The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, June 08, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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The Norfolk fleuxs
V N HUSK PubllBhor
KTry day
eak IS oanta
Katabllilicil 1S87
oicopt Hutulny 11 cnrrlnr
lly innil por your 0X
Kstabllfiliml 1881
atery Thursday lly imill por yenr tlM
Kntrwl nt tho rostolllco nt Norfolk Nob ae
ond oIkm innttor
Tolopbnno No 22
It is BurprlflliiR what ntllltntiou with
tho republican party will do for a man
Even Poilors whiskers nro no longer tho
subjoot of commout
A prominent confeotionor of Now
York haH just given 3000 to Syrocnso
university and now tho young lnilioH at
tending thoro think lies awfully
Now that tho war news is languishing
and tho swoot girl graduates havo lllttod
from tho scono of aotiou wo may look
for tho Minimi appoarauco of tho sea
With ajl tho good ndvico heeded
which has boon given by tho young mon
aud young women in their coninionco
wont addrossos tho republic cortainly
ought to bo safo until tho next class
Ohauncoy M Dopow prodicts that
thoro will bo another tromoudous cam
paign in 1100 that it will bo fought out
as that of 1SIU1 was botwoon McKinloy
and Bryan and that McKinloy will tri
umph by largo majorities
It is easy to fnlmiuato against tho
trusts but it is quito another thing to
doviso ways and means to squelch thorn
It is tho latter that tho country is wait
ing to soo lono Ranting is rhcap and
noisy Statesmanship may bo mora do
liberate but it is worth more when dem
Not tho man who complains of exist
ing conditions but tho ono who seoing
present defects goes bravely and cour
ageously to work to oorrect and remedy
them this is tho man whom his coun
trymen will delight to honor Con
structive ability is what tho world wants
most America actually suffers from a
plot bora of banquet orators but tho
man who docs something who shows a
way out of troublo that is practical is
never too uumorous and will always
havo a weloomo
Tho year 1000 is approaching Tho
republicans of Nobraska havo it in their
powor this yoar by placing in nomina
tion ablo aud irroproaohablo men oil tho
stato ticket to mako thoir iuiluonco po
tential in uational politics Tho people
of this stato are disposed to givo their
support to a party that represents
achlovomont and progross Thoy know
that fusiouism has boon a conglomer
ation of egregious errors stupid incomp
etency and mistakou policies Mr
Bryans predictions of gouoral bank
ruptcy in case of the triumph of tho gold
standard havo proven utterly falso hi
faco of tho most prosperous times now
existing that Nebraska ever know
Governor Poynters attitudo toward tho
prosecution of tho war has been such a
direct slap at the heroism of the Nebras
kaus fighting in tho Philippines that ho
has lost tho support of many patriotic
men Tho revolatious of populistio in
competence at Liucolu havo shown tho
hollowuess of their professions Tho
uoiniuation of strong clean men fol
lowed by nu oarnost canvass will mean
for the republicans of Nebraska a hand
some mnjority this year and electoral
votos for McKiuley uext year
South Norfolk Nmvu
Mr Ben Walker is on tho sick list
Mr Fleming is at home for a few days
nursiug a lamo back
Vera Gorbal returned to her homo in
Meadow Grove Sunday eveuiug
Ali Wilkinson the young man who
3ms been driving the delivery wagon for
Mr Holand has returned tohiH homo for
born- soiiHon
Miss Mary Lund of Battle Crook
victim her unclos Will and
Tlio HrtuikliiK llow In Afiiln ut Work
Wo have iust roeeivod ilircol from a largo custom manufacturer several bund rod umbrellas that wo placoon sale at
UNAIATUIIA1JLI3 PJtlCHS on corresponding qualities
50 Ladies tl incli neat crook bundle strictly fast
Miss Mary Clarko and Cloldio Shridor
havo gono to Fremont to visit frionds
and relatives
Mr Violo and dauchtor Francis
boon confined to tho houso this weok
with tousillti
Mrs A Shridor has gono to Hot
Springs S D for hor hoalth Sho ox
pocts to roturn in about a wook
Mr Fred Linorodo is conilnod to his
bod with quinsy and Mr Daughorty is
acting as yard master whilo ho is sick
Mrs C J Chapman Elllo Ball and
Eva Roland niado up a party to Buffalo
Gap last night to visit Mr and Mrs
Bond Thoy oxpoct to roturn Saturday
E E Adams gavo a storcoptican en
tertainment at Railway hall last Satur
day ovouiug which was a very pleasing
success greatly enjoyod by all present
Another was to havo boou given next
Sunday at tho Socoud Congregational
church but has boon postponed for two
Miss Maud Diugmau had an operation
performed on hor llttlo too yostordny
Sho had boon bothorod with it for about
two years and whon tho doctors cut it
yesterday they found a pieco of bono
growing straight out from hor too Sho
sutlorod a good deal of pain tho first
night but is resting easior now
tlui Weittoi n Part or tho
DmluctloiiHof u Trip
Mayor Simpson is of a vory observing
turn of mind and whon ho goos away
from homo ho usually soos about all
there is to bo soon Last weok ho niado
a bnsiuoss trip to Koaruoy and whilo
waiting for tho train at Columbus ho
strolled around tho town aud noted that
that oity is growing nnd improving
nicely many substantial now residences
being built at tho prosout time All tho
way to Kearnoy tho crops aro looking
lino with tho oxcoptiou of tho fow fields
of winter wheat which wero killed out
by tho sovorocold winter Ho desoribos
tho acreago of corn all along tho routo
as Just simply iinmensoJ
But of all tho signs of roturniug pros
perity to bo seen on ovory hand tho
most significant is in tho western part of
tho stato where for the first timo in a
number of years tho breaking plow is
again seen trudging ovor hill and
through valley At Kearnoy and neigh
boring towns visited tho mayor found
tho baukers complaining becauso thoir
vaults wero stored with money whilo
thoro wero no borrowers Tho farmors
in that section generally havo their
debts paid and having learuod a lesson
from tho experiences of tho years fol
lowing 1801 persistently refuso to bor
row money or to go into auy 6ort of a
venture unless they havo tho cosh in ad
vauco to do it with which mauy of
thorn havo
Kearney is a city of magnificent dis
tances with substantial business houses
and beautiful homes Although badly
nuected by tho calamities which swept
ovor tho western part of tho state a few
years ago sho is now rapidly recovering
aud will in a short time bo ready to tnko
tho place in tho column of prosperity
that her promoters iuteudod she should
Kearney has two advantages at least
that it is fenrod tho nuiyor rather ouvied
Ono is the opera houso which ho says is
fit for a city of 100000 inhabitants The
other is the system of brick gutters with
stone borders which prevails throughout
tho business portious of the city These
gutters are always cleau and sightly
aud take care of water quickly after u
rain foil without tho slighest wash of
the streets Tho mayor would like to
see such a system adopted in Norfolk
black sorgo 4o
50 20 inch Paragon frames natural crook handle OS
HO 20 inch Paragon framo lino sorgo 75
50 20 inch line steel rod and frame Carola cloth 125
The Yankton Norfolk and
Southern Railroad
Norfolk DoHlKiiiitotl um tlio 1rluclpiil
Pliico of llinlnoHS Tim Hill Also Huh
IIIh Kycn on Norfolk Which Scomd to
lio tlio Contor of Attraction According
to it Kcport fromSloux City
During tho afternoon yestorday Judgo
BarnoB drow up articles of incorporation
for Messrs Graham and Mockling tho
promotors of tho Yankton railroad who
arrived in tho oity in tho morning
Tho uamo of tho Yankton Norfolk and
Southern railroad was given to tho pro
jected lino and tho articles of incorpora
tion woro made broad enough to allow
tho conBtruotion of a road from this
place to Omaha and also to Kearnoy
Norfolk waB inado tho principal placo of
busiuoss and horo tho headquarters will
bo located whon tho road is completed
Tho capital stock was fixed at 1600000
and tho incorporators aro T S Modeling
of Chicago W W Graham of Norwnlk
Ohio two gentlemen of Cincinnati and
threo of Yankton Messrs Meckliug
aud Graham talk ns though thoy mean
business and all with whom thoy camo
in contact becamo impressed with tho
idea that thoy aro sinccro in their efforts
to rovivo and complete tho road
And Jim Hill Too
Tho Sioux City Journal of this morn
ing contains tho folllowing railroad
news which particularly interests this
section just at this time Tho first
hint of what will bo dono with tho Pa
oiflc Short Lino received in Sioux City
camo yesterday to a railroad official from
an iiiBido sonrco of information nt St
Paul It Booms to bo settled that the
road will become a port of tho Great
Northorn systom and that Presidont
Hill contemplates using a part of tho
road for a connecting link with the
Union Pacific at Norfolk
It may bo stated without reserva
tion I think said tho official that
T Konuedy Tod Co alroady have ar
ranged for tho transfer of tho Short
Lino to tho Great Northern Mr Hill
also will absorb tho Sioux City and
Northern Ho will mnko a connection
with tho Uuiou Pacific by constructing
alittlo pieco of road probably from
Randolph on tho Short Lino to Nor
folk This will givo Sioux City two
connections with tho Union Pacific and
would bo a good thing for city because
ovon if tho contraot which the Union
Pttciflo has just mado with tho North
western to run its trains over tho
Omaha into Sioux Oity should bo abro
gated wo still would havo a Union
Pacific connection
A study of tho changed situation
brought about by tho passing of the
Paoitio Short Lino into tho hands of a
powerful railroad corporation may supply
for tho ruuuing into Sioux City of the
Union Pacifio auothor reason than tho
generous interest of Marvin Hughitt It
is an interesting game boing played just
now Iu my opinion tho Union
Pacifio will resume running its
trains into Sioux Oity principally
becauso it fears n connection at Norfolk
with a stub road from the
Short Linon part of tho Great Northern
system By leasing tho Omahas lino
from Norfolk to Sioux Oity and running
its trains into Sioux City it can compel
the Great Northern to turn over busi
ness for tho Uuiou Puoiflo at Sioux Oity
instead of at Norfolk
Dr Seymour hero Juno
ono day only
tho 10th for
Hows This
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any caso of Catarrh that cau
uot bo cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
F J CHENEY CO Props ToledoO
Wo tho nudersigued have known F
J Cheney for the last 15 years und be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
50 20 inch Paragon framo Carola cloth best wear
ing cloth used in umbrellas 1 00
50 20 inch fine steel rod and frame select handles 150
50 20 inch fino steel rod and frame select handles 200
Largo assotmt Ladies Black Silk Umbrellas 2 to 100
Dr T T Kinsler the nose throat
nnd chest specialist of Omaha at tho
earnest soliciatiou of his numerous rn
tients in and around Norfolk will bo
at tho Pacifio hotel in this city Wed
nesday Juno 1 lth Anyone suffering
with catarrh or other troublo of the
noso throat or lungs should call aud
seo tho doctor Nofclmrgefor consulta
DrFronk Salter Diseases of children
Dlnaoltitlon of Conartnemhlp
Public notice is hereby given that tho
copartnership of Braasch Rees is this
day dissolved by mutual couseut and
the business will hereafter be continued
in the name and ownership of O W
Braasch at tho old stand on Norfolk av
enuo and Sixth street C W Braasch
will collect all bills Thanking the
public for its geuerous patronage of past
years we trust tho same will bo contin
ued in the futuro
Dated Juno 2nd 1699
O W Bkaasch
D Rei
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tho best
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ICtitinmto of KxpotmeH City of Norfolk No-
lirusku for tho 1IbcuI Year 1800
Salaries i000 00
Lighting 1200 00
Election Exponsos 200 00
Streets and Sidewalks 1000 00
Printing 250 00
Supplies 100 00
Firo Dopartmout 00 00
Miscellaneous 500 00
Salaries 1200 00
Coal Oil and Supplies 1500 00
Repairs and extension 500 00
Indebtedness 2000 00
On Bonds Issued 18S7 000 00
On Bonds Issued 1801 000 00
On Refunding Wnter Bonds
Issued 1899 1010 00
SinkingFund 1000 00
A G Heckman
E A Bullock
Ways and Means Committee
Kecolpt for Fiscal Your Ending August
O 180S
Saloon occupation 2750 00
Insurauco Companies 205 00
Miscellaneous Licenses Sill 50
DogTox 77 00
Sidewalk Ropairs eto 397 78
Taxes Road Tax 103 72
General 0127 03
Water Rental 2771 45
Total 15890 -18
A G Heckman
E A Bullock
Auo Brummund
Ways and Means Committee
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ments This mischiof fortunately may
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South Kith St Omaha Nob
Madison County G A It Ketiiilon
For the abovo event at Meadow Grovo
Juno 7 to 9 excursion tickets will bo sold
at ono and ouo thirdfaro on Juno II 7
and 8 good to roturn until Juno 10th
H O Matkau Agent
isot iinon
Tho abovo greatly reduced rato has
been mode by tho Union Pacific to Cali
fornia points Through tourist sleepers
quicker time than any other liuo
For tickots and full information call
on F W Junemav
Notice For ItlilH
The undersigned will receivo bids for
tho erection of an addition to tlio First
Congregational church of Norfolk Nob
according to plans aud specifications
submitted aud uow on file nt tho olllco
of T E Odiorne Norfolk Tho party
being awarded tho contract will bo re
quired to give a good and sufficient bond
for tho fulfillment of tho contraot Tho
right iB reserved to roject any or all
bids Bids will closo at 7 p m Satur
day Juno 17 1899
S S Cotton
O G Somers
Low ICatt s to tho Hunt
Your attention is directed to tho ex
ceptionally low rates in effect this com
ing season to nearly overv prominent
point iu tho East
Never before has suoh an excellent
opportunity been afforded for a summer
vacation tour or for visiting friends in
tho East Wo mention below a few nf
the places to which greatly reduced rates
have boenjuiade Tho UNION PACIFIC
is the line that will givo you tho best
Brvico to any of these points
Columbus Ohio June 0 9 Rate cue
faro plus 200 for tho round trip
St Paul Minn June 9 13 Rato one
faro and ono third for the round trip
on certificate plan
Buffalo N Y June 14 15 Rate ono
faro plus 200 for tho round trip
Chicago 111 Juno 14 15 Rate ono
fare and ono third for tho round trip
on certificate plan
Milwaukee Wis June 14 10 Rate
one and one third fare for the round
trip on certificate plan
St Louis Mo Juno 20 215 Rate one
fore plus 200 for the round trip
Detroit Mich July 5 10 Rate one
fare plus 200 for tho round trip
Richmond Vn July 13 10 Rate one
fare plus 200 for the round trip
Iudiauapolis Ind July 20 23 Rato1
one fare plus 200 for tho round trip
For full information as to date of sale
aud limits on tickets timo of trains
etc call on F W Juneman
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liver and kidney trouble I suffered for
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