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    " "U. S ; Weather Bureau Report
. Daily mean temperature 28. °
' " Normal temperature 21s
Highest temperature 40 ° .
.Lowest temperature 10 ° .
Range of temperatur SG3.
Precipitation for week 00.00 of an inch.
Average for 22 years 0.14 of an inch.
Precipitation March 1st to date 1&.54 in ches
Average for 22years 21.28 of an inches.
JOHN J. McLKAiv. Observer.
, x ; Al Abbott of BushTilIc is in
. town today.
. Four carloads of Posts , from lie
' < -to60c. Ludwig Lumber Co.
< A car load of Weber wagons ,
m'ust be sold at.once.
Big base burner coal stove for
sale , $12 , cheap. Worth more.
Don't need it. I. M. RICE. tf
Furnished rooms to rent by day
or week. Hot and cold water
baths included. Valentine House ,
. John D. Eaton , Propr. 32tf
Mrs. Henry Stetter and daugh
ter Helen have gone to Richmond ,
Va. to spend the winter with Mrs.
SbeUer's father who is 75 years
old but still enjoys good health.
Mrs. Stettor's health has not
been very good for some time and
she may be benefitted by a change
in altitude. '
Frederick H. Sanderson , D. D. ,
of Fremont delivered a lecture in
Quigley hall las Friday nignt to
an appreciative audience. The
lecture was full of pith and humor - "
or and there were many outbursts
of mirth at the unusual amount of
witticisms. There- was not a
large audience owing to lack of
sufficient notice.
Dr. Barnes , the eyesight spec
ialist of Omaha , will be at the
Donoher hotel Thurscay , .Tan. 12.
Remember that Dr. Barnes has
been over this road for some ten
or twelve years. Ev'ery patient
has always had a year for refitting
without extra charge. No charge ,
whatever , is made for examination.
Don't forget the date. 51 2
u Beamer and wife of Gor-
n town-on business con- <
uected with their little girl whom
they took to raise some two or
three years ago. The father , Mr.
Sanders , is trying to get her and
they want to adopt her. Mr.
.Sanders is unable "to provide for
the little girl as she should be.
She is past 5 years old and needs
a mother's care.
Burton H. Brackett of Law
rence , -Mass. , and Miss Rachel
Breuklander were married last
Saturday afternoon , Dec. 24th ,
at the JBreuklander home , the Rev.
Dr. Caldwell officiating. This
young couple will begin house
keeping ina part of Uncle Paul's
house , and Mr. Brackett will con
tinue work in Mr. Breuklander's
blacksmith shop where he has
been employed for several months
At THE DEMOCRAT office during
the holidays the ancient game of
cbess seems to be the leading
game in spare hours. Col. Harrison
risen , Lawrence Rice , our foreman
and ye editor are the participants ,
excepting occasionally as some
one comes in who plays. Wm.
Lee was up last week and sat in a
game for awhile with credit to
himself as a player. Col. Harrison
risen is always ready for a game
and we have had some interesting
games. At present Lawrence
seems to have the best of us all
and plays a ready game.
Edward Ormesher , jr. , and Miss
Alice Peters were united in 'mar
riage yesterday afternoon at St.
John's church , ReV. Wells of
ficiating. Frank J. B. Higgin , a
cousin of the bridegroom , and
Miss May Peters , sister of the
bride , were present to witness the
ceremony. Mr. Ormesher is
well known to the people of this
commnnity as the son of JD. Orm-
esher who lives five miles south of
town. The bride is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Peters who
are well known < -here , Mr. Peters
haying been with the Ludwig
Ziumber Co. for " 20 years. THE
TEMOCRAT extends congratula-
D. Q. Stead is in town "today.
Mrs. Geddies has gone to Wash
ington for a month's visit.
1 A calf with four eyes and three
ears was brought to Valentine to-
today by Wm. Ward ,
Mr. Kellar and daughter , Miss
Vernie , were in town today from
Corn King Manure Spreaders.
Price $110. Will close out at § 90.
For sanitary plumbing or heat
ing call H. I. Weinzimmer , the
only licensed plumber in town. 49
Geo. W. Kellar , John M. Ueh-
ling and Wm. Weber came up
from south of Woodlake" and are
in town today.
Are you going to take in the
masquerade ball at Wood Lake
Saturday night ? They 111 have a
good time ; always do at Wocd
Mrs. McDonald and daughler ,
Miss Helen , returned from a few
days visit at Neligh last Saturday ,
during which time Mrs. Sears had
charge of their store here.
The A. 0. U. W. dance given
Monday night .was attended by
150 to 200 persons and was the
social event of the season. The
hall was beautifully decorated and
Fischer's orchestra furnished the
music. Several persons came up
from Woodlake and 'there were a
number of college boys and girls
home and a few f them had com
pany during the holidays which
made the dance the more appre
ciated and out of the ordinary be
cause of the rriany not usually in
attendance. The committee com
posed of W. sD. Clarkson , Ed
Flynn , Judge Quigley and Al
Webb are entitled to considerable
credit for their splendid arrange
ments in making this a success
and adds another laurel to the
Workmen lodge which is the
strongest organization in town.
Quigley opera house _ , Thursday ,
January 5 , Curtis N. Baldvin ,
' 'America's clever Magician & Co.
Very few young men of the
stage have progressed as steadily
and satisfactorily in their profes
sion as Curtis N. Baldwin , "A-
merica's clever magician. " Start
ing about eight years ago , he has
gradually risen until now he is
recognized as one of the foremost
magicians. He has appeared with
marked success in every large city
of the west , and all leading metro
politan dailies have pronounced
him a great artist.
Among his new features this
season , are "The Great Spirit
cabinet , " which outclasses the
demonstrations of any of the great
Spirit Mediums. "The Egyptian
Water Miracle , " The Choice De
ception of the Egyptian Priests ,
and "The New Creation , " his own
original invention , which is posi
tively a Marvel of the Illusory
art. Curtis IM. Baldwin will be at
the opera house , Thursday , Jan. 5.
Prices'25 35-50c.
The Final Test.
A big feature of the Denver stock
show which opens on January 1C , will
he the carcass contest. The foloclc is
the final tpst in meat making and it is
proposed to educate the western meat
producers to that fact. The steers to
he slaughtered in this competition will
be first judged on foot in a judging
competition and then slaughtered and
judged in the carcass The idea is to
try to makp the stock growers look
under the hide of hs ! animals. The
carcasses will be judged from the
butcher standpoint as to what const !
tutes prime edible meat.
Pushing the Poultry. ,
Thf west is just waking up to the
fact that it is spending too much mon
ey away from home for poultry and
eggs. The National Western Stock
show which opens in Denver on January - '
uary ] 6. will inaugurate the National
Western Poultry She l It is expect
ed that this initial exhibition will ex
hibit ever 3,000 birds.
Big Western Event.
Tt is predicted that over 150,000 people
ple will attend the Sixth Annual Na
tional Western Stock Sfiow in Denver
during the week of January 16-21. This
shov/ has grown to be the big annua
western event Oyer $50,000 in pre
miunis are paid out and an investment
of nearly $400,000 has been made In
buildjugs for 4tlie B
School Notes.
Supt. and Mrs. Bettenga and
Lillian spent Xmas days in the
country , being royalI.v entertained
at the home of John Jackson
northeast oltown.
* *
Her many friends are pleased to
note that Miss Kate E. Driscoll of
the Valentine high schools has
, been chosen-by the teachers wm-
mittee of the state board to be
critic teacher in the new Chadron
normal school. The state board
will meet Jan. 17th to ratify this
choice , What is our loss will be
the Chadron normal's gain. This
is a merited honor.
Under the direction. of Miss
Carroll the 7th grade pupils artis
tically decorated their room for
their Xmas program. Mrs. Mil
ler's and Miss Carrqll's room gave
a joint program , which owing ' to
the large number of visitors whom
they were pleased to welcome ,
was given in the high school room.
It was pleasant to hear so many
fine singers from these grades.
Misses Driscoll , Neison and
Gordon and their pupils desire to
thank Mr. Clarkson for the fine
Xmas tree donated by him for
their Xmas exercises. It served
to give their program more of a
Xmas meaning. The program
was fine and there were presents
for everyone. Teacher's and pu
pils deserve much credit for the
time and labor spent to make it
The lecture on "Men Wanted"
by Ir. Sanderson of Fremont was
very fine and listened to by many
of the progressive teachers of
Cherry county and citizens of Val
entine. The music by the high
school orchestra and girls' quartet
was highly enjoyed by all. Supt.
Cora Thackrey responded to a
call from the teachers by a brief
and appropriate address. The
teachers' interesting
meeting was very
esting and helpful. Those who
responded with prepared papers
were Mrs. Lottie Cramer , Miss
Carlson , Mrs. Miller , Mrs. Stewart - ,
art , Mr. Husted and Supt. Betten-
ga. The address by Dr. Caldwell
was interesting and full of good
thought. The round table dis
cussions on e-very day topics were
animate , practical and .helpful.
Much credit is due Supt. Mrs.
Story for the success of these
Loup Valley Hereford Ranch ,
Herd headed by S. 0. Columbns 17 ,
No. 160050 , and Climax 2 , No. 289-
822 ; also , Melvin , No. 327072 , re-g ,
Bulls for Sale at All Times ,
Fine Rooted Trees
That Grow.
Acclimated and varieties adapted
to Northwestern Nebraska.
Prospects are for good fruit
crop next year. Trees are full of
fruit buds now.
Buds are fprmed in August of
this year for next year's crop.
If ground is dry now give your
young trees bucket water each.
Catalog upon request.-
Boyd Nurseries and Fruit
Ainsworih * Nebraska
St. Nichols Church.
Services will be held at the
In Arabia on Saturday , Dec. 31.
In Crookston on Sunday , Jan.l.
Presbyterian Church.
Services as usual.
In the morning the pastor will
commence a series of sermons to/
last through the remaining winte/r /
na.onfchs. In the evening' Ne/w /
Year's sermon will be preaphed ; ,
All invited : *
f .
Old Crow , All Leading
Hermitage Brands *
\ . .
and Bottled .
Gruchen- Under the
heimer Supervision
Rye of the
Whiskeys. U. S. Gov.
We also handle the Budweiser Beer.
1911 JANUARY 191
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MARCH It ! !
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MISS Uttifa Ufcngantt HfeT
A Safe ,
Simple System
The system of paying
by check was devised
Jby all men- for any
man for you. It is
suited to the need of
any business , either
large or small. It makes
no difference whether
we pay out 810 or $10000
a month. A checking
account will serve your
Pay by check , \ the
method puts system in
to your business and
gives you a record of
every transaction.
The Chicago House
FELCH , Propr.
Call on me for roonis'i and
lodging.- . - * ' :
Valentine Nebraska
Office front room , second story ,
over T. C. Hornby's store , Main
street entrance.
Valentine , Nebraska
Dr. M. T. Meer ,
Rooms over Ked Front store
VaJentine - Nebr ,
* *
Tubular Wells and Windmills
Call me upby phone
W. H. Strattpn
Dealer in
General Merchandise
PHONE 1 25
cor. Hall & Cath. Valentine , Nebr.
f Drayman
f L ight and Heavy Draying ?
Furniture and pianos haodled
in a careful manner. Coal
hauled and trunks and grips
a specialty. Phone No. 48.
The quicker a cold is gotten rid of tlia
less the danger from pneumonia and
other serious diseases. Mr. B. "W. L.
Hall , of "WaverlVj Va. , says : I firmly
believe Chamberlain's Congh Remedy
to by absolutely the best preparation on
the market for colds. I have recom
mended it to my friends and they ai ]
agree -with : ne. For sale by Chapman ,
thfadrn istt