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    If there is any one thing- that a
woman dreads more than another it
is a surgical opc-ration.
We can stao : "without fear of a
contradiction lliat there are hun
dreds , yes , thousands , of operations
performed upon \vomen in our hospitals -
pitals "which are entirety unneces
sary and many have been avoided by
For proof of this statement read
the following : letters.
& Mrs. Barbara Ease , of Kingman ,
* Kansas , writes to > Jrs. Pinkham :
" For eight years 1 suffered from the
most severe form of female troubles and
was told that an operation was my only
hope of recovery. I wrote Mrs. Pinkham
for advice , and took L/ydia E. Pinkham's
.Vegetable Compound , and it has saved
my life and made me a well woman. ' '
Mrs. Arthur R Douse , of Church
Road , Moorestott n. X. X , writes :
"I feel it is my duty to let people
know what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound has done for me. I
suffered from female troubles , and last
" March my physician decided that an
"gjjeratiqn was necessary. My husband
objected , and urged me to try Lydia
E. Piukham's Vegetable Compound ,
and to-day I am weU and strong. "
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound , made
from roots and herbs , has been the
standard remedy for female ills ,
and has positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements , inflammation , uleera-
tion , fibroid tumors , irregularities ,
periodic pains , and backache.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick
women to write her for advice.
She has guided thousands to
health. Address , ! ynn , Mass ,
"Tbp Le
S. K \U > JK-rtU :
( The Governnunt of Canada now sives to every
Actual Settler 10O acres o wheat-jjrowJnjj
land free and an additional 161) acres at $3.1,0
an a ( .re.
The 30\oro contented American Sett'ers
makiiicrt heir homes in Western Canadu is the
b st evidence of the superiority of that country.
Trey are l > rcomiuff rich , crowing- from 25 to 5J
bushels wheat to the acre ; 60 to 110 bushels oats
and 45 t < 0 i bushels barley , besides having- splen
did herds of catt'e raised on th ? prairie grass.
Dairying is an important indus' Tj * .
The crop of 1903 still keeps Western Canada in
the lead. The world will S33n look u it as its
food-prcdu er.
"The thinsr which most impress-d us
wa * the magnitude of the country that is
avai'able for agricultural purpo-es. " Na
tional Editorial Corre-p'Uidence. 19 > .8.
Low Railway Rates good echo Is and chu-ches ,
marks convenient , Prices the Highest , climate
perf ct.
Lan s are for sa'e by Railway and Land Com-
pnn es. Descriptive pamphlets and mapssent free.
For Railway Rates and other information apply to
\ \ . 1) Nrott , Superintendent of Immigration ,
Ottawa , t anadn. or E. T. Holmes. 315 Jackson
ist , St. Paul , Minn , and J M MarLacnlan , Box
\\atertoun , bo. Dakota Authorized Govern
ment Agents.
Piouho say vrbere ; ou saw this advertisement.
It. Doufjlas malcrs .ind sell * tnoro
men's S3.CO ntiil S3. 50 fioos than any
other manufacturer In tlio world , because -
cause they hold their fchupe , fit bettor ,
and vrear longer than tiny other make.
Shots at All Prices , for Every Member of ths
Family , Men , Boy ? , Wonccn. Moses 4 Children
T7.I.Doa ! aj 5S 00 tad 55.00 CU * Edje Cicl csanot
to c a&Ued at Roy price. V7. L. Dcngln S2.90 ud
$2.00 tbct > ire the txit in the world
Fatt Color E"r li I'ffl Exclunivtly.
O3J-'l'nlic JV'o Substitute. IV. L DotlKia *
name nn < l PT-I * is stumjie.l en bottom. Sold
cveryvfiicre blioes rnailurt from factory to any
part ot tli < - world. C.\iaIo 'Uc free.
W. L. DOUGLAS. 157 Spsrk St. . Krockton. Mass.
! ' > -I < i 0 % H.VVIXG
Dr. Cartel'sPrc araiion
WOMEN 'I -iHti'liiril iemi.lUtPrujgibtj )
-oint tin-Itixtl. " : 'Mc for U omen "
FKKMII DKLG CO. , 0 U . : ; 2U i-u , X. Y. City
ploaur Pity you auw cite atirartiiemenS
fin thin
Coughing Spells
are prorni ' / rMievd by a sin-
pie doe oi PiSu's Cure. The
n-C'ilar o e of tins fuTious rein -
indy f } eve the worst
form of ( i ! .s , col < - , , h jarse-
nc .bro : r'liiinsthnrnddis -
casrs of the t : i < > .it and lungs.
J Absolutely free lron liannml
drills a.f opiateIor haif a
centu'tlis J.oti' liold remedy
in tnili.ons of hom-.s.
At 0.11 drucgista * . 25 cU.
lvXxjXi \ j\-s * -
KemcnilK-r the importance of the
kitchen garden.
The dairy without Uip Babeock test
er is like the engine without a gov
Kittle things done in season will
lighten the big tasks and make farmIng -
Ing more pleasant and profitable.
Preaching economy doesn't amount
to much. You must practice it , but
there Is such a thing as being too
Dairying is a readj * money business ,
and no other branch of live stock keepIng -
Ing can compare with it for enriching
the farm.
Three common faults in butter mak
ing are overripe cream , overchurning
and overworking. The first moans
strong butter , the second and third soft
Many lovers of fine horses are ain-
bltlous to breed their o\vn driving
horses , breeding high class trotting bred
mares to Hackney or Couch stallions
for beauty and action.
One farmer recommends as a pre
ventive of ravages on the sheep flocks
by dogs that the sheep owner place
with liis flock a billy goat that will get
along very well with the sheep and de
fend them from the docs ,
lA Mississippi steamboat which car
ried away a cow's calf was followed
thirty miles by the bereaved animal ,
swimming all the time. When the cow
iwas about to be drowned from ex
haustion she was rescued by fisher
The onion crop of Texas is becom
ing an important factor in the large
eastern markets. Texas onions are
crowding out Bermudas and prices of
the latter are steadily falling : . It Is
said that the quality of the Texas
onion is almost if not equal to that of
the famous Bermudas.
Be careful to furnish a good dust
bntli for fowls , for it is the only nat
ural means the bird has of ridding it
self of lice and mites. Provide a
house free from' vermin , then provide
the birds with a good dust bath , and
the question of lice and mites will be
reduced to a minimum.
It Is estimated that the fanners of
Colorado finished more than a million
sheep and lambs last year , mainly on
alfalfa. It was a bad year for the
sheep business , and it is said that the
loss \vlll be about $1 per heail. How
ever , no credit is given for the great
amount of fertility returned to the
More horses are injured by enforced
Idleness than by work. Days that
horses are not at work they should
run In a 'box stall or yard. Their hair
may not lie quite as close and even be
& little longer , but they will keep
healthier and be in much better shape
for next season's work for having their
regular exercise every day , either in
the harness or out in the yard.
There were fifty-six calls upon the
Wisconsin dairy school last year for
men to lill good positions in cheese
factories , and fifty-throe buttermaka
ers -were wanted. In addition to these
there were numerous requests for men
skilled in the operation of creameries.
The college was unable to supply all
the demands , and yet some farm boys
prefer to sell neckties in a city store
on a salary of $ S per week rather than
to take a course at the agricultural
An English stock journal tells of a
famous veterinary surgeon who was
once called on to decide a question
of blindness in a horse , concerning
which two London vets differed. lie
entered the yard where the horse stood
and , without examining tiie animal's
eyes , ordered a halter to be put on him
and an empty bucket to be placed in
the middle of the yard. Then taking
the halter he led the horse in a direct
line for the bucket. The horse went
forward and blundered over It with
his forelegs. "Blind , without a doubt"
the verdict.
ProHpers at Peimit FurniinsT.
Seven years ago Mrs. Jennie R. Cass
found herself confronted with the prob
lem of bringing up and educating six
children on fifty acres of poor land in
North Carolina. Besides her land and
little house she possessed an aged
horse and a mule , one cow , twenty-two
chickens and three razor-back hogs.
Slie decided to raise peanuts and be
gan reading everything on the subject
she could procure. She was
enough to know her soil was poor and
she began a system of rotation of crops ,
gradually increasing her acreage of pea
nuts. Now she has twenty-live devoted
to them.
'During ' the seven years she has not
only succeeded in keeping her children
In school , but now she has live blooded
liorsps. a herd of registered cows and a
small Hock of well-bred sheep. On the
little farm she raises all Uie bacon ,
butter , etrtrs. poultry , bread-stuffs , corn
and forage , which her family or her
stock require * . She its in good circum
stances and people regard her as an ex
An Expert Farmer.
An exchange says a young man asks ,
"What would you advise a young man
raised on a farm who cannot stand the
dust of haying and thrashing and is
most too light to do heavy farm work
to do ? "
Gardening , floriculture , poultry rais
ing , civil engineering all are good. If
he is built for an expert , there are
andscape gardening. Inside decorating
and a number of other good occupations
open to him.
The young man who Is built for an
expert that is. one who is naturally
bright , careful and painstaking will
succeed in any of the above or in almost -
most any other occupation. ITe will
have to learn the * business lie selects ,
lie cannot learn any of them from a
"correspondence school. " He needs a
practical instructor who can show him ,
ami the way to become an expert is lo
begin at the bottom and work up , thor
oughly learning , all the details as one
goes along. The expert is always in
demand , and lie commands the top
" \Vhatcver vocation a young man goes
Into , he should be thorough as he goes
filong , always keeping his eyes open
for better ways pf doing the work he
has In hand. All vocations are crowd-
efl with ordinary workers , but there's
still lots of room In the upper ranks.
The Dairy COTT'M Product.
The products of the dairy cow are
fourfold. The first and chief product
is , naturally , the milk which she se
cretes , and which ia used as milk , or
for butter or cheese making. The second
end product is calves which she bears ,
and which may be of more or less
value. Third , the carcass of beef which
she will yield when she is no longer
useful for the production of milk
should be taken into account. Lastly ,
the manure she produces is of consid
erable value.
We may call tile milk the main prod
uct and the calves , beef and manure
the by-prodwcts of the dairy cow. It
has been asserted that the milk product
is the only thing that should be taken
into consideration in estimating the
value of the dairy cow , and that the
calves and beef should be entirely ig
nored by a successful dairyman , but
in these days of strong competition it
is not possible to ignore the byproducts
ucts , and in any scheme of successful
dairying the calves and.beef at least
should ; be taken into consideration.
This does not mean that in any case
milk producing qualities arc to he
sacrificed for the sake of the by-prod
It simply means that of two animals
of equal value for the production of
milk the one that will give the greater
return in production of calves and
value of carcass is more profitable.
Agricultural Epitomist. Alfalfa.
The hay crop is one of the principal
products of the farm. In 100G there
ucre raised 57,145,9o9 tons of hay ,
valued at SSOLV CO.CTl , while the wheat
crop the same year had a value of
? 490,3S2,7GO. Hay enters largely into
the live stock industry and is a lead
ing commercial product in supplying
the consumption of horses in cities.
Hay maintains a parity of value with
corn ami oats for feeding operations
and is usually fed in the proportions
of one and a half to two pounds to a
hundred pounds live weight of animals.
Hay is regarded as roughage and is
necessary in animal husbandry to
equalize fie concentrated nutriments of
Alfalfa is one of the richest legumes
and is economical for its large yields
and feeding qualities. The cultivation
of alfalfa marks a new era in agri
culture. It leads clover in the yield
per aero and also in its nutrient prop
erties. It yields two to four crops per
season and should IK ? more extensively
cultivated in sections devoted to ani
mal industry. It loves sunshine and
takes vast quantities of nitrogen from
th atmosphere and deposits it in the
sell to fertilize future crops.
Alfalfa is rich in protein , which
makes heavy bone and strong muscles.
It is relishe < l alike by horses , cattle.
sheep , hogs- and poultry , and when fed
to stock in the feed lots reduces the
train ration and the expense of finish-
Tig feeders for market. It Is partic
ularly adapted to fattening sheep and
growing wool. Hogs thrive on alfalfa
and it enters largely into the problem
of producing cheap meat.
Alfalfa renovates and rejuvenates a
run-down farm. It grows stalwart
roots that create humus In the soil.
The strong roots strike deep into the
soil , making It porous and Immune
from droughts. It is admirably adapt
ed to ihe bee industry , as alfalfa honey
is equal to the nectar gathered from
the flowers of the linden tre\ Alfalfa
is a general utility legume adapted to
all kinds of live stock , poultry and the
honey industry. The cultivation of al
falfa should be extended , as soil not in
digenous to it can be inocuhued with
alfalfa bacteria. Its introduction wiil
increase the fertility of the land and
aid iu the solution of cheap meat pro
duction. Goodall's Fanner.
\Vhaf Tlit-y Think of or a
f A party of editors from a numb-r
of cities .nd ; towns of Minnesota re
cent ! \ made a tour of Western Canada ,
and having returned to their hems
they are now telling in their respective
newspapers ' of what they saw on their
Canadian ( trip. Tlr * West .St. I'aul
Times recalls the excursion of the Min
nesota editors from Winnipeg to the
Pacific Coast ten years ago. Referring
to 1 what has happened in the interval
t'ie 1 ' writer says : 'Thousands of mi-es
of < new railway lines have been built ,
and the development of the country
has i made marvelous strides. Millions
of acres , then lying in their wild and
untouched i state , have sinr-e been trans
ferred 1 into grain fields. Towns have
sprung up as if by the wand of a
magician i , and their development is now
in i full progress. It is a revelation , a
record ! of conquest by .settlement that
is remarkable. "
The Hutchlnson Leader characterizes
Western Canada as "a great country
undeveloped. The summer outing , " it
says ' , "was an rye-opener to every mem
ber i of the party , even those who were
on the excursion through Western Can
ada ten years ago , over considerable
of the territory covered this year , being
amazed at the progress and advance
ment made in that short space of time. J
The time will come when Western Can
ada will lie the bread-basket of the
world. It was a delightful outing
through a great country of wonderful
possibilities arid resources. "
Since the visit of these editors the
government lias revised its land regula
tions and it is now possible to secure
ICO acres of wheat land at $3 an acre
in J addition t < ? the ICO acres that may
be ' homcsteaded.
The crops of 190S have been splen
- did ( , and reports from the various districts
tricts show good yields , which at pres
ent prices will give excellent profits to
the farmers.
From Milestone , Saskataliewan , there
are reported yields of thirty bushels of
spring wheat to the acre , while the
average is about twenty bushels. The
quantity of grain to be shipped from
this point will be about 000,000 bushels.
Information regarding free lands and
transportation will be freely given by
the Canadian government agents.
Preeepi ami Practice.
The beliefs of mou are various , and
some of thorn have the peculiar prop
erty that they can bo changed from one
extreme to another in almost no time.
A writer in Puck recently reported a
conversation among several men who
were discussing their dogs. The talk
took place in a restaurant.
"Yes , sir , that dog can do anything
but talk/ '
"Well , it's wonderful the intelligence
they have. Why. I had a fox terrier
"And yet they say that dogs can't
reason ! Why , a friend o' mine "
"That's right ! You can't tell me. "
"And when he was killed , it was just
like losing one of the family. My
wife "
"Well , sir , I believe if there's a here
after for human beings , there's one for
dogs. I don't see "
"Here , here ! Come here , sir ! You
brainless little beast" ! Quit nosing in
those scraps ! Don't you get enough to
eat at home ? Go ever in the corner and
lie down ! "
I'AZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
case of Itching. Blind. Bleedin ? or Protrud
ing Piles in G to 14 days or money refunded.
Soitiu S iti-sfaoiiou in That.
Mrs. llewligus You say that if a
burglar wants to get into rhe house he'll
get in in spite of everything you can dote
to keep him out. Then what is the use
of your taking so much pains to fasten
all the doors and windowsV
Mr. Ilewligus 1 want to Rive him all
the trouble 1 possibly can. blame him- !
Chicago Tribune.
Ornamental needlework extends back to
four hundred years in India , and even
longer in China. It has been called the
moCher art of sculpture and painting.
I i '
Per Infants and Children ,
[ he Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Keeps the breath , teeth , mouth and body
antiseptically clean and free from un
healthy germ-life and disagreeable odors ,
which water , soap and tooth preparations
alone cannot do. A
germicidai ; disinfecting -
fecting and deodor-
of exceptional ex
cellence and econ
omy. Invaluable
for inflamed eyes ,
throat and nasal and
uterine catarrh. At
drug and toilet
stores , 50 cents , or
by mail postpaid.
Large Trial Sample
Color more ooods briqhter and faster colors ( ban any oil
ccy garment wiiboul rijplaa spark Write for free bookl
I Undo lien .MUnl Her.
I A Kansas , City filrl n-ccntly married
I a I'snnvlio liv < s in muof the similar
j in'ar-liy towns ami went tlit-iv with him
j lu live. 'rin IfriilfiM'ouma - -
. ' -r f-r tliat hi > : \ latixcsshould iik ' his
! ri < li"ml as one. an uM farmer , voin-d
no oiiiplimentary opinion in his hear
ing Iir at last asked :
"Uncle I'.en. what do yon think of
piy w.l'e : "
"U a . for a 'fart. < Tenrice. " rMsiiuudfd
the oJ.J tcilmv.OM < ln tv nutamrricd
. " IIiP-.I > rrTimes. ; .
Sort's , anil Kehiii I r. tMiiit Dorlor
Thought uii Operation > t-cjf.ssiiry |
t'nt ic'uru's I fcitcy ! Iroi * n. '
"I am now SO years old. and three
years ago I was taken with an at
tack of piles ( hemorrhoids ) . bh-edini : |
and protruding. The doctor said tin- '
only help for me was to go to a ln > s- '
pital and be operated on. I tried several - [
eral remedies for months , hut did nor ,
get much help. During this time sores
appeared which changed to a terrible
itching eczema. Then I began to us > e
Cuticura Soap. Ointment and Pills , injecting - (
jecting a quantity of Cuticura Oint- j
inent with a Cuticura Suppository
Syringe. It took a month of this treat
ment to get me in a fairly healthy state
and then I treated myself once a day
for three months and. after that , once
or twice a week. The treatments I
tried took a lot of money , and it is
fortunate that I used Cuticura. J. II.
Henderson , Ilopkinton , N. Y. , Apr.
2G , 1907. "
* "II Tlne tt.Y n your Tron < irfnl * * C r ti
Wir" nionttin fi ! uiinc entirely eur < l of iVoin
CAiirrli ami dTKt > i > < < iu. 1 think a word ttt prmiso
duo to t mt' tx fnrtbrtrtTondorfalmmrHxItW
1 hHvi * t-ti < n me ' IH oiher o-c ll d
bat , witn .ot * TU , * ii < | I n > I lh l Ciuciir 'tn r I
xtore In a < Jsy tUau all toe othcn 1
vould in a yenr '
June * ilcOunu. 1CS Alercor St. . Jeraoy C'.tjr.
Best For
tttan. PbUtnblo ( Viteat TMteQootf riof
J < 5Ter Sicken. XVuaxnn .r Gripe. ] &c. Be. W. N
> - > ld la bill ; . T > tablet
cnuintitt tnnun.t COO.
Guaranteed to cu'o or jour money bx--k.
Stirling Remedy Co. , Chic eo or I ? . Y
iaIHictctuh : ! ; '
Sore Eyes ,
i \i rot : i 01 it FAIM < u BIIM.SH
in lt .r ' f < e t i- i i it 'I semi f -t de i riptlon .loncv 1
- - . . . ' jie n cuniinl toii In paj-
f i - ' i . i. s i r t ' > owneri T > > h no
Ito3 CHI. !
A CertMnOnro for I'evcripSan n
< Coitipatioii , II
) l > ; Borders , and
Malher Gray , \Vorr.iH. ThisrRri'C--
Viir - -ainChin- 31 hour At all Dru cl" ' * . S4 *
r nrf * Hemp , titmole mulled FKC ArtJrm
V - ' Vri'i ! ; . A S Ol < .1CTJ"D L * 3nV * i lli
S. C. N. U. No. 47 1908.
An aching back is instantly'relieved by an
application of Sloan's Liniment.
This liniment takes the place of massage and
is better than sticky plasters. It penetrates
without rubbing throusrh the skin and muscu-
o o
lar tissue right to the bone , quickens the blood ,
relieves congestion , and gives permanent as
well as temporary relief.
has no equal as a remedy for
Rheumatism , Neuralgia , or any
pain or stiffness in the muscles
or joints ,
Price 23f. , oOc. , and $1.00.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan , Boston , Mass. , "J. S. A.
Sloan's loolc on horses , cattle , sheep and poultry sent free.
" 33
These splendid men's shoes represent the best\
there is in shoe leather. Every piece of material is of the \
choicest tannage. The workmanship is perfect ; the styles
are up-to-date. When it comes to service , there is nothing
that equals them in lasting qualities.
are everything the name implies. They are "built on honor. "
No matter where you look , or what you pay , you will never
find anything that will outclass them in wear , style
or comfort.
If your dealer will not supply you , write to us.
Look for the Mayer Trade Mark on the sole.
FREE Send us the name of a dealer who docs not
handle Mayer Honorbiit Shoes , and we will send you
free , postpaid , a beautiful picture of George Washing
ton , size 15x20.
We also mnke Leading Lady Shoes , Martha
Washington Cornf ort Shoes. Yerma Cushion
„ Shoes and Special Merit School Shoes.
F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co.
Bpot cash 10 to KG' " ? morn mon v for yon to shp Rr.w Fr-s nnd Fi fs to TM licn ta
at homo. Write for Price List. X. vket Rf fort , > oip ? ing fu s , r.mi about c-r
4V ) PI-M , Ualhcbound. . lie t th-nr on the su'ijeci ever vrttn II urt-iiinc&il Fi * 1 al AE
about T'-sppers i crets. Derr vs. Tnp . Oic.o law HIv a < uhr-ro t Irjn c-1 t ' 'tn n > a § eo-
0ful trapper It ? a r 7 i'ar nv < pulia PMCO J2 T 1-1 > ' men" . ? ! ' | ' * t..n -l into
beautiful R d"S O .Mi-netic liaitanii Pernv attra'K ami lu.s to traps , Jl rOtot *
Katies and Furs to tL , and set hisbtit prices. Ajidur ch Broi. . Ik-pL 111
W *
olberilye. One lOc package colors all fibers. They dye In cold waler bellerlhzn any olber dye. You can
kIcl-How to Dye.Bleacb and Hii Colors. &OJVROE " 97 ? V G CO. , Quincy. / / / / ,