The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, May 11, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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1 nc rour ip the W0H4 1
flest 7or f he Mon
I Overcoat Ulster T Overcoat Ulster I
I All Wool Irish I Superior All Wool Genuine Carney I
I in Black in Black T In Block in Black Brown I
1 Blut and Brown BrownaodMixedABlue and Brown Gold and Oxford totdj
U IQgMl2gy
timtty every wide awake Merchant In America handle
thaw Coats It your dealer does not write Co as and
Hu Con Hair Tonic
we wHI see tbat you are supplied
Come in and See
The Druggist
and inspect the Latest Line of Medicines Put on
the Market
Rewtons Female Regulator and Tonic
Natures Great Emmenagogue Every lady suffering with
Female Troubles should try a bottle
Newtons Sarsaparilla and
Celery Compound
is one of the finest Blood Kidney and Liver Preparations
on the market If in need be sure and try the latest
If your Hair is falling out or you have Dandruff or any kind
of Scalp Disease be sure and try HU CAN strictly
guaranteed One bottle will show adifference if used
regularly on any bald head
Leibigs Beef
Iron and Wine
is too well known for a Tonic Each fluid ounce con
tains the strength of two ounces of fresh lean beef
Four grains Cetvate of Iron dissolved in Sherry Wine
the best tonic for D3rspepsia Loss of Appetite Nerv
ous Debility and General Prostration
Try a box of
Irenes Cottonroot
Tansy and Pennyroyal Pills
Safe and Sure
We can save you 50 pp et on Prescriptions
6 Mail Orders Promptly Filled
Tho mntter wnB loft hi tho hnndt of n
building commit too which will carefully
consider them ntul report it h decision ns
to wlint is best to do nt n ineotliiK next
Monday ovening Tho commit too is
composed of Geo Reekard 15 O Mount
H 11 Woller O C Gow It V Uruco
B S Cotton Mrs N A Kainbolt ami
Mrs F 13 Hnnly
Cljilo llujen Wltii llmt 1rlrn nt llio
ImmUit 1Iki School Urrliiiniitiiry
IiiIoii Content
KrnmKntntilnja Dally
Tho seventh niinunl contest of tho No
braskn high schools deelimmtory rnion
was held at GcIiHukh opera house Falls
City last evening
Thero wero teii contestants three iu
tho oratoiical class four in tho dramatic
and throo in tho humorous
Norfolk was especially interested as
ono of its boys was n contestant
At 810 oclock this morning Ray
Hayes received n telegram which read
Culver Esmay aud myself won out
It 1b remembered that this is tho trio
which secn ed tho prizes before tho
Northeastern Nebraska Teachers asso
ciation contest held in this city iu April
Tho medals beforo tho State Declama
tory Union last evening at Falls City
were thus awarded
Dramatcic first Horry EHinny Fre
mont whoso declamation was entitled
Swore Off BecoudMiss Minnie Hoed
Falls City Tho Honor of tho Woods
Oratorical first Eugeno Culver
Albion Toussaint LOvorturo sec
cond George Schedlor York Univer
sal Liberty
Humorous first Clyde Hayes Nor
folk A Yankee in Love second MisB
Ina Gittiugs Superior A Naughty
Little GirlB Viows of Lifo
Clyde Hayes has won tho first prize in
three successive contests tho local tho
district and tho state Not only his
school mates but tho people of Norfolk
generally have a right to bo proud of tho
meritorious honors that ho has won
Ho returns tliiB evening and it is un
derstood tbat he will bo met with a
royal welcome and tho high school yoll
at tho depot
Itcnoliitloim of IleHpeot
Resolutions on tho death of Comrade
John M Bondurant
Whereas it has pleased tho Great
Commander to remove from our ranks
to tho Grand Encampment beyond tho
river our comrade John M Bondurant
Therefore bo it resolved That wo bow
in humble submission to tho will of Him
who will one day release us his comrades
from the toils and disapppointments of
our earthly campaign by the same orders
which wero patiently obeyed by our de
ceased comrade
Resolved that wo will ever cherish the
memory of Comrade IBonduraut and
while wo shall miss his presence in our
Post meetings wo will remember his
sacrifices which ho freely made in his
youth for tho preservation of this great
republic of ours
Resolved that a copy of these resolu
tions bo presented to the family of our
deceased comrade and that tho same bo
given to tho local papers for publication
II C Matrau
Soveial Moro Nelmiikmi Wounded A
llnttle Creek Iloya Nunio A in ins
the Lint
WasiiisTiTON May 01010 a m
SpesialtoTHE News The following
additional casualties are reported from
Manila in tho First Nebraska regiment
Wounded May -1
Private II F Dunning company E
in thigh severe
Private John C Hoover company F
in abdomen severe
Private L Madson company I in ab
domen severe
Private William J Johnson company
K in knee moderate
Private Grant Chim company K in
leg severe
Private Willard B Madsen company
L in hip slight
Geo D Meiklejohv
Act Asst Secy of War
John 0 Hoover of company F is said
to be from Battle Creek
Some one has well said The more
truly optimistio a man is tho less likely
ho is to be satisfied with existing con
Further disunities Ht Munllii Include
Death of John C Hoover of Com
pany I
Washington May 8 Special to The
News Additional casualties reported
from Manilo among the First Nebraska
troops are
April 50 Sergeant compauy B
guushot wound accidental
Died May 4 Privato John 0 Hoover
company F of typhoid fever
Geo D Meiklejohn
Asst Secy of War
of C
The City Council Grant Vlaz
ncy a Liquor License
s Ilnj r Miuiinniird nn it WIIiicm -1 hie
Doe Not Vnliv Itulntico of tint City
Ilitticm tliiltilnioiin mi rimil oti Cnou
Will now j t II1 Dlxtilit Court nt mi
Km I Dull
From ViHltirilnjn Dally
Last evening thu city council again
convened for tho further consideration
of the Vlazney enso which has held the
boards for the greater part of tho time
during tho past two weeks luhlio in
terest in tho matter has evidently
waned there being fewer spectators
present than during any previous session
since it was upjfor discussion
Although tho meeting was called for
7 I0 oclock it wns after 8 oclock before
Mayor Simpson nipped for tho gentle
men to como to order
City Clorlc Stitts roll call showed
present Councllinen Hrummond
Hucholz Bullock Degner Dexter Uhlo
and Vielo
Prior to tho taking up of tho special
work for whicli they had assembled
tho council passed upon two labor billB
and ordered them paid Ono was for
8M by Ernest Marshall tho other for
tM by David Signor
It was movod by AldormanJ13rnni
mond that lf0 bo allowed on tho bill of
J II Shaw the well contractor This
amount is jiiBt half of whatls duo him
to dato Aldorman Dexter objecting
tho payment was deferred and its con
sideration laid over until tho next regu
lar meeting
Tho bill of tho Crouo Churchill Co
for pipe sold tho city Jmot tho samo fate
and was not passed on
Tho consideration of tho Vlazney case
was then continued
C S Hayes was sworn and testified
that ho had been n resident of Norfolk
for tho past 18 years and was acquainted
with Joseph Vlaznoy and know his
place of business
Attorney Whitham asked if ho could
tll whether there wore screens at the
door of Vlazneys saloon
J 13 Barnes attorney for Vlazney
objected to tho admission of such ovi
denco as incompetent irrelevant and
not tho proper wny to try a case Only
tho ovidenco of tho records of a compet
ent court of jurisdiction showing tho
conviction of tho party on tho charges
alleged was admissible
It was moved by Bullock and seconded
by Vielo that tho objection bo over
On roll call Brummond Bucholz
Degner and Dexter voted no Bullock
and Vielo yes Motion was lost
Dexter moved that objection bo sus
tained soconded by Brummond
Brummond Bucholz Degner and Dex
ter voted aye Bullock and Vielo no
Objection was sustained
Tho remonstrants filed an exception
to tho ruling stating that thoy offered
to prove by witness that during tho last
year Vlazney had violated tho provis
ions of chapter 50 Nebraska state laws
obstructing his doors and windows by
screens blinds and other articles
Thiswas objected to by Judge Barnes
on tho same grounds of his former ob
Tho objection was sustained by coun
cil by a vote of four to two
Tho witness Mr Hayes testified fur
ther that he had been in Mr Vlazneys
saloon but had never seen him sell
liquor to minors
It was agreed by counsel representing
both parties that Vlazney was found
guilty in tho city police courtof selling
liquor to William Kirley a minor on or
about March 1 that an appeal was taken
to the district court which is still unde
Tho remonstrauts offered in evidence
ordinance No l17and also ordinance No
2J0 to which no objection was raised
August Brummond then gavo addi
tional testimony as to tho signature on
Vlazueys petition of tho namo Aug
Brummond stating that it was sigued
by him for his wife Augusta who signed
her namo that way
Tho remonstrauts by Attorney Wit
ham then filed an objection to the grant
ing of a license to Joseph Vlazney for
the reason that the ordinance that was
in force at tho time of application and
remonstrants ordinance No 117 re
lating to snlo of liqnors has been re
pealed since that time and for tho fur
ther reason that there is no ordinauco of
tho city of Norfolk now in force provid
ing for the sale of liquors in Norfolk
Objection was further made to Oscar
Uhle and August Brummond sitting on
council during tho consideration of the
case andj voting upon final question of
graining license for the reason that they
have prejudged the case and signed tho
opplication of Vlazuoy to sell liquors
and are petitioners therefor
It was moved by Bnnnmond and
seconded by Bucholz that tho objection
bo overruled and liceuso be granted
On roll call Brummond Bucholz
Bullock Degner Dexter and Viele re
sponded ayo Uhlo not voting
Tho remonstrants gave notice to tho
mayor and council that at tho earliest
practical momeut the case would be
appealed by them to the diitrict court
On motion the council adjourned
Sturgeon is the piano man
Dr K H niairof Wayne was in the
city today
II H HoIiIh of Mntllsoit spent the tiny
in the city
Miss Cora Wigton is visiting friends
at Madison
Dr Frank Salter was called to Iltw
kins this morning
Judge Hayes ret m ned from Omaha
on the noon train
l A Dearborn of Wayne wn a
Sugar City visitor today
Rev K IV Wigton will at the request
of tho people there again supply the
Presbyterian pulpit at 0 iuond next
Hon S A Ramsey a prominent at
tornoy of Woonsoeket S D was in the
city yesterday He was on his way
to tho Hhulc Hills
Certificates of indebtedness up to No
4 1 outstanding against the city of Nor
folk can be redeemed by parties holding
them with cash warrants upon present
ation to tho city clerk
llliud Boone tho celehratod blind
negro pianist is starring in Nebraska
witli a compauy of musicians His
playing is most remarkable and attracts
applause and favor wherever ho is
heard Tho music lovers of Norfolk
will ho pleased to know that tho Baptist
church people have secured him for ono
evening hero The dato named is Juno
In tho absenco of Judge Hayes from
tho city Justice Chester A Fuller pre
sides over tho destinies of the police
court nutl renders justice Yesterday a
disorderly who gavo the familiar name
of John Doo was fined 2 and costs and
allowed to pass out among lifes usual
scenes onco moro Herman Ridentz
auothor disorderly was arrcBtod last
night and in awaiting trial
Tho committee on streets aud alleys
Messrs Degner Dexter nnd Uhle to
gether with Street Commissioner Spuul
ding aud City Engineer W 11 Lowe
wore on a tour of inspection about tho
city yesterday Tho grading of Tenth
street from Elm avonuo to Koonigstein
avenuo thenco east to Seventh street is
contemplated Tho improvements will
begin at onco They will bo niudo for
tho purpose of diverting tho water flow
Tho surveys will bo nintlo by the city
engineer tomorrow
Dun Craven senior member of the
firm of Craven ifc McCoy proprietors of
tho Norfolk steam laundry left for
Fairbury today to bring back his family
and expects to return tho hist of the
week Under tho management of the
now linn tho Norfolk steam laundry is
undergoing much needed repairs and
improvements New and tho latest im
proved machinery has been purchased
which increases tho facilities for doing
work quicker and better than heretofore
Tho firm expects to branch out and se
cure an increased patronago from out of
town and in order to do this will put n
man on tho road
Tho heavy wind that prevailed last
oveuing aud tho black clouds that hung
so low and threatening in tho northeast
wore indications of a soyero storm Tho
clouds wero watched with much solici
tudo for some timo but a sudden change
in the wind to tho north and tho rapid
falling of tho thermometer relioved tho
minds of Norfolk people of any further
tension in that direction But other
communities wero not so fortunate
Mail Clerk Roe says that when tho even
ing traiu camo through Emerson it was
raining heavily and a severe hail storm
followed During tho night a cloud
burst brought further disaster to that
section of country and caused numerous
washouts The ono nearest hero is bo
tween Wayne and Wakefield where
over two miles of track aro washed out
Further dauiago is reported between
Emerson and Sioux City and Sioux City
and Omaha No trains have run over
tho M O since last night and there
is no promiso of any until tomorrow
The Omaha Bee camo in over the Elk
horn this noon and this evenings train
will probably bring tho belated and
transferred morning mail Reports con
cerning the extent and dauiago of the
storm are still meagre but it was un
doubtedly cyclonic and swept over a
large area of country The wires were
down along the M O this morning
At Emerson half tho window lights of
the town wero smashed in and broken
but no loss of life is thus far reported
Drink Oraln O
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not to drink coffee It is not a medicine
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about h as much Children like it and
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driuk coutr niug nothing but uomish
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wrong They need a little
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oon show its great nourish
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ricrt It will show an effect
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rrd child
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ao cints jivin awav
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2mZ rJZCiZ3Kzivr