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Gatacres Force Meets With
Severe Defeat at Stormbcrg
Uritish Commander Asserts He Was
Misled by Guides
Ont of Two Tliomnnil Men Upward at
Sot hi Hundred Aro lleportntl Dead
Wounded or Missing Suys Ifo Will
Wire Farther Cnsunltles Later
London Dec 11 Tho war ofllco
publishos tho following diRputch from
General Forostior Wulkor ut Capo
Gatacro reports Deeply regret to
inform you that I mot with a serious
rovorso in tho attack on Stormborg I
was misled us to tho cnomys position
by tho guides and found impructicablo
ground Casualties so far as known at
present aro
Royal Irish Riflos Wouudod Liou
tonaut GolOuol Eager Major Eaton
Captain Bell Captain Kelly Lieutonant
Stovens Lieutenant Barnardatou
Suffolk regiment Wounded Second
lieutenant Maynard and 12 men
oenehai sm W F oATAcnn zl
Missing Captain Weir Lieutenant
Christoe Second Liouteuaut Rodnoj
and 200 mon
Fourth Field battery Soverely
wounded Lieutenant Lewis and three
Seventy seventh Field battery Killed
Ono gunner Wounded Major Per
Northumberland Fusileers Missing
Major Stevens Captain Fletcher
Captain Morely Second Lieutenant
Wako Second Liontonant Coulson
Three hundred and sixty fivo commis
sioned officers and men
Dorsetshire regiment Missing
Lieutenant Radcliffo
Royal Berkshire regiment Killed
Ono private
Tho remainder of my casualties will
Lo wired as soon as ascertained
How the Battle Was Fought
General Gatacro loft Putters Kraal
by train for Moltenoand then proceeded
by forced march 12 milos toward Storm
borg Ho hod 2000 men including tho
Northumberland Fusileers the Royal
Irish Rifles and two batteries of Hold
artillery The British woro unmolested
by tho Boers until tho Boer position was
reached when a hot firo was unexpect
edly opened upon tho advancing column
Tho engagement began at 415 a m
At 7 a in after a sharp artillery duel
tho British retired They aro now
inarching toward Moltono General
Gatacre found tho ouomya position im
pregnable It was impossible for the
British infantry to got at tho Boers
General Gatacros movement may bo
termed a reconnaissanco in forco Its
object was to ascertain tho strength of
the position of tho Boers who were
strongly entrenched all over tho Storm
berg range Ho loft Putters kraal
Bhortly after noon yesterday with a
fighting forco slightly over 4000 men
The column arrived safely within a
couple of miles of its destination tho
only incidents of tho march being an
occasional suddeu call of halt under
tho belief that tho Boers wero near
Suddenly a terrific firo opened simul
taneously on tho British front and right
flank Tho Royal Irish Rifles which
formed tho advanco sought shelter be
hind a neighboring kopjo and woro
speedily joined by tho remainder of tho
column It was soou fouud however
that this position also was covered by
Boer guns which wero moro powerful
than had been supposed Tho troops
thereforo sought a 6afor position about
half a milo away two batterios in tho
meantime eugagiug tho Boors and cover
ing tho troops in their withdrawal
Tho action now becamo general at
long rangoaud a detachment of mouuted
infantry moved northward with a view
of getting on tho enemys right flank
Suddenly a strong commando was seen
moving from tho north and tho Royal
Irish Rifles and tho Northumberland
regiment were sent out to meet it It
was soon dibcoverod however that tho
Boers had machine guns well placed
aud tho British were compollcd to face
a terrific firo Finding it impossible to
hold tho position in tho face of an ouemy
apparently superior in position num
bers and artillery tho British retired ou
Molteuo tho Boers following up tho re
tirement closoly uud bringing two big
guns to bear on tho retiring column
Most Serious Defeat Vet
London Deo 11 It is hardly too
much to regard Goneral Gatacres ro
pulso near Stormborg as tho most seri
ous defeat British arms have yet bus
taiued in tho whole campaign Already
tho official advices show that two mon
woro killed nlno ofllcors and 17 mon
woro wounded and nlno ofllcors ond 5ifl
mon aro missing But It is ovidont that
tho worst is not yot known Tho pro
portion tlf wounded add killed is so
small when compared with tho missing
who aro undoubtedly prisoners in tho
hands of tho Boors that tho supplo
montary list of casualties iH anticipated
with sorioud misgivings It Ih nlno
feared that thero woro sorious lossos of
guns and onuipmont
The most horioun aspect of tho affair
is tho offcot It is likoly to havo on tho
Dutch In Capo Colony who havo boon
wavorlngas to whether to throw In
thoir lot with tho Boors Hosts of tho
northern farmers aro now likoly to join
tho robolllom Defeat Is also sorious
because it will delay tlio junction of
Goneral Gatacro with Gonoral French
at NuuuwpoOrt Tho plan was for thoir
combined forces to rcllovo tho pressure
on Lord Mcthuons column
Tho dlbdosuro of such a strong forco
at Stormborg was quito unexpected
Doubtless Goneral Gatacro waB tho vic
tim of treacherous guides But tho ro
suit points also to tho absonco of proper
cavalry sc6nting
Tho British troops who recently occu
pied Arundol aro advancing They
havo had sovoral skirmishes but no
casualties Three miles north of Arun
del they found tho Boors In a throng
Tho Pretoria Toports of renewed fight
ing at Mofldor River originated from
tho fact that tho British with a team of
32 oxon haulod a naval guii to tho top
of a high ridgo north of Moddor Rlvor
town wheuco thoy firod lyddlto sholls
on tho Boer position at n ningo of 0700
yards Tho lyddite sholls appoared to
do immense damage Tho Boors re
tired but tho incidonfc is Interesting as
showing that the Boors uro still in pos
session quito closo to Modder rivor
Lord Mcthuon Is still compollod to
rido about in a dog cart as his wound
proventB him going ou horseback
It is reported that tho Boors aro busy
making entrenchments at Spoytfontoin
Klmberloy reports all quiet thoro up to
Dec 7 and that tho prossuro ot tho in
vestment is diminished
Cape Town Dec 11 It is rumored
hero that tho Boors attacked Kimbcrloy
at closo quarters last night but wero ro
pulsed with heavy loss
An Unruly Scholar Seriously Wounds a
Schnrol Irlncliml at Lehigh la
Fout Dodqe la Dec 12 A serious
stabbing uff ray took placo yesterday at
a public school at Lehigh 12 miles
south of here Principal OMalloy or
dered James Elbbury a troublesomo
pupil to chango scats when Elsbnry
impudoutly refused OMalley wont to
tho boy nnd attempted to tako him out
of tho sea Tho boy grow violout
drow a lurf pocketkuifo and attacked
tho teacher In tho encounter tho
teacher was stabbed three times inarm
shoulder and side Immediately thoro
was chaos Pupils ran out of tho
building aud gavo information of tho
affair about town Tab boy was ar
rested Principal OMalloy was carried
to his homo where ho now lies in a
serious condition OMalloy is a well
known Iowa educator and was recently
candidato for county superintendent
Reorganizing FHty Flrst Iowa
Des Moines Deo 12 An election of
major in tho Fiftieth Iowa regiment has
been ordered by Adjutant Gonoral
Byers It will bo hold Wednesday
Dec 20 to fill tho placo made vacant by
tho resignation of T O Dalzoll of Dav
enport General Byers left yesterday
afternoon for Knoxvillo to muster in
Company D of tho now Fifty first Iowa
From thoro ho will go to Shenandoah
to muster in Company E and will stop
nt Vilisca on Mb return to look after
Company B
Magnetic ITealer Goes Free
Shenandoah la Dec 12 Word ii
received from Olarinda that tho indict
ment of Professor H B Yates tho mag
netic healer has been quashed This is
tho second effort to secure a conviction
aud both times tho proo codings havo
ended without a trial
Killed by an Overhead Trestle
Boone la Doc 12 William Cope
land a brakemau on No 10 of tho Mil
waukee road was struck by an over
head trestle in this city and instantly
Drowns In a Well
Muscatine la Deo 12 H L Wag
oner aged 24 while watering cattlo at
a well fell in and was drowned
Former Employe of the Pacific Express
Cuiupiiuy Under Arrest nt Uheyeuue
Cheyenne Deo 12 Ed Noptuuo an
ox employo of tho Pacific Express com
pany was arrested yosterday charged
with robbing tho office of tho company
in this city Noptuuo who was formi
erly an express messenger from Omaha
to Ohoyouuo denies tho charges
against him and says ho was at homo at
tho timo tho robbery was committed on
Saturday night
It is now officially reported that tho
robber carried away f 2000 in cash and
1000 worth of monoy ordors aud other
Woman Ituu Down Ily Cars
GitANO Island Nob Doo 12 Mr
O A Baldwin was struck at tho Lin
colu avonuo crossing and instantly
killed yosterday by tho St Joseph and
Grand Island train Her body was
thrown 40 feet and horribly mutilated
She was a well known womau tho wifo
of an ex couuty survoyor Engiueor
Harry Dunn was arrested and hold for
Death of Captain Wood
Manskield O Deo 12 Tho an
nonucemeut of tho loath of Captain
Wood oonnnauder of tho Petrol in
Dowoys fleet was receivod horo with
much sorrow Captain Wood was born
in this city Aug 10 1848 His sister
MrsW E Loughridge resides hero and
she loft last night for Washington to
attend tho funeral
Party of Insurgent Guerrillas
Captured by Colonel Smith
No Urtr Will tin liven Hands or AruU
tin I tins DlaorganliAd Army When Taken
Hate Koit Country In a Stale or Terror
for Several Weeks
Manila Doo 18 Colonol Smith
with u detachment of tho Seventeenth
infantry surrounded niid cnhtnr6l in
u vllliigo near Mnlasqul a parly of guor
rillafl who had nmdo thoir headquartorH
thoro The party Included tho band
which assassinated no von officials at
Malasqul for friendliness to tho
Americans All aro JinsurgontB who
becamo bandits whon tho disintegra
tion of tho Filipino army began Thoy
kept tho country around Malasqul in u
Btuto of terror for soveral wooks and
committed 25 murders in that number
of days Whon thoy woro caught thoy
wero promptly sent to Gonoral Mao
Arthurs headquarters at Bayombong
by train It is expected thoy will bo
speedily tried and cither shot or hanged
as an examplo if couvicted
Tho wholo country north of San For
nuudo aud botwoon San Fernando and
Manila except within tho pormanont
lino of troops around tho city and tho
closely patrolled strotches of railroad
swarms with similar bands Probably
thoy will bo iucroasod by mon from
Pilars of my many of whom aro mak
ing their1 way south to join tho iusur
gonk forco in Cayito proviuco Those
pooplofor tlio most part sucqeedod in
dodging Goneral Grant Colonol Boll
and Colonol Hoods troops who aro
scouring tho country for them Thoy
dovoto thoir energies to ambushing com
missary wagons and to picking up sol
diers who loavo their commands Every
day sonio wngon train is fired upon or
Bomo soldier disappears
Tho policy of theho ruffians is to make
tho country uninhabitablo for Ameri
cans Only a small proportion of tho
iusurgont arms havo been surrendered
and tho problem of suppressing this
guorrilla warfaro is anything but easy
of bolution Some of tho Amorican of
ficers think it worse than fighting In
dians owing to tho difficulties of the
country and tho troublo in locating tho
onomy who resort whon hurd pressed
to tho ainigo dodgo and hido their
Somo of tho Americans favor tho is
fiuauco of a proclamation declaring all
natives found with arms to bo bandits
punishablo as criminals instead of being
treated as prisoners of war
Says lie Will Call Men to Account For
Slander on His lleturn
Chicago Dec 18 A special dispatch
to the Rocord from Honolulu says
Brigadier General Funston accompa
nied by his aido Burton J Mitchell
arrived hero Dec 3 on tho trausport In
diana It is a coincidence that it was
on tho Indiana that General Funston
thou colonol with tho Twentieth Kan
sas wont to Manila a little moro than a
year ago WbUo hero tho Amorican
troops hold tho first Amorican election
ever bold in Hawaii
I regrot now said General Fun
ston speaking of his dispute in Amer
ica that I allowed myself to got into
this controversy But my fighting
blood was up at tho malicious statements
nmdo reflecting on tho Kansas troops
and tho American soldiers genorally oa
well as upon mysolf But now that I
am in it I shall not back out As soon
as I can got back from Manila I shall
tako tho matter into tho courts
reck Talks at St Louis
St Louis Deo 18 Ferdinand W
Peck 6f Chicago commissioner goneral
of tho United States at tho Paris exposi
tion delivered an address last night be
fore tho Contemporary club in tho ban
quet hall of tho Mercantilo club on tho
great French enterprise While tho
commissioner generals addross was do
voted almost exclusively to Paris
exposition of 1000 ho fouud timo to in
cidentally refer to tho St Louis Worlds
fair and gavo a good deal of valuable ad
vice to thoso interested in that under
taking from tho standpoint of ono who
carried a portion of tho responsibility of
tho Chicago Worlds fair Mr Pcoks
remarks woro frequently punctuated by
Sequel to Hank Wrecking
Omaha Deo 13 Tho bank wrecking
caso of tho United States against G A
Roimers former president of tho First
National bank at Noligh was called for
trial iu Judgo Mungors court yesterday
Tho caso involves Charles R Alldor
tho cashier and Edward O Roimers
assistant cashier in an alleged attempt
to wreck tho bank of which thoy woro
officers Falsifying the books and other
dishonest methods aro charged Both
of tho Roimers aro on hand reay for
trial Alldor is a fugitive from justice
and is said to bo iu Moxico
Ioynter Hesleged by Politicians
Lincoln Deo 13 Governor Poynter
returned from Omaha yesterday and
went directly to tho oxocutivo mansion
whero ho was visited by sovoral politi
cians Governor Poynter began tho
consideration of tho soveral hundred
letters telegrams and petitions bearing
upon tho senatorial vacancy and only
succeeded iu getting fairly uuder way
in tho work by evening Ho announced
that ho might postpone making an up
pointmout uutil tho latter part of tho
Street Cur Conductor Hobhed
Omaha Deo 13 D M Huso con
ductor of Faruam motor car 101 was
-hold up aud robbed last night by two
musked mon with guns at tho south end
of tho lino ut Tcuth aud Bancroft
streets nbout 1030 oclock lust uight
Tho robbers secured 1520 in small
chango uud a vuluablo gold wutch
Itattlr In ilrli Targn Number Are Klltod
on Until Rido
Austin Tox Dpo 1 Information
reaohing hero is to tho effect that ou
Dpo 3 the Ynqul Indians nnd tho Mox
lean forces under General Torros hnd n
pltohod hattlo near Hio Chicago on tho
Yaqni rivor Tlio oiigagoimmt was bo
twoon tho main body of tho Indiana tho
Mexican foroo numbering some 4000
men Tho Indians pushed tho fighting
thcinsolvoB by attacking tho Moxinm
forco in their camp
Tho onslaught was vigorous but not
vory offectivo ns tho Indiann did not
ndvanco in u solid body preferring thoir
old warfaro of man for man behind
boulders and trees In thlrt mannor thoy
began thoir nttuck on tho soldiers wimp
and according to roport tho fighting
was most sovoro and lusted for a day ond
night whon tho Indians withdrew hav
ing MiRtalncd considerable loii Tho
militia nmdo several attempts to dis
lodge tho Indians from their retreat In
tho rough woody country during tho on
gagomont without mitcosn and upon
each deploy tho Koldlors lost quito a
number of mon in killed and wouudod
While tho troops aro engaging this main
body of Indians thero aro a number of
smaller bands of Yitquls roaming around
t ho tmmutuiumiH country laying ranches
in wusto and otherwise playing huvoo
It is learned that tho Mexican forces
havo tho Twentieth infantry marching
to thoir asslstaneo whon thoy hopo to
follow tho main body of tho Indians
aud either cup t uro or annihilate thorn
Declares Intention to Work for llepeal of
the Oneliel Kindlon Inw
Fiianktokt Ky Doo 13 William
S Taylor was inaugurated governor at
noon yesterday Tho crowd was niuoh
smaller than in past years duo to a bliz
zard Tho inaugural coromouies woro
simple Retiring Governor Brudloy in
tho coui ho of his speech baid that ho
hoped that tho Goobel election law
which had brought so much turmoil to
tho stato would bo wipod from tho stat
ute books
Governor elect Taylor in his inau
gural address buldouo of tlio chief aims
of his ndmiiiihtratiou would bo to secure
tho ropcul of tho election law Tho oath
of ofllco was administered to Governor
Taylor at noon by Chief Jubtico Hazel
The lately dofoatcd Democratic can
didates for stato offices began serving
notices of contests against Republican
candidates who woro given certificates
of election last weok Several havo boon
Captain Inibndoh and William Oold Mur
dered Iu lloudiirus
New Okmsanh Deo 18 It is re
ported horo from an apparently reliable
sourco that two Americans of promi
nence woro shot and killed last Monday
in San Pedro Spanish Honduras tho
same inland city whero Frank Poars
was murdorod Tho killing as re
ported was a particularly aggravated
typo and this fact togothor with tho
prominonco of tho victims will doubt
loss lead to unotbor official inquiry As
tho story reached this city Captain Im
boden and William Gold wero iu thoir
room at San Pedro when a native of
prominence walked up to the door and
without tho least provocation oponod
fire Captain Imbodon was shot onco
aud Gold throo times Both diod in a
short timo
Fight Over Omaha Delegate
Detkoit Doo 13 Tho question of
tho sitting of a siuglo delegate occupied
tho Amoricau Federation of Labor con
vontion tho greater part of yesterdays
session Tho importance of tho action
to bo taken in this matter is in tho fact
that by it tho federation expects to
establish a prccodont either of strict up
holding of its constitutional provisions
iu regard to udmission of delegates or
of leniency iu seating in its conventions
members of labor organizations not af
filiated with tho federation Tho case
in point is that of W H Boll a mem
ber of a nonaffiliated labor union who
seeks admission as dologato from tho
Central Labor union of Omaha
Librarian Hates Is Dead
St Louis Doo 13 Edward Bates
librariau of tho treasury dopartmont at
Washington is dead nt tho homo of his
father Dr Julius Bates of this city
Mr Bates was about 25 years old and
prior to his appointment as librariau of
tho treasury department was curator iu
tho public library of St Louis Tho up
poiutmont was mado last summer Tho
work and tho climate of tho capital af
fected his health so aggravating a
throat troublo that two weoks ago he
was obliged to givo up tho position
Weather Stops Itlver Work
Mauyviije Mo Doc 13 Tho
weather of tho last fow days has mado
necesiay a temporary suspension of
tho work of straightening tho chaunol
of tho river in Nodaway county which
has boen in progress binco tho early
part of last summer Up to this timo
eight cuts varying in longth from 20 to
140 rods havo boon mado botwoon
Maryvillo and Piokoring Tho river
huB beeu turned into two of thorn with
highly satisfactory results
New Straw box rd Trust
Indianapolis Dec 13 A now straw-
board trust will bo launched tho firbt of
the year iu opposition to tho pld trust
Tho promoters aro Crawford Fairbanks
of Torro Haute M N Williams of An
derson and Colonol W T Durban Re
publican national commiiteomnu from
Indiana Tho flrot two wero uutil
coutly connected with tho American
Strawboard company Tho mills in tho
new combination aro ut Terro Haute
Auderbon Joliet uud Lima
Boone Iu Deo 18 Au Indian from
tho Tsuna reservation was htruck by a
Northwestern train four milos oast of
Boono and iiibtantly killed Ho was
walking on the truck and soomlngly did
not hear tho waruiug whistle
Toilet In Antnntohlln lied Cloth
Vnahlnn For Children Mnnvo
Tnftrtn rnttlcont
Tht Illustration shows nn up to date
toilet In niitomobllo red cloth The
long straight hUIiI hIiown the fashion
able box plaited bnck enriched with
ditching nnd like alt tho now sUlrlH
Is hung separate ftom tho lining
The bolero Jneket In nhort nt tho
bnck hau the edge cut hi deep neallopH
1 I I ll
H i
this is ur to date
nnd dip bolow tlio waist lino In front
being enriched throughout with iowk
of Hlltclilug Many rows of stitching
adorn the middle of the back and en
circle it half way between neck and
waist The wide belt Is of black satin
nnd the high collar of cloth covered
with n Heli lug Tho long tailor sleeves
are ndurncri top and bottom with rows
of stitching Philadelphia Ledger
Childrens Fashion
Childrens fashions aro miniature re
productions of tho modes for grown
up people just ns far as small gowns
can represent the vnrled details of
fashion within their limited space and
tho hounds of good taste There arc
double skirts skirts with a circular
flounco and skirts with plaits in tho
back variously finished with tho Inev
itable rows of stitching Then there
are gimps yokes and vests of all kinds
not too elaborate for childrens wear
Tucked tnffetn silk yokes seem to be
n special fancy nnd yokes of white
cloth striped with doublo rows of son
tnclio braid ono of white nnd ono of
black sewed closo together aro very
effective Tluld silk Ib useful too for
the yokes of sergo school gowns and
n plaid silk waist trimmed with nar
row braid and made with a velvet vest
Is another useful adjunct to tho school
girls outfit
Mnnve Tnffetn Petttcont
Tho engraving represents a mauve
taffeta petticoat very close fitting or
namented with applications in black
acP tEaus
sasW aH
Mat saTi fel 1 V
petticoat fkom pahis
chnntllly lace extending nbout half
wny up the garment Itouud tho bot
tom arc two small flounces of chantllly
aco over flouuces of taffeta Paris
Laces and Fan
Having clung to luco during the sum
mer season we aro loath to leave it
nnd softly tinted laco Is lavishly ar
ranged midst our sables aud other
brown furs Chiffon Is also used to
form dainty Jabots und frills which
fall out from full fronts and set iu full
plaits round fur collars and form cas
cade plaltlngs on either sldo of our
muffs Brown furs aro to be much
worn this winter but where tho small
coat or tailor made costume Is not con
cealed by n wrap the complete white
fox muffs and boas are Iu the ascend
ant nnd are Intlultely becoming and
More Time for Money Debate
In the House
Uoehran and Newlalids Make Hpeenhes
Aitnlust II Ietlljjrew Introduces Heso
liitlnn Iu the Aminte Asking If Philip
pine Itepulilln Was NotOnco KennRiilsed
Washington Doo 13 Thoro Is nuoli
groat prossuro for timo on tho part of
memborn from both utiles who dosiro to
participate iu tun currency dobato of tho
house that throe night sessions will bo
held this weok Tho members listen
attentively to tho spooohoi Only
one Dnimkiriit limn far has spokon iu fa
vor of tho hill Drlggs N Yf who
had announced that ho hud pledged
himself before election to support tho
gold standard and proposod to rodoom
that pledge Ho will bo joined by sov
oral of his Brooklyn colleagues and
probably biivoial others Tho features
of the dobato yosterday wore tho
speeches of Grosvenor O for tho bill
and of Uoohtati Mo and of Nowlauds
Nov against it Tlio other speakors
wore Parker N J William Aldon
Smith Mioh Prince Ills Lawronoo
Mass and Powers Vt for tho bill
nnd Shnfroth Colo and Sims Tonn
uguinst it
Ieltlerew Wauls to Know
Wahiiimiton Deo 13 Whothor Ad
miral Dowoy acting for tho United
States government formally or infor
mally recognized tho Phljipplno repub
lic at Manila is a quostiou which Pot
tigrow of South Dakota desires tho navy
dopartmont to answer no introduced
a resolution yosterday directing tho sec
retary of tho navy to supply tho sounte
with information ou tho subjoot but
Chandler of Now Hampshire objected
to its immediate consideration
Following this objection Pottigrow
and Chandler had a sharp tilt over tho
resolution offered by tho former de
manding that tho secretary of warmako
an explanation of certain charges
against General Merriam iu his conduct
of tho Conor dAlono trouble which
Pottigrow declared was a ilisgraoo to
civilization Politics woro injected
into tho controversy and tho porsonal
references made by each senator against
tho other lent somo liveliness to an
otherwise quiot session
No Chancellor Is Chosen
Lincoln Dco 13 Tlio board of ro
gouts of tho Stato university niotyostcr
lay but mado no selection for the
chancellorship Aftor somo routine
business hud been transacted tho re
port of Aoting Chancellor Bessoy was
submitted aud read and tho board ad
journed to mootj again today
Making n Plcht ou Ilynlmi
Wasiiinoton Dec 13 Somo pf tho
Damocrutic senators havo intimated to
thoir friends that thoy will resist the
confirmation of William D Byuum to
bo a niomber of tho board of genoral ap
praisers at Now York Byuuin partici
pated iu tho campaign with tho Palmer
and Buckuur Douaocruts
7 w
is only a symptom not a
disease So are Backache
Nervousness Dizziness and the
Blues They all come from an
unhealthy state of the men
strual organs If you suffer
from any of these symptoms
if you feel tired and languid in
tho morning and wish you could
lie in bed another hour or two
if there is a bad taste in the
mouth and no appetite if
there is pain in the side back
or abdomen BRADFIELDS
bring about a sure cure The
doctor may call your trouble
some high sounding Latin
name but never mind the name
The trouble is in the menstrual
organs and Bradfields Female
Regulator will restore you to
health and regulate the menses
like clockwork
Sold f druffliu for 1 1 a bottle A 6ee llliutrued
book will be kDt to any woman Ifrcquelt be mailed to
fcjjHW fJat W
IT mrm Himv Iba r Btl Madt
at niToui narks f tbsa oue tbim
tin urloo cIiAtveil by otliera slid Hl
vsii wrlIi our OLm fraarbTruaa or our
klti law
Jr - - 7 i7 t
Tara KltrIola mihw iiaa iuuibou ifliiniutHti
id out aud KiidtouxltUOlB bTKUU mitlsaiMa
ute ourlWlfU Wtiaat i howlomt you bve boea
vbelher rupture Is largo oisniaUi wUt
lumber lncbos smund tbe on line with the
uitureaay whether ruHurela on rltfht or lei t side
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