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The Norfolk Wwkly News-Journal
Tliu NCWH , KMnbllshed 1881.
The Journal. Kutablluhed 1877.
W. N. 11 line N. A. Huso ,
President. Secretary.
iSvery Friday. Hy mall per year ,
Entered at tlio postofllce. at Norfolk ,
Neb. , as second class matter.
Telephone ) ; : Editorial Department
No. 22. Business Ofllceand Job llooms ,
No. 11 22.
lllrain Maxim turn Invented a noise
less cannon , but It will never bo pop
ular for Fourth of July celobratlotiH.
Mr. Carnegie- might bavo to put an
addition on hit * libraries If bo told all
bo know about United States Steel.
The harem Khlrts prove unpopular
tit Atlantic City. They were too much
llko tbo mantle of chnrlty In covering
up sins.
Tacoina has found out that the men
who will accept olllce under the recall
nystom are the men who ought to be
The government Is after the alleged
magazine trust , nnd it proposes to
Htop this restraint of the trade in
muck rakes. ( g j
Some people favor substituting ice
cream for explosives July 4 , and stomachache
achache really seems moro desirable
than lockjaw.
This campaign against unnecessary
noises should take up the question of
Capt. Ilobson and his views on the
war with Japan.
The summer resorts are filling up ,
nnd one must get bis quarters ready
for the table waiters , or be relegated
to the famine sufferers.
The absence of n coronation ode
from Alfred Austin caused comment ,
but If he can't get It printed elsewhere
wo will take it at space rates.
The queen naturally wept during
the coronation , as her carefully pre
pared dinner must have got very cold
during an eight hours ceremony.
Mr. Taft wants the senate to vote
on reciprocity , and after a full line of
speeches has been mailed to every
voter , they may consent to do so.
The congressmen are spending so
much time looking at the grandstand
that they forget all about the ball un
til it gets tangled up with their feet.
The arbitration treaty with England
Is nearly ready , but the senate will
observe its rights to deposit chestnut
burrs beneath the British lion's tail.
As Envoy Hammond had to wear
knee breeches to the coronation , he
could ride up to the Abbey on a bi
cycle instead of having to hire a hack.
Fourteen lumber trust men are pre
sented with indictments , which papers
it is now fashionable to frame and
hang along side of your college degree.
The fat men are In convention in
Boston , and let us hope that bridges ,
railroad trestles and steamship
wharves have been carefully inspect
President Taft kissed a baby on his
Fall Hlver visit. After many hard
knocks , he is gradually learning the
elementary principles of statesman
Admiral Togo is spending seventeen
days looking over our country , but we
don't believe it necessary yet to put
nnuor plate on the Hoboken ferry
The president talked to 100,000 people
ple at Providence , R. 1. , almost as
many as would have turned out to see
a. Newport divorcee go by with her
lap dog.
Strange to say , the senators who
used to wear the sugar trust tag in
place of a boutonnlere , have got tc
the point where they keep it inside
their coats.
Now that the coronation Is over
King George must feel relieved to be
able to put his tall coat in the closet
and walk down to the olllce in his
business suit.
The Yale class of ' 9G brags of Its 30) )
babies , but how many of those bachelors
olors of arts can carry one of the kids
so as not to hurt Us neck , without con
slant coaching from their wives ?
From the way the story lias beer
coming out , many people feel that Col
Roosevelt would have gotten as nvucl
satisfaction out of a ham sandwich as
out of dining with Senator Lorimer.
Many college students are now get
ting trips to Europe by feeding cattle
on tbo freight boats. This Is mucl
preferable to serving course dinners tc
the Smart Set as summer hotel wait
An eastern paper says the
York Sun does not like Woodrow Wll
son. Will this contemporary klndlj
mention any one the New York Sur
does like ?
Aviator Sopwlth has delivered t
package by aeroplane to the steamer
Olympic. How n red blooded baggage
handler would enjoy delivering trunks
In that manner.
If all the energy devoted by Hanker
Morse to getting out of Jail had been
previously devoted to keeping out , he
might Rtlll be Joyfully riding around
on his Ice cartH.
Henry James got a Harvard degree
and now they should give another to
the man who shall get up a guide book
by which ono can understand Mr.
James' writings.
John L. Sullivan Is to retire from
the stgo , but If bo keeps on contrib
uting bis classic gems of English prose
to the newspapers , the cause of lltera-
uru Is-stlll safe.
Indianapolis and Buffalo have adopt-
d municipal ( lags for city booming
urposcs. This Is not a bad Idea. It
night be so used as to prove an in-
entlvo to civic patriotism.
Not merely did the court sanction
he Southern and Union Pacltlc mer-
; er , but one gang of ruthless monop
olists Is allowed to operate the two
iaralk'1 lines of a double track rail
The democrats arc hurrying to get
heir tariff bill into public document
'orm , before the tariff board has time
o see bow It looks in the light of
usiness men's ledgers and working-
nen's wages.
In view of the head-on locomotive
olllslon at the Indianapolis Fourth of
illy celebration , Mr. Taft would en-
mnce his popularity by confining his
peech to the historic words , "Let her
go Gallagher. "
By a strange contradiction from
ivhat would be expected , the author of
he much loved song "Home Sweet
lome" was a poor and homeless bach
elor , who never knew the Joys of home
Ife after lie reached maturity.
Ex-Senator Hopkins says Jack-pot-
Ing has always been common in the
llinois legislature. Like the hotel
cloak-room man , legislators Instead of
receiving a salary will soon be paying
for the chance at the tips.
Farming seems destined to become
one of the highest of the learned pro
fessions instead of one specially de
signed to furnish employment for the
men who didn't know enough to do
anything else , as it was once regarded.
If the campaign in favor of safe and
sane Fourth of July celebrations is
kept up energetically , the fire engine
and the doctor will not play as im
portant parts as formerly in the day's
Watch the boy who knows how to
stick to what he is doing till he has
accomplished it. That boy has a fu
ture. Tenacity of purpose is a charac
teristic which will , alone , go far to
repair even the lack of native ability.
A Kansas official says that a drink is
being sold in that state which upon
being analyzed was found to contain
prune Juice , jlmpson weed , logwood
and tobacco. That old question ,
"What's the matter with Kansas ? " has
been answered once for all.
The defeat of the Root amendment
to the Canadian reciprocity agreement
gives the country assurance that the
senate will act favorably on the agree
ment , as It was entered , without tackIng -
Ing on objectlonal riders.
The sagacious newly married couple
will carefully sweep up the rice of
fered by attentive friends and offer it
to them in the form of a rice pudding
at some future social function.
Banker Morse is now trying to get
out of Jail by a habeas corpus writ , in
spite of the service he could do his
country by keeping calm and attend'
ing strictly to the creation of cane
seat chairs.
As the packers won't be tried until
November 20 , too early to assure us
cheap filling for this summer's picnk
sandwiches , some of us will have tc
keep on using lettuce leaves from tlu
kitchen garden.
How those eleven Harvard bach
elors of arts who are to become "Jour
nallsts" will feel when the city editoi
asks them to walk three miles Intc
the suburbs and ask Mrs. Harduj
where she spends the week-end !
Whatever may be the Justice of tin
suit against the magazines under the
anti-trust law , it Is evident that tin
government is making every effort t <
have all business Interests live up t (
the law regardless who Is hit.
Forty-nine countries were represent
ed at the recent meeting of the Inter
national institute of agriculture ai
Rome. It was voted to adopt tin
American method of handling crop es
tlmates , reports and conditions , whicl
are acknowledged to be more com
plete and accurate than those of anj
other country.
The luxurious club rooms in the
annex to the senate are so complete
and satisfactory in every detail thai
it Is said the senators no longer pine
for the adjournment of congress , bui
are content to idle awny their time
there indefinitely. Is there no way 01
making their quarters so hot for them
that 11 icy will get a move on the busi
ness for which they were sent there"
Americans are the greatest fruit
eaters In tHe world. The importation
of foreign fruits has grown phenom
enally in the last generation. A generation -
oration ago the banana was a rare
wiry. Last year 40.000.HOO bunches
ere brought Into this country. Dur-
Ig the same time only a few hundred
lousand bunches wore oaten in Eng-
and. The English take more kindly
o American apples , of which they eat
million barrels a year.
Smokers can now grow their own
ipes. The London Mirror states hat
alabash seeds have recently arrived
i England for the first time , and the
nportor claims that any one can grow
Is own calabash In a few months , uu-
er glass. They have to be baited In
n oven about three months before
boy are ready for the tobncooulbt
Consequently those who sow their cal-
basil seeds now would not reap tueli
Ipes before Christmas.
If China succeeds in collecting that
Ix million dollar indemnity from Mex-
co it will give the nations of the
arth to understand that she is dis-
Inctly in the arena and knowing her
Ights , and hereafter proposes to main
ain them at least when a smaller
atlon does her a wrong. The world
las made a great deal of talk about
Ivilizlng China , but it is evident that
China has decided to reciprocate.
When the call to arms came lifty
rears ago , a large body of students
eft the University of North Carolina
o Join the confederate army. It was
most pathetic scene when this spring
00 old men , the survivors of that stu
[ lent body , returned to their college
and received their long waited for
bachelor of arts degree.
Although Canada was won Iroin
he French by the English more than
a century and a half ago , the French
residents of a suburb of Montreal oh-
ected most strenuously to a recent at-
empt to place an English sign on the
lostolllce. They gathered in the vil-
age square and after a patriotic dem
onstration in which the songs of their
athers were enthusiastically sung
hey placed a sign in the French lan
guage upon the building. It takes a
eng time to make an Englishman out
of a Frenchman.
The incident of 2,000 voters being
ilisfranchised for live years for vote
selling in Ohio Is still fresh in the
public mind. Probably not many have
thought to ask who bought their votes
or what punishment was meted out to
the purchaser. But recent disclosures
supported by affidavits of the offend
ing voters seem to prove that Judge
Blair , who made this wholesale on
slaught to purify the ballot Is , him
self , the guilty party. If the offense
charged were not so serious , this
would add a spice of comedy to the
melodrama , with Blair in each case in
the leading role.
In ten years the automobile bus
revolutionized the world. It has ou
distances into fractions of their for
mer selves and created a new relntion
ship among country towns and be
tween the farm and the town.
"Booster" trade excursions , carry
ing the citizens of one town over a
great distance and permitting them to
become better acquainted with the !
neighboring communities , have come
to be quite a commonplace spectacle ii
this part of the west within the pas
few months , and their popularity i
With the arrival of the automobile
and good roads , farm life isn't the
drudge that once it was.
To the prevailing sight of closet
church doors during hot weather , with
the parsons mostly summering at coo
resorts , it is commonly remarked , am
with much force , that the devil neve
takes a vacation.
At the same time , when the young
sters are driven up to Sunday schoo
right through the summer at a periot
which the day schools recognize a
rest time , it takes a good many pic
nics and Christmas trees to wipe ou
inner resentment at conservative re
llglous high brows.
When the small boy remarked tha
"We have a very kind minister at ou
church , who preaches short sermon
on hot Sundays , " the old folks laugl
ed , but he had really hit on a profoun
Playing "catch" on the street In Noi
folk has been permitted by the pollc
without Interference , but the time ha
come when a halt should be called.
serious accident Friday evening , who
a Hoskins man driving an automobll
was struck In the face and serious ]
wounded , ought to be enough of
warning to t'he authorities to put
stop to the nuisance.
The streets were made for vehicle
and not for a baseball field. The dan
ger of throwing a ball back and fort
on a principal business street , or an
other street , Is obvious. Friday's ac
cldent tells the story. v
And what happened Friday will hap
pen again , unless the nuisance is don
away with. The next time the bal
may strike and kill. No person wh
drives on the street Is Immune from
the danger and the next victim may b
you , or some member of your family ,
If street ball playing goes on.
Do you think Norfolk doesn't need
a hospital ? Do you think the people
of this city arc doing their duty by
themselves , or by their families , or by
the tributary which looks to Norfolk
as Its metropolis , in not building a
hospital ? Is it fair to ourselves that
when members of our families are sicker
or injured , they must bo carted 120
miles tin n rough railroad Journey , be
fore they tan get modern , sanitary
care ?
Suppose It was your wife , or your
ttlo girl or little boy who was slid-
only stricken and needed hospital
are , If n battle were to be made for
Ife ? Wouldn't you think , then , that
Norfolk needed something of that
ort ? Don't you think we owe it to
nil-selves to get busy on this proposi-
Ion ? Is there a man in all Norfolk
vho wouldn't gladly go Into his pocket
nd give as liberally as he could , to
stabllsh such an Institution in this
ity ? Surely not.
As a rule the maintenance of hos-
) ltals In small cities is unprofitable ,
riit a proposition was made to the
Corfolk Commercial club some months
igo whereby , if the city will build n
; 10,000 hospital , its maintenance for
ever will bo taken care of by the Epis-
opal church of Nebraska.
The News hopes , and it believes the
icople of Norfolk hope , that the di
rectors of the Commercial club may
ee their way clear to take up the
natter of raising money for a hospital ,
vithout further delay.
Norfolk has needed a hospital for
nany years , and it needs It worse
every day. The cost is a small matter ,
vhen its importance to the community
s considered , and there's no time like
.he present for getting busy on the
The statistics of any of our college
graduating classes show a remarkable
hange as respects choice of business
nnd professions.
Take for instance , the Harvard class
of 1911. Here are the figures of stu-
lents choosing the so-called learned
professions : Law , 78 ; medicine , 2-1 ;
ministry , S ; teaching. 49 ; total. 159.
These are the total for business
Callings : Business , So ; engineering ,
4C ; banking , 22 ; manufacturing , 23 ;
chemistry , G ; total , 184.
That Is , the most famous American
miverslty , once almost exclusively a
training school for the scholastic pro
fessions , is turning out more business
than professional men today.
It is felt by many people that it is a
mistake , as a business proposition , for
a young man who is bent on a com
mercial career , to spend four years in
college. The recently published fig
ures of the Dartmouth college grad
uates of the year 1900 do not support
that Idea. The returns of that class
so far as available showed that they
are now averaging to earn ? 2C30 per
And yet everyone of us counts in
his personal acquaintance college men
who are grinding away at adding up
columns of figures or tending ribbon
counters , work for which six months
in a commercial school would have
given adequate preparation.
What is the mysterious influence of
the classic shades of college , assum
ing due attention to work on the part
of the student , that has this power to
enlarge the scope of a man's life , even
from the coarse and fleshly viewpoint
of business success ?
It would indeed be hard to analyze.
Ono great element must be the per
sonality of the college faculty. The
boy comes from a secondary echool
where methods of teaching are too
often conventional and routine. He
finds the teachers repeating facts and
directing them how to do certain prob
lems , after rules found in books.
The typical college professor Is a
more original worker. He is apt to
proceed as if no book on the suhjecl
had ever been written , and as if pro
fessor and student were original ex
plorers in mi untried and undiscov
ered field.
This gives a student the habit of
thinking out things for himself , and
discovering and creating successes out
of situations where others see onlj
The movement for a more patriotic ;
expression of national sentiment on
July 4 gains force every year , and
awakens approval even from those
who are tolerant of the destructive
burly burly once universal.
At the same time , to make this civic
birthday look good to the small boy
there must bo something more thai
the solemn splurge of the Fourth of a
generation ago , accounts of which yen
can find In the files of our older news
Of course the fathers used to have
a Jolly time with wrestling matches
barbecues of fat animals , and other
exuberances. But when one reads the
typical July 4 speech of about the
year 1840 to 1850 , it Is clear that the
patriotism of today Is at least more
But how the eagle did scream at
those florid and rebundant functions
of our previous history !
According to the holiday oratory of
those celebrations , the entire polltica
wisdom and constructive statesman
ship of the world was centered under
the stars and stripes. We were n
bumptious I youth , and we used to pro
claim the truths of statecraft to a
waiting and awe struck world , much
as the college graduate of today tells
how the earth would cease this dis
tressing creaking on its axis If It
would but grease the bearings with
the wisdom of newly fledged alumni.
As the youth grows more modest
the farther away lie gets from his college -
lego degroo. so America takes Its place
In the sisterhood of nations with loss
aggressive self assertion. We believe
we have the best government In the
world , but we do not feel that it Is
always good manners to be proclaim
ing that fact In the ears of our neigh
The new Fourth and its oratory will
look more to the future than to the
past. If It tells of the deathless deeds
of the patriots of old , It will be from
no fooling of self satisfaction but
merely to show the youth of today the
standard that Is bet for their far up
hill climb.
Thp new Fourth will always be a
lay for young heart * . What If the
iroworks do look a little palo to the
ilaso eyes of ago. If they stir the
'Ahs" and "Ohs" from the children ,
hey make good. And first and fore-
nest in the new Fourth must always
ie manly athletics , for the llrst stop
n patriotism Is to place n sound nor
mil body at tbo service of your coun
You can't expect anything In this
column today.
Please pass the bromo-selzer.
The Rosebud got an inch of rain
Wednesday night , as well as the north
edge of Xebraska. Apparently not out
of the rain belt Just yet.
Does your face get muddy these
lays ?
We haven't the heart to ask you if
t's hot enough for you.
What chance has the primary law
among democrats of the Ninth Judicial
ilistrict , anyhow ?
If Gov. Aldrich's Information about
Ohio opposing Taft is no more au
thentic than bis wildcat dream about
Nebraska going for the pompadour kid
of Wisconsin , it needn't worry the
president a great deal.
The nldfashioncd raspberry pie , with
juice around the edges , has been
round , in all its deliclousness , in a
liouse on Nebraska avenue and Elev
enth street.
A tea party might be all right these
days , if it was iced tea.
But a swimming party would suit
us better. Are you on ? You know
what the last guy in , is. Now beat it.
There's always some place where
It's hotter. Won't mention any names.
How can a man sleep eight hours a
day , work eight hours a day. spend
three hours a day at meals , play golf
two hours a day , run an automobile
the rest of the twenty-four and stil1
have time to mow the lawn and water
the trees and spade up around the
woodbine and trim the hedge ?
This is a good time of year to culti
vate the neighbors' chickens. A little
later they'll be about right to decapi
A Norfolk farmer , who has a colored
farmhand , said to the man : "I'm go
ing to pay you on a sliding scale this
year. If the crops are good , I'll pay
you well ; if they're poor , the wages
will be lower. "
"I've worked that way before , " the
colored man said. "Once I worked
that way for a fellow and at the end
of the season I owed him money. "
There may be ways of ridding Nor
folk of criminals and thugs who have
been camping around this town for the
past three weeks. But a police force
70 years old is not the way.
Where are you going to celebrate ?
If you get a powder burn , or if the
children do , have a doctor dress it at
once. That's cheaper than the lock
There are too many unswatted flies
roaming around.
And too many uncut weeds.
And too big a town without a hos-
Cast your lamps on that cluster light
yet ? How'd Norfolk avenue look , with
a string of 'em running along each
side ? Fremont's got 'em.
What's become of the old fashioned
ante-Fourth noise. Time was when
you didn't dare drive your horse
around town for a week in advance of
the Fourth , lest it be scared to death ,
and the list of Fourth of July acci
dents began long before the arrival of
the celebrated day. What's become of
the Insane Fourth , anyhow ?
Only three more sleeps , and not
much of that.
With a big land rush coming , it
would be a great little time to build n
new hotel In Norfolk.
Tomorrow there'll bo no News. The
Fourth of July is one day in the year
when we absolutely refuse to work a
goldarn bit.
A humorist at Erie. Pa. , sending out
a dispatch about a train robbery , says
It was done in true "wild west" fash
ion. We appreciate the courtesy of
the headline writer on The News who
changed it to read "wild cast. " That's
more like it.
With a hundred thousand people to
pass through this city during the com
ing hind rush , It behooves Norfolk to
get busy and light her streets with
( luster lights from beginning to end.
XOW'H the time.
If you value your health , or your
llfo , don't drink Ice water or anything
else with Ice In It , this hot weather.
It's a very Injurious thing to do.
"American Illes 93 miles In 71 min
utes ; " "Italian tiles lit ! miles In an
hour In an automobile ; " "Atwood flies
Into Xew York City. " Where the
deuce do all the Illes come from , any
way ? We keep swatting and swatting ,
; ul still the air Is full of 'em.
I'Set the alarm clock for 4 a. in.
And don't hold the llrecrackor In
your hand after it's lighted.
And If you do get a powder burn ,
get a doctor to dress the wound , bo It
ever so humble.
Leaps Down Fifteen Stories.
Chicago , July It.-G. A. Wright , a
clerk , committed suleldo today by
jumping from the fifteenth story of the
Masonic temple building to the court
below. He was instantly killed.
Suggestive Queries on International
Sunday School Lessons.
July 9th , 1911.
( Copyright , inio. \ > y Kcv. I' . S. Unnrolt. II. )
The Suffering Servant of .lubovtih.
Isa. 111:13 : 1111:12. :
Golden Text The Lord bath laid
oi < him the iniquity of us nil. I&a.
1111 : C.
( t. ) Verfo. 13 Who was the "ser
vant" of whom Isaiah speaks ?
( i ! . ) Wliut is It to be u servant of
God , and how docs Jesus fulfil such a
position ?
(3. ( ) In how many respects Is Jesui
"exalted , extolled , " nnd "very high ? "
(4. ( ) Verses 14-15 Notwlthstandinj
the Old Testament prophecies con
cerning the Buffering Messiah was
there a single poraon who was not
"astonished" at his crucifixion ?
( ft. ) Why were all the people of
God Including hta apostles "nston-
telied , " and disappointed , at the cruel-
iixlcm of Jesus ?
( C. ) What bun Jesus "sprinkled" the
nations with ?
(7. ( ) What proportion of the kings
or the presidents of the nations look
to. and honor JGBUS as the Saviour of
tbo world ?
(8. ( ) Vcrpcs 11H:1 : How many to day
believe this "report" of the suffering
eon of OodT
(0. ( ) Why tinve BO many refused to
believe this "report ? "
(10. ( ) What relation do those whom
God has delivered from their sins and
their sorrowful fears , bear to this "re
port ? "
(11. ( ) Vernes 2-3 What would have
bcon the r nult to God's cause , if the
world's redeemer had belonged to a
kingly home Instead of a carpenter's ?
(12. ( ) What would have been the dif
ference In the results If Jeans had
been a great general , a legislator , or
merchant prince ?
(13. ( ) What class of men have de-
eplsed and r j cted Jesue ?
U4. ) Did God want Jesus to bo "a
man of sorrows ? "
(1.1. ( ) Verpi's 4-9 How has Jesus
borne our prletF and sorrows ?
1C. ) Did God plan to have the Jews
reject Jesus and to crucify him ?
Give your reasons.
(17. ) Could Jesus have borne our
prlefs and saved our souls If the Jews
had accepted him ?
(18. ( ) When the prophet says "We
did esteem hl-n stricken , smitten of
God nnd afflicted , " were the Jews or
others right or wrong In so thinking ?
(19. ( ) Was God at nny time angry
with Jeeus , or did be ever punish him ?
(20. ( ) In what way did Jesus bear
nil the cruel Insults and the physical
mifferinE Inflicted on him by IMP
Jews , for our snkes ?
(21. ( ) Suppose the Jews had yielded
their hearts to the loving Invitation of
Jesus , and had espoused Hit cauie as
Hie Apostles did , what would have
bean the probable result upon the sal
vation of tha world ? ( This Is one of
the questions that may be answered
In writing by members of the club. )
(22. ( ) Why dirt the Jews bring about
the crucifixion of Jesus ?
/23. ) Verpos 10-12 What lire noine
of the personal blessings which come
to us through the death of Jesus ?
(24. ( ) What are some of the national
Mpsslngs which we enjoy through the
death of Jesus ?
LeBRon for Sunday , July Ifith , 1011.
Manasseh's Wickedness and Peni
tence. ? Chrnn YTTlll-1.9ft
Just Like His Dad.
"Bllpglnp says he has ono of the
Smartest and handsomest youngsters
in the country. "
"Yes. " replied Mr. Growcher ; "that's
what comes of so many people think
ing It necessary to toll n man that hh
children talc * after him. " Washing
ton Stiir
Fair Warning.
Gotn > \ - ( ' , \ini - | | ( my diuili ;
tor In I bo wny she has been ni-cii"
tomi'd to live , young man ? IJirdtiipe ! |
-Well. It'll iw your fault If I can't.-
Philadelphia Itword.
Two Fatal Mistakes ,
Marie Antoinette , escaping from the
Tullerles. turned to the right Instead ute
to the loft after passing the Inner arch
She lost her way. lost time and by this
means lost her own head and the heat
of Louis XIV. So the story of Cnrlyle
Queen Oragu of Servla meant to leave
Belgrade , but waited for n going away
gown , being anxious that as a fugitive
she should appuur in becoming attire.
It was a fatal delay.
Text , "lleliolil this dreamrr romoth. "
flrn. xxxvll , ID.
This story of Jononh opeixs up bright
and tremulous with llfo an n Jmu >
morning. Seventeen-year-old Bhopbcnl
boy , light hearted and strong , IH strid
ing over tliu fields of Hhochom to llnil
a brothers and tht'lr nooks ITo stop
one by tliu wny to unit if ho has m-en
thorn. The stranger tolls htm thoy'ro
nt Dotlinn , thirty mllon nway. Iltv
starts off n tnln with nil the buoyancy
of youth , hh young frnnlc eyes tlllctl
with wondrr as ho remombiTH bin
gtrango drcamn by night God has told
him lie is to occupy largo nparo HOIIW
day if ho Is faithful in Niiuiller ono.
Then the chapter climes like tbo storm-
lest and blackoHt day In Divombi'r
when tliu old year is dying. All In dark ,
nnd black as HII ! nnd guilt and jcnl
ousy can ntnko It Joseph noJd Into
slavery , Jacob mourning him an dead ,
the brothers carrying a load of guilt
Uiat only the yearn of God's provldeiieo
can clear away. In that day , In Pha
raoh's pnlaco. with Joseph as prlmo
minister , the triumph of tbo dreamer
la complete.
Substance and Shadow
In nothing Is the practical man BO
likely to err HH in underestimating tbo
vnlua of tbo man of thought. Ho
doesn't read history aright. Sonio man
of thought , some pioneer of Imagina
tion , Homo < 1 rim mer , 1ms been back of
every worthy work the world has over
known. Bainuol Adams did as much
with his pen as George Washington
with his flword for the colonies. Our
national clangor today is American
Ideals becoming materialistic. Wc'ro
placing our trust In horses nnd chari
ots rather than in men. I stood not
long ago on dock of Hteamer watching
the launching of tbo mightiest onglno
of destruction the world has ever soon ,
turret rising upon turret , batter- upon
battery. No wonder bands played ,
flags waved and crowds cheered. The
evening papers called attention to thin
floating citadel as n symbol of the pow
er of our great republic. Yet the event
was neither so InteroHtlng nor so suggestive -
gestivo of tbo real glory and hope of
our nation as the simple commoiu'o-
ment exercises which will take place-
In hundreds of towns throughout our
land during the month of Juno. Young
men and women representing the best
and highest typo of tbo American people
ple will graduate from our high schools ,
colleges and universities. These rep
resent the real strength of our nation
more than armies or navies.
Looking at or Through.
"Where there is no vision the people
perish , " says Holy Writ. Then is tolii
the story of Abraham forsaking his
Idols going out , "not knowing whith
er ; " Jacob nt Bethel , with tbo angels
descending and ascending the heaven
ly ladder ; child Samuel on his couch in
twilight of temple ; Solomon nt Glboon
hearing God soy , "Ask what I shall
give tbee. " Tell me your dreams , I'll
tell you the history of your llfo.
Dreams are shadows of things hoped ,
for , the substance of things not seen.
Every concrete thing in the world IB n
dream made true , whether Indian wo
man weaving a basket in Oklahoma or
engineer pushing a tube under Hud
son river. Phidias dreamed and the *
marble spoke ; Joan of Arc dreamed
nnd French armies fought ; Field
dreamed and tied two continents to
gether ; Bell dreamed and the tele-phono
spoke ; Edison dreamed and the phonograph
graph sung ; the Wrights dreamed and
airships sail the skies. The world's
dreamers are the world's doers , for it
must needs be the dream come true.
The difference between dreamer and
visionary is as much as between child
like and childish. Much depends OR
the looking. Ono can look at a windowpane -
dowpano or beyond it , upon n tele
scope or through it
The Triumph of the Dr am r.
When Lorenz , great Austrian sur
geon , was a ragged , barefoot lad , he
found ono day n glove , the glove of a
gentleman. Mother wild sadly , "It will
bo long before you can earn the other ,
my boy. " Ever read the story of win
ning the other glove ? It's Uirllling.
Years of struggle , poverty , defeat A.
terrible ecnyna breaks out on him nnd
closes the coveted door. Twenty years
later , in our day , the prayers nnd
blessings of Europe nnd America are
his he has found the other glove.
Thursday noon , Dec. 12 , 1001 , a great
Inventor awaits the decisive moment
of his life. Signal Hill , Newfoundland ;
a bluff , raw day ; 300 feet below him
thunders the cold sea stretching out
2,000 miles to the coast of the British
isles. No sound. A kite gyrates wild
ly above. Then throe sharp clicks. Ten
minutes Inter more agreed signals.
Dramatic moment the dreamer has
won Marconi's wireless is assured.
Surely the Southern Cross never
crowned more sublime scene than at
4 o'clock on the morning of Oct 112.
1402 , when Rodorlgo do Frinna from
masthead of Columbus' flagship shouts ,
"Land , land ! " The news Is flashed
from Plnta to Nina to Santa Maria ,
nnd San Salvador is written on tbo
world's map for first time. The mys
tery of the sea is revealed the dream
er's dream Is now history.
What's the dream of that young car
penter ? Ruler of synagogue ? Rabbi ?
High priest ? Foolish boyl He has no
teacher , no great friends , no money ,
Still he dreams a dream of world
conquest Huh ! He hasn't even a
word. They crucify htm between
thlerea. The dreamer has triumphed
by wny of the CTOM.
A classified advertiser , who "means
business , " will get business. If ho" has
something to sell that Is worth while ,
he will advertise it in a confident and
convincing way nid he will sell It