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He Would Keep Money on Deposit in
New York and Get a Statement From
the Directors , Later Transferring
Money Kept Up For Five Years.
West Point , Nob. , March 29. Mendo
has been released on ball.
Lincoln , March 29. Charles Meade ,
accused of embezzling $8,300 from the
Doerncr bank , grew up In the institu
tion , declared Warden Bcomer , pros-
dent of the bank. It has not been
learned what the young man did with
the money. He would keep cash on
4 deposit in Now York , j. ' get a state
ment from the dlrcv ° $ Afterwards
ko would transfer the tfi , to South
Omaha and get a state In thli
way ho deceived the banv ' t01
hre years.
Wright Resigns
Hastings. Neb. , March 29. .
Van Dyke Wright , for eight years'.ne
pastor of the First Presbyterian
church In this dty , has announced hit
resignation lo his congregation. About
a week ago the trustees of the Hast
ings Presbyterian college re-elected
Ror. Wright as president of the college
and feeling that the double duties that
would bo expected of him would be
more than he could attend to resulted
In his resignation as pastor.
Stranger Killed by Train.
Lexington , Neb. , March 29. A man
whose name Is given as John Hanley
was instantly killed three miles west
of this city by train No. 5. The man ,
with two companions , had been walk
ing on the track and becoming sleepy ,
all three laid down and fell asleep.
Hanlcy's head being close to the rail a
was struck and broken. The train
j sped on , the crew being apparently un
conscious of its deadly work.
Estimate That Ohio License Law Wilt
Make 15,000 People Idle.
Columbus , O. , March 20. Thousands
f men will be thrown out of employ
ment by the enforcement of the Alkln
$1,000 liquor tax law , which has Just
been passed. The 5,000 proprietors of
the saloons that will close , will be out
of employment. At least half of tbera
have barkeepers , making 2,500 more.
Many porters , men who get up the
ealoon lunches and bakers thrown out
of employment by the decreased de
mand for bread from the saloons , will
lose their Jobs. Brewery drivers and
other employes at the breweries will
also suffer , and It is said that between
10,000 and 16,000 people In all will bo
out of employment.
Representative Aikln estimates that
the gain in the state revenue will bo
about $3,450,000 , three-tenths of which
goes to the state.
Fire at Grand Encampment Causes a
Loss of $300,000.
Grand Encampment. Wyo. , March
29. The great smelting , concentrat
ing and electric and steam power
plant of the Penn-Wyomlng Copper
company was almost completely de
stroyed by lire , entailing a loss esti
mated at $300,000 , partially covered by
Insurance. The smelter building was
saved after a hard fight.
The flre will bring the business of
the town to astandstlll for months ,
The Penn Wyoming company handled
Encampment district In addition to
the copper ores of a large part of tht
ores from Its own mine. Destruction
of the electric plant has deprived the
city of light and power.
Sixth Attempt to Smother Gusher Fire
at Caney Falls.
Caney , Kan. , March 29. The burn
lag gas well defeated a sixth attempt
to smother the flames. An eight-Inch
< pipe hod been lowered Into the wel
/ and the flame confined to the uppei
end of the pipe. A hood was placed
bout the mouth of the well anc
round the pipe , and then an effori
was made to close a valve In the toj
ot the pipe. As this valve was cloaec
gaa burst through the hood below
and soon the well was a mass of flame
again. The hood woa removed anc
the well is burning as fiercely ai
Find Adams' Burled Explosives.
Pocatello , Ida. , March 29. Four o
the flvo bottlns of Stove Adams' "hel
flro" wore found here. Last spring i
man working in the old mill found thi
tin box. He opened ono of the hot
ties and was badly burned. Aftc
that ho burled the box in a pllo o
cinders outside. After being found
be pointed out the spot In the old mil
where they were discovered. It is th <
xact spot where Adams began dig
glng when taken there to recover th
bottles. Steve Adams left Pocatell
to return to the penitentiary In charg
ef Warden Edwards. The place wher
Adams regUtered Sept. 24 , 1804 , wa
Only Contract Fuel Being Delivered
and That Is Short ,
Chicago , March 29. The Record-
Hornld says Hint tlio supply of com
mercial coal for Chicago has prac
tically been cut off. For two weeks
the- coal carrying railroads have bceu
taking 75 per cent of the output of
many of the mines and the entire pro
duction of others Actual confiscation
of coal by the roads within three days
Is predicted by coal men. During the
remainder of this week not a pound
of fuel from Ohio. West Virginia or
Pennsylvania will reach Chicago , ac
cording to dealers who asserted It
would all bo taken up by roads run
ning to the mines. There was very
little , If any , "free" coal In the city.
All of the coal received was contract
fuel and the supply of that did not
meet the demand.
The market price is tending upward
and the limit has not been reached.
Wreck on the Santa Fe.
Las Vegas , N. M. , March 29. SanU
Pe passenger No. 10 east-bound was
wrecked at lllbora , thirty miles south
of Las Vegas , by colliding with the
rear end of a freight train. Several
passengers and the fireman on the
flyer were Injured , the latter seriously.
A number of cars wore destroyed. The
track Is blocked and nil trnmc Is at a
standstill. The accident Is Bald to
have been caused by the failure on
the part of the freight train to carry
a flag on the caboose.
Will Not Meet Perkins.
DCS Molncs , March 29 Governor
Cummins answered the challenge of
George D. Perkins to meet him In
Joint debate In each congressional dis
trict of Iowa , refusing to Join In the
arrangement. He states ho has made
all his speaking dates , and to accept
would bo to disarrange all his cam
Charges of Misconduct Against Good-
now , McWade and Williams.
Washington , March 21) ) . The presi
dent sent to the house of representa
tives the report of Herbert H. D.
Pierce , assistant secretary of state ,
regarding the consular service In the
Orient. The message Is accompanied
by a letter from Secretary Root , In
which he says :
"I wish to call especial attention to
one feature of these reports. They
disclose grave misconduct on the
part of two consuls formerly occupy
ing Important posts In the east. Thcso
consuls are no longer In the service.
I regret to say , however , that there
arc Indications of other cases of mis
conduct or inefficiency among consuls
In various parts of the world. "
The visit of Mr. Pierce included
many cities , but his severe criticism is
reserved for ex-Consul General Good-
now , at Shanghai ; ex-Consul General
McWade , at Canton , and Consul Will-
lams , at Singapore.
The charges against McWade , form
er consul at Canton , are drunkenness ,
employment of a felon , issuance of
fraudulent Chinese certificates , ex
tending protection to Chinamen who
claim to bo American citizens , perse
cution of American citizens for pur
poses of revenge , and corruption in
The charges against former Consul
General Goodnow at Shanghai are
eighty-two in number , some serious
and some slight. Some are sufficient
to support suits at law and give- evi
dence of corruption In office.
Three Spans Have Gone Out.
Lincoln , March 29. Three spans ot
the south channel Platte river bridge
of the Sioux City and Western rail
road have been washed out by a flood.
Traffic Is completely paralyzed on that
line. There is still danger from Ice
gorges at other places.
Threats Against Life of Wltte.
St. Petersburg , March 29. Many
threats have been made against the
life of Premier Witte. He received
warning that unless he left the gov
ernment within a week he would bo
Life Sentence for Assault ,
Anamosa , la. , March 29. Jack PIzer
was sentenced to life Imprisonment
for criminal assault on a woman sev
enty years old. It was Pizer's fourth
conviction for criminal assault.
By an explosion In the Takashlma
coal mine , near Nagasaki , Japan , 250
miners were killed.
Masonic temple , the largest bust
ness block in Dover , N. H. , was de
stroyed by flre , entailing a loss of
A receiver was appointed for the
Modern Samaritans of the World , a
fraternal Insurance order doing busi
ness in Indiana , Illinois and Michigan.
Governor Beckham of Kentucky
signed the legislative act imposing a
tax of l'/i cents a gallon on rectified
spirits manufactured in the state or
shipped In for the purpose ot brand-
The village of Muelhelin , Germany
is threatened with destruction by a
hill , which has been gradually slipping
into the valley for several days. Up
to thla tlmo 150 houses have been
1 , damaged and 300 persona rendered
In Case the Governor Furnishes Onr-
nance , the Ship Can be Prepared for
Commission Within Six Months , But
Delays are Promised.
Lincoln , March 29. The battleship
Nebraska will not be finished for
some time , according to a letter re
ceived b > ' Governor Mickey from Moran -
ran Bros. In case the government
furnishes the ordnnnco the ahlp will be
ready for commission within * U
months. If there nr * delays the ve-
sol will bo delayed accordingly.
Say. Rate Bill Would Be Unconstitu
tional Without It.
Washington , March 29. Mr. Knox
made his first set speech In the sen
ate. Ho spoke on the railroad rate
Question , and dealt almost exclusively
with the legal featured of thU problem.
The railroads , ho said , are entitled to
their day In court and an act which
prevents a Judicial review ot the
reasonableness of an order ot the com
mission would deprive the carriers of
this constitutional right and would ,
therefore , bo unconstitutional. Mr.
Knox said that In his bill he had un
dertaken to preserve the constitution
ality of purpose of the measure and
to throw around Iho provisions for
the review such conslllutlonal restric
tions aa would prevent unnecessary
or frivolous appeals -to defeat
the end of the remedial legislation.
When Knox concluded the senate en
tered upon the consideration of the
conference report on the bill regulat
ing the final disposition of the affairs
of the five civilized tribes of Indians ,
and much objection was expressed to
many of the changes. Some of these
were criticised on the ground that the
conference committee had transcend
ed Its authority by the Insertion ot
new matter. There was a renewal of
the discussion of the disposal of the
coal lands In Indian Territory and sev
eral senators , Including LaFollotto ,
Clark ( Wyo. ) and Tillman , expressed
disapproval of the conference pro
vision authorizing the secretary of the
Interior to lease lands.
New Mexico and Arizona May Be Per
mitted to Settle Question.
Washington , March 29. That the
senate and house will reach a com
promise on the statehood bill to per
mit Arizona and New Mexico each to
decldo for themselves the question oi
their admission as ono state , seems a
correct conclusion from present Indi
The conferees met for the second
time , and whllo the session was de
voted to what are termed the minor
amendments , there are indications
that a basis of agreement on the chief
question is suggesting itself naturally
and will result In Iho restoration ol
Arizona and New Mexico to the bill
with the Fornkcr amendment , and in
quiry among the senators wno opposed
the original house bill Indicates that
they will accept this compromise.
House Adopts New Rule.
Washington , March 23. The house ,
in order that the legislative , executive
and Judicial appropriation bill might
bo considered without being subjected
to limitless points of order , passed a
rule prohibiting that method of fight
ing the bill. Notwithstanding that
this appears to have bean the first spe
cial rule ever reported from the com
mlttee on rules directly affecting an
appropriation bill , Its necessity was
regarded as paramount to precedent
It was adopted after an illuminating
debate of an hour by a vote of 169 to
109 , twenty Republicans voting with
the minority. The remainder of the
day waa devoted to consideration o !
the bill and moro progress was made
than In all the days heretofore given
to the measure.
Moors Obstructing Conference.
Algeclras , Spain , Marcn 29. The
delegates to the conference on Moroc
can reforms spent yesterday In prl
vate discussions on the remaining details
tails of the proposed compact , on
which agreement waa virtually ef
fected in preparation for today's plen
ary silling. The Moora are display
ing a spirit of obstruction , protesting
against the decisions of the confer
ence until they shall have been given
the ratification of the sultan.
Mclntyre Pleads Guilty.
Chadron , Neb. , March 29. Philip
Mclntyre , who two years ago swln
died Captain Allen G. Fisher out o
$200 by means of a forged check
pleaded guilty In court hero and wa
sentenced to three years In the penl
Brodle Duke Gets Divorce ,
New York , March 29. Brodlo L
Duke of Durham , N. C. , a relative o
the president of the American To
bacco company , was granted a dlvorc
from his wife , Alice Webb Duke
whom he married in this city , Dec
IS , 1804.
Matrimonial Market Is Brown County
Is Prospering.
AliiHworlh , March 20. Special to
The NUWH : At 8 o'clock limt ovonlng ,
ut the residence of the lirlilo'H parents ,
Mr. and Mm J. H. Flnnoy , MHH ! Lena
Flnnoy WUH married to Mr. Oscar OH-
born , llov. Mr. Saxlon of Iho Congre
gational church olllclntlng. Mr. On-
born will engage In the lumber and
milling biiHlnoHH with bin father-In-
law In AltiHWorth.
At high noon yesterday there WUH a
( inlet wedding at the homo of the
hrldo'H unclu and aunt , Mr. and MPH.
Wm. Fauvo/ , whim Mhrn Jonnlo Fink
WUH married to Mr. L. llarton of
Spring vlow , Hov. Mr. Kuhlor of
Hprlngvlow olllclallng. They will
make Sprlngvlow tholr homo.
On Tuowlay Lute- ( illicit anil Mlmi
Grace Ulckncr were married at the
court luniHo , .ludgo Potter olllclatlng.
ndependent Operator Says There Is
Chance of Opponents Agreeing to
Settlement Through Committee Ap
pointed by President Roosevelt.
Indianapolis , March 29. The joint
conference of coal miners and oper
ators ot the central competitive dis
trict adjourned until thlu afternoon ,
with no settlement ot their wage dif
ferences reached and apparently with
.olio in prospect.
A motion to continue the present
acnlo for two yearn , made by the op
erators , was defeated by the aolld vole
of the miners. An amendment to
[ 'resident Mitchell's motion to restore
.ho scale of 1903 , offered by F. I *
Hobbtns of Iho Pennsylvania operat
ors , that It be made effective for two
years , was accepted by Mr. Mitchell ,
subject to ratification by the national
miners' convention , which met this
morning to consider the question.
This was the only action taken dur-
/fig the day. The rent was argument ,
during the course of which great earn
estness upon the part of the miners
and both factions of the operators was
shown. President Mitchell charged
that many coal companion are owned
by railroads , and the profit on coal In
not Indicated by the books of the coal
companies. , as much of it Is absorbed
by the railroads. Ho announced that
the miners would continue In the fut
ure to ask for more wages If the mar
ket justified , and staled positively
that the miners would ndhero to their
demand for an Increase at this time.
Operators of Illinois , Indiana and
Ohio , speaking through A. J. Moores-
heacl of Illinois , who said he thought
Illinois should break away from the
Interstate agreement ; H N. Taylor of
Illinois , H. H Hammond , Chairman
Winder and Secretary Kent of the Illi
nois operators reaffirmed their refusal
to pay an advance. F. L. Hobblns of
Pennsylvania offered to pay the ad
vance asked , not only In the mines ol
the Pittsburg Coal company , but In his
own mines In Pennsylvania , Ohio and
Illinois , and urged the minors to sign
the scale wherever It was offered ,
even though the mlnco of the other
operators should Ho Idle.
Hints at Arbitration.
There were a number of suggestions
and hints at an arbitration commis
sion during the day. W. D. Kuhn ol
the Independent operators made refer
ence of a possible committee , to bo
appointed by the president.
Mr. Mitchell said in ono of his
speeches : "I want to ask the opcr
ators of the Plttsburg district If they
are In accord with the suggestion as
to an Investigation ? I want to ask
Mr. Winder and the operators of Ohio
and I want to ask the operators of In
dlana , If this proposed Investigation
contemplates an Investigation as to
the relative cost of coal in pick and
machine mines ? "
J. H. Winder , chairman of the operators
ators , replied : "If there Is to be an
investigation upon which the price o
mining Is to be fixed and the relative
differences adjusted between the varl
ous portions of the interstate move
ment , then I think It would bo prope
to take Into consideration all ant
any questions that are pertinent there
to. "
Answering the arguments made dur
Ing the day against an advance , Mr
Mitchell closed the debate with the
following staloment : "Tho miners , so
far as wo are concerned , in case of a
strike , will have no riots and no
bloodshed. Wo may , if a prolonged
strike takes place , have hunger and
we may wear poorer clothes. We may
endure greater hardships , but th
miners are just as law abiding ant
just as patriotic as are Ihe gentlemen
on your side. "
Turkey Must Come to Time.
Constanllnople , March 29. In repl
to further representations made b
the porte on the subject of the pro
posed Increase In the customs Untie
the American legation has reiterate
that the government at Washlngto
can make no concessions until th
American demands for a settlement o
the schools and other questions ar
Bennot Defends New York City Li
brarian Too Busy to Rend Commit
tee Service Makes Strange Friend
ships How Beverldgo Won Out.
WiiHhlngton , March 29. Special.
Probably there Is donlit lu the licgln
nliiK of every nimimlgn iw to the out
come , but It IH rather HlnuiKO to hear
BO long before the coming coiiKrctHlon
al I'loctloiiH oxprcHHloiw of iii | | > reheu
nlon among IlepubllcuiiH of mieeeHa. II
would worn ( hut ( boy fcur ( ho iinroHt
u tlu country , ( ho tendency toward
Soeliillmii In Uu > great eltlcn niul the
general Independence of people. Mvtm
those UciublleuiiH | who have immt ear
nestly supported the rate IcglHlatlou
ind other meiiHiircH demanded by the
> eople HCCIII to have Home fount Unit
.heir efTortii to pleiiHU the public will
not nave them. Home Itepulillcunn arn
very pcHHlmlHtlu and go HO far aa ( o
nay that the next benne of reprcHcnta-
lived will bo Democratic. Thin vlow In
not Nhiiml by the house lemlerH , who
expect to retain control , but not by thu
overwhelming majority they have In
Defended New York.
HeprcHentutlvo Hopkins of Ken
tucky made a Hpeeult on Immigration
lu which ho nllnckwl Now York clly.
ItcprcHcntallvo Itennet defended thu
city In a Hpeech that Hhowed Kentucky
moro Illiterate * than Now York , even
with UH foreign born population. Ho
WIIH naylng that when people miulii
money in any part of the United Hlulon
Ihey usually wont to Now York to
upend It.
"Do they K < 't tholr mouey'H worth ? "
aHkeil HcprcHcututlvo Hlnm of Ten-
"I have no complaint to make of
what I get for my money , " replied
llennet nml added , "I desire to nay In-
cldentally Unit there IH one senator
who Is building what I assume IH a
house In Now York , but who IH not , 1
think , getting ( ho worth of bin money. "
ThlH allusion ( o thu palatial residence
of Kenator Clark of Montana caused a
Hiilckur In ( ho house.
Kennel snld that no man In New
York wan niolenletl nlghl or day na
long as he had sense enough to mind
hlH own business.
Too Buiiy With Booki to Read.
Some one called the attention of
Herbert I'utnam , librarian of the Con
gressional library , to Home new book
recently published and nuked how ha
liked It.
"I haven't read It , " replied Mr. Put-
"Not rend 111" WIIH Iho uHtonlHhiMl re
ply. "Why , It wan written by a frlond ,
If not n relative , of yomu"
"That iimkoH no difference , " remark
ed Iho librarian. "I never get tlmo lu
rend books. "
ThlH WIIH surprising , HH the mipposl-
lion WIIH that the librarian WIIH rather
familiar with books.
Committee Service Makes Friendt.
Continual sorvlcu on committees
makes warm friends In Ihe Hcnatc.
Men who scarcely knew each other
when they first begun to work In the
Hume committee often become the best
of friends before a scnulon cudn. Thin
IH true of Senators Knox of Pennsyl
vania and Talluferro of Florida. Thcso
men have been together for weeks on
the Intcrocuiiule canals committee and
they have found many tuntuu In com
mon. Hoth are fond of good clgurn
uuQ are expert Judges of Ilavunas.
They go to lunch together , and they
discuss the canal matteru with each
olber , although Ihey do not ulwayH
agree. At the beginning of the hear
ings t'lero WIIH Home objection to Hinok-
lug , Senator Hopkins of Illinois be
ing especially vigorous. Knox and
Tulluforro joined forces and Insisted
on the right to smoke In one end of the
room. So they sit togeUier and Binoko ,
and Hopkins remains as fur away an
he can get
Hot Timei In Arkaniai.
"There must be hot times In Arkan
sas , " remarked a senator who was
one day figuring up the possible voting
strength of the senate on certain meas
uren and reached the names of Berry
and Clarke of Arkansas on his list.
"Both of these senators are at home , "
ho continued , "and boUi are In politics
very deep. Berry Is lighting to retain
ula neat in the senate and Clarke is
trying to defeat him. It Is certainly
an Interesting situation , when two sen
ators In the same party are fighting
each other HO vigorously. "
Beveridge'a Original Bill ,
Some time after the vote on the state
hood bill a man WDH commenting on
the subject as though he thought It
was n defeat for Senator Beverldgc ,
chairman of the committee on torrl
"You needn't be sorry for Beverldge , "
was the reply. " 1 have Just been talk
Ing with him. and he has won out.
The senate lias passed his original bill.
Thut'H what he said. 'Oklahoma and
Indian Territory joined \vns my orlgl
mil bill , ' Is the way ho put It. 'Don't
you remember when Quay was light
ing for Ihrco stales Oklahoma , Now
Mexico and Arl/.ona we reported , with
a majority of Iho commlllee , n bill
combining Oklahoma with Indian Ter
ritory and leaving out both the other
territories ? Thut was my bill. The
Temperature for Twenty-four Hour * .
Forecast for Nebraaka ,
Condition of the wimthur an record-
nd for the 21 bourn ending at 8 a. to.
today :
Maximum 39
.Minimum 112
Avorugu 35
lluroimitiir 30.00
Itulnfull 02
Chicago. March 29. The bulletin lu-
Hited by the Chicago nlntlon of the
United Stulon woulhor bureau this
morning given lltu forocant for No-
Immlm mi follown :
( lonorally fair lonlght and Krlilay.
Neiiiiio HUH JUKI got immnii HI my po
ultlon ( if live yeiii-M ago , ' The donate
may liino played home with the bal
ance of tin * commlttc * , but not with
Hoverldue. "
Arthur W. Dunn.
Two Probably Murdered for Their
Money and the Others Killed In a
Fight Over the Spoil * Shocking
Evidence of Wholetialo Crime.
Minneapolis , March 29. The hacked
and mutllutod bodies of nix Bulga
rians , evidently workmen , were found
lying In pwls of coagulated blood In
a little tumble-down house , 245
Tenth avenue. Four of the bed Ion
wore found In u Bleeping room on the
second floor , cut and slashed In
shucking manner , while In the collai
were t vo othurH , with their throutn
cut from ear to ear. Near the bodlou
were found llvo largo bowle knlvea ,
with razor-edged hludeu , nearly eight
inchH long , and a blood stained
hatchet. The dead : Nlcholo Dlmltrl.
Karl Dlmltrl , Ague Kiuolll , KonUun
Yovko , Unka Naudaba , IJuakon ICup-
The Dlrnitrlu were evidently father
and non. All of the men were compara >
lively young.
The only clue to the wholesale mur
der was obtained from a drayman
named Mlekloborg. He miya ho wa *
approached hint Monday by some men ,
whom he took to bo Itallanu or Greeks ,
who wanted him to take six packages
from the house where the bodies were
found to the Union station. At the
elation ho noticed that the men from
the house wore Joined by several oth
er men , a woman and a lltlle girl.
The men In the basemen I had been
killed by having their Ihroats cut ,
and the police are , Inclined to bollevo
that they were murdered for their
money and that a free-for-all fight fol
lowed over a division of the spoils.
Thin Is Indicated by the wounds on
the bodies found In the upper room.
Their faces were slashed almost be
yond recognition and mere wora
wounds all over the bodies , all , how
ever , huvlne deep ula ies In the
Waterloo and Cedar Falls Suffer From
Overflow of Cedar River.
Das MoIiifH , March 29. Floods are
causing thousands of dollars' worth of
damage all over Iowa , largely due to
the unprecedented rains of the past
few days. The situation I.H most seri
ous at Wntei'oo , wiicro the Cedar
river lias overflowed Us banks , caus
ing loss estimated at from $50,000
to $ I i/O.OOO / Scores of families wore
removed from their humus In boats.
Serious washouts have occurred on
the Hock Island tracks , the Illinois
Central track on the Albert I ea
branch , north of Cedar Falls , and the
Waterloo and Cedar Falls Interurban
Over 12fi families have been driven
from their homen In Cedar Falls and
the city Is In darkness , owing to the
submerging of the electric light plant.
The water rose so rapidly that many
families had no opportunity to save
anything. Three bridges have been
washed out at Shell Hock , and the
Shell Rock river Is at the highest
point it has reached In twenty years.
In Clayton county , Turkey river has
overflowed Its banks and the towna
of Elkport and Ostordock are flooded ,
serious damage being done at both
In Fremont county , the Nlshnabotna
river Is out of its banks , farms are
flooded and roads are Impassable.
Indians Save Passengers.
Cheyenne , Wyo. , March 29. The
Casper-Lander stage coach was over
turned In Wind river , twenty miles
eas.t of Lander , and many of the pas
sengers would have drowned but for
prompt work of Arapahoe Indians ,
who rescued them from the torrent
The coach was swept down stream
and the mall was lost.
Insurance Investigation In Iowa ,
DCS Moin. . . . March 29. The War-
rcn-Molbberry bill for an Investigation
of all kinds of Insurance and under
writing business both life , fraternal
and flro in this state was passed by
the senate by a vote of 42 to 2. The
house passed the senate resolution to
adjourn April 6.