The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, August 25, 1905, Page 4, Image 4

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NORFOLK NEWS : PUT DAT , Al'dl'ST 25 , 15)05. )
' . N , HUMS ,
( Kfttnbllflhcxl 187. ]
Kvcry dny except Humlny. lly ci\r
rlxr per wcolc , 15 conln. lly Norfolk
poMninra ilnllvcry. per vonr. " H\
innll on rnrnl route * niul uutnlilo of
Norfolk , for yonr. .OQ.
The Now * . ICntnlillHlicil , 18HI ,
The Joiinml , l > lnlillnlioil , 1R77.
Rvory Krlilny. lly mull P r your , 11.50.
Rn ori > il nt the pniitollloo lU Norfolk ,
KM MOCOIUl Clllim tllUttOr.
Telephoned ! liilltorinl Uopnrtmont ,
No. ! 2. luminous Olllco niul Job HOOIIIH ,
No. 11 25.
It tnhOiTrnlino'rnlBO crops nntl utn-
It IH n good Ililni ; to liuvo tlio pence
conforcnro on/livened / by llaHlioii of
ronl Wltto.
Ho fnr I\H liifonnntlon IIIIH boon re
ceived , Mr. Uryiin IH not going to
visit any Hllvor country for the pur
pose of "Htuily. " .
In Jnpan the Unltoil Sinter linn
fouiul u now nlly , which will nmUo for
muliinl prosperity and the pence of
the world.
The foront roaorvo system In Colo-
rndo now InnhidcH nearly 7,000.000
acres , nearly donhlo the acreage found
In am- oilier state In the union.
If ever the fnnnor was king. It In
this yonr In Nubrnnkii. Ktallug It
mildly , ho IH an Important personage
whoso favor Iti to bo cultivated.
Thi' now gold discoveries In Novndn
nro attracting the attention of the
world and that Htato IH Hiiro to rppolvol
a ncItilluv of iH'onlo. It certainly
needs them.
Oov. Folk believes thnt the lawn nro
Hindi' to bo enforced , but the people
bo llvi'H among nro from Missouri and
bo will bavo to show thorn In order to
make good.
The Ideal man IH bard to find , for ho
must add to the fttorn vlrtncfl of the
I'nrllan the grnco nnd mvoetnoHs of
modern life. Puritan and cavalier
muni unite.
Tlu Clilnese boycott will not run
niiiiltist American cotton mannfartnred
by Japanese nilllH. It's lucky the
Aniorli'niiB bavo a ntnnd In with the
winning .laps.
Why not divide the honors and send
part of the exploring oxpodltlona to
the south ? Doesn't the south polo
want to bo discovered just as Imdly ns
the north polo ?
One of the Incomprehensible things
In this world la the greed of men , who
have already ncciimnlntod more of this
world's goods than they can ever use ,
to keep piling thorn up.
The present governor of Mnssnchu-
nods Is perfectly willing thnt some
one should till his shoes. In fact , ho
spends lots of money advertising and
Isory successful In his efforts
\ man's character Is the result of
all the experiences of his previous life. ,
Thoughts , words and deeds nil affect ,
It for good or ovll. Therefore all must [ i
he considered In the ultimate result. .
Perhaps the best way to destroy the I
pier of Wall street Is for outsiders
to keep away and lot Its morclmndlso
strictly alone. If no now victims of
fer themselves they will In tlmo de
stroy each other. j |
Missouri and Kansas arc having a
contention as to whether a sunflower
Is a flower or a weed. Dr. J. L. Flan
ders of Kansas City wns fined for not
cutting them for weeds , while In Missouri
souri they pass as Ilowers.
Any man who wants to know wbcth- ,
cr advertising pays should consult a i
Mr. Ilryan , who lives In Lincoln. Ho i
nnd John Wannamnker both under-i I
stand the art nnd have mndo nu eml- \
ncnt success of It.
Some of the best work thnt the pres
ident has done has boon accomplished
In the tours he has made among the
people throughout the country. Ho
meets Cioiu naturally ns n friend and
his generous , genuine sympathy with
nM classes completely captivates them.
Italians are supplanting negroes in
some sections of the south as tenants
and laborers. Some hope Is enter
tained that the Italian Immigrant , who
has been proven n moro satisfactory ,
farmer than the negro , may help to [
bolvo the vexed labor problem In the
Work on the Panama canal still
The commission were making nnaiie-
monts to employ Japanese and Italian
laborers under contract but their re
spective governments nro raising ob
jections on account of the unsanitary
conditions. If this obstacle could bo
removed the necessary Inborcrs could (
bo procured from these countries.
Is Russia in a state of revolution or
evolution. Revolution Is a word which
historians sometimes use to describe
changes which were really evolution-
ary In effect. The American revolu
tion wan one of thin kind , "involution
rather than revolution In the path by
which nntloiiH n.ako . the Biiront nnd
progroBM ,
Tom LnwKon'H tour will HOOII bo forgotten -
gotten by the many. Ills remedy WIIH
Impractical , hut thnt dooH not prove
his exposition , of the frauds of Wall
Hi reel usoloBH. If the people would
only extract from It the IOHHOII to
iivolil nil got-rlch-iulck | Hchemen ,
TOIU'H energy nnd rhetoric would not
hnvo been Hpent In vnlu.
Lincoln IH trying to dovlHo some
moro fMllsfnctory method of Hi reel
cleaning than that now In voguo.
MIH ! yonr It coul Lincoln ? 10.000 to
bavo her twenty-nine mlleH of paved
HlreotH Hwopt anil garnished and tin1
results wore not. altogether Riitlsfac-
lory. Lincoln IH rcnll/.lng ROIIIO of
the trlalH that ImiiHokooperH have long
endured. The InelMelont servant prob
lem IH a florloim one.
The two men who occupy the center
of ( be world'H Hlago at the present
I line nro Theodore HooHovolt nnd
Kaiser Wllholni. In llroleHH activity.
good InlPiitloiiH , versatility and the
emirngo of Ihnlr convlctloiiH these two
men have much In common , but the
Unlsor laelcH the Judgment and Hound ,
practical common seimo which are the
groundwork of HooHcvolt'H nm'fuliu'HH.
Illw orratlclsniH run away with him.
II Is Hlalod by HIOHO who know the
Intddo of the business that ordinary
whisky can bo distilled at a cost of
ten cents n gallon. After paying ( bo
government tax of ninety cents a gal
lon , the manufaclnrer sells It at from
$2.00 to $1.00 per gallon , and the man
who buj'H It by the drink pays at the
rate of $ l'J.fiO per gallon. This would
bo n bettor graft than "Standard Oil"
If 0110 man could control the output.
fount Tolnlol In bin old age has giv
en up reading newspapers. HP fpolH
that the times are out of join ) nnd be
Is out of touch with them. In thecano
of the venerable count and the evil
times upon which bis country has fall
en , thin Is probably n wise decision
and for nnyouo to conllno bis reading
to newspapers would bo unwlHe , but
while In the world wo should bo of
the world and not to keep tip with at
least ouo reputable dally Is to bo sadly
behind the times.
The Lincoln Star voices the belief
that the rural service Is reducing the
saloon patronage of small country
towns to the extent that many of them
are going out of business. Rural mall
routes are a now weapon with which
to fight the saloon but they at least
reduce the farmer's necessity of com
ing Into contact with the tempting
open saloon and provide n means of
healthful nnd holpfnl entertainment at
homo. Temperance agitators should
promote the establishment of rural
routes. '
"Put not your trust In strangers , " Is
'a precept so old that It seems to have
lost strength In this age. The number
of men and great business concerns
which live on the credulity of people
Is amazing. Men and women who
should know bettor will Invest money
In schemes which a ton year old boy
ought to see the fraud In , when the
matter Is presented by n smooth talk
Ing swindler or a cleverly worded ad
vortlsomcnt. If these same persons
were to let an honest well known
neighbor have money they would demand -
mand gilt cdgo security.
A. W. Ladd of the Albion News con
alders that the most Iniportnnt ques
tlon In Nebraska politics Is to secure
government free'from the dominion of
great commercial Interests , Ho thinks
everyone should have something to
jSay about state affairs but that noono
should bavo everything to say. This
Is a good statement of the needs of
Nebraska , but It can only come to pass
by Individual Interest In the'affairs of
the state. While the voter accepts the
cut and dried policy of some political
boas who has schemes of his own to
carry through , there will bo llttlo 1m
The loss to New Orleans from n
business standpoint from the yellow
fever epidemic Is a most disastrous
one. Xo city In the country had brighter -
| or prospects. The grain shipments
from there bavo greatly Incret.sed ol
late and the building of the Panama
canal has boon a practical factor In Its
growth. It Is not likely that perma
nent damage to the business will re
sult , but that It will bo checked until
oven the memory of the scourge Is
somewhat dimmed is n certain thing.
Yellow fever ought to be stamped out ,
If It moans the extermination of every
moaquito along the coast.
Scarcely n year passes that America
does not fit out an expedition to go in
search of the mythical north polo. It
also sends out an expedition or two
to find and bring back the possible sur
vivors of previous expeditions who
failed to find that greatly desired
stick of timber. Now Just how long
this very expensive pastime Is likely
to ho continued , the ornclu unyotli not ;
hut there nro novornl people who hnvo
exprewHod wonder nH to the pOHslblo
value to the country In nil this wnnto
of money , tlmo and life. Who wants
anything of the north polo or the
Icoborgn that surround It , anyway ?
The principle upon which ( ho Jury
system IH conducted Is Idiotic. Not
long ago In nn eastern city a now trial
WUH granted In a cane upon n showing
that two memborH of the Jury bad read
current roportn of the case In the
dally paporH. ThlH was considered a
siilllclent miscarriage of Justice to
warrant the setting iiHldo of the ver
dict and the ordering of a now ( rial.
In nine caws ou ( of ton , juries chosen
are composed of Ignorant and Inferior
men , because those really capable of
Inli'lllRont Judgment bavo read and
know something of the ca'so In ques
A Smooth Article ,
When you find It necessary to use
salvo use DoWltt's Witch Hazel salvo.
It IH the purest , and boat for sores.
buniH , bolls , eczema , blind , bleeding
Itching or protruding piles. Got the
genuine DoWltt'H Witch Hazel salvo
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Makes bono and muscle faster than
any other remedy. Brings strength ,
health and happiness to the whole fam
ily. That's what Holllster's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. 115 cents , tea
or tablets. The Klcsau Drug Co.
For many years one of the most pop
ular InduulrloH In the Hulled Slalos
lias consisted In gelling the monopoly
of some public utility In town or city
frequently by bribing the council
Iroiiipmloimly ever capitalizing It and
collecting enough from consumers to
pay dividends , Hut evidence dally nc-
iimnlntPH to the effect that this prof-
table business Is rapidly falling Into
Ipuny. The vote for municipal own-
urshlp in Chicago , the defeat of the
JIIH lease in Philadelphia and many
less noted Instances all over the conn-
try , are straws pointing undeniably to
: ho fact that the palmy days of the
franchise are past.
The snnltnry commission nt Panama
will have not only to temporarily
heck the yellow fever on the isthmus
so that work will progress , but they
will bo obliged to absolutely clear the
xono from Its ravages if the canal Is
to accomplish the mission for which
It Is being constructed. Up to the
present tlmo Asia has not been Infect
ed with the yellow fever germ , but
the conditions In India and southern
i\sla are favorable to Its development
and If an Immense trafllc should pass
through the Infected district of Pan
ama there Is llttlo doubt but what the
disease would bo carried Into the ori
ent nnd spread like wild fire. Med
ical science has a great work to do in
discovering practical methods for the
extermination of this awful disease.
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UK ! irnln a foothold ns when In n
weakened condition. The constantly
Increasing use of Kodcl Dyspepsia
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uenoral practice of Itself tells how
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Ity. . Its many cures of both children
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The question of Increasing the gov
ernment revenues by taxation Is again
under dlscusslpn. There Is talk of a
tax on coffee , a further tax on beef
and n revival of that most aggravating
of taxes , the stamp tax. nut more def
initely thnn any of these , the Income
tax Is being agitated. This would bo
highly popular with the masses , but
of course would bo fought to the death
by the plutocrats. One contemporary
objects to It on the ground of the
wholesale perjury It would bo the
cause of. There Is same strength In
thnt objection. Heaven knows there-
Is enough lax lying done in America
now. One favorite form of Income
tax dodging In England is to make no
Income return to the government. In
such a ease the government makes its
own estimate. If It is too low the
citizen pays and keeps his mouth shut ;
If it Is too high he can protest and get
It revised.
Dillons Dill was agitated ,
And was much debilitated.
People said ho had consumption.
Thnt wns everyone's presumption.
When ho learned what was the matter
Dill made nil the doctors scatter.
Now ho Is his own adviser ,
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Every man Is undoubtedly master of
Ills own promises , but that Is hardly
milllclcnt justification for him to de
liberately take bin gun and shoot down
a boy who was found on blH property ,
oven If the boy wan trespassing. The
NOWH Is not attempting to try n case
out of court , but this Is scarcely tlmo
for maudlin sympathy to bo extended
to n man who will do n dastardly deed
of thnt character. If llartlo FJseffor
recovers , which now seems probable ,
Dletz will only go to the penitentiary
for a few yearn , but If the young man
should happen to die , and Diet/ cer
tainly shot as though ho Intended to'
kill him. then Dletx would very properly
orly be hung. It Is time for persons
to understand that oven trespassers
linvo some rights that they must ro-
spect. ' If they do not want people on
their premises they might go out with
n horse whli nnd drive thorn off , or n
iK'ltor way would bo to bavo them nr-
rested , but they must not commit mtir-
dor niili-ss they expect to suffer the
Three Good nnd Just Reasons.
There nro throe rensons why mothers
ors prefer One Minute Cough Cure *
First , It IB absolutely harmless ; second
end , It tastes good children love It :
third , it cures coughs , croup and
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In more ways than one the defeat
Spain received at the bands of the
United States hns proved a blessing
n disguise. Spain was and bad been
'or manv years land poor , Relieved of
ler unprofitable colonial possessions
and brought to a now and clearer
son o nf their obligations nnd oppor-
nniili's ns n government among the
latlons of the world , a now life has
seemed to enter the veins of the Cas-
Illons ami prosperity has smiled on
he awakening. Government bonds
mvo risen from "I to 00 , her mercan
tile marine hns readied n tonnage of
711.000 , of which fiSO.OOO is of steam
ers. Their railroad system has In
creased proportionately. Rut probably
the most notable advance and the one
that means the most to the country's
future Is along educational lines. The
influcnco of the young king Is all for
good. Himself a finely and honestly
educated mnn , bo Is opening the way
for the similar development of other
young men. Spain , centralized , awak
ened , conscious of her own wealth and
resolved to make the most of It , may
yet astonish the world. In her honest
struggle upward she will have the
sympathy and good will of the Amer
ican peoplo.
After a girl passes thirty , she Is old
enough to marry a widower.
The man who seldom reads , loves to
hnvo his picture taken in a library
How bold and aggressive wo all are
at times , and how weak and helpless
at others !
The world fools sorry for the man
In continual bad luck , but It has no
respect for him.
There never wns a man , prnhnbh
who did not rend a complimentary let
ter at least twice.
This Is the season of the year whoi
a man wears such thin clothes that It
hurts him to sit down.
When an old soldier moves to a
strange town , bow do people know he
is to be called "colonel ? "
There Is always a clnsh botwcoi
the mnn who has eaten his pie and
the man who has saved It.
Men like to bo coaxed , but not one
woman In a hundred knows whcr
coaxing ends , and nagging begins.
After a man passes fifty it is impos
slblo for him to got up any enthu
slasra about anything but his troubles
The groom at j\ church wedding nl
ways looks so scared that people In
the nudfenco wonder how ho found
courage to propose.
If you toll a friend your trouble nnd
ho weeps with you , it Is not for , your
trouble be.weeps , but at the recollec
tlou of his own.
There is a time in the life of the
female baby when men are not
pected to take off their hats to it on
the street. At what ago does the chili ;
expect it ? At ton , or fifteen , or six
teen ?
Wo are always hearing that this or
that man will come out all right In
time and that he would bo all right If
ho had n chance , but the great domain :
of the hours la for men who umounl
to something now , whether they have
n chance or not.
Officers Livingstone nnd Ueker Now
Believe They Had the Murderer In
a Box Car Last Night nnd Let Him
Go Body May go to Medical College
ri'-rotn Thiirsdny'H Dnllv. ]
The pollco have as yet failed to lo
cate or secure any clew ns to the
whereabouts of a murderer who last
night shot to death an unknown negro
on the platform of the Northwestern
station nt South Norfolk , when the
darky asked for n drink. It was
thought at n o'clock this morning that
the murderer bad boon apprehended
In u box car at Fremont but the person
hold there later proved to bo the wrong
Two Omaha lads who wore with the
murderer Inst night when the shooting
wns done , nnd who snw the negro fall
ever dead with a bullet In bis brain ,
worn separated so that they could not
concoct anything In the way of a story ,
and were closely questioned nt the
coroner's Inquest today. They nro
Vernon Turner , nged sixteen , nnd Roy
Peer , nged sixteen.
Story of Eye Witness.
"We had been with this fellow nnd
a partner of his during the day , " said
one of the lads to The News. "Wo
had been drinking reduced alcohol and
were lying on the bank of the Elkhorn
river , south of the Northwestern rail
road yards , when it began to rain.
The four of us started Into the yards.
At the tracks the partner of the mur-
leier left us. turning west on the mnln
line nnd bending for a box car In
which he had prepared a bed for him
self. Ho wns short and wore a sandy
"We started toward the railroad sta
tion , seeking shelter from the rain.
Wo huddl'od up tinder the protection
of the side of the depot and took a
Irlnk. "
Negro Wanted a Drink.
"On n baggage truck , in the rain , sat
a negro whom wo had never seen be
fore. He looked up and said , 'Give me
i drink , lad. '
"At this our comrade drew a gun
from his pocket , held It two feet from
ho face of the dnrky and snapped the
trigger. The negro fell over dead with
n bullet in bis brain. Wo ran into the
eating house to tell them that some
one had been killed , and never saw
the murderer again.
"The murderer was a pretty good
sized mnn , square shouldered and very
dark of skin. He wore a black slouch
liat , with no creases In It , and had a
black and blue mark under his left
eye and on his nose , where someone
had struck him. He wns drunk when
he shot. "
The negro , about thirty years of
ago and not a bad looking darky , was
n perfect stranger In Norfolk. He wns
shot squarely through the center of
the forehead. The remains were tak
en to the undertaking rooms of Ses
sions & Hell nnd held for the coroner's
inquest nt 10 o'clock this morning.
Body Will Go to Medlcnl School ,
It Is probable , under the circum
stances , that the body will be taken to
the state medical college at Lincoln ,
for dissection. The law provides thnt
where the body is not claimed within
n certain lencth of time by friends , it
goes to the medical school.
Believe They Saw Murderer.
In search of the murderer , Night
Watchman Uocker and Officer Living
stone went through n stock train thnt
wns headed cast last night and anoth
er that went west. They found in one
box car. with n bed made"up , a pair
of tough looking customers who , ac-
cord'ng ' to the belief of Officer Uokcr.
atiswered the description bv the Omn-
ha boys of the murderer and his pnrt
nor. The partner had the moustache
ns described by the boys , the build
was about the same and a fore-ln-hnnd
necktie , spoken of by the eye witness
es , was around the neck of the mur
derer himself. Ticker wanted to ar
rest the men on suspicion nnd bring
them to Jail , but Livingstone Insisted
thnt they wore not the proper parties
nnd the arrest was not made. They
were both wet from the rain nnd had
n pretty completely prepared bunk In
spite of their statement that thev Iw !
just arrived a moment before. They
had no gun , but n gun could east' }
have been thrown away.
The theory of OfUcer Uoltor Is thnt
the partner went Into the enr when In-
left the murderer nnd boys , ami thit ;
later , after ho had done the shootliiR ,
the murderer , too drunk to navigate
very far or to apprehend his own dan
ger In remaining near the city , joined
his comrade In tlio c < u- and that both
were there to sleep when the ofllcers
arrived. They said they wore go'ng '
north on the Conestecl line this morn
This morning after talking with the
Omaha boys , Officer Livingstone came
to the conclusion , too , that ho nnd
UeUor had the murderer In the eir
last night when they found the two
follows. !
False Alarm at Fremont.
A false alarm which brought hopes
that the murderer had been caught , !
came from Fremont during the night.
The conductor of a train from Norfolk
east found a man In one of the cars
nnd locked him In. The sheriff at Fre
mont was notified nnd the train held
at East Side while the man wns looked
up. He was Identified , however , ns a
man who had been with the train ever
since It loft Casper , Wyo. , and there
fore lie was released.
Verdict Found to Correspond With the
Facts of Killing.
Coroner Kindred of Meadow Grove
was notified of the murder and reached
the city this morning. At 10 o'clock an
Inquest wns held over the romnlns ,
which had been taken to Sessions &
Hell's undertaking rooms. The Jury
Impannollod by the coroner consisted
of the following named : Jess Heemer ,
C. R. Richardson , R. W. TleswfcU , L.
Sessions , .1. G. Conplln and B. Neth-
Tlio two boys who witnessed the
tragedy were the only ones who gave
testimony , although Chief of Pollco
Hny was sworn but not examined.
The statements of the two boys agreed
and was practically as published.
They said that the mnn seemed to
hnvo a desire to shoot , nppnrently
more In the spirit of drunken bravado
than anything else. While going toward -
ward the depot ho kept snapping the
revolver and once It went off. When
the negro spoke to him on the plnj
form be lifted up the revolver and
again snapped It and this tlmo the
weapon went off. The boys do not bo-
Hove the mnn Intended to kill his vic
Verdict of Jury.
At the conclusion of the testimony
the jury found n verdict ns follows :
"Tlmt unknown cnmo to his tdonth
from a gun shot wound in his bond ,
fired from n revolver in the hands of
n man , whose name Is unknown and
that the act was done with murderous
intent. Said deed was committed on
the depot platform at Norfolk Junc
tion nt or about 8:10 : p. m. August 2,1 ,
100- . "
Description of Murderer.
A description of the murderer as
given by the two witnesses Is as fol
lows :
Height about n feet , 5 Inches , weight
1(10 ( pounds , full fnco , heavy sot , broad
across shoulders , slight Roman nose ,
appeared ns If It had been broken ,
both eyes blacked and n heavy mark
under the right eye and across top of
nose as If ho had been struck recent
ly. Ho wore a dark double breasted
coat and black vest , light striped trou
sers , black shoes , bluchcr cut , n blue
striped soft shirt with collar attached ,
) Inek neck tie , n black Stetson hat in
good shape. In all he wns well
dressed. He was very much under the
Influence of alcohol. He Is very dark
complexloned nnd the boys thought he
is a half breed or quarter breed Indian
> r Spaniard.
Hold Witnesses In Jail.
The two Omaha boys who saw the
shooting were held as witnesses un
der $500 bonds each and were taken to
Madison by Sheriff Clements , who hap
pened to bo in town.
The boys are telling their story of
the affair on the Installment plan.
They first left out nil mention of the
partner of the murderer nnd did not
give that feature until morning. Later
they said there were two comrades of
the murderer one a cripple and one
with n moustache. They also said that
the murderer , walking toward the de
pot , kept snapping the trigger of his
revolver , and tirM it of [ once.
Word was reeohod today from South
Omaha that the cripple and the mnn
with the moustache had been caught
by rnlhond men and are being hold.
Those men were seen leaving town on
a train , but the officers did not arrest
Enjoyable Sociable.
A largo crowd of young people Im
mensely enjoyed the lawn social given
at the Freythnler property , corner
Twelfth street and Madison avenue ,
last night. Ice cream was a pleasant ,
If you are too fat It is because your food
turns to fat instead of muscle strength.
If you are too lean the fat producing foods
that you oat are not properly dicested and
Lean , thin , stringy people do not have
1 enough Pepsin in the stomach , while fat
people have too much Pepsin and not
enough Pancreatino.
Dyspepsia Cure
| contains all the digestive juices that are
! found in a healthy stomach , and in
, exactly those proportions necessary to
enable the stomach and digestive organs
to digest and assimilate all foods that may
be eaten. Kodol is not only a perfect
digestant , but it is a reconstructive , tissue -
sue building tonic as well. Kodol cures
Indigestion , Dyspepsia , Sour Stomach ,
Heartburn , Palpitation of the Heart and
Constipation. You will like it
Digests What You Eat
Rests the stomach , rebuilds the
tissues and gives firm flesh.
C ll b UI hoUllU i rr p r d it thi lib.
! M nick M Ui orU rrolI.O.D
OU1 , cr M out tlm. j
Bold by Asa K. Loomud.