Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, February 25, 1909, Image 3

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    'A. '
We know of no other medicine which has been so suc
cessful in relieving the suffering of women , or secured so
many genuine testimonials , as has Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
In almost every community you will find women who
have been restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound. Almost every woman you meet has
either been benefited by it , or knows some one who has.
In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn , Mass. , are files con
taining over one million one hundred thousand letters from
women seeking health , in which many openly state over
their own signatures that they have regained their health by
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has saved
many women from surgical operations.
Lydia E. Pinkkam's Vegetable Compound is made ex
clusively from roots and herbs , and is perfectly harmless.
The reason why it is so successful is because it contains
ingredients which act directly upon the female organism ,
restoring it to healthy and normal activity.
Thousands of unsolicited and genuine testimonials such
as the following prove the efficiency of this simple remedy.
MinneapolisMinn. : "I was a great sufferer from female
troubles which , caused a weakness and broken down condition
of the system. I read so much of what Lydia E , Piiikham's
Vegetable Compound had done for other suffering- women , I felt
sure it would help me , and I must say it did help me wonder
fully. Within three months I was a perfectly well woman.
"I want this letter made public to show the benefits to be
derived from IJydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. "
Mrs. JohnGr.Moldan , 2115 Second St.North , MinneapolisMinn.
Women who are suffering from those distressing ills
peculiar to their sex should not lose sight of these facts
or doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to restore their health.
Everybody lores earliest vecetablesand brilliant
flowers. Therefore to ci n 7 u a" cuBtoinorvro
offer : 1MO ternes Fine Onion Seed.
1000 " Rich Carrot Seed.
1000 Celery , 100 Parsley.
1000 Juicy Radish Seed.
1500 Buttery Lettuce Seed.
1500 Tender Turnip Seed.
1500 " Sweet Rutabaga Seed.
100 " Melons , 100 Tomato.
1200 Brilliant Flowerine Annuals.
In all 10,000 kernelsof warranted northern grown
aedg.well vrorth $1.0O of any man's money ( Includ-
lat Big Catalog ) all post paid f or butl 601 netaraps.
Above goods will easily produce $50.OO worth of
rich vezetables and beautiful flowers. .And If you
vend 20o we add a package of Earlier ! Peep O'iay )
Bweet Corn.
Host orlglru.1 teoA book aver published. Brim fall
of bristling feed thouchts. Gladly mailed to all In-
tendinc buyers free ; tvrita today.
John A. Salzer Seed Co.
Box c.r. La Crease , Wis.
Extremely L'nfa.shioimble.
"Who are those people in that private
box ? "
"I don't know ; mere nobodies , I guess.
Thry are devoting their whole attention
to the play. "
When Yon Put on Heavy Stockings
do your shoes pinch , and your feet swell
and perspire ? Sprinkle Allen' Foot-Ease
Into your shoe ? , and get instant relief. Best
thing to u e when wearing rubbers. Try it
for Danclne Parties and Breaking In New
Shoes. Sold Everywhere , 2. > c. Sampla
FREE. Address , Allen S. Olmsted , Le Roy ,
N. Y. Accept no substitute.
Out of neatly ± I < ) . ) > mileo railways
in the United Stutos only 4,000 miles ara
equipped with blo.-k tei
for the signature of E. W. GROVE. Used the
World orer to Cure a Cold In One Day. 25c.
To Shut On Pnpn's Income.
"But why are you In such a hurry to
get married ? I love you aud you are
on the right side of papa. "
"I know , but it's this keeping on tha
right side of papa that is worrying me ;
when we are married I won't have to
let him win at poker when he plays. "
Houston Post
'U '
For Infants and Children.
A\ (
similaling tfieFootfaiufltegula Bears the
ting ( Ju ? Stomachs aruLBoweisor
ness and Rest.Containsneitter
OpiimuMorphinc norMoEra ]
Jfap/aa Jim/ "
jUx.Stana +
d +
Qcriffttl Sugar
Aperfect Remedy forConsRji
Hon , Sour Stomach.Dlantea.
ness andLo SSOFSIEER
imile Signature of Thirty Year
Guaranteed underthe boodar
_ ' " "
" " *
S1m ' " * iT'iaitff"J ! a81t5i" !
Exact of Wrapper , . .
Protocol Signed to Settle All Dis
putes with United States.
A protor-ol , in sctth-mont of the mat
ters between the United" States and
Venezuela , was signed Saturday. The
Venezuelan cabinet the previous day
approved the proposal to effect the set
tlements directly between the United
States and Venezuela , thus removing
the last obstacle to the signing of the
Throe claims go to The Hague trib
unal for arbitration ; the fourth is set
tled by a small cash payment , and the
fifth has been settled directly between
the Venezuelan government and the
claimants. The protocol is equally sat
isfactory to the United States and to
Venezuela. It saves the dignity and
honor of Venezuela , while as for the
United States the troublesome claims
that have led to so much negotiation
are disposed of.
The New York and Bermudez As
phalt Company , through Mr. Buchanan ,
has reached a direct settlement with
the government , by which the company
obtains possession of its property in
Venezuela and agrees to pay the gov
ernment a minimum revenue of $20,000
a year. Furthermore , the company will
pay the government a cash indemnity
of GO.OOO to compromise the suit
brought against it on account of its al
leged participation in the Mates revo
Hoof Falls and Five Milwaukee
Firemen Meet Death.
Five firemen are dead , nine injured ,
two of them fatally , and one other man
lost his life as a result of a fire which
broke out in the warehouse of the
Johns-Mauville Manufacturing Company
at 122.1 Clybourn street , Milwaukee ,
about noon Saturday and burned fierce
ly until 2 o'clock , the warehouse , to
gether with the piano and organ plant
of the Xetzow Manufacturing Company ,
near by , being practically completely
destroyed , entailing a loss of $200,000 ,
which is covered by insurance.
The firemen were killed by the col
lapse of a wall of the Johns-Manville
building , which smashed through thereof
roof of the piano warehouse , on which
two companies were stationed. The
fire is said to have started from an
explosion of oil In the basement. A
panic followed among the employes , but
all escaped uninjured with the excep
tion of one man.
Tax Collector Gct.s 1(5 Years ; Was
Robbed of $ ! OOOO o Loot.
John T. Morgan , former tax collector
of McKccs Rocks , a suburb of Pittsburg ,
was sentenced to sixteen years in the
penitentiary for forgery and embezzle
ment. Morgan pleaded guilty. An ofE-
cial of the Chartiers Trust Company tes
tified that Morgan drew $3-1,000 of bor
ough funds from the bank August 20
last , when he disappeared. Morgan said
he was robbed of $20.000 in New York
and that he spent all but $200 oE the
remainder in traveling , lie did not fur
nish bond iu 1007 and 100S and the bor
ough will lose the whole amount. Asked
why he did not furnish a bond. Morgan
replied : ' 'Because no one asked me. "
Great Xortliern Train Wrcelceil and
Chieiif ? < > Faii Ha lly Injured.
The deep snow was probably all that
saved many of the passengers on the
Great Northern train which left Grand
Forks , N. D. , Tuesday for Winnipeg.
The train was derailed three miles north
of Ardock. the cnirine remaining on the
track and the coaches going into the
ditch. Nearly all of the leO passengers
on the train were more or less injured.
One of the more seriously was "Cinch"
McCrea of Chicago. The combination
baggage car was ditched , the smoker and
observation cars were tipped on the side
and the day conch remained upright. Tha
accident was due to a broken rail.
Gift of Armenian < o Nation Accented
for President's ITome.
A rug said to be worth more than ? 50-
000 and declared the iinest in the world
was presented to t'he White House as a
gift to the nation and was accepted by
President Roosevelt. II will be placed
in the parlors of the President's home.
The donor was IT. II. Topakyan. a rich
Armenian of New York City. The rug
is six and a half feet loim and four and
a half feet wide and is of imperial silk
heavily jeweled with rich pearls , tur
quoises , rubies and other oriental stones.
Wanted City Deposits Offered Pitts-
burs : Councilman Money.
"W" . W. Ramsey , former president of the
German National Bank , was found guilty
as indicted in connection with the recent
graft exposure in Tittsburg. Rnmsey
was accused of bribing Councilman John
F. Klein by giving him $17,500 , for which
Klein was to secure the passage of an
ordinance making the bank a depository
for city funds.
Six Buried by Cloudburst.
Following a cloudburst in Ruble Can
yon , above Pasadena , Cal. , a flood of
water came down the narrow canyon ,
precipitating the pavilion into the ravine
and burying Fred T. Drew , agent of tha
Pacific Electric Railroad , with his wife
and four children , in the ruins. Drew
was rescued , badly injured , and three of
the children were also taken out. Mrs.
Drew and the other child are still buried.
"Hipper" Outfaces Up to 22.
The vicious attacks on women on the
streets of Berlin continue , and the
riminal has not yet been arrested. Two
iew ca es occurred on a recent morn-
ng , and both women were slightly wound-
d. This brings the aggregate since thl
beginning of these "ripper" outrages up
to twenty-two.
GERMANY , a conntry smaller than Texas , erowa more oat than nearly the whole of En-
rope put together. AVhy i She has no better eoll than anybody else , but the long only pedicroo ,
ble yielding varieties.
Some ycarsaeo-when In GennanyXe picked up this remarkable oat In a rich sldoTsHey of the
Rhine. Thousands of American farmers tried It last year and are load and earnest Inlta praise.
Trial pacfcago 6c. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ii
Balzer'o White Bonanza Outs. 21 years ojo. took the-world's prize of ISOO.OOln cold for the
heaviest yielding oat rsrlety. ( Our catalog tells the Interesting story. ) TV'e have rejuvenated
this oat und offer it oealn a3 something quite above the ordinary.
roch aa Minnesota No. 6 and No. SB Oats. Wisconsin Swedish Oats. Oderbrncker ( Wls. No. B8) .
Minnesota Jio. C and No. 165 Barley , illnneeota No. 36 and North Dakota No. 155 Flax. Corn.
Wheat , etc. . etc. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Wo have by all odds the largest SEED POTATO trade In the world ;
one of our cellars alone holds 60,000 bushels !
Wo publish the most original ceed catalog In America. It bristles -with eoed thoughts.
Or. 1C yon remit 10c in postage fro will send you a remarkable lot of farm seed samples. In.
eluding Billion Dollar Grass , the 12 ton Hay Wonder. Spelts , the 6O bu. cereal and hay prodigy.
Silver King Itarloy. y ieldlnc 173 bu. per aero , together with clover , timothy , grasses , etc. . etc. .
worth 510.OO of any man's money to get a start therewith.
Or remit 14cacdwoTrlll add a package of aNewi'arta Seed Novelty never before seen by you.
In all Cases of
Of all Horses , Brood Mares , Colts ,
Stallions , is to
Oa their tongues or in thefoed put Spohn's Liquid
Compound. Give the remedy to all of them. Jt
acts on the blood and glands. It routs the disease
by expelling : the disease germs. It wards off the
trouble no matter how they are "exposed. " Abso
lutely free from an\ thing injurious. A child can
safely take it. 50 cents and 31.00 ; $5.00 and 510 00
the dozen. Sold by druggists , harness dealers , or
sent , express paid , by the manufacturers.
Special Agents Wanted
Chemists and Bacteriologists
Brotherly Admiration.
Spectator ( at roller skating rink )
Little boy , do you know who that hand
some young lady is that skated past us
just now ?
Urchin Yes , sir ; that's my big sister.
She's the whole smear , ain't she ? " Chicago
cage Tribune.
Stiff neck ! Doesn't amount to much ,
hut mighty disagreeable. You've no idea
how quickly a little Hamlins Wizard Oil
will lubricate the cords and make you
comfortable again.
An anti-opium crusade in the Malaj
states is meeting with great success. A
plant said to possess the properties ol
curing the opium habit has been discov
ered in Selangor. and this is being dis
tributed wholesale.
No harmful drugs in Garfield Tea , Na-
tine's laxative it is composed wholly o1
clean , sweet , health-giving Herbs ! Fo' '
constipation , liver and kidney troubles.
Glooity X Jew > { Mankind.
" 1 : nay IK- kind o' harsh in my judg
ment of men , " ob < " * rved Uncle Jerry Pee
bles , "but I've noticed , as a general thing ,
that a man ain't any better than his hat. "
Mrs. WIiislow's Soothing Syrnp for child
ren teething , softens the gums , reduces In-
flnminntion. allays pain , cures wind colic.
25c a bottle.
In Sweden some of the station waitinj
rooms are provided with couches for pas
sengers , and porters call the travelers ten
minutes before the arrival of trains.
A Voice.
"Mrs. Bomong has a rather sharp
Yolcc , hasn't she ? "
"Sharp ? Well , it's a voice that never
needs any honing. She -vraa at the
theater one night in a box party and
talked as usual all through the play ,
and finally the manager got so mad
the piece wasn't drawing rery well ,
anyway that he came out before the
curtain and said that If the sair filing
in one of the boxes didn't cease the
play couldn't go on , and the audience
applauded wildly. ' '
"What did Mrs. Bomong do ? "
"She was so mad that she rat out
the last two acts and then cut for
home. " Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Thirst fur Knowledge.
"I will wait a few moments , " said the
lecturer , who had delivered an eloquent
and instructive address on "The High
Mission of Women in Our Modern Civil
ization , " "to answer any question that
may be asked. "
"There's one thing I'd like to know ,
Mr. Croxton , " spoke up a dyspeptic look
ing man with a thin , straggling beard. .
"Where do they git the names fur al !
these breakfast foods ? "
Illustrious Angler.
"I'm not much of a fisherman myself , "
Mr. Wipedunks was remarking , "but I
have always been interested in reading the
quaint sayings of that grand old angler ,
Sir Izaak Wai polo "
Most grateful and comforting is
a warm bath with Cuticura Soar
and gentle anointings with Cuti
cura. This pure , sweet , econom
ical treatment brings immediate
relief and refreshing sleep to skirv ;
tortured and disfigured little ones
and rest to tired , fretted mothers ;
For eczemas , rashes , itchinga , ;
irritations and chafings , CuticurJjf
Soap and Cuticura Ointment ar
worth their weight in gold. .j
Sold throuchout the world. Depots' London , Yi
Charterhouse So ; Paris. 5. Kucclela Pnlx. Aiiitn
lla. R Towns & Co . Sydnev ; India. H. K I'au
Calcutta ; China. Hong KODK Drue Co. : J.ipal
Marurx Ltd. Toklo. RusMa. forreln. Mosctra
80 Afrlcn. Lennon. Ltd . ripe Town , etc. : IT.S.A
Potter .Drug tt Cncm. Corp. . Sole Props. . Bo to !
to every locality" "
5n the
States to advertise our
tack up showcartls in all con
spicuous places and distribute
email advertisingmatter. . Commission or salary1
533 per month and expenses $4 per day. Steady.
work the year round : entirely new plan ; no experience - *
perience required. Write for particulars. \
ROYAL REMEDY CO. , London , Ont. , Canada
That's -what it costn to got a week's
treatment of CASCARETS. They
do more for you than any medicina
on Earth. Sickness generally shows
and starts first in the Eowels and
Liver ; CASCARETS cure these ills.
It's so easy to try vrhy not start to
night and have help in the morning ?
CASCARETS loc a box for aweek's
treatment , all drur ists. Biggest ssller
la the mirld. Million boxes a month.
pleaae say yon aaw cli advertloeuaena
sa thla
S. C. N. U. No. 9 1909.
' V
Personal knowledge is the winning factor in the culminating contests of
this competitive age and when of ample character it places its fortunate
possessor in the front ranks of
The Well Informed of the World.
A vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the
highest excellence in any field of human effort.
A Knov/ledge of Forms , Knowledge of Functions and Knowl
edge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health Mrs l
when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna , manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. , is an
ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and
gives universal satisfaction , because it is a remedy of
Known Quality , Known Excellence and Known Component A
Parts and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well Informed of the %
world , who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first '
and best of family laxatives , for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are made.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known
under the name of Syrup of Figs and has attained to world
wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its pure
laxative principles , obtained from Senna , are well known to physicians
and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have
adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy ,
but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter
name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial
effects , always note , when purchasing , the full
name of the Company California Fig Syrup
Co. printed on the front of every package ,
whether you call for Syrup of Figs
or by the full name Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Senna.