The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, October 05, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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    r be Norfolk Heuis
V N HUHIC PuullKhnr
ItVlnlillnliiil IvJ
tocrt ln njript Siiniln H run Id ir
pnV iSronlB II mall r jiitHllOO
IftllltllfllfHl 11
litm Tlmrniliij Hy imill lf Jar
1 jilon l nt tlic IWnlllro ill Nurfiill Nell n
nniil rlnm ninllir
Telephone 1
Wor Supreme twltrn
M II Hlii
For Ki HiMiUof dm Hint UiilvcMly
V U MidiuiN
Dm Wnii m II Ii i
Vuf IniliriMf llji Mnlli ItiMtlrl
A I it M
Wn jni
Cleik 1ifliirl Imirl I int Sdllli Mt
Hiiilnlj lurk Ilillir Hmi ll
Treasurer It Mil i h
3lnrilT S I Umiiini it
Vnut Indue S Mmt
Superintendent Iuhlle llihlniillnii
lllllilll V NIIH 11
Coroner Knw iiiTnii 11
Nimejot W II Inwi
ituiuitjr I oiiiihishIiiiimi IiikI Plidrlrl
S L Oartlnor 1m n itiun lit pooplo
boliovo Will ninko n good shot ill and
I hoy aro going to olort him to Unit posi
tion not month
Young CornolltiN Vnutlrihilt who of
fended his futhor hy nun lying against
his will has boon out oil with tho paltry
auniJIOOOOOOO Lot thin ho n warning
o headstrong young mou
Mexico iillowoil Ilisldunt Din l 00000
to spend on Ini trip to Ohlongo ll
would moiii to thn average newspaper
man thai hy pnuMiiiiiK oionomy ho
might got Ihioiili on tlmt and luivo
onough left for candy for tho children
If homo of tho pooplo who mo criti
cising tho foreign pohoy of tho govor
iiiout and unlly know voiy lit t lu about
it anyway would turn llioir attoution
to much needed lofoims in thoirown lo
caliy hero would ho much moio good
A T Wittor fonnoily in hiiMiioss in
this city i candidate for cloil of tho
lhtnot court 111 Wiyno county on tho
lopuhhciin ticket TIiomi Way no county
republicans know u kocmI man when
thoy mo him and Mr Wittor will mi
tloubtodly ho elected
Tho Hoots doiuaud absolute
fioin Great Itntniii If it is not
granted thoy intond to tight for it Tho
hit est lopoi ts aro Unit tho Transvaal gov
ernment will conoodo all Unit was do
jnandod by Alfred Miluur at tho Hioom
foutstin conforonoo last May on condi
tion that England shall reliniiish hor
olnini of suzerainty ovor tlio TruiiMiial
and grant th t o uutry indopndeneo
Wlulo Ainorici is tingling with
vxcltoiuoiit and nomly wild with doiu
oiMittions of j y and pudi ovor tho
return of tho nations hoto fioin Manila
liny across tho water tho Spanish poo
plo am witnessing tho rovorso sulo of
tho colouration Admiral Montojo who
ooinanded tho Spanish fleet in Manila
liny has boon condemned to retirement
not because ho larked bravery nor bo
anso of any lack of judgement hut bo
iuso tho hoinu government failed to
provide proper equipments anil it was
onvoniout to main him tho scapegoat
for their neglect
The neronaut who descended with
force mul his paiacluito on tho top of
Chicago stioet car resulting lu dam
Jigo both to himself mid tho passen
gers should ho warned that such pro
ceedings me not to be tolerated Kven
street car companies and much more
xhelr passengers have their rights The
transit by local railways has dinw
bacUb enough as it is and if the pub
lie Is to lie subjected to a rain of
aeronauts fuun the aerial heights the
bltuation will become Impossible Par
achute diveis must lie uirnod to re
spect tho street cars as well as other
vested rights
The automobile seems likely to travel
lu triumphant progress over the coun
try as has the bicycle It is therefoie
H interesting to learn from a Kicneh ob
server some of the effects which the
introduction of these vehicles lias hail
In that eountrj where they aie coming
Into quite geneial use The MaiQiils
le Cliasseloup Iaubet in a recent pub
lication notes a few of the Intlueiiu -
which he belieies to bo already dis
ccrnible in Trance First of all will be
tho now Incentive to the tiaieling pub
lic to make Insistent demands for good
loads In that particular the automo
bile may be expected lo can out the
jjood work begun by the bicycle lu ad
dition however the Kicuch wiiter ex
pects to see sevoirl social changes
The study of practbal mechaulcs will
become ilrtually a uXesslty with many
automobile owners who expect to
travel far from home and thus a
fi loudly community of Interest will be
established between the man of lelsuie
and the artisan The automobile also
as nn auulliilator of distance will In lug
the country much closer to the city
the gieat cities natuially reaching out
Into the suburbaji districts farther for
ifiesh ah and pleasanter liviug condi
tions It Is not too much to say that
the automobile Is destined to be a not
Jnslgulllcaut ageut of progicss and civ
5co W Snider
The statement made hy an esteemed
popociatio conteiuponuy that Oco W
Sublet tho republican caiididalo for
supeiiiiteitdout of sohools should attend
Homo of our excellent high schools ho
fotcuspliing lo the position of d heel
ing the schools of tho countiy is made
for I lie purpose of giving tho idea that
ho is a young iiian who has little educa
tion and no experience in ncIiooI work
Tho ninth o behind such a statement Is
only too nppuoiit and tho surpiising
paitof it is that Mr Cruin would allow
one of his hoiii huien to go into this class
of politics knowing as ho diHs the fuels
in tegaid to his opponent in this cam
paigu That Mr Snider is a young
man is admitted hut us ho was horn in
this county and has alwnyn calhd it his
homo pnoplo huo had a pretty good
opportunity to llud out just what ho is
While it Is Iruo that ho is hut lia ycais
old ho is without doubt one of the
hnghtcst and most up to dato school
men in this whole county As thoto
seems lo ho so much question as lo his
ability in tho minds of Mr hums
friends it nitty ho stated that loo W
Snider attended tho schools ol Tildon
until ho had received all that could ho
given him theio and thou while hu
eloiked in a store at Tildon ho studied
tlneo years under a private instructor
and equipped himself to enter tho state
univoisity llefoio ho went there how
ever ho took a yenrs course at tho Kro
iiiout Normal school where ho lit ted
himself for practical school worf then
put it intonetho smvico by teaching
llnoo years during a portion of that
tinio nstracting a country tohool hi d or
I ho tost had charge of tho grammar do
pat tiuoiit of tho Tildon high school
wIiomi lie guvo gonoial satisfaction I lo
hud been a student at tho state univer
sity a year and a half when I ho
dents call for volunteeis eunio when ho
diopped his books anil shouldered u tillo
with company H Kirat Nebraska logi
tuent Thus it will ho seen that by Ins
own exertions Geo W Snidor lias se
cured just what will no needed when ho
is elected superintendent of tho public
sohool system of tins county lie has
had practical experience in both countiy
and high school woilcnnd as ho is a
young man with a largo amount of
native ability ho has proilted by Ins ob
servations und is nioro competent tod iv
to stand at tho head of tho sohool sys
tem than many a man who is ciedited
with a greater number of yours lie is
not only conversant with the theory of
the wot It but ho knows what is needed
from actual practice in the school room
As to his army experience that is
something that any man might xvoli
fool proud of Ho was in Manila wih
tho bravest regiment that ovor sailed
front tho shores of tho United States
and ono which is praised for its gallantry
all ovor this country because of the
fact that it was alsvays in the thickest
of tho light and never shirked a duty
whoro tho honor of old glory was at
stake Ho enlisted as a private hut
fore his company loft S in Francisco ho
was appointed a corporal and after i
reaching tho islands ho was raised to
the t link of a sergeant and he was elected
by his comrades us cleric which positions
lie hold until Ins company was mustered
Geo W Snidor has an honorable
record and every olTort to bolittlo him
in tho oyes of tho pooplo will surely
react on thoo attempting it
It Is authoritatively stated that when
Georgo Dewey was a commander lu
tho United States navy at the time of
tho VirgluiiiH massticie he in common
with almost everybody else thought
that war with Spain was Inevitable
lie requested that lu the event of hos
tilities tho duty of captuilng tho city
of Manila should he assigned to him
There was no war at that time and
Dewey was compelled to wait ninny
ears for an opportunity to demon
stiato that his opinion of the vulner
ability of tho Queen City of the Philip
pines was conect Hut when the time
came ho was on hand to make history
and a na al heio lu a few bonis There
was not half so much luck lu the de
struction of the Spanish fleet hy Dewey
as many persons are wont to asseit
and the caieful historian will be moral
ly certain to admit that fact when the
events of that nieuioiablo May day
come to be written dispassionately
Sir Thomas llptou possesses many
of the cliaraeteilstlcs of the hue spoil
lug man lie dochues that if the Sham
took is beaten he will not have a woiil
f complaint to make and the litst
thing he will think of in that ccui
will be the best plan for building an
other unooI sulllclently faster to win
Hie cup next year The matter of fair
phi lie does not consider for a mo
ment siviug that that is something
which Is taken for gianted and which
he is just as ccitalu to get in this conn
try as he would bo lu Ills own If
Dunnnen hud exhibited tho same
spliit when lie was last hero theio
would not hao been the disgraceful
fiasco which nun Led the Defender
ValLyrie III contests
Said one of the witnesses against
Dieyfus If ail the otlicets having
inlsti esses wete drhon out of the
army theio would scarcely leinaln an
oltlcer on the general stall A pleas
ant statement for the fellows who
perjuie themselves so guyly for the
honor of the army and the welfme of
i in
lie Knnmri itrn Siiiiip of IIip Dllllcul
tli Tlinl tin Hiiro in Infcrniii
nliun Hum In tin riiion Irlnit
DIITrreiiii n nf Opinion
Wasiiinuion I J
Tu the
This esliilillshtiieiit 1 ciiiupanitiiely
linn hut I hev si en elinfT iilrcihly to
mi llise me lliel thine nil scwril iliffei
tut kinds ll v liuhhlc iihed uv me Uv
eijlillililj wnnH tu he Iiohs III the Insll
tniishuu Must uv the Dlmlcmts hno hev
bin elected tu the next Kougiess hev slg
uilleil theii williuucMs lu talk charge uv
it und slm me hnu It nil tu he tun Sum
uv the Tiiniliiiili heelers ill Nun Ynik
he Milutilceieil tu cum on und hling a
dchgnhuii uv shnuhler hitters tu iiittn
dnixe the pine luethnils in Nnn Vmk
City pnllitix iv piiicllst hi them under
the illiccslum in Dick Crnker The w list
truhhle hnweier Iz goiu lu be with our
Dhnlei ntle Ktiillsineii hno air nut uv a
Job Tha all want lu he at the lied uv
cmii thing that will keep them befoie the
puhllck and dehi lie nliseipiles Tha
cant lie uinile tu beleeve that tha air led
and Iniiilil anil thet thine aint ii gniu lu
lie tin Dhuiciatlc Catulcl tu bin Hie
tllliilpil fer their tessiurecsliun Ileiiu
bin SeiiMtms or KoiigicHsinen or hl
nlllHholdeis dnoilii Mr Clel elands nd
luliilstiashun tha air all wnlehi fer suiii
thla tu tin n up The mnst uv cm think
tha air big eiiuff tu lie Piesiilent anil
dont iiiiileisliinil huw tha weie Inst hi the
hIiiiIIIc If we only lied about two linn
died and llfly piesldcnts tu nominate we
oood iiiauiige em nil the but wen we hev
only wuii kiindliliite tu select I klu fore
nee a hoop uv tiuhhle fer overybuilil lion
cuius in contact with em The deslte tu
stay lu nllis III a Dlinlcrat hno lie been
elected nt nppiiited tu one i so ln
ginlneil In hi slstein It 1 haul tu git
him nut uv the noshiiti thet lie Is lixtuiu
thet oit nnt tu he dlst in bed Mr low
land tells mo he bed lots nf tiulililo with
slih men doonn I1I7 second aihuhdsliii
hIiuii Tim all wanted their old places
back agin or wanted better ones and
he wii7 handicapped about blow in em up
fer ho wu 111 the same class hiself lie
enod not put go hi sisteni uv the unholy
deshe tu hold ollis Dven now so he
tells me he he siiuitums uv the thud
term rover wich i liable to brake out in
an aggiavaled fotui at eniiy time if the
coiidishuns air fawn able Oh thet we
lied a teglment uv Dhnioriitic iniinunes
who ennd cum In sight uv a Presideuslial
cauipane mid not ketch the fiier It
wood in ace us up before the Louutry if
we cood find wuii man lion didnt hev it
or lion ex peeks lu hev it I lev we sieh a
mini Alas Im all ado lie haint yit
bin born
Speokin of tmlilile it i cummin fitiiii
eieiy ipuiiler 011 account u the 1100
tnerus candiihites lion think thet Mr
Hiyan Klu be switched off onto a side
track and Lop thine Im afrade tha
dont Knu the man Wen it cuius to gn
tin mound In all parts uv the Lountry at
the same time and sliakin hands with all
tho Diuiiciats lion Lin stand up Mr
lliyun I faster than gieast litenln onto
an automobile curiige None uv the
other felleiH hoo want tu 11111 him off the
tiack Liu hold a Lauille tu lilm in that
line Tha want tu set down and make
belceie Ilia ah mote dignitide and hev
sumbuddy cum mid tliietten tu hosswliqi
em if tha dont accept a uoniinaslnui Ur
the piesiilencj Mr Itrynii aint hilt thet
wn He knows what he wants and if he
km hei a few weeks time lie will tell
eioiy Dhulciat in the Yooniled Stmts all
about it Sum uv our tied men hoo air
settin mound on their tombstones wood
du well tu imitate lilm or else git I11L
Into their holes and tn tlime It iz had
eiiuff fer the Dimieiatic party lu be
tied tu olistitoot idees without liein
obliged tu hev the piocessliuu led hi a
coipso in tlio next rampant I icgiet til
Mil though thet tluire iz a grate dlffei
euce uv opinion upon that pint While
our young men air dazzled with the lire
works talk uv Mr Hryan we hev a lot
uv old mummies in every town hoo dont
kno thet ennythlng hez happened dooria
Uie last thirty jeeis The oldest uv em
hev bin lotln for Androo Jackson litu
along and sum uv the younger wuii9 hev
voted fer him because their fathers and
grandfathers did These air the men
hoo think tha hev the first claim on all
the nlllses wen the party hez enny tu
divide mid tha nil want tu see Mr
Cleveland nominated agin for lie win
their idol wen he wu Piesiilent ami
found places fer all uv eni thet ho oood
They air quietly oiganiiu and holdin
tlienisehes in leddiness tu boom Mr
Clowlnnd but tha will support enny
buddy hoo i over seventy jeers old if
Mr Clewdand Kliiuot git the noininnshun
Tho most of tliein air Gold Hugs mid tha
want into fer Mr Hryans idees upon
free silver- et leest tha hi tha want
Hut if the conveiisliun next jeer 0011
cluods tu whoop or iqi fer fieu silver
ngiu we shell set the whole force uv this
Hiiro at woik and send em nut ez inis
shumiries tu conveit em Whut dins it
matter tu the awiigo Diinicrat what
Kind uv a phitfoim we stand upon or
hoo wo vote fer if we kin onlj elect our
candidate once nunc and git liold uv the
ollises Thet 1 the practikle Kwestinn
wo hev got tu deel with and how tu
riissi with it so e tu harinuiiie the old
fogies and the juug fogies and git 0111
tu woik in dublilo harness titgether it
whut will icqiuro gieat stailsinansliip
and jondiciniis inaulgeuieut upon ml pint
wen tha cuni beer tu talk things over
and ciithnoMi theuiselies with applejack
Thine is goiu tu lie a tegular monkey
and part ut tune wen KniiKross meets and
we git our sew iil ditleieut kinds uv
TJiiniciats on exhibishun I hope fer har
iniiii but I expeekt litia mid a pro
inisciis entaiiKleinent in idees wicli will
tcech the bileiu pint weucwr ennj in
em meet 111 council 1 lii stroiiK hopes
thet Niuiithuig will tin n up tu help us
thru the meiiiiy dilhkillies that beset us
on cwij hand but jest et piescnt tluire
dont ceoiii tu lie 01111 thing tu lite up the
horizon uv oar expeelashuiis We seem
lu lie like a niKger gtopehi in a ilarL col
htr huiitin iu a black cat
ffifcxooi taiW
Truiu Applejack rami wich iz next tu
Grover ClevilunJb iu the stiit uv Noo
iirillllr niniiihli i In Srlill Nrt Ilncn
il Mii tlni
HosTiis Oct fi -The Fariners Na
tional oongioss yesloiday amended tho
constitution placing tlio selection of
the place of meeting iu tho hands of
tho executive committee instead of by
iigieenieiit of the oongioss
W 11 lowoll of Slindoland Ia gavo
tho list aildtess of tho uioriiing on In
eiit ions for Km mors und the discus
sions which followed was hugely on
tho needs of belter methods so as to
save tho cost of 111 tillcinl feitilicrs
A I tlio aft 01 noon session several 1 so
lutions weio adopted W S Delano of
lice Iuk Neb toad 11 paper oil Irob
lotus Confronting Farm Life
ImiIkih Im a Itnwnll
KwsvhCiiv Oct fi Tho judges of
thohickson county court sitting in this
city have iccognied tho boycott inau
gurated by I ho business men of Kansas
Ultv imainst tho lhirliiiLtoii 1ail10ul
I The judges instiueted the sheriff that
so long as tlio boycott is in force ho
must not travel over Unit road iu talcing
1 insano palit nts to the state asylum nt
I St Joseph Tho light on tho Hurling-
ton which was begun Saturday last 111
iiiesult of tlio Omaha dilleuiitial la
being pushed hy local merchants
I Hlrliiiri kiiiiiII Noii IiiIoii Miner
I Droiru Ills Oct fi A crowd of
I 200 striking minora gathered at tho New
shaft hero yesterday morning to prevent
non union miners fioin entering tlio
shaft This thoy were successful 111 do
ing but only after thoy had assaulted
four nogro and two white minors who
weie on their xvuy to work in the mines
Tho police loseiicd tlio non union minors
and took them to pohco hciuhpiaiters
for piotection but did npt make any ur
lests All tlio coal dealers together
have but eight carloads of coal
niiiniliMH Ainiiiif liiiii niiiiiil Mod
Iimmios Ciiv Kan Oct fi Glim
ncra has liiokon out among tho govern
ment stock ut Fort Uilcy Seventeen
horses weie Killed yesterday Twenty
live cords of wood hio boon hauled out
to use in hurtling tlio carcasses Kivu
vctct minimis are busy exaiiiming tlio
stock and vaccinating all not con
demned Tho disease is supposed to
have boon brought by mules shipped 111
from the south last summer to pasture
on tlio reservation
N111 McGinn Iliiuiiii s limit ill Dim niali
Ducoiuii hi Oct fi Tlio Norwe
gian Pioneer Association of America
hold its second triennial meeting in Do
conih yestoiday on Luther college
campus Hon Rasmus B Anderson of
Madison was tho priiicipil speaker but
there were 11 number of short addresses
Last night tho delegates and their
lriunds paittcipated 111 11 banquet A
number ot well known Norwegians wero
present liotu various points iu tho north
Ilrtm Minors to Ann
LnAvrNwoitTii Kan Oct 5 A few
coal miners went to work yesterday At
n large mooting of miners at Grand
Auny hull J P Reese ot tho National
Mine Workers union ndvocated driv
ing capitalists into the ocean mid said
among other things I say a miners
kit is not complete unless it contains a
riilo Reese said tho operators had
offered 72 cents a ton but ho urged thu
milters to hold out for 7S
laiiiiliuto Iiilcil tit Open
Dis Moivrs Oct fi Marza Town
send of Doeorah In about 20 years old
was killed on tho carnival circus grounds
about fi oclock last evening wliilo at
tempting 11 parachute leap Ho was
tired from a wooden cannon while up
1000 feet in tlio air Tlio parachuto
failed to open and ho fell to tho earth
liko a stone and xvas picked up dead
and terribly mangled A largo crowd
saw tho terrible accident
limn Kuiinlmi
Makwiaiiviowx Oct S Survivon
of tho Second Iowa cavalry yesterday
began a two days reunion horo About
lfiO members have arrived Addresses
by Congressman Ilopburn former com
mander of the rogiment Colonel Honry
Egbert of Davonport Mayor Pierco of
Marshalltown and Commandant Horton
of tho Iowa soldiers homo are among
tho features of the meeting
ltlcli Cui lllllll of Old
Deauwood Oct 5 Otto Grant the
owner of the groat gold niino southwest
of this city shipped a carload of ore to
Denver yesterday which will givo a re
turn of about Sfi000 the richest car
load of ore over shipped from tlio Black
Hills Two armed guards accompanied
tlio car to its destination Mr Gmntz
left on the passenger train to oversee
tlio smelting of his treasure
CucHrim to Itillrc
Lila Peru Oct fi It is roported
that General Caceras will today publish
a manifesto announcing his retirement
from participation in tho revolution in
progress This stop it is asserted will
menu tho conrplete collapse of tho in
surgent movement
Cox Wins Iioiii 11 ulmui
Dkh Moines Oct fi Jim Graham
Iowas champion pugilist was defeated
last night in the third round by Tom
Cox n local celebrity Young Corbett
was present and hosted a local uegro
tighter in tho preliminary contest
Taiidfin Krcoril Ilinken
Brockton Mass Oct 1 Hon Mon
roe of Momphis mid Charles McCarthy
of St Louis broke I ho national profes
sional tandem pacing record for a niilo
ill 137 l fi Previous record hold by
Butler Brothors l4fi
Staler 1110 Till own Out of Court
Butte Nob Oct fi Tho final chap
ter in tho case of Nicholas Sioler ex
county treiisuier was reached yester
day when Judge Westover dismissed
the caso and discharged tho defendant
Flnl ulrlir rlM Cinp
Iowx Kaii la Oct fi Tlio early
host this fall entailed 11 total loss to
Farwoll Westguto of thin city iu tho
Joatructiou of theireutirocropof celery
QlllfUftlllliln lllltllen I iiiIit Clliy
Curious buf dangeroiiH ficnks of un
true ricquctitly found lu the deseits of
Aiioiin arc tiled sitiulderos b tho
Mexlriins and Indians The are musk
oil pitfalls of quicksand that occur lu
the dry plains ami aie covoiod with 11
ticaclierous ciust of clay that has been
spiead over them In Hue pat tides by
tho wind and baked dry b the sun
The peculiar propeitlos of the soil
retain all tho molstiiru dinlned Into
them after the Infrequent laius and al
low It to he lllteied to unknown depths
so thai a man or a horse or a cow or a
sheep that once steps upon that do
repthe iiiit Instantl sinks out of
sight be ond hope of icscilo The
HUiiildenis aie on a level with the sur
face of tho deseit Theio Is 110 dan
ger signal to mink them and their
Hiirfnee cannot bo distinguished bj the
01 dinar ow fioin the hind chi that
sun omuls them The occur most fre
quently In the alkali covered Mats and
1110 often Ifi or J0 feel In diameter
Sometimes they aie only little pockets
or wells that a man can leap across
but the longest pole has iioier found
their bottom A stone thrown thiough
the ci 11st sinks to unknown depths
and in 1111111 who over fell Into one of
tliein was leseiied Thoy account for
the uiysteilous disnppeninnoe of ninny
ineu and cattle Chicago Uecoid
Shnl Hi liln anil Hi liliRroniii
has been leceived of tlio murder of
Flunk Walker and his bride by Charles
Rankin a disappointed lover who then
killed himself A child was seriously
wounded by the shots that killed tho
couple All concerned 111 tlio tragedy
aro prominent residents of Montgomery
rllloll DitVulH Crosbr
Kansas Citv Pet fi At Imposition
park yesterday 1 A R Elliott defeated
W R Ciosby of Biitavia N Y in n
race for tlio St Louis Republic cup
killing 100 birds straight to Crosbys 17
Wrtlnrsilitjs IIimImiII tallica
St I1111U I rittslmru S
Pliilitilelplili T Hnltimme 5
Chli iiKo 1 Louisville
Wiislilntnii 1 HinoUlyn 5
Uiistmi I New Yoib t
Cutarrli Cannot lie Curol
with lend applications as thoy cannot
reach tho sent of tho disease Catarrh
is a blood or constitntioiril disease and
in order to euro it you must take inter
nal remedies Halls Catarrh Curo is
taken internally and acts dinctly 011
tlio blood and mucous surfaces Hills
Catanh Curo is not a q 1 wk uidieiuo
It xvas prescribed by one of tho best
physicians in this country for years and
is 11 regular prescription It is composed
of the best tonics known combined
with tho host blood purifiers acting
directly c 11 tho mucous surfaces The
perfect combination of the two ingre
dients is what produces such wonderful
results in cuiiug catarrh Send for
testimonials free
F J Cheniv Co Props Toledo O
Sold by druggists price 7c
Hulls Family Pillh are tlio best
Tlio Loss of Colli Is Great
Tho loss of health is more Henlth
is lost by neghctiiig to keep tho bljod
paie but it is regained hy purifyiup en
riching and vitalising tho blood with
tho grett health restorer Hoods Sarsa
parilla Thousands who thought health
had boon permanently lost have boon
made perfectly well by takiug this great
medicine Your experience may be tho
Hoods Pills aro gentle yet always
Wanted Local or traveling sales
man salary or commission to handle
our oils greases petrolatum and a good
side line Goods guaranteed Prices
low No freight and prompt delivery
Address Pemi Petrolatum Company
Main Office nud Refinery Coraopohs
Wo wish a live traveling manager in
your territory at once man or woman
liberal cash and commission first year
more secoud year if deserved some
for local work also good references
required those out of omploymont or
wishing to bettor themselves address
Factory Cor Perkins and Union
streets Akron Ohio
Drink iniln O
after you havo concluded that you ought
not to drink coffee It is not a mediciuo
but doctors order it bocauso it is
healthful invigorating and appetizing
It is made from pure grains and has
that rich seal brown color and tastes
liko the finest grades of coffeo and costs
about us much Children like it and
thrivo on it because it is a genuine food
drink containing nothing hut nourish
niout Ask your grocer for Gruin O
tho now food drink 15 and ifi cents
Is often a warning that tlio liver Is
torpid or Inactive More serious
troubles may follow Tor a prompt
Itllclcnt cure of Headadiu and all
liver troubles tuku
Hoods Pills
Whllo hey rousts tlio liver restore
full regular action of thu bowels
they do not grlfte or iain do not
irrltateor Inflamotho Internal organs
but have a positive tonic effort 4J5o
at all ilniLLists or hy malt of
0 1 Hood tl oM I3ell Mass
Uroiti with you whether you continue tbe
ncrve tilling loitattounui nu a tr a
reuiuTva iuu utmrtiur luuaocu 1
outmrvuumirc esilitlcu
line purine mo uiood
iiorra iut uimuuuu
mikes tou ktrung
anu vocke
iM lfli
uuut rw m r va rnr vn
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dH H k V m1
il i m I mMiw
w - vw uo
m a m mmn
asri cured 11 ur
ur own druetflst who
111 vouch forusTakA It with
wlllDtlrutlTDeraiitpntlT Una
xil utually eureai 3 Uoxt iit 0
ftratltfieJ toriir or w refund mnnv
rlUf UttdC t Htam Maw I rl
Does your heart pond pood or bid
blood to your liraia if bail lm
puro lilood then our brain achei
You aro troubled with drowsiness
yot cannot sleep You aro ni tired
In tho morning ai at nipht Yon
havo no neno jiower lour food
does you but httlo K0h
Stimulants tonics headache pow
ders cannot curo you J but
MtIA raa nan I lm
XBWfifl WH pi I IQ
will It removes nil impurio from
tho blood And it makes tlio blood
rich in ts life giving properties
FI 00 a tmttlo Al ilniRRhU
Porrcct biijt tpmlenoy to rniKtlpntlon
with laiulUo lines of Ajoti Till each
nlKht lrlco Mc n box
Wrtlo to our Doctors
Vi tlto frrolynll tlio tmrtlruliri In yonr
AIIUIVS3 Itil ilUAl iU
Ioncii iia9
I M D Tiler
Attorneys at Lav
lloincopathic Musician ami Surgpon
OIHoo ovor CitlzutiB National Hank Ollloe
tionrs 10 -00 to ll -00 11 m mul 2 00 to ft CO pm
HcBulotico Tolopliono No 9
OlHco No 101
At Pierce Kprj MudiIiij
Mast lilock - - Norfolk Neb
OHoo over CltlrnDB Natl Hank U6lliuioi odc
blook nortb of Congregational olinrcb
FaHliIonuhlo Dressuiakor
Op tlm In Cotton nlnok opr Baami tor
Kirst alhee work gnarantned
Norfolk - Nebraska
AttornejH at Law
Room 10 11 and 12 Matt Hlook
Norfolk - - Nebraska
Undertakers and Emhalumra
BeiMoQB Blk Norfolk Avr
Norfolk Nebrfi ika
Attorney ai Law
Roouw I iind 2 Robertson Wilton
lilock Norfolk
Livery Feed and
Sale Stable
Hack Line In Connection
Telephone 68
Piriees Reasonable
Up stairs oyer Wnrelmms Millinery
Norfolk Myrtle Hive No 30
Ladies of the Maccabees
of the World
Mectnovery Iln Umil third Tnosdajb of nuch
mouth nt 2 o clock in tho afternoon Vii tint
muinlioisaro cordially imitinl ilrp lilaClarl
I ml onunniidur Alrt Katio lilbh ItocorJ
Koupor Mrs Klla Iiobinbauni Kiuaiico Koopor
Notice to Koii llealdent Dcfcsiidanl
Kuto Lyous will take notice that on
tho Hth day of September 1809 Chester
A Fuller a justico of the peaco of Nor
tolk preoiuct Madison county Nebraska
issued an order of attiiohmeut for tho
hiiin of r0 id in an action pending be
fore him wherein Louis C Mittelstudt
is plaintiff and Kuto Lyons defendant
that property of tho dofendaut consist
ing of mouey duo the said defendant
and in tho hands of 13 V Taylor has
been attached uuder said order Said
cause was continued to the Jllst day of
Octohor 161W at 2 oclock p in
Dated this 21st day of September ISO
Till la Your Opportunity
On receipt of ton cents cash or stampa
a generous bumplo will he mailed of the
most popular Catarrh ond Hay Fover Cure
Elys Urcam llihn snftlcicut to demon
fatrato tho great nioiits of tho remedy
CO Warren bt New York City
Ror John Held Jr of Oreat Falls Mont
recommended Kljs Cream lialm to mo I
can euiplmsizo his stntement It is a posh
tive cure for catarrh if u ed as directed
Hev Franci1 W Joole Pastor Central Irea
Church Helena Mout
Elys Cream Halm is tho acknowledged
cure for catarrh and coutnins no mercury
nor any injurious dru Price GO cento