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Fourth Iowa Regiment Band
Engaged ,
Will bo Here From Slouy Clty'tp De
light Lovers of Music Two of the
Best Bands of the West Will Piny In
tNorfolk Other Attractions. ,
The hustlers for the Norfolk Fourth
of July celebration have added now
honors to themselves nnd another .splen- ,
did feature to the program for the day.
The new feature is in mmic and is n
farther guarantee that the quality
day will bo of the best afforded in the
west and n continuous concert of hlfjh
grade band music during the day , The
latest acquisition is Reed's Pomtli Iowa
Regiment Military baud of Sioux City.
This band is composed of twenty pieces
and every man is a thorough mns.cian.
It has a deserving fame in Sioux City
and throughout Iowa for the quality of
inusio furnished With this baud and
the Twenty-second infantry bund of
twenty live pieo.R Norfolk is in ape
po ition to promise th > ise who will ba
her guists on the nation's hirthriny the
finest , to bu lnul in the mut-io linn and
lots of it. Many who come heio will
undoubtedly conMd Jim band f a urs
alone worth romii g 'or ' , but thfto will
be a good m-w-uiu of enjouueur in nil
lim s iiud those who do not emp for
band music will Imvo plei.ty of other
attrnctinus to claim thiir att ution. ,
The field of sports will bo broad and
complete and the spetiking and sinking
will be of u high order while the parade ,
the battalion drill nnrt other features
promise to bu of an order that will
gratify thos * who want to see sights.
Norfolk li'is entered into the t-p.rit of
the occasion with aal thatv promites
a day of thorough ei j'i\ni"iit to those
who will be here and it i considered
that there will be no ra > in for dis
appointment. Ae illustrating the spirit
that prevails here the committees find
ing that they could use more funds to
advantage went among the businet-s
men and citizens Friday and Saturday
and eucceded in getting contributions
amounting to a couple of hundred
dollars. The fund provided is now
probably the largest ever raised in north
Nebraska for a similar purpose aud is a
guaranty not only that the committees
will be able to do business on practically
a cash basis , but that the features will
be on the order of excellence that a
large fund will allow.
[ Sidewalks on the Fourth.
To the Public : Numerous inquiries
having been made regarding the use of
sidewalks and streets on the Fourth of
July , will say that there is no law which
.permits the use of the sidewalks by any
one. Allowing business men to use a
portion of the sidewalks for display pur
poses is merely a matter of courtesy and
no great objection is raided to such use
during ordinary times. On the Fourth
of July however , we will insist that the
sidewalks be k * pt free from everything ,
as it will be necessary to use ull sidewalk
space for the accommodation of the
The right to the use of the street has
been granted to the Fourth of July
Concession committee so that they can
raise some little money to help to de
fray the Fourth of July expenses.
Anybody wishing to have a stand in
the street will have to consult the Con
cession committee.
E. P. Weatherby was a passenger for
Omaha this morning.
Miss Beata Huebuer of Hot Springs ,
South Dakota , visited with Norfolk
friends yesterday.
Miss Lisle Wilkinson went to Schuy-
ler today to attend the wedding of a
young lady friend.
Mr. and'Mra. W. H. Blakeman enter
tained a company of friends at C o'clock
dinner last evening.
Miss Lisle Wilkinson entertained a
company of friends last evening com
plimentary to Miss Jessie Bridge.
Asa K. Leonard returned today from
Waterloo , Iowa , where he had been to
attend the funeral of his brother.
E. 0. Howe of.Denver , general mana
ger of the American Beet Sugar com
pany , arrived in the city at noon to look
over the Norfolk plant.
L. Sessions returned lust evening from
Omaha /where he attended the annual
. state convention and summer school of
the funeral directors association.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hull , P. W. Hull
and Miss Nellie Dortsoh went to Omaha
this morning for the purpose of con
sulting with physicians there regarding
the case of Mrs. Hull , whoso health
continues to be very poorly.
t W. H. Buoholz , as executor , Judge
J , B , Barnes and J. C , Stitt as witnesses
and M. 0. Huzoii as attorney , drove to
Madison yesterday to attend county
court for the purpose of proving up the
will of the Into J. J. Goodrich.
A box of the largest Nebraska grown
strawberries the writer has ever seen
was brought to this office this morning
br A. N. McGinnis.who livesin ; "Warner ,
ville precinct. One of the berries
measured VB Inches in circumference ,
and many of the others are nearly ns
largo. The berries brought to town by
Mr. McGiunla wuro ongerly takuu by
Mrs. II 13. Owen entertained n largo
company of lady friends last evening at
n lawn party 'at her homo on North
Twelfth street. . Ling tables wore
spread on the lawn at which the Iadi6s
worn seated and served with n dainty
W , H. Hoffman , who has undertaken
to get up a Inys' biigado' ' to take part
In the celebration hero on tho' ' Fourth
desires all boys between the ngts.of 19
aud 1C yearn who will take part in .tho
parade , with and without ponies , to.
juoot with him at the fitoro of Hoffman
& Smith Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock
shnrp , to organize aud arrange the de
tails of the boys ' section.
E J. Schoreggo , , Frank Davenport ,
W. H. Johnson and Etuil Moeltcr have
been appointed an auditing committee
to audit the receipts and expofidi-
atnres of the Fourth of July committee.
After the celebration a statement will
tie published showing the receipts and
expenditures in detail , aud it Will bo
the duty of the auditing committee to
examine nnd verify that report , and if
found corn ct to approve it. In this
way till contributors will bo informed
of the disposition of funds entrusted to
the executive committee of the Com
mercial club.
The Oreightou base ball enthusiasts
have provided for an excursion to bring
them to Nur'olk tomorrow to witness
the garni ; of b.tll between the team of
that city and the Norfolk team. It is
expeu ed that besides the Creighton fans
there will be a largo number from
towns between here and there who will
take advantage of the excursion to come
down and MO the game , which promises
to be highly iutcrt sting. The Creighton
team arrived in the city tod..y and this
afternoon the first game of the series is
on with a large number of interested
spi ctators in attendance.
On call of President W. L Kern the
Norfolk fire department met last even
ing to consider' the invitation of the
executive committee , having in charge
the Fourth of July celebration , to par
ticipate in the observance of the day.
A communication from the Madison
fire department was read asking the
Norfolk deprtment to participate in the
celebration there. The compliment
WOR acknowledged and the secretary
was instructed to reply , requesting the
Madison department to take part with
the Norfolk department in the celebra
tion in this city. A motion to prepare
a float for the parade did not meet with
laver and it was decided that the fire
men should appear in uniform with the
hook and ladder truck and a couple of
the hose carts , suitably decorated , to
participate in the parade. Chief Hart
ford desired that the secretaries of the
different companies should urge the
members to take part in the parade and
it was decided that all active memberti
be requested to take part or furnish a
substitute. In case of failure to do
either on the part of the members a
fiho of $1.00 will be imposed. It was
decided to appoint an executive commit
tee of three members from each company
to have in chnrg the arrangements for
the duy. The following were appointed
on such committee : L'ermau , Powell
and Bothke of the Queen City company ;
MoFarland , Kern , Sandford of the Mast
company , and Smith , Ahlman aud Vail
of the Pioneer hook and ladder com"-
pany. The bill of L. Buckendorf for
flowers used to decorate the graves of
deceased firemen was allowed.
Miss Irma G. Allen , general worker
for the.Nebraska Children's Home soci
ety yesterday afternoon took to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wifkin a boy
13 years of ago who had been given in
charge of the society. Miss Allen is
well pleased with the results of her ef
forts in this case , believing that the boy
has secured a nice home aud that Mr.
aud Mrs. Wilkin will have a boy of
whom they can be proud and who will
bo a great help to them. Mr. and Mrs.
Wilken are to be commended for open
ing their homo to this boy , who they are
donb'less removing from a life that
would lead to pauperism or crime.
Statistics are that it costs an average of
$2,000 for sending a man to the peniten
tiary. Miss Allen's society aims to save
the state much of tucli expense by tak
ing children from homes that tend to
instruct for the penitentiary and placing
them where they will develop into men
and women 6f credit to the state and
society. Children cared for by the society -
ciety have developed into creditable
young men and women , while brothers
and sisters whom they could not get
have become paupers or criminals.
Many a child has been kept from the
reform school by Miss Allen's society.
She is endeavoring to secure the child
ren of a Norfolk family who are being
reared in filth and poverty. When
her attention was called to the fam
ily it was found that the children
were suffering for food , having had
nothing but a loaf of bread to eat from
one evening until up into the next day.
The neighbors fed them and their con
dition was foundto be deplorable
They will certainly be benefited by be
ing placed with the Children's Home
A fine line of fly nets and dusters at
Nordwig's. Come and make a selection
while the stock is complete.
Miss Kmmti Mueller went to Omaha
this nuiinitig to visit for a week.
Charles Dudley hi\s recently ntlded an
expensive an 1 handsome now hack to
his hack lino.
Herbert S. Daniel secretary of the
Omaha Copper Mining company , id ia
Iho city for n few days.
Prof. W. J. Dean , formerly superin
tendent of tlip ohy .schools , of. Norfolk ,
is visiting with friends hero. '
S. H. Laico.'tlifcpiano tuner , will leave
in a short time for n two-month's visit
at his homo , in-Port Hawaii , Ontario.
E. H. Tracy has purchased the Wal
lorstedt cottage .on , South Tputh street
aud will soon occupy it with his family ,
, Adolph Altsohuler , yvhoso head
quarters are at S Joe , Mo. , spent Sunday -
day with Norfolk relatives and friondst
E , H , Luikart was down from Battlu
Creek to spend Sunday at the homo of
his parents , Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Lui
Martin Ilnasoh , who has boon attend
ing collage at Wutortown , Wis. , re
turned last night to spend his vacation
at home.
Boululi chapter No.10 , 0. E. S. , la
prepaiing to entertain the Knights
Templar and their families next Thurs
day evening.
J. II. Hulff has purchased and his
family ia now occupying the Holler
cottage across the street from the Grant
school building.
A largo number of people wcro trad
ing in Norfolk Saturday , the strcetH be
ing crowded with teams aud the bide-
walks with people.
Ruth , Carrie and Mack Harding are
expected fiom Omaha today to B , end
their vacation with their grandmother ,
Mrs. M. A. McMillan.
Miss Nellie Morrow , who ia in Fre
mont taking a regular course in the
summer normal school , is also spec
ializing in voice culture.
Ruth , Carl and Katharine Jens ac
companied their aunt , Mrs. Frank
Schrami to Columbus yesterday aud
will spend their vacation thero.
Mrs. F. Crane who has been the guest
of Mrs. O.wen , left at noon for Chicago ,
called by a message announcing the
serious illness of her little grand
E. A. Crnm , formerly of this city hut
later of Creighton , is here from his
present home in Whatcom , Washington ,
visiting friends and looking after busi
ness interests. He expresses himself as
much pleased with his new home , and
can talk Washington with any of them.
The employes of the F. E. & M. V.
who make Norfolk their home are feel
ing good over their share of the volun
tary raise in wages made to the employes
of the entire Northwestern system.
One of those benefited says tint the
raise amounts to 10 cents a day to all
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Moffat , Miss
Margaret Moffat and Miss Nettie Dur-
laud of Wnshingtouvllle , N. Y. , are
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
J Darland In The Heights. A boatiug
party up the Northfork will be given
for Miss Moffat and Miss Durlaud this
Battle Creek Republican : Last Fri
day President Roosevelt signed the bill
carrying an appropriation of $100,000
for a public building at Norfolk. The
people of that city are jubilant and will
make this au excuse for making the
eagle scream a little louder on the
The Peterson vaudeville company
completed its engagement in this city
with a performance in the Auditorium
last evening before the largest audience
they had entertained during their stay.
The voting contest for the diamond
ring was decided , the ring going to Mis *
Maud Clark , who received , 2,080 votes.
Mrs. Burnett received 2,500 votes aud
Miss Nettle Allbery 1,930.
Winslde Tribune : Three weeks from
tomorrow is the Fourth. It would
have been a great year for "Winsido to
celebrate , but as it will not , it is in order
for our peoplq to figure out where they
will spend the day. Norfolk will have
a big time , but unless excursion trains
are run no one can go from here in that
direction. The trains run all right for
the east but not the other way.
The Illustrated Bee of yesterday
devoted considerable space to explain
ing what the Nebraska Federation of
Woman's clubs are doing toward solv
ing the race problem in the south.
They are raising a fund for the purpose
of educating Miss Anna R. Vanderzee ,
in kindergarden work and she promises
to speed three years or more in the
south at the work. Miss Vanderzee is
a graduate of the Lincoln high school
nnd formerly lived in Norfolk , her
father , who is blind , having been pastor
of the colored mission here. The girl's
piotnro was also published.
0. A. Blakely left yesterday for Omaha1
to enter upon his duties as traveling
salesman for the grocery firm of Paxton
& Gallagher. His territory will bo
west over the Union Pacific , and his
family will continue to rnako Norfolk
their home. Mr. Blakoly has made
Norfolk his homo for many years and
has a host of friends in this city who
will unite In wishing him unqnallified
success in his now field of work. For a
number of yearn Mr HlaUcly Imi biHin
ohlof clerk In the grocery department
of the Fair store and through htn uni
form courtesy and able efforts added
much to the popularity of that houfo
and it is safe to say that ho will bo very
much missed by Memo , ShurU and Jen
Charles II. Johnson ha * received
further particulars regarding the do-
cltion of the inter state commerce com-
mlsMion In the CMRO brought by him
again the C. St. P. M 0. fordlscrlmi.
nattiig against Norfolk in freight rates.
The decision is practically an glVon in
the dispatches. There was n dissenting
opinion by Commissioner Prouty , not ,
however , in favor of the railroad , The
following was his reason for dissenting ;
"WJillb 1 concur in the order that the
defendant couso and desist from charg
ing the present rates to Norfolk I donot
concur in the recommendation stating
what those rates should bo , for the rea
son that , in my opinion , if the tariff
recommended by the commission were
put in effect such rates would still bo
unjust , unreasonableiirnldiscriminating
as to Norfolk. "
Hon. W. M. RjbertHon loft today for
Lincoln to open headquarters and got
ready to interest the delegates to the
republican state convention in his can
didacy for governor. It is generally
considered that ho is a leading candi
date for the nomination and hh filends
boliuvo that if tin delegates form hit *
acquaintance there IH no question as to
the outcome. Others who wont to the
capital city today were : John R. Hays ,
W IT. Buohol/ . N. Bnndlok and W.
N. Huso , M ire Norfolk people ; will go
down tomorrow to BOO to it. that their
candidate is treated with consideration
and it is probable that the Norfolk
headquarters will bo among the liveliest
in the city. Mr. Robertson will uo
pleased to Imvo as many of his neigh
bors aud friends as possible attend the
convention and tnko au intercut in the
efforts that" are being uiado to Imvo
Norfolk furnish the candidate for gov
Many of the towns tributary to Nor
folk are acting neighborly in regard to
Norfolk's celebration of the Fourth.
Realizing that this city has not
attempted to celebrate for the past six
years while others have been observing
the natal day and receiving additions to
their crowds from Norfolk and vicinity ,
they give evidence that they feel in a
reciprocal mood and will give up cele-
brating.this year and permit their people
to come here. Newman Grove , Win-
side , Stanton and Battle Creek are
among the towns that have signified an
intention of celebrating in Norfolk and
Norfolk hopes to entertain in a manner
that will leave them no cause for regret
at the course they have taken. The
last week's issue of the Tilden Citizen
indicates that the people of that place
will likewise spend the day hero. It
says : "The outlook for a Fourth of
July celebration at Tilden is not very
favorable as wo go to press. Although
upwards of § 200 was subscribed , there
seems to be a disposition to forego any
demonstration at homo in deference to
Norfolk people who appear to bo mak
ing arrangements to celebrate on a grand
scale. Nothing definite has yet beeu
decided on , but in view of the expressed
opinion heard on all sides The Citizen
is justified in stating that a Tilden cele
bration this year is a very doubtful pos-
'slbility. ' "
A Good Thing.
German Syrup is the special perscrip-
tioa of Dr. A. Boschte , a celebrated
German physician , and is acknowledged
to be one ot the most fortunate discov
eries in medicine. It quickly cures
coughs , colds and all lung troubles of
the severest nature , removing as it does ,
the cause of the affection and leaving
the parts in a strong and healthy con
dition. It is not an experimental med
icine , but has stood the test of years ,
giving satisfaction in every caco , which
its rapidly increasing sale every season
confirms. Two million bottkn sold
annually. Boscheo's German Syrup
was introduced in the United States in
18G8 , and is now sold in every town and
village in the civilized world. Three
doses will relieve any'oidiuary cough
Price 75 cents. Get Greeu's special
almanac. Asa , K Leonard.
Lee's Lice and Mite Killer is a liquid
coal tar product , heavily charged with
gases which kill insects without having
to tonfh them. It is used by sprinkling
on roosts for poultry , on bedding for hogs.
It is vastly superior to the wenk , inert ,
diluted imitations often offered as a
substitute at n few coi'ts les in price.
It in endorser ! by till experienced poultry
and hog rats-is. The genuine is sold by
all druggists.
Electric Lighted Trains.
The Union Pacific was the first to
ntroduce djuing cars , vestlbnlei cars ,
steam heat , piutsch light , buffet smok
ing and library cars , tourist cars , on
trans-continental trains west of the
Missouri river.
It afcain leads by introducing an
electric lighted train throughout , ' "Tho
Ov. rland Llmitid , " with compartment
observation cars , having electric lamps ,
electric fans , electric cnrling iron heat
ers , telephone service , etc. ; dining room
with electric candelabra , bath rooms ,
barber shops , circulating libraries , oto.
The cars comprising this train consti
tute the highest and best dovelopomout
of car construction and of comfortable
and luxurious travel.
This train reaches Salt Lake City 12
hours and San Francisco 10 hours ahead
of all competitors.
Full information cheerfully furnished
on application to J. B. ELSEFFEH ,
* Agent.
rleko of Madison IN the guest ( if
Irene Doxtor.
Mr. and Mrs. A , P. Pllgor of Madison
are the proud parents of a little daugh
Ut , Rev. Arthur L. Wtlllnnm of
Oninha IR a guest at the homo of Ruv ,
J. 0 'S. Wollls.
M. D. Tyler linn returned from MR old
homo in Indiana , where ho was called
by the death of IIH ! mother.
Superintendent 0. II Reynolds of the
Norfolk division F. E , & M. V. went to
Omaha today on a business trip ,
Prof. J. Ak Hornberger , formerly su
perintendent , of the Norfolk KohoolK ,
was In the city yesterday on busincKH
and greeting friends.
Postmaster A. T. Rowe of Oakdalo ,
accompanied by his brldo , spout a few
hours with hln son , Howard A. Rowe ,
while on his way homo.
Mrs. .T.S. Carter of DOH MoincH , Iowar
armedin , the city today to visit her
ulster , Mrs.II. . 15 Warrlok , and her
noico , Mr . E. P. Weathrrby.
John Weills and Gene Huso left thin
morning on a rldo IUTOSH the country to
Creiuhton where they will ho the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Gee 13 Buttorfield.
Mr SoiineiiKcheln of Htiuiton who IIIIH
been hero preparing to move MH family
to Norfolk , wan summoned to Stanton
today by a menage announcing the
death of his baby.
Ofioofthe seriouH damaged by the
storm of Saturday WIIH the lodging of
considerable grain , but it IH hoped that
much of it. . will bo in condition to har
vest by the time it in ripe
Mrs. II. II. Hull submitted to an oper
ation in St. Joseph's hospital at Omalm
yesterday morning that ia said to have
beeu Huccossful and promises to effect
a cure from the troubles that who had
been suffering from for Homo timo.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. II. Bridge Imvo
issued invitations to the marrlago of
their daughter , Mary Justine , to Peter
Daniel McOornaok , M. D. , which will
take place at their homo in Norfolk
Juno 25 , at 10 o'clock The brldo and
groom will be at homo in Spokane ,
Washington , after August 1.
The boating party planned for Minn
Moffat aud Miss .Dtirlaud of Washing-
tonville , N Y. , last evening , was given
up on account of the inclement weather ,
and the yonng folks entertained at th
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J Dnrland in
The Heights. Music and dancing nddi d
to the pleasure of the evening and
dainty refreshments were served in the
With the two best military bands
that can be furnished by the cities tribu
tary to north Nebraska to furnish the
music for Norfolk's Fourth of July
celebration the music features of the
day promise to bo of a high order of
perfection and anyone liking excellent
baud music should need no further in
ducement to spend the day hero. They
will be worth coming miles to hoar.
S , W. Brlsbois , advnnr-e agent for
Gentry Bros. ' famous trained animal
bhow , was in the city today and made a
date for tliM re-appoar.inco of that | oopn-
lar attraction In Norfolk. They will'bo
hero on Tuesday , July 8 , for an afternoon
noon and evening performance. The
same show was hero two years ago and
gave good satisfaction to these who at
tended. Their program is of particular
delight to the chiluron who will bo
pleased to learn that they are to revisit
this city.
The annual Orphans' Homo picnic
will be held next Sunday at Fremont.
An excursion train will leave the
Creighton depot at 0 : DO a. m , and the
Junction station at 7 , arriving at Fre
mont at 10 a. m. The picnic grounds
are within a half a block of the Fremont
stopping poiut. Returning , the train
will leave Fremont at ( i:50 : and arrive at
Norfolk shortly before 9 o'clock. Round
trip tickets can be secured from Rev. J.
P. Mueller until Friday evening at $2.
After that the faro will bo | 4
Norfolk ppoplo anticipate with con
siderable pleasure the visit of the Omaha
Commercial club representatives to this
city Friday afternoon. They will ar
rive in the city over the M. & O. in
their special train at G o'clock in the
afternoon and will be here for sapper ,
leaving at 6:30 : for the east. They will
be accompanied by twenty pieces of the
Twenty-Second regiment band which
will be here on the Fourth and Norfolk
people will be glad to sample the music
they furnish. Norfolk people will un
doubtedly be at the depot in force to
greet the train.
J. M. Ginitie , postmaster > at Lynch
and A. O. MoFarland , editor of Journal
at that place , came down from Verd'gro '
tnis morning and were in the city a few
hours enrouto to Lincoln , where they
will attend the republican state conven
tion. They report that tracklayiug on
the Verdigro extension is nuder wnyaud
that several miles of the steel ribbons
that will unite Lynch with the rest of
the world have beeu laid. It is expected
that there will bo some delay in crossing
the river at Niobrarabnt they expect to
hoar the whistle of the locomotive in
Lynch by the first of September. They
go to Lincoln with determination of
helping the candidacy of lion. W. M.
Robertson for governor.
Drovers Journal-Stockman , South
Omaha , June Oth : L. 8. ' Needham , one
4 .
of Ni'hraHkn'n ' prominent fecdn , wttH
on the miukcl tndiiy wl'h six InudH of
well tutted beef oattlu Hint netted him
ever $111,000. To ay that Mr. Noi-dlmm
WIIH well ploiiHod is not nec ( smiry an ho
linn found that bo ( M imiko Just an
iniioh money at homo HH lie can at Chin 1
cngo market , where ho him been Hlilp- *
ing for the lant six voarri , thin bring the
first consignment ho him HOnt to South
Omaha in that length of timo. The
cattle were all foil in thu food Ibtn near
Whin do , which Mr. Noedham ownn ,
sin-lied corn and alfalfa hay being used
to prepare them for market. Among
the cattle tmippod were 107 Htoors and
stagH , uvoraging'll)5 ' , ) ! ) pounds.
The national convention of childron'H
homo HoclotlfiH will bo held at Sioux
FullH , South Dakota , on Wednesday
iui1Thursday. . Minn 0. Lou JIUICH of
Omaha , Mls.s Lorona Hathaway of
Grand Island and Rov. Mr. Shawky of
Fremont , all working for the Nebraska
society , Joined MHH ! Allen here last _ , '
night and loft on the 0:1)0 : ) train thin ,
morning to attend the convention UB i '
delegates from the Nebraska society.
Before leaving Miss Allen expressed f
her appreciation of the interoHt taken in j
the work of the society by the people of
Norfolk , both financially and otherwise.
She Hta'od that nho had boon in towiiH
whore the people evidenced great
Interest , in and sympathy with thn work
of caring for homoleHH oliildren , hut not ,
all of them had given the HulHantiul
evidence of Iholr IntiucHt. and Hympiithy '
that the people of Norfolk gave. She
almi Hinted that nho had just icceived
word from lumdqtinrtorn at Omaha
stating that they had ro oived flvo boy
babieM who wro in ncml of homoH.
Has Met With Great Favor.
The John Ound Blowing company , of
Ln GronHO , WiB. , IH becoming widely
known throughout the country on no-
count ot thosuporior article of boor man
ufactured la the gateway city. The
Guild plant is a model one in ovcry ro-
npeot aud the enviable reputation that
its product has received is a deserving
ono. The Gund "Peerless" bottle'd
beer , which carried off a modal at the
PariH oxpoHition , IH mooting with great
favor in thin city , HH it 1ms in other
oitioH it IIBH boon placed for dis
There are some Simple. Remedies
indispensable in any family. Among
these , the experience of yearHinsures us , ,
should be recorded painkiller For both
internal and external uppliuatioiiH wo
bnvo found it of great value ; especially
can wo n commend it for coldn , rlinina-
Hum , or fretm wounds and bruises
Christian Era. Avoid substituted , there
ifl but oijo painkiller , Perry Davis. '
Price 2fi centH and CO cents.
Wanted Cattle to Pasture.
I will take ! ! 00 cattle for the season at
$2 for HteerH and $2.0 / for cows 1410
acres of good land on the Verdigris
creek in western Knox county ; fenced
in two pastures , with good posts and
three wires ; running water ( Verdigris
creek and two spring creeks ) , which
never fail ; plenty of timber for shade.
Salt furnished. Foreman on the ranch
will give attention to the cows. Will
receive rattle at Norfolk and deliver at
Norfolk after seabon closeH.
A. J. DUllLANI ) .
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Toke Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money " if it
falls to cure. E. W. Grove's re
is on each box.fiu. .
Gardner & Sailor deal in improved
aud unimproved liudi. Ranches an
town property for sale in Pierce , Cedar ,
Knox , Wayne and Holt counties , also
lands aud ranches in North and South
Dakota. *
We Are All Familiar
with the deep bourse bark , grimly calle'd
"a grave-yard cough. " It is the cry of
the tortured lungs for mercy. Give
them mercy in the form of Allen's Lung
Balsam , a remedy for pulmonary
trouble , ro highly esteemed that it is
recommended even in the earlier
stages consumption. In thp later stages
moral tkill i unavailing. Nobody can
afford to neglect a cold.
Summer Sessions Educational Insti
tutions , -
To bo In Id n' Clnc'ngo , 111. , an St. Liuis ,
In .Tun tin Union Paitfic will make
the low rate of one fare plus $2 00 for
the ronijd trip to either poiut.
Tickets on sale Juno IK , 17,21 , aud 22.
Final return limit Sepicmlxr 15.
Full inforuiatiou cheerfully furnished
o i application to i
In every town
and village
may be had
Axle' '
that makes your
horses glad.