Vilic Miiy lunl lllo unil Mity rllw ortOTiii
lowiT Clo iinK priciH
Wiikat Miiy 00io lulv 70f
JoitN Tnn May WIlJdKHiio
OATS Tun Lc Miiy iHoiilc
Point Tun llWi Jhiy 1005
KllM Jnn 5ri0 Mity 303
lAltl Jim 57afi67ni Miiy P0
UaslKjuotiitldift No 2 nl vvhnnt 08il j
No HprltiK wlmnt DiVJIISa No 2 uorn
illJic No Simts ttp
lilrni llvo Stock
JllKUno Jim Crtttln Kociilpts 15000
Kootl to cholci nuttvo ters anil Texniw
Ntutuly itifotlor ttrailtM slow buttliom HtiK lc
anil ennnura Htroni Htockors anil fiMKlcrH
steady uood toeholuo W40ilO0 poor to mo
dlttm I4ird5t mixed utockers H10CWI0
feedoi 8 tt304WBood to rhoicu cowh iilS0rt
400 holfors ti2X500 canners fVlYcMIM
bulls 2Kr4450 calven t450750 fod Toxhm
boeviR 4J55I5 HoRs Rocolpts 47000 Sf9
10c lower top J455 mixed and butchers
4 3X3455 good to choice heavy 440C455
rouRh hoavy 4a045 llRht 420445
bulk of sales 440445 Shoop Becelpts JO
000 active sternly top was western lambs
010 native wethers lbtX5 00 western wetlt
eru 4405O western lambs 56OSB10
Kaiinna City Live Stock
Kansas Citv Jan II Cattle Ronolnts
fitiai clioien steers and stockers nnd feeders
Tiiirly active and steady others 10c lower
heavy native steers V25CW 05 liirht
wiilklits 4rViil3 stockers and feeders 1150
i475 buteliers cows and heifers 15450
fanners L51X35 fed westerns 4V5545
western feeders Wa5450 Texans 33445
Hoks lteceiiits lAV liboral supply sold at
fitlOo lower prices heavy and mixed 4i5
447i light 40440 pigs 00410 Sheep
Receipts 0100 opened steady fow late sales
515o lower lambs 5 10550 muttons l5
d44 stockers and feeders 300jIOO eulls
0Jal 00
South Omiiltn Ilve Stock
South Omaha Jan 3 Cattle Receipts
110011 steady native beef steers 42558
western steers40Jl85 Texas steers 875
4J5 cows and heifers lower 325440
canners JigUO stockers and feeders 350
510 calves 3503700 bulls stags etc
30042V Hogs Receipts 5700 shado to 6c
lower heavy 4 15 4 30 mixed 47J430
light 4UX4H7s pigs 40Ofl4J5 bulk of
sales 427k40 SheHp Recelpts 2400
stronger native muttons 4l54ti6 western
muttons 4009440 stock sheep 375420
lambs 425rtt550
Dr Hathaway
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Catarrhal Ilronchiul Lung Stom
ach Liver Kidney and Other Com
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itIiir ii period of more
thaiiJUurshu lias been
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manner of diseases of
men mid women and
along tlio wliolo lino of
human ailments ho has
been iinlfotml
Jr iinthaways me
thod of treatment gets
directly nt tliu seat of
m troullr purines tin blood
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n j
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produce tho diseased conditions A
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All Disoasos perfect
tlmlsalms of MUrerUrs
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Infants and Children Experience against Experiment-
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Kl YIlfKUS M IVar - Hj
Unci Catarrh mi Years
Josiah Bacon conductor on the P W
B U R says I had differed with
catarrh for 36 years nnd regarded my
case ns hopeless One day I saw the
testimonial of Geo H Hearn in a Braz
ilian Balm circular Hearn was the
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Wim Tore
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edge the blues despondency and loss of hope It means debilitating
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roradTlce in cases requiring Bprrlnl
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Lost Power Falling Memory Wasting Diseases and
all effects ot self -abuse or excess and indiscretion
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Royal Medicine GhaErfiE
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f m
V maWkmWWW
tf aW9BFmW9aWfAWmW
Rev D C HoDSon Pastor M
K Church Wnunctn Nob writes Af tor
yearn of constipution and stomach disorder Dr Kays Renovator has removed
IUU ixiusiiiJaiiuii uuu iuuuu jujr bujiuuuu uunuau Jiuw l cutliu noi near a WUUtl
tick with it closo to my right ear and but a very Bhort distance from my left
one I can now hear one quite a distanco from my right ear and a Ion
li8tanca from my left one and tho thick heavy feeling between ay eyes to my
Dr Kay s Renovator
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