Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 19, 1908, Image 6

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    ' The
General Demand
f the Well-Informed of the World haa
always been for a simple , pleasant and
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
value ; a Ltxative which physicians could
eanctton for family use because its com
ponent parts are known to them to be
wholcsorat and truly beneficial in effect ,
acceptable to the system and gentle , yet
prompt , in action.
In supplying that demand with its cx-
! -cellent combination of Syrup of Figs and
I Elixir of Senna , the California Fig Syrup
f O > . proceeds along ethical lines and relies
| outlic merits of the laxative for its remark-
I able Huccesa.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given
the preference by the AVcll-Informed.
j To get its beneficial effects always buy
j [ the genuine manufactured by the Cali-
fornia. Hg Syrup Co. , only , and for sale
by all leading druggists. Price fifty cents
2 > er bottle.
; fixtreiisely Hare.
"While I was downtown. " said Mrs.
LapsHng , laying aside her wraps , "I saw
a , wonderful old violin in a music store.
The clerk said it was worth $ .1,000. It
was a genuine Sardanapahis. and you
know that kind is getting very scarce
nowadays. " Chicago Tribune.
Mrs. WJiislow' * Soothing Syrup for ohild-
ren teething , softens the gums , reduces in- j
fiammatiori. allays i aln , cures wind colic , t
2.1C a
Teachers' salaries in the New York
public schools vary from the minimum of
$800 annually to the maximum of $2- '
OnJy One "BKOMO QLyIx'lXE"
.for the signature of E. W. GROVE. Used the
over to Cure a Cold in Otic Day. 2oc. |
The Wrong Simile.
"Before trying to match the sample
of silk , says a writer in the Philadel
phia Ledger , the clerk asked , "Is this
a piece of something you want or don't
want ? " "Something I want , of course , "
-replied the customer. "You don't sup
pose , do you , that I would go to all
ibis trouble for a thing I can't use ? "
"Sonus folks do , " said the clerk. ' 'I
"have met a number of them. The first
woman I ever saw with that point of
view had a square inch of blue silk
that she wanted mo to match. The
scrap was so small that it was hard
* to make- comparisons , but after haulIng -
Ing down half the bolts on the shelves
nnd muring to the door several times
to test the color in broad daylight , I
/bund the c-xact shade.
" * Ho W many yards do you want ,
'madam ? ' I asked.
" 'Oh. ' said the woman. 'I don't
any. Almost any oilier shade will do.
That particular shade is very unbecoming
ing1 just wanted to make sure that
J don't get it. that's nil. ' "
The customer laughed. "What did
you say ? " she asked.
"Nothing , " responded the clerk , with
.a patient smile , taking up her sample
ELOVP to Ivmiv ? flio Trec.i.
There is an auctioneer whose "gift
of the gab" ' and native wit draw many
purchasers to his sales. Rut sometimes
says a writer in the Springfield Repub
lican , he is the subject rather than the
.cause of amusement.
The man's .une is O. A. Kelley. Not
long ago he had to sell , among other !
.things , a lot of pine logs , and the day ]
\ ! * ore the sale he \ v.-nt over them and '
tuarked the end of each log with his '
Initials. ]
On the day of the auction an Irish- 1
'aaan came along and immediately noticed - 1
ticed Uhe logs with the letters on them. '
"O. A. K. " he read , loud enough for '
11 round to hear. "Begorra , if 'tis not (
Just like Kelley to deceive us into be-
favlng tliim pine logs are oak ! "
A. tiers Cfcnnsring from Coffee tn | ,
Postum. !
'Many ' a talented person is kept back ' '
because of the interference OL coffee '
with the nourishment of the body. '
This is especially so with those whoso ' J
nerves are very sensitive , as is often
the casfc with talented persons. There
5s a simple , easy way to get rid of *
voffee enrlls and a Tenn. lady's experience - ,
ence along these lines is worth considering - r
ering : She says :
" 'Almost from the beginning of the
use of coffee it hurt my stomach. By
the time I was fifteen I was almost a
nervous wreck , nerves all unstrung , no
strength to endure the most trivial
ihlnxr , either work or fun.
'There was scarcely anything I could
eat that would agree with me. The
little I did eat seemed to give me more
trouble than it was worth , I finally
quit coffee and drank hot water , but
there was so little food I could digest ,
I was literally starving ; was so weak
I could not sit up long at a time.
"It was then a friend brought me a
hot cup of Postum. I drank part of it
and after an hour I felt as though I
had had something to eat felt 3a
strengthened. That was about five a
.years ago and , after continuing Postum
In place of coffee and gradually get a
ting stronger , to-dny I can ont and
digest anything I want , walk as much aln
sis I want. My nerves are steady. n
"I believe the first thing that did me u
any jjood and gave me an upward start , "
was Postum , and I use it altogether
now Instead of coffee. " "There's a
.Eoason. ' '
Name given by Post urn Co. , Battle
Creek , .Mich. "Read "The Iload to Well- ai
ville. " Jn pkgs. aib ;
Ever read the above letter ? A C !
ne\v one appears from time to time. Il
They are genuine , true , and full of is
&um&n Interest.
f JAji 1LJ.II
An Old Fashioned Woman.
No clover , brilliant thinker , she.
With college record and degree :
She has not known the paths of
The world lias never heard her name ;
She walks in old , long-trodden * * 'ays.
The valleys of the yesterdays.
Home is her kingdom , love her flower
She seeks no other wand ot power
To make homo sweet , bring heaven near.
To win a smile and wipe a tear ,
And do her duty day by day
In her own queer place and way.
Around her childish hearts nrc twined.
As round some reverend saint enshrined ,
And following hers the childish feet
Are led to ideals true and sweet ,
And find all purity and good
In her divinest motherhood.
She keeps her faith unshadowed still
( Jed rules the world in good and ill :
Men in her creed are brave and true ,
And women pure as pearls o dew.
And life for her is high and grand.
By work and glad endeavor spanned.
This sad old earth's a brighter place
All for the sunshine of her face ;
Tier very smile a blessing throws.
And hearts are happier where she goes ,
A gentle , clenr-eyod messenger.
To whisper love thank ( Jed for her.
Hcllli and Hcnnty Mint ; : .
The hair brush should be kept scru
pulously clean.
Very hot water externally applied
will stop dangerous bleeding.
Daily exercise with lilit' dumbbells
eventually cures round shoulders.
The juice of a raw onion applied to
the sting of an insect will remove the
For hives take common white flour
and powder the affected parts. This
will relieve itching.
Cleanliness is ossonUnl to a good
complexion and a daily bath is not a
luxury but a necessity.
A little healthy tan on the face is
not really an ailliction. but too much is
unbecoming , particularly in the even
Practice deep breathing. A person
with fully developed lung capacity pur
ifies his blood several times per min
To improve the contour of the face ,
try filling the cheeks with air nnd let-
tin.g it explode with a soft explosive
sound. Do this fifteen or tvronry times
a day.
A good hair oil for children's hair
which is thin or dry is made of equal
parts of pure olive oil and cold pressed
castor oil. cut with grain alcohol and
A glass of hot water before break
fast is a cleanser and tonic for ( he entire -
tire system. For an oily , greasy skin ,
squoex.o half n I inon into the water ,
drink without adding sugar.
Tlia Hutthnnd Who Itohvllfd.
"Once upon a time. " a careless wom
an married a careful man. lie would
not go to the theater and make a half
dozen or more men and women rise in j
the middle of the opening net of the
play to allow himself nnd wife to reach
their sen Is. Perhaps she lost two good
plays before she fully understood his
determination to be on time , nnd then
reformed. But she still lacked in other
direct ion ? .
Her next disapi > ointment was in a
trip planned to : i big city , where every
hour of her stay had been carefully
ilanned for amusement. Cutting out a
dny was a serious loss , .vet she had to
hoar it. for he quietly shifted the hour
if departure to the next morning after
tie had been convinced that the train
DII which they had booked seats could
not be caught , oven by hurrying. She
md never regarded engagements to
with him downtown very sori-
jusly until the dny she waited one
lour in a fashionable restaurant nnd
nissod her noonday meal because she
ind not brought money enough to pay
'or even a simple luncheon. To-day ,
if tor five years of marriage , she is ; >
of punctuality.
Get.s I\IK Position.
Although but 2-1
years old. Miss
Anna P r 11 c h e 11
Youngmaii of Louis-
\ illo. Ky. . has boon
named professor of
economics at Welles-
The position is
regarded n s one
extremely difficult to
fill. Miss Young-
VOLXCJMAX. man v.ns given me
ppointmeiit largely because of her
iiowledge of trusts nnd commercial
nd economic questions.
Her record in the local schools and
fc the University of Chicago has boon
mazing. When Miss Vounirmnn grad
ated from the girls * high school hero
i inoi. her thesis on trusts excited
ide comme'nt.
Ill the home of one woman where sin-
le beds are in general use the spread *
re made of honeycomb material bought
y the yard nnd hemmed. They nrc
nsy to wash and require no ironing ,
ti the same home cream white madras
i used for bedroom window draperies
ecause of its good wearing qualities.
It comes out of the wash with flying
colors. She trims them with ball
fringe nnd does not have them wrung
very dry. nnd wrung by hand , of
course , as the wringer would flatten the
little balls. She uses small rugs nl !
through her house save the dining room'
because they can be taken outdoors
every week by the one maid of the es
tablishment. Another woman saves work
by having her luncheon brought to her
sitting room on a tray , and another , be
longing to a family that seems doomed
to perpetual mourning attire , supplies
her maid with very light cotton dresses
in white nnd black because there is al
ready too much gloom in the house.
& \r * . rtv
Yokes of cream-colored chintz beni'-
iug the marking of old-fnsliioued de
signs have been noticed on several
modish gowns.
The most beautiful of the evening
shades are found in inexpensive ma
terials that give better service than
many of the costly ones.
The drawn-work "spider" is very pop
ular on all but ions. It * is not'new.
pare bran water , fill a small bag an '
ordinary salt bag is excellent for this
purpose with bran , place it in a pail ,
cover with boiling water , and it is
ready for use.
Tlio Second Wife.
Little Dorothy could not have paid
her lather a higher compliment or better - \
tor expressed her love for him than
when she said. "Papa , I would like to
toll you something if you won't toU
mamma. "
"Why don't you want mamma to
know it , daughter ? ' ' |
"Well , you tell her things I say , and
she laughs at them , and I don't want
her to know this. " j
"Let papa hear what you have to ;
say. anyhow. " j
"Well , I have often thought that if <
mamma were to die I would like to
marry you. "
Pica for 31 > re C'
It is no more a woman's primary in
stinct to coquette than it is a man's , if
coquetry is to mean simply the desire to
attract : and the more that mcu and vo-
mon attract each other , the better for
the world and for society at.large. A
little more coquetry in its best sense
vi ould not be amiss. The Lady.
The Oilor of Pnint.
Every one knows that an onion has a
distinct nnd unpleasant odor , whether
cooked or raw. But every one does not
know that this odor of an onion will
' * , , ® t S ? -
, i * ' 1
! ; iinii'/fir-v ' ( ! ' {
ftftS / > "li *
Mt 'f-f\ ' \ c
'ffI 1 ]
-I in i
- n
'l- J
* / ' o
. . MWW o r
, -
u'Kj - . . ii
' u
u'KjWvV - f tr J- f = : = iio
e ?
but it is now considered very good and
it is easy to make.
Narrow lawn ties , daintily embroi
dered on the ends , are much worn with
linen collars.
Kuches are either wide , of plaited
net or muslin , or high and full , of
twisted satin aud colors.
Khaki , buff , suede and all tones of
yellow are in vogue in the Into hats ,
their hrnzoiinoxs being generally toned
down with other colors.
The one feature that almost all the
new coats have in common is the somi-
titted clonk nnd cutaway effect that has
a thousand different variations.
In place of the high turndown linen
collars Parisians arcto a considerable
extent wearing very high collars of
stiff linen without the turndown part.
In some' of the now shirt waists back
yokes are introduced , and will , no
doubt , increase in usage as the season's
styles become more ( irmly establisho1 ! .
Extreme French fashion plates show
the ultra-stylish woman with no hips ,
with her coat long and straight , and
her skirt hanging straight from the
Frills are much used for trimming
guimpos and sleeves , the In t tor having
frills nt the elbow , the lower part of
the sleeve being tint or only slightly
I'oCiio Kuril it ii re I'
One housekeeper who is successful in
keeping her furniture in polish washes
he varnished wood frames twice avir .
ivith potato water and then nibs them
try aud bright with woollen cloths. Tlu >
linno receives the same treatment. The
lotatovator is prepared by soaking un-
-ookod potatoes sliced thin in cold
.vator for two or three hours ami then
straining the water.
! Jrn Watrr 11 CJeuner.
Few people know how useful linn is
'or cleaning. For painted and varnish-
d wodwork it is invaluable , removing
ho dirt without dost roving the finish
'olorod goods , which usually fade when
vashod. will not lose color if wnslu-d in
) rnn water. It is excellent ns a scalp
leavser aud is good for the hair , mak-
ng it glossy. TTsed Instead of soap it
vhitens and softens the hands. To pre-
draw to it every other disagreeable l
odor and clear the house atmosphere in "
a ( lay. j
The onion can then be thrown away ] (
and with it goes the disagreeable smells c
that come about in a house that has fi
been closed for the summer. t :
And this is also a good thing to t <
know : That it will absorb all the odor v
from fresh paint and turpentine.
n.-.oii'N Jlelyfiil Wife. C
Mine. IVjoornson is 70 years old , ana
she and her husband have celebrated
the fiftieth anniversary of their wed
ding. She acts as his solo secretary.
When the poet-politician writes some
thing it Is his old wife who transcribes
it. She copied his drama , "Tho Lord's
Ways , " six times. Her husband never
talks to her about the work iu hand ,
and she copies without comment. She a
is the mother of five healthy children. t <
. _ hC'
To Darken the Hair.
Sago tea is the most harmless of rem
edies for darkening the hair. Make a
strong brew of dried leaves , strain the
liquid carefully through muslin , and to b ,
each pint add two reaspoonfuls of alcotl
hoi. This should be rubbed ou the hair 1
cverv night before retiring. hi
_ tisi
A Japanese saying runs : "Woman is
an unmanageable creature ; flatter her , , , ,
she is elated ; thrash her. she weepeth ; Vi
kill her. lier spirit haunts you. " We ti
would suggest that the best remedy is jt
to love her. London Xows. A
_ m
SU-riliv Ml Hie Uuby.
Aii Atehboii only child says she was QP
so carefully raised that v. hen she was a }
baby , and her mother's callers kissed gc
her. the minute the callers left her
mother rushed upstairs with her aud &
sierilixod her. Atchisou Globe. fo >
- dr
The Only Thins ; .
"Soeur wife is an authoress , Binks. 1 (
DC 3
Does she write for money ? "
"I never had a letter from her yet -
that she wrote for anything else. " p ( ;
P.altimnre American. f0
Woman's niost valuable asset is taa or
imagination of imm. London Truth. of
Wisconsin voted for an income tax.
Vice President-elect Sherman an
nounces that his election expenses were
§ 2SOO.
Thousands of IJppublicans in New York
City cut Hughes and thousands of Demo
crats cut Bryan.
The next House of Representatives will
stand 218 Republicans to 173 Democrats ,
a gain of l.'J for the former.
Ambassador Whitelaw Reid is one of
those spoken of as Tom Platt's successor
in the United States Senate.
A surprising feature of the election
W.TS the fact that Taft came within about
5,000 votes of carrying Georgia.
Missouri has elected a Republican Gov
ernor Hndley for the first time in I'.u
years , the majority being about 17,000.
Frank W. Hitchcock , chairman of the
Republican National Committee , will
probably be rewarded with a place in the
Xorinan E. Mack , Democratic national
chairman , said : "My opinion is that Mr.
Bryan \ \ ill he elected to the United State ?
Senate , and if he is lie will he the host
Senator the country has had in a gen
eration. "
Maryland's vote in the Electoral Col
lege is again divided this time two for
Taft and six for Bryan. Four years ago
Roosevelt received one and Porker seven.
This division of erectors results tlu'o-r-U
iiiG vote of the illiterates , many of whom
placed a cross in front of the first one or
ftfo names in the electors' list , instead of
in the space at the top of the column.
They supposed that by so doing they were
voting for the straight Republican ticket ,
whereas their votes counted 6nly for those
against whose names they placed crosses. ,
Speculation is already rife as to Mr.
Taft's cabinet. Gen. Luke Wright ex
pects to be continued as Secretary of
War. Secretary of Agriculture Wilson
mny be succeeded by Gilford Pinchot. the
young millionaire who at present is chief
of the forestry service. Arthur L. Vorys ,
who managed Taft's Olu'o campaign ,
n-ants to be Postmaster General. William
Loeb , Jr. , secretary to the President , will
have a cabinet position , thus following in
the footsteps of Dan Ltimont and Cortel-
Five Tlinii.sand ! Vc\v Homcx.
Once more the country has witnessed
perhaps for the last time a scene
which has been typical of life in the
United States the opening of a new era
of government land to settlers.
The scene this time was in South Da
kota , and the area the Rosebud Indian
reservation , oidit hundred and twenty-
eight thousand acres , a large portion of
which is valued at twenty-five dollars an
aero. It was distributed , in quarter sec
tions of one hundred and sixty acres each ,
imong the somewhat more than five thou
sand fortunate applicants.
A irroat chapter of American history is
closing , for thf unbuilding of the West
lias been largely due to the free land pol
icy of the government , and that policy is
low perforce losing its former significance ,
wing to the rapidly decreasing amount
f arable public domain.
The change in time- ; and conditions was
ilso well marked by this latest distribu-
ion of land. In pioneer days the "home
steaders" placed their families in "prai-
ie schooners. " and behind the plodding
xon made their way slowly to the prom-
sod land. Later , as in the Oklahoma
poning. thoj- traveled by rail to the nenr-
st station , and thon. on horseback or
n light buggies , made a breakneck dash
'or the coveted land. In the opening of
he Ro.-cbud reservation it was the auto-
nobile which furnished the most conspic-
ion < moans of transportation.
The methods of distributing government
and have been and are open to serious
TiticSsm. Forme , ly it was "first come ,
irst served ; " but as the crush and bru-
alities of the Oklahoma "dash" were in-
olentble. a system of distribution by lot
ras adopted.
For the somewhat more than five thou-
and lots just distributed , there were two
imuld ] thousand registrations. Youth's
Is there a school book trust ?
uestion has been raised by the recent
dvance in the prices of certain standard
ext books and school trustees at Chicago
ave begun an investigation of the so-
ailed book trust , or the American Book
Company. The latter concern has now
ome out in the open with a long adver-
isement in the leading daily and weekly
lapers giving the statistics of the sciiool-
ook publishing business. This asserts
hat there are in this country now over
70 independent publishers of school
ooks and that open and unlimited compe-
ition still prevails. Figures are quoted
hewing that there is now $ -12,000.000
apital engaged in the school-book busi-
ess and that out of that total no single '
ublisiher has over $ . " .000.000. The ad-
ertisement says that the talk about a
rust in this line is merely an ogre con-
ircd up by rival publishers to injure the >
Lmerican Book Company in the public
lincl. Reference is also made to the
ending suit in Texas to determine wheth-
r this company is a trust or not , it being
lid that the suit was inspired by the
lirty-six other hous competing for the
iiool patronage in that State.
In ft signed statement Chancellor An-
rews of tshe Nebraska State university
rbids class fights , kidnnpings and sneak-
ivs and night-gown parados. Chancellor
ndrews declares that any students par-
cipftting in the forbidden exorcises will
expelled from the university.
Declaring that the sock rush is naugh-
. the faculty of Parsons college at Fnir-
> ld. Iowa , has forbidden the traditional
rm of scrap between the freshmen and
p'tomoros ' this year. A revised form of
inflict is being invented by the profess-
s. and it will not contain the removal
in tb is crowd
"Say , I hear somebody
" blustered
told I was a liar.
approaching a S P
lage bully ,
he know. Uneres
men he thought
the guilty party ? " .
mo , quietly
"I guess maybe it was
, who rneas- |
rejoined a husky stranger
looked to be
nred fully six foot and ,
stronger than an ox. as ho pulled off
his coat and proceeded to roll up bis
' "
"Oh' ' . " continued the
" . that's nil right.
backed away.
bully , as ho hurriedly
1 didn't say I
"Keep your clothes on ;
wasn't. " _ _ _ _ _ _ _
But Cnreu- After Doctor * Said There
Wii.i Xo Hope.
Svlvanus O. Verrill. MHford. Me. .
says : "Five years ago a bad iujury
and affected my kidneys.
paralvzed me _ _ * _ t. _ _ . . # - -r a
terribly , aud the
urine was badly
disordered. Doctors
said my right kid-
'ney was practically
dead. They suid I.
could never "walk
again. I read of
Doan's Kidney
Pills and begaii
using them. One
box made me stronger uiid freer from
pain. I kept on using them and In
three months was able to get out on
crutches , and the kidneys were acting
better. I improved rapidly , discarded
the crutches and to the wonder of iny
friends was soon completely cured. "
Sold by all dealers. CO cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co. , Buffalo , N. Y.
No LeKTisiatioii IVeeded. i
Foreign Visitor Mrs. Vidders , can a
woman marry her deceased husband's
brother in this country ?
Mrs. Vidders Yes ; she can if she
chooses , but she seldom does. She gen
erally knows him too well.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications , as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There Is
only one way to cure deafness , and that is
by constitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition of the mu
cous lining of the Kustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing , and when it i.s
entirely closed , Deafness is the result , and
unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condi
tion , hearing \vill be destroyed forever : nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh ,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces.
We will sive One Hundred Dollars for any
case of I leaf UPS * ? ( caused by Catarrh ) that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Send for circular * , free.
V. .1. C'UKXEY & CO. , Toledo , O.
Sold by lru/f ist . 7. c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Declared OJT.
Said Iln Darlintr , wo have been en-
gired for six months. Don't you thinlc
it is about time we were getting mar
ried ;
Said She Well. I'm willing to be
married just as soon as you can provide
vide me with a home.
Said Ho That beiug the case , I sup
pose I am to consider the engagement
TO niK A coi.n ix OXE F AV
Take LAX ATI VK BROMO Quinine Tablets ,
Drujrgi-sts refund iuom\v if it fails to cure.
11 W.GItOVK'S signature isoueach bor. l'5c.
She forgot to mention him in her will ,
DM hi < < unforgiving elderly aunt.
He had kept her house while she went
And forgot to writer the rubber plant.
& buy Furs & Hides. Write for catalog 103
N. W. Hide & Fur Co. . Minneapolis. Minn.
A Common lliu iuent.
The dean of a normal college , in a
talk before the student body , was de-
hloring the practice common among
children of getting help in their lessons ,
and the tendency among parents to give
It too generously. As an illustration he
told the following incident :
The mother of a small pupil in a Chi-
Dago school had struggled through the
problems assigned for the child's next
lesson , and had finally obtained what
appeared to be satisfactory results : The
Qext day , when the little girl returned
from school , the mother inquired , with
Some curiosity :
"Were your problems correct , ? "
"Xo , mamma. " replied the child.
They were all wrong. "
"All wrongV" repeated the amazed
parent. "Oh. I'm so sorry ! "
"Well , mamma , you don't need to be
lorry , " was the reply. "AH the other
nainns had theirs " ' onjr. too. '
Sttirt In Life.
"Young man , " said a rich and pomp-
us old gentleman , "I was not always
bus. I did not always ride in a motor
ar of my own. When I first started
u life I had to walk. "
"You were lucky. " rejoined the young
inn. "When I first started I had to
rawi. It took me n long time to learn
o walk. " Democratic Telegram.
Wouldn't He ?
"Somehow , " said the political manager ,
'I can't help wishing I could got acquaint
ed with the chnp that held up those 125
ravelers in Yellowstone park a few daya
iso. Wouldn't IIP he a dandy collector
f campaign contributions I" Chica"o