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Court Room Crowded With
People to Hear Arguments.
Coal Baron Makeo Offer to Contract
'Miners Defends Combinations of
Capital as Necessary and Says
' Union Is Giant Monopoly.
Philadelphia , Fob. 13. Doforo an an-
fllencohat ' filled orery part of the
rpacoMlii the United States circuit
courtroom George F. Baer of the
'Rcadlfig company made his closing ; ar-
tutnbnt for the coal operators before
the itrlko commission yesterday and
Clarence S. Darrow , chief counsel for
th'SFmlners , also began the summing
lip for the men. The two sessions
/wore extremely Interesting and the
ipVlnclpal speakers hold the attention
Of the auditors throughout their re-
I Sparks. The greatest Interest was
inanlfcsted In Mr. Baor's appearance
Before the commission to plead the
Sikso of the mine owners. Ho declared
Hint the miners' union Is a giant mo-
'tiopoly and defended combinations of
c'djiltal as necessary , maintaining that
corporal Ions are really distributors of
the country's wealth.
Mr BlSfor concluded his address by
making a proposition to pay the con
tract miners on' a gliding wage scale ,
their wages to fall dr rise wlth ( ' the ,
market price of coal at Now York-but
'that in no case shall the wages fall
tolow the present basis. The spokes
man for the coal companies took up
| two hours and twenty minutes in do-
'llverlng his address , and when ho sat
, vdown ho was congratulated by hun
dreds of persons. Mr. Darrow spoke
"nt the afternoon session for two hours
and a'half and will take up all of today -
day In closing the miners' case. The
crowd that heard him was equally as
largo as that which listened to Mr.
Baer , nnd he , too , was surrounded by
1 an admiring throng when he temporar
ily suspended his speech at adjourn
ment time. His remarks were directed
principally at the wage statements
presented to the committee , which ho
cays could not bo relied upon.
Slayer of Gonzales Tells Story of
Editor's Death In Affidavit.
Newberry , S. C. , Feb. 13. Qwlng to
the failure of the dofendingattora s
of former Lieutenant Governor James
H. Tlllman , charged with the murder
' of N. C. Gonzales , to serve the prose
cution with copies of the affidavits to
be presented at yesterday's hearing for
, an application to bail , Chief Justice
Pope ordered the application post
poned until Fob. 10. In "his affidavit ,
, Tlllmau claimed that he had been
abused and maligned by the editor
of the State. He heard rumors that
Mr. Gonzales had threatened him and
had been advised to be on his guard.
Ho was Informed that Mr. Gonzales
Inquired for him at the state house ,
Baying he would make him show the
, white feather. That on the day of
-the shooting he happened to be mov-
- tng some of his effects , Including two
pistols , from the state house to his
rooms. . He saw Mr. Gonzales com
ing , glaring at him , saw him run his
hand deep In his overcoat pocket and
turn toward him , and believing his
"life in danger , he hurrldely said : "I
received your message , " and flred.
Vott for Executive Mansion Leads to
Strictures In House.
Washington , Feb 13. The house
made slow progress with the sundry
civil bill yesterday , covering only
twenty-seven pages and leaving forty
pages still to be disposed of. The de
lays were occasioned by a rather pro
tracted discussion of the Item in the
1)111 for the maintenance of the white
lioiisc , and considerable debate upon
. the item appropriating $3,000,000 for
. the relief of distress In the Philip
pines. Galncs ( Dem. . Tenn. ) and Fitz
gerald ( Dora. , N. Y. ) criticised the
greatly Increased cost of maintaining
1 the white house. An amendment to
cut In half the appropriation for the
relief of distress In the Philippines
was defeated , but the language of the
paragraph was modified to require an
nual reports of the expedlture of the
Trainmen at Topeka.
Topeka , Kan. , Feb. 13. The national
officers of the trainmen and conductors
arrived here yesterday and numerous
conference regarding the Santa Fe
wage situation have been held. Today
'the trainmen will confer with Third
yico President Kcndrlck and other
Banta Fo officialn. It Is said the men
Insist on receiving a 20 per cent In
crease. President Rlpley a few days
ago said this would not bo granted.
Good Roads Conference.
Detroit , Feb. 13. An international
conference on the eubjact of gooc
roads was opened in this city at the
Wayna hotel this morning , when Pros !
dent H. 8. Earle of the American Road
Makers and Mayor William C. May
bury , both of Detroit , welcomed 300
workers In the good roads movement
-Delegates are here from Iowa , NCTT
Mexico , Texas , Pennsylvania , Massa
ekusetts , New York and Ohio.
Iowa Lutherans Elect Officers.
Burlington , la. , Feb. 13. The thirty
fifth annual Iowa conference , of the
Evangelical Lutheran synod yesterday
lected thcso officers : President , ROT.
A. Norrbaum. Swedensburs ; vice pros-
dent , Rev. Joseph A. Anderson ,
Boone ; Bccretary , Rev : B. Maddln. : treasurer , Mr. C. O. Nel-
on of Olds.
Burlington Express Held Up Soon
After Midnight Near Butto.
Butto. Mont. , Feb. 13. Sheriff Qiilnn
s firmly convinced that the five rob
bers of the Burlington flyer No. li ,
which was hold up six miles outside of
ho city limits yesterday morning ,
reached Butte and are now , in hiding
n the city. From evidence , Qutun
Bays ho has , ho declares ho Will land
ho robbers before several days have
Fireman Jomlrow sold that the train
was stopped by bits of burning' paper
and that within thirty-five mlmltcs the
robbers had finished their work * and
were on their way to Dutte. Hovas
orcod to uncouple the engine. * mail
ind express cars from the remainder
of the train and carry dynamite to bo
robbers whllo one of the bandits flrcd
a bullet between tils legs to hurry hlni.
The trainmen of the passenger train
after the robbers had left with the on
line and cars , hastened back toward
3utte and met an Incoming frcjght
rain , the engine of which was' ' un
coupled and run to Butte and "tho
alarm given. A sheriff nnd posse and
orco of police have loft for the 'scone
on a special train. ' >
Every officer in the city has been
called to South''Butte ' and all approaches
preaches to'1'thb''city are carefully
; uardod. The sheriff is scouring the
country and a light Is believed to be
mminent. The robbers fired two
charges of dynamite , blowing the safe
to pieces and wrecking the express
car. The safe , according to the rail
way people , contained nothing of
The train was a double-header and
.he engines with the mall and express
cars were run about 600 feet ahead of
the rest of the train. In a few min
utes after the train was stopped there
were two explosions of dynamite ,
which wrecked the express car. Thereof
roof was blown off , but no one was In-
Various estimates are made an to
; he booty secured by the robbers. It
s Intimated In some quarters that the
loss will run into the thousands despite -
spite the assertion of the railroad people
ple that not more than $500 was taken.
William Cullagh , placed under arrest
on suspicion of being one of the rob
bers , Is still held by the police.
Ten Others Overcome in Northwestern
Plant at Blue Island.
Chicago , Feb. 13. Five men met
death and ten were overcome last
night by the fumes of gas escaping
'rom the purifying box in the plant of
; he Northwestern Gas , Light and Coke
company at Blue Island.
The men , under the direction of Su
perintendent Russell , had been en-
jagod In changing the purifying box.
According to the statements of men
at the plant , when the men finished
the work of changing the substance In
the box they did not close the covers
of the box. When the gaa was turned
Into the box for the purifying process
It escaped in volumes and the men
were overcome where they stood.
The dead : Martin C. Russell , super
intendent ; George C. Arnold , fireman ;
John Long , J. Larson , Albert Katolph ,
Except William Black , the Injured
men arc said not to be In danger of
Conspiracy of Reform School Glrle
Unearthed at Ogden.
Ogden , Utah , Feb. 13. As a result
of the general Investigation brought
about by the recent attempt of cer
tain Inmates of the state reform
school here to burn the buildings ,
the officials have unearthed a con
spiracy , among some of the girl in
mates to poison the teachers and oth
ers in authority at the school. It is
known that at least two girls are con
cerned and that poison enough to kill
a thousand people was found In their
possession. The girls , It Is said ,
got hold of a quantity of bichloride of
mercury tablets recently purchased
by the school .authorities for disin
fecting purposes. The conspirators ,
it is alleged , planned to put this poi
son In the coffee at breakfast.
Kansas Coal Investigation.
Topeka , Kan. , Feb. 13. General Su
perintendent Hiram S. Cable of the
Rock Island was examined by the
legislative coal famine commission
yesterday on the subject of conflsca
tion of coal in transit by the road
He recalled instances of confiscation
of coal , but stated that orders hat
been issued that no state coal should
be confiscated except where the only
alternative was the stoppage of trains
Mr. Cable said he believed a law pro
hibiting the confiscation of coal would
be perfectly Just.
Fatal Effort at Triple Somersault.
New York , Feb. 13. Henry P.
Meyn , the champion tumbler of the
Central Turnvercin club , died at the
Presbyterian hospital yesterday. A
few days ago Mcyn started to master
the triple somersault , the most difficult
of all tumbling tricks. He made several
oral Ineffectual attempts and was
warned by his friends that his efforts
might have a fatal ending. Finally he
made a last desperate turn and landed
on his head , breaking hlsjieck.
Suspend Payment at the End of
Third Day's Run.
Drops All Other Criminal Business
to Investigate Alleged Fraudulent
Operations of St. Loula Betting Con
cerns Crowds at the Offices.
St. Loula. Fob. 13. At the end of the
third day's run on the co-opwallvo
turf invoHtmont companies by Invest
ors demanding the return of their de
posits the rcHult stands : 12. J. Arnold
& Co , all payments Bimpondoi ) ; John
J. Ryan & Co. , all payments mispoml-
tnl ; International Investment com *
pany , nil payments suspended ; Christy
Syndicate Investment company , all
laymonts susnondod ; United Turf In
vestment company , office closod.
The grand Jury began an Inveatlga-
Ion ol' Investment company methods
of transacting business. Crbwds of
non and women , eager to regain tholr
iivcBtments , surged Into the offices of
ho various Investment companies
and nil were doomed to disappoint-
iH'nt , excepting the International' In
vestment company Investors. About
2 o'clock this company suspended pay
ments and demanded the stipulated
thirty days' notice of withdrawal.
The investors In the firm of E. J.
Arnold & Co. generally state they have
; lvcn up all hope of recovering any-
lilng. This was the first concern to
suspend business.
The February grand Jury dropped all
other business in order to take up the
nvestlRation of the turf Investment
Mr. Ryan was summoned to appear
jefore that body and a similar sub
poena was Issued for the appearance
of Mr. Arnold , but the latter is report
ed to be in Hot Springs.
Germany Willing to Receive Payment
In Installments. ,
Washington , Feb. 13. At the urgent
suggestion of Baron von Steraburg ,
the German government has agreed to
waive its demand for a cash payment
of $340,000 and has accepted the prop
osition of Its minister that it receive
this money from Venezuela in five
monthly Installments , the first Install
ment to be paid two weeks after the
signing of the protocol. *
The probability is that the protocols
for the raising of the blockade which
iias been maintained by England , Ger
many and Italy for more than a month
will be signed by Minister Bowen and
the representatives of the allied gov
ernments hero today. Every Indica
tion points to that end. Minister Bowen -
en has had a busy day conferring with
the English and Italian ambassadors
and the German minister re
garding various features of the pro
tocols , with the result that they are
practically In final shape. The pro
tocols will provide for the raising of
the blockade at once , for a cash pay
ment of 5,500 to each of the three
allied governments and the payment
to Germany of $340,000 In five Installments -
ments , less the 5,500 paid In cash.
The protocols will also provide for
the reference of the question of prefer
ential treatment to The Hague , al
though It is understood this feature
will also be worded as to leave a loop
hole In the event It Is desired' ' to settle
the question without such reference.
For the payment of claims of the al
lies , Mr. Bowen has arranged for the
immediate setting aside of 30 per cent
of the receipts of Puerto Cabello nnd
LaOuayra. The first receipts set aside
will be those for the month of March ,
The funds will be retained In the cus
tody of Venezuelan and will be paid
out according to arrangements hereafter -
after made.
Amending Littlefleld BUI.
Washington , Feb. 13. The senate
committee on Judiciary continued Its
consideration of the trust question.
The committee was especially con
cerned in an effort to so amend the
Littlefleld bill as not to make it bur
densome to small corporations. It
practically is the unanimous opinion
of the committee that the bill should
bo enacted into law , but there is much
difference as to the phraseology to be
employed. There also Is practical
unanimity as to the desirability of
making the proposed law apply to cor
porations which are capable of becom
ing oppressive In their operation and
of relieving these which are bene
ficlent In their operations and are not
extensive enough to require close su
pervlslon. The committee Is finding
difficulty in defining a line of do-
Arizona Excited Over Gold Strike.
Tucson , Ariz. , Feb. 13. News from
Douglas states that great excitement
prevails over a fabulous gold strike
reported In the Torres mountains , for
ty miles from the terminus of the
Nacoharl railroad. More than a
score of expeditions have left Doug
las since Monday for the scene of the
strike. Satrplns of ore brought to
Douslas yc ° tenlay nanny from 2,000 to
3,000 oiinrf-H pold. Almost the entire
dlnlrlft In whl n the find was made Is
open to locn'lon.
Fr.vor Privets Liuel Amendment.
lto'vu. IP. . . ! > : . IS.-Vl'he
ern lovs vnioL'pslw Grocery
n. at Us rawitinj veaterd.av
olatlve to th pure food hill now pond-
tig In con groan , dcrlnrrd In favor of
nn ntnomlniunt allowing unicorn to
> ut on tlin mnrknt Roods under prlvnln
nbelu. The desires of the tiHHoclntlon
vnro wired to the Iowa iloloiutluu ; hi
Other Nations to Tnke Hand In Turk
ish Corder Troubles.
London , Fob. 13. A Hpucliil from
tome Hayn : Italy \van fully coiiHiilloil
n the eon IT o of the lnmsdorff-iolu <
howHkl confuronrcH on Macedonia
nil promlHod to mtpport the proposed
ctlon. The Roliemo for reforms In-
Union a domain ! for the UBHOinlilliiK of
n International congresH to adjunt
ho dctnllH. Thin will bo nupportod by
a demonstration of European waruhlpn
off Snlonlcn , where they will remain
whllo the congrcHH Is In nonslon ,
Onlorn have boon given to the Ann-
rlnn Lloydn nt Trieste to bo prepared
at nhort notice to furnlHh Hiifficlont
rnnnportfl to convoy a largo army to
) alm tla. Leaves of almenco have
icon cancelled , the reserves have boon
vnrnod and the railroads notified to
) o ready to donl with largo bodlon of
men and supplies.
Repulsed by the Constabulary After a
Fight Lasting Several Hours.
Manila , Fob. 13. A hundred la-
Ironon attacked the town of Nnnjan ,
Hland of Mlndora , yesterday. The
constabulary repulsed them after a
twittering fight , which lasted Hovoral
lours , during which ono ludronu wun
killed and ono wounded ,
Twenty women and children living
n the town were Injured. ItiBpector
Crowkott , with a largo force of
mounted constabulary , has swept
hroiijji northern Rlzal nnd southern
Bulncnn , where ItidronoH Irnvo boon
operating , but failed to find a trace of
Critical Situation In Central America.
Panama , Fob. 1.1. According to Into
Rdvlces the whole of Central Amorlca
may bo Involved In war , an the poll I-
cul condltloiiR are most critical. The
civil war In Honduras continued and
limtomala Is aiding the ndhorentB of
Honllla , the elected president of Hon.
duras , who Is unable to assume office
owing to the opposition of General
Blorra , the president of the republic ,
whoso term has expired. Nicaragua
nnd Salvador nro understood to bo cooperating -
operating against Guatemala and to
be furnishing the enemies of the
Guatemalan government with arms
and ammunition. About ,3.OQ.Q5alya :
dorean troops are ropdrted near the
frontier of Guatemala.
Coaling Station In Cuba.
Havana , Feb. 13. Minister Squlors
spent yesterday at the palace going
over the naval coaling station bill
with President Palnm and Secretary
Zaldo. No hitches occurred on either
side. According to the Platt amend
ment this agreement will bo between
the president of Cuba nnd the presl
dent of the United States. President
Palnm suggests that It bo signed here
simultaneously by both parties , and
it Is expected Mr. Squlers will bo
authorized to sign by President Reese
velt. The agreement permits the es
tabllshmcnt of a naval station at
Gmuitnnamo and a coaling station at
Bahla Honda.
Death of Dr. Curry.
Charlotte , N. C. , Feb. 13. Dr. J. L.
M. Curry , one of the most prominent
educators In the south , died in Asho-
vllle , N. C. , last night of Brlght'a dls
ease. Dr. Curry had been critically ill
for the last two weeks. During former
President Cleveland's first administra
tion Dr. Curry was minister to Spain.
Ho was also general agent of the Peabody -
body fund and chairman of the educa
tional commlttcce of the John Slatci
fund. Dr. Curry was a veteran of the
Mexican war and wan a lieutenant
colonel In the Confederate army.
Committee Against Crum.
Washington , Feb. ,13. The sonata
committee on commerce agreed to re
port adversely the nomination of W
D. Crum to bo collector at the port ol
Charleston , S. C. The vote on con
flrmatlon was C to 8. All the Demo
crats voted against confirmation and
were reinforced by Jones ( Nov. ) ant
Perkins ( Cal. ) .
The Missouri house Thursday killed
Representative Raines * whipping post
bill by Indefinitely postponing It.
Macedonian agitators arc apparent
ly trying to involve Bulgaria , Sorvla
and Russia in war with Turkey.
Rev. Martin Leucko of Springfield
111. , has been elected president of Con
cordla Lutheran college , Fort Wayne
John Firth shot and killed Witten
Height and Frank Williams and
wounded two persons at Eckman , W.
Va. , Thursday.
A new world's record bowline wcorc
of 1,141 was made at Chicago Thurs
day by the Gunthers , a five man team ,
in a regular scheduled scries in the
Illinois Bowling leacue.
James Anderson , a Muskegan
( Mich. ) pioneer , is digging in a de
serted factory for $308,000 treasure
believed buried there by Ole Larson ,
a mlsor , who died In 1902.
President Roosevelt , In a preface
to "Tho Woman Who Tolls , " written
by Miss Marie and Mrs. John Van
Vorst , declares men or women whu
avoid marriage and dislike having
children ure criminals.
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