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( Continued from llm tiago. )
piirtincnt ha * been knocking at the
doors of congress for mlilltlontil of
lie-urn gave giomid for the conjecture
( hut the real purpose for the Invlta
tlon watt to UHO them to oominane !
troopa. The need of the nrmy foi
inoro offlcoiH for command position ;
lent color to this version.
Congress nt HH hint session passci
n Itlll authorizing 2I0 ! additional of
IlcorH. The war department la now
arranging to examine officers for pro
motion under this law. Even will
thin iimnhcr , It is said , the quota wil
fall wliort of the necessary offlcla
personnel for the army under Us pros
out , organization.
The war department gave- emphatic
denial to the suggestion that the mill
Uu offlcprn would bo UHCil to ill ! vn
ninclcs In command and relteratet
the Hlatemont that the assembling o
the national guard olflrers wouli
morcly lie for the purpose of Instnic
- tlon.Three
Three aeroplanes of standard type
It wan made known , will be purchase !
and niHhed to the front for servlci
with the troops. This carries out tin
Idea of the directors of the prescn
campaign lo equip the army which 1
being moMH/od as a modern orgnnizn
lion with all departments of mllltar ;
science. These aeroplanes will hi
lltted with wireless telegraph Inslrn
month and will operate with the cnv
airy In reconnolsance. U Is said tin
.situation will present a splendid or
portunlty for a further trial of acre
planes for war purposes.
Congress at the last session apprc
printed $125,000 for aeronautics litho
the army and made $25,000 of till
amount Immediately available.
Diaz In Excellent Health.
Mexico City , March Jt.- General DIa
received Admiral La.lorte anfl mem
hers of his staff at 5 o'clock in th
national palace. At 8 he was In conference
feronco In his town residence with th
governor of Guanajuato. In reply to i
query from Barcelona to a member o
the president's staff regarding as t <
the truth of the rumors which hai
reached there , Colonel Parforla Dia5
Jr. , cabled that his father was In ex
cellent health. The president possei
the morning in his offices in the nn
tlonal palace and walked In Chapulte
pee grounds as usual.
Taft Reassures Oiaz.
Mexico City , March P. Setting a
rest all rumors that the United State
Is preparing for intervention in MCJ
ice , President Taft sent to I'residen
Diaz a telegram in which he says th
military maneuvers being conducte
along the frontier In Texas have n
significance which should cause cor
corn to Mexico. The message wa
transmitted lo the department of foi
oign relations by Fred M. Deering , th
charge d'affaires of the American en
Mexico Seizes Press Wire.
Laredo , Tex. , March 9. It was 11:1 :
o'clock last night before the regula
Associated Press leased wire from L ;
redo to the City of Mexico was allowe
to be put into operation. This circu
ordinarily opens at 0:40 : p. m. Las
night the Mexican telegraph office her
informed the Laredo office of the Ai
socialcd Press that no orders had bee
received from Mexico to make up th
circuit and that they could not mal :
the connection until authorized to d
oo. No other explanation was vouci
. safed and as the wires were in worl
ing condition It Is presumed the prv
ernmunt was using them for extrao
( Unary federal affairs. At 11:40 : p. r
connection was made and the wii
turned over to the press service wit !
out any explanation of the delay.
Dakota Regulars are Off.
Sturgls , S. D. , March 9. Troops
and D of the Fourth cavalry , a bar
and a gun- platoon left Fort Mead 1
two sections for El Paso. Tex. , to jo :
the other troops of the same re-simou
Lieutenant W. H. Cowles and elghtec
men were left at the fort.
Nebraska Militia Could Hurry
Lincoln , March 0. Two regiuiun
of Infantry , a signal corps , .and a m
chine gun company , including l.K
men and 100 officers , can be mobill
ed in Nebraska within twenty-foi
hours after the Nebraska nation
guard is called Into ben ice by tl
national go-.eminent. One day aft
the call is. received tit theadjuta
general's office In Lincoln , the tree
will bo ready to embark tor the Me :
can border , should go\ eminent debt
to send militia to the Mexican fro
tier.This was the statement made lie-
by Adjutant General E. H. Phelps
the Nebraska militia. Adjutant Ge
oral Phelps was unable to say wli
would be the outcome of an optior
invitation of officers of the militia
join in the troop movement until
had conferred with the different
Funeral of John McLeod Postpom
Remains at Home of Fiancee.
Nollgh , Neb. , March 9. Special
The News : Because of an ok
brother and sister being on the w
from Stlllberry Center , Canada , t
funeral services of John McLeod ha
been postponed until Friday afternc
at 3 o'clock at the First Congregatl
al church , this city.
The remains arrived yesterday aft
noon from Lincoln and were taken
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hans 1
ronzen , who reside near the city llm
In the extreme east part of Noli
The deceased was an old friend of i
family , and only during the early p
of next month was he to have b <
married to Miss Christina , daughter
the parents.
Those returning from Lincoln Bt
that all Indications pointed to the ac
cidental discharge of his automatic
shotgun , and that those Interested In
the case at Lincoln had arrived at the-
same conclusion before the Nellgh
people had left this city. However , It
la still an unsettled fact In the minds
of a great many people here that the
cause of death was as given out. tin
Inquest was held.
Royal Items.
Hoyal. Neb. , March I' ' . The 6-year-
old son of Marvin Dawson Is critically
Mr. Hoell , the mall carrier on route
No. I. has resigned.
Judge Krake Leaves West Point.
West Point , Neb. , March ! L Special
to The News : Judge S. S. Krake anil
\\lfe have removed from West Point
and will locate on their farm neat
Plainvicw. This family has resided
In Cumlng county for the past twenty
two years , one-third of which were
iipent In West Point. Judge Krake
held the olllco of county judge very acceptably
coptably for nix years and that ol
county attorney for the same period
Next fall Judge and Mrs. Krake con
template a visit to Baltimore , where
their son , Prof. L. S. Krake Is of the
faculty of Johns Hopkins university.
Oakdale News.
Miss Agnes Dworak returned U
school at the state university , Lincoln
after a week's visit.
Luther Swanson was a pascoiiger 01
the noon train Sunday to Counci
Bluffs , from where lie will go In a few
days to Chicago to Join the surveyln ?
corps of the Chicago & Milwaukee
Mrs. S. I. Nles was down from Ne
ligh visitng her parents , Mr. and Mrs
W. U. Launt.
Rev. Mr. Jones , a missionary fron
Burmah , India , was here Sunday morn
ing and gave an interesting talk be
fore the Methodist Sunday school 01
the Sunday schools In Burmah , and a
11 o'clock gave another very Interest
ing address during the preaching hour
He will probably return and give an
other talk Friday evening , accompa
nled by another missionary.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Worley of Siou :
City are moving back here again al
ter an absence of about a year. Mr
Worley is to be connected with Clan
Cooper In the operation of a barbe
shop to be opened In a few days ii
the O. J. Evans building.
Miss Jess Malzacher returned ti
Omaha after a few days' visit wltl
relatives and friends.
C. E. Nelson , brother of Dr. L. L
Nelson , also his son Lloyd , are visit
ing him from Moudamin , la.
Rapid City Is to have a publl
plunge bath.
Bruce business men will organize :
commercial club.
Teams are still crossing from Pierr
to Ft. Pierre on the ice , but such trav
el will have to be abandoned thl
Lead has taken up the agitation fo
a commission form of government.
The senate refused to confirm th
appointment of Charles F. Hacketl
editor of the Parker New Era , for posl
master at Parker.
The new high school building a
Pierre has been completed and will b
occupied at once.
Articles of Incorporation have bee
filed at Pierre for the Fanners' Stat
and Savings bank , to be located a
Wessington Springs. The instltutlo
will have a capital stock of $30.000.
Neligh News Notes.
Neligh. Neb. . March 9. Special t
The News : The Auditorium manage
ment has secured for Saturday evei
ing of this week Laurant , the mag
cian and the man of many mysterie :
who is considered the best in his lln
traveling today. He will present In
new part entitled "Magic of the Or
ent. "
James and Will Reefe of Royal , ol (
time friends of the late M. B. Huffmai
attended the funeral of the latter i
this city.
George Forsberg and wife of nen
Royal were In Neligh last Saturday.
William Gunthorpe of Brunswlc
was a county sent visitor on Friday (
last week.
Wilber Mahood left for Orchard las
Sunday , where he will make his futui
home and assist his brothers in tl
Implement business.
The city council met in regular se
sion Saturday evening of last wee
and discussed at length the seweraf
proposition for Neligh. It was final
t decided that a survey be made of tl
city and plans be immediately form
luted to call a bond election to be vc
ed upon by the citizens of this plac
U is planned for the election to 1
held about the first Tuesday In Apr
S. B. Lookabaugh was called
fllockford | , 111. , Monday in response
a message stating the serious illne
of his father.
Attorney J. B. Smith attended
legal business at Clearwater on Mo
day last.
Lloyd Bailey , who is making li
headquarters at Portland , Ore. , w
home Sunday and Monday visiting 1 :
parents , Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bailey.
Mrs. W. F. Conwell visited a she
time with friends and relatives at On
dale Monday.
County Surveyor W. L. Staple w
in Tilden Monday transacting buslne
In connection with his office.
Mrs. E. Wolfe was a Tilden visit
on Monday of this week.
State Regent George Coupland
Elgin was one of the out-of-to
friends at the funeral services of Mr
ison B. Huffman.
Miss Lottie Miller visited with re
lives at Ewlng Sunday and Monday
Mrs. E. A. Pohlman of Pierce L
been visiting with her sister , Mi
Hannah Haasch of this city and r
many Nollgh friends.
Born , to Mr. and Mrs. S. E. He
ford , n daughter.
Born , to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kell
a son.
William Wolfe went to Chicago F
day morning of last week In the Inter
est of the Nollgh and Elgin stores.
John May was down from Ewlng
Friday transacting business In this
W. W. Shoemaker of Plainvlow pur
chased theP. . E. Kryger restaurant
and took possession last Thursday
day morning. Mr. and Mrs. Kryger
left Friday for Wayne , where they will
make their future home.
Mrs. Ruby Parshall and Mrs. Nan
Mulllck have opened up the third mil
llnery establishment in Nellgli In the
Nash building. The firm will be
known UH the Peerless Millinery Co.
M. A. Decamp of Clearwatcr , one oi
the early settlers of Antelope county ,
attended the Huffman funeral services
here last week.
Representative F. M. Housh return
ed to Lincoln Monday after visiting
home folks here for aeveral dayn.
IJr. A. F. Conery received medical
attention in Omaha from Saturday un
til Tuesday of this week.
1) . L. Shenefelt was looking aftei
his business Interests in Oakdale or
Mrs , M. T. Kryger and son visitor
on Monday of tills week with ' 101
mother at Oakdale.
W. B. McQueen was down from Haj
Springs Sunday and Monday of tills
week visiting ills wife.
Frank Woodard of m > ar Royal was
called to this * clty Monday by the re
port of the death of his brother-in-law
John McLeod.
Mrs. J. W. Tegarden returned homi
from Lincoln Monday evening.
John Johnson was in the city fron
Wayne the first of the week visitln ;
his parents , Mr. and Mrs. M. M. John
Mrs. C. A. Jacquitli returned to Ne
llgh Saturday evening from Slou :
City , where she underwent a serloui
operation some time ago.
Mrs. S. B. Lytle Is recovering fron
a recent severe illness.
Elbert Odren of Orchard was a conn
ty seat visitor on Monday of this week
Mrs. Howard Johnson Is slowly re
covering from a severe attack of tin
L. S. Weiler and family have thii
week moved Into the John Maybur ;
building , south of the Register office
Mr. Weiler has traded his restauran
for eighty acres of land in the westeri
part of the state.
Mrs. II. C. Hnxford was a visitor a
Atkinson Thursday and Friday of las
W. J. Bogardus had an operatic ]
performed at the Methodist hospita
at Omaha last week and had his righ
eye taken out. Two days later it wa
found necessary to perform a secom
operation , which resulted in the re
nioval of a tumor that was In the eyi
socket. Mr. Bogardus arrived hoim
yesterday and is feeling as well a
could be expected. He is a member o
the firm of Bogardus & Sellery of thl
James R. Kolar of Bloomfleld was 1
he city.
H. E. Stormont of Oakland was 1
he city.
W. J. Noble of Scrlbner was a Noi
oik visitor.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Blckoll of EJ
ter. Neb. , are In the city visiting wit
ilrs. F. I. Russell and the Millar
Sreen family.
Dr. II. T. Holden returned from
isit at Hoskins.
George Sadovsky of Colome was
isltor In the city.
R. S. Lackey went to Stanton t
isit with relatives.
Ernest Raasch returned from a bus
less trip to Hoskina.
August Sonne of Tilden was in th
Ity transacting business.
Miss Frieda Korth returned from
day's visit with friends at Hoskins.
Mrs. Aaron of Hoskins was her
isiting with her daughter , Miss Mett
J. S. McClary went to Omaha to a
end a meeting of the Scottish Rite
-fasons. -
Lyle Nichols , who has been here vli
ting with relatives , has gone to Ma
eilles , Mich.
Mrs. Otto Grueber and Mrs. Job
luebner of Hobklns were In the cit
, -lsiting with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Lackey of Stai
on leave Wednesday for Floridi
.vhere they will spend a few month
Mrs. J. B. Hlght and Mrs. C. R. Rec
.vent to Lincoln Wednesday noon fe
i short visit at the home of their pa
cuts , Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Estabrook.
R , M. Waddell has traded his pro
erty on Madison avenue and Fou
; eenth street , known as the Willla :
Marple residence property , for tl
farm of W. H. Parriott , two miles ea
of the city.
Alfred Bohlander went to Rocheste
Minn. , where he will undergo an o
oration for gallstones.
The Warnecke lot , southeast corm
of the intersection at Fifth street ai
Madison avenue , was sold yesterdi
to G. L. Carlson. Mr. Carlson w
build an office on the west end of tl
lot and A. Koyen will build a garai
on the east end.
A large sum of money , probably tl
first ever sent from Norfolk to BI
glum for breeding horses , was so
Tuesday. The first amount sent w
17,750 francs In payment for a few
the pure bred Belgian horses whl <
arrived here only recently. A fe
more of the horses are being held
the Carlson's breeding barns for loc
breeders who wish to purchase the
Mrs. August Zltkowskl Is report
very 111 at her home In Edgewater.
Mrs. Brown , mother of Mrs. Fr
Perry living near Wornervllle , dl
Tuesday nlgiit
Two cases of destitution have
ready beeu reported to Secretary 1
Harter ot the board of charities.
A regular meeting of the fire depa
ment Is called for tonight. The pr <
osltion of bringing the state toun
raent to Norfolk Is to be further d
T. E. Fitch , a Northwestern ropi
gang employe , IB suffering from
strained back as the result of a pllo
lumber falling on him In the Junction
Miss Mac llarrt'tt , accompanied by
Mrs. Burke , IISIH returned from Chi
cago. Mrs. Burke has accepted n po
sition as trimmer for the Barrett mil
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
Episcopal church will meet with Mrs.
M. A. Franco , ! M2 South Fifth stieet.
Thursday afternoon.
A Hhlpment of roul southern smllax ,
from Evergreen , Ala. , was received at
a local store Tuesday. The smllax
will be used by the firm for decorat
ing purposes.
William O'Brien Is substituting as
night clerk at the Pacific hotel In the
absence of Phillip Hill , who is spend
ing a few days' vacation with relatives
at Hadar.
A. J. Wilkins has moved with his
family to Lincoln. The Wllklns resi
dence on South Eleventh street has
been rented by Mr. Harmony , a hard
ware salesman.
Friends of Julius Doche. who visited
his hangar a few days ago. report the
biplane which the Norfolk acrobat has
built , Is ready for its trial flight. The
motor has already been Installed.
Plans looking to the building of a
ew Elk club house will be discussed
t the meeting of ( lie lodge next Sntur-
ay night and every member is urged
o be. present. The annual election of
Illcors also will take place.
At the regular monthly meeting of
: ie St. Johannes Luther league last
ight Rov. Otto Bargfeldor. Miss A.
Thle and Miss M. Reiche were chosen
elcgates to a convention to be held in
lay at Lincoln for the purpose of or-
ani/.ing a slate Luther league.
John Bland of Omaha , son of Wil-
am Bland , a Northwestern employe ,
as purchased the skating rink from
treet Commissioner William Uecker ,
; ho has announced himself as a candi-
ate for the water commissioner's job.
olitics , It'is said , will keep the street
ommissloner too busy to look after
Is business at the rink.
"If the city is too poor to expend o
tile money In cleaning the streets , "
ays one Norfolk business man. I for
ne am willing to help the city with a
alf a day's work loading the dirt into
wagon in front of my place of busl-
ess. I believe If some of the officials
eally want to do anything for Nor
oik they should use a few scrapers
nd bring the dirt from the gutters
ute the middle of the street , from
which place It could be taken ajvay in
ragons. The fire hose should be used
o wash away what remaining dirt
here is. "
From Roosevelt , Taft , Emperor William -
liam , Children , Grandchildren.
Pasadena , Calif. , March 8. What is
aid to be the most elaborate golden
redding anniversary ever celebrated
nywhere in the world took place h re
with Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Busch as
he central figures.
The most beautiful and costly of the
resents was the diadem presented tc
Mrs. Busch by her husband. It Is n
rown of gold , studded with diamonds
nd pearls and valued at $200,000. II
vas made In Frankfort , Germany. Al
ho wedding feast at the Busch man
ion , Mrs. Busch was crowned and giv
in a seat beside her husband on a
niniature throne.
The presents received by the couple
ire valued at $500,000. The childrer
presented the parents with a dozer
'ull sized dinner plates made of sollci
gold and valued at $25,000. A sollt
'old flower basket valued at $15,00 (
svas received from the grandchildren
A solid gold vase from branch man
jgers in the employ of the brewing as
ocintion cost ? 20,000.
President Taft sent a $20 gold coir
of the newest St. Gaudens design Ir
in ivory case.
Theodore Roosevelt sent a solle
; old loving cup , and there was also j
old loving cup from Emperor Wil
His Escape a Miracle.
Charles Hulac returned from Fre
nont yesterday , where he visited wltl
: iis brother , E. V. Hulac , the North
ivestern brakeman who after a mar
velous escape from death is recover
ng slowly from a broken ankle , an
other one sprained and bad bruise ;
over his face and back. The detail :
of the accident are brought direct t
Norfolk from the Injured man whosi
explanation makes his escape fron
death even more marvelous than i
seemed from first reports.
"I was ordered to cut off eight car
from the train Saturday night , " sail
the injured brakeman to his brothei
'The conductor called my attention t
the fact that I cut off but seven ,
then started to count the cars and wn
running along the top of them whe
a water spout in the east end of th
Fremont yard struck me over the ey <
It was dark and I crouched low , bu
I was too near the end of the car an
fell in between two of them. The
were moving slowly. I must hav
broken my ankle in the fall. I did nc
strike the bumper but just fell undc
the cars and two or three of thet
passed over me. I did not lose coi
sclousness , but I instantly realized m
danger. I threw my arms around th
axle of ono car and let It drag mi
It kept turning and I called for hel ]
The cars were stopped and I crawle
out myself , but as I stood up my ankl
gave way and I must have fainted. "
Busy Days for Norfolk.
April 24 , 25 and 26 will be busy daj
in Norfolk because of two conventiot
to be held hero. The state threshe
men's convention and the district W
man's club convention. The form <
convention will bring about 400 del
gates and the latter about 100. B
cause of these three busy days U
directors of the Commercial club pi
in much of their time at lost night
meeting planning entertainment fi
the visitors.
Miniature Thresh Machine Show.
C. .7. Bullock met with the dlrecto :
and declared that not only will tl
f delegates to the threahermen's ass
elation be here , but three or four
cars of machinery will be put on ills-
play during the convention , making It
a miniature thresh machine show.
The machinery will probably be taken
euro of al the Bullock warohounoK ,
where the visitors will be shown the
different makes of macfilnes. There
are possibilities , said Mr. Bullock , that
some of the firms coming here may
open up branch houses for their com
The Commercial club agreed to co
operate with Mr. Bullock and they will
endeavor to make the convention n
decided success.
Auto Ride for the Ladles.
The Woman's club convention will
also be taken care of by the club. An
automobile ride around the city is be
ing planned for the Indies.
Much time was also given over to
discussing the preliminary work of the
entertainment of the teachers who
come here to participate In the north
Nebraska teachers' convention March
29 to ni.
The Implement men's convention
for April 4 was also discussed and a
smoker for tills convention was talked
Discuss Paid Secretary.
A committee was appointed to call
on business men In connection with
the raising of funds for the employ
ment of a permanent secretary for the
Commercial club. The committee-
expected to be at work within one
New York. March S. Colonel Theo-
( lore Roosevelt started today on his
six weeks' trip across the country ta
the Pacific coast and back again. It
is the first tour the colonel has made
since the recent political campaign.
His first stop will be at Atlanta. Ga. ,
"I have nothing to say about any
thing , " said Colonel Roosevelt as he
boarded the train.
Omaha General On His Way.
Omaha , March 8. General Fred ,
crick A. Smith , head of the depart
ment of the Missouri , who is to com
mand one of the brigades near San
Antonio , left this afternoon at 4:30 :
over the Burlington. He was arcotn-
ponied by Colonel D. E. McCarthy and
Lieutenant Watson.
Why the Brickbats ?
"Those brickbats lying in the mid
dle of Norfolk avenue , on top of the
mud that covers the paving , look fa
miliar , " a Norfolk business man said
Wednesday. "I well remember that
the bricks were left lying on top of
the pavement last fall and it appar
ently hasn't occurred to the mayor or
his street commissioner that they
ought to be hauled away within a year
or so. "
The street commissioner has just
sold his skating rink , declaring he's
too busy with politics to run the rink
Maybe he and the mayor are too busy
with politics each wanting a political
job to look after the bricks in the
The Sullivan Boys Are Landing Scalps
Dan Sullivan received a popular de
cision over Billy Burger at Phlladel
phia a few days ago and Tuesday he
put "Kid" Reynolds to sleep In the
first round In New York. His brothet
"Montana" Jack Sullivan beat Dave
Smith in the same city last week.
This information was included in a
telegram received by "Montana" ( Sent
Sullivan at O'Neill , who lights YOUUE
Gotch on March 17 at Ewlng.
Burger is a top notch middleweighl
and Reynolds is claiming the middle
weight championship of New York
The O'Neill fighters are meeting will
great success in their search for the
: niddleweight belt.
Germany Issues Warning.
Berlin , March 8. In a speech before
the diet Chancellor Von Vcthmann
lollweg admonished the Curia that
persistence in the recent tendency te
the Issuance of decrees affecting Ger
: nany without previous consultatlor
with the government would lead te
retaliation. The speech was cautiously
and diplomatically prepared , but iti
ono could not bo mistaken.
An Ainsworth Pioneer.
Ainsworth , Neb. , March 7. Specia
o The News : Mrs. Mary Margare
Fowler , widow of Isaiah Fowler , was
buried here today , aged 74. Thej
were pioneer Brown county settlers
Hose Co. No. 3 Wins Year's Prize.
Hose company No. 3 of the Norfoll
fire department won the first prize fo
laying the most lines of hose at fire
during the year. Hose company No.
was only ono line behind , winning second
end prize , and hose company No.
won third prize. The hook and ladde
company , although not in the contest
was given the fourth prize for ell' '
cient duty. Company No. 3 had clove :
lines to its credit ; No. 1 had ten am
No. 4 had five lines.
Chairman E. E. Coleman of the fir
and police committee and Councllma
P. J. Dolln of the same commute
wore referees in a committee meotln
of the hose companies held In the clt
hull last night , wh ro the close coi
test was decided. What the prizes ar
to be Is not yet known , but this pai
of the program has been left to th
fire and police committee.
The contest ends a year of probabl
the most heated rivalry among hos
companies ever held among the llr <
men and the meeting brought out th
fact that the firemen fought deuperati
ly for the first line of hose at eac
fire , making it possible to give rauc
quicker water service at all fires , pro !
ably saving much property.
Chairman Coleman in a neat a <
dress of defense for the hook and lai
dor company declared that the tlra
has not yet come when the depar
ment could do without the hook an
ladder company. It was pointed oi
that this company was the oldest I
the department and has been doln
j very effective work.
Chief Gre n was present at th
neetlng and declared It would be 1m
possible for the department to do with
out the hook and ladder wagon.
"Wo need them the mlnuto n fire U
reported , " he said "I look for thai
company the first of any nt flros. It
ins cost the city but $0 to keep this
company for six months. "
The talk of holding the hook com
pany at the barn until called for cami
about when two very small ladder
were placed on the hose wagon. The
ioe > k and ladder members are smiling
broadly over the gossip and declim
the city would only need one trial ol
his proposition before they would find
i grave mistake was made.
Insurance Company Officers Re-electci
Immediately after the board of dl
lectors were elected Tuesday after
noon by the Elkhorn Life and Accl
lent Insurance company , every member
ber of the old stalf of ollicors was re
elected , as follows :
P. II. Sailer , M. D. , president am
medical director ; J. B. Maylurd , vice
president and secretary ; R. B. Mclvin
noy. assistant secretary : T. F. Mom
mlnger , second vice president : Jaeli
Koenigsteln , treasurer : Burl Mopes
counsel ; D. W. Zelgler. suporintondenl
of agencies.
The. meeting was attended by more :
members than any previous annual
meeting. Among the out-of-town mem
lers pro-sent were : I. M. Snider
Clearwater ; H. W. Mitchell. Clearwa
ter ; T. J. Adams. Elgin ; S. Hanson
Fairfax , S. D. ; William Bennett. Bat
tie Creek ; P. I ) . Sullivan , Meadow
Grove : Charles Green , Hoskins ; Aug
iibt fleluner , Hoskins ; S. F. Relchort
Wlnslde ; Andrew Henrlckson , Stan
ton ; Andrew Svenson , Stanlon.
Ex-Gov. Hoch at Ewlng.
Ewlng , Neb. . March 8. Special te
I'heNews : Ex-Governor Hoch ol
Kansas delivered a lecture last even
Ing before one of the largest and most
select audiences ever assembled li :
: he opera house His subject was entitled -
titled "A Message- from Kansas , " am :
tor two hours , although It did not seem
Imlf so long , lu- kept his hearers In
the best of humor. Mr. Hoch Is si
lileasing and entertaining speaker , ami
Ircquently in his address sallies of wil
were injected which were highly ap
predated by those present. At the
close of his speech the ex-govcrnoi
shook hands with several hundred clt
izena before retiring to his hotel. The
speech of Governor Hoch was the lasl
of a series of entertainments deliverer
through the winter and was the mosl
successful number of them all.
Troops Are On the Way.
Washington , March 8. Telegrams
are pouring inlo headquarters of the
iriny showing that the movements of
the troops to the southern frontier ol
the country is proceeding with the ;
smoothness and regularity of clocli
More than 100 telegrams already
have been received and the celerity
with which the orders nave been car
ried out , it is said in military quarters
tors , would give the impression that
. .tie IP Yemeni was an every-duy oc
currence. ' .
Practically the entire force of 20 ,
000 'men is now eiiroute to the lowei
part of Texas and California.
Carry Real Cartridges.
The troops are equipped with ball
cartridges , although it is the invar
iable practice to supply troops with
jlank ammunition for practice exer
cises or peaceful maneuvers. Know
ing Ihis , however , official Washington
slill maintains that the government is
merely n plan of practice to deter
mine the efficiency of the fighting
arms of Ihe country mobilizing on
short notice.
While this is held to be true , tech
nically , the general impression pre
vails that the sudden and extensive
military activity has a vital and dl
rect relation lo the revolutionary
movement in Mexico.
Caused by Mexican Situation.
The idea which is generally accept
ed even In the face of official pro
nouncement that no significance
should bo atlached lo the movement
Is that the government of the Uniiee
Slates is preparing for an eventuality
that may develop with progress of the
revolt against President Diaz.
The orders to the troops stationee
at Fort D. A. Russell , Wyom. , have
depicted that post and the war de
partment today ordered a ballallor
of the Second infantry at Fort Assini
boine , Mont , to Fort LA. . Russell te
care for that stalion. This was tin
only additional order for movemen
of soldiers issued today by Genera
Leonard Wood , chief of staff of tin
The navy department continued iti
preparations for the dispatch of tin
fifth division of the Atlanlic Heel am
Iho large detachment of marines ti
Guanlanamo , Cuba.
Will Have Its Effect.
Washington , March 8. Whether o
not the concentration of a fourth o
the standing army of the Unltei
Stales along the Mexican border am
the moving of a portion of the nav ;
southward along the sea coasts mere
ly is an extensive maneuver , man ;
persons hero familiar with polltlcn
conditions in Mexico regard the ac
tlon of the United Stales at this pai
tlcular time as likely to have an In
portant bearing on future events i
Porslslent reports have reached thl
city that a change In the cabinet o
President Diaz soon will bo made an
that the state department also ha
been Informed officially. In thcs
changes the American government 1
keenly Interested.
Apart from any moral effect on th
treatment accorded American Intel
cats In the present disorders , it I
1 suggested that the military domoi
stratlon of Iho United States , whothe
, so intended or not , may have n pe
. lenllal influence on the political crlsl
In Mexico City.
Senor Llmantour , Mexican miniate
of finance who Is now In New Yorl
Is slated for the post of minister c
foreign affairs. UP haw long boon
recognized as nn advisor In whom
President Diaz placed much rollanco.
Honor Do La Harm , the Mexican am-
liiiHsador. will confer with Senor Llm-
antonr In New York today.
Tin- purpose of the conference ban
led to much speculation and It Is bo-
llou'tl the political tnrliuloiico In Mexico
ice , especially Senor Llinantour'H
plans for restoring the republic to
civil as well as political tronqulltty ,
will bo discussed. Senor Do La llarra
had Intended ( o go to New York last
night but changed his plans and left
at li o'clock today. Before leaving
hero lie declared that the inoblll/.a-
tlon of troops by the Vnllod Slates
along the Moxle-an border was not
Interpreted by his country IIH the fore
runner of Intervention. Ho declared
Mexico \\as ublo to cope with Us lo
cal disorders. Early today three bat-
torlem of Hold artillery left Fort Myor ,
Va. , for San Antonio. Officers at the
fort admltled Ihal the store of pro
visions and ammunition taken along
was larger than Unit carried on for
mer maneuvers.
England Greatly Interested.
London. March S. The mobiliza
tion of an American army at the Mexi
can fronller has oxclte-d great Inter
est among London politicians and in
commercial circles , but all are still
In Ihe dark as to whether the move
ment Is for political or purely mili
tary reasons.
The- foreign office1 denies thai Iho
British government suggested the ac
tion taken by the war department ,
lull these officials speak In such diplo
matic terms that their statements are
not necessarily convincing.
Thcre is little doubt expressed by
the public and In newspapers that the
politievil situation In Mexico canned
President Taft's movement , whether
or not this government had any such
u matter in mind.
So far as any extension of the pow
er of the United SlaloK on the Am
erican continent Is concerned , it Is
doubtful that such un outcome would
! ) ( > popular with the British public.
The lulk of Iho future annexation of
Canada has created a prejudice on
this side and this prejudice Is just as
strong against the political expansion
of the Vnlted Slnles generally at the
present moment.
Dealings In American securities in
dicated that the stock exchange did
not consider that the security of the
country was seriously Ihroaloned.
.Mexican bonds remained unchanged
as did Southern railway shares.
Wilson Not Informed.
New York , March 8. Henry Lane
Wilson , the American ambasHador to
Mexico , was In New York for a short
tlmo and said in positive terms that
lie > had not been summoned to Wash
ington by President Taft to discuss
the situation in Mexico. Ho said he
was on his way lo.a . visit to his mo
ther , who was crtically ill at her home
In CrawfordsvIMo , Inel. Of the situa
tion which developed , ho said he had
no knowledge other than the state
ments printed in the newspapers.
What Mexican Rebels Think.
New York. March S. Gustavo A.
Aladero , brother of the leader of the
Mexican revolution , said that ho did.
not believe the mobilization of Unit
ed States troops near the border
meant this country intended to inter
vene. He professed to feel confident
that the United States was making a
show of force expressive of its de
sire for a speedy termination of bos-
Dakota Soldiers Go.
Sturgis , S. D. , March 8. Orders
have been received at Fort Meade for
Trops A and D of the Fourth cavalry ,
gun platoon and band , also wagon
train to prepare to move to El Paso ,
Tex. , to join other troops , same regi
ment , there. The men are expected
to leave here some time today. It
will require thirty cars to transport
Mexico's Interpretation.
Mexico City , March 8. The Mexi
can government has no reason to
doubt the word of the state depart
ment at Washington that the move
ment of the 20,000 troops to the bor
der is for nothing more than military
maneuvers designed as Instruction for
senior officers.
"Wo do not believe that in the sit
uation as it is at present there is any
occasion for intervention by the Unit
ed States or any other power. No
American property has been damaged
by either side and so far as I know
no complaint has been made by any
American. "
Enrique C. Creel , minister of for
eign relations , so commented on the
dispatch from Washington.
Nothing in the events which have
Iranspircd in Mexico up to now , in
the opinion of Mr. Creel , would justify
No representations , ho said , have
been made to the Mexican govern
ment by the United States , Great Brit
ain or any other nation that foreign
ers had sustained loss or would bo
placed In jeopardy to an extent that
would suggest Interference.
"Mexico Needs no Aid. "
New York , March 8. Mexico needs
no aid in keeping peace or In pro
tecting foreign Interests within her
border Is the opinion of Jose Ivos
Limantour , Mexican minister of fi
nance who arrived hero tonight from
Europe. As to the outcome of the in
surgent struggle , ho added , the fed
eral government was sure of ultimate
"The sending of American troops to
the border has nothing to do with af
fairs In our country , " said Senor Llm
antour. "Of course , the presence of
a largo body of soldiers might have n
good moral effect upon the Insurgents , \
but the United States troops certainly \
are not going across the border to N
fight. "