The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, November 16, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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The IIki rMnHr1 Shlrl lnlput
Sljlp An Atlr niltl nt Very Kiill
iklrta 71 no limy tin- NtwiM l iul
lit 1iillor Uimiik
It must be revolliHtiil that ninny of
thp iiiomVIm now put fottli nro only ton
tiitiva Timo nlono can oryKtulllzt tlio
iihnIih ft thing Intlml wlilch limy not
nrrlvo for wirh or tlio Kicut FhmicIi
contnHoroH in tnrnlnj out nklrtH of ln
rtivhlnnl cut mostly 1IhhI mllur to 0110
iinothor tint nil fiiHlilnnulilo
Ono ixnnt limn fnvorn tlrnpcrlpi
UlitTpforo lertlnjrotoHiiio wliKlitly iliuiieil
roinul tliowniMt nml lluro mid cuuylit
tip on tho loft hip IIo also ndvocntm
1ho tunic draped over n volvot under
skirt which Ih much stitched
Anotlior Iiiih n nioilillcntlon of tho
rayed ekirt n Huriun of lino hnnd run
tucks starting from n couplu of inches
below tho waist slightly widening low
er down and censing below tho knoes
whence tho skirt Hows full and grace
ful A third is milking very full jnpes
over live yards round tho hoiu while
others wlvuciito the plaited back lint
it should not ho imngined that tho plain
tight skirts will ho ubolislicd Many
will coutinuo to lmvo them so though
they will bo ill advised if they allow
them to bo cut oelskin fashion
Tlio three coachmans capes eeem to
bo tho prevailing decoration for tho
shoulders of redingotes capes and innn
ties though where rovers are worn they
are very largo and accompanied by a
linndsomo Velasquez collar standing
well out from the linir nnd throat In
fur thesoaro noticeably beautiful
Zino cloth is tho latest shade beloved
by tho tailors a dull light tone of gray
verging on whito which gives it u re
soniblnuco to that utilitarian metal
Tho ilrst cut shows a gown in that
material sot off with troblo nnd quadru
ple rows of black velvot ribbon headed
with glittering gold cord Whito satin
linos tho shoulder capo and tho high
medici collar is relieved with gold cord
A princess gown trimmed to simnlato a
coat and trained tnuic is also shown
Tho cJnborato trimming consists of
bands of sable and embroidery
Tho design in tho second cut lo dor
uier cri of tho skirt world upeaka for
itself Tho placket holo is arranged nt
the left sitlo for tho fit over tho hips is
too closo to nduiit of it occurring nt
the back The plait is henvily pressed
half way down tho skirt and then left
to fall in with tho lutes nt tho hem
Chocolate Injer Cuke
Three quarters or n cupful of butter
one and a half cupfuls of sugar two
nnd a quarter cupfuls of sifted flour
three eggs oue qunrter of a tenspoon
tul of salt three squares of chocolate
three quarters of a cupful of milk one
teaspoouful of vnnllln two teaspoon
uls of baking powder
Scald the milk dissolve In It tho
Crated chocolate and set aside until
cool Cream the butter and sugar nnd
add the vanilla and the beaten yolks
of the eggs Add alternately the lour
nnd the prepared milk then the sillily
whipped whites Lastly stir in the
baking powder and beat hard for two
minutes Hnke In three layers and
when cold put together with the fol
lowing icing
Holl together one cupful nnd n half
of granulated sugar one half of a cup
ful of water and a pinch of cream of
tartar When a little dropped Into wa
ter can be rolled Into a soft ball take
from the fire and set aside until partly
cooled Stir uutll It begins to thicken
and add oue teaspoonful of vanilla uud
two squares of chocolate grated and
melted over hot water When quite
thick spread between and over the
top of the -cake Table Talk
IIimt Mnlliirn Mny MnnnKo Miy IjIMc
Ilillin nml Tliclr Pntilla
Though nrrvouH children nro often
very mnsllivo thoro are many littlo
people not deficient in moral and phys
ical courage who nro yet extremely sen
sitive and self conscions Theso are
is hardly fair to call them
faults particularly dilllcult to uproot
and often misunderstood for which
reason the sensitive child later on in
life often remains tho Kensitivo man or
Hut a parent who recognizes this dis
position can by judicious caro eflect an
iiiipioveiueiit Tho sensitive child can
not bear a word of sarcasm or ridicule
If a task is unsatisfactorily performed
she must be tijld so in gentle direct
and yet encouraging fashion To make
it tlio subject of cynical reproof wouiuIh
tho little heart most deeply and only
renders the child more sensitive and
shrinking and more tumble to do her
self justice
I know one mother and ns n mat
ter of fact she is absolutely devoted to
her children who said ton 10-year-old
daughter when sho had been practicing
unsteadily at tho piano I am ex
tremely obliged for tho concert yon
have given us I thought your teacher
must bo playing nil tho time And it
is very good of you to turn to such cap
ital account tho money I spend on your
musical education A high spirited
dashing unthinking child may take
such a remark in good part but tho
sensitive littlo ono to whom it was ad
dressed went scarlet as if roiiio ono had
struck her a blow Her lip quivered
and she choked hack nsobns sho hastily
left tho room to brood nnd feol tnisur
nblo over tills reproof whereas a kind
ly I wish you would practice more
carefully dear I was disappointed in
your playing today would leave no
Above all a sensitive child must al
ways bo corrected in private It may
ho an unhealthy vanity which cannot
brook discouragement boforo a third
party but tho trait is so marked that
mother does very wrong if sho takes
tho sensitive ono of her Hock to task
before tho others who nro cast in bolder
Littlo mannerisms Bhould pass un
noticed as far as possible Your sensi
tive child may lmvo a way of knitting
her fingers or twisting n button or
crossing lior foot and if bIio is teased
about tho habit it only grows worse
and sho feels hopeless of checking it
There are sensitive boys too lads who
aro sent to boarding school and who
fall asleep sad at heart each night bo
cnuso they miss tho parents good night
kiss or who cannot accustom themselves
to enjoy football or any very rough
sport and who nro often tho butts of
tlio school Unless tho peculiarity of
onch a boys disposition is recognized
nnd ho is treated accordingly ho will
grow up painfully sensitive and shrink
It seems an unimportant point to
lmvo a child sensitive and self con
scious but tie evil lies in tho fact that
tho trait grows ever bigger and makes
boys and girls when they lmvo out
grown childhood morbid unhappy
dissatisfied and poor company for them
selves and their circle
IMirnlv In Hound Dvoorntlon
Purple Is an almost unknown color
In bouse decoration nnd yet there
bcouis no very gooil reason for it A
drawing room lately seen was decorat
ed In a very unusual way In which
purple had a prominent part The
walls were hung with some beautiful
Japanese applique embroidery No pic
tures were hung at all Tho window
curtains were dyed to match the pur
ple In the Japanese stuff and their
brilliancy only slightly toned down
by white next the pane The room
has lu it some admirable pieces of old
mahogany and a few examples of
choice pottery The lighting Is from
old brass lamps and candlesticks The
effect Is unusual House Itcnutiful
Quince Miirniiiliitlc Ktc
One of the last fruits of the season Is
the quince and belated housekeepers
often utilize it In various forms to eke
out a too scanty supply lu the fruit
Quince marmalade furnishes n pim
ple way of using up small and Irregu
lar fruit Cut the quinces up skins
cores ami all together Cover with wa
ter and boll till tender Hub through a
colander and to every pint of pulp add
one pound of sugar Boil for two hours
stirring to prevent burning Hemove
from the tire and pour Into jam pots
covering In the usual wny Quince Jelly
may be made of the sklus nnd cores of
the quinces proceeding In exactly tho
same way as In apple jelly
A Iritc tloul PJiie Itnck
There are no frills on this pipo rock
Its only nrtistio pretension lies in tho
curve tho lino of boauty Bnt if
Buy ono linda its simplicity too much
akin to barrenness it can bo decorated
witli studs leather or a littlo carving
Tho shelves uro screwed on from tho
back and should bo scooped out slightly
to hold the pipo bowl in position for
contrary to tho usual practice tho pipes
nre hold with bowl downward This
according to one who should know
about these matters is tho only proper
way from a smokers point of view-
Ior n tlrlglit Mnu to Srmrn n Stonily pool-
lion llm Ycnr Aronnil 111 Norfolk
anil Vicinity
Dear Kditor want n clothing
salesman to tako orders for our mens
custom suits pants
ovorcoatfl and ulstori in Norfolk and ad
joining towns nnd country Any good
bright mnu especially if ho 1ms had ex
perience as a salesman in n store agri
cultural implement house or where ho
has come in contact with people its so
licitor for tailoring insurance nursery
stork of other goods can make big
moiiny witli our lino tlio year around
hut tiny good bright man even without
previous experioncu enn niako lf0 00 a
month and expenses with tho big outfit
wo furnish him mid the opportunity
we give him if ho will devote his timo
to the work j or if wo can get a good
man in Norfolk whoso timu is partly
taken up with other work and who can
devote his spare time to our line oven if
only an hour or ho n day ho will do ex
ceedingly well with our ngonoy Wo
lmvo men in real estato loan legal
lumber grain railroad express nnd
other business who givo their spnro
tnno to our lino with big results No
experience is absolutely nocessnry no
capitnl required Wo furnish n com
ploto lino of cloth samples and station
ery lmvo no commission plan no
canvass no catchy con
ditions bnt offer a rare opportunity for
somo man in vicinity to secure high
grado employment at big wages
Wo aro the largest tailors in Amoricn
Wo mnko to monsuro over JSOOOOO suits
annually Wo occupy entire ono of tlio
lnrgost business blocks in Ohicngo Wo
refer to tho Corn Kxehnugo National
bank in Chicago any express or railroad
company in Chicago or any resident of
this city Wo buy our cloth direct from
tho largest lOuropenu nnd Ainoricnu
mills wo onernto tho most extensive
anil economic custom tailoring plant in
oxistenco and wo reduco tho prico of
suits and overcoats to
from 5 CO to 1800 mostly 5 00 to
1000 prices so low that nearly every
body will bo glad to lmvo their garmonts
and will give our
agont thoir ordor
Wo will furnish a good ngont a largo
nnd handsomely bound book containing
largo cloth samples of our entire lino of
suits pantaloons overcoats etc n book
which costs us soveral dollars also fluo
colored fashion plates tapo measure
business enrds stationery advertising
matter and a rubbor stamp witli nnnio
and nddress and pad comploto also an
instruction book which makes it easy
for anyono to tnko ordors mid conduct
a profitable business Wo will also
furnish net confidential prico list
Agent can take orders nnd send them to
us and wo will mnko tho garments
within iivo days and send direct to
agents customer by express C O D
subject to examination and approval
collect tho agents full selling prico nnd
overy week wo will send tho agent oni
check for all his profit Tho ngont need
collect no inouoy nnd delivor no goods
simply go on taking orders at n liberal
profit Wo deliver tho goods collect all
tho monoy and overy week promptly
scud him in one round check his full
profit for tho week aud nearly all our
agonts got a check from us of at least
1000 ovciy wook of tho year
Wo will mnko no charge for tho book
and comploto outfit but as tho outfit
costs us Bovcml dollars it is necessary to
protect onrsolvos ngninst nnyono who
would impopo upon us by Bonding for
the outfit with no intention of working
but merely out of idlo curiosity there
fore wo will nsk ns n guarantee of
good faith on tho pare of tho reader who
decidos to tnko up tliis work that ho
out this article out and mail to us with
tlio undcrstaudinu that tho big book
aud comploto outfit will bo sent to him
by express ho to pny the express agent
100 nnd exprops charges for tho outfit
witli tho distinct understanding that we
will refund tho 100 as soon as his orders
lmvo amounted to 25 00 which nuionnt
of orders ho can tako tho very first day
Dont compare this with any catchy
offors made to got your 100 Tho
genuineness of our offer nnd our reli
ability aro provon by tho bank reference
roforred to abovo or you can ensily find
out by writing to anyone iu Chicago to
call on us
This is a rnre chnnco for some man in
Norfok or vicinity to tako up a work at
onco that with reasonable offort on his
part is sure to net him from 500 to
1000 a day from tho startaud wo trust
that from among your many renders wo
will bonblo to get n fow good representa
tives in Norfolk and adjoining towns
Cut this notice out and mail to tho
American Woolen Mills Co West Side
Enterprise Building Chicago 111 and
tho bock and agents comploto outfit
will bo sent to you at onco you to pay
100 and oxpress charges when received
tho 100 to bo returned to you when
your ordors uuiouut to 500
Choice celery nt Glissmans
ItCtil Notice
H E Wood non resident defendant
will take notice that on tho 6th day of
November 1899 T C Cannon plaintiff
herein filed his petition in tho district
court of Mndisou county Nebraska
against said defendant aud Klkhoru
Valley bank a corporation Lillio A
Stuurt as executrix of tho last will nnd
testament of James Stuart deceased
Lillio A Stuart Anna Stuart Lona
Stnart Churles Stuart Mary Stuart
Van Bureu Lewis Addalino Lewis
WUliuui Loavitt anrt b W IJeuel as
guardian of the estate and person of Jack
son K CIiufo tho object and prayer of
which are to forecloso certain tax liens
against the southwest quarter of Fouth
west quarter of section 1 in township
twentythreo 28 north of rnnpo tour
4 west of the 0th p in in Madison
county Nebrnskn by virtue of tax sale
certificates dated November 4th 1895
and November 7th 1898 respectively
issued by tho county treasurer of said
county for the delinquent taxes levied
and nsseFsed against said property for
the years lb94 und 1897 respectively
and for subsequent taxes pain for tho
years 1895 1SU0 and 1898 uud n tux
deed dtitod February 5 1898 and re
corded in the office of tho county clerk
of said county in Book 27 of Deeds at
page 405 and phiiutiff prnys for ti de
cree that defeudmts bo required to pay
the same or that said premises mayjbe
sold to fatffy the nuionnt found due
with coits interest and attorneys1 fees
and that each and ail of the defendants
be excluded from any aud all title
claim lieu or interest iu or to said pro
perty or any part thereof claimed by
You are required to answer said peti
Hon on or boforo tho 1 8th day of De
comber 1K99
Datod November 8 1899
T O Cannon Plaintiff
By MapcH Hnzon His Attorneys
litRiil Notice
Maria L Averlll dofondont will tnkn
notice that on tho 4th day of November
1899 T C Cannon plaintiff heroin
lllod his pdtition in tho district court of
Madison county Nubraska against
said doiendont and D A Omniurnimi
tho object and prayer of which nre to
foreclLHO certniiijtax liens ngninst tho
northeast quarter of section twontv
threo2l in township twenty four 24
north of ruiigo two 2 west of tho 0th
j in iu Mudison county Nobraska
issued by tho treasurer of said county
dated November 7th 1892 November
Ith 18115 anil November 7th 1898 re
spectively fof tho delinquent tnxes
levied nnd insensod against said land for
the years 1891 1891 and 1897 respective
ly und for subsequent taxes pnid for
tho years 1892 181CI 1895 18911 and 1898
and a tax deed issued therefor dated
February Ulth 189 nnd recorned in tho
olllco of tho county clerk of said comity
in Book 25 of Deeds nt pngo 259 and
pluintiff prays for a decreo that defend
ants be required to pay tho sumo or
that said premises bo sold to patisfy tho
amount found duo with costs intero t
nnd uttoruoys feos
You nro required to answer said peti
tion on or before tho 18th day of Decem
ber 1999 S
DatedNovombpr4 1899
T O Cannon Plaintiff
By Mapcs Iluxuri His Attorneys
I criiI Notlcn
Catharine Dicey defendant will tnko
notice that on tho Ith day of Novombor
1899 T O Cannon plniutiff herein
filed his petition in tho district court c f
Madison county Nebraska against Baid
defendant tho object and prayer ol
which are to forecloso certain tax lions
against tho northeast rtor of tho
northeost quarter of section ten 10 in
township twenty four 24 north of
rnngo four 4 west of tho Ith p m iu
Madison county Nebraska by virtue of
tax salo certificates issued by tho treas
urer of said county dnted Novembor 5
1894 and Novombor 1 1897 respectively
for tho delinquent tuxes lovied nnd
assessed ngninst said described premises
for tho years 189t aud 1895 respectively
and for subsequent taxes paid for tho
years 1894 1895 1897 and 1898 and a
tax teen issued tuorotor daten March 11
1897 nnd recorded in tho ollico of tho
county clerk of said county in Book 27
of Deeds at pago 225 nnd plaintiff
prays for a decreo that defendant bo
required to pay tho samo or that paid
premises may bo
amount found duo
und attorneys fees
sold to satisfy the
witu costs interest
You nro required to nnswer said peti
tion on or beforo tho 18th day of Decem
ber 1899
Dated November I 1S99
TC Cannon Plaintiff
By Mapcs fc Hazcu His Attorneys
Summons liy Publication
To John Zwight Sophia Zwight de
You and each of you will tako notice
that on October 4th 1899 Frank A
Dearborn and B F Swan plaintifis
filed their petition in the district court
of Madison county Nobraska ngninst
you ns defendants impleaded with Citi
zens National bank Chicago Lumber
company nnd Ada Kyner tho object
and prayer of which petition nre to fore
close n certain mortgage executed by
Daniel G Kyner and Ada Kyner his
wife to tho Durland Trust company up
on tho following described real estate
situated in Madison county Nebraska
to wit the east half of tlio northwest
qunrtcr nnd tho northeast quarter
of tho sonthwest quarter of sec
tion fonrteon township twenty four
range one west of the sixth p m given
to Fccuro the payment of the sum of
250000 due February 1 1899 which
mortgngo was recorded January JiO 1894
in the office of tho couuty clerk of Madi
son county Nobrnska in book 0 nt
pago 40 1 thnt there is now duo npou
said notes nnd mortgngo and for taxes
paid on snid premises the sum of 502129
with iutorest from Mnrch 23 1899 nt
10 per cent for which sum with interest
plaintiffs prny for a decree thnt defend
ants be required to pay the samo or that
said premises mny bo sold to satisfy the
amount found duo nnd for such other
and further relief as may be just and
Yon are required to answer gnid peti
tion on or before the 13th day of Novem
ber 1899
Dated October 4th 1S99
B F Swan
By A A Welch their attorney
Charles E Oluey Jeremiah Olney
and Georgo H Nichols will take notice
thnt on the 24th day of Octobor 1899
T C Cnuuon plaintiff horoiu filed his
petition iu tho district court ot Madison
county Nebraska against said defend
ants and John K Olney and Charlotte
E Olney the object and prnyerof whioh
are to foreclose certain tux liens against
the following described real estate sit
uated in Madisou county Nebraska to
wit Lot six 0 block ono 1 and lots
fifteen 15 mid sixteen 10 block six
C of tho town of Norfolk lots twelve
and thirteen 12 and li and tho south
132 feet of lots fourteen 14 fifteen 15
audsixteou lGblocktwo2 jlotsix 0
block three l nnd lots three II four
4 nine 0 fen 10 eleven 11
twelve 12 aud fourteen 14 in block
four 4 nil or AlntliewBons second adui
tiou to tho town of Norfolk by virtue of
tax snlo certificates issued by tho treas
urer of Madison county NebrnFku
dated November 5 1894 for the tnxes
of 1690 1891 1892 and 18011 and sub
sequent taxes paid by the plaintiff for
tho years 1891 nnd 1895 and a tux deed
issued therefor dated March 13 1897
and recorded in tho otllco of tho couuty
clerk of Madison county Nobraska
March 13 1897 in Book 27 of Deeds
page 225 and certificates of tax salo for
tnxea 1890 dated November 1 1897 nnd
subsequent taxes paid for the years 1897
and lb98 and plaintiff prays for a de
cree that defendants be required to pay
the same or that earn premises may be
sold to satisfy the amount fouud duo
with costs interest aud attorneys fees
and that defendants bo excluded from
any and all title claim lieu or interest
in or to said property or any part there
Yon are reqnired to nuswor said peti
tion on or beforo the 4th day of Decem
ber 1899
Dated October 25 1699
T O Cannon Plaintiff
By Mopee Hazen His Attorneys
Is boundless Yet it is utterly helpless
to give strength to the child born with a
low vitality The time to give strength
to the child is before birth and to impart
this gift the mother herself must be
strong When the mother is weak nnd
nervous dreading the coming time of
her trial she impresses her feelings on
the little life linked to her own When
the baby comes it is fretful and nervous
marring all the joy of motherhood by Ks
restlessness and wailing
Dr Pierces Knvorite Prescription gives
strength to mothers It preserves them
in robust health in the months before
baby conies It practically does awav
with the pains of motherhood and eiinblcs the mother to endow her child with
a healthy body and a happy disiositioii It gives strength to nursing mothers
and enables them to abundantly nourish the children they bear Pavorite
Prescription contains no alcohol and is absolutely free from opium cocaine and
other uiti colics
A Beautiful Baby
I consider Dr Pierces Pavoritc Prescription the best medicine made writes
Mrs Mary Murdock of 220 Taylor St Topekn Kansas I know it has no equal
I am the mother of ten children nml only one living the tenth one She is one
year old and is ns well and hearty as can be She is a beauty Of my other babies
some were born at right time but dead others were premature births one lived to
be one year old but she was always feeble I tried different doctors but none of
them could tell what my trouble was 1 was examined by surgeons but they found
nothing wrong I did not know what to do so I thought this last time I would
try Dr Pierces Pavoritc Prescription I took it during the entire nine months
and now have a fine baby girl and I cannot praise your medicine enough
A Greet Gift t rVioilsers I
Every inollier nhonlil posirNn n copy or IK IIKIUEN
mation on lu qiiPHtloiiN nml proliIeniN which confront tho
mother nt every turn It Is n common vense liooli written
in Iomiiion HoiiHO Ntyle 11 nil appcnls directly to the com
mon nciinc or every rentier Thin hook containing 100S
Inrirc piiKew nml over 700 illiiHtrntiotm in went FItEE 011
receipt of NtnnipN to pny expense or niuillng ONLY No nil
21 one cent NtnmpM for the pnpcr bouml book or 31 HtumpH
for the book bonnil lu cloth
address DR 11 V PIERCE Ituflnlo N T
fMoUR 3850 m
w s3aEBsspairvjs fewassw
h Item SSstesWrl
by freight C O II nubjert to vvamlnullou
- I 1 depot and II Imiml
perfectly PUtMuiturj cxuetly tin rcprccrttiil
An Extra Fine High Grade Saddle
nnd Oic equal of piddles poM cverwWioro nt from
eito 10 iMUMm mm pripp cqq en
taj 1110 itfixniuKciit wwii i iiiuu vuutuuf
cm Hie 100iuLUftU or ttU uud ficJLht
This Saddle Is made en a 5or
IG inch Cenulno Ladosma or
Nelson Heavy Steel Fork
OAitKFVMiV fjiijcTii ituvimiK covikid
TItril bound or roll can tie steel Icatlir rcovoredhtlnups
or Much oxbow bra38 bound as desired Mill kend bound
cautlf unlfM olhrniLpordprrd
llncil 3 lncti wlilolHi o stirrup Icutlicrs l lncli tlcntrapt
extra lone on nrar Hide sMruh to Imcklo on ofldlde himy
rotton twisted Mexican fi iiicii front cinch hmvy cotton
licltlni llnnk clncli counuctlng strap Loop teat teat anil
Jockey all ono pieco
as lllutintcil Wvlffht nt Htitldlo nliout C5 pouifUi
packcil for shipment O pounds IllEIUlIT IS OMV ADULT
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