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II v Mia OB
Bandits Hold Up Baltimore and
Ohio Train in Indiana
Miss Express Car Because of Its Utv
usual Position and Threaten to Kill
Engineer for Their Mistake Posses
Promptly Begin Pursuit
Chicago Aug 1 Tho Now York
kind Washington vcstlbulo limited
train on tho Baltlmoro and Ohio rail
road duo to arrive In Chicago at 9
oclock last night was hold up by flvo
masked men near Grand Calumet
Heights Intl A storage mall car mis
taken by tho robbers for on express
car was blown open with dynamite
Tho men secured no plunder They es
caped after firing Bovcral shots from
their revolvers to Intlmldato tho pas
sengers nnd train crow
Tho place where tho robbery oc
curred is a lonely district 31 miles
out from Chicago where houses are
far betweon Tho train was running
at a high rato of speed as It passed
Calumet Heights and Immediately
after passing out of sight of the sta
tion Engineer Collins saw directly
In front of his engine a largo fire on
which some rails had been placed Ho
elowed down and as ho did so throo
men wearing masks over their faces
Jumped Into tho cab and covered Col
lins and his fireman James Whipple
With revolvers
Just beforo climbing Into tho cab
Iho three men commenced to flro with
their revolvers to frighten away all
assistance Tho shots produced tho
liveliest kind of a panic In tho sleeping
cars where the passengers made every
effort to hide their money and valua
bles before the robbers could get at
them No attempt however was niado
to rob any of tho passengers
After mounting Into tho cab of tho
engine tho robbers covering tho engi
neer and fireman with their revolvers
ordered them to uncouple tho
first two cars which was done They
then hustled the two trainmen back
Into the cab and still keeping the en
gineer covered with revolvers direct
ed him to pull up some distance from
the rest of the train
Engineer Collins ran up 200 feet
and was then directed to stop Ho
did so ard while one of tho men re
mained to guard him tho others
Jumped off and hurling dynamlto at
the door of tho car which they Judged
to bo tho express car burst open tho
door Hastily climbing In to1 get at
tho safe they were astonished to find
that they had broken Into a mall car
Tliey threatened the engineer with
death for not telling them that tho
cars which he had uncoupled were not
express cars and ordered him to re
turn at once and uncouple the next
behind the baggage cars Climbing
once more into his cab Collins backed
his engine down coupled onto the
third car while the fireman was made
to uncouple at tho rear end and still
with the muzzle of the revolver at his
head Collins was ordered to run down
the track as before He drew away
from tho balance of tho train about
the same distance as on tho first occa
sion and the robbers still leaving him
under the charge of one of their num
ber attacked the other car When
they reached It they found to their
great wrath that they had opened an
other mall car nnd that It contained
no money The train had boon delayed
now fully 30 minutes and fearing
that If they delayed any longer help
iwquld be coming to the train crew
the robbers gave up their attempt to
rob the train and ran Into a thicket
of scrub oaks at the side of tho track
and disappeared The train came on
to Chicago and officers were at once
sent after the robbers Within an Hour
after the robbery a large posso was on
their trail
It Is estimated that 550000 was
Btored In the express car and It Is be
lieved tho robbers know of tho largo
amounts of money and valuable
I Two Killed In Drunken Fight
Vlnlta I T Aug 1 At Campbell
I T Tom Toney and Jesso Lunagan
were killed In a drunken fight by Jen
Hilllon Hilllon had slipped around
and romoved tho taps from all the
wheels of a now wagon purchased by
Lunagan When all three of thd1 men
etarted out of town tho wheeels ran
off and let the crowd down In tho road
fTho fight ensued and Hilllon used a
Winchester and killed both men
Officer Kills Bootlegger
Wathena Kan Aug 1 In a fight
Wth bootleggers hero yesterday Con
stable A M LIvermoro shot and in
etontly killed Lou Henderson ono of
the bootleggers who had been arrest
ed and captured John Williams an ac
complice of tho dead man Tho boot
leggers are both colored and have
given tho officers much trouble
I Negro Couple 8hot to Pieces
I Helena Ark Aug 1 Isaac Lane
and wife were murdered on Island 60
In the Mississippi river Both were
Bhot to pieces Will Kelly and Frank
Cannon charged with tho crime were
captured by constables after a fight In
which both of them were wounded
All of tho persons concerned Includ
ing tbo officers are negroes
Suicide of J H Dow
Olatho Kan Aug 1 J H Dow
for more than 30 years ono of the lead
ing merchants of eastern Kansas
drowned himself In tho Memphis rail
road lake near hero last night Ill
health Is the cause given Mr Dow
was a 32d degree Mason and wa3
Complete Outfit for Making All Denom
inations of Silver Captured
Doadwodd Aug 1 Three men aro
In Jail hero for counterfeiting silver
coins They were arrested In tliolr
cabin seven miles west of Elmore
In Spcarflsh canyon Tho mon gavo
their names as William Portland Jerry
Hurnetto and Joo Dcllsh At a prelim
inary trial yesterday thoy pleaded not
guilty Tho arrests wero made by a
forcBt ranger and two deputies assist
ed by Captain Seth Uullock tho forest
supervisor Tho men woro found In
their cabin which stood In a deep
canyon away from all civilization
There wero no windows In tho cabin
and it Is believed that for several
months thoy havo been making silver
coins A comploto outfit was captured
for the manufacture of dollars halves
quarters and dimes and quantities of
silver nnd other metals to mako tho
alloys A few coins wero found In
tho cabin It Is believed thnt tho men
mndo a shipment of coins a few dajs
before their arrest Spurious coins
have been In circulation In that part
of tho country among tho tlo con
tractors and men for Bomo time
Street Duel In Denver In Which None
of the Principals Was Hurt
Denver Aug 1 During a street
duel last night between Barney nnd
Sam Boyce brothers of Denver on
ono bUIo and Charles Jasper of Texas
on the other three bystanders wero
wounded although none of tho prin
cipals was hurt
The combatants are said to be gam
blers and the cause of tho light was
a trivial quarrel The fight occurred
at Seventeenth nnd Curtfs streets ono
of the bTislest corners In tho nelly
Tho wounded nro G H West
shot In tho right knee J M Howlo
professor of mathematics at tho stato
normal tschool at Peru Neb shot In
fhe right log Nick Singer shot In tho
left thigh
Professor Howlp was three blocks
from tho scone of the shooting when
hit Tho duelists were arrested
Tornado Around Kilmer Unroofs Build
ings and Destroys Orchards
Topeka Aug 1 A lively tornado
around Kilmer ton miles northeast of
Topeka did much damage last night
Several buildings were unrooted wind
mills uestroyed and one farmers bug
gy was carried through tho air 200
yards and landed upside down upon a
wire fence
Farmer Wcldling suffered tho most
loss His fine two story house was
completely unroofed and wrecked by
the wind and flood of water that del
uged the unprotected rooms Orchards
and crops suffered sovorely
People In the path of the storm
rushed to their caves nnd cellars and
escaped Injury After the wind two
and one half Inches of rain fell
General Opinion He Dropped Asleep
and Fell Overboard From Steamer
Racine Wis Aug 1 The body of
C E Penick the banker of Charlton
la and brother of ex State Senator
Penick was discovered floatXig In
Lake Michigan last evening not a hun
dred feet from where he fell into tho
lake from the Virginia Two men fish
ing from the pier both claim to have
been tho first to see tho body and
each wants tho 300 reward for finding
the body The body found and tho
clothing tally completely v h tho de
scription given of tho Chariton banker
The general opinion now Is that tho
victim fell from the boat while sleep
ing on the upper dock and that It was
not a case of suicide
Votes Perjury Charge Against Endow
ment Ranks Ex President
Chicago Aug 1 IndlctmentB
charging perjury wero voted yester
day by tho grand Jury against John A
HInsey former president of tho en
dowment rank Knights of Pythias
and against Henry B Stolts formprly
secretary of tho endowment rank Tho
perjury charged Is alleged to consist
In statements made In annul1 reports
of tho supremo lodge Knights of Pyth
ias which tho defendants as officers
of tho lodge made to the Insurance de
partment of Illinois
Cubans Adopt Electoral Bill
Havana Aug 1 After a lively-debate
tho Cuban constitutional conven
tion adopted tho electoral bill sub
mitted by the commission as a whole
Discussion of tho various articles will
now begin Sonor Sangully caused a
commotion by protesting against ac
cepting the project on tho ground that
tho convention could not assumo tho
authority therein provided of establish
ing tho now government and settling
dlsputos arising out of tho first elec
tion as these matters belonged to the
military government
Nome Steamer a Total Wreck
Seattle Wash Aug 1 Tho steam
ship Senator which arrived at Port
Townsend last night reports that tho
steamship Charles D Lane on her
way from Nome to Seattle with 175
passengers struck during a dense fog
on tho night of July 12 on tho west
end of Nunlvak Island She is a otal
wreck Her passengers and crew
were saved by tho schooner Vega
which the Lane was towing
Last Message From Baldwin
Vardoe Norway Aug 1 America
tho flagship of tho Baldwln Zelgler
North polo expedition which sailed
from Tromsoe July 1G touched hero
and proceeded direct for Capo Flora
Franz Josef land Mr Baldwin sends
a farewell message to tho United
States as follows All well Await
one of the beat efforts We will stand 1
our flag
President Castro is Having
More Trouble
Colombian Government Declares Gen
eral Urlbe Urlbe an Outlaw and His
Property May Be Confiscated Trou
ble on the Frontier
Wlllonistad Aug 1 Dr ltnngol
Gardlras at tho head of 5000 men
has revolted against President Castro
of Venezuela Tho Insurgents are
near San Antonio do Tnchlta on tho
Colombian frontier Tho Venezuelan
government has sent 10000 troops to
tho scene of tho uprising Tho situa
tion Is grave Other outbreaks aro ex
pected Tho wholo country N toady
to rise against President Castro Con
stitutional guaranties have baen sus
pended and complications with Co
lombia aro feared
Washington Aug 1 Tho Btnto de
partment yesterday received tho fol
lowing telegram from tho American
legation nt Caracas
Martial law has been declared In
Venezuela by tho president of the
country In consequence of tho Invasion
ofn revolutionary forco from Colom
bia It Is reported that nn army of
10000 men will meet tho Invaders
ilribe Declared an Outlaw
New York Aug 1 General Urlbe
Urlbe who Is again battling In Colom
bia for liberal supremacy has been de
clared an outlaw by tho Colombian
government This action carries with
It a confiscation of his property It
is threatened that If ho again dnro to
enter the country whether In tlmo of
peace or war ho will bo Imprisoned
for life El Iloraldo the semiofficial
newspaper demands tho Immcdinto
dismissal of Dr Carlos Martinez Sllva
from the office of Colombian minister
to this country It gives nB Its reason
for this deinnnd tho conference be
tween General Urlbo nnd Minister
Sllva which tbo paper claims com
promises tho government
Mother of King of Portugal Has Nar
row Escape From Assassination
New York Aug 1 A dispatch to
tlm Herald from says
Maria Pia queen dowager of Portugal
and mother of King Carlos has had a
narrow escape from assassination
Her majesty was taking a courso 3f
tho baths hero but was so perturbed
by tho attack upon her that sho loft
Aix hastily for Rome Details of tho
attempted assassination are not ob
tainable at present Tho police aro
said to havo a clow News of tho af
fair Is only beginning to spread among
tho visitors It Is causing a deep sen
sation for the queen dowager was
known personally toa considerable
number of people She was very dem
ocratic In her demeanor chatting free
ly with her follow bathers
Balkan War Cloud Lowers
London Aug 1 Tho Times in at
editorial taking a gloomy view of af
fairs in the near east says Even of
ficial optimism is unable to avert Its
eyes from the dark thunder clouds
which 0eem to overlook the Balkan
It refers to Russia as stealthily
building up her authority in tho Sla
vonic states and to Bulgaria as being
gradually transformed Into a Russian
dependency Contenting upon the un
rest in Albania and Macedonia it
says It is commonly supposed that
no sorlous outbreak will toko place In
Macedonia until Russia gives tho sig
nal but events are maturing and Rus
sia may bo taken unawares
Austria Ready for Trouble
London Aug 1 A dispatch to tho
Pall Mall Gazette from Buda Pest
says In consequence of the agitation
In Albania Austria has ordered every
garrison In Bosnia and Herzegovina to
bo Immediately placed on a war foot
ing Additional regiments leave Vien
na this week for Sereajevo and Banja
luka All the officers onfurlough havo
been ordered to rejoin their regiments
Kruger Coming Next Month
London Aug 1 I am Informed on
good authority says tho Brussels cor
respondent of the Dally Mall that Mr
Krugers visit to tho United States
has been absolutely decided upon It
will take place probably about the mid
dle of September and ho will bo accom
panied by Messrs Fischer Wessels
and Wolmarans
Belgian Missionaries Not Murdered
London Aug 1 Tho reports circu
lated In Juno of tho massacre of 15
Belgian and Italian missionaries in
southern Mongolia have been effectu
ally disproved says a dlsnatch to the
Times from Poking tho Belgian min
ister having received a letter dated
July 1 from tho mission reporting
that all was well
Seminary Girls as Smugglers
Rome Aug 1 Tho frequent walks
across tho Swiss Italian frontier of
girls of a seminary near Masllanco
aroused tho suspicions of tho officers
who finally stopped a procession of 40
walking two by two and ascertained
that each girl was smuggling clgnrs or
cigarettes of the aggregate value of
Crlspl Fights for Breath
Naples Aug 1 Tho bulletin Issued
last night regarding Slgnor Francesco
Crlspl announced that ho has suffered
a relapse and Is weaker Ills terrible
struggle for breath can be heard oven
in tho roadway of the street where
his residence stands Ths members
of his family and his two secretaries
are at tbe deathbed
Bryan Democrats Nominate Dr Reem
I in for Governor
Columbus O Aug 1 Tho Pro
gressive Democratic Patty was or
ganized hero yesterday Tho attend
ance was ho stuull that many doubted
up to 2 p in whethor any attempt
would bo niado to hold a stato con
vention Tho totnl attendance did not
evcood 30 though tbo formalities of n
state convention wero cm tied out be
tween the hours of 2 and 4 p tn
The features of the plnttorm aro
laudation of Bryan nnd reaffirmation
of the Kansas City platforn
The following ticket was nominated
Governor Dr Rudolph Itoonilln lieu
tenant governor Henry C Cordory
supremo Judge Rial M Smith Btato
ttonsiror J 0 Shoimnl attorney gen
eral S I j Clark clerk of supremo
court CliarlesH Ronanll member of
the board of public works 11 11 Con
Effort Toward Consolidation of All Dry
Plate Firms of the Country
St Louis Aug 1 Tho
says that negotiations for tho
cottHolldat Ion of the lending photograph
ic dry plato rat lotion or the United
Btatos and Europe with a capital of
f300QD000 Ib ponding Throo of tho
companies concerned by the negotia
tions uifi St IoiiIh IIi uib that turn out
80 per cent of tho plates UHod In tho
United States
The men who aro promoting the
consolidation nro George East man of
u Eastman Kodak company and
Charles Abbott at tho Arlsto Manufact
uring company of JnuicHtown N Y
They were In St Louis last week and
conferred with representatives of the
three big local concerns
Proposes to Eclipse All Previous Expo
sitions With Its Worlds Fair
St Louis Aug 1 Tho cointnltteo
on grounds and buildings of tho Louisi
ana Purchase Exposition company Is
considering the plans of tho commis
sion of RtchltoctB for tho general ar
rangement of tho worlds fair build
ings and grounds In designing the
grounds the architects commission
used for the working materlnl tho data
supplied by tho Columbian oxposltlon
at Chicago Tho Chicago oxposltlon
Is the spectacle wo must eclipse If our
exposition is to bo a success re
marked ono of tho architects Tho
Buffalo tho San Francisco and tho
Omaha expositions wero miniatures
compared with tho exposition St
Louis is preparing
Wright Puts His Special Vibration
-Theory Into Practice at Lincoln
Lincoln Aug 1 Four miles north
cast of the city 24 mortars posted on
a 24 aere tract are being fired at min
ute Intervals In tho hopo that tho re
sult will be a downfall of rain W F
Wright former deputy stato food com
missioner Is tho promoter nnd man
ager of the enterprise Mr Wright Is
tho originator of tho special vibra
tion theory of ralnmaklng and for
several years has unsuccessfully
espoused a legislative appropriation to
put his theory Into practice Mr
Wright says ho will continue tho bom
bardment iinjil rain comes or he has
exhausted his supply of several thou
sand pounds of gunpowder Tho sky
Is clear
Two Injured In Sham Battle
Boulder Colo Aug I Dining a
sham battle between companies of tho
Colorado0 National guard hero yester
day Private Wright of a Denver com
pany received the wad from a blank
cartridge in Ills right forearm and will
probably loso his arm If not his llfo
Lieutenant Rice Means who served as
an officer In tho Philippines was
burned In tho face with powder
Arrest American Anarchist
Zurich Switzerland Aug 1 An
anarchist named Calllotti was arrest
ed at VIedlkon last night by order
of tho prosecutor general on Informa
tion received front Patorson N J
Many documents wero found at Jtls
Farmers Congress at Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls S D Aug 1 Tho pro
gram for tho 21st annual convention
of tho Farmers National congress to
I i hold In Sioux Falls Oct 1 to 10 has
been completed Tho list of speakers
Includes many prominent men
Indian Indicted for Murder Escaoes
Sioux Falls S D Aug 1 Red Ears1
a famous Sioux Indian who Is under1
Indictment In tho United States court
for tho murder of a child escaped
from tho authorities of Minnehaha
Tho Manlstoo Mich Iron works
wero burned Wednesday Loss J50
000 Tho plr employed 300 men
General Passeugor Agent Calloway
of tho Soo Lino has offered to wager
5000 that hjs road la not a rato cut
In a row In a resort at Crockotts
vllle Ky Wednesday Charles and
Robert Morris wero shot and killed by
Tom White
Mr and Mrs R T Taliaferro were
murdered Wednesday In their Homo
near Memphis and their bodies horri
bly disfigured
H A Sapp shot and mortally
wounded W H Coffin at Rico Lake
Wis Wednesday There had been a
feud of long standing between tho
two men
At McGregor Minn Tony Jordan
was shot and killed Wednesday b a
sheriffs posso who woro attempting
to arrest him Previously Jordan had
shot and probably fatally wounded an
old man named Clasen whose daugh
ter bo was engaged to marry
Pittsburgcrs Hearts Made Sick
by Hope Deferred
Conference Once More Adjourns With
out Coming to an Agreement Strik
ers Hear Nothing Declslvo From
the Meeting
Pittsburg Aug 1 IIopo deferred
ninketh the heart Bid Tills In ex
pressive or tho feelings of tho major
ity of Plttsburgorii outside of tho In
ner circle of tho Amalgamated associa
tion executive board who have been
considering the proposals for a settle
ment of the steel strike fortwo days
without agreement How the mom
hers of the board feel Is known to no
man oil tho outside
The second day of lho meruit vo
boards deliberation was notable for
mutiy rumors lit circulation and lortho
conspicuous dearth of results Tho
absence of throo of tho principal mem
bers of tho board from the sessions
tave ilso In tho story that the mem
bers weio divided In their Ideas of the
peace pinposulii and that In order to
Satisfy all Socletary Williams had
been sent to New York lo seek nindlll
cations at the hands or Messrs Mor
gan nnd Schwab while Assistant Sec
retary Tlghe mill Trustee Morgan had
receive a colninlsslon to visit Senator
Iluuua to sectito his aid In bringing
nbout an nmlctihln arraugcmcnU Noth
ing tangible roulil be learned concern
ing thoHO supposed trip however
Frisco Baggage Wagong Drivers nnd
Sand Teamsters Quit Work
San Francisco Aug 1 There are
hut few changes In tho local labor sit
uation Both employers and ompjoyes
nro standing firm and each side claims
confidence In winning out without
drawing on It n reserves No serious
disturbance of Iho peuco occurred
yesterday The strlkcis are strictly
observing the Injunction to abstain
from violence The employers hold
out no hope for a speedy sett lenient
of tho troublcnnd say there Is nothing
In sight but a hard battle Two of the
big steamship companies assert that
they are getting nonunion men to fill
the placet of some of the strikers
nnd believe thoy can wlfllln a short
tlmo secure all tho men needed to
operato their boats
Tho drivers for tho lfaelfie Transrnr
company wero called out This will
hnvo a soiioua effect on tho handling
of baggage Tho sund teamsters wero
also ordorod out This new develop
ment may put a stop to building opera
tions throughout tho city
Iowa Centrals Bond Issue
Chicago Aug 1 Stockholders of
tho Iowa Central met hero in special
session yesterday and authorized tho
directors to Issuo gold bonds not to1
exceed 25000000 and bearing 4 per
cent Interest Thcso bonds tiro to bo
secured by a mortgnge executed 1ft
favor of the Morton Trust company as
trustees The bonds aro to bo iiHcd
for refunding purposes paying or to
deeming outstanding obligations of
the company and of such othei compa
nies as may bo acquired by consolida
tion construct Ion or ipirchnse
Drowns While Swimming
Council Uliifrs Aug 1 Peter Bar
low a switchman In the employ or the
Illinois Central railroad was drowned
yesterday alternooit while bathing 0ln
tho MJssourl river near tho east end
of tho motor companys bridge Ho
was an expert swimmer nnd Is sup
posed to havo either been seized with
cramps or sucked down In un eddy
near ono of tho largo piers
Baseball Scores Yesterday
National League Bpston 5 Now
Vork 0 Brooklyn 0 Philadelphia
3 Cincinnati 5 Chicago 4 Ameri
can League Chicago 2 Detroit 0
Baltimore 0 Washington 2 Phlla
dolphin -13 Boston 10 Western
League St Joseph 2 St Pttitl 1
Denver 7 Omnha 4 Colorado
Springs 0 Des Moines 9 Kansas
City 7 Minneapolis 3
Again Hot In Kansas
Topeka Aug 1 Hot weather has
again returned to Kansas but nothing
llko that beforo tho breaking of tho
drought Tho toinporaturo reached as
high as 100 yesterday and somo pros
trations nro roportod on account of
tho humidity In Leavenworth thero
was ono death from the heat
Cumberland Mine Burning
Seattlo Wash Aug 1 A special
from Cumberland B C says a flro Is
raging In mlno No 4 All miners havo
escaped but Pumpman Nichols who
Is cut off In tho mne Desperate at
tempts aro being made to reach Nich
ols and to locate the flro
Miss Crawford Wins Kearney Contest
Kearney Nob Aug 1 Miss Mantle
Crawford polled 19871 votes In tho
Dally Hubs Pan American exposition
contest Just closed and is declared tho
winner Miss Lillian Hawthorno was
next with 15070 and Miss Florence
Sampson had 7977
Midway Must Close Next Sunday
Buffalo Aug 1 At a meeting of tho
board of directors of tho Pan American
oxposltlon hold last evening It was
decided that tho Midway at tho expo
sition should bo closed tight next Suu
Bring In Two Gushers
Beaumont Tex Aug 1 Tho drill
ers in tho Beaumont field broke tho
record yestorday afternoon by bring
ing In two gushers within less than
an hour
5cvtiil Nebraska and Iowa Men -Among
the Winners
El lit P Aug 1 Two thou
sand one hundred names wero drawn
fiont each wheel In tho great United
Stales land lottery yesterday making
the grand total 8700 Today tho list
of prize winners will bo completed
Among Iho wlnneia yestorday wero
the following
liiwlnn IiMllrl C tt HIiiilJ ICciinnnv
Nili WIIIIiiiii IiiiiiIUiiii Inllrt City NpIij
N llln It Mimic Itoi Ufinl In V II
Mimri Miuiiiiii In I ililmlli Wntikitii
In KniiiiH M Ilinklti Im I Dnilr In A
K ltiiKi4 lliirllliKlini In
rl Itmiii HUH lil c H Moiup lllrmlin
tin in In M A minion limine ciiilnly
lown I W Hull 1iilNCItv Ncli J 8
iiii IrmiliiK In J uli n I 1ipiirli ll
run In Joli it liilin Him MiiImiH la
II Ciitlii iliinilmlill Niti J It Jrii
iiIiikh roil ii Inllx In T I Olljnr
Piuiilii In v lmrrv fiiiiilioii in v
II IiiIiIiIii ln1lt Ho K Nob WIIIIiiiii
Otiiiinci Mount Iliiiiiint In IliMlcrlcU
W Ill Incus Sii IiikIIi IiI Neb 15 K
HcliiiniiKii IiiIIh II Ncli A i Wimrtlir
InKiiIiiiiiii In V A Itiilmi Ht 01 lilo liikc
III 1 N IiiiiIKiiiI Illnicloii Mn
The coininlHsloneiH of I lie drawing
are notifying by postal card each per
son who draws a number The card
also gives the date upon whlch tho
recipient must appear at the iTlllce of
his icspcctlvn land district and file bin
imtry The date upon which a man
must appear to make entry Is easily
determined In ouch laud district 125
persons will Jie permitted lo lllo dally
Those holding inimbyni I lo 125 must
lllo Aug 1 I2i ro 250 Aug 7 conUnit
lug In this manner until nil the homo
nleails In each land dlsttlcf aro tiled
Western Man Promoted
Oinnlm Aug Announcement
from tho headipiaiters of tho Chicago
Milwaukee and St Paul railway at
Chicago tells of tho appointment of
W S Howell n former Omiihnu to
tho position of general custom agent
or that road controlling both freight
and passenger tralllc In the New York
district Only two yearn ago Mr How
ell hold the position under Mr Nash
In the Omaha olllco as assistant gen
eral western agent He was removed
east and promoted to be general East
ern passenger agent Mr 1 II Hlx
son held tho corrHntlvo position of
general eastern frelglil agent Tho
hitters death last Thursday left a va
cancy and the two offices were consol
idated under Mr Howell who dating
from Ang 1 will lie at Uv head of both
departments of the tralllc Ills head
quarters will bo In
Roosevelt En
New York tClty
Route West
Chicago Aug 1 Vlco President
Roosevelt departed fof tho west last
night en route to Colorndo Springs
Colo whoro ho Is to bo tho guest nt
tho niiarlocentennlal celebration ot
Colorados ndmlsslon Into statehood
Tho trip ho says Is to bo a rest for
him und ho goes unaccompanied
Park Manager Fires Into Crowd
Cleveland July 29 In n row at
Forest City park last night Otto B
Seofrlcd manager of tho park It Ib
claimed shot Into tho crowd who wero
raising a disturbance and fatally In
jured Thomas Murtagh a bullet going
through his nbifomcn Kdwnrd Ynrn
ban was shot In the knee but Is not
seriously Injured A sound of police
men found Seelrled Inside an onglno
house with a revolver In his hand and
arrested him A number of persons
surrounded the engine house bul tho
policemen dispersed thetfl
Cl ii tli cm Trn iin fur 111 nil on
In these days of uiiifot ttieil employ
ees there nte to4ie found melius where
by n uniform coat may iiilcUly mill eas
ily be changed In Its appearance to that
of an ordinary civilian VMs to done
hltjiply by changing the buttons There
are diffetetrt kknlri of but tons for this
purpose Some are made with a shank
that goes thtottgh an eyelet made In
the coat where commonly a button
would be hewed on this movable but
ton being fastened at tin back But-
tons of this kind are changed bodily
oueo kind removed and the other kind
put in its place
There Is another kind of transforma
tion button In which a black button of
ordinary appearance Is sewed on to the
coat In the usual manner there to re
main the gold button In this case con
sisting of n cap which screws or Is oth
erwise fastened right over the blnck
button which It covers Screwing on
these caps would put a man Into uni
form taking them off would put him
buck Into a blue coat such as might be
worn anywhere
The device of a silk build that may
be put In it moment around a uniform
cup Is familiar It covers up the gold
braid there which Is nftcr nil likely to
he the most conspicuous thing about
a uniform more eo tlinu the brass but
tons on the coat New York Sun
The Way to Live
If anybody needs artificial oxer
elbe said n well known doctor It la
because ho Is uot leading a natural
life It Is better to counr back to na
ture than to do something that takes
up time nnd produces nothing Stout
people aro always told to exercise I
tell you they cannot exercise safely
to themselves Brain workers should
avoid till extra exertion Thin people
can take all the exercise they want to
The speaker prescribed air water
and food as the real culture He point
ed out that New England housekeep
ers through their fashion of shutting
up their best rooms especially after
a death had caused the deaths of a
succession of tho future occupants of
such apartments To this ho attribut
ed tho rapid decrease of tho old Now
England stock
Pure water Is a rejuvenator If wo
could get It absolutely pure wo should
scarcely grow old ho declared Boil
ed water ho condemned and lauded tha
lettuce lenf as food above beefsteak
Breathe correctly stand correctly
make a natural use of your muscles In
dally life and eat uncooked animal
food Is his recipe for longevity New
York Journal
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