The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 01, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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The Norfolk Iclus I
W N UU81C Putollnhor
Itntilliliivl 1VS7
km Iit tixrciil Minimr m rnrrirr
wile If emit Hi mnll ixt irnt uUK
WKituiv mvmmIoiunai
TloNownMtiililhlied 1KM
Tlio Jntminl rtlnlillrlioil 1N77
Ktory Krlilnj by mull ior PirIM
Kntorml nt tlio IWollIco lit Norfolk Noli nK
octmil rlnri tnnltpr
Tolflpliono No 12
Tlioiiropoflotl extra session of congrriR
will Imvo to nuiM along without tlio
noRihlniico or ultlinr lottlgrow or Towno
A tnct thnt should bo considered before
nvy rash uinvo ih mndo
Tabasco snuoo hits no terrors for the
Nobrupha youth Thoro uro nearly 100
candidates for appoint uumt to tlio WoM
Point military academy cndotshlp In tlio
Fourth congrepsioiml district nautniim
Hon for whioh will bo hold in Houtrloo
March lJ
Mombors or tlio South Dakota Press
association contemplate n trip to tlio
liutTalo exposition thin suininor All
rondo will lend to Hutlulo whim tho
big show opens nnd tho South Dakota
brethren aro planning to successfully
handlotho inevitable longlngthut will
thnn bu olt
Tlio Hundred Year club or Now York
linn for six months boon searching for
tho oldest m nn in tho world Thoy
confer thnt distinction on Isaiah Hodof
nky of Moscow Russia who Ih in Ills
lilOth year Tho oldeHt woman Ih hiiIiI
to bo Mrs Nancy Holllllold of Uattlo
Creole Mioh who 1b 117
Dodgo comity Iiivh ouo honest citizen
nt least A farmer living nonr Fremont
Ttcontly walkod into tho Soonrlty
savings hank of that city and laid 10
on tho counter with tho explanation that
Boruo years ago when he was givon somo
money he found two 10 bills stuck to
gether May his tribe increuho
Qoiipnil Funston goes into tho work
before him with tho characteristic
onorgy that first brought him fanin and
it is said in lato dispatches that ho has
subdued the insurrectionists in his dis
trict and dispersed hostile bunds With
n fow more otlloors like Funston the
Philippine war would boon bo settled
Tho Sioux City Journal says The
Missouri legislature is a lit tie slow about
passing n resolution of sympathy with
tho Oreok Indians Kx Sonator Towno
also lost n grand opportunity for n dis
play of originality by not demanding
that they bo given their freedom from
tho galling yoko of this imperialistic
J II Owon night ohief telegraph
operator at Omaha has published a state
ment in which a denial is made that tho
Poarno printing telegraph recently
tested iu ins presence is a success IIo
states thnt not ouo word was received
or transmitted during tho test It is
likely thai typewriters who had con
templated working n machine in San
Francisco and having tho printing done
iu Chicago will bo disappointed for
some time nt least
The rumor that Mrs Nation has boon
invited t Washington for tho purpose
of bombarding somo of tho gildod halls
of sin at national hoadqnarters has
caused u flutter of excitemont The
oveut was set to tnko placo on the birtk
duy of tho father of his country who
was a pioneer iu creating fame with a
hatchet although tho cherry wood ho
demolished had not boon polished up
lorn bar over which hard aud soft
drinks were dispensed to tho weary
Representative Johnson of Douglas
oouuty proposes to compell tho street
car company of Omaha to run cars nt
all hours of tho night as well as day for
the ccuvouieuco of thoso who wish to
rido about the city nfter most people aro
asleepif his bill can bo mndo into a law
This mny bo all right for tho night owls
but wo heartily sympathize with the
people who would like a fow hours sleep
without the whirr and clang of tho cars
to furnish matter for night niariBh
It is a common thing for the whites to
dislike tb6 negroes as a roco especially
in the south but the hatred of a negro
for his race and color is as uncommon as
a white mans hatred of the white race
Dempsey Hare the riohest negro in
eastern Virginia who recently died is
said to have hted tho people of his race
and color with a deepoud abiding hat
xed He once applied to a surgeon to
have the pegro blood removed from his
reins and disowned his daughter be
cause she married one of her race
An Illinois farmer has conceived the
happy idea of making sausage out of
ooou meat and is finding a ready market
for his product The quality requisite
for sausage has generally been considered
the peculiar attribute of pork and now
that the Illinois man has broken away
from the popular tradition a revolution
aay be expected with chicken sausage
fish sausage mutton sausage veal sau
sage vension sausage and bear sausage
ai common articles of commerce To
morrow however nothing but ground
Cciimw lliirrmi lili llilllrtlu HpiiilfjItiR
irry Tonn
Washington Inn UT1ip latest bill
lotln of the census bureau gives the
retuniH from Nebraska In dolnll
Thoro tho SIII5 Incorporated cities
towns mid vlllngPH In Nebraska mid
this Is the showing thov liinLu
Admns -117 Aluswoith Albion
lJOil Aloxnndiln ilitJ Allen HNI Al
liance Ura Alum l i Amherst IKl
AiiMImo I If Ausley -HIS Arapnhop
701 Areadla II7 I Arlington 571 Ash
land 1177 AHhtoii Ufil Atkinson WI5
Auburn iJill Aurora IICM Avoeo
A Moll JIJD Ayr II Ij lliineroft
7ia ltiirudii 117 niirncston ir0 Hurt
ley li IT lliiHsett 270 Uattlo Creek
r00 Ueatrlee 7H7r Heaver 011 Heav
er Crossing Heemer -in Hulden
107 Hellwooil -1 10 Hclvlilere
Heiiedlet 2I2 Heiikelmnn UIMI Hen
nett -10 Heiinlngton i 1t Henson filO
Herllu ir0 Hcrtranil HI I Hethniiy
ii Hlnlr litiTO Hhmtnlleld 078
Hloomlngtoii ISvS Itluo Hill M Hluo
Springs 7SllHralshaw IOT Hrnlnard
LSI 1 1 rock Mil Hrokpn How lttTfl
Hniwnvlllo 71H Hrunlng liriR Hruno
1111 HurelinrilJ07 Hurwell 100 itutlp
triO Cairo UJI CiilliounillO Cnlliiway
J00 Cnmbrldge HIO Cmnpbpll JMIS
Cnrletonaoi CaiTollJW Cedar HIuITh
a7l Cedar UapldH WO Central City
1071 Ceresco 2211 Chadron 1115
Clmpinnn 200 ChcHter Clarks
Clarkson Ill Clay Center WW
Clearwater 10S Colerlilge -171 Col
lege View Wl Colon 11KI Columbus
ar22 Cook 278 Cnnlovn Ill Cort
land 0 Coad 7tlt Crab Orchard
258 Craig Crawford 7U Crelgh
ton 000 Crouton T17 Crete 2100
Curtis Ciilbprtnou -122 Dakota
City 521 Daubury 210 Duiiucbrng
101 Davenport David City 1815
Dawson 22 Dnykln 180 Decatur
800 Deshler 258 Dewltt 002 DIHer
100 Dixon 157 Dodge 55 1 Doniphan
171 Dorchester 521 Douglas 25a Du
bois 1107 Dunbnr 208 Dundee -100
Eagle 207 Kddyvllle101 Kdgnr1Mi
Elba 257 Elgin 451 Elk Creek a7
Elkhorn 200 Elm Crook SOI Elm
wood 5M Elwood V77 Emerson 017
Endlcott 2tl Eustls 2a2 Ewlng 275
Exeter 07a Kalrbury a MO Falrlleld
120a Ealnnont 781 Falls City 1022
Fiirnnin 218 Fiirwoll KIO Fllley 2 18
Idorenee 088 Fort Crook 227 Frank
lin 750 Frnninnt 1211 Friend 1200
Fullorton 1-10-I Oetieva 15111 Oenon
Olt Gorlna Cermmitown 101
Tlbboii 000 Clenvllle 211 Cordon
512 Oothenbnrg 810 Ornfton 287
Grand Islmid 75l Grant 102 Grpoloy
Center 552 Greenwood 510 Gresham
207 Cretan -100 Gross t25 Guide
Tloek 110 ITiiiimton 107 Hardy U5
llnnison 108 Hartlngton 071 ITnr
vnrd 810 IlastingH 715v8 Havelock
1180 Hay Springs a 15 Hebron 1511
lletiiliiirford Iia ITendorson 20S Her
ninn 121 nieknian 182 Illldretli 210
IToldreiro 1007 IToMoln 207- ITomer
nil Mooter SIO Hosklim 175 now
n rd City isa TTowell 515 Hubbard
00 Hubliell 175 Humboldt 121S
llumphrpv 800 ITuntlngton 282 Im
perial 258 ludluiioln 020 Tnekson
aiO Jiinsen 271 Jobnson 1152 Julian
200 Juniata 511 Kearney 5011 Ken
psnw 501 Kennnrd 275 Kimball 251
Laurel 514 Lawrence 400 Leltrli 410
Loxlngton 1141 Liberty 450 Lincoln
40100 Lindsay 110 Llnwoud 1117
Lltehllcld 210 Long Pino 480 Louis
ville 718 Loup 820 Lynch2ai Lyons
817 McCook 2445 McCool Junction
270 Madison 1470 Madrid 115 Mai
mo 250 Maniuette 210 Mason City
241 Mead i10 Meadow Grove 257
Merna 141 Mlltord 542 Millard 121
MIllerliH Mllllgan 28JI MIndenl28
Monroe 100 Monu HlulTs 177 Naper
11 Nebraska City 7180 Nellgh 1135
Nelson 078 Noinnlm 400 Newman
Q rove 000 Newport 20S Nlobrnra45i
Newcastle Ill North llattealMO
Norlolk1S81 North Hend 1010 North
Loup 420 Oakdalc585 Onkland1008
Odell alO Ogalalla a55 Ohlown ail
Omaha 102555 ONeill 1107 Old
1372 Orleans 050 Osceoln 882 Os
mond 501 Overton 255 Oxfoid 787
Inllsndc 170 lalniyra 301 Fapllllon
501 Pawiipo lSKW render 0 11 Fern
848 Petersburg 478 Phillips ISO
Pierce 770 Pllger 250 Pluluvlew003
Platte Center 302 Plattsmouth 401U
Pleasauton 103 Plymouth 195 Poncn
1W3 Prague 324 Preston140 Hagmi
208 Hundolph 850 Havennn 808 Uav
mond 200 Iletl Cloud 155 1 Uepubllc
an 3S0 Reynolds 200 Rising City
41H Rlverton 327 Rocn 177 Rock
vllle 158 Rogers 124 Roseland 227
Rulo 877 Rusbvllle 483 St Edwards
025 St Helena 151 St Paul 1475
Snlem533 Sargent 250 Schuylpr2157
Scotln 207 Scrlbner827 Sewnrdl070
Shelby 425 Shelton 801 Shlckleya72
Sliubert 301 Sidney 1001 Sliver
Creek 201 Snyder220 Southbend141
So Omahn 20001 So Sioux City 880
Spnldlng148 Spencer 135 Sprlngtield
400 Sprlngvlew 188 Stanton 1052
Staplehurst 211 Steelburg 313 Stein-
aucr 213 Stella 408 Sterling 782
Stoekhain 109 Stockvllle 209 Strang
234 Stratton 225 Stromsburg 1154
Btuart382 Sumner 210 Superlor1577
Sutton 1305 Swanton 200 Syracuse
801 Table Rock 852 TaluiHgo 480
Tamora 130 Tecumseh 2005 Teka
ronh 1597 Tllden 533 Toblus 072
Trenton 329 Ulysses 603 Dnodllla
243 Unlou2S2 University Plaee1130
TJpland 281 Utiea 487 Vnlentlue 811
Valley 534 Valparaiso 014 Verdlgre
200 Verdon 310 Waco 310 Waboo
2100 WaVeflold 753 WHnce 130 Wa
terloo 345 Waunetn 181 Wausn 441
WTerly 200 Wayne 2110 Weeping
Water 1150 Westwn 412 West Lin
coln 220 Weston 420 West Point
1890 Wllber 1054 Wilcox 200 Wll
sonvllle 200 WlnsldP 400 Wlsuer901
Wood River 589 Wymore 2020
York 5132 Yutan 203
Iletli of Colonel llittrd
Bloux City Jun liO Colonel Harlan
Balrd one of the most prominent men
In Northeastern Nebraska Is dead In
Dakota City lie came to this aeetlon
In 1835 He wan u civil wttr veteran
ii -
Friends and Opponents of Go
mez Clash In Convention
Contention U Otit n luo In tlm
oinlltutloii Wlilrli Would Mnk
tlm Inncial InrllKlltIo Tor tli lrr
tlmicjr Nnlllnir Hltlo Hrrnu to Waakrii
Havana l eb L At last nights ses
sion the Cuban constitutional con
vention llnlslicd u lot of business up
to section 12 The article In section
7 was niodllled lo make uny nntlvn
born Cuban eligible to the senate A
Klinllur clause Iu article 2 of section
12 brought about a deadlock It was
III reference to the uunlllleatlonH of
the president and tlio old Gomez light
was revived
The anti Gomez faction led by Snn
gnllly favored tho eligibility of only
native born Cubans while the adnilrera
of General Gomez headed by Seniors
QiiPHiidii nnd Nunez advocated tho re
tention of the clause In tho original
draft making a naturalized citizen who
had served two years Iu the wars eligi
ble Th re members Senont Rivera
Conor and Llorente were absent
After a discussion lasting two hours
Senor Gcnor who Is a Comezlte en
tered and a call was mndo for presi
dent to reiiMsemblc the convention Tho
opponents of Gomez however refused
to tnko their scats nnd nfter several
efforts the delegates withdrew from tlio
hall The feeling engendered by the
controversy was very bitter several
opponents of Gomez asserting that
they would resign If the clause making
him ollglblo to the presidency were
The evening sosslon wns pnsspd
through want of a quorum The dead
lock threatens to continue Indefinitely
The delegates have agreed to assem
blotbls afternoon but neither side has
Total In Fourteenth llnllot Looks Very
Much tlio Hume
Lincoln Feb 1 The sennto spent
moft of the time prior to the Joint
ouiiventlon In discussing bills as a
committee of the whole The resolu
tion authorizing the holding of a con
stitutional convention was debated at
some length a number of t enators
both tor ami agaliwt the ijUlan of
the resolution baking ronilws with
the result Hint the rexoltitlon was
llnally reported for Indellnlte post
Sennto Mo 34 nn net to restrain
innle animals from running at large
was recommitted aftor u half hours
No material changes were noted In
the senatorial ballot The vote
8 n 10 11 us in H
Allon fir no 45 40 57
Ilerse J 2 4 22 II
Itromly 1 1 2 2 1 it
Crounse 0 0 7 H 7
Clinic Ill 21 IS 18 20 20 20
f Illicit t
Hnlner 4 I 4 It 4 4 4
Hurlnn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
UarlHKton 2 2 1 2 T 5
llltclKMick 4 17 21 12 43 47 21
Ulnsluiw LI 15 10 12 III 12 lit
Klnknlil 2 II 2 I 4 I I
Mrlklpjolin II 32 20 2J 2S 21 S2
Mnrlim 1 1 1 1 1
Mm tin 7 0 0 1 0 C 0
Mcrnlllh 4
Ohllinin 1 2 2
Itnsiwnter 15 10 15 17 18 18 11
Kprrcher 1
Sutlictliinil 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Riiitli C J t 1
Tlmmpxnn I 11 Id M 114 15 Ml 35 14
Tbnnipsnn W II 54 41 211 34 it 4 18
Van Iiimen 1 1 1 1 1 1
Vnn Korell 1
Wehtorr 1
nriui to ien iiomi niii
St Louis Pel I Mayor Zelifonlielra
to whom the bill passed by the muni
cipal assembly authorlsdiiK the Issu
ance of ri00000 of boiida for the
Worlds fair to be held In lOOIJ had
been sent refused to slfn the meas
ure snylnp that It was the loosest
measure of Its kind that he had ever
seen The point which ho raised
most niKontly against the bill was
that no provision was made for re
funding to the ety treasury nny sur
plus over ri000000f which might be
realized from the sale of the bonds
Dolmon for Diplomatic rout
Washington Feb 1 George T Dob
rou formor secretay of stnte of lown
it Is rumored here is to be slated for
u ivsponhlble position In tho diplo
matic service probably with assign
ment to one of the importuut South
American points
The coal strike in the Colorado
Springs district has been settled
Tommy Hynn eusily defeated Jim
Judge ut the Minneapolis Athletic
club Thursday
Association football played by pro
fessional baseball players Is tho latest
Hcheme of a St Louis promoter
Keports to It G Dun Co show
failures in January 1242 In number
and 11JU0S11 In amount of llabil
Steve Hrodie the bridge jumper and
sporting man of New York died in
San Autouln Thursday of consump
In the Nevada senate Thursday Sen
ator Flanagan introduced a bill to re
peal the law authorising prise tights
In that state
Governor Inge sent a message to
tho California senate regarding feil
era investigation of the alleged exist
ence of plague In San Francisco
The national maritime eongtvss con
cluded Its business at Brunswick Ga
Thursday with the endorsement of
government aid to American shipping
and the creutiou of a permanent or-
1 gauizatloa
rruniliK iit PjIMiiiih Trunti tl Srrrctnry
Air ll nt I liicliiimtl hi At-
ll RCll lllHCUlllHllel
Cincinnati Feb 1 -A sensatlonnl
nrrcst for alleged attempted black
mail was uiutlu yesterday by tlio
United States deputy niarshul Tlio
persons are Dr Fred U Hoiiiinn his
wife Dr Adah S Iloninin aud her
son by a former marriage Clyde Shc
ban The parties who were tho In
tended victims of the alleged attempt
ut hluckmull are Howard Douglas nn
attorney prominent in Pythlnu cir
cles being past supreme chancellor
of the world In that organization his
wife ami Dr Crank his family physi
Dr Hormnti has been for 25 years
roiilltleiitlnl secretary and oillec man
for Mr Douglas and Is a fellow mem
ber In the same castle of the Knights
of Pythlnu
Anonymous letters were recolved 13
Mr nnd Mrs Douglns and Dr Crnnk
demanding 7000 for suppression of
alleged Information which the writer
said would ruin them If made pub
lic TIiq money was ordered placed
Iu the hands of Dr Hornian who was
to place It In the ofllee window when
the writer who gave the name of J
W Morrison would call nnd get It
These letters were placed In the hands
of postolllco Inspectors It wns found
that suspicion pointed to Horinan
and marked postage stamps were
placed In his desk These were found
on letters scut to tho Intended vic
The arrest has led to tho discovery
of n letter In Mrs Hormons room
which Is said to be In the same hand
writing ns the Flolso T letter sent
to Mrs Cudahy In Omahn offering to re
veal the kidnaper of Eddie Cudahy
for money
It Is understood that there will be
some sonsntlonal developments and
the authorities of this city as well
ns of Chicago and Omaha still think
that the nrrest will throw Rome light
on the Cudahy case at Omaha
WiMitcd for Kidnaping
Springfield Ills Feb 1 Dr John
Wright a prominent physician and
his wife Mary Wright who are want
ed In San Ioe Cal for kidnaping
liave succeeded in evading the ofll
cers and their present whereabouts
are not known They are charged
with having kidunjicd their little
granddaughter Fannie Marie Camp
bell aged 5 years daughter of Will
iam II Campbell a wealthy oil mer
chant of Santa Clara county Califor
Tlirro I ItiiMilmll Ixihiui
Peoria Feb 1 Tho
Itnspball league Is now an
active organization It will be known
as the Three 1 league it will com
prise Peoria Decatur Bloomlngton
Hook ford and Rock Island in Illinois
Davenport and Cedar Uaplds la Iowa
nnd Torre Haute in Indiana
IIoum Tills
Wo offer ono hundred dollars reward
for any caso of catarrh thit cannot bo
cured by IIills Catarrh Cure
F J CnicNKV Co Prop Toledo O
Wo tho undersigned have known F
J Olieuay for tho lost 15 years aud be
lieve iliim perfectly honorable in all
businoss transactions and liuancJally
able to carry out any obligatious made
by their firm
Wkst TitUAX Wholepalo Druggists
Toledo O
Waldino Kiknan Mahvin Whole
salo Druggists Toledo O
Halls Caturrh Cure is taken intern
ally acting directly upon tho blood aud
ruuoouB surfaces of the system Prico
7Cc per bottle Sold by all drnggibtB
Testimonials froe
Halls Family Pills are the best
Sturgeon is the piano man
Slirin H Sale
By virtue of n decree directed to me
from the oh rk of the district conrt of
Madison county Nebraska on a judge
ment obtained in the distiict court of
Mudirou county Nebraska on tho ninth
day of April 1100 iu favor of T O Can
uou us plaintiff and against John E
Oluey Charlotte E Olney Charles E
Olney Jeremiah Oluey and George H
Nichols us defendants for the sums of
one hundred and twenty dollars and
sixty cents nnd two thousand nun
thirty one dollars and forty cents and
costs taxed at 2 1011 and accruing costs
I havo levied upon the following de
scribed real estate taken as the property
of said defendents to satisfy said decree
to wit
Lot bIx 0 in block one 1 of the
town of Norfolk to satisfy the said snm
of 12067 and coBts lots fifteen 15
and sixtetn 111 in biOfc six O nr thr
town of Norfolk t satisfy the id Bum
of 2031 40 and costs ail iu luuuibuu
county Nebraska
And will offer tho same for salo to the
highest bidder for cash in hand on the
28th day of February A D 1001 in
front of the east door of the conrt bonee
in Madison Nebraska that being the
building wherein the last term of court
was held at the hour of 1 oclock p m
of said day when and where due at
tendance will be given by the nnder
Dated January 20 1001
Geo W Losey
Sheriff of said County
Sheriff Sale
By virtno of a decree directed to me
from the olerk of the district conrt of
Madifon county Nebraska on a judg
ment obtained in the district conrt of
Madison comity Nebraska on the 26th
day of November 1000 in favor of Eltie
Desmond as plaintiff and against Wil
liam Slothower Sybil A Slothower
J H Logeman Fred Haass Hannah
Goodrich J J Goodrich Amelia M
Bogle and W II Enderly as defendants
for the Finn of one hnndred aud five
dollarB 105 and fifty three 58 cents
and interest and costB taxed at 11853
and accruing costs I have levied upon
the following real estate taken as the
OHA8 H IlltllXlIC VlCS PBKdniltNT
Union Pacific
ColumbuH Accommodation
Omnliii Ucnvoroiid Pacific Coast
olunibiis Ace mmodntlon
Omntin kenver and Pacific coast
Counects 11 1 Norfolk with V K A-
biocx City nnd Omahi Passongtir
fit TBm sl K
W II 1011 NKON CAsntEB
JHO lAbKWAtiKiAssT Oariiibb
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus sooo
liny unil mill exclifttia im lliin f o uitry 1 ml nil imrt of Burojio Karm Loans
Director -Cam Abmih W II Johnson has S IIudok 0 W IlnAAscn
r n
Get What You Asli for at
1100 am
900 11 m
vPBt nml north fnd with tlio C Bt 1
il V going
for point e uortli and cast
F W Juneman Agent
Chicago St Paul Minneapolis
Sioux City and Omaha Passenger
Sioux ritPaseengor
Sionx itr Pnsseneer
630 am
1033 am
7 30 p m
Connects ut Norfolk with F K M V eoine
west and north and with tlio U P for points
south F W Juneman Agent
Daily oxcopt Sunday
0 M
ALL ORDERS sire filled promptly nnd with cure
Our goods ure FIKST CLASS in every particular
We know precisely what is wanted hy our custom
We aim to Give you the Best Value
for Your Money
South side Main St botween 2d nnd Jd Telephone 41
OTor Bnum Bros Store
Spenoetf Ovalman
Railroad and Business Directory
Fremont Elkhorn Mo Valley
Oiinilm Pasflonffcr 0O3 nm
CliiciiKO Eiprosa 1240pm
kaht Aimivu
HiiciiKo Kipros
Oiniilui rnsHtugor 1240 p m
Hlnck llillfi clproKB 740pm
Vonilfiru InHBcnRor 1240p in
Vorillro Accommodstldn BrfXlnin
HI nek HHIb Express 1220 p m
VonOKro lssMonnr 105 am
Vnrdlcio Acoomuiodntlon 720pm
Tlm hlcnco mid Mack Hills Express arrives
nnd deiinrlH from Jnnotion dopot Tlio Omaha
and Vordigro trams nrrivo and dopnrt from city
ileixit U U Matbau Agent
Fine Watch
boots and oes
Repairing Neatly Done
Gontraetoti and Builder
1 1 7 Fourth Street
Flour and Feed
411 Norfolk Avenue
Cheapest and Best
Norfolk Avenue
Cor Drnapcli avo und 4th St
The Norfolk Hofseshoer
You can leave the Missouri River after breakfast today on
arrive California soonor than if you left yesterday via any other train
in regal splendor can be made
the celebrated Union Pacific train
This train runs via the Overland
Route tho established route across
the continent It has perhaps tho
most finely equipped cars in the
world There are Double Drawing-
Room Palaco Sleepers broad vesti
buled Cars throughout Buffet Smoking and Library Cars with Barber
Shops aud Pleasant Reading Rooms Dining Cars meals being served
a la carte and every delicaoy iB provided The cars are illuminated
witli the famous Pintsoh Light and heated with steam A notable
feature is that safety perfect comfort and speed are all included
Only Two Nights
Missouri River and San Francisco
ForTlmc Tables and full information call on
property of said defendants to satisfy
said decrees tc wit
Lots one 1 and two 2 and lot three
3 of Osborns subdivision of lot ono 1
in block tweve12 of Haases suburban
lots to the village of Norfolk Nebraska
Lot three of the above described to be
sold separate
And will offer the some for sale to the
highest bidder for cosh in baud on the
28rd day of February A D 1001 in
front of the east dcor of the court house
in Madison Nebraska that being tho
building wherin the last term of conrt
was held at the hour of one oclock p
m of said day when and where due
attendance will be given by the under
Dated this 22nd day of January 1001
Geo W Losky
Sheriff of said connty
For Flambiug Steam Fitting Pomps Taulft
Wind Mills
Aud all work la this line call 00
Bbtiafactiou Guaranteed
rirtt door Sooth ot Tax Dailt News Ofiet
W 0 Halls Barber Shop
F P V R is the best to at
from the
orth Nebraska