The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, September 01, 1911, Page 6, Image 6

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Sullivan Ready For Duty
Although lie Has Been In Harness For Many Years , Chicago
cage Americans' ' Catcher Still Classes With the Best
I J'lioto by American Press Association.
Clark Griffith , Reds1 Fiery Leader
Cincinnati Manager Has Pulled Off More Trades and An
noyed More Umps Than Any Other Player
Photo by American Press Association.
Knabe , Phillies' Clever Infielder
As Caretaker of Station No. 2 , He Has Few Superiors
In the National League Today
Vvi > KxWV rP'v' X > y * ? ' *
Pboto by American Press Association.
Street , Senators' Iron Man
The Oftencr He Is Worked the Better Brnnd of Catching
He Delivers For the Washington Americans
Ptwto by American Pres Association.
Mr. and Mra. F. M. Oborolmxv ar-
lived last Friday from ( irldloy , Cal. ,
\\lioro they haxo spout the last two
> oui'8 , and expin-t to lucato permanent
ly In Oakdalo.
Kov. Mr. Clifton , presiding older of
I ho I'nlted llrothroii chinch , will
pronoh here for the no\t few Sundays ,
coming from Meadow Grcno. Latoi
Hov. Mr. Zlminornmn will move here
from Ort'hard , ho having boon Blvoii
the call to thla pastorate for the next
year. Mr. Zimmerman Is not a stranger -
or to all here , and the people of Oak-
dale will bo Kind to have him xxlth UB.
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. 15. Mutson re
signed their positions In It. M. NOB-
bit's general store last Saturday and
will moxe to Stromshorg , where Mr.
Matson has accept < rl a position as
manuKcr of u store. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Lelth are now filling the posi
tions vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Matson.
Mr. and Mrs. Matson will leave the
llrst of the coming month to take up
their new home , and their removal la
very much regretted by all.
Claude Bangs came down from the
western part of the state the llrst of
the week to attend the
Lynn Mlnton came up last Sunday
from Omaha for n ten days' visit with
homo folks , but was recalled to Oma
ha Thursday to go out Into the state
as foreman of one of the Nebraska
Telephone company's gangs.
The grading for the schoolhouse was
completed the latter part of last week
and n car of the hollow tiled brick
arrived the llrst of the week which am
being hauled to the grounds. The
laying of the brick foundation will
commence at once.
Miss Nellie Morris returned Monday
evening from IJioomllold , where she
spent the latter part of last week
with Miss Ella Trenlmllo. Mlus Trcn-
hallo will arrive the later part of tills
week to take up her position as an
instructor in the school here.
J. F. Boyd was transacting business
in town Tuesday.
Mrs. A. 13. Nicholas is spending ( lie
week In town visiting home folks , and
attending the Chautaucjua.
Hay Honey of Raymond , Nob. , ar
rived the lirst of the weolc to take up
the position of assistant In 11. A. Wor-
ley's barber shop. Ho will also be a
member of the Oakdale band and a
member ot thc'Oakdalo ball team , be
ing well litted for both places.
Mr. A. 131 wood returned last night
from a business trip in Canada.
Hex' . Snyder , pastor of the Metho
dist church here , departed on the early
train Wednesday morning for Colora
do to look after business interests
and for a xisit witli his family. He
xvlll be gone about ten days.
Among the Tilden citizens camping
hero are Dr. and Mrs. Barr and family
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Boycr , Mrs. T. T.
McDonald and daughter , and others.
Mr. Thomas Hanson of the German
bank of Tilden and John Thorns and
family of Tilden attended hte Chau-
tauqua here yesterday.
C. F. Heft , assistant at the depot
here , spent part of last xveek and the
first of this at his home In Cedar
Mrs. John Nelson of Tilden Is a
guest at the home of her daughter ,
Mrs. O. B. Manville.
Notorious Woman Leaves.
With tears in her eyes Edna Ingham ,
Ill-famed woman and formerly a resort
keeper of this city , bade goodbye to
her friends In Norfolk before leaving
the United States for her childhood
homo In England. Tiie Ingham wo
man sold her business here sometime
ago. She came back to Norfolk from
Omaha xvlicre she has been stopping
to make final settlement of her busi
ness affairs and she declares she xvlll
"sail" very soon. The Ingham xvo-
man has been in many shooting
scrapes here , some that have been
made public and some that have not.
The woman xvas reported to have
come into possession of a largo for
tune In England but she has confided
to friends here that the "fortune" Is
not "so largo after all. " There are
heavy debts against It , so she xvill not
enjoy much of it. She declares she
goes to England to stay.
Charged With Starving Baby.
Charged with the neglecting , mis
treating and starving their 2-months-
old baby boy , Mr. and Mrs. George
Stevents , 305 Nofth Eighth street ,
xvero arrested early this morning and
taken to Madison to appear before
County Judge William Bates to an-
sxver the charges made in the county
court yesterday by Mrs. Ida Schultz ,
a sister to Mrs. Stevens. According
to reports there has been 111 feeling
betxveen the complainant and defend
ants. Mrs. Schultz , It Is said , will en
deavor to get possession of the child ,
In her complaint Mrs. Schultz saya
that the Infant Is being starved and
unless Immediate action be taken by
the court It xvlll die. She asks that
the child and Its parents bo taken Into
court. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens took the
baby with them to Madison this morn-
Ing. Mrs. Schultz says that Stevens
will not alloxv anyone to assist or aid
in the care of the infant.
Mr. Stex'ens was getting ready to go
to xvork this morning xvhen the con
stable put hi in under arrest. The
man seemed surprised and when ho
xvas told his slster-ln-laxv xvas the com
plainant , he declared ho had her ar
rested recently. Records on the dock
ets of the local police do not shoxv this
Switch Track for an Alley.
Signed by oxvners of nearly all prop
erty from the east side of First street
to Fifth street , betxvcon Norfolk and
Braasch avenues , the petition asking
that the city council grant a franchise
to the Union Pacific railroad company
to build a spur track from their right-
of-xvay on Fifth street doxvn the alloy
between Braasch and Norfolk avenues
cast to the Sugar City cereal mills
and thence south to the city pumping
station , for the benefit of the city , and
all business buildings In that section
of the city , who receive and ship
freight In carload lots , xvas granted by
the council last evening ami the or
dinance committee and the city attor
ney xvoio lustuielod to tliaxv up an
oidlnanco to that effect.
The ordinance Is let bo taken up at
the next meeting of the council xvhrn
It xvlll bo ntshod tluough to enable
the railroad company to got to xvork
Immediately on the now Improvement.
According to the petition , the railroad
company Is to build the track no as
not to Inconvonlonco tralllc In any
xvay. Cars xvlll not bo allowed to
stand on the track. II. A. Pasoxvalk
and A. W. llaxvklna , xvho xvero pres
ent at the meeting In the Interest of
the petition , declare that the railroad
company xvlll probably construct
planking betxvoon the tracks In this
alloy , which xvlll enable teams todrlxo
there just as they are doing at the
present time. The building of this
track , say a number of the councilmen -
men , xvlll not only Increase the value
of the property affected by the trackIng -
Ing , but xvlll Induce noxv business en
terprises to come horo. The granting
of the petition alone , say's one busi
ness man , assures the establishing of
a xvholesalo buggy and machinery
house here.
.lames Dlgnan , a local plumber xvho
the council believe did some digging
for the city some time ago , will be
asked to make settlement xvlth Claude
Housh , xvho not long ago ran into a
ditch In the southern portion of the
city and sustained several broken ribs
and other Injuries. Housh asks the
city for $250 damages. The city xvlll
endeavor to hold Dlgnan responsible
under his bond. The bond , bowoxer ,
Is only good for one year anil the xvork
having been done over txvo years ago
may leave Dignan out.
Mayor Friday xvould establish a hay
market square in Norfolk. Ho recom
mended last night that the public
xxorks committee got busy and find a
location for fanners xvho come to the
city to sell hay. The Foster lots xvhlch
heretofore have been used for this
purpose aio noxv occupied and the
farmers are xvithout a lot for the sell
ing ol hay. The public xvorks 'commit
tee xvas instructed to llml a place for
a hay market. The committee xvas
given power to act.
Tluough the untiring efforts of Coun
cilman Koerber of the Fourth xvard ,
the NortlixvcRtern load xvlll not be in
convenienced by a long xvalt for it
petition to bo signed in New York
City asking the city council to create
a soxvor district on the south side for
the connection xvlth the noxv depot and
other noxv buildings being constructed
there. Councilman Koerber had ready
an oidlnanco at last night's meeting
xvhicli xvas passed with speed. After
its passage City Engineer Tracy hand
ed in plans and specifications and an
estimate and bids for the construction
of this sexver xvlll be advertised for
immediately. Within eleven clays the
bids xvill be opened and the lucky con
tractor ordered to get busy at once.
After an exhibition of a "disc" me
ter by a representative of an eastern
factory , it developed that the city has
been paying $12 for a meter xvhlch Is
not as good as a meter costing but $8.
It also developed that the ordinances
prohibit the purchase of the cheaper
and better meter. The disc meter Is
being installed in many other cities
and has proved its superiority to the
$12 meter used in Norfolk. The city
council ordered that the city attorney
change the city ordinances to alloxv
the use of the disc meter. No reason
xvas given why the ordinance prohib
ited , heretofore , the use of the cheaper
Oscar Alderman of Bassett xvas a
visitor in the city.
George Stetter of Valentine xvas here
transacting business.
William Leggett of Grand Forks , N.
D. , Is visiting in the city.
P. H. Davis returned from a busi
ness trip at St. Paul , Minn.
Mrs. Caroline Moir and a party of
Creighton ladles xvere in the city visit
ing xvlth friends.
Rex- , and Mrs. Hubert Robert of
Tecumseh are In the city visiting at
the home of Mrs. Bertha Pllger.
Mrs. H. Schmode , who has been
here visiting with her brothers , Dr. R.
A. Mlttelstadt and L. C. Mittolstadt ,
for the past txvo months , has returned
to her homo at Scotts Bluffs , Neb.
Mrs. Louise Barney , accompanied by
her niece Katherlno Sheelcr , daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sheeler , has
gone to the xvestern coast to spend
several months xvlth relatives. They
xvill visit at Portland , Seattle , and cli-
fornla points returning to Norfolk
about Christinas.
John H. Hays returned from Omaha.
II. F. Barnhart returned from Greg
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Krcit-
man , a son.
C. L. Anderson Is at Spencer trans
acting business.
Fremont is planning an aeroplane
meet as a feature of its big fall festl-
x'al this year.
Mrs. A. G. Heckman has been called
to the bedside of her daughter , Mrs.
J. F. Faubel at Winner.
Miss Matilda Schmodo has gene to
Scotts Bluffs , Nob. , where she has
been elected as a teacher In the pub
lic schools.
A regular meeting of the Norfolk
Ad club will be held In the offices of
the Norfolk Electric Light and Poxvcr
company this evening.
E. P. Weathorby has returned from
Omaha , where ho went for treatment
of cataracts In his oyes. Ho xvill go
back for an operation this fall.
A special meeting of the Commercial
club directors xvas held at noon yes
terday. Further discussions of the oil
road problem xvoro features of the
Mrs. W. P. Logan xvas summoned to
Omaha yesterday by the death of a
niece , the 16-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Meyers , formerly'of
The Norfolk ball team xvent to Win-
side at noon for a return game xvltn
the WInsldo team. Atkinson xvlth a
strong line-up conies to Norfolk Sun
day afternoon.
II. M. CoulHon Is making oxlemilvo
Improvc'im-nta upon his residence pro
perty , 1102 North Eleventh utroot.
( "ril llornor. found guilty of uumiull-
Ing Frank Pen-hull , XVIIM taken to Madi
son. 11 IK partner Gallagher , found
guilty of the same charge , was able to
Mini friends xxho paid liln lino.
Nathan Uockard of llutiivla , 111. , fail
ed to break the ground record on the
golf links of the Norfolk Country
club. Mr. Hockard played aumnil
tliri-o timoH , going - IfiII and -li. ( llo
loft the city this morning
William J. Sheehan , xvho succeeded
Frank A. llroxvn as traveling salesman
for the Cudahy Packing company of
South Omaha , xvlll make Norfolk hla
homo. Mrs , Sheehan arrived In the
city a foxv days ago and the noxv fam
ily arc making their homo at the How-
Ins residence , on South Eighth street.
Two tramps xvoro being sought for
yesterday afternoon by Chief of Po-
llt-o Marquardt xvho declared the men
\\ero making a nuisance of thomuolvea fi
stopping citizens on the street and j * >
bogging for money xvlth xvhlch to buy r
City Engineer II. II. Tracy has fcl fc
xvlthdraxvn his name as a candidate l
for the ofllco of county surveyor. Mr.
Tracy xvaa nominated on the demo
cratic ticket , but declares ho Is unable
to sorxo both au county surveyor anq
city engineer. Ho prefers the latter
position and sent a letter to County
Clerk S. R. MeFarlantl asking that his
name bo stricken from the ballot.
County Commissioner Hurr Tuft has
a force of men hard at xvork claying
the road for the extension of the oilIng -
Ing of the Madison road. Mr. Taft re
ports that the \\orkmen are ondoaxor-
ing to Inconvenience the travel on that
road as little as possible , but some
dllllculty Is already found In doing
thin. The xvork of c-lajlng \\ill be
rushed and the tralllc xvlll not suffer
W. R. Gough , for the past two years
employed as a tailor In the shop of
P. J. Fuesler , lias resigned his posi
tion to take over bis father's tailoring
business at Perry , la. Mr. ( lough's
father is 70 years old and finds It
necessary to retire. Mr. ( Sough Is an
ovboldlor and xvhllo an enlisted man
xvas detailed au chief tailor of a regi
ment of infantry. Ho has made many
frit-mis in Norfolk and not long ago
\\as united in marriage to Miss Lizzie
Mansko. llo likes Norfolk and regrets
leaxing this city.
E. R. Hays Is busy loading a car
with his household goods preparatory
to moving to Sheridan , Wyo. , xvhoro
lie has bought out a largo cigar and
noxvs business. Mr. Hayes some
months ago disposed of his Norfolk
property and through the inducement
of a brother-ln-laxv at Sheridan , a
successful contractor and builder , ho
purchased the store at Sheridan. Mr.
and Mrs. Hayes xvill leave Norfolk
sometime next week. They have ar
ranged to arrive at Sheridan before
the end of August. Mr. Hayes takes
possession of the Sheridan store on
September 1.
Ed Hans , proprietor of the Pleasure
Club boat landing , is being annoyed
by tramps xvho are making their head
quarters on "Tramp island. " Several
of them have been proxvllng around
the Hans property and Mr. Hans cap
tured one in the act of "pooping"
through the tent In which Mrs. Hans
xvas xvorklng. At the suggestion of a
good sized revolver the tramp made
fast time from the place , leaving be
hind him Ills hat. Guy Nistel , xvho is
assisting Hans , reports that the tramps
are becoming too bold on the Island
and that their presence there is begin
ning to be a menace to the housexvivcs \
of that neighborhood.
Six members of the Norfolk militia
company returned this morning from
Stanton xvhcro they spent three days
xvlth the Stanton militia company at
target practice. Private Fred Inglls
qualified as a sharpshooter and the
remainder of the Norfolk soldiers
qualified as marksmen. Maj. Penn Is
in charge of the target range. Lieut.
Hans Anderson had charge of the
Norfolk detachment. Lieut. Lorln
Brueggemann takes the entire com
pany to Stanton Sunday for target
practice. Among the soldiers xvho re
turned from Stanton today arc Lieut.
Anderson , Privates Inglls , Odiornc ,
Hight , Truelock , Davidson.
Judge Elsclcy hold a night session
in the police court last night and ha 1
as an audience the majority of the
city fathers xvho xvere holding a ses
sion in the council chambers. Patrol
man O'Brien arrested Mrs. Carl Whit-
tenberg , 711 South Fourth street , on
charges of being a vagrant and a nui
sance. A man xvas found in company
of Mrs. Whittenberg but because ho
xvas the sole support of bis aged
mother , ho xvas turned loose. Mrs.
Whittenberg xvas given a fine of $10
and given until next Monday to pay.
"I haven't a cent but I xvill try to get
It by next Monday , " she said. "My
husband Is working on a farm. He
has been away since last Monday. "
Hang Judge In Eflgy.
Seattle , Aug. 20. United States
District Judge Cornelius II. Hanford
xvas hanged in eflgy hero last night
while a mass meeting was being held
to protest against his action In grantIng -
Ing a temporary Injunction sought by
the Seattle , Henton & Southern rail-
xvay. The injunction restrains patrons
of the company in the Rainier Valley
from Interfering xvlth the enforcement
of a nexv faro schedule. No arrests
xvero made.
Charred Body of Solen Jensen Found
In Ruins.
Sioux City , la. , Aug. 25. Solen Jensen -
son xvas burned to denth nnd six
frame houses on the Fourth street via
duct wore destroyed in n flro nt 3:15 :
o'clock yesterday. The loss on the
buildings , according to their owner ,
Charles Wise , will total $0,000. They
wore Insured for ? 1,500. The occu
pants estimate tbelr losses at more
than ? 1,000. They carried no Insur