The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, September 23, 1904, Page 7, Image 7

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Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment
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Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment Mustang Liniment
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They Hnd Clliuliril up thr Clinic ,
Juniprd Olt tlir I'liilforiii mill ( itinr
( o Hunt SnmrtlilnK < Knl , Which
They roil nil In Siiillli'M Cam Field.
Very early yesterday morning Agent
Elecffer of the M. & O. illncovored what
appeared to be n robbery of the stock
yards near the depot , but later devel
opments proved that the cattle had
simply escaped , The night before
P. K. Wantz had shipped In a
car of cattle from Johnstown , cnrouta
to Sioux City , and unloaded them at
the M. & O. yard. In Uio morning
they were gone , and the thought
naturally was that they had been
stolen. The gate was found cloned
just as It had been left the night be
fore. During the day , however , the
cattle were found wandering around
In the country north of town , and
they were returned to the yards and
continued on their journey this morn
ing. Another Inspection of the stock
yards showed that when the cattle
were unloaded , while the outer gate
was closed fast enough , the chute gate
had been left loose and the cattle had
climbed up through the runway and
jumped off the platform. There were
twenty-six head of steers In the car.
Eighteen head of them were feeding
In Commissioner Smith's corn Held
when found , and the others were be
tween town and Mr. Smith's farm.
Charles DURUM was down from Done-
steel over Sunday.
S. Noyt was a Norfolk visitor from
Gordon over night.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pllger spent
Sunday In Madison.
R. B. Held and J. Asche were city
visitors Sunday , from Leigh.
F. Hasch of Ponder was the snout
of II. W. Winter over Sunday.
Col. Compton , leader of the Wlsner
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Fox have re
turned from their visit to Chicago ,
band , was In the city yesterday.
Mrs. Samuel House of Foster Is vis
iting at the home of Mrs. Webb In this
Miss Opal Olmstead left for Crete
this morning to attend the Don no col
W. J. Houston of Plalnvlew was In
town tills morning enronte to Sioux
tf' . City.
& . '
Eugene Austin and G. W. Stanford ,
both Fremont printers , were in town
over night.
Congressman Burkett and Congress
man McCarthy were both In the city
Saturday night.
John Richardson , who has had a
position in the Fair store , leaves to
morrow for Sterling , Col.
Mr. nnd Mrs. V. G. Huebner of Pierce
yesterday visited Mrs. Huobner's pa
rents , Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Miller.
Miss Anna McBrlde left this mornIng -
Ing to attend the Northwestern uni
versity at Evanston , 111. , a suburb of
W. W. Persons of Pocatello , Idaho ,
Is visiting at the homo of his father-
in-law , Joseph Horlskey , on Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Libby of Ewlng
were in the city yesterday attending
the funeral of Mr. Llbby's mother , Mrs.
G. C. Hunter.
Mike Wade , n former resident of
this city , now of Cripple Creek , Col. ,
Is visiting relatives and friends In the
city today.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 13. B. KaufTman leave
for Colorado tomorrow In the hope
that the climate will benefit Mrs.
Kauffman's health.
Mrs. Katie Rahlfs was a visitor In
the city from Wnkefleld over Sunday.
E. R. Leahy of Wayne was in the
city over Sunday night.
Ralph Dutcher of Plalnvlew was in
the city this morning on bis way to
Wayne where he has secured a posi
tion with the telephone company.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Dickinson , Miss
VerA Leach and Fred Blthlnger of
Humphrey were guests at the Broder
Kettleson homo In this city Sunday.
Mrs. Bundlck , Mrs. Tracy and Mrs.
White will be hostesses at a social
sesplon of the Ladles guild nt the
borne of Mrs. Hlsle Desmond Tuesday
Miss McDowell , who teaches In the
Grant school , was called to her homo
In southern Kansas by the serious Ill
ness of her father. She Is n cousin of
Mrs. C. E. Greene.
Lolund Spanldlng loft yesterday for
Philadelphia , Pa. , whore ho hod work
all of last winter nnd expects to bo
employed constantly this winter , at
the painting trade.
Miss Mnrjorlo Weills left today for
New York , whore she will serve as
private secretary to Miss Brown of
Miss Brown's School for Girls. Miss
Louise Wollls wont to West Point fern
n few days before resuming her stu
dies nt Brownoll Hall , Omaha.
Among those who will attend the
state university nt Lincoln from Nor
folk this winter nro Clyde Bullock ,
Hfiy Hyde , Chan. Mathowson , Will Ox-
nam. Eugene Huso. Homan Walker ,
nnd Helen Bridge. A number of them
wont to Lincoln this morning nnd oth
ers will go within n day or two.
Judge J. B. Barnes loft this mornIng -
Ing for Lincoln to sit In his capacity
as supreme judge at n session of the
supreme court. Sessions of the court
will ho hold beginning on the first
and second Tucsdayx of o.ich month
until next July , which will Uuop the
presiding judges nnd thoho under thorn
unite constantly employed during the
fall , winter and spring.
A daughter was born this morning
to Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Evans , and
the entire Tltnes-Trlbunu force Is foolIng -
Ing good ever the event.
Loren Doughty of thin city won Hut
first prize on amateur photography at
the Madison county fair , llu wax rep
resented thuro with tbreo pli'tur s.
A morning of fog , the llku of which
Is seldom ciiuallcd was a feature of
the weather today. It was dense uarly
In the morning , and continued In evi
dence until Into In the forenoon.
The democratic and populists coun
ty conventions nro mooting III Battle
Crock this afternoon to place candi
dates on the road to defeat for rep
resentative , county attorney and coun
ty commissioner.
"Uncle Josh Spruccby" Is the attrac
tion at the Auditorium tonight. The
company has arrived In the city and
gave notlco of their arrive ! by the
purado of the hayscitd band that will
help to drum up the attendance for a
popular rural drama.
Saturday was a day of fair liusl-
ness to Norfolk merchants , but was
not as good IIH usual because of the
show that preceded it and brought n
number of people Into the city who
would otherwise have waited for Silt-
urdey to do their trading.
August Hcckmnn nnd Miss
Brlsso , both of Hndar , were married at
the Hadar church last evening at 7:30. :
After the ceremony the friends of the
couple celebrated the event nt th home
of th bride's parents. The newly mar
ried couple will live In Hndar.
This week a large number of Nor
folk people will go to Stanton for the
county fair which begins Tuesday ami
concludes with Friday. Others will
go to Plain view for the old settlers
picnic Thursday and Friday. Next
week they will be at homo for the
base ball tournament of three ilnys ,
when It Is expected that u number of
outsiders will be present.
Base ball and clrcuscH and fairs and
plonlcs and Ice cream socials are about
the thing of the past for this season ,
nnd looming up In the horizon are
football , theatrical entertainments ,
musical doings , oyster festivals and
other features for the entertainment
of the public constantly on the look
out for something doing. The season
opens very promisingly for various
events of a seasonable nature nnd there
will undoubtedly be plenty to help the
fall and winter pass polnsantly.
At the Madison fair last week W.
B. Vall's lonn Salestor , three-years-
old , won Itrst money In the standard
bred claws of ti utters and his two-
year-old hay stallion , A Conqueror ,
won second money In his class. Lot
tie Medium won the fastest heat In
the free-for-all pacing race , making
the heat In 2:24 : , lowering her record
three-quarters of a second , which was
considered very good by horsemen be
cause of the heavy condition of the
H Is announced from the North Ne
braska conference of the M. H. church
now In session In Wayne that Rev. J.
W. Jennings , presiding elder of the
Omaha district , will retire from the
work at the close of the conference.
It Is stated that Rev. Win. Gorst , an
other former Norfolk minister , will
snceeed Mr. Jonnlngs as presiding el
der at Omaha. It Is said that the
reason of Mr. Jennings' retirement Is
that he has been asked by the West
ern Methodist Book concern to be
come manager of the Kansas City
depository , and the bishop has con
sented to the appointment. Mr. Jen
nings always had a good business
heuH , nnd ho will make a success of
the management of the book concern.
Kept MiirrliiKe Src-rrt.
LINCOLN , Sept. 17. After keeping
their marriage a secret since last De
cember , Ellsworth L. Rodfern nnd Mrs.
Rodfern , formerly Miss Frances Mc-
Grady , announced to their friends In
Lincoln this week that they were hus
band and wife. They were married
secretly December 20 , Dr. Wharton ,
at that time pastor of the St. Paul M.
E. church , performing the ceremony.
Mr. Redfern was attending the state
university nt the tlmo , and he desired
to complete his education , while the
bride was employed by Wilson &
Brown , attorneys. Roth wished to
continue their occupations until sum
uouiinn H
Site I'liiinds mill ClinKcM Her Victim
Aflrr Mont Approicil KiiHlilon.
CHICAGO , Sept. ] < ! . A new masker
Joined the carnival of crime sweeping
ever Chicago , when n veiled woman
held up and robbed Sigurd Fahlgron
of his watch and $25.
This highway woman carried her
brgandlsh | work on with the same
fearlessness that marks the nightly
holdups by highwaymen. Armed with
i revolver , she hustled her victim Into
an alloy , choked him , punched him ,
nnd threatened to kill him if ho made
an outcry. The robbery occurred at
Chicago and Wells street.
The woman bandit who was fashion
ably nttlrcd had her features covered
with a heavy veil , after relieving her
victim of his , watch and money , com
pelled him to move on. The woman
then disappeared , and although police
searched the neighborhood thorough
ly they were unable to find her.
SIM\KIII : : OK TMI : not'Si ' : TO UK
111:111 : : siiM'i : > iiuiij.7. .
The MrrthiK on HIP 27III Will l.i- ( In-
( irriitrxt Htcnl of ( lie Ciiiiipiiluii fur
llcpiilillcniiN n ml u r ( 'rimil IN
i ; | irclrit In ln < I'rrxonl.
The committee on arrangements for
the Cannon meeting , which Is to beheld
hold on the evening of Soptomhor 27 ,
met Saturday night and discussed
plans for the mooting , which It Is
designed to make ( ho event of ( ho
campaign. The Auditorium has been
Mocurecl , which will bo dccorntcd imd
provided with sents to tin fullest ca
pacity , anil It was arranged to hire
a band and secure the services of a
male quartette If possiblo. It was du-
cldod to ask Congressman McCarthy
( o pieslde ever the mooting.
The matter of reserving seats for
people who coino from outside towns
was discussed , but no definite con
clusion was reached , There will no
doubt he big delegations from towns
surrounding Norfolk to hoar the fa
mous speaker of the house of repre
sentatives , and It Is the purpose of
the committee to see that the visi
tors are provided with good seats In
the Auditorium. Some plan to take
care of all who come will ho arranged
and announced later. The seating ca
pacity of the Auditorium Is only
about 000 and It may ho necessary to
have an overflow mooting should the
crowd bo largo.
Speaker Cannon Is one of the most
widely known men ever to visit Nor
folk and there unqucstloiinhly will
bo n big crowd to hear him. Ho will
bo accompanied by J. 10. Watson , con
gressman from Indiana , who Is said
to he a brilliant orator with great ca
pacity to Interest an audience. Those
speakers will he nt West Point during
the afternoon of the 27th nnd will ar
rive In Norfolk nt 7'ir In the evening.
A committee will bo sent to West
Point to escort them to the city.
With the exception of President
Roosevelt , who was bore In 18G ! ) , when
ho was a candidate for vlco-prosldent ,
Win. J. Bryan , who was bore the
same year when ho was campaigning
for the presidency , Mark Hnnna of
Ohio and Uoswoll G. Herr of New
York , Speaker Cannon will be the
greatest attraction from n political
standpoint who has over boon In the
"Uncle Joe" Cannon , speaker of the
national house of representatives , now
on one of the most remarkable speak
ing tours of the campaign , will cross
the Nebraska state line next Friday ,
the 23rd Instant , nnd will , on that
evening , speak at Falls City. Richard
son county , In the First congression
al district.
The coming of Mr. Cannon to Ne
braska and his stay of live days In
the state Is an evidence of the Im
portance the national committees of
the republican party attach to the re
sult In the state. The speaker Is one
of the most brilliant stars the repub
licans have In their constellation of
campaign orators and the demands for
his presence In various localities have
been fairly overwhelming. Traveling
In a special car and accompanied by
a personal staff , including Mr. L.
White Busoby , his confidential secre
tary , Speaker Cannon will swing
through many states before the No
vember ballots fall , Ills trip Is to be
under the direction of the republican
congressional committee and "Uncle
Joe's" vigorous efforts will be devot
ed almost entirely to the congression
al campaign.
A Gren < Drawing Card.
Speaker Cannon is expected to prove
one of the very greatest drawing
cards of the campaign. He has for
years been a picturesque figure In
American politics , a type of the rugged
statesman , free of opinion nnd breezy
In the expression of It. The wide rep
utation he had hitherto enjoyed
.broughout the country was greatly en-
lanced by his selection as presiding
odicer of the national house and by
the more recent nomination.
Mr. Cannon's tour will extend over
lullnnu , Illinois , Nebraska , Iowa ,
Maryland , Pennsylvania , New Jersey ,
Connecticut nnd Rhode Island , thence
wok through Indiana to his home dis
trict In Illinois. It can bo Imagined
that with such a trip before him
'Undo .loo" will have little tlmo to
lovoto to his personal Interests nt
lome. During the past ton days , how
ever , ho has been engaged In "clear-
ng things up" around his own district
i nil fools ho cnn safely trust things
to go well there until ho gets back.
Just nt the close of the campaign he
will reach his homo town , Danville ,
ill. , nnd end the nnto-elpcllon func
tions with a grand rally.
Since Thursday Mr. Cannon has boon
n Indiana , speaking In the doubtful
districts. Today ho roaches Illinois ,
speaking this ovonlng In Falrllold ,
Wayne county. This Is In the Twenty ,
tonrth congressional district , oarrlcd
iwo yours ago by Representative J. R.
Williams , democrat , by a plurality of
only 102 votes. The republicans see
lioro a line opportunity to reverse the
results of the lust election. So deep
rooted Is this fooling , Mr. Cannon will
spend two days In the district.
Wednesday , the 21st , ho goes to the
Twenty-nfth Illinois district , speaking
al Sparta , Itimdolph county. The
Twenty-llfth district Is represented by
Congressman ( Imirgo W. Hiultli , who
has been a continuous nioiuhcr of the.
house slnco the flfly-llrst congress.
Two years line , however , Mr. Smith
was closely pressed by his democratic
opponent , his plurality hi'lnn cut down
to a bare 2,000 votes. Thursday , Hut
22d Instant , will find Speaker Cannon
and his party at Uollovlllo. III. , St. ( Mali-
county. In the Twenty-second COIIKI'I < S-
slonal district , represented by Con
gressman William A. Itodnnburgi tbo
well known republican leader of ICant
St. Louis. Llko bis colleague , Mr.
Htultli , In the last congressional elec
tion Mr. llodenburg was successful by
barely 2.000 plurality.
Leaving Illinois Hut night of Thurs
day , the -L'd , Hut speaker's party will
penetrate Into Nebraska the following
day as already stated.
After Nebnisldi , Hut next state tube
vlsltvd by Hut speaker will bo Iowa ,
where especial attention will be paid
to Hut Mt'cond congressional district ,
now represented by Coiigrssniim Mar
tin J. Wade , a democrat. The repub
licans bcllevo they have an excellent
chance to win ( ho district from Mi.
Wndi' . Ills plurality two years ago
was only l.lfi ! ) votes. One of Hut big
meetings will bo at Burlington ,
From Iowa , the speaker goes to Min
nesota , thence ( o Wisconsin , Ohio , West
Virginia and so on through his east
ern Itinerary. Ills lour will bo watched
with the greatest Interest by the party
lenders. "Undo Joe" bus been called
upon to go Into the doubtful districts.
The democrats realize this and they
havii made their plans so as to try to
offset the Inlluonco of the tine old Il
linois statesman on the voters of the
various states traversed by him.
l'ro | > imiil CoiiNlllillluillll Ainriiiliiiriil ,
The following proposed amendment
to , and convention for thu revision of ,
the Constitution of the State of No-
braskn , as hereinafter sot forth In
full , Is submitted to the ulcc.tors of
the State of Nebraska , to bo voted
upon at the general election to ho
bold Tuesday , November K , A. D.
1904 :
( Sonnto File No. IH. )
A Bill for a Joint Resolution rec
ommending to the electors of the
state to vote nt the next election of
members of the legislature for or
against a convention to revise , amend
nnd change the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska In accordance with
Section 2 , Article l.r > , of the Constitu
tion of the State of Nebraska.
Be It resolved by the leglsulaturo of
the State of Nebraska :
1. That It Is doomed necessary to
call a convention to revise , amend nnd
chnnga the Constitution of the State
of Nebraska.
2. That the electors nro recom
mended to vote at the next election of
members of the legislature for or
against a convention to revise , amend
nnd change the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska.
3. That nt such next election of
members of the legislature on the
ballot of each elector voting at such
election , shall be printed or written
In such manner that the olctor can
Indicate his preference under the law
the words : "FOR calling a convention
to revise , amend and change the Con
stitution of the State of Nebraska , "
and "AGAINST calling a convention
to revise , amend nnd change the Con
stitution of the Stale of Nebraska ; "
and If a majority voting , at said elec
tion shall vole for a convention , the
legislature shall , at Its next session ,
provide by law for nailing the same.
I , Goo. W. Marsh , secretary of state
of the State of Nebraska , do hereby
certify that the foregoing proposed
amendment to the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska , and providing for
a convention for the revision of on Id
Constitution of the Stale of Nebraska ,
Is a true and correct ropy of the origi
nal enrolled hill passed by the Twen
ty-eighth session of the legislature
of the Stale of Nebraska , as It ap
pears from said original bill , on file
In my otllco , and that said proposed
amendment and revision of the Con
stitution of the State of Nebraska Is
submitted to the qualified voters of
the Stale of Nebraska , for their adop
tion or rejection , at the general elec
tion to bo held on Tuesday , the Stb
day of November , A. D. 1904.
In testimony whereof , I hereunto
set my hand and nlllx the Great Seal
of the State of Nebraska ,
Done at Lincoln this nth day of
July , In the year of our Lord Ono
Thousand Nine Hundred and Four , of
the Independence of the United States
the Ono Hundred and Twenty-Ninth
and of this stale the Thirty-eighth.
( Great Seal ) Geo. W. Marsh ,
Secretary of State.
TWO M\V III.OCKS rent iMr.itci : .
Iniprowmriilx In I lie HiiHlticHx I'orlloti
of Tim n lit mi Karl ) ' Itiilc ,
PIEUCU , Nob. , Sent. 17. Special to
The News : Contracls have reecnlly
been made whereby Iwo more brick
blocks will be ooiiBlrnclod In this city
In the near future. Henry Bockclman
will make an addition to his already
spacious harness shop building which
will bo oxlondod clear to the alloy , and
ho will Install a number of the most
modern machines for Die manufacture
of harness and saddlery.
John Turok Is the other who will
construct u now brick which will bo
fifty foot long and have n thirteen-foot
colling. Work on these buildings will
bo commenced In the Immediate future.
MAX \ \ \vrun TO T\HI : r\nn OK
Tilt' i''iniit : : . in II.IHM ; .
TIM : I'tvMI.I , in : yno.on \ MONTH
Thr Mnn In ( < i CiiMliiillnii , Klrriiiini ,
l.nliiirrr mill Ml llmiml .liiiillur fur
Hir llrnl lliillilhiK I" Norfolk Ai.ll- |
cntloii MUNI InKllril NIHIII.
Uncle Sam Is Jiml at present looking
for the man who Is capable imd will
ing to InUo cliarni' of his now United
Stales court IIOIINO building In Nor
folk as custodian , Ili'oninii , Inborot
and all around Janitor , and hit will
certainly hit successful In finding him ,
as the position carries with It n sulnry
of JiilMi a year or JMi per month , and
with n paymaster as reliable as Ihu
government It Is a situation that will
attract a number of applicants , with
out a doubt. 11 Is not an iiiidi'slrnble
job for ( lie icason that It Is the host
building In Norfolk nnd tlio man who
gels Hut Job will Illicit prldit In keeping
Its miirblu floors and surfaces neat
and clean and Us other adornments
bright and shining. .
'I'lic man who gets II noml not ox-
peel Hint bo Is drawing one of those
proverbial government snaps , ospoclnl-
ly In tbo winter season , but II will ho
a Job that lliu person of ordinary ne-
tlvlty can handle and linvn tlmo to
sll around imd look wine , or show his
friends around the building or make
tips from Hut pal runs of Hio place for
little oxlra services.
The government announces It ns an
examination , but further along says
( hero Is no examination connected
with the application. The examina
tion Is to bo held October d , at which
Thai , we are cxwstanUy growing in tlio art of
making Kino Photos , and our products will al
ways bo found lo einbraco the
and Newest Styles in Curds and Finish We also
carry a line line of Moldings suitable for all
kinds of framing.
The Practice of Medicine
Becoming Specialized
The Physicians of the Large Cities the First to Adopt it and
There are Now Many Throughout the Country.
Specialism Is tlio Idea of the day.
Not that every physician cnn bo a
specialist , nor would It bo Justifiable
In every doctor becoming one , but
there are advantages that can ho de
rived only by a special practice which
Is applicable to certain communities
even though the physician himself Is
not a bomi flilo resident of that lin-
medlto vicinity. Small towns and the
country are the principal communities
In which a specialist could scarcely
prosper , hut as practiced by some
specialists , that of going from one
city to another , making his visits and
seeing his patients at regular ap
pointed Intervals , one can dorlvo ad
vantages far superior to those re
ceived In many Instances by a visit
to the cities.
Wo cite , for Instance , that of Dr.
Caldwell , a specialist of Chicago , who
Is and has been making regular visIts -
Its to our community for the last two
years. Dr. Caldwell came well rec
ommended and has succeeded In es
tablishing a practice far beyond her
expectations. She has made many
cures and has succeeded In building
up a reputation and practice among
those whom she has cured that would
bo hard to get away from her. Dr.
Caldwell Is a lady from the new
school. Her experience and training
have been gained by many years of
practice and the treatment of a vast
number of cases. She confines herself -
self to the treatment of chronic , lin
gering and deep seated ailments. She
pretends to euro only such diseases
as she has had sufllclcnt experience
In handling , and does not go Into that
class of Incurable diseases which In
many cases are useless to bother
As a result of long experience , Dr.
Caldwell is thoroughly familiar with
her specialties. In the treatment of
cancer , consumption , heart dlscaso ,
nervousness and female diseases ,
there are very few specialists bettor
qualified than Dr. Caldwoll. Sorao of
her cures seem almost like miracles ,
People from far and near consult her
as she makes these regular vlslta and
Bho is always busy from the time she
arrives until the tlmo of lior depar
ture. It Is claimed by Dr. Caldwell's
friends that she can diagnose a dls
case without a question. This being
lime till- plnpi'liTllllrillil ' IIIHHl III ) Oil
Mli < with tin' piopor iiiilhorlllon. Ago ,
| ih"Iriil I'onitllliin nnd piisl uxporl *
( lire' will I'lilnr Into Ihitt'Ht. . Nona
Hint mo youugor Hum 21 or older than
nn iii't'il apply , oxciipi hiiiuinihly dis
charged United Status soldiers and
HiilloiH of Ihn wiif of I IIP rebellion.
PITMHNH with physical disability ara
dlNitualllli'il. Thii examination In upon
In nil clll/.ons of tint Unltod .Million
who rim rumply with tint reiiulro-
IIIIMllH , hill prOfl-rCIICO Will III ) KlVI'll tO
residents of HIM rnunly , Inrltiitlng the
rlly , In whlrh HIM vacancy exists , In
tint examination a weight of 20 In
given on IIKO , 'JO on physical condi
tion mill till on n\porlolico , mill thr ox-
pMrli'iii'M weight IH divided Into TO for
experience IIH llrt'mim , anil ,10 to ox *
perloiicn IIH lalmicr.
AppllriiiitH should npply at onnn to
HIM Mi > rrnliiry of HIM board of ox-
nniluors M ( Hut ponlolllco at St. Paul.
Minn , , for application form 10f > 2 , anil
Hhoiilil In1 Illcil with siioli secretary
bnforo Oi'tohi'r ! i If It IN to bo glvou
fu rlh itr e < inside ml I on.
I'nStniUHter llll.VH expresses llllllHljlf
willing to glvo prospective applicants
Hiich Infiiniuitliin regarding HID ptml-
Hiin mill lliu I'xiiinlnatlon IIH ho may
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Mm. N. C. I'lilrclillil Drinl Afrr an III-
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OAKDALE , Ntib. , .Sept. 19. Special
to Tint NIIWH : Mrs. Falrchlld , wlfo of
H. C. Fnlri'hlld who llvi.'H onn-half inilo
MiiHt of town , died Saturday night
iiboiit 0 o'clock , having linun Hick about
three days. Mr. and Mrs. Falrchlld
havn llvoil hero about twenty-live
Thu funeral will bo hold thin aflor-
iiiiiiii at 2 o'clock.
the case , she Is not likely to doctor
her patient for the wrong ailment ,
which Is many times done by physi
cians of Inexperience. Dr. Caldwell
does not treat typhoid fever , whoopIng -
Ing cough , measles , and those acute
diseases which the local homo physi
cian Is called upon to treat. It Is nether
her desire to antagonize nor to take
from the homo physician that part of :
the business which really belongs to
him. Many times Dr. Caldwell Is In
consultation with the homo physician
and the kindest of feelings should
exist between them.
Dr. Caldwell Is charitable. In many
Instances where people are devoid
of funds to pay for their services ab
charges In such cases for the medi
cine only and no person , no matter
how humble , has she ever turned
away without seeking to give them
Hy permission wo are pleased to
publish a few of the cures she baa
made throughout the state of Nebras
ka :
Mrs. Oscar Lange , Tekamah , Neb. ,
cured of stomach trouble and female
trouble of long standing.
Mrs. Maloney , West Humphrey ,
Nob. , cured of nervous trouble , kldp
ney and liver trouble , and female
Mrs. John Connelly , Akron , Neb. ,
cured of cancer , had been healed by
a number of doctors , without any
benefit , cured with five Injections.
Mr. Pete Hlble , Columbus , Nob. ,
cured of kidney and bowel trouble.
Mrs. John Swain , Clarks , Neb. ,
cured of female trouble , catarrh and
nervous trouble.
Mrs. Henry Hart , Kearney , Neb. ,
cured of tumor.
Mrs. Henry Caskoll , Cozad , Nob. ,
cured of nervous and stomach trou
Mrs. II. Sloan , Akron , Nob. , cured
of consumption.
Mrs. Jacob Puff , Cozad , Neb. , cured
of nervous disease , female weakness
nnd tumor.
Miss Eva Cole , Sutherland , Nob. ,
cured of catarrh.
Richard Underwood , Bancroft , Neb. ,
cured of stomach trouble and norvoua
troullo of long standing.-
I will be In Pcndor at the Palac
hotel , on Tuesday , May IT.