The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 23, 1912, Page 4, Image 4

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    T11K NORKni.K WKHKM * XK\VR .lOfKXAl , . FRIDAY ANY 23 , lf > li >
The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal
1117 } M-JVXH i.HtiifiiixtMii 1881
_ Tmjel'ltNAI _ , r.HlHlillMirtl 1S/7 /
TIII : in in i'i m.miiMi
\V N lll'Hi : , I'riHldotit
i : r in HI : \ic < - i
X A IM'SU. S rristiiry.
10 rr } I'rliln ; . mull. | irrnr , > ! . . ' ( )
l m I ho nciHtoffU'u at Norfolk ,
Toliiphoma IMItcirlnl Department
NcliriiMkii , IIH 111 ( ind-i IIIHH niiittur
ToluiihoncM Hell L' : . Automatic 1122
That Itnllnti war HOOIIIH to have
gene glimmering
President Tall IIIIH a way a sitting
on the lid of tiny foreign tiotiblo very
The president of China will have .1
sweet oh ) time tijlng to Hhiilcc hands
with -lit 1,000,000 people.
Undo Sam doesn't propone to stand
with his hack to a Mexican. He knows
it iHii't safe for a iiionii'iit.
A reformed cannibal IIIIH Infoimed
n New VorK nowspapoi man that man
very much like pork.
Uncle Snm IB llkoly to lake the
starch out of that $10,000,000 ! eollm
tumt before It Ib fairly started.
Some of the pit'Hldi'iitlal ' candidates
nro alrundy acknowledging that this
is the winter of their discontent.
Lake Supeilor is frozen o\er , but if
the Duluth youngsters try to bkato
around the pond they'll be late to
Wo met a man the other day who
said ho had not been Indicted for any
thing , and ho didn't look cheerful ,
China is peiple\ed over what to do
with the baby emperor. Give him a
rubber doll niul a rattle and he'll be
all light.
A Kansas slogan for good health
would be wisely adapted everywhere.
"An open window is better than an
open giavc. "
The Cummins and Heveridge booms
hoeiii to be on an equal footing both
at the foot of the ladder , and likely
to stay there.
If Geimany has ically dlsco\oied a
new type of engine , our nuuil millinery -
ory will be out ot style before the
spiing openi'igs aio held.
The Mexicans would be more popu
lar with our at my if they did their
lovolnting In winter , when people aie
looking for a warm climate.
Haggage tmasheis are more care
ful about the tights of property since
cat tying d > namite lound in suitcases
and ti links became so popular.
Theie is a lot of noise but it is to
be remembeied that It is the still ,
small \oice of the people that will
settle the piesidential contest.
If the Lorimor committee me un
able to make up their minds , they
should snap up a cent rather than al
low the thing to inn on so long.
It now lemalns to bo seen whether
Mr. Tail's Neuiotie club will attain
the long and exclusive membership
list gained by Mr. Roosevelt's Ananias
Shustei nicy have been the goat but
lie made It pretty expensive for the
Russian bear before he was bodily re
moved fiom his lule over Persian af
Arizona has now become the forty
eighth sister , and we are anxious tc
learn how she survives the change
from cowbo > leggings to the hobble
liming cinmmed up wih n few ar
tides on Dickens , modern literary culture
turo adjoin ns reading any of nil
books until the next centenaiy come :
Opportunity knocks at each man's
tloor but does II in too gentlemanly i
way to suit some people. They evi
lently expect her to knock the dee :
< low n.
The Order of the Garter has beei
conferred on Sir Edward Grey , bu
so far ns we can see he will ha\e ti
hold his other stocking up with i
safety pin.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Is named to bi
the first woman to go on the suprem
bench , but as Ella is a poet , we do no
feel sure that she would have her ha
on straight. <
The house proposes to tax cosmel
ics. While the women have neve
bald much about taxes on necessities
we see some one's finish if they pu
a tax on beauty.
There may be a difference of opir
ion as to the best way to bring i
about but there is a general agree
rnent that there is urgent need c
monetary reform
New York has one very sagaciou
man. Ho was quite wealthy and whe
he died recently he left his propert
to his lawyer. It saved a lot of boll
er for the lawyer.
Albert Reeves of England killed hi
-eon to save him from the "raaelstror
* L4 * JlLrfifc + " * < * * * * * * * * * *
of modi rn industrial life. It looks
as If It weiu nunlimt Albert's princi
ples to HIIW wood.
King George ban made his spot-eh
Horn the throne , but he will have to
make * ICHH stereotyped lotnmks If he
expects the IIOVK In the uallciv to stop
eating peanutH and listen.
Ex. ( lov. Ik'rihk lsto bo minister
: > Prance. Ho should make It his
uty to go mound to Maxim's at day-
ghl , lead homo the Amcilcan tout-
Hts , and put them to bed.
It Is noted that none of the prosl-
untlnl lanlldates claims to have
ecu bom In a log cabin , but those
lat ( iimo from poor but honest par-
nts stand a chance to get by.
Tliteo must sleep In a 100111 at the
emocratic convention , and the clerk
niiHt look out not to put eonsorva-
ives and Insurgents together , or the
Illows may fly before morning.
Senator La Folletto's bioakdown is
luo to his not having had a rest for
wolvo years. Running for vice presl-
lent would lie better than any modi-
Ine the doctor cnuld glvo him. >
It Is piedicted that there will bo a
lean Bvveep of the old political order
if things at the next election in Call-
ornln What else could be expected
with so many women behind the new
iroom ?
Charles W. Morse has been freed
rom the penitenlary but he paid a
neavy penalty for his questionable
iv ays of financing. He is In very poor
health and his death cannot long be
Hishop Walden of Cincinnati has
lireached 10,000 sermons , and the man
, vho has heard them all , and will yet
continue to put plugged coins into the
contribution box , must have a reprobate -
bate mind.
Mr Carnegie enjoyed telling his
own reminiscences before the Stanley
nvost [ gating committee , but his repu
lation for candor and sincerity was
not increased in the mind of the-
A HUM lean people.
Senator La Follette is going abroad
or two months. He is more likely tc
be found ripping the upholstery off si
ew of their thrones than going
hiough the picture galleiies with his
lose in a Hnedeker.
Millions of people in China am ;
lussia aie suffering starvation fion
amlne. It is haid work for those
of us living in America , where
there is such an abundance of eveiy
hing to eat , to comprehend this.
The ofticial gazette of Pekin , pub
Used by the goveinmcnt , will noi
only publish the proceedings ant
jellies of the government itself , bin
he general news of the day. What i
boom that would give the Congres
sional record , if the same syslen
should be adopted here !
That tatue of "La Fiance" to be
made by Rodin , the greatest livinj
French sculptor , and placed at th <
base of the Champlain monument t <
be dedicated at Lake Champlain nex
summer , will attribute to both coun
tries and is a permanent evidence o
the friendship which exists betweei
France and Ihe United States.
New York has been experiencing i
icign of lawlessness that is directl ;
duo to the anti-revolver law passed ii
that state by the last legislature. Oi
Sept. 1 it became a misdemeanor ii
Now York to have a revolver in one'
home. It became a felony to carry :
weapon. That meant a penitentiar ;
The result has been that respectabl
citizens havp been unable to offer sel
defense aga-nst bandits. And th
bandits have gone on caiiying guns
as befoie.
The bill was worked through th
legislature at the instance of Tan
many leaders. It was forecasted tha
it would have just this result. It i
said those originally behind the tneai
ure had this effect in mind.
Every good citizen of this republi
will hope for a fair and speedy trir
of the fifty-four men who have bee
arrested for alleged conspiracy in th
dynamite plots.
If these men are innocent of thl
charge , a grave injustice has bee
done , not merely to them , but to th
organization they represent
If these men are guilty of thl
bloody conspiracy , they are strikin
at the very foundations of thia repul
lie. Our government is a joint par
ncrship. In a business concern ,
some of the partners refuse to abld
by the rules of the company , an
plunder and destroy the property c
the other members , the end of th
partnership is in sight , i Similarly i
a partnership formed for the purpos
of government.
The fact that courts have often bee
unjust and that capital has often brll
ed officials , Is no excuse for resortln
to dynamite. In the long nin , th
ballot will be a more efficient weapo
than violence. If the battle is to I
fought with dynamite , the capltalli
can buy more than any one else. N
logslntuic | unit- * , inn
can long stai d out iiKiilnst the voice
o ( the people expressed b.v legal moth ,
ods , piovld d that \oloo Is In accoid- j
anco with the ptluclplon of human jus-
tlce. ! '
The state < if Ohio 1 * holding a con
stltutlonai cc'iivcntlon and many mink
ed changes are uolng lei bo mnde In
Its law'B as n losiilt. Ohio is going at
this niattoi in a voiy deliberate and
thoughtful manuoi. nnd Its nblo men
who have watched the constitution
making In the1 nowoi states lecentlv
admitted to the- union me determined
that when they get thiough with their
piosent lob that theli state Hhall have
the best coii'tlutlon than can be found
among the preat commonwealths of
[ ho nation
Among the noticeable- changes pro
posed which will piobably bo carried
Into effect is an amendment to the
state constitution providing that the
verdict of three-fourths of the jurors
in any case will be decisive. This pro
vision is ahcady found In the laws of
a few of the western states and the
Ohio lawmakers are convinced that it
is the proper and right step to take.
It is contended by those who heart
ily favor it that it will materially aid
in futtlioreiiee of justice , rather
than its retardation. They agree that
if the evidence is of such a nature
as to convince nine men out of twelve
It should be considered amply suffi
cient upon which to base a verdict.
It will put an end to the man who
is more conspicuous for his natural
contrariness than he is for his sterl
ing common-sense from tying up the
jury for long hours and defeating the
very ends of justice by compelling a
disagreement It will break up the
tedious delays and unreasonable expense -
pense of new trials and have a trem
endous force In giving Impulse to the
expedition of cases and a thorough
overgoing of judicial procedure. It is
these discouraging delays and this un
warranted expense that such consei-
vatlve but thoughtful lawyers , as
President Taft , so earnestly decry and
ot which they urge revision and
The inci easing cost of building
houses , and congestion of population
in cities , is constantly forcing a lar
ger number of people to live in small
quarters. To Mrs. Newlywed , accus
tomed to ample space in her father's
borne , the small space of HIP new nest
of married life seems pinched and
meager. She may find comfort in
leading how living in close quarter'
Oooks to a bright Euiopean woman
Mine. Maeterlinck , the Belgian pilmn
donna who has just sailed for home ,
The crowded condition of apart
ment house life , as it is developing in
large cities and towns , and the lack
of the traditional room to swing a eal
in of course a dally proceeding in
every well regulated family has been
often dwelt upon by our alert miiidee
paragraphers. The social philosophei
has always disliked to see apart
ment house I life become cornmoi
in any place before it is called for bj
congestion of population. The three
family house which is becoming sc
common a tvpe , does not help a fain
ily to acquire attachment to the soil
When did a top story family ever cul
tivate a garden ?
But for many of us small quarter ;
are Inevitable' . In our large Americar
ways and love of space and freedon
we have often failed to see how i
small apartment of but few rooms car
be made artistic , distinctive and hab
liable. A stranger among us like
Mme. Maeterlinck is captivated bj
the many ingenious devices of Ameri
can builders and home furnishers.
"O , the dear little gas stove and tin
dear little washtub were too sweet fo :
words" was the way Mme. Maeter
linck put it , desciibing her flat n
Harlem. I
Most people aggravate the appearance
anco of congestion of the small apart
ment by using wall paper with largi
and staring figures. A plain pape
with larger spaces of uniform cole
and design lets the eye wander aionj
the wall unrestricted , and relieves i
of the cramped feeling. A similar effec
of si/e is gained by papering contigt
ous rooms that lie together with th
same pattern of paper.
People who are living in small qua ]
ters need to be careful about buyin ;
largo chairs and desks. Some famillc
seem to think every chair in their 11\
ing room must be big enough to ac
commodate President Taft with ease
We are living in a remarkable en
The world is in a moment of unres
Is and changes are being made that
few years ago would have been ur
Great as is the progress being mad
in our own country , and startling a
some of the new ideas advanced ar
to the most of us , the most Intcrestln
) f country in the world today Is Chini
This is the rnoro striking inasmucl
ns until the last few years , i was th
most uninteresting. It has been n
gardcd as more profoundly aslee
than Philadelphia and a thousan
b- jcnrs behind the march of clvlllzatio
of the more western nations , like th
10 European countries , and the Unite
States. But today it has had a relr
carnation and almost at a moment1
notice leaped Into the arena as
country whose people propose t
their Indlftoieiue and
lethmg > and hoop -top. heieafter , to
the music of prontests and clemociacy.
Yet , It must be lomembered that
< ur Ideas of China me quite elude
'nnd that nut conclusions In legaid to
| Its piust apl to bo untrue , In couse-
j queneo The fm Is of history show
conclusively thnt In Its younger days ,
thousands of years ago , China was In
the veiy van of c-lvill/atlon. Research
has i evented that many of the things
which wo pildo 0111 Helves upon dis
covering In these days woie , long be > -
toic the model n nations came onto
the stage of action. In common use
and familial to this oilental nation.
Hut their clvlll/atlon thiough the
cjcle of centuiioH , became east in tig-
Id moulds The nation had a closed
mind to wlat the lost of the vvoild
was doing and actually Inn i led Itself
in Its oun dull , sluggish nairow life.
Hut now It Is once more alive. The
monarchy ol the tviant Manchus is
being toin asundoi and dlsiogaided
and the emerging of a meat and re
juvenated people is being cleaily ills-
ce'rned In the call for a lopublic. It
doe's not mean that China will become
a full-fledged and enlightened demo
cracy at once It will lequlre years
of struggle and much hlttoi experi
ence befoie its people are ilpo and
capable to cmr > on a successful gov-
eminent of their own. If the rest of
the world will keep hands off and glvo
the Chinese a chanceto work out
their own salvation they will do it.
The leaven of liberty and freedom Is
busy and thy world is making ready
for that better and giandei eia when
men shall be biotheis and the whole
earth will ipjolce in a clvill/atlon that
will be fraternal and the reign of the
people shall usher In righteousness
and justice
It seems tilkllngly singular but It
may yet be true that in the world's
upheaval aim groping after truth , jus
tice and liberty , the great republics of
the United States In the eMreme west
nnd of China in the ex'treme east muy
together lend the way.
The army engineeis who have had
charge of the digging of the Panama
cnnnl during its construction and are
still at It mo worthy of the maikcd ap
preciation and admiration of their
The pi evident of the United States
has just issued a pioclamation in
which lie foimally invites the differ
ent nations of the earth to take pait
in the Panama-Pacific exposition , to
jo held at San Piancisco , in 191 .
It hi ings home , moie foicibly than
it could be done in any other way ,
thai the mrny engineeis have been
loing splendid work at the isthmus.
Without blme ot ti limpets or any
vaudeville stunts of any kind to at
tiact attention , they have faithfully
and steadily toiled. They have done
this to such puipose that the canal
will actually be waiting for the for
mal opening long months before the
exposition at San Fiancisco arrives ,
It will b" doing business as a pioniO'
ter and distributor of the woild's com
merce a rioovl ways ahead of the press
ing of the button which shall start the
wheels in motion at the Golden Gate
and declaie the world's greatest and
most gloiiou- . fair actually realised
The work of these army officers in
the engijieeung department is a re
flection and example of what \rnerl'
cans can do when they aie once de
lei mined to do it They have more
than made Rood. Their progress has
been more lapid than anyone anticl
pated , and this not at the expense ol
superior skill and faithful work. Theii
estimates of cost have been made con
Eervativoly and have not been overrur
by their actual experience. Theii
tremendous task has been kept well ii :
hand , at all times.
There have been and there are yet
those who look thiough pessimistic
spectacles , who are determined thai
some unknown and unconjecturet
calamity will yet overtake the cana
before its completion. Such , people ex
1st and must be borne with. However
Ihose who are best informed , in the
engineering circles of Europe and this
counlry , take no stock In these II
The finishing of this monumenta
piece of engineering befoie the linn
anticipated , its conduct in such a wa :
as to conserve the health mid the for
tune of the thousands who carried 01
the work , and its great significance tc
Ihe frilure of this country and tin
world , reflects credll upon all win
have had lo do with it.
Not only i re the engineers ahead o
the game , mil Iho same splrll seemi
lo pervade every departmenl of thi
government in regard to it. The president
ident has expressed a wish that ever ;
member of his cabinet visit Panami
at as early a date as possible , in orde
s that they may have a personal knowl
se edge of Its construction , Its needs anc
its significance.
History is likely to regard thi
building of this great thoroughfan
which binds the nalions of Ihe eartl
together more closely thai ever befon
Ihe achievement thai reflects thi
greatesl glory upon two admlnlstrn
tions of Theodore Roosevelt and Wll
Ham Howard Taft. /
When a man's 30 one of his pam
mount thoughts is the wish that hi
might always stay 30 years young. I
thai a HIKII. along with 1:1 n\ halts and
hit leaning laldnoss. that one's giow
Ing old ?
Speaking of baldness , wo sec1 by tnu
pajiei that tin-- new piesldont of China
has i lipped his queue mid has gained
a loan of .1 millions. On the same
condition , we'd likewise bo willing to
bo shorn ed.
They may be able to fight on the
stieet In Norfolk foi fifteen minutes
without Intelfeieiice. but let this be
said In favor the Noifolk police , as
compared with those clubs in little old
New Yo.-k There men't any automo
bile bandits able to run loose for a
week In tlilt , buig , accumulating thou
sands of dollais' worth of booty , and
leaving the police lento absolutely In
the luich fo/ luck of a clow.
A ti-voar-old boy mid a grown up
man aio a good deal alike , after all.
To wear an overcoat makes the boy
feel like a mollycoddle nnd to wear
rubbois makes a man fool the same
way. It takes almost a spanking to
get either one of "em to come across.
A good many people make the mis
take of thinking that cold air Is flesh
air just because it's cold
Is theie anything on earth harder
to do than to get up In the morning
unless It's to go to bed at night ?
We vv ashed our hair last night and
today wo simply can't do a t. w. I.
Are all the robins asleep at the
switch ? Wake up , little blidies , we'ie
on the way.
Here's hoping you won't have to
wear that fur cap again till next De-
The o f. quilting bee has been dis
covered It was hydlng In Norfolk.
"Anothoi reason why many people
beat It for the cabs and pass up the
auto taxicabs at the depots , " a Nor
folk woman sa > s , "is the fact that in
coming passengeis believe the autos
ire private cars and not public ve-
ilcles. A friend cnrne to visit me and
did this tiick When she went home
she wont to the tiain in an auto. "
Tlnee bandits might be able to jump
into a New York taxicab. in the heart
of the financial district , and get away
with $2i",000 , but they couldn't do it in
Emil Moeller has seen a pair of rob
ins and a flock of clucks. Can any
body beat that hand ? It'll take four
of a kind to do it
If the lobins and ducks are ically
on the job to stay , the ground squir
rels on the Country club greens want
to get icacly to duck. Ever see a
ground stiuirrel duck ? They're geese
if they don't and it'll be a hoi so on
them if they get hit with a golf ball ,
now that they've been warned. We
warn 'em because we'd feel sheepish
to make goats of 'em.
fP S There's a hand that beats
those two robins and three ducks. )
Stop the press while we laugh. The
telegiaph operator , listening to A. P.
leased wire clicks , just put the lighted
end of a cigar in his mouth and getaway
away with it without the slightest
suggestion of profanity. Not the
slightest suggestion. It's mean to
laugh but we couldij't help it.
Speaking of politics , we'd like to
know whicn can bent at billiards
Taft or T R. We know T. R plays
tennis and Taft plays of ] but just
at present we've great admiraton for a
clever billiardi t So if they'll line up
and play a string of 100 , it'll help
wonderfully in settling this little presidential -
idential matter.
And heieV a tentative wager We'll
venture that Leo Pasewalk can trim
T. R. at tennis and that Uraden can
take Taft's measure at golf and that
Jack Larkin can make both of 'em
take the count at billiaids. Those
three might practice up on T. R. and
Big Dill and we'll take on the three
winners , provided we can be assured
of $ f0,000 ! and half the moving picture
Anybody else want to get into thif
First robin tournament ? At present
West Point , Pierce and Norfolk are
entered. We have the word of ji
brother-in-law at West Point that one
of the Dirdies was seen there weeks
and weeks ago. We suppose it was n
live one. A pair of 'em were spied
in Edgevvatcr park , Norfolk , thougl :
they weren't reported as nesting. Anc !
now comes Nelson of Pierce claiming
to have seen one the day after Valen
tine's day. That's four of 'em local
ed to date in north Nebraska. De
you believe in signs ?
Flash : The Pennsylvania flyei
made a trip from New York to Chicago
cage today without being wrecked.
We can't understand why the pee
pie who neglected to remind us tc
take our pipe cleaner home , don'l
send it hack ,
Of course it's ' a sweet little thin *
and we don't blame 'em if they do like
to have it round.
Still , as one reading between these
lines might infer , we're badly in need
of it
Hello , here's Lent again. Whnt'li
wo glvo up ? Wo have it. Why nol
the pipe ? Yes , yes , the pipe. Nevei
mind thnt cleaner for the time being
iV _
Some loafers try to blame theii
Inriness on Hard Luck.
Possibly a bird hnngs around all
winter because It Is Im-y Instead of
It IB lather difficult to coiiipmmlHO
with ti rebellious stomach.
Theio Is never as much excitement
as a uervoiH person Imagines.
A fm nun boy's notion eif a sluecuie
Is a job u he to theio me no chores
Most of the things you mo afinld
of won't hurt you If > ou leave them
A yellow newspaper Isn't the only
one which cofois Its news to some ejx-
Theio mo exceptions to all lilies ,
but , geueially speaking , the man who
whips his childen a good deal has a
mean disposition.
Ocoslanally theie Is a woman with
such a Capacity for Woik that she
can maintain a leputation as a model
housekeeper mid a star church work
An old hoise can swear a lot with
1 Its ears.
A lot of nice people say "gimme. "
Instead of "give me. "
Aviation prl/es mo pretty laigo ,
they have to be.
It isn't the last woids of famous
men ( lint make them famous.
Hiagging sometimes helps a little
if the braggart knows when to quit.
A shiftless woman Isn't abused foi
her shiftlessness as much ns man IH
A man acting a cheerfulness he
doesn't feel , Is never a very good ac
Sometimes a barnymcl bird can
whip a regiilai fighting cock , but not
"When I was a hey , I used to fight
a good deal , geneially getting whip
peel. Hut 1 liually found a boy I could
whip , and got oven. Don'l you know
of older people who seek levengo In
that way ? " Rufo Hoskins.
No one else can attiact as much at
lentlon by meanness as a preachei
One has to be diunk to enjoy fight
ing , and a drunken man can't fight
It a man's ambition doesn't make
Mm woik harder , it doesn't amount to
When a man first stops at a big
hotel he is consnleiablj' awed by the
bell boys.
Hon. .lanuaiy Thaw is almost as
popular when he's working good , as
his kin , Haiiy , used to be with the
diottis ladies.
A boy is so tend of cold he favois a
national holiday oveiy time there is
a snowstoini
It a man doesn't make enough to
support one family , he isn't apt to be
lending a Double Lite.
That piejudice against a third tein
probably didn't originate with a mai
holding nis second.
'Ihe meie fart that you don't get
join woik done doesn't piove that
jou have too muc.h to do.
No man should elope with a gii
young enough to endanger him to ai
rest lor kidnapping.
If a man is good at it , he cloesn'
need an excuse for making a speech-
a chance is all he asks.
A handsome man doesn't leinnn
us so mnch of a Gieek god as he does
of a clothing advertisement.
Let us be jojinl ; chances are yoi
will live longer than the life insirr
mice agent's conversation intimates.
To satisfy us of his abiding wisdon
and cultuie , a man must do some
thing more than quote Shakespeare
Veiy few burglars are found , coiisid
01 ing the number of people who ex
pect to find them when they come
home late at night.
From the time a boy thinks his fa
ther knows it all until he thinks he
knows nothing , doesn't seem very
long to the Old Man.
Some women seem to spend most
of their time convalescing , and care
ful training teaches them to wear a
kimono to advantage.
Hy the time there are six or sever
children in Ihe family a birthday Is
no occasion for a birthday party.
While one should not bo dlscour
aged by failure , don't cheerfully take
up thai line as your regular occupa
Slang frequenlly becomes a part o
the English language before Noah
Webster's heirs and assigns are will
ing to admit it.
Shallenberger at Nellgh.
Neligh , Neb. , Feb. 21 Special to
The News Hon. Ashton C. Shallen
berger and other prornlnenl demo
crats of the state will speak in Die
Auditorium in Ibis city tomorrow afl
ernoon at 3 o'clock. The occasion
will be the celebrating of George
Washington s birthday. In the eve
nlng a democratic dollar dinner wil
bo served in the banquet room of the
Odd Fellows. Music la to bo furnish
ed by the Nellgh concert band.
, - xt. "Keep thv Imirt with nil ilili I
HtncoTrov Iv 23.
The Chlncce mij the sent of oru * t
emotions Is in the stomach , the nn
dent Hebrew snld in the hcmt llotli
oak llgurntivcly Wo menu to ell *
tlngulsh the nffcctlous and piiKsloiiN
from intdlcct and will. The hitter wt >
e-nll the henel. the former thn hcmt
"HlH heart Is better than his bend
And with this figure our vvholo Inn
gunge is tilled In trouble wo npe nV '
of heartache , hcmt hicak , hcnrt Nick , j
henrt sore. In joy , light hcnrt , glad '
hcnrt , in love , true heart , dear licnrt !
Of n girl who shows her directions ,
onslly we miy. "She wcnrs Inir lionrt
on her Hlecvc. " We cull the kind und '
merciful tender honrlt-d , grcnt henn
eel "Ho is nil hcmt" Contrary , we *
Miy bnd hearted , hnrd hearted "Ho
has n stony heart. " Of milliner , " 11 -
bus lost heart" or "With all his heart '
"Take mj child to jour heart , " Hay *
the dying mother to n klnsmnn The
Hlblc is full of hemt. Hinin docs not
He-cm to be mentioned God SMH
"Give me thj heart "
Tact and Figure.
"Keep thy hcmt with all dlllgcm c
for out of It nre the IHSUOS of life
sajs the tc-xt What Is the fnct mnl
figure ? Oh that this little orgnn , blc
ns your closed fist , weighing nboin
ten ounces , contincts 10X ( ) ( lines nn
hour , pulbntes . ' 10000.000 times n jenr
pumping the eighteen pounds of blood
In jour boclj , exerting a force that
would lift Its own weight l.XOOO frx-t
every hour , carrjlng life to every p.irt
of the bod.v When It stops , lifts is
done You wnlch xour boy tyingstiitiK
tight about his HIIKCI It gets dark
reel If he let It stay It would get
purple , then die. gangrene sets In , am
putatlon must follow , no blood , sup
plj'e cut off Shut off the blood from
jour finger , arm , leg , eje , anj part ,
that member will die That's the fnct
The figure K that this henrt of whidi
tbo Bible and all literature speaks is
the center of our spiritual selves It
comes from God
When a man lies he shuts off part
of his spiritual life from God When
he steals , wrongs his neighbor , acts
selfishlj , he's shut off that part of his
wpiirtunl natures It becomes deadened ,
nnd if he persists the splritunl boeh
will die "Heart failure. " writes the
young phjsicinn in the elcnth ccrtlli
cnte His older finter doctois smile-
Inclulgentlj at the verdict As the
hcmt alwnvs falls in dissolution , that
term is ns good ns nnothcr. Hut here
Is one of mj church members He *
broken clown spiritually , no longci at
communion , no longer supports the
gospel , no Bible reading , no prayer
He seems benumbed , pnraljzecl in
his spiritual faculties. You appeal to
him. but he seems to have slipped out
of the innks of the living You art )
talking to the dead heart failure
The Call of the Heart.
The cultme of the heart counts
.More people miss heaven from lack
of hcmt than lack of bend. 1 know
that brain wins more npplnuse and
o.iins bigger rnouey. I know that the
woild's premium is on head rnthei
than heart But 1 am not living for
the pie-sent threescore yems and tun
cntiidj I'm after larger game The
call of the heart is the call of etcrnitj
Many a fellow with poor head , but
good heart , has come down to hon
oicd grave , while his neighbor , willi
good head and bnd heart , closed his
dnjs 111 dlsgnico The education ot
the world Is the education of the
he-ad We call the man with no head
equipment a fool What shall we call
the man with no henrt equipment' '
A machine ? It's sad to see the fool
with the dead head , but it's tragedv
to s-eu the tool with the dead heart
After all. the need of the vvoild lodav
N mote heart , and tt warm hcmt it
that. It's the henrt i.Hirer than the
lic-ad that canics all before it. 'Ire
nitudous might of enthusiasm in unj
cause is clue to the all concluding
power of warm hearts Even those
who have cool heads ordinarily me
can led nvvaj before the Hood of warm
hc-nrts The world calls the man with
wrong bend a fool God sujs to the
man with wrong heart. "Thou fool"
1 prefer to range myself on the side
of the Almighty !
The Great Trust.
"Out of it"-lt not out of your bank
book , not business success , not politi
cal influence nor professional glory , not
even out of good family or favorable
environments , but out of it are the
issues of life Our henrts mnke our
worlds for us. Our external clrcum
stances nre the shadows cnst by our
Inner erpcrience. Outer sounds nre
echoes of Inner harmony or discord
The picture's in the heart ns well as in
the Inndsenpe. The heart's the trcn
ury whole your gold is held , the foiin
tnln of the stream of your conduct , i he-
store from which you drnvv coin crsji
tlon nnd deeds , the gnrden where grow
flowers of beauty , the prison where nre
locked jour dangerous passions , the
fortress where your soul's gnrrison
keeps watch , the castle In which you
live , whose- turrets reach the portals
of heaven. Its dungeons the gates of
hell Your outward enemies nre many ,
but "he thnt rult-th his own henrt Is
greater than he thnt tnketh a city"
Your he-art. If repenting , believing , for
Klvlup. Is your soul's cathedral , In
which the e'hrlst comes HH the grent
high priest nnd where > ou may men-f
A want ad campaign will get you
acquainted with a lot ot oaoplo who
want to buy homes and ttre homo you
want to aell would aurcijr suit some of