The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, March 09, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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Tluirn could I hi no niiHtnko about it
Tho young nmn ntniulliiK luwiilo tlio
liowhlor a fow juicon uwny HfihtiiiH
Ills ciKarotlo vn Oio
Apncliu youth whom Woaton Kuiiilull
Jind irovldid with food wlioit ho was
fniuiEhing mid iaid IiIh tmfwitHo on tlio
railway to a point noitr tlio Wlilto
Mountain riiHorvntioii
HuviiiK liKhtod tlio w1h nf tolmoco
took a number of vifiorous
pullo tlio tip of tlio oiuarotto HuniliiiK
out a rIow tliat ruvouloil tlio point of
IiIh noso and rullootud tlio koun glitter
of IiIh oyiw whllo tlio roHt of IiIh ilKtiro
Wuh so Hhroudod in gloom that only tlio
faintest uutllnoH could ho tracod by tlio
watohful Huiidull
Tlio shook of tlio lattor hold him mo
tionless for tlio uiomiuit undooidod
what to do llu hullovcd that if tlio
ranchman lluutluy wuh in IiIh place ho
would havo brought IiIh WinchoHtor in
IiIh Bhouldtir or whipped out his revolver
and dropped the youth whom ho Htood
13ut though our young friend wuh an
gored boyond losoriptlon ho wa not
ready to do that He decided upon a
more radical conrmi Ho would cover
Jilni with IiIh revolver Htep forward
from the dnrkneHs and call him to ac
count If IiIh explanation wuh uumitiH
factory as it wuh quito certain to ho
it would then ho time for more drastic
Kundell did not hesitate unco liis
courto way dutermiued upon Pistol in
ono hand and Winchester in the othor
ho took Kovrnl illicit strides and was
on the point of addressing tlio dusky
youth when ho made the astounding
discovery that ho was not present He
iiad vanished liko a shadow
lleforu whisking from sight ho Hung
the half consumed cigarette to the
ground where llundell saw it glowing
wliilu the odor of the burning tobaeuo
lingered in the air The battled young
man with his linger upon tlio trigger
of his half ritUcd weapon peered about
him distrusting the evidence of his
own senses Hui suspootad the follow
had simply stooped down and wim
thoroforo likely to get the drop on
him but unwilling to rotreat ho took
two more Btops forward until he paused
ou the very spot wltoro tho young
Apache had been standing Then all
doubt disappeared ho was really gone
The explanation was simple We-way-urn
had heard tlio noise slight as
it was that disclosed tho presence of
some one near him and with tlio won
derful cunning of his people darted liko
a Hash boyond reach and sight llun
dell had not only failed to bring him to
book but hud betrayed himself thus
adding infinitely to tho advantage of
the ono who was already iunneusely his
superior in woodcraft
Filled with chagrin tho young man
hurriedly withdrew to his former posi
tion for it was intolerable to think that
Jio stood in view of hisjiuvisiblo enemy
Still grasping his umallor weapon ho
looked around listening intently but
seeing and hearing nothing
Tho conductor was right ho bitter
ly rollcctcd So was Mrs Huntley and
tho action of is another
proof of it whero no proof wiir needed
I ought to havo shot him while the
ohancowas mine for ho would not havo
hositnteil had our situations been re
And yot tho Apache had hesitated
lorit is beyond douial that the moment
ho dotected tho proximity of a white
man tho power was tho Apaches to
bring him down with a shot from his
gun or tho pistol that it is to be pro i
Bumod ho had but it was not to bo sup
fiosod that ho rofrainod through any con
sideration for Ids enemy It was rather
a part of his subtle hchemo that he uhoso
to wait until there cuino a change in
tho situation
Westou llundell found himself for tlio
timo at his wits end Ho did not know
vrbothor to advance or rotreat Just
thon ho would havo given much to he
ablo to communicate with the ranch
man but since tho Apaches were
prowling near any attempt to roach an
understanding with him was certain to
expose himself to his oueuiies
Ho looked in tho direction of the
houso whoso shadowy outlines could bo
fuintly traced against tho starlit sky
To one side and at tho rear was a small
er structure used aa a tlable In that
climato there is only occasional need of
eholtor for animals but at rare inter
vals tho uorthers and driviug storms
render it necessary and the stable was
used at 6uoh times for the ponies while
tho cattle of ueceesitywero left to shift
for theuiselvee
Oue striking peculiarity of tho situa
tion was tho failure of the Apaches to
usa the advantage that waa unquestion
ably thoirs Nothiug was easier for
them than to steal up to the stable and
eet it ou fire hut it may have been that
they saw it was not near enough to tho
dwelling to communicate with it uinco
there was hardly a breath of air stirring
and might have lighted his
cigarette without the least protectiouto
tho blaze
Be that as it may the marauders hud
an equally good opportunity of tiring
tho houso itself for though it hud win
dows ou all sidua and only tho single
front door they could creep nour iu the
darkness with brushwood aud touch it
off without detoctiou It mayhuvO beou
that such was tlioir Jutoutiou aud the
fact that they deferred action was evi
dence of itself that they had Hulllclenl
reason for their inaction
Ilouillliig tho arrangement of tho
hoiihc llundell knew that ho was near
est tho sleeping room of Mr and Mrs
Huntley Ho was at tho roar aud would
not have more than a few paces to
walk to resell the window which liko
all tho rest was ou tho ground floor
His inclination was to go directly
forward knock on tho window mako
himself known and gain admission hut
there viii mnro than cno reason why ho
should hesitate Iu tho first place it
was to ho supposed that the mother aud
datightor rillo in hand were on tho
alert passing from window to window
and ready to repel any iusiduouH ap
proach of their foes Aa ho emerged
from tho gloom ho was likely to be mis
taken for ono of tho Apaches and would
ho llred upon before ho was recognized
woro a sombrero liko him
self ami it was probable that hoiuo of
his companions did tho same while tho
gloom would conceal tho othor differ
ences in thiur attiro until too lato to
remedy tho mistake
Moreover tho same if not a groator
peril must threaten from the Apaches
themselves It would seem that they
must detect tlio approach of a white
man sooner than thu women with con
sequences that need not bo dwelt upon
Heveral times while scrutinizing tho
dark gloomy structure iu front of him
llundell fancied ho could see a faint
almost imperceptible illumination as
if a candle were burning somuwhero
within tho building Tho windows be
ing provided with curtains would of
necessity subdue such a light which
was also screened by other moans How
ever tho glow was so faint that at
times ho doubted whether there was
any light at all inside tho house
lhit thu minutes wero passing and
tho young man was getting impatient
The impulso to do something was strong
upon him and finally led him to an at
tempt that was tho height of rashness
Ho had appi cached as near the houso
as ho dared for to advanco farther
would bo to pass into tho open as may
bo said whero ho was almost certain of
discovery Drawing a match from his
pocket ho dunv it smartly along his
trousers at tho thigh It was of tho
silent kind ami broke into sulphurous
smoke without noise Ho too shelter
ed it though ho used but one hand aud
oven that was not necessary When tho
flame was at its height ho deliberately
raised aud hold thu blaze within a fow
inches of Ins forehead slowly circling
it around amlNip and down until tho
light dwindled when ho threw it to
the ground
If either Edith or her mother is at
tho window shu has recognized me
was his thought when ho exposed his
features iu tlio maimer described in
tlio hopo of revealing his prosonco to
The peril of the whole business as ho
himself realized was that there was
the samu chance of making himself
known to tho Apaches prowling all
about him Jut as is sometimes the
cusu iu thu iitVuirs of this world that
which ho draded did not occur aud tho
daring proceeding was rewarded with
more success than ho was warranted in
expecting or hoping for
Shi Theio was a slight uoiso at tho
window so slight that ho could not
identify it but instantly ho was all at
Ho heard it ouce and thou all was
still Remembering thu danger to which
he had exposed himself from tho hos
tiles ho quietly stepped a conplo of
paces to tho right so that if any of
them sent a shot at the spot whero the
tiny tlamu had flickered for a few sec
onds tho bullet would uot touch him
At the samu timo he availed himself
so far as ho could of the shelter of a
dwarfed pine which was oue of a num
ber growing near
Shi Ho heard tho soft rustling again
liko thu swish of u womans druss but
it lasted longci than befaro aud thou
his hoart was thrilled by tho certainty
that soma oue was stealthily raising
the window
She has soon met Sho knows that it
is I who am waiting for udinittuucel
was his thought While eager to hurry
forward ho yot hold back from a doubt
that was hardly clear to himself
Singular that with so many deadly
enemies moving hither on the watch
to gain au advantage such profound
silence should reign but it was aa if
Westou llundell was stealing acrosa a
graveyard at midnight
Through this broiling stillness a whis
per reached him so faint aud low that
it waa hardly au intrusion upon tho si
lence but his tense hcuriug could uot
doubt thu fact that hi own name waa
Weston is it yon
He impulsively stopped forward and
called back in tho same guarded under
Yes Shall I come to you
0He quick
Ho ran lightly across the intervening
apace forgetful of othor perils iu hia
eagerness Handling the window ho
found tho sash raised while Edith
standiug a little to one sido was invisi
ble iu tho gloom Ho had shoved his
revolver buck iu his hip pocket but his
Winchojtoi of necessity wa in hia
Let mtf have it I whit pored the
yoiQig woman Be quick
A whlto hand ftashod in tho dark
nous and tho wonpon was taken from
him Then grasping tho sides of tha
window ho thrust ono hooted log
through and instantly followed it with
his body
Without pausing to groot hor ho
turned aud pushed down tho sash Its
catch was of the primitlvo kind holng
a big nail
Quick I It musk ho soourodl ho
whlsporod Whoro is tho nail
I have it die roplied deftly oliov
lug it in place
Therol he oxolaimed lightly Tho
burglars cant get iu without breaking
the panes and they dont eeeui to wish
to do that
Instinctively tho two stopped asido
to ho out of rango of any shot sent that
way As they did so tholistenlng oar
might havo detected a soft almost iu
audible sound liko that of a falling
leaf or tho whisper of tho hi inner wind
among tlio flowers or such aa ia causod
by tho gentle contact of two pairs of
human lip Wo daro uot deny that in
tho present instanou such may havo
been tho cause
Whero ia your mothor asked llun
In the front room
And no harm has como to olthor
Nono I cannot understand it
Whero ia fathor
Somowhuro among tho hills Ho
thought it better lor ua to part compa
ny slnco wo woro loss likoly to bo boou
Aud whoro are tho throe men
Miles away looking after tho cat
Strange that thoy nro not hero I
do not understand that olthor
Edith who do you eupposo ia with
tho Apaches that havo attaokod your
How ahould I know
that young Apaoho
whom wo befriended on tho train Wo
A white hand jlanhcd in the darkness
thought tho conductor was harsh when
ho spoke of his peoplo ua ho did but he
was right
I do not think so
Do you not boliovo him after what
I havo just told you
We wuy ma tho young Apacho ia
now in thia houso waa tho astound
ing reply of Miss Huntley
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casn ona of Hervous SvaDsriala and Horvou Pri
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S a 2
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