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One Person Killed and Several
I Injured Near Racine.
Farm Property Valued at Many Thou-
1 canda of Dollars Destroyed , Stock
Killed and Growing Crops Ruined.
Havoc In Storm's Path.
y- Racine , Wla. , July 3. A stretch of
country half a mile wide , from the
town of Raymond east to Huspcr , in
the township of Caledonia ; this coun
ty , a distance of ten miles , waa swept
by a tornado late yesterday after
noon. Ono man was killed , several
persons were Injured , forty houses and
barns were wrecked , thirty or forty
head of stock were killed , hundreds of
trees were blown down , hundreds of
acres of grata ruined and other damage -
ago done , the property loss amount
ing to many thousands of dollars.
The storm first struck the house of
[ William Cook , Just west ot Raymond ,
and blew it to pieces. J. J. Lalng's
house was then wrecked and Mr.
{ Lalng was badly hurt , but his family
escaped. His barns were also
( wrecked. The roof and one wing of
George West's house , nearby , were
blown away. The house and all of
the barns and other buildings of Ell-
Bha Lower were demolished and three
persona were Injured In the wreck.
/The / barns of Frank Eastman at Kll-
bourne are all gone. At Caledonia ,
the. barns and home of Albert Herr-
man were carried away , William Hess
' lost his barn's and had two horses
killed and Christian Erb's barns were
The only fatality reported Is at the
home of O. Thysen of Caledonia. His
house was completely wiped away and
also the barns , and Thysen was
Wiled. The other members of the
family escaped serious injury.-
, Reports from the' district state that
many other barns and houses
. were blown , away and that It Is hard
to estimate the exact number. A son
of Ellsha Lower was driving a horse
attached to a wagon loaded with farm
implements. The storm caught and
carried him and the wagon Into a field
100 yards away. The horse was killed
and the young man Injured.
II Fatal Storm In Michigan' * - .
TOetrolt , 'July8A -terrlfltfw-Btorm
swept through the southwestern part
of Michigan -yesterdayuafternoon. .
Near North Adams , the residence of
Mrs. Van Patten was demolished , the
barn of M. W. Rood was blown from
its foundation and another house was
unroofed. Mrs. Van Patten and Mr.
and Mrs. Gamble , her son-in-law and
daughter , had taken refuge In the
cellar and were severely Injured , Mrs.
[ Van Patten probably seriously. At
Leonlda , a farmer living near there
iWas crushed to death against a tele
graph pole. Near Dendon , John Bow
man , an aged man , was severely in-
'Jured by falling rafters In the col
lapsing home of Henry Powers.
. Three Killed by a Tornado.
Terre Haute , July 3. A terrific
windstorm passed over Momence , 111. ,
last night. Meager particulars are re
ceived over a railroad wire this ,
morning and report three men killed.
frs Lie Down on Edge ,
( it fail to Escape Car.
fpwn , o. , July 3. Three
brothers , Mike , Simon and Luke Sha-
igkvle , wore caught on the trestle of
the Mahpijlng Valley Electric line
near Struthers , four miles east of
here , last eight and In an endeavor
to escape Injury lay down on the edge
of the rails.
Luke was struck by the car and
'died 'from a fractured skull. Mike
had his left arm torn off , leg fractured
and nose broken and is In a critical
condition. Simon was knocked off
into a gulloy thirty" feet below , but
escaped with slight Injuries.
Nemaha Valley Flooded.
Auburn , Nebv July 3. The Nemaha
rlvep Is the highest for nine
teen years and Is still rising. The
Whole Nemaha valley is flooded and
'Auburn Is cut off from the east and
north. Crops on the bottom lands
nro ruined. At Elmwood , north of
here , seven Inches of rail fell Tuesday
night , flooding the town and washing
the Missouri Pacific tracks badly.
Tunnel Caves In.
. Minerva , O. , July 3. With a rum
bling and grinding that could bo
heard for miles , the tunnel on the
ILake Erie , Alliance and Wheeling
railroad , near , here , caved In its entire -
tire length yesterday. There was but
one life lost. The victim was Joseph
Biggins. The other workmen escaped
by running when the first fall oc
Celery Growers Hard Hit.
Kalamazoo , Mich. , July 3. This vl-
tlnlty was visited last night by the
heaviest rainfall of the season. It Is
estimated that two inches of rain fell
firlthln an hour. Many of the celery
fields wore submerged , and In some In-
etances crops -wore washed away : The
Joss to the celery growers alone , will
ie thousands of dollars.
j Oklahoma Town Badly Scorched.
I Quthrle , Okla. , July 3. Watonga ,
* he county seat of Dlalno county , waa
ajfllte4 bjr a 4ejtryctlvo flro early yes
terday , the loss exceeding $50.000.
The heaviest losers wore the Kosh
Hardware company , $15,000. and the
Tyler & Oronkhit department stores ,
$25,000. The buildings burned formed
the , "finclpal portion of Main street
Story That Newa Hca Been received
of Missing Steamera Dqrjled.
Ban Francisco , July 3. The Alaska
Commercial company's stqamqr St.
Paul arrived yesterday frpm Capo
Nome , with news of the steamers
Portland and Jaonlo that tooa not
agree with the report , which reached
hero through the steamer Centennial
at Port Townsend two day $ ago. The
word . that the jrevijniifl cutter
Thetis waa > spoken In Boring straiten
on Juno 18 ; that she had then been
out ten days and had gen nothing
of the ice-Imprisoned yesae ) ! . Everything -
thing that the St. Paul 'tojls of the
ships is at variance with the Centen
nial advices. The fact that the former
left Nome on June 22 , two days after
the Centennial loft , , would make her
report seem more reliable and , be
sides , she belongs to the same people
who own the Portland.
The whaling bark yijllatn P. Bay-
Us , Captain Cottle , arrived at Nome
on June 20 and reports that natives
of Diomedcs island told him that the
whaling bark Delvldere , the steamer
Jaenle and a passenger steamer , sup
posed to bo the Portland , drifted
through the straits between Juno I
and 8 , the whaler passing on the 1st ,
the Portland on the 5th and the Jaenlo
on the 8thj _
Wealthy New York Man Fatally Shot
In Encounter With Robber.
New York , July 3. Albert C. Lull-
mer , a wealthy stationer of this city ,
who * lives In Brooklyn , was fatally
shot a hls ome in a struggle with
a burglar. The burglar escaped , leav
UBS Jli& . shogsuana , cap b.ehlnjl ,
Having been awakened by his wife ,
who heard a voice , Mr. Latlmet
started to make af search. As he
opened-'a closet door the burglar' ,
maSked , " dashed out and' Mr. Latlmei
grappled 'With him. fri'the struggle
tlfe robber flred , two shots and aftoi
thV.second .Mr. Latlmej fell. His. as. .
sallant then leaped over him and'fled
through a kitchen window , where he
had entered the house.
A'policema'n a b'lock away heard the
shots and the screams of Mrs. L U
mer arid ran to the house. thorougl
search was.made of the neighborhood
but no trace of the burglar-was found
Mr Xatlmer was taken tea hospital
where the doctors after an examlna
tion said he could not live.
Funeral Party Drives Husband and
Sister of Dead Woman Out of Town.
Sterling , III. , July 3. The funeral
of Mrs. John Selbert of Mount Morris ,
near hero , was delayed - un
til the mourners could adjourn to c
corn field and administer ai coat of tai
rand feathers to the husband and slstei
of the dead woman. Then the funeral
proceeded , but the two who were to
have been chief mourners were absent
The house was filled with sorrowing
neighbors when some of them dlscov'
ered Selbert'In ' another room , hugging
and kissing Mrs. Theodore Wolfe.
The crowd quickly dragged the
couple to the corn field. A plentiful
supply of tar was poured over the vie
tims and the feathers from a pillow
were added. Then the two were
driven from the village and ordered
never to return. Mrs. Selbert died ol
consumption and during the two yeare
of her sickness It is alleged that he'i
husband was continually making love
to his wife's sister.
Chicago Youth Pours Burning Gaso
line Over Himself and Others.
Chicago , July 3. In trying to 1ml
tate an Egyptian fire swallower , Harrj
Loughren , twelve years old , poured
burning gasoline' ' over hlmself and sli
other-ctiildren last night , and asji re
suit theNbpy and one other chlldyjirob
ably will' die. Of the others , one onlj
escaped'"injury , a girl who dropped
without being hurt * from the -porch
thirty , fee/from the'ground , after tear
ing off her a'k'lrt , frantic to ovoid an
other child who was running toward
her with clothing ablaze , The boy'i
mother was burned so brfdly in strip
ping the burning clothing from bin
that she also may dio.
Killed by Unknown Assailant
Kansas City , July 3. Pearl Sauls
man of Lees Summit , Mo. , wai
knocked down and killed , and M. J
McQlynn , his employer , was struct
twice and seriously hurt , at Eight
eenth and Xlrand streets , in this Itj
last night DT an unknown man , who at
tacked them without apparent provo
cation. Qaulaman was a farm hand
aged twenty-five years. Ho received
a single blow in the face , which brok <
his neck and killed him almost in
stantly. His assailant * escaped and
the police have .only a meager do
Bcrlptlon of him.
Miller Escapes Prosecution.
Chicago , July 3. President Orlaudc
Mitterrand Secretary H. C. Davis ol
the St. ' Luke's sanitarium , who wcr
held responsible by the coroner's Jurj
for the loss of life In the fire that do
strbycd ( he unnltarjum , wll | escape
criminal prosecution. The grand JMT
investigated the charges of nun
slaughter against the two olHcli.
yesterday and riiurn.'d no bills.
Leaders Declare War on WT&-
chinery in Czar's Name.
Leaders Are Apparently 8 rand6r
and Proclaim Thomeolyoi AgqntJ < jf
Czar Outbreak 8ornowhat
bles Peasant Rlota qf Bary | 9pri(1j' ( (
St. Petersburg , July ? , Thorp havJ
been labor riots for tnO pas't faw days
at Rostov-on-Don , in southern lUjaqln.
Tliero Imvo been numqr6ua collisions
between the troops and ( thq rfotbra' ,
The troopi Hrod and many of the riot
ers were killed or wooded.
The outbreak rogqmt > | p § , the poaa'
ant riots in the oarjy spring. The
leaders of the last riots were strang
ers In the district. They were dressed
In fantastic uniforms and adorned
with decorations. They proclaimed
themselves agents of the czar and
preached the destruction of all ma
chinery which reduced the number of
laborers and brought the masses io
starvation. A fanatical mob , inllamcd
with this idea , declared' war on the
factories in the name of the czar and
had already wrecked many manufac
turing establishments by the tlmo the
troops were called out.
Queen Alexandra Reviews the East
Indian Troops.
London , July 3. King Edward has
passed another good day. The quiet'
and routine of the sick room was va
ried by the excitement of listening to
the music and cheers of the Indian
troops as they marches ! past the palace -
ace and greeted Queen Alexandra on
the balcony. King Edward demanded
a full account of the review and the
formal report made by the Prince of
Wales was supplemented by the per
sonal narrative of , the queen. His
majesty dictated a letter to the Duke
of Connaught , commanding him to
compliment the colonial troops upon
their excellent appearance and to
thank them for their expressions of
loyalty and sympathy , which ho had
.heard with pleasure In his sick room.
King Edward was somewhat disap
pointed that he was not able to see
the march past of the troops. He had
hoped tlifl this jvould be1 possible
from an invalid couch in a window of
the palace , but the doctors were im ?
willing that he should rlsk-thls. . expo
sure and excitement and his majesty
had to content himself with hearing
the troops without 'seeing them.
Fire Injured in Wreck.
Springfield , 111. , July 3. Five per
sons were Injured and others had nar
row escapes yesterday when a south
bound Illinois Central passenger train
ran into an open switch at Madison
and collided with a freight train ot
the Chicago , Peorla and St. Louis rail
road. The passenger engine and sev
eral freight cars were demolished.
The Injured : Conductor Lewis Car
penter , , two ribs broken , badly
bruised ; Charles V. Monroe , brakeman -
man , face cut and Internally Injured ;
Frank Albers , fireman , jumped , Internally - .
nally Injured ; Miss Llllle Gohricks ,
East St. Louis , cut about face and
hands ; Harvey Green , engineer of
of passenger , jumped , slightly hurt.
Debate on Irish Land Question.
London , July 3. A long and heated
debate on the Irish land question waa
precipitate in the house of commons
last night. Thomas , , W : Russell , lib
eral , moved the adjournment of the
house to discuss the pending evictions
from the estate of Lord de Froyno , In
Roscommon county. Mr. Russell de
clared that unless the government In
tervened to prevent these evictions an
era of turmoil would be inaugurated
in the west of Irelan'd , where there
was trouble enough already. Mr.
Wyndham replied with some asperity
that he was surprised to find Mr , Rus
sell siding against law and order.
Editor Cady Fined for Contempt.
Eldorado , Kan. , July 3. N. R. Cady ,
editor of the Augusta Journal , was
yesterday fined $10 and costs for con
tempt of court for having criticised
Judge Alkman for not granting a
change of venue for Jessie Morrison
at her recent trial for the murder of
Mrs. Castle. Judge Alkman assesead
a light fine upon the editor's promise
to publish an apology.
Coniu ) Dickey Reinstated.
Washington , July 3. United 'States
Consul William B , Dickey has been
completely vindicated of the charges
brought against him by Richard R.
Nelll , secretary of legation at Lima ,
and as a result of which he wae re
moved from his post at Callao. Ho
is to be reinstated.
Boxer Uprlelng Suppressed.
London , July 3 , A dlspatph to the
Dally Mall from Shanghai says that
Viceroy Shun reports officially that
the Boxer rising In Sze Chuen prov
ince has been suppressed and that
the leaders of the movement havt
been captured and
Collision at Sea.
Victoria , B. 0. , July 3. AdvlcPB
from the Orient , received hero yester
day , state that the steamers Kumogwa
anJ K'lsogawa of the OaaUo Supahcm
Kalaha were In collision off the coast
of Korea on the night of Juno 11 and
the former sank , carrying down novon *
teen of the crow , Bovontcun European
passengers , three Japanese passengers
and fifteen Koreans. Nlnotocn pas-
eengors and the balance of the crow'
fyore saved by the Klaogiuya and
tnitoii to Chemulpo.
' 'Human ' Bomb" la Dashed to Earth
' , . and His Back Broken.
iLojilsvillo , July 3. In the ureaenco
2f:5,9bO : spectators , witnessing an open
Ir pbrfDnnanco of the "Last Dagra at
fioiripoli , " ou the common opposite
hiirdhlll Downs , James Dull , known
" .tfho Human Bomb , " received In-
leti which will probably result In
U dtfath. It Is Dull's part ot the pop
fornjauca to bo hurled high la the air
by a bomb which explodes , reloading
o parachute , by which the porforiuor
fottlrhs to earth. . , ,
Laat * night the bomb was shot 'into
the .alr rw usual , but when it reached
its greatest height it failed to explode -
plodo and started to the earth with
the victim unable to roloaeo himself.
As the missile was within 100 foot
of the ground It suddenly exploded
and , to the horror of the spectators ,
Dul | was dashed to the earth and the
porfdrrnanco brought to a close. When
the victim was picked up It was found
thai his back was broken , Ho wna
taken to the city hospital.
Member t f Austro-Hungarlan Corona
tion Mission Placed Under Arrest.
London , , i ' . Prince Francla Jo
seph'of Bra i , n lieutenant In the
Soy'onth A < , ' Hussars , a scion of
a formot 3 house of Portugal
and member of the
a Austro-IIunga-
rlan mission to the coronation , ap
peared In the Southwark police court
yesterday with other men , charged
With n criminal offense.
Strict secrecy was observed by the
court officials regarding the nature ol
the charges. Formal evidence was
given that certain Information In the
possession of the magistrate was true ,
and the prisoners were remanded.
Prince Francis wan allowed to fur
nish ball for his appearance. Hit
companions were retained in custody ,
The body of August Uttwlllor , whc
shot and killed his 'roonv'inate ' , James
Collins , and then escaped , wds found
iii the Ohio river at Cincinnati. He
had shot himself before throwing him
self Into the river.
'Arrested for Jewelry Robbery.
Philadelphia , July1' 3. Mrsf Allen *
O'Malltiy , aged twenty-four ! wife of
Austin O'Malley , professor ot English
literature at Notre Dame university ,
South Bend , Inch , and William Hcarln
of New York , aged twenty , were ar
rested here yesterday on the charge
of stealing jewelry valued at about
$300 , preferred by Mrs. O'Malley'a
brother-in-law , Dr. Joseph O'Malley of
this city. Both Mrs. O'Malloy and
Tlearln are said to come of prominent
New York families.
Convict Seeks Release.
Topeka , Kan. , July 3. Ira N. TCP
rill , a convicted murderer from Okla
homa , serving a sentence In the Kan
sas penitentiary , appeared In the su
preme court yesterday to argue In his
own behalf that Kansas has no juris
diction over him and that he Is wrong
fully Imprisoned. He was in charge
of Warden Jewett. Should the supreme
premo court decide In his favor 300
other convicts would be liberated.
Minnesota Populists Name Ticket
Minneapolis , July 3. One of th
Democratic nominees , Spurgeon Odoll
candidate for secretary of state , Is In
eluded In the ticket nominated las )
night by the state Populist convention.
The Populist ticket follows : Govern
or , Thomas J. Meighen ; lleutenanl
governor , John B. Hemps ; auditor , O ,
S. Relshus ; treasurer , B. W. Knat-
void ; attorney general J. F. Steldl ;
secretary of state , Spurge9n OdelL
Mysterious Woman Insane.
El Paso' , Tex. , July 3. County Judge
Harper has ordered the sheriff to con
vey Miss Ada Barker to the state in
sane asylum at Terrell , where she will
be confined. Several wccUs ago Misc
Barker was found wandering In the
streets in a demented condition and
it is thought she arrived here on a
westboijnd Southern Pacific train
Whore she came from or where she
was going Is a mystery.
Death of Major Gushing.
New York , July 3. Major Harry
Cooke Gushing died of heart disease
yesterday at his residence in New
Rochellc. Ho had been 111 ten days
During the war ho served in more
than a score of battles , beginning al
the first Bull RuVi and ending at the
Wilderness. He also served In varl
ous Indian campaigns. The body IB
to be taken to Washington and In
tcrred at Arlington.
Photo-engravers have been excluded
from membership in the American
Federation of Labor.
Snow fell in the Couer d * Alone re
glen Wednesday. Burke and Mullan
report two Inches on the ground ,
A train on the East Indian rail
road , near Rampurh , was blown down
an embankment by a cyclone. Thir
teen persons were killed and fifteen
we're Injured.
A. B. Duach shot and killed Will
Woods near Metropolis , III. , during a
quarrel. Woods accused Dusch of
having insulted his sweetheart. Both
belong to prominent families of
W. n , I100HOLZ. I' . .
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JR. . .
Physician and Surgeon.
Succeed * to the 'practlcelof Dr. F. W. Klesan.
Norfolk , Nebraska
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