The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 13, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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    Th fiot folklewis
It will tnlto a big calamity of nomw
nortto prevent Norfolk from growing
nnd prospering this year.
ill The little word "mlHsent" undoubtedly
edly covorn a multUudo
cies In the postoftlco department.
In vlow of what has boon done during
the early part of the season the ground
hog might reasonably afford to cut olT a
week or two of his penalty.
Why couldn't nome Ingenious yankee
Hot oven with the coal trust by tapping
the heat at the editor of the earth and
piping it to the surface for heating pur-
The allies have decided that they will
have nothing further to do with Minister -
tor Bowen and limlrit that President ,
' arbitrate their difforonoon or
they will take the matter before the
Hague court.
Kdltor J. W. Iluntsbergor of the
Ponder Republic , who has been nerving
litn town IIH poRtmastor since April ,
dlod very suddenly at hto homo in
Tender on Sunday from erysipelas of
the face.
The Ltllio mnrdor trial will soon
again bo filling space in the state papers.
JAra. Ltllio 1ms boon arraigned before
the district court nt David City , pleaded
not guilty and her trial has boon hot for
next Tuesday.
A Baltimore woman requested the
police to force her husband to take a
bath , but they were not successful.
The thing to do with snoh a mau is to
organize a mob and dip him in a kettle
of warm tar , then ho would not need a
bath for a short while.
Illinois is making it so interesting
for monopolies that the Diamond Match
company threatens to leave the state.
The thing to do is for other states to
afford it no bettor inducomfints. When
no state has advantages for the trusts
they will cease to exist.
Microbes in paper 'currency have de
stroyed nn eye for a Now York cashier ,
nud people who nro afraid of microbes
nro advised to leave the filthy stuff
alone. Any who are anxious to es
cape a like fate may leave their money
nt this cilice , nnd it will bo disposed of.
If you don't clean off your walks the
mayor proposes to see that it is done for
yon , nnd you may not fool inclined to
endorse the bill that will bo charged up
OKaiust your property so yon might an
veil do the shoveling act yourself or
engage your own assistance.
A Gorman paper considers that this is
the last chance that may bo offered to
show America that Europe is ou the
earth. If they undertake the task there
might bo such n thing AS disappointment
in results aud America may continue to
entertain the notion that Europe is not
worth considering.
The number of republican judges in
Nebraska has boon increased by ono.
Homer M. Sullivan , fnsioulst , judge of
the 12th district , has resigned to accept
A good legal connection , nnd Governor
Mickey has appointed Charles Gutter-
sou , a Broken Bow republican , to the
position made vacaut.
There is no report to indlcato that
the people of Missouri are preparing a
rousing reception to Cole Yonuger who
lias been in exile in Minnesota for so
many years. They undoubtedly appro
clnto the fact that Younger did things
when ho was younger that do not en
title him to a monster demonstration on
the part of the people.
The independent telephone company
nt Fremont should have no criticism to
make of the support they are receiving
from the city government which has
kindly undertaken to compel their competitor -
petitor , the Nebraska company , from
either extending or repairing its linos.
From n distance it looks like a beautiful
ciuch for the independents.
, As has been its recent good fortune ,
Nebraska escaped the worst of the bliz
zard. With Chicago Isolated , no schools
hold in Sioux City , snow slides in Colorado
rado , a torrifio gale in Iowa , trains seri
ously blockaded on eastern aud western
roads , and other serious situations in
many parts of the country , Nebraska
people are nblo to congratulate them-
wives that they experienced n minimum
) f the tronblo.
1 If Uncle Sam should undertake to
irovont all troubles and disagreements
xistlng between and over the small
outh American republics ho would bo
) busy that ho would bo able to devote
at little attention to his own'affairs.
is somewhat gratifying to the people
'realizo that the Monroe doctrine does
> t contemplate mixing in with every
tie spat in South America.
R.U exchange suggests that four or
'e corda of wood nnd n sawbuck
hid perhaps bo as effective n cure
could be found for what ails the
itocratio Mr. Rockefeller's stomach ,
( fit would not cobt him a million
'ier. Certainly there nro few who
, e , pat this combination to conscieu-
| s and energetic me who nre afflicted
! ho coal oil magnate claims to be. It
wouldn't cost him much to give him n
Whllo the revenue committee in
wrestling witli Unit bill , the balance of
tliti lelslutorfl | ; are keeping their oars to
the ground and ascertaining the desires
of their conntttnonts regarding pending
legislation of various kinds nnd quali
ties. If they are successful in finding
what the pqoplo doslro nud then giving
it to them the week's vacation will bo
productive of good results.
Blxby of the State Journal ( loon not
think that the board of pardons of Min
nesota indicted n very onerous condi
tion when it stipulated that Cole
Younger wan not to return to that state ,
Blxby formerly lived in Minnesota nnd
has a dcop-Boatod conviction or prejudice
that a wcfrso condition would have boon
to oompcll the pardoned bandit to re
main in the Htatn bounded by the aurora
boroalls on thn north.
Mr. Bryan in to build a park for the
nso of the common people , ot which ho
in ono. Most of the common people , how
ever , have not acquired enough ropub >
licau prosperity up to the present time
to afford to build n park in proximity to
their homes. A private park is an aris
tocratic luxury , especially if stocked
with game aud the free silver champion
may have game aud gnmo keepers bo
fore ho has ascertained that ho is di
vorced from the common crowd.
The out nud out populist newspaper
is about as rare in Nebraska nn were the
voters of that party during the recent
election. There was n time when al
most every town and city supported
ouo or more papers of populist tendency ,
but they hnvo disappeared nud thono
that are loft nro almost nshninod. of
their politics. Some of them have
turned democratic , others have espoused
the socialist cnuHo nud not n few have
fallen in with public soutlmout and are
now republican.
Nebraska irrigntionists have won n
distinct victory before the supreme
court of the state. The 'decision con
templates that no ouo has an exclusive
right to the water of any stream. A
mill company that has built n dam and
Is using the water for power has no
more right to control the exclusive
How than has the man who has built
irrigation ditches aud is using the
water to moisten an arid soil. Each
may share alike and if the water is
drained off to the oxcout that the mill
property is damaged the mill company
may collect for such injury , but not before
fore it is possible to toll just how much
the damage is.
The government will co-oporato with
the state in maintaining nu experimen
tal farm in the western nnd nrid
portion of the state , if the legislature
will make nn appropriation for the pur
chase of n slto. If the experiments to
bo conducted will result in adding value
and population to the western part of
the state the legislature can well afford
to make the investment , nnd that is the
intention of the promoters of the prop
osition. If Nebraska does not take this
step some other state equally interested
in the development of arid regions un
doubtedly will aud Nebraska will lesotho
the prestige that would acouro from the
establishment of snoh a farm. It is to
bo hoped that the state's finances will
permit an appropriation .for the experi
mental farm.
John Wanamukor , the millionaire
Philadelphia merchant , is certainly
qualified to speak regarding the advan
tages of advertising , as It waa through
advertising ho attained his success.
The use of printers' ink ) > as been n
profitable investment to him nnd to
thousands of others who have adopted
his methods. A recent quotation from
him follows : "A newspaper whose
columns overflow with advertisements
of business men has more influence in
attracting attention to build up n town
than any other agency that can be em
ployed. People go whore there is bnsi
ness. Capital aud labor go whore there
is an enterprising community. No
power nn earth is so t-trong to build np
a town BO well as a paper well patronized
izod , and Us power should bo nppreo
luted. The man who overlooks his
town paper injures himself by injuring
his town and his townsmen. "
An exchange has reduced to figures
what it means for women to wear birds
and feathers on their hats in conforma
tion with the dictates of fashion. It
will bo well to remember that the birds
killed in Florida during the wiutor are
the ones that would have come north In
the spring. The number has been di
minishing year by year , aud this traffic
in bird carcasses has been responsible in
n larger degree , even than the tendency
of the small boy to slaughter them ,
just for fun. The exchange says : "It
is estimated that 5fOO,000 birds are an
nually required in America alone to fill
fashion's demand. In ono winter in
Florida ouo party killed 130,000 birdp.
Forty thousand torus were destroyed at
Capo Cod in ouo single season. Prof.
E. E. Fish of Buffalo , referring to birds ,
says : 'It is estimated that they save to
the farmers nuuunlly in the United
States over 1100,000,000. ' "
Perhaps the first conviction of men
for forming a trust comes from Dela
ware , Ohio , where seven coal dealers of
that city pleaded guilty to a violation of
the state's anti-trust law and were fined
$100 onoh and cools. The defendants
cotnpOHod the Delaware Goal Dealers'
association , recently disbanded. If a
town lilco Delaware can haul itH coal
dealers before the court and line them
for combining to raise or maintain
prices there ix every probability that
other towns of Ohio and other iitatoH
having anti-trust IIVWH on their statute
books could do likewise. It is probable
Unit the milt started against the Dela
ware coal dealers will bo duplicated a
few tunes , not only in reference to coal
doalorH but to merchants in other .linos
of trudo who nook through an agree *
inont to monopoli/.o the market.
Arbor day is not far distant that the
pcoplo of Nobraoka can afford to defer
the making up of their minds to give it
a huarty and general observance. It
should not bo lofc to the school children
to do the celebrating , either. Every
property owner with room for one trco
or a fori'flt should carry out the spirit of
the holiday by planting. Nebraska
needs trees and needs them for more
pnrpoHus than one. Forest , nut and
fruit trees should bo planted liberally
and in time the fuel question will not
bother , fruit will bo plentiful and there
will bo less liability to the drouths that
have aflliotod the state in the past.
Plant trees on Arbor day and every
other day in the Benson for trco plant
ing , and if good nurseries are patro-
ni'/.ud and good trees nro planted the
people of the state will in the not dis
tant future have reason to thank the
present generation as people who Imvo
recognized and filled a need of the
country to their benefit and that of
their children.
While John D. Rockefeller has been
busy notifying senators thai an
anti-trust bill must not bo passed by that
body , President Roosevelt has more
than intimated that if such a bill is not
passed congress must moot in oxtraoadl-
nary session and deal with the question.
The people would much rather that the
president's advice shonld bo observed
by the upper house thau that the oil
magnate shonld dictate the policy to bo
pursued. The people will nudortako to
BOO that if the present congress is not to
bo gnidod by the president's policy on
this question others will bo elected who
will have more regard for the president
and the pooplo. Rockefeller , Morgan
and others Imvo had things their own
way so long that they have acquired
largo power and control vast resources.
They may bnmp the people pretty se
verely for interfering with their plans ,
but , with the president , there are a largo
number of people who desire that the
question should bo settled now , though
the magnates may disrupt the business
of the country for the time boiug.
The revenue committee of the legis
lature is devoting especial attention to
producing a law that will result in the
collection of taxes. It is proposed that
the tax shirker and tax dodger shall
contribute his share toward the support
ot the state and they do not propose
that ho shall be permitted to allow such
taxes to drag along indefinitely. If the
committee will pass a law that is
reasonably effective there should be
general satisfaction. Everyone should
bo willing to pay a just proportion of
the government's oxponses.aud would do
HO cheerfully if assured that every other
property owner was doing a fair share
What grinds Is for one man to be corn-
pulled to pay a tax knowing that a
neighbor or acquaintance is getting oil
without supporting his just share of the
burden. OHO who has soon another
shirking has sought protection by at
tempting the same method until the
people of the state wore rapidly becom
ing unanimous in a desiie to evade a
fair taxation. If it is possible to oven
matters up and keep thorn equal it
will bo a blessing , and the property
owner who does not wish to pay taxes
should have but the one recourse and
that is to dispose of his property.
The national and inter-national good
roads convention will bo hold in St.
Louis , Mo. , April 20 to May 1. This is
a subject that interests Nebraska much
less than a good many other subjects , as
this state is naturally blessed with
fairly good roads the year round , but
there is no question that there
might be improvement even here , and
the state shonld unquestionably be rep
resented ixt this convention. If there is
nothing more to be learned than the
best and most modern way of using the
amounts annually appropriated for the
care of roads in the various districts cf
county and state such information
would bo well worth acquiring. Every
year there are largo sums expended and
much work done ou the public roads of
Nebraska and yet many of them are no
whit improved over what nature first
did for them. The natural dirt is an
nually piled up in the center of the road
in some localities and allowed to wear
buck to its natural level to bo again
heaped up during some ensuing year.
This auwcrs for the time being but is in
no wise permanent. Modern ideas with
a view of permanency should be employed -
ployed , and this convention should bo
able to disseminate valuable information
along these linos. Nebraska roads are
naturally good , and passable at any
time of year , but it shonld bo less ex
pensive to give thorn permanence than
in a country whern they are muddy and
miry half the rear and too rough for
travel the balance ot the time.
It is evident that any telegrams di
rected to President Roosevelt by trust
tun gnat on would be a waste of yellow
paper and telegraph toll.
Chicago courts have likewise demon
strated that coal dealers who enter a
combine are liable to a flno and Imvo
asHusbod a fine of $100 each against a
bunch of nine living in 111 uois and
Orovcr Glovoland has gene fishing
again and there is no ouo to protest.
Relieved of his official duties , ho is an
independent American citizen and may
do as ho pleases if his wife dosn't
It is said that if the air surrounding
the glebe should bo sufficiently con-
doused it would make a sea of liquid
air 1)5 ) foot deep covering the entire
world. When this accomplished wo
will all move out.
Bixby says , "It in spoiled 'Jean Val-
jean' and we'll hot a small cake of ice
you don't know how to pronounce it. "
And we'll hot a bucket of snow that as
many will trip up when it comes to the
correct pronunciation of . "M. do Pour-
ocanguao. "
A number of Nebraska papers con
tinue to label their editorial "thinks" .
In some of thorn it is decidedly con
venient to readers who desire to distin
guish the real from the spurious ; * on the
part of others it is a wholly unnecessary
Iowa democratic editors are qnito un
animously for Parker as the domocratio
candidate candidate for president next
year. The Iowa opinion will probably
not out much ice and many of thorn
concede that they are not in a position
to dictate.
When Mr. Rockefeller wired the
senators that no trust bill must be
passed ho pnronthically remarked that
his counsel would see them. It is now
rumored that ho told an untruth ; that
the said counsel saw nobody. The
senators had no time for him.
The work of strengthening the army
and navy is considered significant of
war in some quarters. If not it is cer
tainly an argument for peace. Europe
is not nearly as likely to attack a fully
prepared nation as it would bo ono that
1ms made no preparations to enter a
Lynch has an active commercial club
that has undertaken to see to it that all
roads leading to that town are in good
and passable condition. It is a com-
uioudable undertaking for a commer
cial club. If a town desires the busi
ness of the farmers it must make it pos
sible for thorn to drive in without in
convenience or danger.
John D. Rockefeller lias just liberally
endowed a chair in Mr. Harper's uni
versity for the purpose of discovering
some specific for tuberculosis. The
public also needs a remedy for high-
priced , explosive coal oil and Mr. Car
negie might do a good turn by hanging
up a prize for that. Fremont Tribune.
Will Manpiu thinks that if the trusts
maintain their present rate of develop
ment it will not bo long until John D.
Rockefeller's offer of a million dollars
for a now stomach will look extravagant
and Billy , as the common people will
have a job lot of stomachs for which
they will have no use that they would
gladly give away. Perhaps the oil
maguatemight find a bargainoven now ,
if ho shonld go to Finland.
The president , himself , is said to have
given out the information about those
Standard oil telegrams. Ho evidently
intends that the public shall be kept in
formed regarding the efforts of the trust
magnates to influence the action of the
servants of the pub'lio. The senators
may finally be made to realize that their
action shonld bo governed by their con
science and the desires of the people
rather than by the multi-millionaires.
A Russian youth has engraved on a
grain of wheat the words and muslo of
the Russian national hymn. The czar
was pleased with his work and pre
sented him with a fine gold watch. It
was a wonderful grain of wheat but
not more wouderfnl than1 the great-
great-great-grandfather , and then some ,
of last year's wheat crop , which has
kept many millions of people supplied
with bread and cakes. That was a
wonderful grain , and no mistake , and
its work was noblo.
There can be something accomplished
in the way of settling vexing problems ,
even by a municipality , when the
proper steps are taken. Chicago went
in to adjust the coal situation to the
needs of the poor people. When the
work was undertaken 50 cents a bushel
was paid for the fuel. Now _ .tho poor
people of that city get two aud one-
half bushels of coal for CO cents. It
makes people almost wish they lived in
Chicago and were "poor. "
Congress should either act on that
quostiou of the admission of the now
states to the miiou or pass it up. There
are questions of far greater moment to
the general public before the body
awaiting solution aud the representa
tives of the people have no large amount
of time to fritter away in debate on a
local matter. The people expect this
congress to accomplish something of
importance and there will bo disappoint
ment if it fails to produce results.
A wife who contemplates getting rid
of her husband might learn details by
familiarizing herself with the modus
oporaudl employed by the Montecollo ,
N. Y. , woman who shot her husband ,
chopped him in pieces , burned the
pieces in the cook steve and ground the
charred bones up for the ohickous. If
they can acquire her method and put it
in practice there is no reasonable room
for doubt but that they will bo able to
rid themselves of their husband's com
pany. If they have a 14-old-daughter
who can bo interested in the work they
may bo able to secure her assistance.
The New York woman did.
It was suppobod that when the
county scat of Knox county was re
moved from Nlobrara to Center the
troubles of the county along that line
wore about over , but now Blooniflold
bobs up with a county scat boo buzzing
in her bonnet and in order to attain her
desires she pioposes that the county
shall bo chopped in two , Bloomfibld to
bo the county seat of the now , county.
It is lllcoly that if all the towns in the
county wanting county seats are ac- will bo divided up into
rather small pieces , with just enough
for a door ywrd to eaoh county seat
John D. Rockefeller , jr. , is evidently
fully competent to step into hia father's
shoes. Ho is perhaps the wealthiest
young man in America at the present
time and the tax commissioners of New
York thought ho should bo able to stand
an assessment on $500,000 , 'but he ap
peared before them with a statement
that his debts amounted to about $500-
000 and his personal property was worth
above the debts about $80,000)but ) ; he
would not object to paying on $40,000.
The young man being a Sunday school
teacher , and supposed to bo trained in
the way of truth and honesty , the com
missioners accepted his figures.
The date for the spring municipal
election is rapidly approaching and the
prospects are that it may bo one of the
most lively city campaigns known in a
number of years. The candidates who
may bo put np have not yet been dis
cussed to any great extent , but with the
various questions that are up for a so
lution and the variant interests that arei
concerned , it is not difficult to believe
that when the campaign opens it will beef
of a lively character and that partisan
politics may cut but little figure. The
time is not far distant when it will be
necessary to hold caucuses and conven
tions and name the candidates who will
head the several tickets.
The scientists who have been assail
ing dried fruits as microbe breeding
grounds are now after the carpets with
which many of the houses of the coun
try are supplied. It is stated that dur
ing a test in a carpeted room in a tene
ment house 75 germs settled in a 3-inch
saucer in five minutes and that after
sweeping there were 2,600 of these
germs in the saucer. The important
question is , where will these investi
gations leave off ? If there are germs
in carpets there'nre germs in clothes ,
and if in dried fruit they are like
wise in other eatables , and if the
people wish to get rid of them all
they cannot cat or , wear clothes , and
it may even bo dangerous to breathe.
If the senate acts on the Littlefield
anti-trust bill with the same energy and
oneness of purpose as did the house the
pcoplo will not fail to understand that
Mr. Rockefeller's message to members
of that body were of no weight or effect.
Democrats are already beginning to
assort that the bill is ono that has been
approved by the trust magnates , but
that remains to bo proven , and it would
hardly have received the unanimous
support of the house if the members of
that body had considered that its condi
tions were to be nulified after being
tested by the courts. In any event the
people will take it as an evidence of
good faith if the senators will give the
bill a cordial support.
It is reported from Lincoln that the
revenue * revision committee will require
another week in which to prepare such
a bill as they desire to present to the
consideration of the legislature. Some
people are impatient aud desire that the
legislature shall soon bo showing results ,
but if the committee requires another
week in which to prepare a desirable
rovonno law it shonld bo granted. It is
a work of no small moment and if the
committee is not given plenty of tim
the questions coming before them will
bo discussed before the entire legisla
ture , beyond a doubt , and much more
time will bo consumed. If the commit
tee can prepare a bill that will bo ac
ceptable to their colleagues they should
be granted sufficient time in which to
do the work.
Since the Northwestern stockholders
have decided to lease the franchises and
property of the Elkhorn , and later pur
chase the roadoutright it is still an in
teresting quostiou as to what the out
come and the results will be. Patrons
of the line need have no cause for worry
because of the closer relations of the
two roads for the Northwestern is one
endent Operators.
! . Counsel forte
to arraign ,
The matter % > commis.
Sftrntors ot
tremendous impord th *
farmer. Wrong
loss. Right feeding i
The up-to-date farmer knows
what to feed his cows to get
the most milk , his pigs to get
the most pork , his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
But how about the children ?
Are they fed according to
science , a bone food if bones
are soft and undeveloped , a
flesh and muscle food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia ?
Scott's Emulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh , blood and muscle *
the Lime and Soda make bone
ind brain. It is the standard
scientific food for delicate
Send for free
Be sure that this picture in
the form of a label is on the
wrapper of every bottle of
Emulsion you buy.
Scott &Bowne
409 Pearl St. , N. Y.
C0r and $11 all druggists.
one of the most enterprising , progressive
systems centering in Chicago , is after
the business of a fertile section of the
west and will meet competition and all
demands in a manner that is character
istic of the road , but there may in time
bo a considerable change in the manage
ment and methods now employed by
the Elkhorn. It is hoped that it may-
mean expansion ; rather than retrench
ment , an extension of the Gasper line to
the coast and of the Black Hills and
Bonesteel branches into desirable terri
tory that will add to the importance of
the system and to the benefit of the-
patrons of the line. That there is an
object in a closer affiliation of the two-
systems is beyond qnefation , as the-
Northwestern never makes false moves.
Iowa Coal Conference.
Des Molnes , Feb. 0. The probabili
ties are the Joint conference of coal
operators and miners to fix the scale
for mining in the state for the yeai
commencing April 1 , will be called
next week to meet in Dos Molnea
March 6. The expectation is that an.
increase of 10 cents will be made.
Rockefeller Refuses to Talk.
New York , Feb. 9. An effort wav
made to see John D. Rockefeller re
garding the telegrams sent by him to
various senators , opposing any anti
trust legislation , but at bis home ha
sent out word by a servant that ha.
"begged to be excused. "
Stanley Succeeds Dawes.
Medicine Lodge , Kan. , Feb. a. Ex-
Governor W. B. Stanley yesterday ac
cepted the position as a member ot
the Dawes commission , offered him by-
President Roosevelt. He fills the va
cancy caused by the death of Mr
Dawes , after whom the commission ,
was namejl.
The llcnl Truth. |
"Didn't she marry n 'has been ? ' "
"No. She thought he was n 'will be , "
but he turned out nn 'Isn't' " Life.
A little change in the hand is worth )
more than n great change In the weath-1
cr. Philadelphia Rpronl
Ijad Coughs
111 had a bad cough for six
weeks and could find no relief
until I tried Ayer's Cherry Pecto
ral. Only one-fourth of the bottle
cured me. "
L. Hawn , Newington , Ont.
Neglected colds always
lead to something serious.
They run into chronic
bronchitis , pneumonia ,
asthma , or consumption.
Don't wait , but take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
just as soon asyourcough
begins. A few doses will
cure you then.
Thrte ilm : Me. , SOe. , JI. All dn > nlid.
th iU T ! " < loctor"T . > Ulce It.
iiii if . { ' * 5yi > . " ' telli y ° u " ° *
in take It. then don't .
Uke It. lie * nowi .
L e It with him. We re willing ?
J. C. AYKH CO. , Lowell , Hut.
* * * i ir i.t < - ' ' > oka