Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, December 24, 1908, Image 5

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Our stock of Christmas
goods contains :
Toilet Cases
Post Card Albums
Traveling Toilet Cases
Hair and Cloth Brushes
Manicure Sets
Candle Sticks
Candy in Fancy
Boxes , Foun
tain Pens and
many other items suit
able for Xmas gifts.
Only Six Days 'Till
ttJ * * * tfirnmS2SSB
A Safe ,
Simple System
The system of paying
by check was devised
by all men for any
man for you. It is
suited tothe need of
any business , either
large or small. It makes
no difference whether
we pay out $10 or $10000
a month. A checking
account will serve your
Pay by check , the
method puts system in
to your business and
gives you a record of
every transaction.
i sES sTS
S < -
All kinds of.
8 Shampooing a specialty. W
HOT and COLD BATHS in connection $ |
Forest Shepard , Prop. 3
Valentine State Bank Building $
'I he Loup Vallej Hereford Ranch.
Browniee , Nebr.
Soldier Prep Col-
uiiums 17th 1C0050 ,
a son of Colmntuis
17th. a half brother
of tlie $10.000 rvam-
pion i.Ie , a n d
Trinee KoalidH 131-
C93 ai head of herd
I now have about CO head of 1907 bull calves
for sale.
Office over the grocery deparment
of T. C. Hornby's store.
Valentine - Xebr.
All work will be given prompt ,
and careful attention.
W. H. Stratton
Dealer in
General Merchandise
cor. Hall & Cath. Valentine , Nebr.
! e ,
Tubular 'wellsand windmills.
me up bj Telephone.
Talk of the Town.
Try Kazda's barber shop. tf
Flexible Flyers at the Red
Front. 49 2
Milton Nicholson is home from
school at O'Neill.
Miss Estella Nicholson is home
from her visit in Buchanan , Mich.
Miss Xellie Easley is home from
Rosebud where she has been en-
gay ed as a private teacher.
Mrs. John Hittle of Penbrook
rame up Sunday and started to
Passadena , Cal. , where she ex
pects to spend the winter.
R. D. Evans and Mrs. Farrell
drove'up to Valentine Monday to
do some Christmas shopping and
take in the Mahara minstrels.
Mrs. Cora O'Connor and Hep
Shockley came up to Valentine
Sunday night and are visiting at
the Post with Major Shockley.
Harrison Davenport is home for
the holidays from Lincoln where
he has been attending the state
university the past few months.
J. E and William Petty crew
and wife took in the Corn ehow
last week and James is down in
Iowa visiting the old timers now.
Will Piercy returned from
Omaha Sunday night where he
had three loads of cattle on the
market and took in the corn show.
S. S. Pierce of Sand creek has
f jund SJQW Fly's buckskin horses
recently advertised in THE DEMO
CRAT and has notified Snow Fly to
come and get them.
Clem Ilahu took in the Corn
show and went down from there
to Nodoway county , Mo. , to visit
relatives a few days , returning
home Saturday night.
Last Friday we went over to
the school to view the work done
by the pupils and see the new
school rooms which make Valen
tine's school building large enough
for several years to come.
Fay Grady broughtin his father ,
mother , B. L. Grady and wife ,
his brother John and sister , Mrs.
Dave Archer , Tuesday and that
night they departed for Sturgis ,
S. D. , to visit several weeks with
Otis Grady and wife.
A. H. Stees returned last Thurs
day from St. Paul via Omaha
where he took in the Corn show.
Mr. stees has been back to the old
home for several months the past
summer and has now come back
to Cherry county to make this his
W. G. Ballard went down to the
Corn show in Omaha and from
there to Walnut , la. , to visit a sis
ter that he hadn't seen for twenty
years. From Omaha Mr. Ballard
wont across to Council Bluffs to
see W. V Johnson who is in a
hospital suffering from a paralytic
Mrs. Abba Thackrey has had a
very bad week but was some bet
ter yesterday and today. I. M ,
Rice was called out to Hackberry
lake Tuesday and returned last
night bringing Grandma Rice and
Mrs. DeWyke to town. They
will rest awhile visiting ye editor
dnd family before returning to
their homes in Kansas. Mrs.
Thackrey is reported worse today.
Misses Ora Hooper and Loren-
tia Haley were the two young la
dies Cherry county sent down to
the Corn show at Omaha to learn
domestic science. They had their
fare and expenses paid and we
hope they will tell the other young
ladies what they learned. Why
couldn't they write an article for
THE DEMOCRAT and tell it to all
the people ?
Mahara's minstrels gave their
show here Monday night and al
though a fair house greeted them
there were not as many as should
have seen the show , which was
more than Valentine can ordinarily
expect. There a e 23 persons in
the show and they give a good
performance. The show is some
thing new in the west , 'with en
tirely new specialties and a pleas
ing variety i
C. P. Wiltse of the Newport Re
publican was in town yesterday.
Oliver Walcott is home from
the state university to spend the
Miss Ruth Stetter is home from
Ponca where she is teaching school
this year.
George Stetter is home from the
Kearney Military Academy for a
three week's visit.
Miss Allie Cyphers took in the
corn show at Omaha , returning
home Tuesday night.
The weather is again fair and
pleasant with enough snow for
Santa Claus sleighing ,
Marguerite Quigley came up
from Bellevue Sunday morning to
. spend Christmas vacation at home.
Miss Mary Barnes is very ill of
pneumonia at Kennedy and had
Dr. Lewis called out to see her
Oscar Bucchle and wife have re
turned from Sturgi.s where Oscar
has been assisting John Btillis as
R. M. Faddis and J. 11. Quigley
have been in Mwntana the past two
weeks looking after stock interest
and visiting friends.
Clinton Collette is home from
Fail bury and Miss Tacy from
the Omaha reservation to spend
t'ie ' holidays with their parents.
People fortunate enough toown _
a sled or sleigh runners for a bug
gy are enjoying the sleighing the
past week which is the best in sev
eral years.
Mr. and Mrs , Sam Hudson were
in from the ranch thft latter part
of last week. Mrs. Hudson was
busy at the office ia the court
house and Sam was learning how
it was done.
Fred Jones was in 'town yester
day visiting friends and that night
went up to Cody to visit his par
ents Fred is making a SUCCPS at
Bellevue college , having lately
been honored with the atheletic
Geo. Cyphers expects to start
Monday morning for his old home
in New * Jersey for a six weeks
visit. It has been 15 years since
Mr. Cyphers has been back to his
old home and he will notice many
changes no doubt.
Wedding Nuptials.
Harold Kuskie , son of A. K.
Kuskie of Sparks , and Miss Gail
Magoon , neice of Mrs. L. N. Lay-
port , were united in marriage
Wednesday afternoon at the lat-
ter's home by the Rev. Beale.
Mr. Kuskie is a prosperous young
farmer and has a host of friends
in the community. Miss Magoon
has resided here for several years ,
and by her many virtues has won
the friendship of all.
Clyde Kuskie and Miss Elsie
Grooms , both of Sparks , were
married Wednesday evening at
the home of the bride's mother by
the Rev. Peacock. The groom
comes from one of the oldest fami
lies in the county and is starting
into this new venture with all the
attributes that are necessary for a
successful and happy life. The
bride is a daughter of another of
the oldest and best families near
Sparks and would be a credit to
any man. THE DEMOCRAT joins
the host of friends in extending
congratulations to these young
Contest Notice.
U S. Lund Office. Broken Row. N
December ' _ ' . 1903 t"
A sufficient contest affidavit having Deen filed
In t us olllce by sva-lt-r W. Teeter. p < m estnnt ,
against Hoi . * ? teail entrv No. 375(5 ( mule :
June 29 1X ! > 4 for line , njvso , ssi > . section 27 ;
n\v. iit'.sw , SMV. section 2'i. imvnship'Jti. nviiKe 3J.
by Haviii JI Sweeney eontrsteH. in which it
is alleged that said cl iniant has never resided
upon , cirtivateil or improved said tract for
in 're han .six months last pait : that he has
wholly a andone s me. mid that claimant
nirtintainsa residoive elsewher than "naid
tract , that all thanov alleged defects exist
at this date and have not been cured.
Said parties are hereby notified to anp fir
resp-iMl and offer evidence toiichini : sai aliiva-
t on at 10 o'clock a. in on .laii'iary 1 ! ) 1909 r > e-
fore J H. WHton , U . Commissioner. Mullen
> ei > - . . and that tlit- final hearing will held
at ! < o'rlocK a , in. on .laniiiry 2 , 1 % ! ) I e
tore the raster and receiver at the United
States land OHIee in Broken How , ebra-ka ,
Tne stiis coute.xtaiit having , in aproper affi
davit li ed V.veniner 23,1903 .set forth facts
which show that : i't > r due diligence personal
tciAiceof this notice cannot be is
hereby ordered and directed Ilia' such notice be
tsi.Yvn by due ami prop/ publication ,
Jfu-d LrstRiXM AJWKEimn
Old Crow , All Leading
Hermitage Brands
and Bottled
G-ucheii- Under the
heimer Supervision
Kye of the
Whiskeys. U. S. Gov.
We also handle the Budweiser Beer.
Folding Doll Go Carts at tlu-
Red Front. 49 2
Nebraska During 1909.
During the week of December
21 to 28 , inclusive , The. Lincoln
State Journal will accept § 3 from
mail subscribers for the whole
year of 1909. without Sunday , or
$ -1 with Sunday. The regular
price is1 and § 5. This cut-price
is good only during Bargain \Veek
and all you have to do is to mail
your remittance to the State
Journal , Lincoln , Nebr. , and the
paper will be mailed to your ad
dress commencing Jan. 1 , 1909.
and continue until Jan. 1 , 1910 ,
when it will be stopped unless you
pay for it another year. All sub
scriptions are payable in advance ,
consequently no unpaid bills , and
this saving together with cutting
out solicitors' salaries , hotel bills
and railroad expenses make it pos
sible to give you this cut-price.
The Journal is the paper you will
want to read during the legisla
ture because it is right here in
Lincoln and with its great corps
of trained newspaper men will be
able to give you the most thorough
and reliable legislative news. Its
uncontrolled by party bosses or
selfish ambition to hold or get a
job for its proprietor. It's not
afraid to print all the news all the
time about all things. It's a clean
home paper , no liquor or unclean
medical ads appear in its cojumns.
Its business is profitable enough
to give its owners legitimate re
turns without making alliances
with any interests opposed to the
public welfare. Every public
matter is treated impartially , un
selfishly and entirely from the
standpoint of the people's interest.
One year's reading will convince
you that the State Journal is truly |
Nebraska's greatest newspaper.
Remember , this special rate is
only made during this one week
of Dec. 21 to 28 to got new sub
scribers and regular price of $4
and § 5 will be charged thereafter.
Why not test The Journal this one
year and see if its publishers are
really conducting their newspaper
upon such hiah standaul.
M. E. Church Notes.
There will be regular services
at the Methodist church next Sab
bath morning , subject "Perfect
Through Suffering. " In the eve
ning a Christmas service will be
held , subject "The Other Wi.-e
Man. " Special music for this
service. Everybody inviied.
The Xmas exercises of the M.
E. church will be held Xmas night.
A cantata by the cnildren and the
choir will be given. The presents
put upon the tree will be sent to
the Children's Home at York.
Come and bring something to
make some one else happy. That
is the Xmas spirit.
Chas. Latta was in lown for a
load of freight. Monday and ap
peared in the best ef health but
was taken ill on his way home
Tuesday and telephoned to John
Daniels to come and meet him
which he did and Mr. Latta com
pleted his trip in Mr. Daniels'
buggy while the latter took charge
of the freight wagon.
Vvill tell you something ) ci >
may not know about ,
Fires , Pearl Fishing , Pi' ' - ,
Woman's Iniision , Flying-
Machines , sncl Actors.
It will give you lots of good short
stones and beautiful pictures.
You'll like it. Get one to-day.
roil SALE uv
PcrCwt. Per Ton.
Bran , sacked _ § 1 05 § 20 00
Shorts , sacked 1 20 23 00
Corn , sacked 1 20 23 00
Oats , sacked 1 50 29 00
Chop Corn , sacked 1 25 24 00
Chop Feed , sacked M 0 27 00
Oasis , Nehr
( I. lv. Sawvor has
cliar'e of tlit-se
cattle. II rsc
B > J o'i Iftshou'-
der. Sin
ft th'Kh.
on Snake
NT-hraskH Land and Feeding Co
tartl tt Rieu.irrts Pra * V/ill ( JComstock , V. F
Chfis 0 Jamison Se &Troas
ti Cattle branrtf-d m
& ' , , ' . * ? ' ' ? & any part of animal
also tb * followiut
jrjtuded let
Range between
Gordon on the F.h
M v , R R. arc *
llyannison . R. 11 in Xirt'nv-.t-rn Nehr
B.\JttVKTr KIOJIvIlDS. lilNwor.h , Nehr.
How Can We Save Money
and Labor ?
By getting theNeostyle washing
machine the washer that washes.
Costs nothing you save it in the
wpar and tear of the clothes.
Takes one-halt' the time , one-half
the water , one-half the fnpl. one-
third the labor and one-eigiiih UIP
wear of any other washing ma
chine made. May be seen at F
Italya's , Valentin * , Neb. For
full particulars or for demonstra
tion at your home , write
49 Arabia , Nebr.
Keen Kutix-r Skates at the Rod !
We have just heard that Misj
.Jeffreys died at her home near i
Basssett of typhoid fever. !
and the selection of Lumber for
the purpose is a matter of great
importance. There is
on the market , both good and bad.
Only the good kinds has found its
way into our yards. It will pay
to let us furnish an estimate on
your next bill. Remember , we
carry first class stock.
T. J. Christopher ,
Wih meet all call * phone or mail.
Verged on pedigreed stock.
Valentine Nebraska
I Prices are what
we are lalldng
- Now
Our stock is complete.
mm ,
Flo. W LJi
id the If
"MAIIKE ! ) COPY" on a newspaper
wrapper is rurc to make the receiver
open and rend.
Last year a southern man bought
fifty copies of his local paper contain
ing a sijgjjujll.jn for n factory location ,
marked them and mailed them to Gfly
individuals or concerns that might be
Result : Twelve immediate : : - - . ' : .
three propositions for tlie factory site ,
one thriving factory located which to
day pays wages to 17C jersons living
in that town.
Watch this paper for such opportu
nities to BOOM YOUR TOTVN.