The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 13, 1903, Page 10, Image 10

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Kitftbllllimt , 1SH7 ,
Krenr < 1 j iept Bnmlnjr , Ilr rnrrlar l > r
> vt k , li nti , UT mall > r r , W.OO.
The Nwititnollili ( l , IHfrt.
The Journnl , AiUblUliixl 101 ?
Kt try Frldny. I IT mall par jronr , $1.60.
feUr l nt the Poitoniea At Norfolk , Neb , , ni
oond elan mutter ,
TtUnhonnit Rilltorlal Uojnarlmont , No. Q |
HailuMi Ollloi and Job Hoomi. No , B2S.
\Votnon nro ndvlnod not to wonr
diamonds onrrlugfl in Chicago vrhoro
thug * bite olT the loboR of the oars to
obtain the vnlnnblo stones.
The proas bureau of the Nebraska real
estate dealers association la doing active
avork , They nro not , aa ROHIO iumgiuo ,
engaged In booming the real estuto of
the commonwealth. The land la doing
nil that in nocowmry in that ( It-
root loa itself , and the press bureau in
merely letting interested people of the
unfit know what the soil la accomplish
ing. It has boon producing crop stalls-
tloa during several years that may well
bo calculated to cause the oyoH of
eastern agriculturists to open wide with
nitonlHlmicnt regarding the opportun-
itira proBonted by Nebraska soil.
There la a bill before the logialaturo
providing for an appropriation to oroot
in Lincoln a lire-proof building to bo
used a n museum and library by the
Nobrnnka State Hiatorical society for
the safe preservation and oxhlbition of
Its historical documents , books , relics ,
etc. The bill contemplates the expen
diture of 135,000 , not otherwise appro
priated , for this purpose , This ia an
inntitntlon of much advantage to Ne
braska in recording historical data and
gome nHsistnuoo from the tttuto would bo
n deserving recognition of itR value.
It is the opinion of many that if it
canto to n ohoioo between providing fern
n state exhibition at the St. Louis fair
nud nn appropriation for the erection of
this building the legislators would show
Bjwlflu discretion in favoring the appro
priation for the historical society , Tills
ia Bomothing of permanent importance
to the Htato nud ns a matter of adver
tising would accomplish far more in the
long run than n similar iuvohtmout in
the exposition at St , Louis.
Congressman Sulzor , democrat , of
Now York , thinks that President llooso-
volt is sincerely desirous of having an
affective anti-trust inoiwuro passed nt
this posslou of congress , but charges
that his party ( lees not support him in
hia undertaking. The congressman
might bo justified in his contention if
the president's party was composed
wholly of some of the eastern loaders ,
bat they are not the party nud if there
was an opportunity for the rank and
file to register their sentiments it would
bo fouud that they nro in line with the
president , and not only republicans ,
tout the members or. other parties HB
vroll would register their npproval of
the pi esldout's course. The only liuo ou
which there could bo a dlvisiou is that
while umuy people \TOuld favor a law
directed agniust capital in all its forms ,
others believe only in curbing those
forms of capital that attempt monopo
lization and trust methods to the injury
of labor and trade and the elevation of
prices. The people will bo fouud in
support of the president and if the
congressmen and eouators do not sup
port his policy there are likely to bo
radical changes of people who ore
Bout to represent the various states in
the national legislature.
From Force to Equity.
"It does move though , " murmured
Gallileo us ho rose from hia aged knees.
Yes , the world'moves in more ways
limit'one. .
For instance :
Primordial man collected his bills by
means of a club , but it was a long cry
from the bludgeon to the justice of the
ponce. But , strange to say , nations
hava continued the nso of the stone
num'H instrument force.
England and Germany ore not alone
in trying to collect bills rendered at the
cannon's mouth. The United Slates
has done the same thing and came near
employing a like method a short time
uuo in dunning Tutkoy. And so did
Prune i. A threat , and starting a war
ship to Smyrna , was'suffloiont.
But England and Germany go a step
It is to bo decided by The Hague in
ternational tribunal , ouco for all ,
whether a nation which is first to bom
bard and bully a weak government
shall be entitled to a preference in set
tlement over nations that content them-
BI Ivea with diplomacy alone.
In other words , is the quickest brute
t > bo th preferred creditor ?
A strange question for this ago !
A peace tribunal is to decide whether
or not the fellow who growt impatient
nt the slow processes of the court and
lues a club on his debtor shall have
preference over the man who waits the
dPdWou of equity 1
What buiiucfis had England and
Germany to blockade and bombard
Venezuela when the international court
was provided ?
It is easy to predict the outcome ,
To say noi hing of the preponderance
pf the reprebintatives of the peaceful
imtlonn who nro orcdltoro of Veno/.iioln ,
n peace tribunal like The Hague IH not
likely to show preference for a war pro
ceeding ,
Vo , the world moved
From force to Kjnlty 1 Omahn Newn ,
Moms of Interest to Real Estate Sellers
and Buyers ,
Bulletin 8 , Issued by Proes linroau ,
Nebraska Heal Estate Dealers' nsfiooU
atlon ;
Mr. llobt. Campbell of Hall county
purchased in October IDOi ) , IfiOO lambs
on the South Omaha market. Ho
Hhippcd them to his farm near Grand
Island and put them ou alfalfa hay and
corn. Ho marketed them nt South
Omaha January 00 , 1001) ) , just eighty
dayu after purchasing. After deduct
ing all expenses for feed and care ,
counting in hay and corn nt market
price , had fonnd ho had umdo exactly
11.00 per head not. Pretty good returns
on the investment niul'ls another proof
of the great value of alfalfa and corn as
n fattening food.
Hastings has organized n Commercial
club. An effort is being mndo to
Hconro the location there of cereal mill ? ,
a brewery and other industrial con
During the month of January IfiO
cars of hay were shipped from North
Platte , most of it going west.
The movement for the good roads
which is being carried forward by the
national government creates uo en
thusiasm In Nebrnnka. Why ? Be
cause our roads nro almost perfect and
the need of improvoinomt is not seri
ously felt. A Nebraska man Col
Richardson of Omaha is at the head of
the movement but ho has as yet devoted
uo time to Nebraska. Why should ho
when wo have thousands of miles of ns
perfect roadway as can bo found in the
world ? Good roads menu bigger loads
and greater profit in the marketing of
produce or in getting supplies. It is
hard to convince some eastern people
that our roads are always good. Spring
months in eastern states BOO bottomless
roads , but not so in Nebraska. No arti
ficial road has yet boon devised that
will compare with what nature has
given Nebraska.
A Country of Sunshine and Roses the
Whole Year Through.
"If yon could only bo hero this winter
morning and see for yourself , you
would'no longer doubt mo. Roses are
blooming in our front yard , ami nil
nature is as fur advanced in this lovely
American sumuiorlaud as it will bo in
your cold eastern homo by June.
"Wo made the trip from Omaha to
California via the Union PaciQo to
avoid the detour routes.
"As less time is consumed on the
Union Pacific in reaching your desti
nation , there are fewer incidental ex
penses en routo.
"If you want to roach California
without suffering any of the inconven
iences of winter travel , bo sure your
ticket roads over the Union Pacific. It
is the only line running through trains
from Omaua ( competing roads have
just one car , going over four or five
different lines once a day , only ) . The
Uulou Pacific runs three through trains
oyory day to the Pacific coast from the
Missouri river. Wo rode ou that great
California train , 'The Overland Limi
ted,1 which surpasses nny train travers
ing the American continent. "
Pamphlets and maps describing the
wonders of California , and full information
mation about the most comfortable and
direct route to the Pacific coast , can be
obtained by calling ou or addressing
J. B. Elsoffer , ngeut Union Paoifio rail
road , nt Norfolk Nob.
Mr. Walker Whiteside's revival of
"Richard III" which will bo seen at
the Auditorium Monday night , will bo
one of the most notable events of the
season. The company comprises CO
people who will participate'iu the pro
duction. The scenery is now and
elaborate and the costumes were made
from original designs by Miller of
London. Special incidental music was
composed expressly for this production.
As the play has not been presented
throughout this country with any at
tempt at elaborate surroundings or
strong east for ninny years , Mr. White-
side should reap golden harvest and add
immoasureably to his reputation as an
artist and careful producer of classic
Four Personally Conducted Excur
sions From Omaha To California
With Choice Of Routes.
These excursions leave Omaha every
Wednesday , Thursday , Friday and Sat
urday nt 4:25 : p. m. , in Pullman Tourist
Sleeping Cars. The cars are nccom-
pauied nil the way by conductors skilled
in the service i.f excursion pai The
Union Pacific is the only line from
Omaha running four excursions to Cali
fornia every week.
These excursions can be joined nt nuy
point enrouto.
For fnll information call on or address
THE NEWS keeps its job department
up-to-data with the latest faces of type
and does its work in approved style.
It is Launched at Democratic
Barbecue in Ohio.
Decllnea to Withdraw From Position
Taken In Two Preoldentlal Cam
paigns Scoren Alleged Deaertera
From Democratic Party.
Columbus , O. , Feb. 13. A presiden
tial boom in behalf of William H.
Hearst and a bitter attack on alleged
deserters from the Democratic party
by William J. Drjrnn were the dominat
ing notes at the barbecue given last
night by the Jcfrerflon-Jackson-Llncoln
league , organized a year ago by former
Congressman John J. Lcntz nnd others.
Twelve hundred men and women were
The ovation tendered Mr. Bryan was
the most enthusiastic of the evening.
Ho assorted that if there Is any
one man in the country who has suf
fered on account of lack of Democrat
ic harmony , ho Is that man , and
charged that It was the opposition of
alleged Demociats within the ranks
of hia party that brought him to de
feat in 1890 and 1900.
Ho said that ho know all the men who
had gene astray in those years and
that since that tlmo they had suffered
Bovere heart burning.
"If It Is such n serious affair to
change party allegiance , " Mr. Bryan
said , "I hope thcso men will stay
out of the Democratic party. There
can bo no harmony between Demo
crats who carry knives for each other
and hate each othor. There is a bet
tor chnnco to mak.e Democrats out of
Republicans than out of Palmer and
Buckner men , I still believe in the
platform adopted at Chicago In 189G ,
and nt Kansas City In 1900. I liavp
no thought of surrendering my con
victions. Our principles wore true
then , they arc true now. I would
not chnngo thorn If I could. Neither
would I surrender my principles to
win any victory , however great. "
Mr. Bryan said he did not propose
to take his Democracy from any Dem
ocratic leader who received his trainIng -
Ing from Wall street.
Young Republicans of Missouri Sit at
Spread In Kansas City.
Kansas City , Feb. 13. The annual
banquet of the Association of Young
Republicans of Missouri was given
last night at the Midland hotel , over
600 plates being laid. Prominent men
fr'anr'nll portions of the state , includ
ing thirty-five legislators from Jeffer
son City , were present. Louis P. Alee
of St. Louis acted as toastmnster.
Among those who responded to toasts
were John N. Baldwin of Council
Bluffs , Ia. , who spoke on the "Tariff
and the Trusts ; " Arthur W. Brewster
of St. Joseph , Mo. , who spoke to
" 1904 , " and Boyd Dudley of Gallatln ,
Mo. , whoso topic was "In State and
Nation. " Herbert S. Hadley of Kansas
City was elected president for the en
suing year.
Pay Tribute to Lincoln.
Now York , Feb. 13. Members of the
Chicago society of New York last
evening gathered In Delmonlco's ,
where they celebrated the memory of
Abraham Lincoln. The great war pres
ident was eulogized by men who had
personally known him. Addresses
were delivered by ex-Secretary of the
Treasury Gcorgo S. Boutwo l of Mas
sachusetts. A. J. Conant , who painted
the Lincoln portrait which hangs In
the capital at Washington ; Lafayette
Young of DCS Molnes , William E. Cur
tis , Miss Ida M. Tarbell , author of a
"Life of Lincoln , " and Henry D. Esta-
brook , formerly of Nebraska.
Exercises at Lincoln's Tomb.
Springfield , 111. , Feb. 13. Lincoln's
birthday was observed in this city , In
which ho achieved his greatness , by
exercises at his tomb at the national
Lincoln monument , under the auspices
of Stephenson Wo mans' Relief crops ,
No. 17. The principal address was
made by Colonel James S. Felter. Ho
said that the keynote of Lincoln's
character was devotion to principle
and that his greatness was duo to his
ability to see farther than his contem
Tax Levy for New Capitol.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Fob. 13 ; Repre
sentative Duncan of Buchanan coun
ty yesterday Introduced an amend
ment to the constitution authorizing
A tax levy of 7 cents to create a fund
for the erection of a now capital build
ing. The tax Is to bo for four years
and It Is estimated that , a fund of ? 3-
600,000 will bo created.
Denounce Use of Straight Jacket.
Sacramento , Cal. , Feb. 13. The
legislative committees which have
been examining the Folsom prison
will , It is stated , file a sensational re
port. The report will denounce in
the severest terms , It Is said , ho nso
of the straight Jacket , from which
convicts have been permanently crip
To Check ' Spread of Anarchy.
Madison , WIs. , Feb. 13. A bill was
Introduced in the senate to make the
teaching of the doctrines of criminal
anarchy a felony and punishable by
Imprisonment for not more than ten
years or a fine of not more than $5,000
or both.
Poisons Self and Child.
Janosvllle , Ia. . Fob. 13. While tern-
pornrlly Insane Mrs. Charles Edgerton
administered carbolic acid to her
three-vear-olrt son and took a dose
herself. Neither can recover.
Downro of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
n mercury will surely destroy the
NOURO of smell nnd completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through mucous surfaces. Such ar
ticles Hhnnld nuvor bo used except on
proscriptions from reputable physlciaiiH ,
as the damage they will do is ten fold
to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure , man *
ufaoturcd by F. J. Ohonoy & Co. ,
Toledo , 0 , contains no mercury , and U
taken Internally , noting directly upoti
the blood nud mucous Nurfnct-s of the
Rystom , In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure
bo mire you got the gonulno. It is
tnkmi Internally nnd umdo in Toledo ,
Ohio , by F. J. Cltnuy & Co. Testimonials
menials free.
Sold by druggists , price 75 cents per
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
To bare n Cold In One liny.
Take Laxative Bromn Quinine Tab-
lota ,
overybox , ! 25 cents.
Slguor Anrolio Cocola has boon spec
ially engaged by Guns. II. Yale to illus
trate and direct several now ballots that
will be made special features in the
twenty-first annual tour of the "Ever
' " . will include
lasting Devil's Auction" They
clude among others an European novelty
and also n royal sextette of lady dancers
direct from the Albaiubrn Theatre ,
London , England.
Paul Giluiore , who has hitherto ap
peared in romautio dramas in which the
cut , thrust and parry of swords was n
distinctive and dominant feature , will
appear here soon in Haddon Chambers'
brightly amusing comedy , "Tho Ty
ranny of Tears , " which depends upon
brisk incisive dialogue nnd some amus
ingly complicated situations , inter
preted by clover players , for its success.
A. D , BEALL , Owner.
QEO. II. SPEAR , Resident Manager.
Special Engagement !
i I Assisted by
Miss Lelia Wolstan ,
Presenting a Grand Scenic Revival o :
Shakespeare's Historical Play ,
Prices , 35c , 50c , 75o and $1.00.
Boxes , $1.50.
Having purchased the W. O. Hal
barber shop , I am here to stay and wl
endeavor to treat people so that I wil
merit their patronage. We will do first
class work and run a clean , up to dat
shop. Among the inducements thu
brought mo to Norfolk wa a letter from
Mr. Hall , under date of Deo. 21 , whic-l
says in part : "This shop in worth more
than I ask you for it , I want to quit
the business. I wouldn't sell at all
if I was going to rttay in the bneiuoFS. "
With this assurance that I was buying
and paying for the good will of the
business as well ns the fixtures , any fair
minded man will agree that I am en
titled to his trade if I can pleuse them
Tu HE. . .
Biniii and LOUD
will build you u
oo easy payments. Oome and see us.
C. U. DUELAND , Secretary
The Citizens National Bank.
Capital , $50,000. Surplus , (10,000.
Hay unit nll exchange on this country nnd all ports of Knrope , FoYm Loaui.
OirectiritUni , ABUOS , W II. JOHNSON , , CHAD. 8 , HBJDOK. F.
Those excursions UNION leave O in n h a
every - day , Thursday ,
Friday and Sat-
for Onlifornia nrday nt 4:20 : pin
, and every Tnos-
dnynt Pullman 11:80 : p.m. for Oregon , in
Tourist Sleeping Oars ,
The cars nro uo compauied nil 1
the way by con- duotors skilled in
the Borvicoof ox- onrsiou parties.
This is the onlyjino from Omaha running five excursions every
week. Excursions can bo joined at
nny point en route.
flilt'icntlf.r ' Cal.lfotnla and Oreuon
| ? , are good via
Lake City ami Danvor withoat extra olurgo.
Railroad and Business Directory.
i <
* * mr
< u
Fremont , Elkborn & Mo. Valley
* Omahn Posaonger. . . . 6:03am
Chicago Express 12JOpm
Chicago Express 7SOp m
Oranlui Passenger 12:40pra :
Black Hills riipress 7:50ptu :
Vordlgro Passenger 12:40p : m
Vonligro Accommodation S:30nm :
niack Hills Express 12:20 p m
Vorillgro Passenger 6:03 am
Vordigro Acoommodntton 7:10pm :
The Chicago and Black Hills Express arrivea
and departs from Junction depot. The Omaha
and Verdigre trains arrivn and depart from city
depot. II. C. MATBAU , Agent.
Union Pacific.
Columbus Accommodation 300 p m
Omaha , Denver and Pacific Const 110 a m
'Columbus Accommodation 11:45 a m
Omalm , Denver and Pacific const 9:00pm :
Connects at Norfolk with F. , E & M. V. going
wont and north , and with the C. St. P. M , & O.
for points north and east.
J. B. KLSEFFEB , Agent.
Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha.
SIoui City and Omaha Passenger. . . . 6:30am :
Sioux CityPasaenger l.-OOpm
Slonx City Passenger 10 : M ) a in
Blocx City and Omaha Passenger 7:25 p m
Connects at Noifolk with F. , E. & M. V. going
west and north , and with the O , P. for points
south. J. B. KLBEPFEE , Agent.
Daily except Sunday.
. .FOR. . \
. .TRY THE. .
Daily News Job Department
may be leased by private parties at any
time for reasonable prices. Ladles wel
come at any time.
with its lovely seaside resorts ,
orange groves , beautiful gar
dens and quaint old mission
towns id visited every
year by thousiuds of
tourists who travel
over the Union
Pacific , because
it is the best
and quickest -
est route and
also the onlyliue running
four personally conducted
excursions to California from
Missouri River every week.
Those Excursions
can bo joined at any
point en route . . .
Full information cheerfully fur
nished ou application to
. . ,
Contractor and Builder
117 Fourth Street.
Flour and Feed
411 Norfolk Avonno.
Cheapeit and Best.
Norfolk Avenue
, .
Cor Braaech ave and 4th St.
The Norfolk Horseshoe
The Many Adventurealof
Including all the merry pictures con
tained in the two volumes , entitled
"Adventures of Foxy Grandpa" and
"Further Adventures of Foxy Grandpa -
Mr. Schultzo ( said to mo ono day at
lunch : "What do yon think ( if a series
of comic drawings dealing n grand
father and hia two grandsons ? "
' Letthoer < indfntl'orbe ' the clever ono
of the trio. In most of the ether cases
the young folk have boou smarter than
the old people upon whom theyplaiod
thnlr jokes. Let's reverse it , " ,
The next morning he came to my of-
flco with sketches for half a dozen
, i series , and with the uamo"Foxy Qrand-
w pa" in his head.
Tbo BUCCOSI of the § orles in the Now
York Herald was instantaneous , for
who ha not heard of "Foxy Grandpa"
and "BunnyT"
The jolly old gentleman , dear to
grown people ns well as children , might
almost bo culled the Mr. Pickwick of
comic pictures.EDWARD
To Grandfathers Who Are And
To 'I hoio Who Are To He ,
I Merrily Dedicate This Hook.
S nt ppstseo paid on receipt of ONE
DOLLAU in currency or postal order ;
no checks received , *
49 Wall Street , New York.
Hart Miller
Graduate of American School ofOsteo *
paiiy , under founder of | the 'science. .
Residence and office , 807 Madison Ave.
Hours irorn 9 a.m to 4 p. m.