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Property LOBB from Wednesday's Ex
plosion of 50,000 , Pounds of Dyna
mite Placed Around the Million Dollar
lar Mark Greatest Blast In History.
New York. Fob. 2. Three separate
Investigation- : ! were started today to
fix the responsibility for the dynamite
explosion In New Vork harbor yester
day. One will bo conducted by a cor
oner's Jury under Coroner James M.
Houghton of Jersey City ; another by
Inspector of Combustibles James M ,
Connolly of Jersey City , and a third
by Public Prosecutor Plono P. Garvon
of Hudson county , New Jersey. Def
inite estimates of the number of dead
are still Impossible. The total of dead
nnd missing Is thirty. The list of
dead In the hands of the coroner Is
seven and It is that olllcial's belief
that most of the twcnty-tliree men
whom ho classes as "missing" were
blown to atoms.
The property loss , according to va
rious ollleial estimates , will be be
tween $750,000 and $1,000,000. The
heaviest sufferer In this respect Is the
Central railroad of New Jersey , at
whoso docks the disaster occurred.
Mr. Hosier sets their loss at about
The United States government is
also a heavy loser with $50,000 dam
age at Ellis Island and an additonal
$10,000 or $15,000 at the army head
quarters on Governors island and at
Bedloes Island , where tlio Statue of
Liberty was shaken bare of many windows
dews and big electric lignts.
The blast was probably the largest
explosion of dynamite that has ever
occurred anywhere , intentionally or by
accident. Fifty thousand pounds went
up In the single detonation.
Criminal Negligence Hinted at.
The declaration of James Connolly ,
Inspector of combustibles in Jersey
City , that dynamite from powder
plants in New Jersey had been han
dled at Cummunlpay without proper
license and in violation of the local
ordinance , caused particular interest
to be attached to the investigation he
purposed taking.
Public Prosecutor Qarven of Hud'
son county , New Jersey , in whoso Ju
risdiction the explosion occurred , was
engaged today in his investigation of
the calamity.
"All 1 can say , " said the prosecutor ,
"Is that It may be seveial days before
all the facts are in shape. If these
facts disclose there has been ciiminnl
negligence we will place them before
the grand jury. "
A revised list of the dead , so far as
known , made public today , is as fol
lows :
t Many Are Missing.
James Armstrong of Jersey City
captain of the powder boat Whistler.
Robert Harbour of Now York City ,
a railroad passenger.
Robert Bennett of New York City ,
captain of the tug John Tuouhy.
James Lundigan , captain of the pow
der boat Katherlne W , address not
Charles McNeill , engineer of
switch engine in the New Jersey cen
tral yards.
Giantonomo Morro of Brooklyn
Michael Morrow , a cousin of Glnnto
nome , stevedore.
Oscar Stolpe , mate of the Katherine
Only live bodies had been recovered
up to tills noon , and the names of only
nine men missing are known. Nearly
a score of laborers , names unknown ,
who vveto on the end of the pier when
the explosion occurred , aie unaccount
ed for.
A round made toaaof the hos
pitals in Jersey City , in which victims
of the explosion ate lying injured , re
vealed that no additional deaths had
Because of grave danger In handling
dynamite In the dark , the work of
clearing away the wreckage and
searching the ruins on the Jersey Cen
tral pier was abandoned last night ,
but it was resumed early today. No
additional bodies were found during
the afternoon.
The time for the beginning of the
coronet's inquest into the disaster was
today set tin next Tuesday.
No Election In New York.
Albany , Fob. 2 No choice for sen
ator on the foutteontti ballot.
Domestic Felicity Appears to Prevail
Among the Ministers.
Now York. Feb. 2. According to figures -
ures prepated for the Now York Pies-
bytorian Ministers association , actors
and actresses are the most given to
divorces of any class or occupation ,
while ministers , in proportion to their
number , are less frequently divorced
than any other class of Individuals.
Less Shocks at Mt. Taal.
Manila , Feb. 2. Bulletins Issued at
the observatory today note a de
crease in the earth shocks but the
officials are unwilling to assume
that the eruptions from Mount Taal
are abating.
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum 41
Minimum G
Average 2,1
Barometer 110.08
Chicago , Feb. 2. Tlw bulletin Is
sued by the Chicago st'iitlon of thu
United States weather bureau given
the forecast for NebraHka as foliown :
Increasing cloudiness tonight and
Friday , wanner tonight.
Barcelona , Feb. 2 A wild stoim
swept the Spanish const last night
A score of llshlng craft vveio dashed
on the locks and inan > of their ciews
Today the bodies of twenty-live
sailors weu picked up along the
Washout In Track Causes Derailment
of Train With Fatal Results.
Barcelona , Feb. 2. The derailing
of the passenger tialn at Valencia
yesterday was caused by a washout
of the road bed Thiity pet sons vveie
Kansas City , Mo. , Feb. 2. While
her husband , Chailes Ufloid , was en
gaged in a desperate fight witli Ed
ward Huxford , who recently came
hoie from Des Moines , In. , Mrs. Medn
Ufford shot and fatally wounded Huv
ford at her home in this city last night.
Mrs. Ufford told the police that Hux
ford , although only slightly acquaint
ed with her husband , entered the
house without knocking. She said a
quarrel and light ensued and when
she feared Huxford wouldtdll >
husband , she shot the Intruder.
Every Interest in the State Trying to
Boost Percentage for Petition.
Lincoln , Feb. 2. Nebraska leglslat
ors believe In direct legislation in
theoiy almost to a man , but when it
comes to presenting that theory in
practice , many s-how a desire to kick
over the traces.
Discussion of the Hatllold initiative
and referendum bill was scheduled ,
but postponed until Friday , perhaps
longer , by an agreement reached in a
democratic caucus.
The democrats , especially those con
nected more or less closely with the
liquor and other interests , are opposed
to granting the people too much pow
er. They do not believe voters should
have the power to initiate legislation
too easily.
They assert they ate fearful lest
voters will have to work too hard It
the booths , voting on laws they may
wish to see adopted in the state
Those legislators believe voteis should
depend on the leglslatute to determine
the necessary laws.
Train Kills a Horse.
Neligh , Neb. , Feb. 2 Special to
The News : Fiank Selms , who resides
a few miles noith ot Oakdale , me
with a mishap Tuesday moining
whotebv he lost one of his horses by
being struck by the passenger trail
No. 6 , going east.
It appears that Mr. Selms was abou
to cross the tracks north of Ihe towt
with a load of corn , and being unabli
to see the approaching tiain on accoun
of the many bo\ cars , was the dirce
cause of the accident. He attempted
to tuin ills horses upon seeing th
predicament , but because ot the heavy
load could only save himself , the *
on and one horse. Describing the ac
tldent Mr. Seims stated that the hors
was hurled fully twenty feet and In
stantly killed.
Tracing Balllnger Report
Washington , Feb. 2. The inle :
committee of the house as a lesult
of the Investigation demanded by Rep
resentative Hitchcock of Nebiaska
has not been able to find out what
happened to delay the Bnlllnger-Pin-
( .hot investigation teport Public
Printer Donnelly testified that ho had
given duo diligence to its prepnintion
but had not understood it was n
"rush job. " The committee will pre
sent n chtoiiologlcnl story of the pio-
gress of the repot t from the day it
came into the house until it finally
i cached the agriculture committee
and let the house decldo whether
blame attaches at any point.
Hobo Author to Prison.
Tampa. Fla. , Feb. 2. F C. Welch ,
alias "Penn , the Rambler , " a globe
trotter whoso name is written in pub
lic places In every city of importance
In the United States , was sentenced
to servo ten years In the penitentiary
for breaking n glass show window and
snatching n tray of diamonds , valued
at $3,000. Welch has written several
stories of hobo life for magazines.
The Announcement That Taft Will not
Take the Trip South That He Had
Scheduled , Causes Rumors That
Extra Session Is Planned.
Washington , Feb. 1. ' 1'rcHldcnt
Tuft's announcement that the .south
em tour which he had planned to
take thu eaily pint of next month
would be cancelled with the exception
of the \islt to Atlanta In March ,
stalled political tongues to nagging
with nimois that his puiposo was to
piepaie tor a possible oxtia session
congiess In uiso the piesent ses
on failed to enact the leeiproelt )
gieeinetit between the United States
id Canada.
Ptessuio of business and numeious
i\ltations to visit many places in the
juth while making the tour which
id been planned , assuming too large
lupottions , are the tensons assigned
: > r the ciuu'ollntlon of the trip.
Feats ha\o been e.xpiessod that the
enato will "talk the measure to
eath" or kill it In some other way ,
though It Is believed the house ,
lobably with the aid of democrats ,
ill pass It. If tills should bo the
ise , the piesldent will feel , it Is said ,
tat he can depend on a demociatle
ouse , such as would exist after
laich 4 , to support him in his efforts
: > pass tills legislation.
An extra session would force action
n the question willi the chances ap
< nicntly In fa\or of the ptesident get-
ng his rcclpioclty legislation.
Would Legalize Boxing.
Haitford , Conn. , Feb. 2-A bill to
gali/o limit boxing bouts in Con-
ecticutsas inttodiiced in the legls-
ituio today. It pi ov ides that scion-
iilc exhibitions nm > bo given with
iiuniclpal authotity and under dltec-
on of a supervisor and physician. In
Tostling , no stt angle hold will be al-
owed , or any holds which are liable
o injure a contestant.
Saloon Measure Agreed to Leave
Doors Open Till 9 p. m.
Pierre , S. D. , Feb. 2. A daylight sa-
> on measure which extends to open
revision into the night , or until 9
'clock , is what was agreed to by the
louse by a vote heavy enough to re-
aln the emergency provision and ex-
iinpt the law from the referendum in
ase the senate accepts Its provisions ,
. 'he county option feature of the bill
vas easily eliminated , but was attend-
d by a con idetable quantity of ora-
orical Ilreworks. It is understood
.hat . the saloon intctests will concen-
tate influence on the senate and un-
ilertake to defeat the measure which
s championed by the temperance
'otces. '
owa State Board of Health Will Oust
Des Moines City Official.
Des Moines , Feb. 2. The Iowa
tate board of health at a secret
ueeting jesterday demanded that the
late chemist Chatles Kinne.v resign
loin that capacity or sever his con-
lections as chemist of the city water
onian\ | ) . The request is the out
ome of a discussion concerning ty
ilioid , which existed in PCS Moines
ast fall for which the city water was
iteld tesponsible.
Chinese Plaque Grows Worse.
Pc-Mng. Feb. 2. The discovery
twenty deaths from the plague have
occurred in the Chinese hospital at
Tientsin has lenowed the suspicion
that the authorities there ate conceal
ng the i cat conditions. In doing this ,
lowevor , the > ate merely complying
with an impel ial edict tecpiitly issueil
that no icpoits slrould reach the cap
ital that woio calculated to cause
nlnrm. It is believed here that the
plague is not diminishing and the pee
pie attached to the legations calculate
that there are at least 500 victims
dally throughout the infected quattors
Famous Violinist There.
Nlohintn , Neb , Fob. 2. Special to
Pho News : Kodan , the famous Bo
hemian violinist , enteitnined nn and'
fence in the 7 C B J. opera house.
People canio fioin Spencer , Lynch ,
Vordel , Verdigro and Winnotoon to at
tend the conceit and woio highly
pleased. A laigo number of his own
coiintiymen vveio ptosont to greet the
gieat poi former , and many met hln
personally after the conceit.
Cannon Defends Payne Bill.
Washington , Fob 2 "In a month's
time wo will bo called upon to enact
the reclpiocity agreement with Can
ada into a law , but I don't know wlia1
wo are going to do with it wo wil
only have to como to a compromise
that cares for the industries of all on
people. " This was Speaker Cannon's
declaration at the banquet of the Na
tlonal Association of Wool Manufac
turers in a speech in which ho defended
fended the Payne-Aldrich tariff act a
the b.est revenue measure ever enacl
ed , adding ho had no apology to mak
for It in any respect
U'upj rlslit , 1911. )
Lincoln , Feb. 2. Special to The
News : The Otis county option bill
vas advanced today to the third read-
ng in the senate. In committee of
lie whole the house voted to kill East-
inn's bill to establish an ngi ( cultural
chool in southwest Nebraska.
Two Convicted Bank Robbers Break
Jail at Brooklngs , S. D.
Sioux City , la. , Feb. 2. Frank
. .oftus and William Forbes , convicted
tank robbers , escaped from jail at
Jrooklngs , S. D. , last night. Friends
on the outside assisted thorn.
From 90 In the Shade , Mercury Shoots
Down to 29 In Half Day.
Tulsa , Okla. , Feb. 2. Following a
emperature of 00 degrees yesterday ,
he hottest February day in the his-
01 y of the country , the thermometer
\irly today registered 29 degrees , a
Irop of Cl degrees In about twelve
No Choice in Iowa.
Des Moines , Feb. 2. Today's balloter
or Tinted States senator In the Iowa
eglslatuio was as follows :
Keny-on BG , Young UC , Gaist 1 , Por-
er ( democrat ) "I ; absent , 1 ; neces
sity to elect , 80.
Evidence is All Written , Ready to be
Reviewed by Committee.
Danville , 111. , Feb. 2. State's Attor-
icy Lewman this moining stated that
evidence given before the grand jury
o date was all written and ready so
that the juiy might review it at any
: ime and begin the work of voting in-
lictments. This may be done dining
; he day , although there werp a large
number of witnesses on hand this
noming , the majority of them being
summoned in connection with the vote
oiling investigation. A local political
worker at the polls nt every election
ior seveial yeais was the first witness.
He was followed by A. R. Samuels ,
vice piesident of the Second National
It Is believed that between fifty and
100 indictments will be leturned.
Thoio now appears no piobablllty of
the grand jury being able to teach n
final adjournment befoio next Wednes
Election Commissioner Joseph Barn-
halt was summoned to appear before
the grand jury today with n list con
taining the name of ovoiy registered
voter in the city.
The clrarge lias been fiequontly
made that more votes were cast at
the last election than thoio vveio reg-
isteied voteis in the city.
Kentucky Woman Stretches Out Her
Hands Following Funeral Sermon.
Glasgow , Ky , Fob 2 Striking out
her hands toward those who had as
sembled about her coffin , Mrs Jane
Pltcock , an octogenarian , caused n
panic at her funeral nt Gnmnllel.
Monroe county , Kentucky , Tuesday
nftoinoon nccordlug to reports receiv
ed here The funeral sermon bad
been pleached when Mrs. PitcocK re
gained consciousness She remained
allvo for several hours , her death fol
lowing at night.
Archbishop Ryan Still Alive.
Philadelphia , Feb. 2. Archbishop
Ryan's condition Is still c.'itlcal , but
shows some improvement this morn
ing : , Ho slept three hours last night.
Jerome Says Judge Who Gave De
cision is "Half Baked. "
New York , Feb. 2. The verdict of
a jury which declared Joseph G. Rob
in , the indicted banker , as sane , was
denounced as nn insult to the profes
sional alienists nt a meeting of the
section of neurology and psychiatry
at the academy of medicine. William
Traverse Jerome , who represented
Robin , addressed the meeting and told
the alienists their piofession as well
as his had been insulted.
He proposed tlmt if a committee of
the Academy of Medicine would ap
point a committee of alienists who
should lind Robin sane , ho would pos
itively enter a plea of guilty to the
Indictments In behalf of his client and
interpose no defense. The Times
quotes Mr. Jerome as addressing the
meeting in part as follows :
"Your profession has been insulted
by this half-baked judge who holds of-
lice by the grace of Charlie Murphy ,
and so has mine. I love my profession
and you love yours , and we will not
stand to have them dragged into the
tniie. The proceeding was the most
ridiculous and absorbed on record , but
the time lias not come when an insane
man can bo tried for an alleged crime
in this state. "
The meeting decided to appoint a
committee to draft tesolutions de
nouncing the \etdict and to decide
what fuither action should be taken.
The juiy which found Robin sane did
so contrary to the testimony of six
ptofessional alienists. Judge Edward
Swann is the justice referred to.
No Fresh Clews Regarding Where
abouts of Missing Heiress.
New Yotk , Feb. 2. The fait that
Miss Dotothy Ainold made a trip to
Washington , IX C. , and lemalned
theio seveial days shoitly befoie her
disappearance on December 12 , was
made public today by John S. Keith
of the law Him directing the search
for the missing hell ess Mr Keith do-
claied , however , that this tiip had
nothing to do with the gill's disap
"Out of the do/ens of possible clews
wo have failed to develop anything
new , " said Mr. Keith. "We aie still
| searching for Miss Ainold on both
sides of the Atlantic but theio is
nothing to wairant us in entertaining
the hope she will bo found soon. "
Heavy Storm in Dakotas.
St. Paul. .Minn. , Fob 2. Noithetn
Minnesota , Noith and South Dakota
and seveial Canadian piovluces weie
swept by a snow and sleet storm , ac
companied by high winds which lust
night showed no abatement. Duluth's
stieets nio piled high with snow and
schools vveio closed theio Trains ate
lopoitcd stalled at vnilous points In
the noithwest.
Miss Taft Goes to Bed Early.
Washington , Feb. 2. Members of
the younger set in Washington socie
ty are bound to become "healthy ,
wealthy and wise" If there is any
truth in the old saw which makes ,
those results follow the adoption of
the "eatly to bed and early to rise"
rule. Miss Helen Taft , daughter of f
the president , has sot the fashion In i
this .respect and naturally all the >
young people in capital society ate i
following her lead.
When Miss Taft realized that she >
must shaio with her mother the bur
den of ollleial entertaining at the 31
white house this season , she decided 1
that the "early to bed" plan would bo
necessary to maintaining physical and
mental poise under the strain. As a
result , balls and other social gather
ings which In the past wore dragged
out Into the early hours of the morn
ing now end at midnight , when the
president's daughter bids her guests
good night.
Committee on Agriculture Asks to be
Discharged from Duty.
Washington , Feb. 2. The long
awaited action of the house committee
of agriculture on the Ballinger-Pln-
ehot investigation lepoit , was taken
today. The committee reported that
the bill to entry out the investigation
report being already pending , it had
not function to perform and asked to
be discharged from the question.
Manila Shaken by Quake.
Manila , Feb. 2. A prolonged earth
quake moused the residents of Manila
today. Revised estimates place the
number of those killed by the erup
tions of Mount Tnnl and di owned in
the tidal waves at COO. These inch do
many in the two hamlets which ire
being excavated on the north shore of
Taal island. Sixty-two bodies were
burled in a trench today.
Epidemic on Gunboat.
Washington , Feb. 2. Because the
United States gunboat Marietta has
several cases of fever on board , sus
pected of being yellow fever , the navy
department has ordered the vessel to
Key West. It Is expected to arrive at
the Florida port February 4.
Five Bandits Blow Safe , Secure $2,700
and Escape.
Elk Falls , Kan. , Feb. 2. Five rob
bers blew open the sale in the State
Bank of Elk Falls early today , obtain
ed If2,700 and escaped in an automo
bile. A posse is in pursuit.
Two New Senators Sworn In.
Washington , Feb. 2. C. W. Watson
of West Virginia and A. J. Gionna of
Noith Dakota , successors re.spectlvel >
of David Elklns and William E. Purcell -
cell , took the oath of oflice at the be
ginning of today's session of the sen
ate and their seats in that body.
Barrel Murder Mystery of Pennsyl
vania is Finally Cleared Up.
Ila/elton , Pa. , Feb. 2. Accoiding U
clews discovcied toda.v the victim ot
the ban el minder mvsteiv heie tluei
venis ago was piohahl.v Miss Bui tin
( lailow , who disappeaied Iiom West
Ila/elton She is said to have knowi
the seciets of a blackhand gang ii
tills viilnity.
The body of the woman was hack
ed and then jammed into n sugar bai
i el that was set on flic * on Eborvalo
mountain wlieio the chaired and un
tecogni/able corpse was found by ;
miner. Onlv ono shoo and a neck
late lemained intact , but they fount
no clew to the identity of the victim
A Victim to Yellow Fever.
New Oi loans , Feb. 2. According to
advices leceived here , J. H. Minor o
St. Louis , coxswain of the Unitec
States ciulser Maiietta , who died Sui
day afternoon aboatd the ship In Puer
to Coitez haibor , was the victim o
yellow lever contracted at Kingston ,
I Jamaka.
Chailes Maney lias been ai rested at
Yankton , charged with horse stealing ,
A meeting of the teachers of Me-
Cook county will bo held at Salem on
February i.
1 Oiay wolves ate causing heavy losses -
, os to farmers and stock growers near
! Cottonwood.
Warren H. Smith and Miss Florence
M. Gllddcn of Brldgewater were mar
ried at Brltt , la.
Residents of Wesslngton Springs
have appealed to Governor Vessey and
the railroad commission for aid In securing -
curing telegraphic service.
Word reached Coroner Livingston
of the accidental death of n son of
Thomas Haley nt Mnyfleld , the boy
' having fallen Into a corn Bheller.
For Three Days Insurrectos Held For
mer United States Government Of
ficial With Other Passengers enTrain
Train Ran Out of Food.
El Paso , Feb. 2. A numttor of
rldeiless cavalry horses sttagglod In
to Juaic'7 , opposite El Paso , eaily this
moi nlng Indicating that there had
been fighting nonr the city , which was
piaitluilly suiiounded by lebels all
James It. Gai Held , former secretary
of the Interior , was n passenger on the
tmln which was marooned when insur
gents toio up the track Sunday and
for three days vvns hold up with other
passengets by the Insurgents. He ar-
lived last night with the train , which
was allowed to como Into Jnuroz after
the rebels linn disembarked thirty
miles cast of Jauroz and had begun
preparations to attack the border town
this morning.
While the trains wore marooned
south of Jaitrez between Sunday and
Wednesday , the food supply of the
passengers ran out and insurroctoa
'ed ' them fiom their commissary and
rom beeves slaughtered on the spot.
Die Insut rectos had n number of
voundcd , and there wore treated by
lassetigers , Pullman sheets being torn
ip for bandages. Former Secretary
arflcld assisted in the work.
Saloons and gambling houses In
Jaurez remained closed nil night , but
vero reopened tills morning.
Eaily this morning the Jaurez po
ice arrested Rafael Escoboso , assist
ant superintendent of terminals of the
National railways in Jaurcz , and Gas-
par Vela , night telegrapher. Jaure-s
olllccrs refused to btnte why the ar-
ests were made.
Authorities of Juarez regaided tbo
situation so critical tlmt they are for-
ifying the rity to bo ready for an at-
ack fiom the insurrectos. Sand bags
invo been placed ntoiitid the barracks
occupied by federal tioops and a largo
lumber of mines have been secretly
ilaced In the southwestern part of
own. Heavy mines have been plant-
id around the ban neks and customs
Insurrectos are repoited within less
than 100 miles of Jnuroz and openly
> east of their intention to tnko the
ity within a week. The streets of
Juarez are patrolled by soldieis night
nnd day. Thcro is no change in the
Mexicnn Centrnl mil way situation ,
raffle on thnt line fiom Juarez south
icing nenilv suspended.
One hundred Mexican cavalry left
Inure/ with a supply of dynamite to
ie used in blowing up the track of the
Mexiian Central to prevent liumrcc-
to- > using marooned trains.
All amu ements In Jaure/ were
Insed at ! i o'clock and thousand.-
Mexicans spent the night In El PIBO : ,
United States troops fiom FoitBls !
have been stationed nt the American
end of the two bridges ciosslng the
Rio Grande here. Company E of the
Twenty-Hill d infantry lias been sent to
the smelter on the rtvcr bank four
miles north of El Paso. All persons
ciosslng the Rio Giande aie subjected
to the closest sciutiny.
San Diego. Call ! . , Fob. .2 Governor
Xeelso Vega of I.owoi Califoinla , lips
taken the Held with a fem > of n en
and is advancing to attack the revolu
tionists near Moxlcall This 1 < < the
statement made in seveial leports
roming fiom Tiajunna but diffoilng as
to details
Mexico City , Feb. 2. Sovonty-fivo
i evolutionists and twelve soldiers WPIO
killed in a battle at Sietrn Moni\ ]
near San I.o-en/o , Chihuahua , January
29. according to an ollleial telegram
received hero. The message- , dated
the day of the battle , was delayed by
the cutting of telegraph wlies. The
ropoit said among the slain in the
fight were I'nsqiml Oris/oco , fathei c > f
ono of the loaders in the revolutionary
movement , and Jesus Pachee ( who
has taken part In the Insuiroction in
the north.
Many ildos and hoises wore cap-
tuied by the federals. Accoidlng to
the icport the lobols woio routed after
a light that lasted fiom 2 o'clock in
the afternoon until datk.
Death of Mrs. Jet Carraher.
Newman Grove , Neb , Feb. 2. Spe-
ial to The News Word was received
in Xowman Grove Tuesday by Mr. and
Mis W. II. Cox of the death of their
daughter , Mis. Jet Carraher. which
occuiied at l.a Junta , Colo. , that morn
ing at 11 o'clock. This sad newactvio
as a shock to the patents and re ! ' "f
as it was not known that she wa
Mrs. Cox and her daughter. Mitt.
Charles Humphioy , loft Wednesday
moinlng for La Junta , and it Is prob
able that the body will bo brought
lioro for Interment. Mrs. Carraher
leaves to mourn her deatli a husband
and ono child.
A California Referendum Bill.
Saciamento , Cnllf , Fob 2. The
state senate passed a bill providing
for the Initiative and referendum and
the for municipalities of Cali