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A Telegram From Fremont Says Nor
folk Railroad Official Is to go Perma
nently , According to "Official" State
ment That Is Denied Here.
It Is reported by telegraph from Fre
mont today to The News that It has
boon officially announced at that pluco
that operation hoadquartorH of the
Northwestern railroad are to bo reestablished -
| established In Fremont , beginning next
, Sunday.
The report further Bays that Assistant -
) ant General Superintendent Wallers
and a force of nix train dispatchers
are to be taken from Norfolk to Fremont
mont the first of the coming week to
begin work there , Hoamm for the
move Is said to bo growing Fremont
traf lie.
At Northwestern railroad headquar
ters in Norfolk today , when the tele
gram WIIH road to the railroad oIliclalH ,
It was stated that the report received
from I'roiiioiit Is In error.
While It IB true that Assistant Gon-
I oral Superintendent Walters nnd a
| force of six train dispatchers will go
, to Fremont from Norfolk to begin
> work next Sunday , yet It Is not true
; that any "olllclal announcement that
operating hoadquarterB arc to bo re
established In Fremont , " has been
mttilO ,
Assistant Gonwal Superintendent
Walters Is not In the city , having gone
to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving , but it
f is said at railroad headquarters that
ho will bo transferred to Fremont
I merely temporarily , to handle a con-
condition of business that has
piled up there. Whether or not ho
and bis six train dispatchers will re-
j main at Fremont , remains a matter
> for the future to solve. No one , either
I In Fremont or out of Fremont , is able
I to say that the arrangement will bo
, permanent.
The telegraphic report of the alleged
transfer is as follows :
Fremont , Nob. , Nov. 29. Special to
The News : It Is officially announced
here today that operating headquar
ters of the Northwestern railroad will
be re-established here beginning next
Sunday. Six train dispatchers will bo
transferred from Norfolk to Fremont
Assistant General Superintendent Wai
ters and his force will be moved from
Norfolk to Fremont. Growing traf
flc through Fremont compels the
move. "
How Could It be Official ?
"How could such an announcerren
como officially from Fremont , " the
headquarters hero suggested , "when
there are no officials in Fremont , save
a trainmaster ? Norfolk is the enl >
headquarter point for the Northwest
ern road in the Nebraska & Wyoming
division , and Norfolk knows nothiiif ,
of any such 'ofllclal' announcement. '
As a matter of fact there is everj
reason to believe that the transfer Is-
but a temporary arrangement. Th
railroad building out of Casper , the
Boncsteol branch , the Scribner & .
Oakdale branch , and the line betwcei
Deadwood and Missouri Valley , arc
all directly radiated from this cento
and it is an easy matter to dlspatcl
trains between Lincoln and Fremon
and Hastings and Fremont , either ou
of Norfolk or , by means of one of tw
> dispatchers , out of Fremont.
Assistant General Superintenden
Walters was but recently moved fron
Sioux City to Norfolk and it was stat
ed at that , time that the reason fo
the change was the growing Import
ance of Norfolk as a railroading polnl
Further , it was recently officially ai
nounced that a new headquarter
building will be built in Norfolk to nc
commodato the officials , since the num
ber of them has been increased her
by the addition of General Superinten
dent C. C. Hughes and Assistant Gei
oral Superintendent Walters , togctho
with Trainmaster Mount and Genera
Iloadmastor King.
The news dispatch , of course , mere
ly says that "operating headquarters , "
are to be established in Fremont , no
reference being made to a transfer of
division headquarters or of reestablishing
lishing division headquarters at Fre
mont ,
At headquarters here , when asked if
the arrangement would be permanent ,
, „ it was said , "Of course it Is hard to
tell what may happen in the future.
Just now , however , the arrangement
has not gone beyond the temporary
stage. "
Government Is After the Violators of
This Law.
W. J. Cow has just returned from
Omaha where ho snt for three weeks
on the ginnd jury. Fifty-six cases
were disposed of by the jury , many of
them being from the Indinn reserva
tions in the northern part of the state.
The land cases , too , were of special
Interest , In that n number of men who
have Illegally fenced government
lands , were Indicted.
"Throe-fourths of the men who were
before the grand jury charged with
Belling liquor to the Indians , wore in
dicted , " said Mr. Cow. "It developed
that these men have for years made
a regular business of Betting up tent
saloons along the edge of the resorva
tlons along about pay day and then ,
by a code of signals , Uio Indians are
attracted to the Joints. The result Is
that they return to their reservations
cry drunk , ict ; Into n fight and kill
omohndy. I Hhouldn't bo mirprlned
; > HOC very heavy HuntonceH glvon thlH
oar IIH the government IH nnxluuH to
top tlilH vloliitlon of luw. "
upreme Judue J , D. Dnrncs IB Recip
ient of Choice Gift.
Supreme .ludgo ,1. I ) . HurneH of thlH
Ity lmn jntU been niiido the recipient
f pcrlmpH the liimdHoinent pair of
Ik teeth cuff HnkH ( hut have ever
ecu brought to town. The gift WIIH
uido to the judge by HOIIIO of bin tid-
ilrlng friendH and ho IH delighted
MUi them.
The teeth are luken from an old elk
ml nro IIH near alike IIH a pair of
Ik'H teeth could well be. They tire
erfectly white for the mimt p.irl , be-
tig tinged at the edge with u Hllghtly
rown hue that glvea u rich effect ,
'hey are mounted In Holld gold cuff
nlfH , upon which have been engraved
ho Klkn' ItiHlgnla , the clock showing
1 o'clock , the number of Norfolk
idge , No. Cf > : i , and the InltlalH of the
Dnttlc Creek.
Mr. Max Wilde of Norfolk and Miss
Btnxlo Severn were married bore Tues-
ay at noon by Itev. Father Manning
f Norfolk at the parlor of the brlde'B
not her , MI-H. Annie Severn. The new
ouplo are well known throughout the
louiity and will iimko their future
lomo In Norfolk.
MHH | Hose Kreviinlck and brother
osoph returned Tiio.Hiliiy from Omaha ,
ivhero they were attending the funoivl
f a couHln.
C. R. Doughty waR hero Saturday
in business from Norfolk.
Joseph Sovora , who IH a student at
ho Crolghton university in Omaha , IH
lore thlK week on a Thanksgiving va
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hengstlcr ro-
urnod Monday from their wedding
Mrs. Wm. fidcn of Petersburg is VH- !
tlug hero thin week with her brother ,
Charles Fcnskc , and sister , Mrs. Gco.
[ louorman and other relatives.
The ladies' union of the Lutheran
church was meeting at Mis. Win.
Fuerst's Tuesday.
Thanksgiving services were held by
Ilov. J. Hoffman In the Lutheiau
church Thursday.
Ludwlg Kerhel stepped on a nail
Saturday , which caused him to stay
away from his business several days.
Mrs. Clascy , who has been visiting
several days with her son , John Cla
soy , at Page , returned home Monday.
James Hughes and W. A. Barne *
were visiting nt Madison Saturday
where they have children attending
the Catholic school.
Mrs. Henry Tietjens and baby ar
rived here Friday from Plainvicw for
a visit with her father , Otto Rorchers
Editor F. 1-3. Martin and A. G. Mover
were business visitors to the county
seat Saturday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Miller , jr. , Friday.
M. L. Thomson was a business vis
itor to Platte Center Monday.
John Moxor bought the ICO-acre
Smith farm five miles southeast
through the agency of Wade and
Albert Kohl was here Monday from
Meadow Grove.
N. M. Lund has erected a large new
barn on his farm on the Elkhorn river.
The place is occupied by Philip Heck ,
Owen O'Neill spent part of last
week at his ranch near Long Pine ,
lie snys everything is on the boom In
that country.
John R. Wltzigman was up to Mead
ow Grove Friday.
Fred Koester , who is attending a
pharmacy college at Des Moines , Iowa ,
is hero this week visiting his parents.
Third District Representative Says He
is With President.
Sioux City Journal : Hon. J. J. Mc
Carthy , of Ponca. representative in
congress from the Third district of
Nebraska , who was In Sioux City yes
terday on his way to Washington , D.
C. . said that , notwithstanding the fact
that Senator Mlllard had been regard
ed ns hesitating , it would be found
that the Nebraska delegation was sol
id In its support of President Roosevelt
velt and his railroad rate regulation
"I do not know what the bill is , "
Mr. McCarthy said , "but I know the
spirit of it , and the phraseology Is
of little consequence. I know that It
will be in line with the president's
square deal policy , and that suits me.
I feel confident the house will pass
the bill speedily. "
Mr. McCarthy was looking forward
to a delightful winter In the national
capital. He said he thought the ses
sion of congress would be historic.
Mr. McCarthy Is the father of eight
children , four sons and four daugh
ters , and yesterday seven of these and
Mrs. McCarthy were with him. The
oldest daughter , Amy , Is attending a
school In Georgetown , and she will reside -
side at her father's Washington home.
"Oh , 1 rather like being In con-
gross. " Mr. McCarthy said , "but I
could not live anywhere without hav
ing my wife and children with mo , so
wo nro all going to congress together. "
O'Donnell After Tax Dodger.
New York. Nov il ) Prank A
O'Donncll. president of the board of
taxes , took steps to collect J23.600
from either the New York Life Insur
ance company or the Central National
bank us taxes and Interest on the
J700.00U transferred to avoid the pay
ment , according to testimony befor *
the Insurance committee last Monday
Contributions for the Poor Were Tak
en up and Money Will be Sent to
the Jews of Russia No Football
Game Many Tuikcy Dinners.
ThniikHglvliig day wax a quiet , dilly -
y Thursday In Norfolk. Then1 were
urliey dlnnerH and church survlcoH
ud family reunions , and a little In the
, 'iiy of amusements. The fo : > llmll
nine scheduled between Nollgh ami
Norfolk for the championship of north-
ast Nebraska did not come off , and
hero WIIH nothing doing on the gild-
roil. At night there was a dance glv-
n by the Mast Hose company In the
larquardt hall , and tliero was a sh.iw.
t the Auditorium , hut there wasnolh
ng of an umiHiml nature.
The football game WIIH declaied off
iy telephone , the weather ami thr
( iiidll Ion of the Held making It ad
I'lnahle to cut < lit the play. The game
.eheduled . between Wlanor and I lie
ocond team of the Lincoln high
ichool was another that did not de
velop , as the Held atVlsn"r was con-
Idored too rough and brlttlo for the
The day dawned cold and cloudy In
S'orfolk and lomained unchanged all
lay long. The wind was shnip and
dtliig and not many people ventured
nil , though the chill of the out of
leers made the turkey dinners within
ill the more enjoyable.
A number of people spent their day
) iit of the city , visiting friends and
relatives In other places , nnl many
weie guests In Norfolk fiom other
OWIIH. Tliero wore a numbei of fntnll }
llnncrs in the city , too , composed of
relatives who Ihe In various pnite of
Noi folk.
Stores wore kept open a portion of
he day but In the afternoon nearly
every place of business was closed
: ind employes and proprietors alike
enjoyed a half holiday.
Regular Thanksgiving services were
held In churches of the city , and con
tributions were offered for the pooi
A largo collection was taken In one
church for the suffering Jews of Rus
Turkeys wore unusually plentiful
llils year and nearly everybody had a
taste of the bird.
Toronto Theater Burns.
Toronto , Dec. 1. St. Charles the
ater , one of the leading vaudeville
houses of Canada , was destroyed by
fire The flames were flrst discovered
about an ho'ir after a large audience
had left the building. They started
In the top gallery. The loss is $70.
Views of the Live Stock Markets a
South Omaha , Neb. , C. A. Mai-
lory , Manager.
South Omaha , Nov. 29 The moderate
orate receipts of cattle and the change
in the weather has caused a good re
action in the market , prices ruling 1
ffT25c higher than last week for al
grades of fat steers and butciers
stock. Wo look for fairly liberal sup
plies next week but also look for a
good demand and think anything goo <
enough for the packers will sell wel
Christmas cattle are not plentifu
but are in the usual demand and i
moderate supply can bo sold to goo
advantage and we advise shipping thl
class of cattle during the first ten day
of December.
Stockers and feeders in fair supply
with prices well sustained for desir
able grades while common steers and
heifers are selling at low prices.
Short fed or warmed up cattle are
slow sale and those of good quality
should be hold back and made better ,
as we think the outlook warrants so
We quote good to choice fat cows
$3.00@3.50 ; fair to good , $2.50@3.00 ;
canners and cutters $2.002.50 ;
Christmas cattle ? C.OO@550 ; good to
choice fat steers $5.2500.00 ; fair to
good f4.500i5.25.
Hcgs The largo receipts of hogs
expected by the packers failed to ma
terialize and with a sharp advance in
the provision market , the trade ruled
active and 10@20c higher than last
week. The packers are still "talk-
Ing" large receipts and lower prices
but are taking the hogs at the advance.
We still believe the general supply
is at least normal but don't look for
continued liberal receipts until after
the holidays.
The bulk of the hogs today are sell
ing $4.8004.85. with top $4.90 , which
Is still in line with the other markets.
Watch the provision market care-
full > and don't be surprised to see a
little reaction most any time next
Sheep and lambs. This being prac
tically the end of the season for ship
ments of sheep and lambs from the
! range , our receipts are much lighter
and the quality much poorer. Very
little fat stuff Is coming and the de
mand for mutton sheep and lambs is
strong nnd prices are fiOc per cwt.
higher than a week ago.
Host fat lambs are selling $ i5.750 >
7.25 ; fair to good ? C 5000.75 ; good
vearllngs $5.5000.25 ; fair to good
$5.0005.50 ; good wethers $5.2505.75 ;
fair to good $5.0005.25 ; good owes
$5 0005.25 : fair to good , $4.5005.00.
The demand Is also strong for all
good classes of feeders that are carryIng -
Ing any tleah. Lambs weighing from
0 to nr > UIH. are Helling $ r , iri n 10
( u lit ) UIH $ r. r > 0ii * (100 ( , llglfier
wulghdi from $5.50 down to $4 50.
yi'iulltiKH $1 iiOfflfi 25 ; wethorn $4.7& < ft >
JTi.OOj OWUH $3.00fM.OO.
\Vo Ionic for lighter tecelptn for ( he
next thirty days and pronpeclH ate
Inil the duiiiand will he good and that
irl-H will Mile higher.
Rock l land Pays Taxe *
nentrlcu Ne Nov 2'J 'I In llnrk
Bland HiillMiivi ! ninpiiny n M n < t , < ru
or } ) . ( ( > 3 ? < C to Cuuiit ) ' 1 M fi * HI r
WilBht. which If hill piijnient ! i M.H
> car's tuxes lti t year It pnid i'
tUM'b under prou-fcl 'I I.e 11 . r.-/i
and t'nlon I'nnllc nre hold.tig i.u t
with thi > tuxes mnkiriK oiilv a pir
payment Th ( rutim , ol tlii Hi.rii I-
nr.M writ , n turprUo to thu louiii ) ol
Attempt Made to Break Jail
Hr.ncrofl N'-b Nov : " . An nt
< to lire tl.c rlty l.nll tii.t ! Jut ! . -
i.ail - preiumul'U b > TM > ! I , < or.e \\t , < > I nl
en loc Ki ( I up ncti.tly ' flrn
iih dcM ( Mil \ > \ NiM.l | Wnl'li Hut i fi
iiil thru ipri hif effort1wr , * xf
utrid tl. ' ' 'million ' 11't.u 'ni.In MI in
t.f lloi.r of M r jn ' I I'i ' R
( f
I )
York University Issue * Call for
Conference of Twenty Colleges.
President Northrup , University of
Minnesota , Against Abolition.
Now York. Nov. 29. Columbia uni
versity lias abolish'1 ! ! the game or
fnotbull as at pres < ut played as one of
the sports In which students of the
university will bo permitted to un
gage Tills action was taken at a
mi.'i.'tlng of Ihe Columbia university
committee on student organizations.
The action of this committee Is final
The student ! ) arc not permitted to play
without the consent of the rommlUtir ; ,
and If they do so they render them
selves liable to expulsion. |
Almost at the hour when the body of
young Harold Moore , the Union col
lege fatudcnt , who was killed In a foot
ball game with the University of New
York team last Saturday , was being
laid to rest In Ogdensbiirg. the faculty
of the University of New York took
definite action looking to the abolish
ment of the game of football as It IB
now played. Every college whoso
football team has played against the
New York university since 1S&5 , when
the latter's team was organized , has
been Invited to take part In a con
ference fully to consider and finally
dispose of the future of the game
With the cj.ll of the conference went
the announcement that the New York
university representatives will support
a proposition that the present game
oupht to be abolished The colleges
Invited to the ( .onfc-rccice are nineteen
In number.
Says Abolition Is Too Radical.
Minneapolis , Nov. 2'J "I think that
is going entirely lee far , " said I'rosi
dent Cyrus Nonhrup of ( be Uimers.ty
of Minnesota , when hsknd for an f-x
prossion of opinion regarding the ac
tlon of Columbia urnvf-r.sity in atiol
Ishtng football as a college sport 'I
am not In favoi of the elimination of
football from college sports , " Dr
Northrup continued "On the contrary.
I am very strongly In favor of Its re
tention There is no question but
that changes should bn made In the
game as playc-d at prosi-nt. In my
opinion the rules can be so amended
fis to make the plays more open , more
punting and end runs and fewer masi
formations and scrimmages Therein
lies ihe rhlcf danger of brutality or
of foul play What should be done Is
to make th < > game one of skill rather
than a contest in which brute strength
Is the principal element nut the
complete hhandonmcnt of football as
a college sport Is. to my mind , entlie
ly too severe a penalty to Impose"
Stabbed During Political Quarrel.
Chicago , Nov 29 .John V Kopf.
one of the c.ommlssloners of Cook
county , was s.ihhii-d : during a political
quarrel and susthlned Injuries which
will proliHbl ) tausfbis death For
several yenrs a bitter fueling has ex
isted hPtwepn two Republicans IB
the Thirteenth ward , and during a
ward club election Kopf heratnt In
volved in a dispute with George Hob
erts. an election clerk and Roberts
plunged a knife Into Kopf's abdomen
Huberts was arrested
Imperial Guards MI rested.
SL Petersburg , Dec. 1 The most
alarming indication of the spread of
disaffection In the army , extending
even to regiments near the person of
the emperor , was given in the arrest
at Tsarskoe Selo of a number of FO !
diers belonging to regiments sp iiilh
selected by Oenoral Trepoff in fjuird
the emperor and his family T'iev
have been counted upon as beinc 1 al
to the last , ready even to be ' -n 10
pieces In defense of his majeMv
Their arrest however , alt ouah not
for open sei'ltion. shows how the
leaven of dlccontcnt \\nrki"s even
within the precincts of Hie mpcr'al
park at Tsarsl oo Solo Tr-r "ii'Unt " '
pave rise to mL.-t nbrmlt1 n r < in
St. Petersburg. Including on- th
effect that the emperor nr'Mhha.l
bcon attacked and Ihnt a grand duke
had bcon wounded wMI" Defending
him. but the AsBorl : ' \ \ Prr s Is as-
ured by a member of ! 'nperlnl
entourace at Ts rokoe Sri. .tat this
U absolutely untrue
Home Visitors
November 27
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The Date . . November'27
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i Salamanca , X. Y 33 70
, Cleveland , 0 2S 35
Columbus , O "S 15
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Toledo. 0 25.70
Pittsburg. Pa 31.00
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Correspondingly low rates to nearly all points In the above states.
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Daily News Job Department