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    THU NO KIT ) 1,1C NKNVS : F HI DAY VIOUKUAHY 28,11)00. )
The Little Son of Farmer Van Hauler ,
Ten Miles Northwest of Crelghton ,
Receives Full Load of Shotgun In
Knee and Will Lose Limb.
Creighton , Neb. , Feb. 1C Special to
The NewsIn a scnlllo over a double-
barrelled shotgun In the kitchen of
their home ton miles northwest of here
this moining , tlio little 0-year old son
of Fnimor Van Ilaitteti xxas shot In
the knee and will , It is feated , lese the
limb. .
The lad xvho xvas shot and hla hi oth
er wete living to get the gnu from the
wall In order to shoot at something In
the vaid Each wanted the gun. The
r3iilt was that they scuflled until th"
/ trigger xvns snapped and one small
boy xvas brought doxxn. A suigeoti xxns
summoned and said that the knee Is
I In n very bad condition
The fact that the little fclloxv was
so close to the nni7/.io of the gun xvhcti
the explosion came , helped In tearing
a greater wound through his lllesh.
Dr. H. T. Iloldon has teturned from
Sioux City.
G. L Coimany of Doonebteel Is in
the city on business.
Herman Aliening of West Point xvas
In the city over night.
George R. Muff } of Meadoxv Grove
Is In the city on business
H. Barnes came doxvn fiom Battle
Creek Saturday morning.
C. O. MoUanlcl came doxvn fron
"Winside on business today.
Thomas Patias went to Plainvioxx
Friday evening on business.
Peter Hoxeo Is spending Sunday
with his patents in Warneivlllo
Mrs. C. Gteen and daughter woie
doxxn from Hosktns shopping Ftidny
Frank Beels x/as called to Hum
phioy on business Satin day morning
Messrs. Parkhurst , Bruce and Maly
of Verdlgro xvoio visitors In Norfoll
\ Friday.
Mrs. Lucy Tlnloy of Omaha Is vis
} Iting with her sister , Mrs. G. T
A Sprecher.
Anton De Greet has gone homo to
Plainvlexv to spend Sunday xvlth his
Miss May Durland left for Plainvlexv
Saturday noon to spend Sunday xvlth
her parents.
Miss Elsie Everett of Randolph stop
ped over Friday evening In Norfolk
while on her way east.
Miss Fannie Noiton , Miss Edna Staf
ford and l.eo Pasexvalk xvlll go to
Plainviexv Sunday for a short visit
vxith friends
The child of L V Kennnrson is re
ported out of danger after .1 serious
W. J. Stafford and Harry Brown
went to O'Neill Filday evening to at
tend a dance.
Dr. J C. Myers has sold his bay-
team to T. M. Hull and will buy a
single roadster
The Norfolk oichestra left for Verdi-
gree today to play at a dance theer
Saturday cxening.
John Koplin stopped over Friady
night in Norfolk on his way home to
Pilger from Battle Creek
Mrs. Hart Oake has gone to Missouri
Valley to visit xvith her sister , Mrs.
Moore , for several months.
E. P. Olmstend left for Wayne on
business Saturady morning. Miss
Opal Olmstecid accompanied him.
J. J. Anderson , xvho has been dan
gerously ill xvith the pneumonia for
the past flx'e xxeeks , is out of danger.
Misses Myrtle nnd Ethel Raymond
of Creighton came doxvn Snturady
to spend Sunday xvlth Miss Roxie Stur
Mr. and Mrs. M. Domlsso visited
over Friday night with their son , F.
L . Domnisse , while on their way liome
to Randolph from Humphrey.
County Commissioners Burr Taft
and John Malone xxere in Norfolk dur
ing Saturday afternoon , looking after
business for the county.
Henry Evers , Henry Lawrence and
Geo. Llndxvorm came doxvn from Plain-
view this morning to visit John Evors ,
who Is a patient at the hospital.
Mr.and Mrs Mellick of Nellgh stop
ped over in Norfolk Saturday after
noon while on their way homo from
Pierce xvhere they had been visiting
for some days with friends.
Ed D. Clark of Wayne stopped over
In Norfolk Saturday noon for several
hours xvith his son , Milton , on his way-
home to Creighton Mr. Clark has been
in Wayne for the past xveck atending
to his son , who was confined to his
bed xvith a bad attack of rheumatism
Friday ho xxns able to bo out of bed ,
although he could not use his feet and
was barely able to Keep up to go home.
Miss Hopkins has moved her mani
curing establishment from the Cotton
block to the Bishop block.
Miss Mai ion Stltt , xvho had been 111
with a light attack of pneumonia , xvao
reported much better today.
The Trinity Social Guild has issued
Invitations for its last dancing party
of the season , which is to be given
next Friday night at Marqitardt hall.
Miss Mullen and Miss Katherine
Shaw have Issued Invitations for a
party that they will gix-o next Wednes
day evening at the homo of Miss
Mullen , South Ninth street , In honor
of Miss Grace Ryan of Noligh.
"Will Buckendorf has been promoto.l
by the Northwestern railroad to bo
ftation agent at Bassett. Ho passed
through Norfolk Friday on his way
> IliiHSutt to assume his noxx duties
U > xxas formetly nHBlHtnnt agent ut
'nlrfax. S. P
Julius Plllor arrived In Norfolk yes-
onlny fioin CaHpor , Wyo. ami line
one on to Onmhn to select futnlturo
slth xxhlch to equip himself for living
t Shoshonl , tlio now town nt the edge
f the Shoshone lOHorxatlou xxhlch Is
o lie tin own open In .Inno
The Woman's riulstlan Tompoianco
Inlon will liold a FrancoH Wlllanl
noiuorlal pmlor mooting at tlio homo
> f Mrs .1. A nallmitxno Tuesday nflct-
loon. February 20. at II 11 m Refresh-
iHMitH will lie sot x od and a eoullal In
itatlon IH extended to all.
Leo Tlpton lias boon nvar.lcd tlio
'otitinet for n taxing 'ho ' null finm
Jmtlott to Elgin for the next foments
ents period bogl'tn'ti" ; .Milj 1. "I ho
continot price U * 7'ii ; a Mi
Plpton iccoutly Hied on C.IO an OH of
Wheeler county land near Haitlott and
sill inaUo his homo on hl elnlni aftei
\prll 1.
Mis lleiman Mans , living on
Main Htioot , enteitallied the ladles of
lohatines Lnthetan chinch yesterday
iffoinoon for Mis. John Ludeis , who
t\lll romoxo to Hoskins about Match
1 A largo ciowd of ladles \\eic in en
nt and a most enjo.\able afteiiioon
was spout , which closed with the soix-
UK of dainty relioslimentH
The moinlng today dawned with a
ni t In the air and with coatings of
whiteness on the bianchos and limbs
if the trees of the city. With the
whiteness under foot , the whiteness
In the air and a white mist overhead ,
Noifolk sticets had the appearance of
n portion of a great city , wrapped In
fog The nlr was comfortably warm
UK' ' cilsp enough to stimulate. The
weather man pi edicts fair weather
> xlth model at o tenipciatiire foi tonight
ind tomoirow.
Mr. and Mis. C. C. Gow and Dr.
mid Mis II. T. Iloldon entertained a
compuiv of friends at the hone of tlio
former last evening About seventy
guests bi.ixod the storm to attend and
the > wore moie than lepald by the
Jollv ( iiteitalnment of the oxcning. j\
Four rouse supper was served at C-IIO
nnd later military euchre was the
older of the oxcning The table cap
tained by ,1 K. Uoas , assisted b >
Mesdnmes Utter , foryell , Davenport ,
and Messis C 13. Green and Gee H
Spear , won the honors of the evening
II 0 Mai tin , fornieily of Madison
and at one time a student In the Nor
folk college , was In the city today fiom
South Omal.a Mr Martin Is now one
of the salesmen for the National Live
Stock Commission company of South
Omaha and he was In Norfolk en route
to other towns of this terltory on
business. "Tho Norfolk News Is the
greatest help the live stockmen of
northern Nebraska have today , " he
said , in commenting upon the market
service that Is tendered from Noifolk
In this city's dally newspaper "LUc
stockmen all out thtough this teiri
tory , north , northeast , west , south ami
southwest get the full day's report
a little after noon through this me
dium , where befoie they never got il
unless they paid 25 cents for a tele
gram. '
There Was Some Excitement on the
Market This Morning When , After
Buyers and Sellers Had Locked
Horns , the $6.10 Price Emerged.
South Omaha , Neb. , Feb. 19 Special
to Tin ) News : The hog market jump
ed up still higher today than It did
last week , and struck the $0.10 point
the very first shot out of the box.
This Is the highest price paid for
hogs in a long time , and there was
some excitement when , after the buy
ers and sellers had locked horns , the
$ C 10 marked emerged from the scrim
The bulk of sales went at $5.95 ®
$ G 08 , which exceeded the highest
price paid this winter
There were 1,000 hogs on the mar
ket this morning and the rate Is 10
cents higher than on Saturday ,
Alnsworth Farmer Comes Very Near
Sustaining a Broken Neck.
Alnswoith , Neb , Fob 15. Specla
to The News : Robert Wilhert , a farmer
or living ten miles northwest of hero
was In town and bought a load of him
her and as ho started to drive out o
the shed , seated on the load , ho ben ;
down hut did not get low enough , and
the top of the frame caught him on
the hack of his neck and came near
mashing him to death. Dr Tambley
was called and rendered assistance
Ho Is hotter but not yet able to go
Daughter In Burdlck Home.
A little girl has boon added to the
family of E J. Durdick , who formerly
Ihed In Norfolk , according to a letter
Just received from Portland , Oregon
where they are now living The chlh
was born February 5.
WANTED Bright , honest young
man from Norfolk to prepare for pay
Ing position In Government Mall Ser
vice. Box One , Cedar Rapids , la.
Farmers bring In your repair work
for spring. I will save you 20 % as
I have the tlmo and am prepared to do
the work. Paul Nordwlg.
After He Looks Over the Ground He
Expects to be In Position to Make
n Proposition to the Industilnl Com.
pany for Occupancy of Plant.
A pioposltlon to orgmil/o n com-
lany , composed hugely of local eapl-
al , to Install new machinery and
ipeiate the old sugar facloiy will
nolmblx be made to the memheis of
lie Inilustilal company within a few
laxs Pied llln/e , manager of the
nlppoxxn Palls Hoot Sugar companv ,
mixed ftoiu Minneapolis Kildnv noon
ind Immedlatelx went Into consulla-
Ion xxllh membeis of the Industilal
. ompaiiy Helll inxestlgalo eondl
: lens thoioughly befoio making aii.x
[ imposition ( o the piesent outlets of
ho building Accoidlug to Mr Illn/e's
in fuel Intentions he will offer to In ing
in a cot tain amount of oiitsido capital
luoxiding the fanners and townspeople
: * an be Induced to take n huge Mock of
slock In the nexv company. Ho declines
that he has xxoiked on a number of
slmlhu propositions and that general
ly It has not been dllllcnlt to gel sup-
poit f loin the funnel H In the wav of
stock subset IpUons , and that this Is
the only wav that the factoiy can
oxer bo started again.
"You cannot get capital from the
onlsldo out holy. " ho sajs. "Tho cap
italists nnt in ally nro afraid of any
pioposltlon that has failed liofoie
They will not deny youc explanations
but thev do not feel certain that they
xx 111 fare any bettor. lint If yon shoxv
that you haxe confidence In the piopo-
Hltlon the outsider will gain it too and
come In with jou I would sell just
as much slock to the beet raisers as
I could 'Phis stock should bo sold on
the yeaiR time nnd bo paid for only in
beets. Then they can pay one fifth of
II In heels each > ear. If they doslio
to ( hey can pay as much moio any
xenr as they xvlsh but It must all be
paid for In beets. In that xvay you
gain die suppoit and the heels , xxhieh
tie so necessaiy to the success of the
factory There is one factory that I
sold stock In to farmers up In Wis
consin that Is paying seven per cent
dividends to the farmers and they arc
only getting three per cent for the
moiioy they have In the hank. "
"If you can raise 4,000 acres of beets
that Is all you will need to make the
plant a success. I should put In n
! ! 50 or 100 ton factory. That xvlll
piobably cost about ? I00,000 ! to In
stall However , I can not say how
much no\v. I knoxv very little about
conditions and Just xvhat the whole
thing looks like. That Is why I came
out hole I want to see just xvhat
chance there Is of starting a plant
heie I can find out more In a day
by talking and asking questions than
I can in six months by writing , and it
Is about time to get started if jou aie
going to get started next year. "
Mr mure is a practical manager of
beet sugar plants and has been In the
hiibinobs for a score of years both In
this country and In Germany Much
of his work has been In places xvhere
the farmer has co operated xvlth the
company and has had some stock Interests
torests In the concern. Ills experience
with this plan has been gratifying and
he xvnl push that Idea hero If there
Is any chance of Interesting them.
Dr. Thomas White Dlscussesa Disease
Now Prevalent Hereabout.
Editor of The Noxvs :
In jour issue of February IGtb I
notice an article by Mr. Henry Klocs-
nor , entitled , "G < x > d care needed for
cattle , " In xvliicb ho doubts the exis
tence of the disease commonly called
itch or scabies In cattle , and tries to
explain in ills article the conditions
that have brought about the present
trouble among the animals on the
It Is not my intentions In this article
to get into an argument with Mr.
Kloosner , but to simply prove to him (
that there Is a disease existing called I
itch or scabies in cattle and is very
prevalent in the state of Nebraska.
On the range In the western part
of the state this disease has existed
for several years and it has been trans
ferred from there to the feed lots In
the eastern part of the state.
Itch or scabies In cattle is a para
sitic skin disease Cattle are affected
xvith txvo varieties of these parasites
or mites , which belong to the class
Arachnoidea. The first is the Psoro-
ptes and the second is the Symblotes.
The first variety Is the one which
chiefly affect cattle. It lives on the
surface of the skin and causes great
Irritation and itching by biting , and
is most frequently seen upon the sides
of the neck , shoulders , base of the tall ,
nnd on the back. It principally shoxvs
Itself by numerous pimples , exuda
tions , scaling of the skin , falling out
of the hair and formations of dry ,
grayish broxvn scabs. In the course of
time the skin becomes thickened ,
xvrinkled and leathery.
When Itch or scab has spread over
a large surface of the body the animal flesh , and becomes weak and
rendoted constitutionally less able to
xvlthstand the effects of the mite. The
decreased vigor and lessoned vitality
of the animal favors rapid multiplica
tion of the mites and further extension
and intensification of the disease.
Therefore , wo have cause and effect
xxoiUliig lot'.cther xxlth ( he lemilt flint
HciiblcH miIn Home CIIHCH pioxe fatal
Kspecliillx IH Ihlti liable to ooeur In
( be latter pait of n sexeie winter
The H.xmblofeH or other xailely of
PHI axil p pioducet xxluit IH Unoxxii IIH
tall Itch II leinaliiH Inenllred In the
deprettHlnim of tlm tump and at the
huso of the tall. 11 may , lioxxovor , ex
tend oxer the xxholo Htirfaeo of the
body II die lieatiiienf of tlio diseased
aiilmalH me neglected , allluiiili ) ; theiio
OUHOH me not xery coiumoii.
The lleli inltcH me found upon the
affect ed aiiltuiilH and tlio HIIIIIO can ho
bx a Kiuall magiilf.xliiK
I xx 111 not attempt to i ; < > Into
llu < life hlslorx of thin luiiunlto fin I her
limn to Hay that the fpiualoH lav
about Hoxonl.x four PKUH xxhlcli hat eh
out \\llhlii liom Com ( o eight daxn and
after iitidoiHoIng mixeinl chatiKPH thp >
iinlxo ut tlio Htago of ippioiliiellou lie
txxpcn the twelfth anil eighteenth da >
I luoiel.x mention thlH In older to do
termlno Hie time when the iipcond dip
ping should taliP place
The lluicau of Animal IndiiHlrv , U
K Dejiailinen ! of Agilciilluio lian m > l
the tenth day for Ihn tlmo of second
The life hlHtoiy of this paniHlle contains -
tains lee much technical mailer to lie
of any Impoitanco to the fanner If
ho ktunxH the Htngp of hatching out
and Hlago of lopiodtictlou , that should
enable him to m range for his second
lipping that ho can dustioy the mite
befoio It gets to the Htago of la > ltiK
Itch or scabies In leadlly tianmiilt
ted from animal to animal , but the Itch
that O\HH | ( In cattle xvlll not exist on
horHOH , Hheep or plgH.
Theip IH but OIIP posHlble lieatment
of aiilmalH Unit tun In lingo herds , that
is dipping either In lime am ) milphur
or talmoco and milplmr 'llioio aio
Home good propiloloiy illin | , but an
tbeHe ate not recommended by the
goxeinmenl , they mo left to the Judg
meal of the HtoeKinen tlieaisol\en.
Pieiuises x\heio Infected anlmalH haxo
lieen iiiniiing Hhoiild be thoioiigbly din-
Infected x\ltb a httong Holutlon ol
xxhlloiiHh coiilalnlng flee pie cent of
uiude caibolle acid
Thomas \ \ nlte
The Merry Jingle of the Sleigh Delia
Rang Through the Streets of Nor
folk For Fair In the Warm , Snow-
Filled Air of Last Night.
The streets and roads leading Ink
Noifolkero alive xxlth the music and
Jlnglo of sleigh bollH all last evening
and until xxell after midnight All
Friday aftenioon the HIIOXV had fallen
oxonlv over the city and covered the
stieets and the yanlH and tlu > loofn
xvlth a Hinooth , clean , blanket of da/
/Mug , xvhlto HIIOXV. Aliendy theio XVIIH
a solid fooling of hatd-pac ked snoxx
on the streets and the noxv covorlnj ,
made sleighing ah fine an It hnH evei
boon. The night air was almost warn
and theio xxas just enough suoxv fall
ing nil the tlmo to heighten the In
tensity of the pleasure to tno utmost
Sleighs All In Use.
Many xvcro disappointed by being 1111
able to enjoy the sleighing Hlmply because
cause they could not get any kind o
a sleigh. Everything xvlth runners oi
it in town xvas on the streets. Early
the haniH xverc turning away poisons
looking for cutters and bobs LittU
parties of two and thteo had engagei
the cutters during the afternoon am
then larger croxvds took up the bol
Hlods nnd everything xvas gone. Sonu
of the cutters nnd bobs were IIHCI
twice during the evening and a few
even saxv tervlco three times Tlu
larger croxxds filled wagon boxes
mounted on hobo , to outflowing am
four horses wore required to pull them
up nnd doxxn the streets and along the
country roads. John Kruntz ' vti
mounted a hayrack on runners urn
took a largo number of his friends on
for a ride. Many of the croxvds gathered
erod at homes after the ride or xxen
I out into the country to some farn
house whore they wore entertained before -
fore going home.
Two Small Interruptions.
Hut two accidents were reportec
during the evening and neither was
serious. The Eighth grade from the
High school broke doxvn in their bol
sled on Fourth street and had to give
up the pleasure of the rest of the even
Ing Another bob xxas overturned , bu
no one xvas hurt. It was the one in
xvhlch Wirth Adams and Leo Walters
xvero taking the telephone girls on
for n ride.
Sleighing in the dnytlmo is oven
prevalent. This morning a number o
cutters are out of the barnn and every
one xx ho oxxns one IB using it on the
Aug. Hllle's Birthday.
A birthday party xvas given lab
evening by August Hlllo at his home
txx-o miles southeast of Norfolk. A
largo number of neighbors and friend
from toxvn joined him In celebrating
the event most onjoyably.
Afternoon Wedding.
Albert Machmuller and Miss Emma
Klentz wore married at Christ Iuth
oran church at 2 o'clock this after
noon , Rev. J. P. Mueller officiating
After the ceremony the wedding part
returned to the homo of the bride's pa
rents , where the wedding fostlvitle
were hold.
ron MARCH so.
Ordinance Covering tlip Proportion
wnn Pnsnctl by Unnnimoun Vote of
the Council at tlio Meeting Thursday
Evening Text of Pioponltion ,
The pioposlllon to xolo $10,000
mill of Heuer homhilll bo xnlcd
pen al n Hpoclal city election on
latch L'O The bonds aio to diaw
out pci cent InloipHl ami bo lodooiu
bio Mi Ilililx .xcaiti The oidlnance
ailing the election uan panm d at the
looting ol I lie council Thuisilax ox on
ug bj a ui.aulmouH xoto of the council
Some dlmMiRHlnn mow In icgaid to Hie
alllu , ' of n special Hicllon The con
enlloil WIIH made that Iho CIIH ! of niieli
n oli'cllon Hliiiiild bo tuixod to the cllx
ix liaxlug Hie iiuipiiMllliin xotod niion
it the Maine lime an ( lie legulat cllx
lo'-tlon ThlH xx IIH di'cldod agihi'it ,
KivM'vi'i , on HIP gionnd that nlhei con
HldeialloiiHMiiild Inllucnce the Millug
in the bonds and that Iho council xxiu
inxloiiH to haxo an alimilulels uu
iiojudlcod xoto on the Hewer bond
iioptiHltlou It wan almi mgncd ( hat
ho combining ol HIP two olectliinn
xould also gicntl.x changp HIP anpecl
if the icgulai cll.x olcctlon , HO II XXIIH
Inally decided xxltlmnt a xolo to hold
IIP txxo elections HPpaiatol > .
I'liPip XXIIH also bionghl foiuaul a
imposition to IIICICIIHP HIP amount ol
he bomlH HUlllclPiitl.x to coxor th ( > cowl
if HIP special eleclInn ami ( o pa.x foi
lie piellmluaix plant ) diaxxn up by
Onglneei ItoHoxxnler ThlHa alno
lecld"il iiKaliiHt an IIMIH unn < il Hint
bo cost ( il Hie HOWOI would bo bel xv
bo pHtlniale by luneial HioiiBaml del
aid In inaulug his icpoil nnglneei
tiiHe\\alei Hlaleil ( hat lilH oMInmte
XXIIH plonlv high and soxoial n | the
ui'iulieiH WPI < > poHltlxo lluil Hio con
i.icl would bo lot al MKUICH eoimhl
uiblx It MM ( hail Iho enllmale
A gai lamp XXIIR "ideied placei ] at
Mulli an 1 Madison avoniio after being
lopoilod faxoiablx by the sliool anil
ille > ciinimltleo The new bond of ( )
\V HHI | | xxiiH piohuiitod and ncc ( < poil |
t\ I no council.
Heinle adjoiiinlng a special meellnf
it the council was called for I'ohinaiv
South Dnkotnn RecallB Experience
With Old Crook.
C'hauncpv lav ) , of lluike , S D , In
the IliiiKp Ca/cttp tells how " .Incko"
WIlHon , noxv KPixIng a ppullontlai >
Honloncp at Sioux Kails , and txvo
"Pals" tiled to bloxv a nafo In the
i-oiiit house at Olivet , the ( ounty Heal
if Hudson count } .
Mr lav HII > H : "I \\IIH bo.inllng al
i hotel about a block liom HIP mini
IIOIIHP 'I he county commlsRlonoiH
\\oio In Resnlon at Iho lime and all
bo.ndod at the mime hotel. One oxen
lug Ihiee haul looking chaiactoiH Hal
doxvn on the edge of the Hldowalk In
fiont of Hie hotel At , i late liom twi
went tow aid HIP com I IniiiHe and Hit
thlid man made icgular tilps aioniu
the hotel coiner. People had ntliei
for th ( > night , and all xvas icaKonalilj
quiet The cloik of the hotel and Pr < d
Whiio became conxlncod that Home
thing xxas xxrong. Anolhei man and
xx PIP chosen to accompany WhiteV <
seemed nnolvois and started. Our
thlid man HOOII dropped out I felt i
little xx oak about the thing , but agreei
to stay xvith White through thick am
"Wo passed up the street ant
aiouti'I the corner of the court house
xvlth no ono In sight. .liml as xvc
leached the rear of the building ( .
came upon a man In the alley no
twenty feet from us. Without xvam
Ing White ( lied point , plank at tin
man and yelled "Hands up ! " White
fired again , xxhen the fellow niihxveied
"My bandH are up high Don't hi !
mo. " At this moment a volley o :
Hhots came from another point. 1
Hied twice nt Hhott range and forcei
the second robber to flee White ha <
run into the allej and covered IIH !
man , xvho proved to bo Mncko' Wilson
Wo stripped Wllbon of his weapons
and boon had him safe Iwhlml the
bars. The first Hhot had surpilsci
Wilson so that bo figured another ganj ,
xvas laying for him at the othet OIK
of the alley and the best thing for
him to do xvns to glvo up
"Ilj this tlmo the toxui xvas fully
aroused. It xxaH dlscoxored that a
team belonging to ono of the com
missloneis had been stolen ami Hci
Just outside of toxxn. The other txxc
members of the gang had ( led. tool
the hniness off the horses and rode
thorn for dear life out of tno neighbor
hood. A month afterxxards the team
xxas advcitlscd and lotutned to its
"Wlli-on xvas held txxo xveoks under
strict guard. In Judge Smith's com
he pleaded 'Not guilty. ' Judge Smltl
apolntcd an attorney and gave him one
day to prepare for trial. The morning
of the tilal , xxhllo n Koivant xxas clean
ing out the cells and the sheriff hat
gone to his room for a moment , Wil
son xvalked out of the jail and escap
ed. '
Three Norfolk Women Are Immerset
In the Northfork.
It Is not often that ono can xvado
into a Nebraska river In the middle
of xvinter , but such \vas the case ono
day last week when three women wor
1 > x iminoiHlnn m the North
f ili HPX U A Italdvxln of Lincoln
i iiiiilti ) ii > d HIP hapllHinal cciPinotilpH.
I wo ol HIP woiuoii made Hioli confoti
Hlon on Huiidav at Hie Horxlreii of the
rhilHilan dintdi hold in HIP llapthit
uippllng hiiiiHe Moinlax aflpinon they
WPIP lakon to HIP NnillifotK xvheio
niPinliPi of the Melhodlid dmrch
who had made HIP confpHHlmi Jointd
HIPIII llov. W It I'ploiH offi H-il a
pi aver and then Hov MI llahlvvln
walltod Into the clear , cold umnltig
wiitci wllli HIP Ihiee WOIIKII and Ihev
xx enliniiiPiHi'd Aflorwmd tin Ihrto
women XVPIP bundled Into IdanKotn
ind ( pilllH and dilveii home ijtildclx ,
mine Iho xx onto foi their cold dip In
Iho lev xvaleiH
Colonial Weigh Social.
\ colonial weigh Hoclal xxlll IIP irlven
lix HIP ClitlHllan lOaileavoi In I In par
IOIH of HIP Ciiiigipgiillonal ilimili on
'liniHilax exenlng The HOI hil will bo
Pllllileiliallc ill WllHlllllKloil s lillthdllt
anil HIP deroiallnmi , faxoiH and other
appnrli IIIIIICPH will ppiialu In W.inh
Inglon and Ida llmi'H Tin object of
HIP Hiiclal la to Milne monox ID moot
lleleaey of alioul ff > ( > ' auwod bv
tlio leclmo coin-HP , which IIIIM Ju l linen
raimei'i Inlng in Mini ri pair xvork
'oi Hpilng I will Haxp xou JO'1 ; an I
lave Hie lime mid am piepaieil to do
ho woik Paul Nonlwli ; .
Yoil MOst | M Forget
\Vo \ iini coiislanUy unprov-
iiiL' in Iho sirl of nnikiiiu Kiuo
'hoi ON.
Newest Styles in
Cards and Finish ,
\Vo carry u Kino Line
> ! ' Mouldings.
towesl Rales
W. J , GOW &
Money on Hind
She Has Cured Thousands
riu'liniitf Aloopalhy , Homo
opalliy , Mlocli'ic iind den-
on ) I Modidno.
Will , by rcfiuest , visit profoslonally
ri-l irnlnK every four weeks Consult
her xxhllo the opportunity IH at hand.
DH c XI.DXX IJ.I , llmltH her practice
to the Hpci lal tieatment of dlxuiHes of
the ex ear none throat Mings female
dim IIM H dlKeaHi H of < hlldren and all
ihionlc IIIIIXOIIH and Kiirglral dlHeauei
of a imahle nature IJarly conmimp-
tlon lironi hltlH. lironrhlal latarrh ,
ihionli catarrh , headache i onstlp.itlon ,
htomaeli and bowel trouble * rheuma-
tlHin. neuralgia , Ht-latlca , kidney dls-
HilKlit'H dim ane iltHvaHC'H of the
llxer and bladder , illz/.lru.sH norvous-
IIOHH. Indigestion , obi-Hlty , Intorruptcd
nutrition. Blow growth In children and
all wanting dlHoasoK In adults < H form-
Itlis dull ftet , curxatiiro of the Hplne ,
dim-awes of the brain paial > His heart
dlKi axe dropHy , swelling "f tin limbs ,
ntil < lure open sines , pain In the honca ,
gniniilai i nlnrgemcntH and all long
ng dlnea en propoilx tnuted
IIIOIIll Illlll Skill DlMIIIMI-N.
i > lon. hloti hen , eiuptlmiH liver
HpotH fallltiK of the hair li.ul rornplox-
on 11 n ma throat u ! < orw Imno pains ,
lilniMni tionhlcHveak h.u k burning
urine pawsliiK urine too ofli n The of-
loc l or i oiiHlltiitloiial HI Itnois or the
t iltliiK of too mufh InjuioiiH mcdlclno
leioKes hoarchlnw ttc.itniont piompt
rill'f and a rure for llfp.
nifoaMei of women Irrouular mens
truation falling of the \\omli benrlnff
down piilnu female dlspl u emi nt lack
of Hoxual tone J.c IK orrhi i stmhtj or
ImrionisB fonsult Ir Caldxvell and bho
xvlll ihovx thorn the cause of tliolr trou-
bli and the way to heroine rured
Tnneer * . duller , I'lNdilii , I'lleM.
and enlarKcd KlntidH trcnteil lth the
siibrutaneous Injection method abso-
lutolj without pain nnd xvlthotit the
lo > , s of a drop of blood. Is ono of her
oxvn discoveries and Is really the most
sclontlllc method of this ndx-nnoed ago.
Dr Caldxvell has practiced her profea-
Blon In some of the largest hospitals
throughout the country. She has no
superior In the treating and diagnos
ing of diseases , deformities , etc. She
has late opened an olllce n Omaha , Ne
braska , whore she will spend a portion
of each \\ook treating her many pa
tients No Incurable cases accepted for
treatment Consultation , examination
nnd advice , ono dollar to those Interest
Chicago , 111.
Address all mall to Bee BuUdtn * .
Oman a. Neb.