The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, January 25, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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Mrs AiKAt ICnro is on tho Mole lll
Mm K S Ounitnliifl U nick with thu
Goo Duiion wns n city vlHltor to
dny from Wnyno
OttoH Mitnfl wiuiin Norfolk
ilny from Hnttlo Crook
J W Mivhor wns n olty visitor yiS
lordny from Humphrey
Hornuin Frlchoof M uIIrou hiul buol
ncss in Norfolk yootonlny
T U Aldorson of MuiHmjii hud
in tho city yontordny
Ooo llltohburn of lluinviow wivh n
visitor to this metropolis yoidordny
Tho lnoifloholol Is boltiK improved by
n now dross of pupor on Its IiihIiIo wiiIIh
Dr Wilkinson Is In tho city from
UmnhnnttouilliiK to tho wsxhh of pn
Mr mill Mrs 11 1 Wood rumo up
from Madison lust ovmiiiiK d
wont on to Klln for u visit
A nosro tramp who wns ouiht in tho
net of Hiilloltliif hnnd outs was oscorttid
out of town this morning hy tho police
Second liloutoimnt Ourl Pllor or
Oompiuiy Ij will fo to Lincoln tho ilOth
to nndorRO mi examination hy tho stuto
oxuininini board
Mrs V N Huso dopurtod this morn
Iiik for Oiimhii to uttond tho niMtliiK of
tho Nohruskiv Press iiKSOcititlou Sho ox
poets to roturii ThurBduy
A l Ohllds who hits boon nufTnritiK
with huvoio pnlns in tho loft sldo of his
fixco for so long 1ms recovered rtulllcontly
to bo down town yoHtordny nnd todiiy mid
iBcongnvtulntlnK himself on boiiiK rid of
tho dlHnroublo pain
Suporintondout D 0 0Oonnor of
his city delivered mi nddress on Ad
vantnpw mid DiHudviintimn of tho
Country Pupil hoforo the ninth annual
mooting of tho Washington county
fannors institute In session at Arling
ton Friday
Tho Salvation Army will hold a
npocial mooting tonight Ijioutouaut
Paul Sohombnrg who has boon in tho
city to tu sist Captain Patterson during
tho past two montliH will say farowoll
before proceeding to Cherokee Iowa
to take up tho work in tliutN fleldi
Everybody is welcome to the mooting
Tho Soldi tx lJrowlng company linn
purchased tho building occupied by
Win Humor as a saloon and it is undor
Btood that boor vaults and ico housos
will ut onco bo orected on the rear ond
of tho Int It is nlsn said that tho framo
building is soon to bo removed and a
brick block with all tho latest improve
molds and f ollitlis will bo erected in
its placo
A Kausa editor has discovered a way
of tolling a mans politics which ho
claims is iufalliblo It is to watch him
iu the wash room of a hotel Ho says
Tho republican will wash and empty
tho has u Tho democrat will wash and
leave tho wator stand Tho prohibition
ist win wiish in the wator left by tho
democrat Tho populist will comb his
whkkera and not wash at all
A largo compauy of relatives and
friomls met at tho home of Mr and Mrs
Martin Kaasoh north of thu city last
night and assisted them in celebrating
their iOth or diamond wedding anniver
sary Rev Hoelol was present ami
made an address to tho company Au
abundance of choice rofroshmouta woro
served Tho groom of CO yeara ago is
now 87 years of ago and brido is woll up
in tho 80s
Constable J M Conley this morning
nrrested a trio of boys about 1 i years of
ago whom ho suspocted of being run
aways Subsequent inquiry developed
the fact that they were from Madison
and that their names were Losey Carl
son and Oillen Tho boys wero placed
iu tho city jail until their parents can
bo communicated with and iu tho moan
time are experiencing a phase of run
away life which they had prolubly not
Last evening tho Musio Students
club met with Mrs D 1 Koouigstoin
Tho meeting proved to bo a Chauiinado
boireo and this talented Frouch female
composer formed a most charming sub
ject Chamiuade is today among tho
worlds leading musicians and that tho
club could roudor n program from her
productions with profit and pleasuro
evidences a commendable upt
both iu art and technique which rolleots
credit upon Norfolks musicians
Tho Gordon Journal man haa a griev
ance which he airs as follows That
was a mean trick perpetrated on the
editor last Lords day at church by D
II Griswold and we dont cam who
knows it The minister was taking up
a twentieth century offering for a
benevolent purpose aiid had different
Kums varying from 1 to 0 written
upon tho blackboard AU the prizes
had been drawn except the lust ft prize
for which the pastor wa s earnestly
plendiug for some generous soul to bid
He failed to observe Griswolds bond
waviug in tho far rear eud of the
church and when tho editor cautiously
raised his liana to direct the pastors
eye toward Griswold down went Gris
hand and the pastor immediately saddled
the burden on the editor Wo were
caught and there was no chance for
escape but well get even with Gris for
that trick yet now miud
Futr Association
If you have ever Been a lad of well
Ry eight summons and about as many
winters with a brand now nilr of boots
rod tops with a blue border mid got
next to IiIh feeling In regard totlioHiutic
you will have poiiio idea of how proud
Herman Harney is over tho hnn Isomo
rooking ohalr presented to hlmliuit week
hy tho Madison County Agricultural
society as a token of tho cfttoem In
which ho Is held bv tho members and
tho appreciation of his services for four
years aH ptohldont of that socloty
Mr Harney was nominated for tho
llfth term but declined tho nomination
and nomlnnted as his successor Mark
Hluhiirdsoii who has cllloleutly dis
charged his duties of general superin
tendent for a number of yea is Mr
KicharilHon was duly eloeti i
1 L Uyuearson as boeuluiv and
loo Wycotr iin treasurer wero re
elected to the positions they have ho
creditably tllleo for a number of years
John Wmcely was elected to tho posi
tion of general stiorintondont and wo
predict that ho is tho right man in tho
right place Tho old directors wero io
On a motion of Mr IJimoy tho presi
dent Is to bo allowed a salary iu tho fu
ture Madison Star
Will Tledgou of Battle Creek was iu
town Monday
Sheriff Goo Losey had business at
Norfolk Tuesday
M Uiidres of Norfolk was doing busi
uosh In town Monday
Burt Mapes was attendlngto legal
matters here Wednesday
T K Odtorno of Norfolk hndbusiness
with Judge Bates Wednesday
Otto II Maas of Battlo Creek Jluid
business at tho court houso Monday
Mrs 0 K Farley of ValloyJ precinct
was a county soat visitor Wodnosday
N FJUlchardson and Israel Miller tried
to settle an old grudge Monday evening
iu a pugullstlo manner Justice Geo
IS llichardsou aotingas police judge
sorved as roforco and taxed each ouo
500 and coats
On Saturday last County Clerk Bauch
roceivod for record from United States
Attorney W S SiunmorsV of Omaha
three warranty and one quit claim deed
concerning tho government building
olto at Norfolk Tho deed was from
Isaac Powers and wife W F Norris
and wife and heirs of Clias Mathowson
Tho following marriago licences havo
boon issued Herman F Nathan ago
SI and Clara K Schoor ago IS both of
Madison issued January 21 OscarjglS
Samuelson age i2 and Mary B Melton
ago 17 both of Nowman Grovo Jissuod
January 2a D lytou T Chambers ago
Jill of Stanton ami Moggio K Krysty
niak ago 211 of Omaha issued Jan 22
married by Judgo Batos
At the IruoH Aluutlni
The Omaha Boo of yostorday gave tho
following regarding Julius W Hulffs
pappr before the Nebraska Press associa
tion in that olty Printers Ink tho
World Around wu tho subjoot of a
very interesting and instructive papor
by J W Hulff of Norfolk Tho paper
was most exhaust ivo aud was illustrated
by an exhibit of newspapers printed iu
ovory civilized couutry of tho globe
This collection which includes nearly
200 copies served to show tho different
methods of printing in tho various coun
tries and tho different sybtoms aud lack
of systems of handling news Thero
was a copy of the Bounding Billow
rioted on board tho Olympm tho
Pekin Gaotto tho Star of Hopo pub
lished iuSiug Sing prison tho ISskimo
Bulletin of Alaska and scoies of others
equally interesting Mr Hulff also had
exhibits to illustrate tho olectrio or ink
loss procoss of printing He says it is
his purpose to place those uowspapors
on display iu variouB cities of tho
Unitod States to raise money for a
foreign trip when ho will visit tho ollico
in which each ouo of thorn was printed
Itegardiug the Nebraska Press tho
World Herald says
The ilrst issue of the Nebraska Pross
appeared promptly at noon with W N
Huse and a largo staff
of assistants Owing to an tiufortunato
accident tho paper wan only half sizo
for tho first edition Much of tho mat
tor had been set in advance by tho
Western Nowspapor Union aud tho
typo put upon wooden galleys and car
ried over to Creightou hall Several
galloys woro deposited at tho foot of tho
stairway peudiug tho arrival of tho
aud some unregonerato
sou of Belial deliberately pied a galley
containing about six columns of matter
Tho result was that tho editorin ohiof
associate editors reporters and make
up speut most of Monday night getting
the pi straightened out Tho author
of the misohlef will learu something to
lite disadvantage by making his idoutity
known to Secretary Morwiu
Letter List
List of lottors remaining uncalled for
at tho postoiUco January 21 1101
George Chan cr IS 0 Chiton Arthur
Doan Frank Garit M P Hale Mrs
Muy Moliyer John F McGraue James
Nellls 1 A Nix Daisey Neligh II D
Smith Mrs Mary Smith G Seleuia
Mrs Geo W Tyler Mrs Amoret Wil
If not called for iu 10 days will be
sent to tho dead letter oillco
Parties calling for any of the above
please suy advortisod
P F Spukchkk P M
Mrs Ir Porson of Stanton was a olty
visitor yesterday
IS I Mitoholl was in tho olty from
Wayne yest onlay
Mrs Murphy was In the city yester
day from Humphrey
Geo W Talbot was in this metropolis
yostoiday from Fullerton
Arthur W Gross of Madison was a
Norfolk visitor yostorday
Mrs M II Wilson of Oalcdalo was a
Norfolk visitor yesterday
Judgo 11 IS ISvans was a Norfolk
visitor from Dakota City today
Win Gorooko was up from Stanton
today greeting old time friends
it M Noshlt of Oakdalo wan
anting business In Norfolk yesterday
Mrs A J Durlaud wont to Wake
Held today to visit with Mrs Haskell
A B Todd of PlattHtnouth has been
appointed deputy oil inspector by Gov
ernor Dietrich
Henry Muollor who has boon visiting
at the homo of his uncle Kov J P
Mueller returned to his home iu Lyons
Franklin P Savago of Boruoston this
state aud Mrs lSllabeth A Miller of
Connecticut were a brido aud groom
who nevur mot until tho day of their
marriago at Beatrice Monday
Tho Workmen and Dogroo of Honor
will give a joint public installation Fri
day night in Odd Follows hall to which
ovorybody is invited and lnombers of
tho two orders aro especially urgod to bo
prosont Tho ovoulug promises to bo
eutortaluiug and instructive
Sheriff Geo W Losoy was iu tho
city yesterday on ollloiul buslnoss and
the throo young goutlomou who had
started out from Madisou to see the
world on their own account accom
panied him homo undoubtedly woll
plea ed that tho opportunity was pro
sou ted
It is now said that IS B Ovolman was
out yostorday augmenting his record as
a wolf hunter lu company with Tom
light Their story is that thoy en
countered a wolf about as largo as a
yearling stonr or porhaps smaller and
tired into him boldly at a range of from
20 to TOO yards aud that ho thou es
caped and tho uimrods rof uaod to givo
chase Now it must not bo understood
that this is exactly as tho Btorywns
told by the hunters aud furthermore
tho reporter inus t not bo asked to sub
stantiate auy part of it as tho wolf is
not obtainable forTovidouco t the
prosont writing
It is oxpected that tho institution of
tho uowly orgaulzod Elks lodge iu Nor
folk Saturday oveuiiig will bo ouo of the
liveliest oveuta for some time An
Omaha member of tho order writes that
they will bo iu Norfolk 100 strong to
seo that tho lodgo is properly instituted
whilo visitors from othor placos may
bring tho total up to about 200 besides
tho huudrod that aro to bo made mem
bers ou that occaslou Tho Norfolk
band nud Bohuorts orchestra have been
engaged to furnish music for the occa
sion ami a parade will probably bo n
featuro Tho Omaha delegation will
arrivo on the evening traiu Saturday
Tho members of tho Souior class Nor
folk High Bchnol aro making a vigorous
effort to soouro a better attendance at
thoir lecturo tomorrow night than that
which greeted thoir first and all good
citizons will wish them woll It Is cer
tain that thoy havo a right good reasou
for wishing a good attendance at the
lecturo on A Trip to Wondorlaud by
A L Fhido for it will bo worth hoaring
Not ouly is the speakor said to be a
pleasing taker but he has a wonderful
subject aud will explain tho beauties of
Yelloivstouo park entertainingly Those
who havo not visited tho park should
certainly go aud those who havo will
scarcely remain awny as thoy Icuqw
what may be expected
Philadelphia Record A log houso to
cost 75000 is boing orootod by a Phila
dolphiau ou Warrens Island Gllkeys
harbor Mtiino Tho houso wns begun
by the late W II Fohvoll of this city
and is being couiplotodj by his son Na
than P Folwoll to whom the property
was willed with tho provision that it
should bo finished according to the plans
adopted Tho log hut as somo of tho
noighbors call it is 100 by 10 feet and
is built of nnpooled spruce timber cut
upon the island Au oxpert log cabiu
builder from Virgiuia is suporiutoudiug
the erection of tho building aud is copy
iug tho stylo that prevailed in Virginia
a century or nioro ago Tho houso will
contain twenty two sleeping rooms a
living hall dining room kitohou lauu
dry uud storeroom all very large rooms
Therejwlll be six bay windows and 100
of the ordinary klud Many of tho
windows will bo fitted with panes of
glass 4 by G feet Tho roof is gabled
The living hall will be finished with gilt
mouldiug and from tho windows ono
cau look across upon tho Camden moun
tains famous for their beauty This
view caused Mr Folwell to havo a
largo marblo tablet with the inscrip
tion How beautiful aro the moun
tains from Isaiah Work on the
houso was begun nioro thau a year ago
and it will require four months moro to
complete it
Iluiiimuuil luulsliuin Au Ideal Health
uud Winter Hesort
The passenger dopartmeut of the Illi
nois Central Railroad company has just
issued a uew edition of Hammoud
Ltiuislnna aH a Wintor Resort a beau
tiful illustrated folder showing a fow of
tho winter attractions In and about
Hammond copies of which will bo
mailed free ou application to tho under
For those in good or moderato circum
htanco no point in tho couth offers suh
Inducements Tho olimato is uusur
passed Tho artesan wator excellent
Society nlmost entirely northern mid
tho hotel and hoarding houso
far superior to any town of its size
iu tho north and at moderato rate
J F MruitY
Asst Gen Pass Agt 111 Cent R H
Dubuque Iowa
Wantkd Aotlvo man or woman
with rig to deliver and canvass in towns
and rural districts No canvassing
Salary 400 jkt mouth References and
security required Address Beatrtco
Book Co P B Sprague Manager
room 7 First National bank Beatrice
Ciinyiiiliiin of liu National ltimril In Soi
fclnil l WolilliKton
Washington Jan 1M - At yesterday
Kcsstou of the National Board of
Trade reports of committees on crop
reports and u monetary unit wero
adopted ami the ISiomIuh pure food bill
was uiJoiHcd Mr Kline of IVilladel
phla rend a report urging the reduction
o the war revenue tax along certain
Reciprocity dealing partlMilarly with
Canada and the orient was dealt with
lu a report submitted by Mr Hope
well of Chicago The report was
Mr Brown of St Louis presented a
report recommending the reduction or
the repeal of duty on hides
Irrigation and forestry wero trentcd
of In reports presented by Mr Chad
wick of Chicago which were adopted
They recommended to congress not less
than 20000 be appropriated for Ir
rigation surveys and maps of irri
gable lands with plans and estimaleH
of the costs of reservoirs
The board adopted umiulinmisly a
report submitted by Mr Parsons of St
IouIh suggesting that thn gold stand
ard law of 1010 tfoes not explicitly
state the purpose and compulsion of
the government to pay all Its obliga
tions In sold mid that congress should
take early action to remedy the de
fects and place the country more firm
ly on a gold basis
KlttluiK r Suiil t Hurt- Tliat lurpoe In
View lu I lix rii ues
Soinl t lieiilaily
Ctipe Town Jan 1M General Kitch
ener Is disposing of bis forces seml
clrcularly his extreme left resting ou
the sea to circumvent the Boers Tlie
columns move simultaneously In touch
with each other The greatest danger
of the situation is the possibility of
General De wets appearance in Cape
It is believed none of the Dutch
would resist his personal call to arms
They think the fame of Napoleon and
Wellington pales iu the presence of
his military genius
Among a number of captured letters
Is one from General Hertzog to Presi
dent Steyn asking for 1000 unniur
rletl men to enter the province and
beat up retreat
Many Creeds Kre entetl at the tlpenliig
Sleet iny In CIiIviiru
Chicago Jan Ll Various creeds
Isms ami societies were represented
ut the opening meeting of the mid
continent congress of religions lu the
Fullerton Avenue Presbyterian church
The address of welcome was delivered
by the pastor of the church ltov J
A Itonthaler
Dr J W Thomas presided In hla
Introductory address he said there
would be no such thing as a monopoly
on religion
Rev Frank Crane spoke on tho Four
Dimensions of Religion which he de
fined to think clearly to love ones
fellow man sincerely to act from hon
est motives nd to have faith in
He urged that people should unite
on the simple fundamental aud essen
tial truths which all recognize
The purpose of tho congress Is to
bring about a closer unity of Chris
tian work for the welfare of human
Itetull Grocer Meet Ollleem IUtvu to
Iteporta uuil Adjourn
Detroit Jan 24 The delegates to
the National Association of Retnll
Grocers In session hero listened to a
number of reports of state and na
tional orgnnlzers yesterday showing
tho number of new associations formed
during the past yenr A resolution wns
offered by Simon Chirk of Duluth re
questing congress to remove the 10 per
cent duty ou ton Tho election of offi
cers resulted In the selection of P G
Hansen of Minneapolis president W
Gray of Brooklyn vice president
Charles Pfelffer of St Louis secretary
and IS G Ashley of Toledo treasurer
Mllwaukoo was decided upon ns the
place of holding the convention noxt
year The association then adjourned
Blue die
KUItur Kleet Olllcrri
Omaha Jun J4 The Nebraska
Press association elected tho following
ollcers President Will M Maupln
vice presldente Allen D May O 13
Ryers Atlee Hart W R Fulton N
J Ludl Carl II Coss secre
tary and treasurer F N Menvin
corresponding secretary IS IS Correll
executive committee L A Williams
J W Rarnhart J O Seacrest A W
Ladd D H Croulu
Win Moore was a city visitor from
Mrs Mason of Pierco was iu Norfolk
Henry Porrino wns in from Wisncr
C Ulrloh was in tho metropolis from
Pierco yesterday
Mrs Goo lSberly of Stanton was iu
tho city yostorday
T W Lowo of Battlo Creek was iu
Norfolk yostorday
Mrs A 13 Lano of Scribner was a
city visitor yostorday
Sam Friedman was over from tho
county soat yesterday
Mrs Wm Gorecko was in tho city
yesterday from Stauton
Mr and Mrs II I Noal woro in Nor
folk yestei day from Plaiuviow
Mr nnd Mrs T M Hi 11 hnvo moved
into rooms in tho Richards block
Mrs O Waaoholz and daughter of
Plaiuviow wero in tho city yesterday
Rebokah lodgo I 0 O P will moot
in regular session next Saturday oven
Miss Maud Browor of GordoniB learn
ing tho photographers trade with I M
Mrs C M Dawson of Madison is
visiting at tho homo of Mr aud Mrs O
J Johnson
Dr James Richards of Omaha ooulist
aud rofractioulst Is at tho Pacific hotel
for a few days
S G Strickland suporintondout of
tho C St P M O enjoyed a quiet
uight iu tho city
Tho West Side Whist club will moot
Friday ovoulug at tho home of Mr and
Mrs W II Butterlield
D M Collins gouorul agent of the
U P railway with headquarters iu
Sioux City is taking n survey of Norfolk
on route over his district
Mr and Mrs Tas Collins returned
yesterday from Northfleld Va to which
place they accompanied the remains of
Mrs Collins sister for interment
W O ISddy chemist at tho sugar
factory returued today from Woostor
Mass where ho has beou visitiug par
ents and friends for about a mouth
Capt R C Alleu has returued from a
visit with friouds iu Humphrey and
other towns along thb U P He reports
au epidemic of grip prevailing in tho
towns ho visited
Miss Iua Martin sister of Mrs Frauk
Davenport aud formerly a resident of
Norfolk has been appointed as oue of
tho three school examiners for Atchison
couutv Kansas at a salary of J per
day when at work
Omaha News Mrs F M Sissou aud
little sou Horace of Norfolk are in the
city ou thoir way to Garnet Kan
where thoy will attend tho golden wed
ding anniversary celebration of Mr
Sissous parents Mr nnd Mrs Z fi
O J Tinker a well kuown citizou of
Humboldt died at an early hour Tues
day morning iu the 90th year of his ago
Ho was the original owuer of the land
on which Hnmboldtnow stands having
purchased it from the government iu
tho late fifties
Paul Karo Is iu the city today from
Lyons visitiug relatives and friends
He is more than pleased with his uew
location and business and speaks of the
people thore lu the most complimentary
terms Besides conducting the only
meat market Mr Karo is the ice trust
of Lyons
At Ainsworth recently Frauk Steph
ens a Seventh Day Baptist proachor
was brought iutotowu by a warrant for
maltreatment of his son Earl Stephens
Tho boy was stripped and whipped with
a horsewhip until thero wero great scars
from his waist to his kuoes Stephens
pleaded guilty to tho charge aud was
fined 2D and costs
That the preacher does not always
live ou the fat of the laud including
yollow logged chicken is evidenced by
this item takou from an exchange It
is said that a Mothodist miuister who
spreads the gospel ou a circuit iu the
northern part of Alabama received for
his years work 285 two pairs of yarn
socks one pair of jeau trousers aud
three pecks of potatoes With the po
t itoes the good old lady who sent them
made tho request that the parings
should be saved as sho wanted them to
feed her cow
Nebraskas mild temperature is re
sponsible for tho following dispatch
from Callaway undor date of the 23nd
Yesterday the large house cat belong
ing to G W Barnard succeeded lu cap
turing a snake which had come out of
its winter quarters to bask in the sun
shine Tho snake had crawled out of a
pilo of old hay aud happened to come
out just where tho cat was watching for
rats and the cnt sprang upon It and soon
had it killed The sunko was of the
blue racer variety and was about three
feet iu length When a snake appears
in the nilddlo of January nud is full of
life it is evidence enough that Ne
braskas climate cauuot be surpassed
J D Sturgeon the Norfolk piano
man has organized a coucert company
and expects to stnrt out soon giving en
tertaiumeuts oue object of which will
be to advertise the pianos and organs
handled by Mr Sturgeon It is ox
pected that the first town to be enter
tained will be Battlo Creok whero n
date may 1m made for early next mouth
Mrs Htkn Hamilton is to furnish tho
instrumental Inusio and Miss Nolle
Gerecke is tho vocalist which mcuiH
that Mr Sturgeon will present ti first
class ontortainmont to lovers of musio
and will no doubt bo well patronized
Mrs Hamiltons home is iu Coleridge
Sho is nu Englishwoman and highly ac
complished in music Sho nud Patler
owski woro classmates togethor iu the
tho Paris conservatory Miss Gerecke
is also highly accomplished having
taken vocal instructions at ono of tho
loading schools of tho country ami her
sweet volco is certain to charmingly on
TjOnn YISARLY to Christian
CpuUU man or woman to look
utter our growiug business in this
and ndjoining counties to act ns
manager and correspondent work
cau bo done at your home Enclose
solf uddroshod stamped euvoloio
J or particulars to ll A blicrman
Gonoral Manager Corcoran Build-
ing opposito United States Treas x
ury Washington D 0
Cor 19th and
It Worth Sts
A Fly
is as
ble as a
I Ifllin R rdeu eiicli it dlsoiuiul
huvltiR dolliiltu patluit l
MC tiny Tin llsuiisi vlolds
I eisly to thu Doublul
TflRAPPfl t hlorlcloof Gold Trent
iwunvwu niont propaied by Dr
USING ItHlIc K Keoloy
IO I III 1 UIIIH he Keelev
limllltlte at Oiimliii Nelirnxkii Is
- --
e kiiij nun -line wiiere
the Keeley Kenierilo uud
reniiiieui in iriveii
SiRlUd Thr lrUe JK Keeley Co
for lUth and Jenvemvortli mi
To advertise successfully may
not be easy but it Is not half so
difficult as the taming of a fly
So far as this community is
concerned the advertising prob
lem Is simple Here Is the
1 Secure space in these col
Write ads that are plain
and straightforward
Change them often
Keep at it persistently
Dr Humphreys
Specifics euro by acting direotly upon
tho disease without exciting disorder in
any other part of tho system
I Fereri Congestions Inflammations 25
14 Worrnn Worm Fovcc Worm Colic 25
3 Teething Colic CryinsWakofulnesa 85
I Diarrhea of Children or Adults 25
7 tlouuhi Colds Iironchltla 25
B euruliiln Toothache Foccacho 25
9 Headache Sick Headache Vertigo 25
10 DvlepalaIndlgcstlonWeakGtomach25
1 1 Supprentd orlnlnfnl Periods 25
12 Whites Too Prof ubo Periods 25
13 Croup Laryiultla Hoarseness 25
1- Salt Itheum Erysipelas Eruptions 25
15 IlheumatUin llhcumatlo Pains 25
1C Malaria Chills Fovor and Ague 25
10 Catarrh Influenza Cold In the Head 25
20 Whooplnc Couch 25
27 Kidney Ulsenses 25
28 Nervous Debility 100
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