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' 7/ , NO UFO Llv , NKHUASKA , FRIDAY , DFA'KMHKU 0 , 1001 ,
McComas Proposes Death Pen
alty for Attack on President.
Would Select Some Desolate Spot to
Which All Anarchists Should Be Deported -
ported Measures Proposed In Upper -
' per HOUBC Day's Work In Senate.
Washington , Dec. 6. Senator Me-
Comas ( Md. ) muilo nn extended and
carefully prepared speech In the sen
ate yesterday with anarchy for his
theme , and waa followed by uomo
brief remarks by Hoar ( Mans. ) on
the diniciiltles In the way of dealing
with anarchist assassins. McCouias'
remarks showed careful examination
of the legal authorities. Ho main
tained that congress had full power
tmdor the constitution to enact a law
punishing with death any peraon kill
ing a president or assaulting the
president with Intent to kill , or aidIng -
Ing , Inciting or procuring such an act.
Ho favored rigid provisions In the im
migration laws for the deportation of
ullen anarchists. Much of the speech
was devoted to an explanation of the
dangerous doctrines of anarchy and
the extent to which these doctrines
had been propagated within recent
years. Senator Hoar's remarks were
Interesting , as coming from the ven
erable chairman of the judiciary com
mittee , which will have- much to do
with the framing of any legislation on
this subject. lie said the difficulty
was that assassins of kings and rulers
always gloried in their crimes and
wore in nowise deterred by the fear of.
punishment. For this reason ho
thought it was almost useless to mul
tiply punishments. The most effect
ive remedy , he suggested , would bo to
have the civilized nations of the
world agree upon some desolate spot
on the earth's surface , to which all
anarchists who upheld assassination
or the overthrow of government should
bo deported. In such a community
the anarchist could carry out his the
ories of living without a government
and the world would be rid of his
The senate passed a bill extending
the life of the Industrial commission
until Feb. 15 next , to complete the
work It now has In hand. The com
mittee which will consider an appro
priate tribute to the late President
McKlnley waa announced.
The senate adjourned until next
Is an Invasion of the Prerogative of
the Lower Body.
Washington , Dec. G. Members of
the house of representatives are sho\V'
ing some opposition to the origination
of Philippine revenue legislation In
the senate , and In particular to Sena'
tor Lodge's bill , which deals with this
eubject. Representative Tawney
( Minn.holds ) that the constitutiona
provision that "all bills for raising
revenue shall originate In the house of
representatives" applies to Philip
pine measures , and the Minnesota
member will oppose any senate bill
on the subject as an Invasion of the
prerogatives of the house.
Overstreet ( Ind. ) and quite a num
ber of other influential members main
tain that the senate Philippine bll
involves no Invasion of house rights
1 ns it extends an existing law to the
Philippines , and is not a revenue
measure within the meaning of the
constitution. In any event the ques
tlon of the right of the house over
the subject Is likely to bo discussed
oil the floor of the house.
Deadwood Jeweler Shot.
Deadwood , S. D. , Dec. G. Sol Lovl
son , a prominent jeweler and pawn ,
broker of this city , will probably die
from the effects of a/ bullet througl
the left breast , fired by Leo Wlnsberg
"Wlnsberg was taken Into custody 1m
mediately after the shooting. He
stated to the police that he hoped he
had killed his man. Ho said ho ha <
been brought out to the Hills on mis
representation of the business by
Refuse to Intervene In South Africa
The Hague , Dec. G. The attemp
of the socialists la the chamber to
Induce the foreign office to Intervene
In South Africa failed ngaln yester
day , Foreign Minister Van Lyndon In
forming the Interpolators that the goy
crnment could not Interfere with the
concentration camps except to relieve
its own subjects and could not take
.the initiative in any appeal to the
Boys Confess Murder.
Cleveland , Dec. G. Griffin Mayo
colored , and Frank Strong , white
both 1C years of ago , were arrestec
last night and have confessed tha
they were implicated in the murde
of Emll Goodman , whoso store was
robbed Monday night. Mayo sale
that a third boy killed Goodman and
the police are looking for him.
Evidence for Mrs. Bonlne.
Washington , Dec. G. Experts called
by the defense continued their testi
raony at the trial of Mrs. Lola Ida
Bonlne , charged with the murder o
James Seymour Ayres. The ovldenc
related almost entirely to the state o
Mrs. Donlno's health at the tlmo o
the killing.
* - _ ' 'Arrrs r r r-
° iv
Thirty-eight l > tl- a Injured In a
Collision on on Mountain.
Malvern , Ark. , LH.O. G. Thrco per-
ons were killed and 38 Injured in a
lead-end collision between two pan-
ongor trains on the St. lx > itls , Iron
ilountaln and Southern railroad ono
ml one-half mllen south of here last
vonlng. The dead : .lorry Ulckson
n Unknown man and woman , all col-
Train No. 3 was to meet No. H at
lalvern , but the latter train was late
nd No. 3 moved ahead , expecting to
loot the other train at the next sta
tion. A nillo and a half south of Mal
vern the two trains mot In a torrlflc
collision. Engineer Robert Harriott
f No. 14 jumped In tlmo to save him-
elf , while Engineer McCampboll of
> Io. 3 did likewise. The two engines
wore wrecked and the colored coach
next to the baggage car bn the south-
> oitnd train was badly smashed. It
vns crowded with colored emigrants ,
n route from North Carolina , Georgia
and Alabama to Texas. The smoking
ar on the northbound train was badly
lamagod and many of Us occupants
voro Injured , but the roar conches on
his tialn did not suffer. The dead
and Injured were biought here as soon
as possible.
lattle Between Races Is Result of
Negro's Crime.
Andalusia , Ala. , Doc. G. Sheriff
inulslmw returned here with " 2 no-
; ioos , who are ncciiHod of complicity
n the killing of J.V. . Dorsoy , a mer
chant , and Kale Atkinson , city mar
shal , lit Opp. The negroes were
hasod with bloodhounds and cap-
urod by the sheriff and his posse.
The sheriff landed the negroes safely
n the jail here and is prepared to re
sist any mob. Dorsoy and Marshal
AtKliibon went to the turpentine quar
ters near Opp to arrest a negio who
was accused of stealing a pistol from
a white man. The negro wjis barri
caded in his cabin and flrcd on the
mon ns they approac-hod. It ( level
opod that the negro had about 50 of
ils follow workmen In the house with
ilm. A general battle ensued , In
which Dorsey was killed and Atkinson
fatally wounded , ho dying of his
wounds shortly afterwards. A white
man named Kltzsimmons was shot
: wlce In the leg. Two negroes were
killed and several others wounded.
Troops Have Not Arrived , but No
Further Trouble Is Anticipated.
Kau B City , Dec. G. A telephone
message from Rich Hill , Mo. , says
that everything In the miners' camp is
quiet and that no further trouble Is
expected for the _ present. It Is not
believed that the' wounds of the two
miners , shot by deputies , will prove
serious. The wounds of the two offi
cers aio slight.
No militia have arrived yet , and
none Is expected unless there should
be more rioting.
Governor Dockery ordered Adjutant
General Dameron , the state labor com
missioner , the state mine Inspector and
the state board of mndlation and arbi
tration to come hero at once and try
to settle the trouble. The governor
stated that If the efforts of those ho
had ordered to come here were futile
he would call out the militia to sup
press the strikers ,
Killed at Grade Crossing.
Chicago , Dec. G. While guarding
the lives of passengers In his trolley
car Conductor Michael J. Dunworth
of the South Halstead street line lost
his life at a grade crossing last night.
The car , northbound , was crowded
with people going to the stock show
As It approached the Grand Trunk
tracks at Fortieth street Dunworth
ran ahead to see If the way was clear
A passenger train was approaching
from the east. While ho was stll
swinging the danger signal a switch
engine approaching from the wes1
ground him to death In slgh't of the
passengers on the car.
Results in Billiard Tournament.
New York , Dec. G. Seven of the 15
games of billiards scheduled for the
International championship , which Is
now4 in progress at the concert hal
In Madison Square Garden , have- been
completed and the standing of the
players is as follows : Slosson am
Barutel have won two games eacl
and lost none ; Schaefer won the only
game ho played ; Sutton and Morning
star have won ono and lost two
while Howlson Is the only player who
has failed to gain a winning bracket
three games lost being market
against him.
Faculty Decides In Favor of Football
Lawrence , Kan. , Dec. 6. The fac
ulty of the State university decided
by a vote of 150 to 5 to permit out o
town games next year by the footbal
team. There was much discussion on
a resolution Introduced by A. J. Ca
ruther to restrict the playing to loca
games only. The fear that footbal
will be alfillshcd at the school is now
over and the schedules for next year'
games will bo made.
Salsbury Resigns His Office.
Grand Rapids , Mich. , Dec. G. City
Attorney L. K. Salsbury , convicted o
bribery in a proposed city water sup
ply deal , last night gave out a letter t
the public , In which ho states ho ha
presented his resignation to th
mayor. Ho declares his innocence am
claims the verdict of the jury agalns
him was unjustifiable.
So Says Washington Dispatch
to New York Press.
Delay of Flying Squadron , Disobedi
ence of Orders , Failure to Destroy
Colon , Misrepresentation and Con
duct Unbecoming an Officer.
Now York , Doc. G. A special to the
Press from Washington flays ;
Rear Admiral Schloy has boon
omul at fault on 11 vo counts by the
ourt of Inquiry. This comes from a
) orson who Is In a position to loam
ho opinion of the three admirals on
ho different speclllcatlona of the pro-
It Is understood that the court finds
igulnnt Schloy :
1. For the delay of the llyluc squad-
on off ClentuogoB.
2. For misrepresentation of the ioa-
ROIIH for returning to Key West to
3. For disobedience of orders In
uaktng the rotionrado movement.
4. For failure to destroy the Colon.
5. Fur conduct unbecoming nn offi
cer and gentleman In the Suhloy-IIodi-
bon controversy. j
It Is Impossible for the AHBocttilod
'ross to confirm the report oftho }
'rcss' statement In logard to the find-
ng of the Schloy court.
Vesuel Reported Lost Is Towed Into
Port After Battle With Waves.
Poitlnnd , Or. , Doc. G. The Ui'Ulsh
ship Nelson , \\lilfli was reported lost
off the Columbia river yesterday , \um
owed into Puget sound by the steam
er Walla Walla. The hull of the Nel
son Is practically Intact , but her bul
warks were smashed , lifeboats and
'ororigging carried away and cabins
damaged. There are only throe
nchos of water In her hold , but the
extent of the damage to her cargo of
heat Is not known. The Nelson had
a \iarvclous escape from destruction ,
according to Captain Perrlam of that
craft. She crossed the Columbia
river bar a week ago and before she
had gone a great distance she encountered
countered a severe storm and was
roughly handled. Her cargo of wheat
shifted , causing her to list to starboard -
board and almost on her bcnjn andn.
In this condition she was plcko ? * up
by the tug Wallula and an effort made
to tow her to Astoiia , but the tug had
to abandon her. Later the powerful
Tatoosh took hold of her , but found
It Impossible to tow her owing to the
fury of the gale and the high seas.
The captain of the Tatoosh decided
to tow her to Pnget sound , but had
not proceeded far when the gale In-
not proceed far when the gale in
creased In fury and on Tuesday night
at 10 o'clock the hawser parted and
the Tatoosh was unable to find the
vessel when daylight came. The Nel
son fired rockets and burned flash
lights all night , but failed to attract
the attention of the vessel.
Yesterday the steamer Walla Walla
picked her up north of Grey's Harbor.
A high sea was on at the time and It
was with much difficulty a line was
gotten on board.
Ernest Reyer Goes Ashore Off Mouth
of Qulnalt River.
Aberdeen , Wash. , Dec. G. While
the terrible storm was raging along
the coast the French bark Ernest
Reyer went ashore off the mouth of
Qulnalt river. She struck heavily on
the beach and the full force of the
waves pounded her further uii the
shore , every Incoming sea washing
clear over her. In the darkness and
storm It was impossible to see how far
away the land lay , but the officers and
men cleared away the boats and made
for the shore , all reaching land in
The 28 shipwrecked men are being
cared for on the beach by the Italians
but they have no hopes of saving their
ship , as she now lies hard aground
with the breakers pounding her to
pieces. Masts , rigging and sails have
gone and she will be a total loss.
Life Sentence for Wiseman.
Pontlac , Mich. , Doc. 6. Henry
Wiseman , the confessed murderer of
Miss Ellen HUBS , was found guilty of
murder In the first degree and sentenced
tenced to life Imprisonment. After
Wiseman's attorney had stated what
he hoped to prove In order to secure
a verdict of manslaughter instead of
murder in the flrst degree , Wiseman
took the stand as the only witness In
his own behalf and told how ho killed
the woman. Hotill insisted that I
was a blow from his fist that killed
Miss HUBS and that It was delivered
during a quarrel with the woman.
Buttermakers Elect Officers.
Huron , S. D. , Dec. 6 , The South
Dakota Dairy and Buttormakers' as
soclatlon yesterday elected Lolam
Griffith president , Charles Sherwood
secretary and L. S. Tiler treasurer
together with one vice president from
each judicial district.
Woman Found Guilty of Manslaughte
Clinton , la. , Dec. G. The Jury I
the case of Anna Crawford , charge
with the murder of Jenks Dillon 1
the first degree , brought In a verdlc
of manslaughter yesterday.
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